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Speed City, for March 11.


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John messing yeah. It's no. On the radio. Speed city. Welcome to the show deer heads. Man we're excited about tonight show. It's a fantastic IndyCar Racing today is going to be a blast to talk about our latest policies I know aunt and of course we have the winner of today's race on the show Sebastien board a we have him on in just a few minutes. And many Johnson to talk about that you're in second. And of course forming of one testing we're gonna talk a lot about that because we had the second test center around a test. And we're gonna go down in and talk about every teen the fastest laps they did Kennedy some ranking of the teen yeah I can't yeah. And and we also got bless we get much lower coming on the show no man he was out there is circuit of the Americas with some. Ferrari's out there have been some funds is Ferrari challenge out. There was the Fareed challenge rituals of Grady then you know she follows speed sitting in some things retirement. This is the one that was free you get parking lot of a you consider the grandstands like the big folks do your own former all weekend. But it was totally freeze he spent the day at analyst John messing Goodell lets guys and asked Jonathan green zoo. Johnson all you do it only can introduce the you did an interview with Sebastien according about an hour director got off the racetrack at Indy so just introduced that story deserves a lot more. Then just team winning the race. We'll Sebastian boy say resides in saint Petersburg Florida that's where he lives he's slow death many years he's a four time Indy champion who got out and history is one of the greatest. IndyCar drivers and he's still going strong. But almost twelve. Less than a year ago Sebastian board name was involved in a horrific. Accident and over 227. Miles and now. As he was going for pole position and how he completed the lap he would have had the pole for the Indy 500. Sadly though it didn't come because he went straight into turn to. And shattered his pelvis and it was an accident which if you saw. At the time was very life threatening and we were absolutely. On tent and. Looks as to whether he would walk away I'm watching net yap an act I remember. Sitting there going I'm not breathing cause I'm watching that and Wallace had he was so intense. The irony was also have a similar crash at the same corner. In not qualifying session and he went on to win the 500. Obviously with a broken pelvis a shattered pelvis I'm mad. Everybody's sort Sally that blaze Korea was over. But amazingly and I was bad the bad day. He came back on crutches into the carriage on the day of the Indy 500. Of certain skis number. There about it it was pretty impressive and he came back in front of the team thank them all for being narrow the C wasn't racing but he was brave enough and strong enough. To beat back the Indy 500. I'm witnesses. I'm then go back in the cop and amazingly completed. Upon a boss loss season eight months off to up that accident. And today he's pretty much full circle because he now has won back to back wins outcomes of these big Z one the first round before the crash. And he's won again today it was a very dramatic win I spoke to instill in his own morals. Run after the rice. And we also I was. We also we're gonna play that in view in the next segment but. But I also wanna talk about what he said in an interview about being in the hospital and and the nurse coming in. And talking to him and and is just the feelings he had about all the though what just happened to him so. Its shouldn't stay tuned because we're gonna play that and you the next segment but. But eligible to Formula One guys in this for second because we got a week that is another day of testing form when two weeks from now. Formula One kicks off and so. I wanna talk about just because we had some things that we had some exhibition of what might actually happened because. You know the first test he did you know the first week everybody's is getting out there megas of the show the cars can get around the track that we started to see some speed in fact. I want to talk about the fastest laps from everybody out there because. A little bit surprising and I know did they don't show all of their cards now all right the less she got the list in front you know who was the fastest wasn't this Mercedes as expected well you know by the end of Ferrari. Now out there surprising a little bit and so anyway. You know that was that was surprising there's a lot of debate did Ferrari make up the difference did Mercedes not. Improve over the winner of things of that nature going on. Has so there's really stink things there's a great article check out F one dot com for great article comparing. The eighteen Mercedes vs the eighteenth Ferrari the dimensional differences and things that they can I am sure on that pretty inching stuff they're really taking them. Yap and so the fastest laps from the all of the winner testing. Was set by Sebastian battle. 1171. And then right behind him at 1172 was Kimi Raikkonen and then now Fernando Alonso won 177. So. I mean obviously I know Mercedes. Is is probably sandbagging like everybody is to some degree. But yet I don't think they are actually to be honest I don't get in this day and age there isn't time to sound back in my opinion I think that we don't have a genuine. I mean team team. Two weeks testing does not make you up to it up up and ready and you won't be ready by Australia that that's kind of the nature of all the gang. The law there is a completely new look to the gods. The new rules does this high low. So this is probably one of the hottest years to get ready for Formula One in Australia. And so why don't you think the Australian Grand Prix last year as a true indication necessarily. Who's gonna win the title old Dominic this year I actually don't think. At what I've taken away from the test is I don't think anybody will the money I certainly don't think. The Mercedes in the mountains they've had for several years now is still in place I think Ferrari have as they have done last year and then they Devin again. Have caught up I also think the Red Bull McLaren will be factors. I say I'm McLaren because now McLaren have the same equipment. As Red Bull and there's no reason that they shouldn't they way they used to be which is app shop and so. You know. All right would you just name your top four or who's number five fast there you go that's and also can you say and you know what I just read an article on sky sports I said the same thing. Which is got to be hard for the brits to say that in fact that you. I was choked up a little bit earlier and. It's when no backpack. I generally we talked about some things with Magnuson Kevin Madison last week and you know he's he's really. Shoney's and thinking man you know last week taught we talked about the view out from under the hang low and how that may play in the play into effect rouge or even turn one. Here count that yeah yeah and here is in the period as he was the fifth. Spot and the fact that sky sports league and acknowledge the fifth fastest lap time of the the entire winter testing was from I was on super sauce so everybody before him was on Harper's office. And then you had Toro also with appear Grassley was on harper sauce behind it did anybody tried to ridiculous soft tire. I haven't I haven't I seen that ridiculously soft. I've I think actually. Yet grow Joan tried the Abbott evidently eat ya and Amadou salt. But now. Heavy type assault super salty old for all things fight is this moisture and and subject yes yen from the. I had her rallies I right now if you ask me to name the nine levels of parolees soft. Missed the tires is a competition that Jack what do you call in right now. If if if and it was always. I assume we'll get a free no weigh less guys. But you'll find things. I mean really nine do we really aren't whatever so anyway US your point was that Kevin Magnuson Odyssey is because some controversy last year. And some other drivers pissed off at him but he set the fifth fastest time of the winter testing I like Kevin Magnuson. Yeah I'd each city was heading in the Booth as well. His good likable guy very knowledgeable I think K I don't think he's really shown his personality for the TV cameras when we see him being interviewed. That like you. This and I remember covering his dad's era it was just as controversial he was foster's furious I mean just brilliant drive by in his day. I remember back in his form a three days out I mean down Magnuson was nice for us to be reckoned with. And he still is a coincidence up. But that was noted that he doesn't you know he doesn't take prisoners some notices son he has a chip off the old law specializes dollar signs Julia. The you know him back to earth color and tire compounds. I've got that chart force we're gonna put up a color chart in the streets nowadays because guys reactors does oranges hard I don't know what we're gonna relate that to medium is why it. Soft zeal of super soft as red I don't know but but I can single name. You can sing but yes the ultra soft purple. Then there's the make a soft Microsoft extreme soft as they call it and it's paying. We'll call us so wait extreme is more than hyper. Now softer it is one line item of mega soft slash hyper soft slash extreme soft is paying somewhere there's a joke there. There will be a guest is criminal of them and west is blue. Tonight can I do my south Texas if you really want to know what they're all there black and ran around. What. Porno in the middle why it's rotten luck how about a hard tire a soft tire arrangement would make sense wouldn't it released on CLA quite honestly I thought that when they came out. Are we. Getting too crazy over these tires and we just. Knock it down to it three or four run through the intermediate throw went in there and go race drivers out a doubt I'll give you immediate product that. Hey guys I want to before we go to the break and talk about IndyCar and and that. Alexander Rossi in chief who plan that was crazy that a lot of talk about formula to end GP three because we got some Americans in there. Yes we do in fact I've just spent six weeks would one of them won my oil Carrera. I'm from he's originally from mountain. That equitable to me he's originally from. I'm trying to think where he's from oh Venezuela and east South America but he grew up in the united US. Down there aren't any lives in Florida and has been a world cops champion and he's day. I'm great guy and I'm going to show you we depend on the show he's been in the Toyota racing series where he was successfully didn't win. On the whole series but yes yes rice wins I'm Easton CP three this year and of course. Ron to Vijay who come on the show many times also on another graduate from Toyota. But because I know except yap exec Colin at. I was announcing a phrase give schools. Fruit she Nash still connected to pass team and he'll be doing GP two and in fact was some litre plopped out of GP for you last year and then put in GP two. So much is the interest in this and our Medicaid. I think all those three he's the most likely tune make it quickly. I'm on the amount they wanna be unknown and an ascent to you know he is. He's the real deal. And he talks the talk and walks the walk and drive the drive he is really on it. He's a really cheeky Japanese fund to be with with Adam the common tribute he's a great job and they Dahlia down but I think that sound. You know everybody's given remember all of the dialogue about has not taking an awful awful an American right to counsel Milwaukee well you know. Iman don't just Donna's right there isn't an American plus eight. These girls. Symbolizes that and that has a simple license and any one of -- of nigam. Oh yeah I was basked in boys already beautiful little long drive that Jordan's king now I mean the was a Formula One driver so you know it is not a lack of talent and I'm I'm tournament the IndyCar Series rather daunting it was English but what I'm getting at is. There was a lawyer controversies that the pass picked up because they said there wasn't any good Americans on the course that brought bought I don't have a simple license and their racing here. Where some Tino. Like Alexander Rossi went to Europe as a youngster. And has learned she's crossed the stating Europe and is now going through the ranks to make it too formal wanna began. I guess we're gonna take a break but when we come back we're gonna finish that story that we talked about it beginning to show with Sebastien or day in his. Pathway from many horrific crash of the world's gonna talk a lot about T Alexander Ross Rossi and Robert Wood gives Manny was leading the race in IndyCar and and the way that ended up and of course we're gonna get Sebastien more days opinion all that. So stick with the state to break you listen to speed city life and Austin, Texas back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddy off and others only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but launching an 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. 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Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving schools offering seven days a week year round driver education from. The fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races and professional drivers are professional instructors never judges student based on new day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you and you'll finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack feel calm. Behind the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will make a team that's out. But this is Michael's life back driver of the number two discount tire Porsche will have the speed city. Welcome back does speeds hitting presented by mostly motor car. Are the top of the show we talked about the IndyCar driver Sebastien more days going to be on the show you're just a seconds and talking about the incredible race that was today. Before you jump right in an interview just a second though but Johnson talk about. The in it go ahead senate this interview let's go and play just because it's it's really amazing his story and everything yeah today was the first. Around the Indy our series for 2019 and is always separately in Saint Petersburg around the streets of Saint Petersburg. Old new cons for the season new aero package the cars running a lot closer we will really see the full extent of that until we get to a level which will be next at Phoenix. I think it makes the Indy 500 even more math watering because basically use me that the the aero package is allowed you to race much closeup but also. The Gaza of the legal less downforce and so that's all we really seeing. These skills of the drivers on eight to basically. Street circuits got CNN port as well. And that way there was a lot of slit the paint blood except for except for a Scott Dixon was caught at the eventual. Rice outcome was decided by a mistake. Between Rob Akins who is making his debut. Brilliantly the Canadian. Any Indian led the most laps but was taken out in the penultimate lap by Alexander Rossi in quite a controversial way which has got a lot all. Three back a across the social media and on all the web sites and there are lots of opinions but I think the best opinion volt is the matter was closest to it a matter of course is Sebastien boy because he was in at the time of the restart and will you all unfold. It was his first went off to a hellacious track crash at the Indy 500 qualifying last year. I was at home I am in saint Pete is pucks out I spoke to instill in his overalls straight off what was probably one of the most memorable victories. Of his career. I'm so so happy I'm still grinning from what about price sounds obviously my friend. Yeah there is definite you know boring too and do. Let that happen last time we spoke last on soul you account wanna take you back before we start to organize price. Was that the Indy 500 when he walked into the pace. Often coming out of hospital from in my way in my mind him miraculously in some mice but it was an emotional day than today is very emotional. If he can't just stop by saying. Imagine that today people they need 500 and I today tell me about the journey. Hey it does seem you know quite quite a journey in you know it I'm this year was one thing was found any. Many different ways. And at the end of the days is this is what I do this is my life trumka. Yeah we into made it work and came back here in new game two and half months later and just pretty much like said in. That just went from there and ice forward and prepare for 2018 and here we are in. Of the seasonal occurrence and PS home repeating the wins last year so it doesn't get any better than that. I say I'm Joseph Bradley friends ever they know media is just down the road from where you live. And most of it even more special yeah. Yeah it is and when you win trust friends and I mean you know you got I never really got embraced by the community and there you make you Sheila. You know their own and seem to belong here. I and it's just it's just a great chilling and at the end of the dot com and you know it's also the first sign that G and so a year. The first race that so there we stood up on racing in bringing some big names sponsors excel master. Every single one of the franchisees who is here this weekend so there are a convention there were here at the race in this week is yeah and just. Just senator. Daydream really. Talk a little bit about the race because like he's saying it was packed witty incidence and down. I guess we almost got more than we expected but I think a lot of it. Acts was to do with the new column lists the lack of compact parted down force from last year at the new aero package first and foremost how is the Conor dropped. It's it's tough man. It is is definitely very light he's this or giving in and day in the meantime it's a lot of surveillance when you're behind someone that thing that just kind of let guys to trend and make stuff up and in the near you didn't wait did you didn't you need any time trying to figure out bill went for a when I saw crazy to start was an all the subsequent. Resource it was like man this is species scare also from their eye to eye to deal opposite approach every two to conservatives. Safe to approach the kind of watch the road kind of opened up in front us faster once the race kind of settled it. And and went from there but it was to assess and these stupid they were so many incidents and you know I understand was just trying to you can't hit my fuel number and Willis for us is I could stay out of trouble. Ruled the move would be ups and downs of the race and and the older Resop arts in the yellows and that's not. And all the southern Wi leading the race we we're mixing it up. We are guys who are in different strategy the end and we look like we're gonna finish third and mixing you know and there's that's less. Safety car five laps from the end or something and it's just our reality are we gonna do it hits the and again the concern. And great for us I I I mostly got a secured my third place and next thing you know they're. The two guys are they're obviously fighting you know who wins and nick doing so just yell and and none of them made it so really really easy does it points or Robert. You know will they didn't. Talk to. About is that you are right behind the best field poll. Odyssey Rossi. Important makes sense see you know I had to make one got it but it was a place way it seemed that it was sleepy old day oral weekend Scott Dixon went. Acts the paint on the inside wall slippery wood is something you were aware. Yeah I extensive real time and I think it got even worse than the race went on because of UC gets the pain Roberta strewn race on the line and then the inside gut you know. Significant to you more secret on the line so. I mean I think and then it was under restart where we were real struggling Wii's you know switching their tires but on an anti them often. So to be honest we do that's why it was just just gonna hanging back it is I'd read did not feel comfortable. Giving you go in and and I do read either one or the result. So when I saw them both going for it I was like well that's gone all Ethiopians. Just trying and the beat no auto that. And a and I got make you wish. Coming through so couldn't it and that's the only thing and you better games. I mean I understand you conservative strategy given the rice but you'll also learn the position with five laps to go with the law more push to possibly the two guys in front of you was there wrestle with you your engineer that you might sort of go OK I got I got some push to bossa don't try and they lost last couple laps anyway. Yeah but not the result is that the restarted and usually pushed us and rice not allowed anymore now until that loved very last one. So yeah AA interview wasn't that much of a factor in my case and he's sometimes. To trying to secure third place which was got a bigger than your goal was was fine and you know sometimes when you dudes yen in years so duties that are so whom I was gonna settle for good and I had a better so tax. I'll take it. Listen to Fuller writes she told reporters you know you tell a 100% fit and you look at obviously. I am. But you have probably one of the most grueling task he could possibly have today with all the results little you know drama patty fail in terms since you've physical. Either. Can't pretty good I get get this there's jungles and that's good that's got nothing to do it that there. Please it was night is equal status. I felt really find a car. So diets that so so did miss a truck Mon rove. Next on exactly so on the Phoenix next what are you feeling I mean. Obviously this is the public saw act and it could have done differently that you would still have that plays out of out of the race result so are you on the scene the idea man. The package do you feel that you guys have got stuck to grips with it and you're ready galleries and mobile makes us very different. Yeah that I don't think we got hit quite perfect for Phoenix I think we knew we had speech Laura one night. On the race and I think we're Cynthia and missing grip so and I know the guys ST ER but you know what we're gonna go back wit so it's still two years determine that. You know as far as this trickles package is concerned negated a first go to this weekend I think we've we're looking forward two or three tennis really get there and get the bone dialed in. On didn't quite go through all this stuff that we want goes through but. You know we'll we'll keep trying to learn through season and it's clear and keep on and getting better. That's just. For Orleans I mean you all it means big city. Calling it just remind people because you love me and horrific accident people 500 tell us what happened what we did and in the back of the you've got to stick kind of. Thanks. Yet it was there was three NASA tries to use the on this so there forty fine. And in the third lap we're in full mom knocks us on the first two and then the and then get position group. We're gonna take on that on the that's us nine in and the chance the cool things these outsiders I got a little wiggle and third one mature and in restatements and because that was the first of the all week. And then I got in turn two in the Singh got away from medium. And it to a 227. Please me is not about an angle which police say my life as much as they announced the bison. And the safe or what was nasty crash and I knew that it was a broken pelvis broken hip broken team. Summaries and stuff so it was the it was a very good that you know everything yelled up very nicely and I was back in the cart path onstage so. Like that we we said it was or are joining with so you know very effusive and the way things turned up none very happy that are just see it in and it geography is that was never. I was never a consideration but that's that's. What some people are thinking that was. I seem to remember one of the nurses was like right get back to let's. Let's get you all kings and at the uprising was over let's get you out of an exotic I've played great privilege to get a life you have. I don't I'll let you know on the Sunday morning yes you know when I was seeing nice you I was so impressed with the nurse. Was that she's you know coming to me is they eyelids get out my home I really. Looking out my leg and I got lined you know I think you're you're norms that we we're we're getting you out right now. My she's the moment it's not even been twelve Lars but yeah president was quite so according fastened you know. Seoul also puts you're. I guess humans you patients who detest and then you know and let them I'm glad we we didn't need anything site. Was seven I tied to a lot of interviews but just find faults what this means you and they'll goings rising operation because. It is it is a dream come true to be able to do it hound and a start of the season and and and basically tell the world we get back. Dominant means a lot obviously being the community you re embrace yen and you know I re trying to give as much like this possible and there. There remake you Sheila. That I don't get and it's also a winner moment and be able to them. To get up and use that sentence he Yates is no joke and like you said that is the first race these us aliens in yet. Adjoining. Dining bill and then marketing and commercial side bringing some big name sponsors are. Media media Nelson Nelson which starred the relationship and. Susan listen thanks for talking to is set as you would say Messi will cool able to show Hezbollah the rest of the season. I'm so happy boy did I welcome my. Thank you very much. Yeah I'm amazing. Amazing comeback amazing win. Really incredible race today with all that so I asked for stories then yeah a lot more talk about the Sony did both deals take on this on the wind and of course. The last crash with Rossi and weekends but I gonna say the other big story is that we can really should've won the rights in his debut it is. You GAAP. There's a lot more to talk about this but up next words it'll break from IndyCar as we get a gentleman he's he's called and we're gonna talk in just a minute we have but Moeller. Gonna join us to talk to run his 2003 F one car the two gum coated today with the rest of the for a little play toys yeah RI uses speed city you live in Austin moved back at these messages. The racetrack it's what legends of the I only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such have a name plates you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny it's you'll adjust along. I want 183 not a big deal route. Dead fish rallies school is the nation's most prestigious driving school is offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education for. A fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races and professional drivers and I'll professional instructors. Never judges Judy based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you out of your finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack. Feel confident behind the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done a whole way you've done it all how well you've done it. Will make a game that's out. Hi I'm JD B and your listeners being city. Welcome back to those speeds city freeze it advised mostly motor car. A look around the studio and everything watch everybody Majid because honestly gee god hit outlet she'd smile. Each if these guys. I'm less opportunities our next guest is and you but go back away say we do you know in got to say but was one of our first guest with speeds city six years ago. Why are you live when certain Americas was still in dirt just about to really diverse. Does about and you know it's it's been great but is a great got a nose for is just known about the history of F one. He didn't just preach Formula One. He doesn't preserve the history of it he races that fit but to welcome back speeds city. Great to be backward Gary. Peso great to have you good you had a great weekend out and you know I was up for the Ferrari challenge picking up on that and having a great time. There's a whole collective. Grew four I don't know what caught audience that races I mean these are race fans and racers themselves. Getting out there can you give us a little nut shell of what this weekend is like in and who are those people out there. Sure per. A group of events. In multiple countries. That are focused on and primarily gentlemen drivers is probably the best way to put them. I think with the people that rate in my group at least I would certainly call them gentlemen. But the thing that the tracks within the most attention and as a whole race series is before 88 challenge. They're both gone I think they had something like fifty cars across multiple groups this weekend it Cota. Summer amateur summer in the professional category summer driving slightly older cars. And they'll get out there and unfortunately. Pallone some of that beautiful Fareed machinery into work. Bits and pieces that need to be repair. Yes today it's silly it's always great to watch and it is. It's kind of if you can imagine the bullet between NASCAR. And haute couture. UF. Guys go back. Yeah it's not always. And not always pretty Al Saber into. It is a great weekend of racing you know this is one speech he was promoting its it was free to attend you parking lot a you sit in the grandstands and look across to the panic and the fraudulent planes there and is absolutely phenomenal and you had things are where from the assault force PGA set their assault for radiates. I saw the fantastic new FXX. Class. And even so there was an ethics. XK is that correct by the. Yes so now you're starting to move towards my into the car. We have what are called these XX cars they are. Theoretically they're sort of experimental vehicles they took. 21 super cars at the end oh. And now more recently a lot per week and crank them up into being great race cars when you slick way. Big accusers in traction control all kinds of cool things. So that law furry great conversion coping FX XK it's over a thousand horsepower. With a hybrid within 800 and Gupta horsepower motor in another 15200. Electric motor and wheels. So those guys who really. You know that kind of speed of the art technology. And the deal. Original one that XX program was the exile. And they turned that into race card it's still goes pretty well around. So but what you're telling us is that you take them probably the greatest. Four road car that you can buy right now and turn the knob look even to a lesser 1130 got here. It's fair bottled up all over if you have it is I would talk about these figures to their cars on steroids because it is more power more grip more everything. I'm in the middle of those here is a 599 XX which was based on the cheek you know. Well I asked a question about Abu what you Ferrari challenge for a long time and and of course that the Ferrari challenge is around the world as lulled them. I'm but I always think to myself on Monday when you guys can afford your cause but this little bit of annoyance when somebody is just not as polite as they possibly can. Given. In visual risking. I'm a Bollywood damage and a fair amount of bills is if this guy doesn't drive very well do you know what I'm saying. I absolutely do and that's you know I've been Ferrari have wanted to be continues. To challenge series on and off for twenty years and I always refused because. It is it is a bit of variable field you've got some people who are branded reaching and others who have. You know been out there for a while they're trying get somebody to notice them and unfortunately treat you know crashing is not a great way to get noticed but. I was talking to reward the guys who drove here today. Because you always have to remember too little. Rule number one thing is when you cover up past somebody assumed they don't see them grow number two is when you get up next to him the super try to kill. How about how tough. Why this you know like yeah is it. You know that's when I taught my daughter's ride motorcycles on the street got to exploit them to get billions of sooner we'll fantastic but I got to highlight one thing salute you know yes a lot of dollars that we've just spoken about but the highlight of the weekend. For me was standing out on wall. And seeing blood blow by in 2003 F one car going gosh why. Yeah. He had power with that screening 181000. Rpm beach and they make the formula one's ability that we all about it. Yes could you recorded four isn't we complain on the show once we have got that I think I've got to look again. Let let mamet there's so many people hanging out. Yes there's no room for the guys put out a pit or to have trouble there could usually people that can't let yes we did having their. You know absolutely. Fantastic Formula One car at this trash Cota was my dream come true I've driven Cota. I don't know half a dozen times in this quote racist to the Formula One weekend that we never had this car out until this week until literally from out. Well I got us Q what's it like I mean I'm duties listing G driving a formal long gone how loud it is it would you'll right behind toy yet it is right in front all that engine. We have to let the driving up on cars throughout 25 years I started in somewhat. Older ones in the from the seventies and eighties and election brought those in a racing series in North America. And and again we're usually supporting the different golf reasons and we're a big finish Japan. But. He blew three car probably turned. A lap about. Fifteen to twenty seconds faster. Than the older one cards and then you can imagine you're racing twenty seconds into the eternity. Yeah but you gotta realize. What's changed since 03. Tires slowing Lieber can yes yeah yeah of that NASA going. You know he's right you can turn a lap faster now meadows three car than they did and of three winding be pushing as hard anymore. And so it it cash the lap times are amazing. But. I mean I'm in Paul's right here get Casey to run was quick little sound. For a Sowers government inspectors 2003. So there you go. I that was yesterday I was asked and that was burdensome and his friends Mickelson and paced around the track fantastic. Yeah that I thought I pitched one was probably lead at lower pitch what might have been the VH yeah so you know still turns good upper teens RPM but just doesn't quite make it and screen. But I know that you've got to lose you wanna talk about it but you get now you got my interest peaked about lap times that will be in that car attic so they can you talk about that. I can and unfortunately. You know we had cool Temps on the first day Friday. That it was so hot we didn't get to make as much power the engine as we wanted to and didn't do quite so well but I think there at best I simply turn today aired yesterday. Was 142 of them. Hole lead more that's good idea it's not that it last year what was it 137. You want to see more I think is yet Hamilton students on our goal as a show. Still don't forget that the 134. Includes fifty RS waiting and the food yet. You know they've got a lot of aid through Asia with technology going to depend had gone but the important thing to note. Is that until 2017. Wondering why the tires increasing hero. Those cars did not lap faster than the 2003 and 2004 ferraris. To death and give them that you know almost fifteen years skeptical back to the locals that they used to be at what about the speed on the back straight but. You know I never got a chance to take a look at Michael of the tree that we were sketchy it is up kissing her. Gavel open this. But we're definitely the the high end it seven years so. I'm guessing probably close to 200 before we break Backstreet. More and more impressive and that is we break at speed. Eighty leader all I ask. If it's where you can actually start to see dirt marks on the media orange firms there in center. And all the junior slammed the brakes and and they can return to see that it's pretty ridiculous. Yes I don't bold Sunday in defense on news articles I did a great source would Greg Jennings wants all local hero motorcycle race at. Used to say C gone and back all the proof that there. Luckily the guys and they're just fit for the current perspective you know we we have could have been big for a program comes the US several times. And at every single track until this year code. We have broken the track record with my car. Wow ha ha hopeful when your car is really special Ed I have any means to say anything about the Becker and commitment. But go back to 2003 gives little history of this car. Yeah this is driven by Rubens their calories as the fact that error. Schumacher won. Championships five years and Rollins and Rubens was you know that's the good guy soldiering behind the car has nowhere but a decrease of five. Help me Grand Prix in in 2003 including Monaco and Spain and couple of others so it's got two good races and good finishes on it. But it is identical to do that caller of the day is the exact car engine transmission have been rebuilt. But everything else artwork and everything is absolutely ritual. But this is so amazing that you're gonna allow your favorite radio host to drive this car and am really you can't. You can't this wait to get out there never admit I don't know. You can't fit so now obviously that knocks it back to me thanks. That the the preferred. But this is such a cool series and you I've heard you say it say it's the fastest museum on the track 200 mile -- are racing museum in action and yes moral about it's not behind velvet ropes or any thing. Obama are committed to Georgia next week in their correct. Yep we're after Atlanta a few more days event the show goes there are the challenge guys they're off on a different schedule but. We have the execs cars wolf we're just doing cascades and county couple laps then they actually think about road Atlanta is I think either F one or Indians ever been here. The fastest lap and held by the LMP one. And already are are driving coach mark you've had shed. To me and one other guy that one of the two of us is probably gonna come away with a lap record they are the facts coming weeks are looking forward to that. You know not a bad drive and that's that makes sense because you know here at coda I think the LMP one cars are about to go but up ten seconds off the F one car so in that price and at 147 ish range so. A that some pretty similar to. I think it about the technology Vincent and Alan. Yeah and it certainly given them aren't just good old or get up. I I don't question for you but I'm not always been intrigued by this what's the hottest thing when you're dealing with effectively a vintage form a long call what's the hardest thing. Paul why is to maintain that all or actually get your hands on. Because all the seed have been on the college built in in Italy and I just wonder you know what what where do you get you pots. Well the good news is because the Ferrari factory. Ones this series they provide all the mechanics. And those guys have all of the forms. You know drawings and spare parts you know to some degree for these cars. And it will either you know find it or make it. To be able to put the car reserve back together thought she unfortunately. Yeah yeah yeah they do their best they can of course because. We essentially your brand ambassadors and we go out there will gladly step allow a brick track record the brand Gupta great outlet outlet that the never to see. At point guard in real life figure. You know we actually that some people compensated them take pictures so it's fabulous for the fans sadness for the brand. And so flurry. These yeah these guys by the dozen guys that particular car when I'm there. Those are apprentices and the best of them looking to move up to the traveling one let's hope it. Yea and the guys to get burned out from that come out of their investors that are training you practice for I would have to do that anyways so they subsidized it to some degree. Could will train platform for the guys so I think it pretty winds. Necessary until I've never I don't imagine Jenna and what a great. Waited you know would teach the young guys in the and the deal guys share their knowledge analysts now. Yeah exactly and so you know every every year I have a crew chief coups the same throughout all you know it's kind of sense. And the younger guys rotate around every single year and every seat in two of them yeah. Two years in a row they're off to something else you're in the factory here would go to twenty so it's you know the great experience for them as to perform this truck is. Well woman testicle. Again. We're talking about the Ferrari challenge that took place this weekend great clutch refers especially the historic and be sure to keep an eye out speeds that'll let you know when they come around again. But Moeller travel safe and thanks again for great entertainment value this week announced circular Americas and certainly join us here. Wal-Mart crater it always and I hope we'll tkachuk and Guerin from undergrad I was right season but thanks miles nice but it started thanks. I got back you know. It's unusual for a measure lap. Content and ads I actually I was really surprised nobody can say like one. Close to two minutes to it was a prize but what a great guy you have what and I guess we are gonna take a break I hear the music so let's do that lesson. So we come back we're gonna finish that conversation that we started about IndyCar because. That's two listing to happen today did not too talks more about and what else Johnson taxes if you think it was weakens bulk. Or roll cease fall he had a guess Texas and you get actually Texas at 512. 6435483. No less the call in line you can call us coast of allies or or tweet in Atlanta last I won't back up these short messages is his speed city lot in Austin. 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Performance cars British German Italian Japanese and American ready for that special car you've always dreamed of boasting hey you've covered look. Looking to sell a classic black closing handle all the details and get this special these. And have the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west regulate or call 5128219491. Or browse garage online. I'm at Lowe's motor cars dot com most motor cars drive yourself happy and. Talk thirteen seventy. Hi this is cheat us in this is beat city. Welcome back Joseph speeds city presented by Mozy motor car. I wanna go back to the Indy car race today in saint peace because. If you're out there on social media. Alexander Rossi I would say just my quick anecdotal I do not have a social media tools to tell me this. My spike quick ending to looks as it's about 7030. Saying Rossi should not Dennett and there's been. Pretty strong words out there. I mean after I am I wanna get first let's start reduce future tape what do you think already world OK my thoughts are if I'm back there Rossi spot. Then I'm. We've position where he was the way he was and you see that gap opened up on the inside. Of the turn. Because you saw him do little defensive move. Rossi made the second moved pulled up next you know was that close and and be up next to him. By the time they got to the turn in point Rossi was inside. Ominously it became posturing you're bird count. Defensive. To have them. Both go in at same time word the leader got tagged and knocked out. I think that the leader should have known he was there at that time he had earned his spot to be there. By his side. And they were heading in Russert was too fast wasn't going to make it keep him as it tires against the apex in all the way through the accident that turned. Let. You know the paint. On the track which we all knew it was there we saw she's with the throughout the day. Is what calls Rossi to slide so extremely lose his line through that curbed. I would have done it is a Ross whose fault it happened yeah it is. But I would have done the same thing hoping that the down back to pass is gonna chicken out a little ways and get some way. Yeah and how many drivers. Do you guys think would have gone for I mean at most of them. In under those circumstances absolutely I am having said that you what Sebastian border 8% which is why he's got four titles and I don't mean that like. Rosie shouldn't gone for a but he said in the know need to be he's right that. He knew Haslett the laws. Now rolls his command said to knock on the need called IndyCar dot com site you know look he. He squeezed me you know to that owns the marbles. And he didn't lock up he said was you do use the one of the report said we should do is coach and he said no it was very red carpet at the necessity in other words I was in full control the cops. I'm so it's it's one of those racing incidents I don't blame Rossi of course he went for it. What EM Sebastien saying conservative ness says that don't do it has a blend into is and it did the right my heart goes that the rubble weakens and I'm sure and I know our honorees in British prime minister concerning the went on he's not a dirty driver and he says it's certainly not. You know. Would not have a wish that on anyone. So. Yes and I'll read Alexander Ross he's tweet today he's as proud of our podium today thankful to my team he says Robert Wilkins had a fantastic game he's absolutely the real deal. But I'm a racer and I went for the win swing conclusion has take caution lights hash tag was too fast as tech marvels. Yet tarnoff yeah there. I you know admittedly each semester where he's talking about he as a receiving hospital he was talking about he saw what was going on and it was about to be made him. But. Oh the truth is Rossi got away with it yet I you know he did get through he didn't any reality he got through adulthood and got third and without a penalty from lookup. Interestingly enough Dixon was given the penalty the same kind of spin and taken soft so I'd. But he didn't get penalized so you know. Brought to this. Well the the Internet will continue to scream yell and debate that's. I think cams at a one thing's for sure make for some great entertainment for the rest of us thought to be on today to be honest. Even if they hadn't been taken him out there would have been a great race just watching that last lap come to you. And okay here's one last thing I'll throw in on that last lap. Of one again. Yellow green to one finish. I don't want any more of these finishes under yellow flags of one race at least two laps under green I finish a race like Macedonia. I don't I really like that rolled NASCAR got that right. Yeah well two to write getting it right you know I've been following Indy now for many years. And in these had a rocky tossed in terms of when the champ can sit split and everybody's in on the we found the celebrations of the hundredth running of the 500. I think that Indy is genuinely back. Young star's ex Formula One guys like raw seat. And Jordan king coming in Colin would their own team one of the best racing teams in the world. Again another Maxiell and another form guide. You've got soft so you've got Dixon still the height of his palace rubble with Kim's. Who's who's done it all Judy TM drive up coming to racing an Indy I'm on she young youngsters. On the way up and coming from Indy can't like so eight or Indy Lights and so. It really is back they've got a great copped a great package and I think the car looks fantastic. It's back SP can Indy Lights it we had. So the Blackstone was in seconds and yup the African continental. You haven't you won the race though it was they don't lose in the Booth with Lester Formula One until I would Kirkwood cal Kirkwood that was critical to do so. And that was good to see but see folks there's no chance if we tell you to follow somebody young. Better do it out Kirkland was great in the Booth may we had him and the Formula One race we are called the play about play hero on KG CE end. It was that last pass. That. That. Max for staff and did that he gets a cult that it was really just a chemical and all we're about out of time but I just wanna talk about Formula One the some more because. Stay tuned to speed city because we're gonna be ramping up our Formula One coverage forgotten how and Nash yeah we had some things were going to be you say and Haas back. We're going to be announcing their rent some things that were gonna be doing to ramp up our Formula One coverage she and this commune and really you really ever had yet. It's going to be really. Exactly that this is a wonderful in one card. Glaxo has dropped a cylinder. The eight solar monies three. So yes stay tuned but of course right. An F two weeks' time in moto GP next week. That's right motor GP start six week and costs and apple join in two weeks on the twice and I wish wants here in the studio I hope if I can get an M but that's the plan. They yeah and I wish you I was always against any area. He'll be also banner says there's a lot to body setting America's. I'm so if you want to go see not a GP lied get down that. And yet applicable to. All right boys who were just about at a time of course stay tuned to what he LS almost grown and I was just gonna say thin skinned about mole I history lesson. A great weekend with the first family out always enjoyed those limitations out there yells follow up with and to you and thanks to Sebastian boarded up. Final thanks for tuning is basically checked senator website of course BC broadcast dot com our FaceBook Twitter and San cloud and of course. Next Sunday night as usual 7 o'clock right here speed city talking next week at the drills jelly off. Dag gone I write the number 31 yamane face down behind your listeners Steve city.