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Welcome to those speeds hit eight when John messing gal that's Kaiser and trying to increase. It's no fast as sour on the radio. Speed. High gear heads welcome back to speed saved. He's done messing you'll simply lets guys are so yeah mr. Jonathan green is still over in Monaco. You mean the historic. On the one. Well there it's really amazing but less what do you think about the race today. There was had by discouraging. I was happy with the Braves say greater shame is the the strategy around the tires then sell those question marks that we have around the tires on the surface. It was. We played out. First lap before it turned out exciting. Yeah some of it not so happy yeah Haas boys not looking in the Lewis Hamilton wins the race. And if it was cool processional. It was him and up front most of the race today but. I think Ferrari's Hillary thinks in Pittsburgh there yeah that was. You know you know until why they did it thinking that Mercedes. Would pitch again but but that's five point 12 pit stop yeah. I don't wanna kill you no matter when you do it but you understand the logic when they're out there in those safety car situation. Quite often that is the best time to pit because all the cars on track her movements over. Or really excited because we are now waiting on a call from. Near Miami. And the reason we're gonna talk to mayor of Miami if you've been living under a rock and NF fall in one fan. Is it to Miami has announced that they are planning for a Formula One race. On the streets of Miami I was going to be fun you know it's it's going to be fun that's. Interesting layout to I'm excited knows Bob Marshall says they've done it before. It's it was all good I think will be excited to see how that. Plays out for the Formula One race itself let's say great venue great destination city is so internationals are last week. Check and a lot of the things going on there and picks us out a restaurant guy instead of school left. Had never races were never good food great entertainment but they euros one of those things. Miami is already a destination. For people from around the world as our soft. And let's cool things going on around Miami besides I have no doubt. Having the F one circus come to town is just gonna reinforce that make it even bigger. Yep it's going to be very exciting I'm really excited talk to the mirror because. We didn't do that here in Austin we've been through a lot of this on the and we had a purpose built circuit. But we've been through a lot of the same challenges in a lot of saying. Things that they're gonna have to deal list and I want to ask you about. What their plans are and so we're we're really have the mayor and hopefully your shortly. But the rest of the race less so. It's something that jumps out and media of course there is. The fact that. Haas cars were fast and but but at the start of the race when. When grow Jeanne spun out was that he kept his foot in it you know and and cause that issue here osmosis as best I don't know what you. You for multiple reasons. I'm curious to and you know what he was thinking when he did just that as a temper tantrum or there was something going on his foot in those off the pedal and ten under something. But to me honestly. The jockeying that went on during that first lap. Looked as though Kevin Magnuson may have dodged something. And gross on reacted to hit home. And that caused her own spin out yeah he was definitely reacting to Magnuson I'd look like maybe megs and just lost grip a little bit and I couldn't tell easy either dodging something but it looked like he may just lost script you know was beginning to race. Fresh track rain overnight. And a lot of cars are having trouble with traction in the beginning of the race especially. So I think it grows on and arming debt megs and just lost traction and goes on up was avoiding him. But put his foot and I just wonder if she. If he thought he was gonna try to use that to get back in position and it just didn't work out the way thought. And I would think that's what he was doing I kind of think that. The whole traction issues that her body was having to begin with. Who would've made him think words step foment a total like it's an eggshell rule is the end. Not heard it. Good to the him pinning it to the ground as it appeared to what you did. Does point to set everything up in smoke created a cloud for everyone else made difficult with that. And obviously didn't propel the car forward as fast as he wanted to go. Yeah and of course took out so I mean when that happened it's got all converge and and who else was out on that because it it was in a cause of a bit of a mess. And Internet and and of course. Nice and then went on to have a very. Uneventful race. I left Windows Phone and he manners well so that that was good by me. You know shake up the front though with the Raikkonen having his this year. Twenty some odd laps and and told parked the car. That hurt that's not gonna go over well. Yeah ours so what this does of course would lose Hamilton winning is to extend his lead. Out. Over Sebastian Vettel and so. It's been quite a swing actually if you think about it for. Four Mercedes for Lewis Hamilton because he was seventeen points down. And that. I think this a put in seventeen points up so this is from the for the beginning of the season it's a big swings for Lewis Hamilton that. But says so what about Theresa Lewis I mean he was out front most of the race but Yahoo! C was doing great he was setting the black record after lap record during the race. Yeah all right with that he managed his tires well. I think Max did better. There we go to news seems like world to come on Macs little bit about his decisions and as approaches on track. But Mac stayed on the star's 32 laps and so Hamilton was not far from the I think you know we we got a rethink Max does have his values in that Hamilton lasted well kept him out there. The virtual safety car to. Lap 42. Helped out settle. To give fresh tires and so they do rude you know after you to pay off with that but kept him in the hunt. Yeah up. And then of course she Kimi Raikkonen out on lap 27 when power unit problem and we had to spend several people need to drivers out today with the issues he had been in South Bend or we're not allowed 47. And using thirteenth at the time. And of course oh convoy now on lap forty with a new engine kids smoking prime that's when you spotted something off the side of the track less that was. Really really good die less was so excited here in the studio when he spotted the Mercedes pickup truck we earned taxes. He spotted at Mercedes pickup truck over there Bob Hope of peace for their sorry guys that I am from Texas. That was funny but yeah. And of course that was right after oh come when not I was win though did he pitted on lap 42. In under this under the safety car and then lost that position to for staff and I think that was probably one of the big stories of the race. And and yes it was. I was interested in seeing. The way Hartley and Fernando Alonso. Word doing some battles are mid race that was excellent I was glad to see those two come together just to validate that. Partly can't hurt can race correctly and does race currently is still get his feet underperformed. Yeah S troops. Mean hardly he's he's such a he's gonna be a popular driver he can keep if you can stay informed in one easy to get popular driver to seek. He's a very likable guy. And I think it really is an ominous challenge you if you're not a Brendan Hartley fanned. Covert speeds and broadcast dot com. In the dismal world interviews with him we've been friends with him for about six years now from a early on in and threw his graduate. Into the Lamar winning podium things like that sliver really great guy. You know. IA as it is hard not to do to have a favorite but he's such a nice guy but I would do things that happened of course was when. When Max for Staten. It's stroll on lap 43. And broke his front wing and then what was in the path laps later lap later that piece of front wing came off. And Sergio Torres went straight over it and on the right side of his car. And I didn't know tells him because he follows what they showed a replay it didn't cause a puncher. Which is what you might expect but it caused. Some of that wing got stuck under. Arrest surge of pres car and then later in the race we saw the damage that caused. Yeah you know relief before we knew what was going on we saw something under that. My thoughts were that it might be. Interfering inched start causing brake overheating we've seen that in some of the races that they fine tune the ductwork. That leads to the brake rotors to keep them cool. The slew so critically. And if something were to get into that'd be really easy overhead your break nut over your right next and then run into that. Issue. The breaking its consistency and all that kind of thing. Didn't hear that but it absolutely did come into effect there. Max did not have any issues with the they'd. He said he had brought up that isn't plate was broken and taken out things were born they said we see it everything seems stable were good just keep on Golan. And so we did. You know congrats for getting up to the sinister Macs that was well played very well played. Yep so Lou today's race if you didn't get all be winners should listen to the BC guys it was Lewis Hamilton on the race course military goes up blue toss and second Max for staff and third. Sebastian Vettel in Ford Daniel Ricardo fifth Kevin Magnuson and the American hos F one team branding loneliness race ever. And six plays colonel silence when it or who think you can imagine isn't. He kind of Haas six we got to stop them enough some praise absolutely. Take pledge see there. Andy card a size six would rent a team from Alonso and ate another good showing for the McLaren routine Sergio for says. Yeah yeah you know Alonso was talking about before the race that. He's usually good for improving Fortis six spots and who's really hoping son and both in my ability optimistic as far opened the crowd it's easy to beat. TO get those advances when your back in the backfield split when Europe in the mib in a stronger mid pack what she's getting there now. And I think that was a bit optimistic but started dates landed a. Yep then insert your prison nine throws and clear intent land stolen eleventh for an early twelve Ericsson and thirteenth. Surges are Kunin fourteenth. And then the deed that was the end of the the new teams that finish the race. Stockholm indoor and O'Connell Raikkonen grows on gas Leah hope avert all out and of course. Gross John's taking out gasoline in the whole converge guess it was one can take a while ago that two. During net. First lap debacle for the Haas team. Hey we got to be happy that costs I was in sixth place today some nice points I even know. When you start to teams teammates in the top ten new hope for a lot more points than than one in the points but still. It was a good day for Boston and I'll take it. Yeah I agree. The what do you think about all the passing that we saw is that enough passing was there enough going on do we need to never visit the aero. Never has asked him. Yes I was praying for rain yeah I was. I was wanted to see some rain towards in that race. The seeds to shake things up a little bit and other services to your point. I mean look there's that's always a thing of former righty wanna see more more passing in when Europe's when all these cars wind. When thousands of a second separate. Teammates and and and places in the in the grid. This is get it's going to be hard these these cars are so evenly national is gonna be hard to see passing but yes I wants more passing to answer your question directly. Absolutely it's always good for more pressing that is in one of the things that I think every track. Wants to see every year raise some Dorsey Mora that. It's it was something else parolees change for the tires. You know limit some subtle changes and I think it worked out well. Definitely on the green tracks especially after the washing overnight. Good going on the tires lot of strategy did come into play. Yep so of course Hamilton was excited I'm just seen some of the quotes he's got out there you is. A lot more he's that I enjoy this win more than the one I inherited in back to two weeks ago. Which she was lucky to win in two recent tennis. You gotta. He got to wonder is. Are are we gonna see a replay of 2017 where in the beginning of the year glued to really be competitive and then. Ferrari rendering ran away with the again I I don't know I'd doesn't feel like that this year fuels to close feels too tied I think I don't think that's gonna happen but. What you know I was I was questioning speaking of Ferrari is questioning battles dived into the pits and okay kind of made sense of fear when you're talking about a safety carved out of course and the packets moving slower but are certainly got a benefit for pitting at that time. We're. You know one of the things that he's already put out is that. Staying out was not an option. Is there going through torque tires too quickly today. May have looked drawn but it wasn't we just didn't have enough pace at the end. And so. In other slows things are obviously gonna go back and talk about it. The lack of performance if you will from the Ferrari's even though they were doing quite well. Well was it was exciting beginning of the race and exciting steep cost you well and we're gonna talk a lot more about all level is going to take our first break and stay quiz because we are waiting to hear from the mayor of Miami to talk about. The street circuit it's coming hopefully to Miami as soon as clean as soon as 2019 that would be. Amazing they could put that together that quickly. Are we'll be back after these messages to listen to speed city live from Austin, Texas. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. You got the offense offers only NB of those deaths and caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin said the same old European brands. The broad Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma below 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you want to categories begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bull when he triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary and bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. Because they opted out. Karma then he had good stuff and I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races and professional drivers are professional instructors. The judges Judy based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road all that back up the racetrack. Feel confident behind the whales back to the situation no matter what you've done a whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will. NASA. Vibrant and oddly this visit. Welcome back to the fastest salary radio speed city. Welcome back to speed city. Good job where an entirely today birds. I was just watching a replay of the Grumman goes John. Instead on the first lap right break and before one I don't I don't see why he's finished I don't know why that is and guess who knows. I mean look he's he's spinning around in a Formula One car you could have been could be even an accident but. It's. I don't know why did it but the one thing this truck is choose hope conversion you know he can hit through Jeanne he's trying to go around him. And it rips that we'll off completely. Think about that those little you know all of sudden the halo discussion could come to play didn't obviously today Lisa ever say anything about that but. But that wheels came off completely in fact there's another replay of the right here on the television right now but that we'll came off and all the you know the tethers that they had. Is either two or three arena there's multiple safety devices trying to keep it intact but I think there's actually two tethers. On that is simply to keep a close by. And so you know when you run into something like this. That that we'll doesn't go out become a weapon of its own. We swear you know we've lost drivers to that kind of thing and that's exactly what to they're trying to deal with. But absolutely full. Full light of smoking the tires from Surrey takes up less twelfth ghastly. They have ash up Holcomb Bergmann took out gasoline as well but yes but that we'll was completely lose and that is exactly. Why we have the halo because. We've seen tires come off before in bunt in. Formula One IndyCar you name it. And it is. Is in a dangerous thing and that's exactly why. They have the tethers with us exactly when they returned to do that I don't suppose unusual we just got somebody trios and he treated us he said. Unquote his Kazaa and I think this is such a good data talk about this he said today's raises exactly why the right thing to do right thing to reduce the aero. Despite the teens rejection slip what happened IndyCar those risks have been grades and to reduce the force field between the cars and promote better racing. Pretty hard to argue with that and they're talking about all those things those changes coming. Absolutely India agree with you I think making the cars little bit slipper is going to be delayed and and more action to you the racing. As an unsafe as somebody's gonna bring that up that's always the go to you if who make cars look for your roots noon no reserved packed it's unsafe and so us is gonna bring that up they were. We're dealing with the top elite drivers of the world these are professionals we can handle things like that. And a you know quite honestly. If the target slippery dirt road you know have to deal to manage some. I'm with the Indy are literally on the driver standings a fresh driver steady after Spanish Grand Prix was Hamels and now as a seventeen point lead and did my math right. So Lewis Hamilton and 95 those NBA boat toss with 58. Raikkonen with 48. Carnal right behind you have forty some of the staff and their 33. Alonso win seventh at 32 Polk and Byrd 22. Magnuson nineteen. And signs of nineteen so. Magnuson in the top ten and also in the top ten which then makes a lot of people happy. You bet you bet. That you know that is shaping up. There we go we got a Red Bull into Mercedes on the podium. Good gone pedal was in fourth and attempting to close quick though he wasn't he just didn't have the pace hopefully they'll sort out. What the world's gone owns Ferrari. So one asked you about something else and we talked a moment ago about who just happens Carly had the wing damage Wright hit land stroll just. And the front wing damage and that little piece on the end in cap. In this case I think it was Mobil one that was on the death it was but it was seriously though what I was gonna say is that. I'm always amazed at how well the cars do when they lose parts of that front wing and they see it end up having to stay out for whatever reason. Big it made it didn't seem to affect the car dramatically you think about like today we had to McLaren it was a huge deal it was with a much Clarence new front wing came out ahead. Seventeen nostrils and 500 little wing glitz and all this crazy stuff that must have cost. A zillion dollars made of Unobtainium. And then the thing you get a little the race she smash it at the parts of false and nothing seems to make a difference you all all I'll give you might take. I don't let. You know I'm not sure I can be as well versed as mr. Manchin but here's my thoughts when they designed that part. That they actually consider. Breaking it and it communion contact during her race. And so that they put in a planned. Breakage point. That's my guess I never heard anybody else say that's a good thought but isolating crumple zone death it's like OK whoa when this gets it we want to break right here so we're gonna make so little known nothing. Degree. More vulnerable and it'll break this piece instead of an exit another piece that would definitely be detrimental. So my thoughts of that has maybe they manage that as well as what's going to come off when you get an impact to that in play. I said nobody else is ever said that that I have heard first that's my thought there's. It all okay so you plan on the part of that do you you do plan comments body good idea. Assume you're losing all the aero or all the other you know really that's what's all of us are using losing the downforce. And of course it is and it was just a part of that and we don't know what else they can do change any settings on the fly ever compensate for that. But it didn't seem doomed to change first happens pace at all what from what it looked like to me sure so. You know. When you hit that ditch on the dirt road in in what your own money Carlo impala countless sort order was did you have to steer a little bit different. That's probably happening there. That's true other factors are great picture that it was Mobil one that was on their but he added. It's dead is a front wing pretty good sleep and online Italy to the some of the damage there was to that car to the Red Bull car and it's pretty good and and obviously their narrow. Messed up pretty good so. And speaking of that piece that same piece is. And and we talked about it heating. Search your press going right over it. That the did you see the fire under Sergio presence car was actually I don't know if it was the peace stock reading that we are living the asphalt. There was actually fire from underneath the surgery for his car. And my suspicion is that piece wanna pull revenue against that we'll. And you know we've seen things that the wheel and also sparks and everything and had just wonder if the the resistance in the brazen nature of it. Wanna. Causing that fire flare up potentially on the kind of lower or whatever composite they're using on those pieces against the we'll material. I can totally believe that's happening at this fast those things are riven. Yeah I can believe that as well so I you know. I guess we were kinda do. For the average race today if you kiss we've had some fantastic racing this year and it does he want to back that for a second because. We had to be had major competition we've had in any given moment and we weren't sure who's gonna go win a race. Is it would no longer refer dominating and he Mercedes dominating every race we had Ferrari looking do you have Red Bull having an excellent pace. Hoss looking good the road team looking dude course car assigns again today right behind nine since finishing seventh. And in using you forget. Renal being the because of their bid they don't look strong all year and you know again that that mix with the Haas team. Is doing even that more impressive that they're able to. Do what they're doing with the bus they're doing and stay ahead of a both of us are factory team lycra. Yeah it's it's great and we had Bob Marshall on. And you know it you know we challenged them a challenge him and forget that you're American if that's possible. How is passed doing. With where they are right now. I didn't end he echoed you know what we hoped for and that is they're doing very well this is we wanna be look at. You know look at the grid this morning and see who else was in front of them. Well as the Big Three no one else was in front of our cost driver. So really pleased to see that it was just blew the two ferraris two Mercedes. And the two Red Bull up there so that would. Bode very well. Unhappy with past right now. Yes sir I am too I can't complain I know that today was not perfect with gruesome crashing out but still. Another. And the sour car. And obviously this kids are very talented and is going to have. A fantastic career. I agree I agree and you know don't look for him to leaving anytime soon I think he'll be sticking around. And surgery syrups can. I heard this question what's. Housing in the last three spot penalties. For today. You know I can't say it was his fault getting knocked out but to there what do you think is gonna stick around. You know I think Sid did Swedish you have to wait and see with him because. And I say he's you know he's obviously done some good things this creaky here but I think -- to wait and see I I don't have. I don't know yet but staff. Let's keep going down degree we had to land stroll in the wind scar. For Williams this is going to be happy and you know we live torching cars finished today. But still always has had such a poor year you got up at that they have to be excited about an eleventh place finish for Williams. Well he was ahead of mark to search some. They also point to me that. That's kudos point for anybody marcos'. Pretty phenomenal. Even if he is in the back markers moved to that's that's sovereign territory to be quite honest folks. Yes truth and some of the other but the stories from today. Probably one of the inching ones is that I did hear a danger Virginia Ricardo. He knows when he came on the radio today. He was very polite when he was it it was just a point in the end time in the race when he was cashing. First happened and he's very politely came on and said. I live appears to be done gaining on the staff and you know in other words. Alluding to possible team mortars but those are different was obviously a dual different tone after what happened last week in. Yeah might have been apparently the underlying messages. Make sure he knows oncoming. Let it affect a yeah. You know a bird in. Best in your part of the army when we you know yes certainly it's a different environment always behind the wheel or he's still the team maybe. Crashed with last time out. That you you know we've we talk about our first time meeting him here at certainly America's generally nice guy just you know there any star we speak to reach your commentary it's it's fun. And who else Carla signs are no. Yup I'd run I was looking good today I'm pleased to see that I'm always happy to see. These other teams you know other than the obvious Big Three yen and hospital lawyers please seek. When their performing well then. Present some challenges to somebody. There are signs won an open senate's great coup visited. Yet obviously did most of those guys and they're going to be happy with that on notice that at one point oh can't remember O'Connor had a hit a disaster of pit stop. I don't I haven't heard seeing what happened but remember he is is right we'll they couldn't do something like death think it was fix a flat camp was dead or something and knocked it. I think that there is a right rear right rear wheel nut problem and they couldn't get to we'll back on and yes he came out of the back of the track. And I know I warned her about that because what we've seen him those those wheels are right that right there are things prepared to. Double and triple checked the entire pressured the then just everything about it. A friend that releasing that they had an issue there you know that think about how many. We'll attachment issues we've had this season. I just seem the maybe she is as possible because we had those two in Australia but it does seem like. We've had a lot more than usual but Bible is going to take another quick break we are still hoping to get the mayor of Miami to come on the show here surely weigh in on him to call in. We talk about the race coming to Miami. Potentially as soon as 2019 unison this big city we here in Austin, Texas. We backup business. The Austin east KOA campground just fifteen minutes from circuit of the Americas and downtown Austin and just two minutes of the channel's Kelly expose inner. And central Texas fishing Decker lake featuring amenities for every style of camping tent sites. A luxury are people owners and captains plus a cool showers and laundry. Nestled in solid trees on the edge of the hill country. All the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also need scale way to make your reservation this it also least KOA dot com. The race track it's way legends are born only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such of a ninth place you'll find at Aston Martin at Boston's noticeable Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor company. Austin exotic iconic automobile. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey. There is you'll have just along the ride. I like 183 not a big deal rugs. Thirteen seven. As red rocker Sammy Hagar you are listening to speed city. Welcome back to the fastest salary and radio speed city. Welcome back to speed city. I think Sammy and if you missed it be sure and check out access TV. Same behaviors rock and roll road show. Came through Austin we hosted amounting to search of the Americas you'll see Jonathan green with an appearance in that in every room salient talking about the racetrack or goes on. The same he jumps and a new Ferrari red of course. Take a few laughs on go to for some fun. So I'd be sure what that won that one is actually titled. Dirty white boys from rusher that's or Princeton child with lunar what's gone on their doesn't. Check it out it's say is that was they fun episodes see especially if you like. The circuit of the Americas. And fast cars. All right so those spectrum for. Today and so I Lewis Hamilton with a win. Remember genre with the disasters first lap. And I was just watching some of the and the coverage and intervene Kevin Magnuson and he wasn't sure he said same thing he said in just not sure. What what happens grows on an obscene that was that despite the biggest moment of the race today with cars on. Spinning and it would but but what he said was specifically what I'm referring to was. What why he never let off the gas and cause a giant plume of smoke because not only good does that do we saw that it took out Hulk Hamburg. And ghastly right that some of the other drivers went through you can see there onboard camera he saw nothing but smoked it was like an arrow and go into a cloud. You couldn't see anything. And that really poses although a lot of issues like said that not only are. You know shrapnel blown around your your very likely to hit something going through their weather's Trevor on the ground or another vehicle. Gas threat on the ground that's a big win because I am I guarantee there was funny after what after all converged back we'll get ripped off so. That was that's a big deal been battling happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there everybody if you just wants a Formula One Racing neared sitting around watching and listening in. You don't call your mom don't forget there are no kidding kidding. That's something else but you know I'll get in we did not talk about. Alonso and his sipping champagne. That's true that's actually a pretty big deal. The so oratorio about is a war on oil and enjoying the sports car world. As he is pursuing in preparing for life the 24 are among the Indy 500 you know he's working on this Grand Slam idea he's so that's what he wants to do. And so. I think it's going to be really cool. He went raised the big spot sports car race and what city get to us that same champagne let's. Check out what he tells will Buxton about this. Definitely a good experience it's fun out there enough. Yeah I think. In Austin Co. is not being on the podium he was nice to have that we've got there the thing is a champion and yeah it was. I agreed to spears. Those new fees for hand on the raised some atrocity. On the paraphrase him but you know really did enjoy and hopefully. We can screen something similar meaning he never won in the next. Couple of months does it make it harder to come back having tasted that champagne taste that is has been helpless upsetting knowing that this weekend that's not only an impossibility. Non Verizon is not the hot. And DC's. These are my lives this is where. I belonging in a way you know into this one I'm I'm and raise some you know we have some that she was easing there's a performance out right now yes. No doubts about those same time you know half. High hopes that these come can be chains in a short Thurman now. You know I think we still lose optimistic about this this attempting to publicity it's. Performance wise we are not there and the place we wanted to be. But don't deploy inside them on this on this for so we are the seem to happy with how they're this close races when so. We took it does momentum intensify our souls but that was it they're more performance hopefully coming. From these we can you pockets and I'm not dates and announced. Yeah salute. Yeah hoping things did all right this weekend I think you'll be pleased with that. Could be better but this is part of that Grand Slam that he's gonna hit the MD 500 the push for a Lamotte Monaco. He's he's got a rock and he's Kara well I'm gonna give back to today's race you know one of the big other big stories was Sebastian Vettel course. But in the pit stop right and ended up losing a podium because of that and he'd he'd jumped filtered though just what kind of forgot about that the very beginning of the race. If you recall battle jumped out he got he'd do little drafting behind the toss and and got around him. Early early inside but very upbeat first because of the race. And ended up losing that because of the pit stop he but you know I'm gonna say one thing. Lewis Hamilton could have done better for his teammates. To be quite honest in that first lap and says they left the grid. They took off. And there are gore are long and he was liberal on Hamilton was liberal long. Would have been great if he could have kind of wiped. Sebastian Vettel off his tail there and picked up. Both toss in the draft instead of metal metal camp Lila on a very wisely stuck to him and that's how he wound up in. From a boat house to begin with come on him. Yes I agree with that. So he was asked by spies sky sports if one is is did you feel this is the right tactic by the team right to take this to stop it he suggests because he advise. Was that it was not an option to stay out to say we were going to retires quicker than the others. And he says they'll obviously looks different and what's wrong so he then spent the rest of the race by Nash for Staten and went from you know he was in second place and end up. And fourth and not on the podium and obviously that was. A decision they regretted. Yeah absolutely absolutely. That. United. You can't argue with tires are going dead fish that you're not gonna win that argument hopefully your team can fear at address and not have them give up Sosa in. But you know that they've done that Ferrari is not all of the ones that. Is usually after getting the most out of their tires as far as the number group's numbers of laps it is a tough one to go on. The other is and ran. Dana Ricardo. The guy I just. You know pushing him willing him onto a better finish just doesn't seem to happen pouring this year. My wing that a microphone just authentication movement that won't know sort of bailout next race they ought to talk about something else to the the Brendan Hartley obviously had a huge crash. Right and ended up having to there was in the final practice. These three. But to does that mean it literally just rip the back of the car off and and so he's not a tease has to take a new power unit right and a new gearbox. So think about how I mean they've only got three in a season now so these become big big deals you know it's much bigger than every year so. And so this is awfully good point super glue it back or something. I think it looked horrific Williams. Now as then the crane lifted up in the back of the car is literally fell off a bubble they're starting from scratch but. Partly came on an Indy you know the chassis is fine we're gonna build everything back on the get go on but. But that's his third at that has moved whose third roof NG UH and Turbo. And so page you know if he has it happens again overseas guarantee degree drop when it happens so. That's so that's that's gonna play in them in you know we're we're in the fifth race this season now so that's gonna play into it more and more. And I guarantee you that's going to be you're missing people talking. As they become such a big deal as the season moves on by a. I totally agree and in. Or here we are again and we deal with us. And realizing that they are warning to. Limit. The V the engineer units in some ways. To keep from having Ferrari just you know what they'll ship commercial go ahead in a moment more. And in owed to address the budget is intended to be a budget restriction on that. So that's. That's part of it I'm just not sure how to do it. The other thing is when you deal with these manufacturers. I'm really curious about the methodology for appraising way you've decided they've invested in it what if we're gonna start throwing. More controls around spend caps. Oh yeah it's an incident is such a complex issue and you know there. They're talking about the rules for 20/20 one and and talk into the teens but but what he did I mean because you do good the issue of the if you start saying arrival we're gonna have. We're gonna limit this we're gonna limit that and then that takes them. What Tim is one of the finest coolest parts of Foreman won out he took their creativity had a engineering. And okay you don't have all the way down the wing what's on the mirror each and army are all like the creativity in the easy and it. It's how you use the rules not a break on gas and and there's been so many interest in rule. Side notes to sidesteps around the rules that teams have done over the years. But it but if you start limiting them the amount of dollars. Limiting them. Tightening the rules and saying okay now we're gonna have more teams in we have more engine manufacturers to yes it be great to have more engine manufacturers like Porsche. And Aston Martin building engines for or F one's under the thing I don't like. It'll be row obvious. I don't like to watch company coming in and suddenly being in a kind of title Liz the engine. In a manufacturer provider. You know tech order that's not an engine. It's a tiny little engine that tiny little engine that does good movie does so again and seeing him around for you that. Hey I do wanna say. You know after their 40 set about Ricardo. He says the new record for the track for the last he did you know at 118441. That's pretty significant. Yeah that's a big deal and in fact it's funny because it goes back to what we're talking earlier that. Ferrari Mercedes and Red Bull. I'm pretty evenly matched this season. And you know it in and Ali just was the first one to of the season for Mercedes which is a good sign alone Madison first time this season studied. But I goes to do the point is about. About our cars lap record is that number one the cars are faster this year. And number two that it was. And that it was a Red Bull car does have a slap. You know there was like move. That took place that whose early like some around the early twenties and the LAPD there. That. We saw. Both toss come another pits and came and went battle on Magnuson were racing bit that'll. Was about to pass Magnuson any swept over me crossed the pit exit line. At first were like whoa whoa whoa your nose which cross left but in hindsight it turns out that is located across from the track into the pit line. But not from the pit to the track Klein now that's what I thought when I saw that I thought that was the case especially when there wasn't any immediate. So that in emea were cut another N and that's another one of those really important safety. Measures there that will keep that. Safe form obviously. Yet so let's see half a hum and some of the other. Some the other accomplishments today for Lewis Hamilton. So he's got now back to back wins between 1830 consecutive races in the points wow that's actually if you think about that that's. That's pretty amazing and now most wins from pole and F one history not a bad day at the office for mr. Lewis Hamilton. Yeah not bad though I'm sure he's pleased with that sure is very pleased with that. And of course that's his 64. Career victory. But it as quiet ending is it isn't as a big day is it is it featured very quiet day for him they wanna give you an alert that just came out. We may not like this but the driver and team representatives are required to report to the stewards. Regarding the instant with driver number eight roaming grow Jeanne. Alleged breach of article. About dot Peron on and on slew Hoss has been called to the carpet foolish enough we see an update on that all the principals office Seattle see what happens with that. And that was weird the way he did that and I'm assuming it's got to be with the way he kept his foot on the gas anywhere else. Hillary can beat IRA and you know we we said that middle is more you're doing. You know it's I can't imagine him short of the Harvey and off lifted off the ground someone says he was. Really didn't do subtraction what is the true first. He was he was out there there will find out which I'll keep in my moments alerts if we get a response about the calling the restricted. I won't really take another break and we are we'll be back to talk to Mormon talk about the move we move from a Ferrari cars is that they have. Now so that they can't have only come back from the break and listen to speed city. Back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. The caddie often offers only MV Agusta kinda cutting back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The for Tommy sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien get stuff. Or if you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bull winning triple and 3675. And 800. Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary apple and vehicles stuff. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in consignment is welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit app. How would then be a good stuff and make life right Elaine just east of I 35. Fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience amateur races at professional drivers are professional instructors and the judges Judy based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you out of your family safe on the road over Baghdad. The right track feel confident behind the whales back to the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will thank you. NASA. Thirteen seventy. Yeah. This is Johnny Rutherford and your listening to speed city. Welcome back to the fastest salary radio speed city. I hate is kisses and so old fashioned sounding voice I can't really put my finger on that that's just a good Olympics ahead of the good old Texan now. I so when we went break so wanna talk about the new 43. The new Ferrari mirror holders. The more frequently the mirror broadcast I happen like they produce about an extra hundred foot pounds of downforce serves Sarah. And you have just been a dominant and that's gonna need a bigger conversation out of please don't put those on your Honda's civic. Yeah that's again the action like that let's say so it was Sebastien though. He said when when he found out that they are not going to allow them to continue to have those. Those wings that double in his. Mirror melts he says not find this a bit comically set in 2009. We went. Let's go our dynamic does have better racing and so on and so forth he says. And now pieces. Let's the cars she slowness does put some more than an expected Morton's by text and more spectacular. And now we wanna make a slower again so I. Done there's a lot of a validity what's Bassam little sayings like come on let's. A green building design know they have to do. To decide amongst the rules and everything but what's best food for the sport that. This leads into a bigger conversation lesson in. This just happened actually so. Not long your between between the last two races where the FIA commission voted. Through some last minute changes. To be two next year to between nineteen F one aerodynamic package to aid overtaking right right. And there's a lot of opposition from all the teams. But the proposal each incident to the to change a front wing end plates to help cars following each other. Along with bigger rear wing flap and basically all net effect it has. Given the stronger DRS effect this has all been passed so next year we had this change. It sure and I and I think that'll be good you know one of the things is they have to stay back for awhile before they can. Really. Get in. Close. To make that pass they they're counting cannon in a telegraph that further out end. As they close up on the car they have to get out further away than they will with this are going to be able to get much closer up. They're going to be able to get much closer up behind the car of the third bout to pass than they do nail so I think that's gonna help matters. It'll make it a little closer end. Reaching. In a critical point of pulling up from on the car but I think it's gonna help in in the whole passing. Conversation. Resisting it passed on April 30 which was of the last day. Oh win technical changes could be passed without. Some sort of you'd use and he and bigger majority voter something so it was definitely a last minute thing. And lots of teams were. I mean the a lot of people saying Ferrari Red Bulls. Bruno McLaren for also and hospital voted no. And that Williams are showing by a Mercedes for Indians are remote yes. Sonny Williams and Mercedes doing the same way this season. The you don't see that too much half. There's two anyway. That is that is definitely one thing. And you know I think this was a direct results to. The lack of overtaking early in the season especially in Australia which. And yet tends to happen there but but that's a big deal I mean this is some of them this this is the big changes. And and and you know I guess I think we've ever got a special guest on the phone. In fact we didn't think we have to stand up as the nursery that's true we have we have to we salute how to reduce the size we want to welcome to the show bears tourism Maryland Miami mayor welcome to speed city. So wonderful to be what you guys this morning afternoon. Pay I gotta say welcome to the F one party sir I'm glad to hear her you've got an invitation engraved and do we are just super excited yes we are here in Austin, Texas yes redon the permanent coma with a permanent facility but. Miami I was there last week a lot of your neighborhoods that are. It's incredible you know to be the only one of cities in the US. Are to be chosen has announced warned treaty. You know the most popular sport in the world most watched sport in the world huge economic impact I know how Austin. And were hoping. We'll have a similar one in Miami you know we feel that we are global treaty. And our Formula One races that are global sport so we think it fits our brand very very well. And we're excited about this so the first step that we took unanimously approving. The process of beginning the negotiations to hopefully finalize. A range beginning in 2019. And 2019 it would be amazing if you guys can do this so fast that I get a jump straight to one of the points is that you guys there's been discussions about. You know in Austin when we did it was a little differently here. There's been some discussion about the why made the deal might work a little differently were being more little moral partnership. With Formula One that is can you speak to that. Yeah I you know we we're very blessed we have mr. Steve Ross welcome Miami Dolphins he's been very of course suits. In the sports. Realm you know he's got in the Miami opened a small computers into this facility in Miami Gardens. He very marched. Involved in entertainment he just it just it rolling out their yesterday. So you know he has he's the major funder. Of you know the opportunity. And you know this idiot obviously definitely partnering him in terms of giving some interns servicers and some. Some help to me to have to the Ross family enter into these organizers. But it's something that we're excited about releasing tapes it's going to be a successful different track. Different different kind of race I think the beauty of Formula One days every single race is different every single figure difference. And you're not known how many the most unique and special cities in the world. Mature you are highlighting the most powerful cold in the bus drivers. No no no doubt myth one the pinnacle of motor sports and I would love. To I'm picturing the of this scene. In there in Miami and it's the abuse such deals that he in the race like that but I got to ask you we. I've would you. Would you guys. Would you consider the way a that to the Austin has done it we could do it here in Austin and it's it's made such a big impact. On the city's I'm in in the number of ways that. Millions of dollars for the stage yeah yeah a lot of money for the for the community. And Austin has done some studies showing all that but are you guys expecting. And an impact. To the city both financially and culturally to me asking that exhaust has become a bit and embraced him. We have what we are absolutely and that's what's great about this is very conscious along the past has. Diversifying. Our soul I want your global city. You know you want to invite different cultures from around the world and certain calm you know we in the eighties went from being sort of money ethnic too. To poly ethnic and now we're becoming truly truly diverse mama we're getting our investment from all parts of the world sort and getting a world wide. Our type of sporting event like the Formula One race. It's just gonna really help us continue to attract. The kind of people. From across across the world and definitely. Engage our own our own residence. Well mayor's word is thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate it and we wish you the best of luck as slow process they are only the mayor the speed city. I'm current mayor of Miami you're out there. This is the people of Miami but thank you so much for coming on the shorter. You guys maybe in October got this year lecture usher says David thank you so there are beard but it Iraq by. Our arrival we are done thank you for tuning in to speed city today we appreciate it and we will talk in a suite tickets sell on our web sites BC broadcast dot com. I talk to NetSuite.