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Speed City, for April 16.


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Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 630 in May thirtieth weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money. Stay connected we talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome to speed city. On massive gas mask Eisner and John and then three days go fast this hour on the radio. Speeds. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. OK we're about to explode tonight coming and no words a little over the top sometimes. But this year we'll talk faster how I know we have so much ground to cover I mean. Alonso go into the Indy 500 moves you look easy here moto GP here in Austin in a day's dirty start to show up out there Ferrari beating Mercedes in Formula One hos if one scoring points again. And Michael shank the big man the big boss of Michael shank racing live on the show and about a half hour and two world endurance championship. All opening zoom zoom. Prove what I did there's enough to talk about for about four hours or more to squeeze into one. There you go says John Hill that's less guys over there and Jonathan green is not to be on the show and he's traveling so. But he did a happy etched in a really cool. Interviews in India talked at length about Alonso. And we're gonna play good bit of that and it was a really really good so I mean that's such as he does love a story. Absolutely love it you know I'm going after Alexander Rossi. You know we saw him go and F one and then pop up that. Indy 500 and win that it was so cool to be meeting him there in the winner's circle when he came in and and you know I'm really kind of curious. What the thoughts are back and forth now it's like well wait a minute another if one guy. There is so I know there's so much complexity to this story that would Alonso going of the 500 I think there is. That there is an implications in multiple series including Formula One Indy 500 and must not forget the world understand exactly right. With you or triple crown prince right with a Triple Crown. Desires so. I think we're only do know that there's a cool little connection okay McLaren is is in and that. Tarred by Honda power pop Honda being the the key word there yeah Honda. Think of what the upper end cars are here in the US. You mean unisex moon that that anger of funny triangle thing on the hood. So we'll play fast and he's to be and who's our guest Seattle plus Jesse Miley think about that for a few minutes in the let's go ahead and played this the service a segment this. Interview that Jonathan did with in distracted talking about dug this hole ons are going to the Indy 500. Let's go to all European correspondent for all things big and. Matter rice and of course it's a strap got. And that ain't gotta walk a story as raw tomatoes all world. In the last few days a matter though along though is gonna take law biggest spectacle it motor racing. The Indy 500. This is rock duty and for you want festival what's your reaction to European acts. My first Dracula I looked at the calendar thinking it was maybe April schools they could walker and acts like here we are the so it really that except for an Indy 500. I'm not committed there I just really amazing there phenomenal. Like tens of dictate that you know the market grow greens being this cool aid to illegal pulled that one. But I think I love NBA makes sense especially in this fate led him. And the car home now the linemen and you think it quite right yet said if we are walking for a world championship we couldn't really afford to lose. 25 points. Well and that is that the drug as we salute him and the team. But he's not an acquisition unfortunately. So he's aiming to somehow establish himself as the greatest Andre tonight and that means. 8500. Monica Godfrey and blog all one yes like Monica he has got Lamar yes he hasn't gotten any and I don't think he has done. And a laugh at the 8500 checkered was out and you know who really want it rice in Indianapolis and once you contract that was not the oval. It's interesting because old toy walls looking at this last year and of course Montoya has won the Indy 500 added one Molitor out but he was looking around to Porsche that get it Tesla beyond the want to see with the possibility it may be taking on the mall. And I know that that's the triumph for Eaton walked. Well let an ugly scene really hurry up against the Obama well I don't when it first then. And he is second only. You've got to go to see the pair the locals they will write see each other. The Indy 500 radicals raw seat who want the 500 last year. And who brace against Alonso in Formula One last year well beastie nights out is already interesting stories to come. Cool yeah I'm Justine. That's you know many that many in Europe there's an article marijuana than they wield and yeah. Very much so yeah of course I'm Aaron Schobel well he will be that in fact he's doing especially runway at that's the oldest bull with the arrow cop says he's taking on that he's likely event. That that challenge as well sudden Iowa as always upload it to see her as well. But. I think it's a really good story let's get to the nitty gritty of it does this harmful we want it's fantastic Indy because it. Kind of really stakes just how valuable this one event eight to the American noticeable crash an actual little white crack. And it's that. I just like reading their web and I mean they really not really does well then. We cripple minority groups Shiite act. Former brother in sky today take part in the record heat race all equal unions I win or do you have. I'm sure where it. Neither an equal I don't want to react okay this Keenan the car and I'm here to say well in McCarthy can't. And thanking people who wanted everybody in to win and you know he he didn't say Iran when he didn't win the title. I'll also. It really integrated income. I think. To you what I mean obviously the biggest gain of all of this is on its holder of that tells eight any talk anyway because they come back against several light. In the last year and in fact in the first two rounds a pleasant Pete and act sound as Long Beach last weekend which I was. Home to dominate T qualifying which is often mean the race itself could always be able tree but it sends about rules speed and reliability and a rarely bounce back and so they got their tails off. I don't need to tell you how bad things up with on that in McLaren they ought to be you know that got to be rectified messed it working on it. So I think that must struck by Zach brand I think and I picking the man. Behind golden and of course he's got very strong ties to American embassy in America but also living in India and company be priced Macs so I think is a very small motive to get together way. Mark miles albeit the act and assault because from a you know many many great European drivers have taken on this track. Yeah and down. You act router and now he works up a conversation back and I want that partly hatched in Australia. And our confidence saying that downward path and about a exhibition from Hispanics that are huge and he managed to Triple Crown. Being the best I've been loud and down a set I would have it either way eight world championship in former wife and yet one more than Martha Schumacher or beat. We waiting different series and you goal and down. I think anybody doesn't the price that he she didn't come together so quickly. I'm also going to edit question. On how former one can not benefit from this well Whitney Young liquidity or plans to have more races in the US with the former one driver. The Indy 500 already as sexy PR. Making that it needs. Everybody's aware. Let me this is so good legal we'll rely on his son. They get into more people's quality in the US then they would know. Well I liked the Eagles. I've been saying on many of our conversation that is that noise CR best driver our greatest acts along effectively not finish in the point. And do we need to sit on NBC when you know saying extra and the greatest drug he's ever driven eleven. No it wouldn't happen any other sport and you wouldn't see a quarterback. Like Tom Brady sat on the sidelines or not being in the limelight and I picked example that just put his legacy I. Apple on this reputation. Clarence reputation remembered McLaren who are entering Indy 500 I think you know. It's also. Mosque stroke and respect because we were losing. The limelight all wanna Bob greatest axis and the ball on the greatest drivers I think of all time. He was about to be so tooth you know disappeared into the annals of history with those two world championships but not all those shut for so you know I think I also think put up to put more blunt. The thing on it I think he's gonna lead Honda and Formula One it's it's things didn't change any got some opportunity to do some. Can't they can't very well be and better yet this badly. On and I think this well this cool if you Megyn I'd just like he waking up the gridlock they met this smiley made you know. It lost it when when it was one of the place Spain has done enough and Alonso and tweak those. Places I would like to rugby now I don't know if you remember that I'm sitting next share in the and non. Thought how much you have to get lost. The Indy key. That's and I loved that remember all the tweets the pictures all over the place and I want this week that ticking put him on the bricks they're putting on the bridge we re treated at Los suns led the Dow was not a big countless just one of our followers on Twitter that I Africa awesome. But man this story I'd like they were saying there's so many facets to it and so many implications across. Different sports across. Drivers and teams is really fascinating. Exactly and the thing that amazes me is this is gonna send ripples and I think. You know quite honestly we haven't had somebody truly a big name come on the F one and go to Indy. As much as we love Alexander Rossi he's not yet a big name. Yeah but I love that effect that he showed up and Indian any great degree C history yeah yeah. And so yelling and Mario Andretti did it in years past but you know here you are. Two time world champion and Fernando. And if he gets to parlay his way into Indian Andean other Stiller won a race he was true. To Lamar and run there are so it's not over he's he's got his bucket list he's building. And I think he's you know very wisely. Lamar I mean McLaren is being Smart and helping him reach that. Just because they have not been held deliver the equipment he needs I think that's the bottom line is it they they're doing everything they can to keep him site OK if we're not gonna. Mean again another frustrating day informant one he had somehow because that we'd take a break when we come back we are gonna. Talks and forming of one Roth good to talk some world endurance change of course that opening season opening but to their season at Silverstone. Is in the speed city live from Austin, Texas back after a very quick break. Susan cameras video is the largest campus dole and Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest not a factor offerings. 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Italian style with Texas all tried in consignment is welcome and financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm an MV Agusta and make light rain delay just east of I 35. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world. Take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 tweeting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. The right choice. Why on my crew from waited thing that buffalo didn't tell them they. They think they. Piper when did you catch up with a you're also make cars in coffee or something he we heading here in Austin not arrange for a couple cars come out to you'll actually see your mom if you're seeing that rerun when he comes. Austin looking for Corvette. That the others the egg crates others cup went nine smoke Farsi was chickened out and uncle. Our board and talk some Foreman won because it was. Honestly I'm just excited because Ferrari what that they have their best start now since as a team the best start to a season since 2008. It's been quite awhile it's been quite awhile. And you know what I like about this season. For one Ferrari's up there they're McDyess tuna with Mercedes and an affiliate there really are right on cue with this. You know starting blocks strong it's looking great Sebastian and Lewis had a great chase today at treasure came into play. Lewis had a little faults there with cut across take the pit lane in front of dinner Ricardo. But today even Ricardo was looking sharp today the Red Bull. Guys really gave a good car you can run and all the way through. Clinton muscle Williams is right behind him man I'm always happy to see Williams a third just from the history. How about that crash with Williams though might wind east room rammed into the side of land stroll. Yeah that was full speed ahead I mean you know that that's a good one argue about who's quite honestly become a more apt to say Lance strolls on the normal racing line. I'm not sure he would have seen anything if you listen to the posted its discussions Lance says west of elect Amy was sixteen meters behind me coming out of pit lane. Now I don't know house looks like he just went for the full body check on Lance in half in our designs just. Just rammed and it was it was pretty high speed and you know that the arguments in in the united. I can just imagine what Carla science was I was gonna take the inner line on it. They have a like not at that speed here is there is no way that was going to survive the apex India's three. But they out really cool exit you know had Lewis not cut across the white line the entry line for the pit lane. You're been five saying it's closer to to Sebastian. At the end he was six point six seconds behind. So everything. Was a close run and you know I was on edge for Saint Louis but I love also seeing Sebastian upfront about Terry both toss how cool is that. Yes the poll. Ran hard all race they'd be any such a nice guy in the attic Ting but it was interesting to see what was it out to about ten laps to go. When Hamilton was coming up on both toss any did not take long and he went past him. Decisively was restored they chose on NBC today did he in the Blu-ray but. But it was it was strong move to go blast past him yet and it was and in fact Lewis acknowledged that in the post race interviews. Thinking bout Terry for the gentleman racing and letting him blast by. You know I'd I have to say one thing about Terry's speed. You know we've we've seen it and and NASCAR Danica could qualify Busch can't race the entire race of people said. I'm anxious to see military. How he stays with Louis the rest of season this way obviously right there on lap times he's you know it's a blink between them. And I was kind of surprised that he's let Lewis by to go after him. Yeah that honestly I don't work call with Tyre settings were at that time and know that the Mercedes conserve their tires much better in the Ferrari's. As some of the guys were saying they're so maybe that was the case that. But Terry knew Lewis was on a better so retires at the moment you know it's funny at it's being in the race she's see Red Bull. Doing really well with a full load of fuel and as the race goes on it seems like the cannon in the blues had a little bit maybe their car set up better with a full load of fuel and wanna. Yeah that's that's one of those things that changes you know throughout the course now especially there in Bahrain you're dealing with. Not only the you know weights that are obvious the word won't from daylight to dark. For Bahrain and so you seem temperature change air temperature track temperature all of those things are coming into play we've already talked about the soft. Compound tires are difficult to manager temperature range. In Sulu. There was some motion says an earlier after qualifying. To watch and see goes with super soft because super soft was a little bit easier tig. You know get into this temperature range then soft so yeah. It's part of the complexities of the season minutes. I really am excited about the season just might not only because we're not watching Mercedes run away with anti every single race. And seeing Sebastien in the boys Kimi Raikkonen but but there's a lot of complexities with the news that new cars and all the G forces. With aero and everything there's a ton to it but the also we had hos have one. Back in the points and and that is all something I know that we didn't get Magnuson in there with finish in the race because of some sort electronics I'd heard the exact final. Yeah breaks one way I believe and I don't know what actually drove to that but yeah there you go from a hero John eighth place. For Hoss so that's that's a nice four point pickup right there. That is definitely. You know I'm I'm hoping that's more than normal range were in the C. That car sticks together and then the guys stick together I think we're ruling did you know the frustrating thing. For me. Give the was looking strong but sure winner. Started slowing down had some issues there is with the he had smugly passes the few who went and watched that race. Was not all that clean. That. Sergio Perez might get a fair shake adding with one or his remnants. I don't wanna say that he had a close with moss that got his attention. Well it was obviously a very exciting race because of all the little things of even talking about and I don't know that the some of the big things what do you think close and he at this point going forward there's all these stories and it is for a going to be able to continue. I think they will be based on what that they're the way it's going. And is Mercedes going to be allude to catch back up and look is my favorite source of course of those plus possible on sega's remember the beginning of the year. We were talking and we were all predicting and I was a little worried are we gonna be able following up in our sophomore season Johnson was saying they might deal to do better. An enemy as of this moment what they seventh in the instructor standings right now I think that's where they are so. Yeah their seventh. Win a points you know Toro also today with twelve Haas with the eight and Renault which suit and sovereign McLaren scored two points yet but that that's my favorite story board about the rest of them. The rest of them I think it's going to be a Ferrari Mercedes season for sure. They keep Dyson up with each other suggestions got the car and during that he's been looking for for years of kidding it feels like in London and then as. I just think that. That's one that is something else you watch his relationship amongst the team. And they truly like Sebastien. You know writes I think that's a big part of it. I'd like to see what I only have any more races between you know the the the little mini love affair with Hamilton and settle. It's been all it's great to have competitors that lets see just how far ahead Sebastian gaffe before lunch I mean before her Hamilton's start changing his mind. Yeah here you might do that did you know am Mike you're austere and my love is that you know vest Terry is that there mixing it up with the boys to the yeah and has a strike ends up their tune Ricardo and Stefan yeah out today I really mean I feel like breast happens. I see guys is just get a chance. As any added them behind 23 foreign and I'm assuming that if he does is causes patients pulled together. He gets impatient pleased you've heard some of those radio things were there Clinton because he's yelling so loud is it a sleeping there our roads glee three or didn't lift off that. Devils' third those are some of the things Carla signs you know. Hands that was just bad when he knows bombed into the curve there. Yet there was a bunch stories today in Formula One and is going to be fun to watch and of course. We've got to let's see Toro also slid into some of the standings here where but he sitting in as far as. Drivers and instructors. And you know huge surprises at as of this moment but. Now with sleeping masala. And seventh place Denham got to sit next to set the fifth and the numbers DM Mercedes in the Ferrari boys. Carlos signs at ninth and in the instructor standings of course. I mean it's if you think about it force India sitting there fourth. It it's it's weird how all kind of under the radar. And and you look up and they're in fourth place that's like every year the last complete a couple three years. It is it's really sting because force India has had some tough battles and they just haven't. Shown all that strongly consistently all saying. But pledge see them up there in the mix the season you know I got to say with all the changes those little worried it's what it would do. But pay as it's just about his two card pick up with everybody being mixed in together. You assert why you know unless we've got just a couple more minutes before we break and of course Michael shake of Michael shank racing's can be with us here just about five minutes. But I wanna talk we're gonna talk world endurance championship and later in the show after we talked to Michael shank but. We have this week moto GP come into our town. And what probably some of Marty hit town they have live there are to start rolling in vessels and rigs. Schoen the fuel has arrived they are here they're coming in so they're definitely check that out to Getz are available this is one of those events folks. That don't go sit down in one spot. Actually go run around these are some of the best sites. You know when when somebody like Nicky loud it tells you he thinks this is more exciting than Formula One. You might ought to check it out because there you know and and and obviously the reason I think he said that is for the resign enjoy watching it. Now I'm by no means a much capable of anything near what these guys are doing even motor America as are the RC 390 kept some not there at all. But to watch the body mechanics. As the writers and what they do through these are is just astonishing I thought you were gonna go to the other direction little bit about. Howell the street bikes the things you can walk into the yellow hardy can't you wherever. And buy something it's relatively close we were at their look must I was with me we are to stoplight in a brand new young law. But this was our one pulled up next who has as gorgeous bike and and he was talking about how he said that it's and it's amazing how close is that to an actual moto GP blackness it amazingly close. I mean I know it's there's a hub of good did it change but. But but really considering the different stream that and an essay compare that any form of motor of four wheel racing it's not even close right there's nothing on the street it's. Close to an F one car. But the rain is just insane you know what she can buy on the floor nowadays it and there amazing bikes or technology. He look at some of these and they're just impressive in what they will do horsepower wise what they'll do. On what they call street tires now coming up quite honestly it's it's them just amazing to me what you can buy an assurance for. Quite honestly it's a little bit scary for me to it. After mr. you gotta buy I gotta tell you there miles an hour yeah I got sick that pounding LE out with 200 plus horsepower she's I have no good since they all led by take. Let it but what if I did manage to buy that get on the are really want to you know. By all means owner by to have a cool black and level and that. Get the proper training and your weekly gas and take events and the full events on the racetrack slowly I guess we're gonna take a break when we come back Michael shank of Michael shank racing very excited gets talked to him about what's coming up here at circuit of the Americas and not too long after mother GP. Listen to speed city here in Austin, Texas back after a quick break. You am not. If you've heard motorcycles in the sport for the purpose for all of us know Dell notebooks motorcycle shop. Look look this for a while but it's looking very hard for services try at all. Doors books located at delta calls it's not all provokes mixed. Formula One driver you'll see okay your faces so bring your news or use and abuse. There's no sign of Johnny showed prices. Check it out but we'll go stay do you dot com. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest not a factor offerings. Founded in 1976 and still on an already flat on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you've got to find a more helpful and knowledgeable and a culminating sell stuff. The quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create west Anniston lane. The racetrack it's what elections are always. Only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin at Boston's notice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motors com. Often exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey because you'll never just along for the ride. I like 183 not a big deal routes. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and up all the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Toews Patrick frenzied drive and park place motor sports bars and this has been sitting. Welcome back to speed city. And we we have a new intern in the studio today and he walked in he was looking out over the skyline Austin is our romanticism fast studios and get hot and if you look way over there they're right he concede the circuit of the Americas tower may be if you have better eyes than me. Well let's it is a great view. You know over an awesome city and I always liked you know. Tell people about this have cool this but then I see the traffic jam and so note to hear it really sucks okay at everything that nobody thought our guys know we're really fired up because you get as we've been talking do a few of democracy group Greece drivers over the season talking about the act you're in the season these guys are having how exciting it is with a new car everything. But we got the man today we want to welcome Michael shank to speed city welcome back to speed cities are. I'm glad to beer and determined about Al very excited add a year and a guess how you know we've heard it from all the drivers. And we're really excited talk to you directly but it looks like a really exciting season and do everything hasn't gone exactly do you two plan yet but you guys just get enrollment this new car. Or three races then I'm happy to report the very accurate that you literally every probably drop lift gate on the trailer they're better. There and nurse so many areas you know we're talking about a burden race car around on me in this thing it's not like up or her now beer. The other cars that are the Mercedes and are out doing early cart those cars up to three years on that. This car brand new and it is in has been tough on me but I'll say it all the people from actor HPD in my group. And we work so I hope you work so hard on those dark. To get it competitive. And I it's governed better every day you know listen it's not been perfect yet. We led Daytona we led 200 laps which are almost 200 laps. I was really proud of that class and we have put it sort of kept rain and we we could really want. I think it RB OP was word is today just keep remind from Daytona until now they've raised golf course are or arms. Look all that that helps out this report I'm so but I tell you how far we are based off. Yeah that's huge loans which involved some activists but no debate that's just the way it is a bit slow play and Oakland that's foreign. So it taken this long to get the BO pre out of clothes. Or not quite there yet but still you know. At Long Beach. We have 93 car in a position to be second or third and we actually made a mistake on the spare ourselves. A long story around why. Got caught up a little bit of the moment but we're positioned to do much much better there the 86 car got Spurrier got long birdie there on the last slot. Not a lot not a lot to say about that this missed opportunity. But they get going about this or. So it at all wet yeah that's. But it worked out there that's for sure we get I'm telling you were pushing hard to get a better. Yeah that you know what it just feels like you guys a tweak or two here or there whether it's via T or whatever it is. Or or little luck and you guys are winning races is what it feels like. Can't it does and we've got. You know the driver we pictured this effort are pure experience and that's why we brought a mall and the few guys can see emails that happened out jury search apps that are. You being married and there's so much data coming to my group my engineering staff also HPV. Mechanical aero engine every department is they have made it just so much information and work Obama and Russian development cycle you know. The actor and so extreme car debuted this year in the program how that happened this year. And what would make it happen. It's taken out a beta error longer than we all like what we're you know wolf what movie in the directional well. Well one thing is we've talked about the saluted before I I don't mean to overdo it but that car is he gorgeous car and and obviously the street version which. I think that's red it's like 60% of the street version that's in a no news at some amazing super car and I'd like to street version. And unaffordable super cars compared to the ones and it really that is competing list. Well I think borrowers stay in their because. You listen up a portion mining eighteen what you all are also is a million dollar write and I. And that an actor in a fixes 190000. That you've maxed them out okay it would just wasn't in either case or prim you know a lot of money for car. But I'm telling you that aspect is. So close in both former us but eight or 900 horsepower car to its Corey it's so I'm so proud of that group a plumber in Ohio the bill back arc. They're table real pride in it. Legally end. It's a valued at like your driver and exhibit until it's not going to be at the big the yeah yeah this realize what you got to a. Are you Michael slid it so we've had you know I think you would talk to mostly guys over the course of the beginning of the season and and nobody actually gets a tribe one of those on a daily basis is it because you've got to hidden somewhere that you have the street. They don't give them up very easily do have what I do have a but spoke a bit but this. Zune is I went to that place I want to where they build them and talk to the people conduct such I'm telling you if you're thinking about Byron want. Do a tour of their because he will buy one that they really care and I appreciate you care. It was so good. First first one I saw was about two weeks ago here in Austin. And that's over one and it was just gorgeous and you know occurring human next thankfully though in the one drive and that that car looked awesome. And I can't wait. It's it is it's we can't wait to get there actually so we so we went directly from Long Beach to Laguna speaker. That it has zero last Wednesday so a lot of that Laguna testing will bring you got the code. And we're really opened. That were another step better again which I see no reason emotion based. And and we keep moving closer go to the front of the grid there every week. Every before every week we go out there and sort of readjust the BO piece so we just got to see how lies. And that the end of it Palo looks out and will look all I can focus on is getting are trapped in apple focused. Yeah you guys focus on what you can control and let them do that and what I would love to see is it when you guys give here's circuit of America's that everything falls together that would be a blast to see you guys take that car and win here. Yeah it would be it's just it will be a huge day when I get that W. Just for so many people that put so much effort to. Well we love to talk about surrogate of the Americas since spread on the street from us but tell us what so it's you guys are expecting here in. And what's different what's unique about code as compared to what you've done. Well a couple things you know and so coated and true road course and we haven't been to one yet if you think about it we've done Daytona. Which is an odd duck Sebring really odd duck Long Beach which is record women pin. On a natural road training course and now we are able come into one of the best in the war. So we got salute. Some with a lot of grip. Changing elevations. You need downforce for you so gotta get down and that air in the past people. There's there's a lot of dynamics are but the biggest thing is what do we do we're tracked down that we can or on the Carlo. We can run it stiffer typically. Because it can take more Brooke. You know we have to be ready yet we've got to be able to ride the curbs at the tracker you know that's another bad people. Focus a lot of we got to be able to use those herbs. Totally different ball game we come to you guys and again it's the first time this year or run two hours and forty minutes which brings a strategy element to. But now yes. So so proto will be a new look for him said not because. We have a bit they're ourselves for a long thought okay right so would come we don't we wanna get folks come out see what we're doing America. But but again all those new elements that we haven't is this year will start differentiating. The top five in points. Yes and she bring up that you guys have been here was wecht every year and of course we love it it is broken apart because one more way we get another weekend of racing. But other Caesars a big it's in a full event there's so lots going on and and this is one of those good ones here in Austin where you know kids twelve and under free. And we you can get downing and see the cars and get fancy cars the look like your car because there's all the different cars there. As there's lots of guys they come in their particular car gruden for their guys whenever they're drive and. Accessibility. Is the word that means that if you wanna do you live in Austin herself around around awesome network owes taxes. Coming up there you can walk right up to Mir march drivers without anybody stop when you're in have conversations. From your car. The single best thing about inspiration. There's accessibility we have the fans because we have to mean we want people see our product. You know we're not NASCAR word there IndyCar were different product. And that we want people come out feel like they're part of it they feel like they're part of it. They will turn that into a trip tradition the family we kid you about all I got it at my family tradition you know also. We encourage everyone to come out with urged people to come right down in the garage sale are. Is it absolutely is folks and one of the things that is. Michael's team is always really friendly if they've got time you're gonna get a chance to get an autograph to that and souvenir autographed is some pictures and all that. But I'm certainly true love Michael shank racing but a lot of the teams are that way come down shake hands get involved. You know we are you like and get behind him. Also during this event. We're comfortable shoes sun screen earbuds. Plan on walking all around this is one of the greatest series because you can go all around that track. Through this race and see all the different views that you'll never get to see during former won and unless you pay really big bucks. Yeah we got it straight straight from Michael's mouth that he can come down until I love that then I think you said it would it takes is an essay excel to the. Yep. I got that in order don't worry. If you're in our town we'll find it. Speaking to get an Austin do you get to get out and enjoy some well Austin's known for other than racing you know the loud music in the food and things. Man I pray that often for me is one of the whole little Emma comes to usually we'd love. We love going down on the one revelation that there's a couple restaurant on just look at the moment but. We love going down there even better on the lake worked out under the victory in world or learn. We've done we do all that we love all that what to look up bar down from one used at all well. It's great we knew we love it there are openly that could ever worn around the attacked a battered tech welcome out orders could go. Well things are going well known that it's but yeah we've got a lot of folks that come in and I love that folks are coming for racing and then they fall in love with the city in the still wanna. Come out and be here one of the things that I noticed I had the opportunity to coveted spot this past year. And you know there was nothing close to the track. I mean it was a long drive there was nothing developed around it at least this way your twenty minutes from town and you know it's not some crazy drive. It's it's fantastic and world best barbecues in your area would go to the one belt but what the outcome of it a long way to plug for. Oh Franklin's yeah I'd like is that either all think these are all things that matter to me and my god it's over because. What's the Travel Channel we can tell we're not told where the real good barbecue is a best note I'm sure something. And of course we get Friday and Saturday and fined and there's tons of what we get the leverage these series you've got to of course the weather sick. The cut a tire series Q the Porsche GT three cup so is it full couple days of racing so it's going to be a blast. Absolutely and also are generally a lot of car curled there's so you know not all yet race cars go look at all the heat you have all these are corralled people bring their. There are dealt their. There's a lot to do more of an event you know than just a race you know. Yet well Michael shake we really appreciate you coming on speed city and we're really excited to have here in Austin and really death to lift you up and somehow get arrived Orton I ride a drive in and I think that this sex. Really tied thanks a lot but we appreciate you coming on so you say insurance they are. All right you know all this talk weeks somebody's gonna hand the senate the keys and an SX for at least a few minutes at some point this sure sure that feels good to say that anyway. The threats. Pay so that race may fifth. And six the weekend is when you wanna be around. President it is definitely check it out it is a lot of fun seriously. I mean I can't say enough this is one of the best ones for coming out. If you're new to motor sports you wanna check it out you're gonna recognize these car shapes the silhouettes. You're gonna get to meet the drivers. And you'll see these folks on TV and so it's cool because you might mean human person here and figure out on this guy was really nice and know what he looked down the kids. Get a picture in the car I've seen him actually do that is the mechanics are working on the car. The grab the kids that are in the driver's seat get him hooked her at their loved that part about that yeah so you know one thing we we can't forget about himself I think you know we talk Formula One and we talk world endurance championship in some you know these amazing series. But in so the drivers in himself and engineering and all the things. It this is truly world class I mean I would say you could take some of these drivers. And swap places with some of the view maybe even Formula One. And these guys could excel that's the level that you're talking about an answer right now it is it's a very different. Style and a different feel than driving an open wheel cars as former Owen is. And IndyCar compared to a full body car you know or ten tops and some of them called. You know it's a very different style of car it's a very different sensation as a driver. It's been a lot of fun and get and meet these and go with their roots but let's talk about tickets your two day weekend pass 79. Dollars. And under twelve are free within. Admission with an adult and so hey. This pretty cheap for two days of world class racing a single day passes 49 dollars again free twelve year old and under with. And in a delta and mission in Iowa also there's still a handful of people that have been an Austin. And they invited to places like take a city or whatever and day and a and if they've never been and to code that this is a one so are we gonna take a break less. And when we come back we're gonna talk. World under a shame here because it was a season over in Silverstone has little moto GP to preview what's happening in Austin in less than a week. Business beat city Austin, Texas back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest campus dole and Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest not a factor also brings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest spots on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. With handbags products and offhand experts he will find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. It culminating sell stuff the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west out of some lane. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good stuff and caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but OJ 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary and apple MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas old tried in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm an NBA Vista and I like right Elaine just east of I 35. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics but we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. On air online and on your Smart device comes off thirteen seventy is. Right choice and. Hi this is Brian DL and this has been city. The number one of those bad as a race drivers that do have probably be out racing in just about any series you wanted to get in the right break absolutely yes pile of money may be over the formal. But I was so we've been talking about himself come and Austin the next week end in a few days when little G he's coming to Austin, Texas paying you're gonna find the speed city guys all over the place we're going to be in your face on the big screen will be interiors and running the coda app and the speed city apps slew two union anyway you want yeah will be on the loudspeakers out there and cut a bit. And this is sounds and noises but it well Lester he does had a really hard you know speaker exactly. But obviously. The we talk about Foreman won a lot and we talk about loaded GP but you know this is the only stop. In North America from what a GP the world's best motorcycle racing. Hacking even voted to moto three so this is. Is a serious serious events you know motorcycles and what 215. Mile an hour thanks very heard approaching 220 summer I think somebody actually hit it last year to twenty but. This is one of those things this season is all shook up like Formula One. It's really doing awesome last week was was a great race in Argentina. And so that is one of those races that everything I should cut. Never been Ellis upfront honest Yamaha. Marquez was Nixon's Honda and you know our county family has to be had before to cut he's in a row always back through their slow that's really looking good I am just. Really anxious. To see Andre do Vizio so you know those handlebars and stick with them. And I have somebody smash into and not have some Meyer on into a mini any of those things a reserve some issues. Agreed but you know the thing I'm looking edit. Here these two comedies that were up front. We know Andrea can ride obviously was championships. But today you know it as we've talked about some of the others it's a different flavor bike it's not just the color. It takes some different things I was we were singing in a stone earns fees we will sing these guys really grab onto it and do well Rossi didn't do so great on. Yeah and so you know here we are couple generations of bike later. It it's a different style or approach of the running so when he says ratings. Ratings been doing good and with that. He finished well. And a BCS there was a little bit little more luck would be it be a sting but you know to me the story right now. Is Vinny Ellis you know Suzuki last year and and already Yamaha you don't know are what's gonna happen. Starts off. With the furcal winning the first two races is seasonable in a row was the last time this happened. This was 1990. Wayne green Wayne Rainey in that cool bloom. I mean I I heard an interview with vigna ales when they were telling him that and he was just I mean he was emotional inside wow that's really. If you told me this deal with a sees yes huge. And you know the likes that part of a mini Al Hala that was winds brand for so long. That's that's something else. Battalion Onofre world's gonna have moto America's classes there as has learned this another full weekend of racing. Be sure and get out their Friday Saturday Sunday check the schedules. Those are posters up its search for America's dot com. They said speech that you guys will be all over the place say sees a speed city shirt go by our reach out shake a hand would love mean you guys were out there jealously the schedule so Friday a this Friday this if this immediate few days so. Gates open at 730 she got there early and of course practices moto three voted to Majid. And now move America qualifying on Friday if you wanna get out there you have to buy lunch to see the first of the other real action in qualifying. And of course she gets to get the stock show out there again that's always pretty cool. And the nine Els I guess that's one of the need some of the music it's gonna remember this is. This is a full blown event this is the best in the world a motorcycle racing coming out here. And of course you've got on the course Saturday was really really gets going because. You've got to he had moto three mode to moto GP all practice and in qualifying. Throughout the day and again gates open early and it's. 7 o'clock and so one of the most popular things where tea is on Friday the 21. Definitely get over near the 360 into theater you know at the base that tower. And be prepared for the autograph sessions are you out tell you it'd be prepared and be over their early. Is they have a limited number of folks they get to get in line and get the autograph slew plan ahead be over there. You know it's it's a lot of fun I've had the opportunity and see those and that. It's really neat to hear those writers kind of been a little more casual atmosphere as we like to have around here. And talk a little bit about it so definitely check that out don't forget those who okay. Apparently the they're probably aiming for a young a little different demographic and husband as one of the music groups it's okay out there 'cause it's but of course you can also hear the race right here on eighty M thirteen seven. How awesome is that Lou radio station run your tucked off on the corner of Austin gets Formula One moto GP. You know there's probably some people don't get the impact that that. He's right here AM 37 he carries the biggest races on the planet right here in Austin. You bet you bet you can hear him nationwide online as well. Yet they wanted to speed CD radio dot com and get them to slew so let's talk a little bit pricing a three day general mission. 89 bucks. And if you arrive on two wheels go jump in and park for free I'll really school. Our wallet I wanted to jump straight to world endurance championship because it started this weekend and they opening weekend it Silverstone and of course. You know it's really basically in the big boys is now down the toilet in Porsche and Toyota wins first round first battle. First blood as they say that's right more mean knocked it out of the park. LeRoy is into it really did well there were some. Jocelyn back and forth between the Porsche and the Toyota's and you know that's that's something it wasn't so long ago that the Toyota's. Just didn't get the respect yup. And what they believe we've got an interview with Harry Teague known you we actually had an interview him last week. And he was part of the winning team and I'm check with our producer CDs death penalty got these ready to go let's hear from Harry techno. Me I did all you need term community relations Harry take those but where this. Side and come home magnificent was and the teaching himself for leaving things now. Hyped and Iowa it's gonna say is still a bit of and now we've spoken about it but yes amazing next few weeks ago you sat in the RC club so can now. Potentially coming in winning this race and and today their first ten minutes clueless down and out was unscheduled pit stop for an issue with a dual. It's come back and win it it's just unbelievable and I mean of course Andy's. Unbelievable has a teammates. I mean very very lucky position with bullets into him. We counsel for each other we released into the car well impeach both his first race to come win. Nice just fantastic as well and you came on and you may since. Really was teams I was some fantastic team aspect apps and maybe we never gave up. We never gave up the voice to be working so hard to install it stops and they were just fantastic begins today and in the engineers install it was a fantastic car and for me it was supposed to drive them. When you're Renee you don't really know what's going on with the times and the people around you isn't quite a spread out that's they were just kept updates maybe ten laps name contest until the cause replay can just keep going infineon car now obviously now it's time to get tied to a standstill and a half hours needs TC counts around here is it's not easy. Armed and I was just trying to keep the relentless pace off then Massey and yet in the loss to bust them that's imaginable to issue again that. Mastery him. On the top step it. I'm impressed compensate you can you can go home to get some sleep out. While that's thus the official line with us in his ankle they Sunday thing. Know what tomorrow for most people say Alicea right as a do we don't know how are you congratulations. And love you to see is open thanks in I thought I exceeded. That was out Johnson's buddy nick clearly he's been Dusan interviews forests around the world with with world endurance championship always love having our speed city family reach around and grow. The world endurance and of course a beer Austin and it's gonna be fun to watch this year without Audi it's a little different you know it's a little different feel with this but. Mean look there's so much the summer classes in so many cool things have been whacked it it's. And me and who knows gonna be who's gonna be coming back into wonders in Japan we know that's the way it works so manufactures come in and they get to get the data they want or. Get the exposure they want in the name they bow out and maybe even come back and yeah this is this is really neat and you know when you have folks. That you know back step if you will come back into this you know Mark Webber. Come back to sports car SCSI love that that's worry started. We're refers to professional ranks and you know they love it it's a big difference than the Formula One ranks. Yup and you know not as many races thumbs Webster us. It just a lot more open. Environment the panic is definitely lots thriller a lot more accessible for the fans I don't know if not agree with that stress just because you know I mean when you to a mall. I mean relieved at that there's much pressure is there is on the planet like we got one more interview room. Yeah there's no more energy that I wanna play because. Let the in his two email us your from Indy pre you know because. Coliseum is time that when a jealousy from any pre. Crude children's agency. Today I Jennings. Plus priced out of the season most of these guys are amazing. You know yesterday we had an amazing got in coney. And today we will embrace him and there on the back on the first eight and a before long we never lost faith and perhaps longer the safety of their idols isn't strong stints in and week. Harry and anarchy so we'll file size and you know you don't win races at this level if you don't false lead with a really outline you know then we'll. And there's an axiom for you don't win races and lesser fast aren't as we wrap it up because we are out of time we hope we see you next weekend yeah we hope you see guys out asserted the America's next week in and that we are very excited to do in the of the commentary everything out there check this out. Right here on AM talk downloading that yeah double the speed C app and check this out there but will be right here on. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice.