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Speed City, for February 18.


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This is Bob our show with fox sports wishing Jonathan green a very happy birthday Jonathan have a great day and all the best in the year ahead do you in the whole gang at speeds city broadcasting cheers mate. John messing yet. The speeds are pretty. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. We just watched the great American race. Daytona 500 we've got to lots of good stuff to talk about just John Masson gills and it would let's geyser go yeah I yup that was I was good race laughter. At last lap pass for Austin Dillon that. Win in the three cards and also we all saw three cross that line and I thought when it wouldn't happen I just took the NASCAR tweet read Tweety said number three will and ends that's pretty awesome to see this but already an armed connect. Concludes this year's coverage of the they ought to talk about our guest tonight because we got some cool guess we get to we mark Wilkins he's been on the show before. And he's can be racing in it interesting series of TCR series and is gonna be here in Austin at the circuit the America's. With the pro world challenge which is part of that TCR series if they mil to that end of that so the touring car. Just sport all the world is changing and really turn in some cool stuff left it in the end I'm having a hard time keeping up all the changes they were gonna get traffic and hit you were gonna find out from work welcomes what that's all about. And he's gonna join us at about 730 so about a half hour and then. Before that blessed Tyler I our new young guests that we're gonna have aired just a few minutes say you know we've been tracking these up and comers and this one was awesome Canadian Roman did Angeles is sixteen now believe. He has just been qualified as a platinum driver and after I. That that's high ranking yeah and only a sixteen year old he's got a couple championships he's got a lot of wins last year it was on the podium every time we got on the wheel up blow. Yeah you're gonna get not treated me this kid and we're gonna watching he's he's got a greats. Rapid descent into this racing it has to be fun to watch this young kids like that and we're gonna talk a little Formula One end. A little bit of a moto GP two so we're gonna talk about both. And Jonathan green is not with us this evening he's going to we might have him on the show later on he stilled and New Zealand after finishing at the Toyota racing series down there's so. We'll see if we need to tick some technology get him back on the show and as you heard it's his birthday I think it's. Coming up the next day or 212. Varsity or the beginning this year. I'm just excited either and we talked about last week but Steve matchup by abortion backed gather again we're gonna make formally be exciting yes please fire sprint didn't and those same guys back together. Because they did toy. All right well I think I wanna start we get about two a few minutes here reform first guess two is so let's start with some form and on stories because. Haas F one was the first team to reveal their cars their eighteen car also was that. I love it jumping out a season in those shown that they've got the the new livery looks really good I think just wanna see them. Get. The car closure and then Carla do awesome did it really did. And you know some of the things the Jackie Jones branding across the rear spoiler. You know is on a posse and see. There web sites actually on the on the dorsal nowadays are there reality net AF and so it's it's a good looking machines. Wells over reading a story unfold in one dot com where they interviewed gene Haas. What's a good little tidbits in here. And one of them is talking about how he'd it you know we said all along right it's great to have an American Formula One team. But eighth place finish young we know how phenomenal that is too big to woody finish eighth in in your first two seasons as corporate more points in your second season in your first. That's great but. Eighth place Americans as we've seen in the Olympics. It with some disappointing. Performance is not winning the gold is somebody did Americans don't like to lose and eighth place is not where we want to be in so it's just. I like to see him talking about things like that this is not you know is the dude this is not okay that they're just it's gonna settle for eighth place. And one thing he talked about is. You talked about the drivers on the read this quote from gene Haas because it was I thought I was in sting because. He's than it is really says. They have a talk about the both the drivers and they're just different dry accessible very aggressive and both want to win and you have to have that kind of killer mentality to score points. You just have to. When the opportunities here you have to go for it that's hard to finding drivers that they are they're all that they're not all that way they won't give an inch. These two won't give an inch to anybody and when it comes down to you really have to want to win at least score points and that's what we have an empty drivers. You know I was thinking about that as a red dad and you know they'll both get. A little aggressive and upset on the radio and and in Dayton you have to end in if they're not that way and I don't want as a driver you know this river megs and there was some controversy with him a few times last year. Sure and you know and quite honestly. You know they are on the same team that both former and he did it serves some you know and some tempers flaring like that. It's usually ransom something constructive. Is not like they're just. Being overly dramatic when they do. You know they have a clear definition thing clearly communicate what the issue is most of the time last year we heard all the problems with the brakes on and so. Wasn't without reason. The third you know built up frustrations they certainly wanna do good. And you know end. Inside the four walls or needs to be some for your finger pointing and let's get the breaks sort it's absolutely humming and you look if they're reporting in. And you know people got to go and do their job that's academy that's at this level let's that's got to happen here's another quote from gene Haas. He says it's a seeker used for Ferrari equipment so we're using there was a baseline we need to be within a half second. Of the Ferrari's in order for us to be competitive we were not last year I would say we were second to second pass slower than the Ferrari's which puts them. Abouts. Another in about two seconds off the pole qualifier so we need to knock a second off that is what he says that they want to competitive. And this is the way they have they have to be talking not. I want even more I want stronger toxin that I wanted to say that they need to be fighting for podiums. It's their third year right let's let's fight for podiums. It's time mention a few more steps now and I think they need to be a closer to the podium if not on at all on go with that they've got to be closer to the podium on. Regular basis if there liken it is this they're gonna move up from eighth place. Ended seventh or sixth or whatever they're going to don't have to get on or near the podium at least some point during the season you know in at least seven. You know the one thing they have done they didn't really consistent. About ME considering their brand new team me I really expected and they have a lot more. But they've been pretty consistent with been able to keep both cars. Not every race of course but running so that part been pretty good that they've just got to. I I'm not I'm already. In C about it and not liking that fact that they're not in the not score more points. That's true let's stripping costs has their work cut out for and they know what they've got to do. I'm hoping now that they've got an infusion of some sponsors they'll build take it to the next low would get up to the fourth fifth sixth arrange a in most of the races yup it cotton jeans says the same message slid further down the article says we've eliminated the left the very liberals were we knew we were weak. And we and we knew where we need to focus we need to be able to do majority of the races and put the cart down the track can be fast so. I'm just hoping that this is so. That this focuses gonna put some better numbers for on the board for for hospital. So who also this week the Williams team showed their car which think. I like it I like it better designed than the last time I really do like it it's. Just generally better I think it's just more exciting looking then I really expected to be honest I was kind of not expecting big things out of Williams if I had to choose the Oscar and maybe I'm starting from not to be biased but I like Haas car better. And the reason. I go with martini is a history martini your racing and I see some oil in the design. In their graphics a school. So what other Formula One start well for the big one of course is what we that's not testing in one week February 26 and and Barcelona. You bet but before that. We get more reveals us reveal we'd gone all week. Tomorrow's Red Bull also be ready for that check that out. It'll be a that'll be an instinct on them we'll see how that turns out what it looks like. I'm curious in if it's just going to be a minor edit two were into their designer if it's really going to be something good outfits. Over something to do it I don't have a different media world went on the reveals next week. As the roof reveals next week slew Monday we're gonna have Red Bull Tuesday solver and the Renault car. On the 22 Ferrari steps out. Mercedes on the 22 same day. McLaren Santoro so we'll follow up after that on the 23 is McLaren and on the 26 as. Corazon awesome. Well I think we're gonna go and go to break because. We gonna have our next our guests our first guest up next after this break and very excited because we're gonna we have Roman Angeles. Young sixteen year old. Up and comer. And we're gonna have him and then of course at 7:30 am mark Wilkins so stick listen this first break you listen to speed city line in Austin, Texas. Back after these messages. Then as soon. You have to lose our home because of the day it's that I'm not the only day and it's. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. 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Do this and I don't know. This is David hall and you listen to speed city. Welcome back to those speeds city freeze it it buys mostly motor cars. I know so this Bruno's marsala I know how hard just won the first woman to break I didn't recognize it. There's a lot of outside the demographic is you are but you know if you here's what you can do you can now. Get more young audience members to come and decided. Going to see Bruno Mars you're urged to get here then you get a hand though. Ito for business as it this officially and I know the way the rumba if you're not determined what happened Bruno Mars is going to be the musical guest. I'm out at info on that one as it sent Saturday Saturday night OK so it's a Saturday night concert. And it got announced accidentally because Bruno Mars put down on his website this is where did you new one out to a Billboard Magazine. And kind of took a long way around to give back meant Sergio America's did confirm yes it's Bruno Mars. Yeah. Do you bunny lake on a phenomenal show I will tell you that. From what I've understood I don't think it's actually officially announced as part of F one but I'd care coda on their. Twitter account has obviously confirmed it by liking observes. But I'd I'd and when it happened I did a quick search on Twitter for. A brutal mar zeppelin. And I saw tweet from one of our regular listeners. Kiki said her name. And I noticed that she said hey they tell you need to get Bruno Mars for F one. And I realized that tweet was like a month or two ago. Since she hit college she predicted in a book that was pretty cool what molester she's like she wants some tickets from us before she has anyway that's what that's why are playing Bruno Mars music tonight because. Not because less and I'm really know anything about real or is not a lot but you can think mainly because there was going to be Clinton's circuit marries a during if one. The less we got our guest on the phone you bet you bet folks are gonna enjoy this you know we always try to latch on the up and coming stars of motor sports. And you know we've got a great one here. Rudy Angeles has a start out he has graduating deserted national champion and he just became a platinum driver. Roman welcome to speed city. Readily you bet thanks for coming on its Romans Canadian so he may have an accent but it's not far from the American willful taking the and so. You know there are really really give us a capsule of your history were to start out candy that law he's only sixteen. Yeah I mean my battles are usually courts would you like whether or did have a Huckabee. Are they truly doubt at least try to reason so long that the two go carting them out go our separate just practicing or doing laps. Then not and when I was ten I sort of in the day when I came up and I don't try race. And I think couple weeks later went so quick Q regarding public intractable and hurt my house. Well no we ended up winning the race and from there are basically. I just caught the talk at all. Inaudible kind of says and went to distaste and dissolution will be there. I did fairly well a couple of championships. Oh. Did former securities Canada with a team called peregrine racing. And then decree won't go out. And then yeah I graduated two Porter cup last year I had a pretty successful year yet totally American championship it was kind of Obama bought. You know Laura I must try march racing than what military sisters are going to afford to have. How's that you know killing moss has a long history of racing wins and so that's a great partnership for ya. And it marked motors is is somebody fairly new. At least in my book tells about them. Yes so workload is actually enable Porsche. Dealership in Ottawa so they have a portion Odierno believable so I can dealership. I candidate so. Well really different with their current driver Marcos Slobodan coup. Basically it really different random how much that at some insurance and also. You know they it's racing together and they called me a car we can just to try and up for the recent Marco. Basically Merkel told them I you know I some talent so I only talked with mark motors and they put me the problem here. There aren't able nor intended business who really really great people. You know there there's so passion of the sport and they just that when you aren't in their environment to just it has a lot of really good time enjoyed a lot so it's really been important to be here. We'll Manchester guano we have a mutual friend. Prize cup an hour talking this weekend. It's got a good things to say in and watch so. So you've come up through those and are you looking towards a single seater a type car you look at that stay and in other sports cars. Host yeah I really enjoy sports cars I don't mean. After being given Tony opportunities try to open wheel and also sports car like I. I enjoyed sports are more I think it's much more try the base but it's a lot of field on the very competitive rate now. It's so where a lot of kids are going now and part is really what the ratio of everything about it so I think this where one aspect. So this GT three cup that your now I mean. I I I do apologize I did some research earlier but does this is this the same were related to the GT three cup this Indians a series. Yet it is correction and so it's. It inside the GT three cup Canada and GQ cover USA. They're both the same. Or so. Well I know we know several drivers that have gone through that and some really successful. Guys that have gone through that and and I mean we got they the guys from here also will Harmon's during that and I know that that is a key incredibly competitive series. And of course one of the best of the race cars of all time the GT three Porsche GT three and and then you gotta be just over the top to be doing this at such young age. Yeah on the it's an awesome experience along the car like he certainly. Muppets don't remember two extra cup car also writes so yeah it's nice to have but. No its own. I mean I've been given such good opportunities extension this year with our most recent. And I the folks out. I apostle of Alabama and Medical Properties Trust so polluted artillery are this year and well before it gets certainly don't I mean you can passengers are concerned with getting the daylight. Well race car drivers we wanted to race look forward to even the couple weeks. Well you know one of the things that he is a realize you have probably haven't put in a lot of time in the seat over the past month or so but. Our third wheel Jonathan green is in New Zealand right now. And he covers the Toyota racing series and all the sport races around that Jonathan or either with us but it. It sounds like he made dropper at their. But I know one of the things is so many of the other the drivers from around the world especially the younger drivers. Ventured down to New Zealand to compete in that series because they get a full. Fifteen races and like five weeks time have you considered a series like that offseason. I'm inferred that really have something like that's serve what we're doing right now for me to go over G. I kind of stuff but the car you drive and opened the car and there's such a big difference between the Opel car and one of the great now that. Really it's not worth it from me to do it just doesn't probably send me off track even more. But while we've been doing is a bunch testing so we'll go to our. Track slick last week with attitude Barber Motorsports Park and we're going to do some testing and hearing. And I basically just Ron Watson you know just built on the dollar trickling lottery announced. And casino learn from their past eight their ears and if you just bring out into the race weekend there's not many series like declaration series around here so. Yeah I did point so what about so talk about your schedule this year so yours and you're gonna be end. Is Sebring first is Eric that correct. Yeah it's Seaver and then barber and doctor Barbara we. Circuit within the word became serious. Credit slides here and so I think we're gonna have a total. Sixteen race weekend is here while you're fortunate for Indiana. It's all between now. He gets really really busy in the summer won't that's for sure because we generally racing Canada. Obviously at this at this point in the next couple want to let us know how cold it is so. It's not going to be a little bit remarkable and fortunate. And sixteen races that is a turn you gonna get a ton of of racing and your belt again you know get on a different series different you know different numbers are races but. That isn't this great again for you being young you get to get a whole lot of seat time allotted in in competition. That's really awesome. Yeah that's step diplomacy will receive bonus route and also a huge advantage I mean we're in the car much for the a lot of guys in this series are so. When locating guys they have a weekend off. Tom armory during an American resource rich person writes so yes it it's definitely going to be beneficial so. Well so what about you know I know you've you've touched on this but what is the ultimate dream what you know it when he them all what's so let's seals and injuring forty. You know I really think it's worked closely as villains cool and a long or click from Daytona until the situation that looked to. You know obviously wouldn't buy a ticket to compete in the we'll also be pretty cool calm. I think also factory ride where I wish Porsche factory or what yeah Obama may be tracked her computer to cool but. You know take it day by day and you're gonna go. Yeah important in winning the law's effective portion driver I think that is got to be pretty high on the list. For any sports car driver admit that they heels of that right there. Out of respect yeah it. So a vote trash talked about. I'm what he looks what do you look for to won more than the other arming and yet to be politically correct and they're all cool but getting your rays got their fair tracks. Yeah for sure and I mean the wanting our local community in chicken chip is are we gonna really poor offense we run. The trowel and you IndyCar which is downtown rail with street yeah guitar great read the background. We run the Bashar groupie without form. And regrettable streak track called the ground troops or beer which actually the longest lasting street race in North America slaps and also event. A lot of the fans saw a look forward. Mostly to port here as well a lot of Virginia in the the American series that's my favorite track to RP IR. Which just an amazing course in the great facility so really really kind of slow to. Well we've got a little researchers. Austin I may have heard it asserted the Americas at any event here. Yeah it. Oh yeah I would know on track and I want it to a couple of spoke to a doctor here. We're gonna fix that prevents that we know people. Well yeah I would mind. Well we're at a time though we got to ask you one a lot of heat he's sixteen so even the lady has a cooling as sound as one of our favorite questions as a race car driver what do you drive every day. I drove you see Sierra pick a little. I guess they Manson and Alexander also gave us in 2012. By the way that's exactly before he before you don't particularly know what it is that that is. Not just yeah it's a good spot and I don't just talk to local social media. I mean as soon as much as you could you pick up as I pretty much done. What we're oh wait a minute and we we just had another minute tells what you've done yeah exactly hit it. I did a bit of a lift kit I did tires. Air intake which I'd like eleven horsepower. And I didn't do lost so it's. It's stuff we don't you put the really key key key entertainer. Think that's all right thirty three's thirty fives what do you do for tires. There that I didn't do much good in change aside the tired but I had a Long Beach are insured damage that you don't want Canada so tacos or do that. There you go there or road and Angeles truly appreciate you coming on the show and hopefully that name wool wolf. You're gonna resonate so they come on the so much more over the years. Robin thanks a lot and now desolate team this season and those forces. Yes sir yes it's a pair of ballot. Yeah I love the paternity in the at least he's modified his his pickup truck that he's governor just sure that as seriously I was just hung Nguyen you know I heard about this. Sixteen year old plenum driver now that's pretty amazing thing desk Odyssey. Due to the bakery. And have a head to mccreery do in this world so young so are we gonna take a break though we come back we're very excited because we got mark Wilkins. Coming back on speed city and then another Canadian Olympic bid if it were hit and that is in those what's going on this year are very excited having backseat was in the speed city. Alive and Austin back after these messages. The racetrack. It's when legends of all. I only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor. Austin exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. They just along. I would wanna be free not a big deal runs. Dead fish rallies school is the nation's most prestigious driving school is offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education the a fifteen year old would know driving experience. Amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors never judges Judy based on who they all went wrong or that driving back. We'll keep you Abdul finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack feel calm. And the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done my whole way you've done it all how well you've done it. Will Wright game. That's up. I just Jeff Gordon in your listeners beat city. Welcome back to those speeds city. Presented by most motor cars all right so this is this is what is really good you're a radio because there's 250 year old guys in your dancing to brutal Mario heads saying white guys with a with no rhythm. Yeah Bruno Mars yes that's that's not on my playlist not this phone not on purpose that's just hasn't hit my radar so. That my wife went and Simon said he was phenomenal and and she was really excited when I told her that's he's coming for former warm well texted my thirteen year old daughter she was like. Yes yes yes multiple tanks like in do you have tickets yet and I was like yeah. I do not updated set up a title or individual gets in there we're gonna move onto our next guest is really excited we had mark bulletins on last year before the pearly world challenge it is cruel shows coming near Boston march 24 25. And to mr. mark Wilkins will be racing in that series in a new bride did he just got announced couple weeks ago mark welcome back to speed Citibank. Wide I was awesome I actually got to listen to last year's show when you came on just it just depressed a little bit we had a good time I was excited heading back on. Probably won't complete capitalism can't go out. Yeah I just a year minutes arguably if that's the crazy. Well improving world Seles coming back to Austin and we're always obviously very excited to have that back here but it's you've got a new row I want you tell us about it. Yeah absolutely yeah and ultimately to take it off our backs are good Americans. Currently either. You love her they aren't there and RT ET ER class. I'm of the pro world silence and these are really because I think you want to. That suddenly just come integration are weak side so. Let them are on cars cars but there is horsepower. You know she speed sequential gearbox out also present to all of you really close at a great scene. And sort of up and really beat standardized auto lot across the border. You know world wide so if you would be the cars looked really awesome. Aren't their own evil most all of our. Outrage in October of last year in Europe. It really sort of showcase great way to capability of the car so I'm really excited to get an. Shortly. Yeah I have Voss all the card does look cool and those and Jonathan green and now we're talking a little bit about. This the TCR series in general Powell. How it's all over the world now and infected you go to TCR dash series dot com you Sudan talked about. Because they've got. They got the national series regional international but in the national series they've got a whole bunch of countries and including China Germany Italy Portugal Russia's in the AB Thailand and and then of course a pro in world challenge. And so it's it's kind of in conglomerate eating and and and bringing a couple series together. And you know whistles like those exports cars across the board are getting a lot more popular bit. Added tell us a little bit about about how those series and have come together like this. Yeah you know I implore you it's just times stated I have have I can't senator who are. Ordered him and without a lot of the sock sorters you. Build cars to a certain spot for me salute all law you know keeps the cost me. In my own sort of took. Allows for our actions and had I think now at I don't Adam and a more reasonable price point. You know it gives an opportunity to sub par currently there are broken car. In a really competitive platforms so. Yeah its really crichton in while. Who we eat world wide it. You don't get in our hearts. And company it. Bald competing against now better than I thought we. When I was little. You know I didn't. On pocketbook popped loose. You know out of runs when that that people can go to a post on. You know and if the media content editor. Aaron and the glitter Crocker own yeah its got its unique model and get what you see is gonna sound you're out there. UConn moves forward here it is going to be a lot of people come in the class and that would be yeah if you really strong statewide iPhone. Well not only. The the partnership with the Bryan herta who may and that is that that that made it even got to make this illustrate your chair going. These desert are probably gonna be competitive right out of the box. Yeah absolutely loving it it's really heir apparent Packard brokered opportunity. But professionals. Look at all those or Andy eat EP. As potent. You know the car yeah I was frozen what it is it is you know I took earlier we looked her straight. And really yeah. You know slips but combat global cooling off but it delivered some of it you know. The Kodak. Particularly quite strong right at 80 you got hundred billion. Pop up front about it well. That I think of how are you really handy how this program that. You know it is just a group of people out of it peregrine coroner yes we're on bode well for so important followed a team. You know but I'm my co driver Michael Lewis you know it great guy you know super. But arsenal. You remember pretty you're working together do you eat some great results and early so he's the yeah I'd thirty yen. Inside though and it's exciting and that's going to be good opportunity but what if it off here. Well what other cars are going to be inning obviously you duration from Dodd and I'd. A thing anybody wants to know what all you can be racing against so what other cars are we gonna see out there in the field in the TC are. Yeah you can sort of they're the Arab League aren't there all sweated it out the goals. I think opera they'll go Carswell. You know but that's if you don't back yeah they're they're more and more are jumping into that brain of people eat out but continue to grow. I'm Aaron Baddeley who ordered the become easy football. Well I'm super road rules challenge who slots in cars on the track on that weekend and that's always. I'd the big thing it coda for the pro worlds I was in my mind the biggest thing about it is just that it's such an open environment where you can get down there and and meets driver's seat cars up close meet the team's. Talk to engineers stalking you wanna talk course are great if you wanna talk to the drivers and tartan driving strategy even get. And that's what it did pro will challenge when asked when I say that that's what pops in my head as. How fans can get right down there and and be right with the teams. Are. Salute you know we we absolutely no food will welcome everybody into the arms you know and don't let the model so on for the filler about what parts. You know one thing that's really crack group about the growing world challenge in our autograph sessions are always there aren't well apparently. Yeah you're right about what I look forward the idea that everybody on. You know certainly I know that we have for the your new product in that you know ordinary and who have a weekend yeah 11 of the are so you know there's really hundred. By the minute you know a lot of different things would have. You group. And it's really up close and personal and he said so you know like yeah defender all we went past the a certain air is that I have. Go to votes on the talk a great so and or you know great product with ya there yes it was so I spoke. It's and yeah so if pat if I figure if we black. You know mark I gotta admit it hadn't been too many years ago that John and I'm here would laugh if you talked about Hyundai being a performance car you have had your putting anything out. But it in this new one that this I thirty yen is this is serious car well I went in liked it us stay here until the it'd accused and a host of Hyundai and Kia but it's a stinker that was of that car was crazy fast well one London share some of the information around the I thirty so from the factory floor. 246 horsepower to 62 work zero to sixty in six point four this is a little hot hatch to leader been so. That's respect very respectable. You know and I wouldn't make the same statement about Honda this year that we made a few years ago. Don't absolutely need each side eat equal great content on your brain is is part of an important. I wrote it would grant. What about their performance is it. I think a lot of our product I don't I don't I want or I'm in it. Obviously extremely well as he. And it sort of sort of when you're best known for clinical care experts and with it spent half the about the broad art or go to the it is your car bombs we drop that weight down. A little bit of and if it always struck you know hundred with your power. Don't think neither have occurred that it subtle about it it's a hot hats that no question about about it. You know I think the great cause it he's the only showcase that you know that type of quality product. And performance that. No on the side or bogey separately to the table so experienced side. Well not only that on died dominating in the world rally to as well also I think those days are long gone lesson think does it isn't gonna find somebody else to come. It's triggered a cut. Hey I got you know we were when Johnson or talk nerdy were talking about like in the like convinced the tees are since all over the world what about it. You wanna try international event like like my towel or something like that. So absolutely. It. And you know I was I don't wanna car. Our our local buyer that. Would be needed a little bit. Outcrop. Let some of the corporate partner and a double outlet as if you got. Subsequent so cute sure but I don't know if you know we aren't you the best seat. With colon hotel and cool you know I think it has just about this growth opportunity until went. What people are where ever look if we're this year it's this is so I think I'm surprised people when I'm not for instance would be. Quite that rapid I believe them about the quote greatly and a group sneaker car and and you know. Is generally speaking of manufacturers regarding Inco Adobe plenty of great product you left. I have it on track so I think we'll all. Yeah. It hit the car to be relatively new but you know you have a oh. Bill and then well Arquette economically before the first great that you liked it while Rivera felt when they put that would they've learned early in the program what ought. I'm not translate into our results here. Well I know this and also was just. Ten days ago or something had have you had a chance to add to get NEC time in the car yet. Not yet know but is coming up very quickly here so you know Los suns up. I'm locked but in the coming week we're out at Wimbledon there's been down in new. Because I write great and so we have quite a bit blurred but I think that it was Arlington on people that we have better. Part of this run regardless what program are owner of a you know outcrop here we are so you know or what caught yacht. It is sort of doubt it I think a lot of great product on track so readily wouldn't show up the profit. What he would. All right. Well no doubt it's gonna be it's going to be fun to see into something new out at circuit of the Americas in the work pro world challenge to you but. Do you know I noticed there was there in the TCR series. They date and when Johnson are talking earlier today about it about Al and he they've got the national series and in the regional international today. They come together kind of like a playoff system and then. And then further affirmed like a global championship of some sort. I'm on a low. Not let yeah but. Not about a 100% sort absurd on on all platform so. Aaron you know if that is not a sure bet something. Would bode well Hudson until dominant on the road. Well I don't blame is not known he's got this announcement today is given not only that. Not only that I look at on their website end there's so much. Content they're just to go through try to figure out. Put it altogether but. Again that I just sort of excited that we're seeing just on the on the DL on the home page your. There's talking about the the Volkswagen the GT guys in the realities and Chris Dunn dies so this a ton of cool sports cars. I salute. I'm I'm disliking it again another new car coming out into the series. Then all just wanna keep see this keep perpetuating and I want to see some of the cool hot patches from you know Europe that we don't get over here in the US I wanna see those here in mobile. Drawn attention to get those circumvent our market as well. Cat who won't blow part of the barrier such great product they've earned or bad you know those great things that are proving ground great but it can't so hateful vulgar and artwork on. Even though. Don't do that yet yeah and a lot of professional players. You know in the end that is just putting it all veteran. And then you know well set up the Republican and you know in regard the Mathieu because it's pretty fast so you know we you can weeping and fight you dig it. And you've got I would be very important but. Wow I thought it would be a link to be particular and I did you and that's why. I heard flattened and there have been writing new on duty yet in a few weeks and I think they are. I think it would be really exciting I really do it integration in an incredibly competitive and close on and this sort great product if there that that would require. Perfect as you know I think they're able. I'm excited about that. So what about the format here I think they said they're gonna be there Isa two weekends or double header weekends and Delaware got the date wrong it's the 23 24 and tweeted this three days here it's certainly America's but. But what about the the double header is that how they are they're gonna beat and and they're like forty minute races so I works. That's right yes I would agree that you could equally Adobe the Adobe Obama uttered I'm under about forty minutes. For critical public it. We are going to start something recently that I think are Coke. Quite a bit of earn your playbook. Of the group are you going on on the under the that we won but after the accident. I would have been great bargain I would probably somewhere though the report also help. Excellent they like the fact they're gonna do standing start. And do you both some ways to start the race just to break up a little bit alike that. Yeah absolutely no secret they could fund for the current hundred driver. Yeah if that I live at the bottom line if you go out. Are you don't read that it could quickly got oh why is that they bought them. You don't excited about don't know what I would fifty yacht club so and on yeah if we go out on. Also let's talk about sort of the Americas a little bit you come in here in March like we just said but. You know it is you go to every track everybody's everybody's you know the team to set up and talk about the upcoming race so this is the first phony calendar. What do you think of when you think a circuit America's from a race driver standpoint. You know and if that if but the technical track I think it the honor award you know really well had a good car on the phone back we're. You know it is all about balance and you can learn my eating confidence. You know it's a fun racetrack. That it would be forgiven you Bloomberg walked the runoff area. I work with our other pretty beyond that and on about birdies and we'll play so. You know if the black really have everything it is super practical you know long straightaway. You know and own you know to every part of complex you can imagine though is it. It will be fun out of apartments and not able to drive I think I prefer to describe the a lot of fun in the last oh. You know it's a great third one got a great way to start off he's not. When you guys so if you're coming in it's it's I think it's. Think that's a Thursday or no less of you have to Thursday Friday Saturday reserved Friday Saturday Sunday adding Italy the calendar Mitt. But would you guess when you get here on a race weekend like that. Honorable probably you know and one lady you know it's got a little bit of promoter at. I'm moving well and you. Laura before you actually went off. You know we obviously wanted to take advantage of all the we got leading the race but with the EU program. You know what they'll be learning purpose oak. I think we'll probably rolling around Valencia out I don't know I haven't got it up on there as well. You have learned that's what mostly teens say even though I've seen the need a lot of barbecuing text much around here with can. Don't let it affect a good that is salute this be your first time in this car certainly here at coda. And what are the things with that car that it is to me always questioned little punch cards. That giant long straightaway. No DL may now almost feel like I was just out there in the and get it passes pretty quick but I wonder about these hot patches you know when they're in the tower and the range of speed that they've got. As it is that a strong CD you just survive that how do you deal with that straightaway. What I need it and culpable than some bad you know we're going to be it didn't matter that quite clear when. You know I'm real god forbid and on the model and then you know not what I'm include remarks there from the car rotated. No doubt that's the way to go for. A little on that but are we. You know prove to put your arm or not but couldn't so we'll be up at some pretty good in their own. You know one arm you know it. Sleeping on the break and I don't mean this fountain beyond our you know what yeah I would definitely not he yeah was so I'd another out of on our premiere of her. I'm not I don't know. You know who provided you an affirmative but until he you know we. Illustrator will be going by on (%expletive) them and we'll be thinking about all the obstacles sided and how we can get the most out of the car up you know and no effort. Yeah no doubt I can see did test. You know those those kind of cars and circuit America's yeah I know that there's Formula One cars and other cars it'll hit the 200 miles an hour on that back straight but. It's still it's still flooded hundreds 15160 miles are anything maxed out as fun to anybody who want. All of it all around them the current go and both are fighting for a little bit trapped in their Q added about. Article yeah I don't uncle quote battle no question about that. Oh absolutely and thought had I written kind of back home bad idea place so no on our aren't there. But practiced. You know try to find the car both in the U. You know appeared to be good parable of writing a book I sit there aren't you know if there's one in the right place and obviously don't hear argue article. Who will not curry I didn't. It is very important is it really does help though no it absolutely not on there and as I'm leading up you have already occurred with where my work seek a truce that. Always a good thing. I know I racing is in the that's the standard I think yes that's that's the ones absolutely of trying to get my he's my teenage boys on I resettlement when we send one in the studio when. There are miles on it yet as to well market. What what led I got to ask you this question we probably yes this last year may have changed you know I've I'm gonna say I have feeling approaching but what what do you drive and every day now mark. No oil or I was right in school children. Final don't drive it as there are all data from the era air but. So I don't buy it. Oh I did it but it and RB yeah seven which is. Alert and their big code vehicle to get here let. On our our old build on the trail appear so. Ubaldo quite unique in that we all love it so weathered that Carter. We know credit card company felt. Got a. Okay now got to stop because I'm maneuvered the great divide in Colorado on snowmobile. Yeah I'm the guy start to realize no you you must read when you ride that your right to storm we'll like Dennis a motorcycle less than not snowmobile bloody month. He is okay well here you don't mind was missiles off our run in general does. Testing what horsepower wasn't he has if are called correctly it was just shy of 300 horsepower. Well a couple out and he was it does follow yacht race that I do this study that he has but I am dead set for touring right now I'm leaving these tours it's. Rollout like this that funeral as the presumably you'll. It's going to Michael. Steele is still lean only barrel although equally popular around the Baird you know it's funny it's obviously a little our public so we won't even spoke on. But it or girl group bid it cargo it owns tracks in terms of you know you are you don't know what that corner but it didn't hurt her pretty bleak little. At her side it enables them slap on the dollar could sister real riot I don't. Arab porn movie to enjoy it almost out of the out of it all of that. Are we called out of bounds but fun though I think the thought it equal to the center. What your what they're not on track and such as unpalatable barker earlier but. In quite part about it but why won't it what it out. Wal-Mart cooler quotas thank you don't Faxon speed city we look forward to senior the growing world challenge march 23 to the Tony says. And thanks again to come on the show nobody will talk DC we'll see when you hear. All you guys are ready journal safe. Are we're gonna go straight to break through displeased that he lied and Austin, Texas back after these messages. And the post on motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. He got me off that I'll only NB of those deaths and a caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but don't say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Four if you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bull winning triple and 3675. 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It's an honor to Nadia you guys it's BC get an awesome job. My name is Christine Donaldson and this is beat city. Welcome back to those speeds city presented by Mozy motor cars. Well Max speed city. Less. There cursing and Elson back in the Porsche also so I she's ready to go flows semester with earlier earlier in the week and shoes at the Corson or outside LA. Exploring and justice who was told that anyway. They motor GP budget gap start get wound up here they had testing at the Shanghai international circuit in Thailand referred. Jonathan talked about it and you know things just didn't want the religious kind of subtle and us bugs get some trims serve on things. That. The thing that honestly drew my attention was all the discussion about the 2019 contracts. And make interest. Guys you have bikes gets settled will hold both cataract later this year got all we have to wonder if they're not just kind of trolling in. Yeah they didn't things gone there's a reason they call the silly season well. The instinct thing is Valentino Rossi. Has acknowledged he doesn't know how much longer he'll stick around. On the my metal bars himself. And so that's real lynching yes to creating safe but he's not making any promises beyond that he's he's pretty active with his own team. In raising his own bureau 4016. In this movie that's. Could truly be you know the year this phrase a lot but the end of an era I mean. Had Valentino Rossi has just been nothing like him so I absolutely he's still warm and east you're still winds up on the podium to sage in a way I am. Unlike. One you still got it you're still hitting the podium more frequent than a lot of the rest the grid. Yeah attorney in San editor bunny hill Willie didn't even last year or so but but it that he is out of Boise 39 now also is that there. Marc Marquez Marquez is already playing the game he. It didn't even know no hops around it and send us. Certainly things have been good with Honda but I have to always be open to talk to other factories how's that. As to our system to pretty tame you know pretty tame I'm just surprised he was so blunt and pointed at edit to but. You know the other one. A polished body is talk about his driver's. And his writers and so that's pretty insisting. We've got a spot from Paulo's that. We're gonna play here you know but but again. They're focusing on the bike. I think we're pretty issued an executive appeared to second we're also Tom Obama's time we've got played little clip but. But but bulls the gist of this would follow your body to your body and basically he's pleased with the writers. And kind of just said it's too early to really determine. And so he's the head of the cutting moto GP team and so he's he's one of the guys that. We'll just deal with. What happens this season he's got his hands full with the new bike that there's sort out the current Ellie before. Yeah he's got. Wanted to work on well we're we're running out of time hopeful we got a link to that Fidel FaceBook linked to that sure it's actually on the moto GP easily taken to sail past check it out yet. All right well we're about to wrap it up. Yeah look at Porter Brill Mars a Formula One and Formula One reveals and testing everything coming up pretty quick to not to be formidable in season. ZDF I'd take a senator web sites BC broadcaster I'd come check us out all week long on FaceBook and Twitter we'll talk to you next Sunday night right here. Ourselves we tally off.