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Sunday, April 15th

Speed City, for April 15.


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Quit John messing yeah. That's Kaiser. It's our own radio. Speed city. While boys wore. Read a whole whole turn of events possess or describe that they'll SAS to stay up late if you really wanna city gets stuff. I'm man I mean we've got to go back to woo hit practice. We Daniel Ricardo as this engine is blowing smoke and fire at a back in making whistling. Hissing sounds. To winning the race totally. Second time in a row is welcome Bahrain heal in the Electric's wind yes. So he was three minutes away each. From and is well in fact he got out of qualifying wan with three minutes and eleven seconds to go. Which gave him basically a warmup lap on warm flying lap. He made it into fourteenth. Place. Some elite guarantee an exam in Q2. And then made up to fifth over old. And wins the Chinese chrome free. His mechanics to a stunning. It because they put an engine that wasn't. Prepay and promptly new engine that is. The about who Lego. Just absolutely. Everything that they did today was except for Vista happens excellence among try to again. Both the truck they overtake. On Hamilton wasn't on the and certainly Knoll was the it's only spend with battle at ruin battles rice and but some regatta did everything right. A more about it. The stops. Yeah exactly the pit stops 2.3 and 2.4 seconds both phenomenal Red Bull pit stop why am amazed that is what I say yes this did so you understand and if you missed it. Is this that pit stops they both came in almost same lap and queued up. And the mechanics changed old four time is almost Klesko off. In just over two I'll seconds or just understood not seconds and did the same with road count out following. Seconds light which is no mean feat us. Down being where I'm really amazing Red Bull. Race today about any Ricardo own the team. And you're right if the staff and hadn't done that. And Dante well boys we call it in the pre race show who we were talking about or Staten Island are questioned you was Izzy dizzy push into art and he obviously is yeah. And the other thing was finally it just got to put the de icing on the cake. The strategy. The week the reason what they wanna write actually is because they were able to finish on salts. And so they took that literally. Point blank decision. And news any of them vessel one on the rice they damn that man and you have Hamilton com. Already a what are we committing you know and it's like wow you know they they took that opportunity while window was there in the window with slim. Exactly Neiman Hamilton won a first. You know you can tell he's frustrated that his engineer response back because they'd be in front of the U. Yup in GAAP and like Q Jonathan you and are talking of new videos that. Before we came on here is that deleted Hamilton could have avoided all that by not listen up his qualifying lap. Shia. You know he's complaining but you know if he had messed up your qualifying and you wouldn't hit you know yeah it's are as good as it Ricardo was he's not my choice for drivers today tell my. My choice for drug that is peer gasoline. Because I lead because this race was boring and tilt. Where did the bathroom well yeah yeah okay ghastly for her and the latest version of Shanghai surprise a lot starring Madonna. My my drive. Rue the day is the housewife that cold the FB BC commentator isn't said. How does take a little bit of my top five upper track you're going on how I Samantha I'm. That's a live like six or seven laps going kid mom. 'cause you know it all started when they've to read that you tore Russell ran into each other yet and caused this whole disaster and don't put debris all over the track and and let Red Bull made that brilliant and bold. Moved to send both cars into the pits what happens to both Ferrari and Mercedes. In terms of strategy today. Anyway it and I don't think it was a software glitch today. Now. And I mechanic tax cut does gonna be tough trying to took glad this type of back yeah yeah that's true. I tell you it could you know Christian Horner and you know Christian Horner and did the three team principals the city's Red Bull and and Ferrari and for all just went at each other Arab you know the beginning of the season. I guarantee you that a Christian Horner is gonna be smiling grinning ear to ear in the press conferences after this. Well you I mean it would just work what a fairy tale story is six win. It's the year of the dog in the Chinese New Year but boy the bull was raging today no question about it I mean they've got to be so cooperative after that. I'm in a weird way does put. It actually help talented one YE had a terrible weekend but because battled also and a federal weekend down it's not as bad. The staff and didn't help themselves but regatta has put himself in a firmly back into contention. I know it's early on. He has good. Was wells a young guy named Max. Getting in it in a tussle with Raikkonen. In this startup and you know news blockages in. Max just Mike's doing a Mac ever never got over it. Yeah it will go wedge on. Yeah no question about it I'm not still wondering. Hey you know what IE in I think what I think what commentators said it June that Tom which is. In a Max is not a kid anymore I mean he is akin. But he's no kid anymore because he keeps making. Schoolboy errors basically. You know he's. He made two big areas in this rice and he's perhaps the by the price. Yeah yeah he's seen you know it's the whole thing juvenile. And emotional. And his his just. Craziness. Outburst. Kind of thing that gets him in trouble and I just unlike. What we said before. When he does something crazy networks for him it's cool. And EA EA EA. But when he does some crazy and it does what most people would do when they go crazy and it fails. That's what you get out of it and he. He didn't make any friends today. Now he's not the finished article by any means. I like his style no question ma'am he's a breath of fresh asset and all along and I do think he will we will champion one night. But he's got a lot to learn yet and I think Red Bull. Ya. Someone I mean that red apple kind of like him you know they take decisions there on the fly but the currency you heard the radio talk with Emmerich on our site. Cool on Vettel makes it in you know let's have stopped them and describe AME I like their style very kind. Progressive in that respect compared to Mercedes in the German to tonic kind of approach to it and Ferrari again symbolized McLaren and so on also also you know Red Bull I've always been exciting and I'm Amylin battle won his championships then there was that and I'll flatly him because it was old news and you know they would they would the that was swaggering does a swashbuckling. That's the right word yankees players for them and and today especially in and we're Carter's passel Botox yeah I think it was this it was. Pretty moon. Daring you lose cell blocks just six there was not and yet there was no I didn't in those any room naral but he did it the what do you think about the way both toss hesitated a little bit I mean it's kind of kind of what this then the knock on Botox you don't want. I'm not an hour ago about us I said at the start of the day a day they need a big race and I think he put in a big rice today I think he was much more on it. I think he was much more aggressive. Even though they yap about particular move. I think back and I think that was the right thing he did jinx slightly. To get out of the white because he could have caused the accident. And again he's finish second then he's Darren he's finished ahead Hamilton I. And you know I think he could have been more aggressive in Bahrain. But hundreds Andre I think we saw all a lot more of the mantle of the thing in this time. Especially in defending against Raikkonen. I'm you know so I'm I'm I'm kind of like tick in the box that mug toasted up what I hoped he would do because I kind of said he's got a he's got to step up when I needed. In my mind you know and IA I can't argue was really just said but there is that that champions edge. That you don't buy that little chink as we call that he didn't take try to block cork bat Ricardo there. I mean you're right it could cause an accident and then it it would have been a complete disaster. But does it champion growers wouldn't be the data due at this yeah. Well the thing is unbowed puzzles lemons recount and he you reason I was like we did embody was frustrated veteran John not bug doesn't bug them and then Yahoo! regatta was. Out of I would gone for a act and say gee you know use that method and the cargo and he's gonna go. He's gonna go you're right that's a good point and maybe he saved is a level headed guy. So pay less she got some you just. Pull some clips during the middle that race forests well as somebody's team radio anybody ever write off the beginning really just. There's there's some misting step forward Ned. I think we need to go to a break yeah Amanda. Movements are so many good team radio clips and here so we're gonna go to break we come back we're gonna play some of those and continue to talk about incredible race today herald. Performance by Daniel Carter. Read all your listeners each city we will be back after he. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. The caddie often offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing all European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. 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The Daytona to Lowe's motor cars. 2420 west brake cooling and online at Lowe's motor cars dot com super performance and most motor cars drive yourself happy. Fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience amateur races and professional drivers are professional instructors that judges Judy based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road over Baghdad. The right track feel confident behind the whales back to the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will thank you. NASA. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. All new radio dot com now. News new speed city welcome back to those speeds city presented by mostly motor car. Well tonight's BC. The television. The the rental Karina got the job. Yeah you know left having. Mason doesn't. Nobody on the night that I'm only now suddenly. Do that it's all a everybody's happy that experiment is happy right now they're always really really knows who abuses in the race. And I hit I think food or really kind of set the pace of the tone for the race was. Run Kidman's. Traffic jam. And how to impacted Hamilton and Raikkonen in it and got back in it max's weigh. And it. I think that chaos that happened that early in the race and the first thing happened that really got chaotic. I think that really kind of set matters for. The rest of the race meant in a Max had a a very special message for a Raikkonen. And let's hear what that one is. If this stuff. Card entry telling. Us that tells us. It's an of them settled down. How I see now I'm not to hear what he says yeah it's surreal in a night. Yeah icicle like some like good. And say you know they just stardom now when Sid and Hamilton goes off course little ways to the clearly the traffic jams things like that. Max gets passed Raikkonen and starts hammering down. Just get settled down Rezko remember eleven yeah I don't let settled down simmer down now. I I love it this is what I'm slid into its oh on the on the Hamilton I would say Mercado sometimes you just got to lick the stamp. And send it. So I like that lick the stamp and I can be just that it's some 3 in the morning that's why like hello I'm like that I just I genuinely like that that's deadly path through. You know if you missed our creation we actually it was pretty good because we have we talked about a lot of the issue that we saw on the raised today more down pretty good for. For Red Bull obviously and what are those guys another resume aiming it was slow first half of the race Padilla Haas Haas had finishing strategy. 41 I think this is the first time we've seen a blatant. Team command. T mortars and and it really didn't. Go over very well. But that. You know he did it check out this exchange. From the Haas team. Driven out of those who pays for. Okay Kobe. Because of bills. Cocaine messages decision. Let's Kevin by the fourth fourteen let Kevin by the fortunate. Thank hero monolith squared up the screw it up. At the yeah yeah he finished eighteenth in the had you do that didn't. So yeah how did they end up this you know orders. Seriously I am basically I was listening to guys on Friday. The ED started to fall away and basically he won on his radio room. Late radio Coles towards the end of the rice was. Everything's pulling a pot so I I just feel a he was down on his luck anyway. And he felt the league you know that they basically went backwards and I think he'd eat whose dad aunt did not think he started it lap six right way yet it. Because I I understand his frustration I could you be expected tilt to. You know on a 56 lap race at certain ticket pull over under your articles since Larry. So hot they were on different time as. But actually. Their lack Toms who pretty much the same at that point and semi listened Tony's head is it would goalies goalies why eight. I'm convinced the team and grow Jones sang come on guys. You know I yeah Claire enough I'm holing up but we got to race we are teammates but come on this is not wanna has sought a feel for for a mom mom. And that's always tough no matter where you are no matter what you know about the tire situation we knew there are different strategies. It's you know there's no way that that's every pleasant situation. And lest we get a couple of other clips are long too UTU. To play into it too deep to intro because this team ready it was like. Some of the highlights of all as it it's it was really good and you know win. I tell you what if if you enjoy what you're hearing on T beer here. Go to the Formula One app. And check commentary and that's rehear all of the radio messages that it it's fantastic. One of the ones they came over that was really did was. I hadn't. When Ricardo. Passes Max and the excitement around that. We'll show Blake street pushing it to my thanks for the pretzel stick. And let's get in the skin and I don't mean to you that trust buckling their idea is it's very much Red Bull style in the N a Richard Otto is the team leader. And that's why you sort of also think that service Apple's coming to this team. He's trying to get his head he's trying to you know be a force this to be reckoned within this team but this is economists think that. I got some good free though so your saying this is this is kind of the DNA of Red Bull ride the swashbuckling yep. So we're sitting near you give being a little critical I was in the pre show. About burst happened. But is this coming is as part of the teen culture there's that you just go for it. I think it is and I think Christian Horner is always let his drive his race. I. And you know it aids cost a mommy look at weather and battles battles had a geek who you member multi twelve months have multi 21 out. Maybe he's. And the green room before the podium it's our mind and amazing. And GAAP so you know red bullet gonna history now all of a all of letting that drive beans and rice and rice Todd. I am but also letting their drivers be themselves and they've I think corners. Realize that with Ricardo he did create quite a racing driver and he really has blossomed has Daniel Mercado under the Red Bull tutelage is it worth and the Red Bull regime. And I think that's why they're letting this happen. You heard the radio you as you say saying I count it down you know but that's. You've got to let the staff can be to stop them because otherwise he wouldn't light goes crazy news tonight which we all begun oh yeah. That was the other take immediate if you pollute LP didn't. Mind. I will put a bigger berm there for next year and I'm sitting here reading some of the tweets from will Buxton you know who works for point one now. And he said listen this is while one of the most conciliatory. And in suspected post race sessions I'd ever for experienced what Max Stefan hearing talk of desire desperation and how he needs to learn to stop. Stop one from becoming the other armed. F one paddock pass so in other words as interesting that max's got to think about all this and go unwritten medium MIT too aggressive. So is his perfect timing of all this discussion because that's not obviously Max is its second guessing himself police unleashed a little bit. Well there might be a sign of maturity there so Hank. We'll go for it you know. Continuing on the theme of my ex Maxey did adult today he. Met up with those metal and that was something that. Are hard to say exactly what happened there. Well you also have better understood it very good job. I don't think that he can say anything if software. Affect our US IF FFF I the I don't need to said he didn't know a thing that was so yeah that was that was good radio told black and but told the whole story. I supported us some news stories guys Kevin Madison I mean finished in the points. Yeah. And it's is only one point. And I mean given the also hopes from Australia. We were we expecting more. And I think we're right to expect more I think I think the house has a good column this year. And okay didn't whatever lately to this weekend for them they did get a point and that at times. Magnuson was running seventh was it. 67 yeah you know I am. Crowe Sean always seen. Not having a good day only enjoy these days to show. But I'm I'm I'm quiet. He pleased with a 21 Grand Prix season three in Nassau bay yeah it's almost like we're expecting double points. Every race now right it's that it's disappointing our last year we did it at any time we had the chance to get double points it would have been ecstatic yeah. I agree. You know I was disappointed. In ghastly. Taken out Britain Hartley but IA. I still feel like Haas is better than this. But you know in that same statement is hos rating to perform better than total Russo. Losing they are you tell ya I think some another another instant thoughts from Twitter says Toro also had told partly to give gas in the position at pair ten. Hardly hardly. I'm guessing confirmed it and and then he said when he saw Harley lives because he's seen he's acting on team orders so. Numerous interesting yeah I. I think. You know it was a strange weekend to a lot of different reasons the weather played a pot thrived the weekend both being cold rainy Friday night. Then Saturday he particularly told for called blind qualifying and then Paula it was seventy degrees come rice. Time today and Zaire. Yeah and so I think you know quite a few things were thrown in name in the mix. In the probably did it to eat a plant pot but also the race itself I think. The race just tonight said of that same become a simple as that as you say gas leak woman an era that makes when it zeroed. And then is the reason pretty much we go where we go. Yeah and I just saw and they a picture day you occur we saw him doing a series. But it was a little different I think Detroit. A full shoe Wear this campaign this time these studies is engineer voters that they happen to he said he was gonna stop doing that but that was to get a chance he had to god no way that was brilliant that they had to engineer out there because I pay those guys. Not only these 2.3 in the 2.4 second pit stops but getting the car ready. Not having an engine from Rick from red numbers get in the car ready with lesson really is losing. Less than a minute it is indeed. If it was below the three minute mark it would of movement it been a moot point anyway it would literally seconds away from not making goal two minutes for his first seriously need to be exceeding the pit. And that's what they need to make a legit pot left. While AER I mean you know when you really can look at it that way the whole weekend I mean that's gonna go down in history is as one the most amazing weekends full. I wrapped an F one team it's not have a mascot that have been any need we be just dessert in my east because it knows there is a real ferry tail stories the once shame of course is that it wasn't wanted. For Red Bull completely Emma is only one man the blame for that now. And unfortunately he gets the blame for several things today. Yeah yeah I ain't easy I'm glad that it's what bucks and says he's he's he's gonna think about it because I think he not easy blew it I mean they both got the soft ties they both commit the same time. Oh buzz circulating at the same speeds were Colorado took advantage. And he was not labeled saying. Yeah and you know this was soon if you look at the qualifying times. How close Red Bull was to a Mercedes this isn't like some big giant upset. Mean I think that this is something we can expect for the rest of the season that it's gonna be in a very strong possibility that red bull run some more races Dowd. No question I mean we saw last year I mean there's no question that Red Bull. You know have some raw reliability problems but but but they also won last year. Actually act and you can argue that the reason McLaren went to run away engines. Because you know will because they were failing went home early one having the day that I wanted. And I wanted to would bonds no blaming it on the engine so they said look this is a race winning engine let's take it and it is tonight. OK the that you would miss said that putting for harassment full time if and when it when Paul but sound. This is still part of of where we are you know because. You've got less engines this year. And news you know ya you've got to beat. Everybody's being a little bit more conservative but we heard in the days leading up to the Chinese from brief but -- know what opening up the ends a little bit more to try to be more competitive and they look. And it's a good point about adding only three engines this year without penalty so I guess we take a break you listened to speed save lives in Austin, Texas. Our post F one ratio will be back after. After these missing. The Austin east KOA campground just fifteen minutes from circuit of the Americas and downtown Austin and just two minutes from the child's killing exposed sooner. And central Texas fishing Decker lake featuring amenities for every style of camping tent sites. A luxury RV owners and captains plus a cool showers and laundry. Nestled a solid trees on the edge of the hill country. All the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise scale way to make your reservations visit also niece KOA dot com. The race track it's way legends are born only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such of a ninth place you'll find at Aston Martin at Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobile. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey. There is you'll have just along for the ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education. A fifteen year old would know driving experience amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors and the judges student based on the day off well. All that driving back. We'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road over Baghdad. The right track feel confident behind the whales back to the situations no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will. This is Johnny Rutherford and you're listening to speed city. Welcome back to those speeds city presented by closing motor cars it's. Johnny Rutherford wow. Development plus. For me they. How is that Miller's thing there was a giant road crews involved and not only easy finish in the Indy 500 as well. Certain settlement with the spin and wounds that is yes I have some of them won't run the club still here. Texan. It's got to be he was done and that low octave that got a good. Nice a guy is amazing Chinese bumpy course annual Carter with the wind it. Some interesting stories still don't know I mean M Fernando Alonso I was gonna say Nancy Pelosi and Alonso and Serb did into the little bit there. You know you always sing alongs Lou and go up against some folks who hadn't seen in awhile I say oh yeah I ask you always put that I had admitted that that sharp into the third degree there and say I'm glad to see him up there. But worries about a who started fourth in the championship today and schools again another seven plays. I also noting. Run on both old boy in scoring Holcomb Bergen science. And I look in fast you know I mean it was we talk about hos. Compete for the best of the rest but rentals right there in fact you know right now maybe they are the best of the rest. Until about a recovery have a force India a you know it's only change the world but them they would know are they getting in the season and a and we heard that if you watched. Some of the lead up to ESP and I always or often qualifying. Sergio Perez they need to be senate they had upgrade ready for Spain as well I. And look at force India will be only trial's slow. Is it bodes well this this midfield battle and I think Williams will get back but again not a great day for them. Yet here's a stand address was Mercedes it isn't instructor standing Mercedes. 84. Red Bull 55 from McLaren Renault 28 and rode 25. Toro also twelve and Haas eleven and then sell her. Force India had winds of zero. So yeah this midfield as Harry interest seeing I think it's as interesting is ever won was predicting at the beginning the season. Yep I think it's going to be if it's I'm I'm I'm really excited about this year I think cam is the politics don't over tag. The racing on the track and now we get ball down anymore liberty and and didn't do what not to do. You know on the team stopped kind of I just yeah make it make it. A beta bottle the store than it needs to be. The racing in frankly is also a thing about it. So think about the the Big Three its top. I mean it's now any given Sunday anyone that's Big Three good expression can wind right thinking. And then after that really in the midfield is kind of weird to say it this way that any of the Big Three can win any of the midfield can. Can be at the top Vatican before so you're right you're right you know it it's just one of those that. But since we've been looking for the CS that Paul Roland got a bit dry same Mercedes up front for awhile. But I'm really pleased to see it happening ams and force India I think they've shown they're capable of being fast. Sergio Prez just seems million or a run of bad luck. But I'm I'm games these guys. Shake up midfield keep it interesting. Yep absolutely keep your teammate from run and India. Could see Daniel cut and imovie up to fourth place overrule I just three points on both tasks. But that's still further five points behind Hamilton and how Molson wow within touching reach now of battle of will seventeen points it's now nine. Yeah but you're right it is DC general Ricardo there. Obviously he's one of the most popular drivers because he is perpetually. Smarts not just smiling that has a great attitude all time and but he's obviously very competitive to yep. And he doesn't he takes those risks and he continues to do that side of the cocktail yet to sign his contract for next year war we have a term keep it the. Obviously via furry rumors run rampant are Kevin Magnuson tenth in the driver standing now with eleven points ten points. And then one that it was last two weeks ago or last week it and then one point today. Obviously good to see the Haas team looking good. What other stories guys coming I know the first thirty laps were relatively. Uneventful but anything catcher I mr. green. Are unnamed. I was while generally I was pleased for Raikkonen this weekend because I just feel that Seth. Last year Raikkonen was losing his way and we were about to lose right and any is the elder statesman at 38. Only great he's been a crime he's had a world championship but some. You know he clearly still has donated Annie is still motivated which I think you know we've loss seen in the last three gum he's adamant about luck but lack qualifying particularly. Well I toting golf you know he got a new track like wreck would only be beaten by a battle. I am that was pretty amazing but. You don't clearly. Both the pace of Ferrari and Raikkonen is really pleasing them because that's just good for the sport. And he's a great character. Am I am I am and the great race this I hope we see more of him doing what he does well. That not only is he the best at team radio yeah yeah and I mean he's too. Did you do qualifying. Of the practice interviews what Hughes talking about. When it does you've basically wanted to say that's a stupid question why you asking that assist classic Kimi Raikkonen and had 38 guys and that's really. That that's an amazing stories that have him be at that age still. Just as fast as you can see he's just as basses semester metal. Yep yep I agree you're I think I think he's gonna be around a while Warner. Well I certainly hope so we do not want to lose him so what else so. You know what ailment talk about real quick and it's actually sort of Formula One related it's did you guess he was on pole for the IndyCar race. I was onerous one of one of the few it is still actually have heard a super licence of hormonal and he's once you have it or did. It is shifting continue get four laps under your belt but yeah anyway it's just great to see I was generosity and make the transition to. Andy card and it's like pilots are unity fourteen touch and goes and this probably is I don't know who's on that deal is Ross he's looking. Really really lean and mean this she AAE should decision in qualifying. He was I before anybody else common mass and everybody trying to clean laps and panel was jumping the gun at times and annoying everybody because he was like so on and around but he does look. Really determined in really good in a really good form his lap was immaculate and yeah you're right it's good to see him. As an excellent long drive or taking it. Now I'm Indian really pushing home. Yep all right so let's see. Which got less. Troy I think and Sebastian Vettel I'm curious about the furry strategy they were playing. And how much of it played out the way you. The you know it should've. Did they just give. We started seeing tire problems we started seeing just different things and used as backsliding. Through the field. And I just have to wonder what was the big difference between. He and Wright condemns strategy. Some of them did not pan out. Well I'm right well. Oh Raikkonen it was an interesting strategy because Raikkonen stayed at almost ties remember. Right he team. Did several laps. And was trying to hold off bug taas and let battle catch up. But it didn't really work because of a mascot policy which I thought was again that was in from the EU. Big turning point for the rice because but just took the you know sold by and as it were love much more aggressive that he was in Bahrain. And at proved to be a very very important I would tight because battle and was sort of dead in the water that was a moment. It frightened could've fell off Botha asked. And battle could have gone into the DR us some might be made them take on them. But that's a could have been a different rice but some you know. Fans it's been a long time since we see that we've seen. For non Sebastian and Carlos signs near each other her home if running. And that's where you know when he starts at paying attention of those combinations of people that are next to each other are battling with each other so we haven't seen this in a while. That's good. It's an interesting year and we got some really interesting rice is coming up baca and a couple of weeks Azerbaijan which is. You know relatively new track any excess street circuit but sound a fosse won not that and again I think. You know. Of what we see we've quietly coaxing caught that's three different very very different races. This year and I think is going to be just as different and don't forget F two is coming in. As well. I'm now we gonna talk about a mile to fall into GP three going on right now and to go there's been some changes like from a two cars now brand new yep yep the Randy they're they're still 600 horsepower but their Turbo six's. Yeah that's the VA's like they were last year. And those so those of those guys I was just look at some of the stats it was like I think there there's. So the 620 horsepower so the less horsepower than a Formula One car. And they're also just a little bit heavier but when you watch him they'd look. On track they look all bombing live look 95%. As fast as a formidable park. Yet the board had one round in Bahrain and impact that Colin getting a 12 in the first rice all of the Yale in the longer rice with a pit stop. But a brilliant rice buying out London Norris. And also model of doing a brilliant job getting onto the podium. From literally the black. Am and then doing and did doing any met in rice to. How to market but he's faced seasonal formula to. Land the Norris in his first full season and Colin back in Pullman it's a but a great stops of the year for them and of course our own Sam TO through cheap will be. Then didn't have a good weekend the first half and they hasek yet but sounds and behind and that I think will will look for him. And in the next round in back to and hopefully bouncing back cat he stole had a problem. In the second rice. But is he's definitely fly and asked why those past reserve driver and when you look at the cars on left to die out almost replicas of. NASA's you're Santa you can look forward to can he be easy to spot him because they look like the Haas of one car. And what's the what's the teammates I forgot his name. Odds in mind the whole I mania that's right menial mining was Chevy Traverse any meaning money mode. And more recently it's almost three and he's gone through the ranks I think he's gonna be the next big Indian sensation. I'm really really good drive back and that he too is a reserve from a fast. Yeah I need it and stick with us this I think we're gonna try to ramp up our formula to. Average GP and 330 yeah we're gonna try to reintroduce some things that I said he I. I'm not one man well career. Guys and Americans to get to work harder and encourage isn't as good news we have let's take the great. You know work and can you become the face of Chinese cream day. It's been just been sitting down and off after these guys. And vehicles and motorcycles are the epitome of Italian style precisely prompted with a pack. 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And have the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west breaker later call 5128219491. Or browse garage online. And at Lowe's motor cars dot com most motor cars drive yourself. Listen and talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. Five burner probably just bits and just read city presented by mostly motor car. Tonight's beat city. Great day today what stuff behind the particular review. I'd start driving. Did you ever figure out these extras thoughtful. Sorry for her first shown. Bird on the the boy there's so I was talking about. It's so much for that yet beyond the simple. Why isn't it that's just nobody knows what it is could it lose steam. Either in practice or equality. That there is something on back especially eastern we'll all day that I think is Sebastien swell to about. I just he's got his own dump he had just gonna have as good as done 52 method. I don't think I assume did you do it out until six Harry. Duds is unpleasant. Be but we're still in the glow of a really amazing were he's with Dan you were caught Red Bull. Brilliant strategy really is just stops just crazy incredible. It it's the way they came from nowhere and literally no act. To do bad and they also with a lead in the you know we go to the mat temporarily and the tire is and and why we have these different ties to fools star of the show we focus our race. And explaining why he. Patent for rallying bringing these different comp plans to create strategy options and frankly today was a fantastic example of how it works because. Were it not slow those choices of time as we would not of have the rice. And Red Bull would not have been in the position but a lot of them to play the strategy which compared to forms a mother sport. Is what. Formula One is all about. And this is when people say DNA of forming along don't mess with that. Dies upon albeit I'm Billy the idea of getting an advantage when you don't have one. Like Red Bull that cop probably not as good as Ferrari and Mercedes yet. But they say even. Still played today strands which was strategy. I am my favorite line of the day that was set. Daily crossed the commentators saying them. I was shooting in dawning ESP and it said deaths. EB Max the stamp releases you know the trouble with his staff and he said if you play poker and you've goal in every time you Yang and when that's. Rate as a great analogy because that's exactly who is that's pretty much I implies that that's exactly how first happened plays and announced plays the same line she kills a sign that when it comes bogus let's but he better remember where Red Bulls so again Daniel Ricardo the last race his car just stops you know runs out of and computer. And then at the end of practice his engine is blown out. And then he wins the race he is his turn of events is so under new degrees underneath it couldn't get any more to show. Yes they are red blood so many. And dean asked last year for stab at so many. And you just that and you know that the entire Red Bull team is just on the ceiling right now because of that turned that they've been concert. The opens it is I'm just read a headline here on motor sport dot com Lewis Hamilton admits. At his side of the Mercedes carriage is underperforming based on what he described. As a disaster. Also Chinese chrome free and I you know you have to. You know he's as much to blame as anybody else but they didn't get it right. He was complaining about strategy. Like has said he is qualifying didn't go well. It's not an easy start to the year if you Monday had a gearbox change in both trained. You know it's the death as a wasn't you know as somebody who is as accomplished and I had a mistake free as Lewis Hamilton. We didn't see much of that tonight. It's amusing to watch how Mercedes. It acts as a team. Everything from there there. There's social voice to this to Tony Awards do all the drivers and everybody is how they react and not being the dominant dominant team. And and who knows they could be very easily this is still in the third race in and I know my prediction. And before the race was that this could be the the beginning of the turn for Mercedes. But who knows but it's gonna be ashamed to watch how they react it was all this course yeah steadily of course. But like so wolf also. Summed up. The weekend in fairly brutal terms the whole weekend we would just not a good enough this weekend we will probably third or fourth. When you look at the result today and you don't want to be third or fourth. Yup that's. The most don't want we just need to get our act together he said he says he's anxious for a McCue now. I think it if I got back now I think yeah I think Mercedes. I think they're very thankful they've got two weeks to think about it yes. I think there will be some meetings. Going hey guys we dominated full along for the Los you know. 67 years. Them we have no losses overnight and let's just regroup guys. The competition. Has caught up on that got him on the back foot we've been waiting for Ferrari. I kind of made a note in my notes as you said at the beginning. All the rice which is is this the day we remember when Ferrari step up now okay read below zagged up. But he eight Eaton still could be that changing point because of Mercedes don't bounce back from less. You know this chairmanship could fall by the wayside very quickly for them and I and I I'm I'm interested to see that they are kind of beating themselves up a bit. Because I think they've been may have. Them that you see right from qualifying. They were wow we didn't expect for. At two weeks from Azerbaijan at the Bok who city circuit and then a lot of times you know. That debt time everybody's right now on them either the blue glow like Red Bull or the disastrous feelings that. Mercedes has right now but we had two weeks but I went back to my nose to sway your talking Johns are remembered do you remember when Daniel Ricardo. He had thirty seconds left he comes out of the drives with three minutes and twelve seconds left. And do you remember how he hit the the pit road. But you may have seen him but he came out Hollywood sought wells poll drift that's okay it has full just like all right I got this let's do this. And he started the race in a full drift in the pit road in India and winning some really. Another lap but he did the fourteenth was just stunning. Four minutes ago I read odds against him and he had no kidding. Having to perform under the greatest of Brescia a whole team litre on tender hooks just going come on man do it. And he just did I think that's why the celebrations. Will go long into the night in China. And shall not apply it to gonna have a good time siren. At a. Galilee got ahead he got a good start I'm telling you that you Riverside shoes or clothes he was if it was. A live whatever sweat volume was not in there there was all champagne and he's trying to get the count on the Fed he's losing to Ireland and Obama. Students say anybody is lonely looking for buck who and as well because he won last year for us this point in. And you know talk about Lewis is quite aways back slew Lewis is back in full of Sandra mom in the results than. So dinner Ricardo military. Lance strolls third remember that being a big splash all you have to IQs and why Sebastien four and Lewis and you know. Though those days ago won't believe as the mayor of Seattle. Wouldn't verdict in two weeks the wins ceiling and home anyway in the end. A thoughtful and. Yeah. So real food is should be interesting and you know that's. It's quite a turn of events. Think they'll let grid earth think others finish results. Compared to the finish results of today and there. And back due out there and Daniel. Yeah vacuum of course being in the fastest street circuit and former once I mean obviously. B and Monaco's not the fastest but BM back is pretty fast oh of the the view in back to its of cool and. And I'm has some wonderful shots and the 888 it's come a Spanish cell phone he could periods. A place that very few of designing a bat really unless you've been and I certainly haven't. But that watching the television bitches. I like the second it is Isa is caught up it's a really quite far street circuit it sounds until could design street circuit which isn't it Tommy said he said yes it. It is designed to. So that he can its goal all of long stripes is what I'm getting act act compared to Monaco which really is tight and twisty with the zero strikes relate. Except through the tunnel. But tell it which I'm gonna be in Monica in a couple of weeks. That's not and that's the historic Falwell on Ron Brace all year reporting back at temple without that deal souls of it has only so basically it's an historic like green. Yeah I have it's basically that they always told this rice act believes what what are they build asserted the Monica they closed down all decisions. You know the the this is. The the rich and famous have to kind of blend but make another route but some. Yet it's a good way abandoned the tracking and and get in the Barry is job but making using ready for the actual grown pray. But this its console side to get it out in 1930s the gap season. And thirties 40s5067. Berlin I'm really you can afford to. But Monaco of course jewel in the crowd on Sunday is Indy at 500 so that's going to be can we kept busy doing. Busy day up my at my one and only trip to Monica move I did get to walk the toll you know the track after that after the race. The track was all still set up and got to walk and get to walk up to that hotel the very top for the the cars go by it's really an iconic place to be wolf the boys were just about out of time we had about a minute or so left but. I wanna talk about to you know make sure that you get as if you're listening to us here and on Sunday evening but then you make sure you check out our website because. We're due to pre and post race show every week and siege girl website speeds city broadcast dot com and check out all the details there. And of course. We've got all of our social media. We keep all we do a lot of interviews. And we put the balance sound cloud and we bleed to those from our Twitter account. And of course all of our shows everything we do is up on iTunes. Hands up on our website in MP threes so you can and check it out downloaded share with the friends they would talk about a lot of things. Yeah don't forget all about rodeo Kelly to Opsound next week as automatic she believes that he folksy TV and the important that I always do one the Green Bay events that suddenly America is I. And Elvis C a lot going on and that if you follow this like. Rights of man right now it is a good time to be coming to Austin is just Jerry Ross who work as. Not a mile but you can call me this gate bridge I know I. I'd take tuning has been saying we'll talk to you next week. Travel series PL. These. Enough.