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Speed City
Sunday, May 14th

Speed City, for May 14.


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy. Well enough. To speed CD. That's India that's Kaiser and Jonathan freed itself fast this hour on the radio. Speed city. Good evening here heads welcome this these city. This great city and Iowa got a that's. Yes we are so it feels like anyway as part of that is because it was an amazing Formula One raced again. And anyway IndyCar race yesterday yeah I spent a good weekend of racing is a beautiful weekend here in the home of the American grown break. Which is Austin, Texas little all our life absolutely but men are gonna say the Indy Grand Prix was awesome this year loved it. Loved it loved it loved it so much ongoing and I still have half yeah I Syria I don't. Inside out but not ongoing I'm not going to be good for 500 on the real 500 but down. I did that last year can I get a better than last. I've never achieved on the ground real been to the ground pre I was really impressed with the crowd. Big crowd that yesterday at beautiful today. Scott Dixon on great form will power embed a full and will will have the evidence of that like because I spoke to him. From indeed the little alive from the rice last night. Yeah that's it's big do we edit an interview with him and also sat down with industry can talk for middle and yet data. I don't you wanna do you want to look indie fest did you until formal I just go to a phone always 888 gaps leading dominated today and a I actually do you think that. In many ways this weekend's Formula One. Was what everybody's been hoping for which is a new page and you check the European season when he kicks open Spain. And is always kind of a tongue in wet first a whole teams bring their upgrades which they did the right but also it's a chance for the teams to kind of you know look as they normally would which is from Europe because mostly the place to Europe including cast mostly. The American team and we did see a lot of upgrades we did see if you knew it innovations that Libby denied to. One including the numbers. And widely brains. It's so simple guy you can what's the animation films of causing get the fact that that's. That's how I looked up and solve the miles per hour below that I you know normally you have to have a calculator going Arianna you can say aren't 325 is roughly 200 miles an hour right and that's always the one I'm really looking for is that two miles an hour. But how nice was it to have the miles per hour. On the ethics and it you know it to me the whole thing of will out after out on the grid after the call yeah dying article about that was a great interview series right there you know not only the first three but Alonso is news to these so that was that was very. Cool yeah you feel familiar within Elvis today used to go into a formal press conference sit in front of the desk and do that thing behind the award is on closed those. And it goes out to the TV yeah world does it work. So I mean something like somebody will didn't I think it was great for the crowd my argument would be but it doesn't necessarily have to be at the top three it could be as they. I need alongs we can be despite you know you I think you played zero audience you go to hundred to 2000 people. The track is they are here there are good America's play ATA strands which is in our case you know there was Americans. Like Rossi on the grid is as we had in the past week we told him. And in this case now we told them she has maybe your oh yeah and one grows John so. You know I get it I think it's a good idea I mean we've got the moon results is to do that I mean really it's not that hard. I'm but he does make it hard to TV that's always is a little bit Connor. Yeah the show is over we gotta talk about the new member of gene Haas is team. The Hossa for Nintendo and talk about that for later on. Clearly the whole costs weekend was actually pretty get I know we had a puncture right there with what I allow opportunity. From Madison but the cost weekend they. You almost had a great day and agony of coming here really cause yeah a great day he drug brilliantly. I don't know how much he focused on. That battle he had with a couple of sons Jeannie was brilliant yeah I'll only slow not let in why I mean it was Olsen and there was a couple times because this is this is the kid. Racing at home he's got a grand stand named doctor and he wanted blood and madness to set up. Now all I'm on the long you know all of that worked out awesome I mean I love the battles that we're going on now. And it was great because all race long the we get to see more Hoss probably didn't. Maybe any race before because they were in the points for most of the race. And they were battling with with signs for the whole race so we you know they've they've world feed was showing a ton of hospice. This race and I'm assuming well it was because the battle mostly OK you know one thing we're gonna have to be tender about is that we don't inundate the world with Haas. On the broadcast internationally it's it's the US but. I love the fact that there were so much attention because there were performing so well. We'll said both the men in the points yeah I think that's what it was I don't you say we like we're part of the team. But it's certainly an American team we got. As far as I'm concerned we are Brasilia. It's official. The fifth number there was a law today is that to discuss and I think it in many ways it might be what's starting at my taught in India because she was in muscle on our over the weekend. And we had a chance to talk about some of what I would call the salient points. I think if we if we start at that point then we didn't come pick off what she says and and then maybe not have a further check. Yeah let's go ahead and do that was going to play this clip with you any Guinness is one and our son goes so and you guys cover a lot of the following Grasso was played is this sighing again Jonathan announced. A big city and strike off it is the fifth round of the Formula One 2007 to eight. Are we having this track online once again you know sky black striped seam fastball Bosnia and act that well. As predicted it was the reds and hoped it would be which was great rivalry. Between Ferrari and say these. Indy it well I've. And she what everybody was hoping you know it's stuck at the sun is that predicted tonight it was and not polls catalogs again and Hamilton gut and I'll. And yet you're not then suddenly he's like as if he's fired a rocket and when I don't diving into the first corner. On the inside to have a meg meg Johnson cut to restrict so that was that. Then. The big stops. Then Pennsylvania and really your favorite apps are ice on I don't know what do you think about. Yeah I mean I think they were cool to run complex they did the hard work which is they don't believe in I think they have. Mercedes on the ball and all the rest a little bit yeah the radio from Hamilton saying hey I can't keep up on this pace what are we going to do. Where it was obvious that Ferrari had planned the result. But. I think yeah opposite that the the head of the tale was the fact that they don't back down the tool. Safety top all the time on the site used to it Bob did you not really want to. And so yeah. As you've got it is funny in the beginning you know that nerdy kid stumbles that. Look there's quite funny because the Iraq and the beds pesetas guys we're coming out you're running out the best out of the Gary aged with time it takes so now. Played Phillip always is gonna do and Eddie stop so many for our erected dominant but then proceeds went Beckett. Is that they're playing tricks of teasing other or not. It was it just stay safe then we have and I suddenly we have handled in front again then this contest to overtaking maneuver that attacked little. In at any age and may make out taking I have gotten so we have everything at the front we had a lot of stuff going on on the back. It was just it was an amazing race I can I be saying it was really something. What was your take on. I think he's in position to this weekend but so obviously the school did. Racing incident in my opinion of me by a bus so he didn't need dated. Of course that full heat and also stated that this happened that I saw. Yeah I was at 300 threesome at the first corner industry got makes each other. Yeah that's right and that's what you know rice averaged aren't tested as well saying is arresting me into that incident and it's stupid they did that there are the key here. That is what air and they all investigated it and and the end. None none of it was punished except for bad line is doing a brilliant job. How come. 82015. We have to go he said I'm yeah you lost the seven as a practicing penalty still PH. Six towards the south but I'm testing classic anti trust Germans as well. He had really get very good indeed and was fantastic driver not you know he was he lives in my doc thought I felt for him but. Don't think the story that that is. Not address junior for no reason. All. He's not a Mercedes junior for no reason I was gonna say yeah. Eventually couldn't get down the road what do you buddy tells more about that. Op well I mean. All I areas wears out now he's still in Ariza has connections your manners say it is. Now I cheat on Friday I'm. Silly season stuff it fairly. Well. At one point. Lead did fear in the American comb through was talking about apple possibly don't some say he's anything and you saw old rumor on the. I told you that a couple weeks ago act if a neighbor went pretty well Vince insulin and judges and we are neighbors as we just having neighbors of talks. Interesting can you but can you wait a minute ago and yeah ha ha police that he would want to go to Mercedes right back. I'm Karen correct schedules percent terrorism or our our costs has come right now art is a very last count right now. Ops today I think the silver arrows and Ferrari where more honest matching speed should look. Would you lol yeah but why would keep up I would want to swap in it's like. It's finally gotten for are an. And you want to and and some pretty Muslims say this is great I'm pretty sure you want that at some stage because of the German manufacturer. And he knows some very well but. It's amazing also how really thoughtless and and perfect almost 58. Tech company and it has become yet it quite gotten out of drinking the tea in the perfect Italian on the radio over again it's. The the enthusiasm about the teeth I see is different again and do you see that little boy or little Ferrari fan in the grandstands. That's made my day because the rocket incident was you know pivotal to his rise but following the little child what most of the kids. I was just a distraught by the whole situation and then I found him and he met his hero who want to. When it was first it was like car. I can't broken into. Pressure as the release. And he's still the captain out. And then the next thing you see is he's in the back with his parents so we liked how does kick at trump. The grandstand to the power that averaged just look like Fort Knox nobody gets in net. Denny's in the Ferrari hospitality and keep me pretty. I thought it would be court in a corner ups that. Like smiling punching yourself he's in giving a little that house it was fantastic and I didn't mean he cool. I'm used feeling you've just got back from Barcelona do you feel that this is old pop. I salute numerology. Livid he led Formula One because you mentioned and Heineken thing. You know in the paddock. You know our. Obviously get in the paddock. Even as its analysts act until we're little boy is sick in the grasslands. And then suddenly the you know suddenly in the in the Ferrari hospitality. Somebody's Mason interactions that can make that have. And a wise choice act and an opening up before belong to the class. It's. 100% over I thought you knew would offer him and I scream at. The ice man yes man doesn't get an almost but not yet. I definitely agree with you it is one out of said the new Formula One and everybody Saudi caught it than usual reward now it's it's excitement big it's. It's kind sassy it's night. Yeah you feel like I owe it to be part of that you know I was in Basel I cannot walk behind the main grandstand and there is a wholesale and Billy. What got them before they knew me where I can purchase merchandise is like going. All along behind the main friendship with. Went just Mac if it's not the rebate and people around the supply no panicking that the racetrack they weren't changing tires on like a demo comp. There was so much going on is that the whole back any experience we've just been using all they need former I want. At Jonathan that is that obviously this is a fantastic race there's so many stories out of this this race today there's a well there's a lot in that and a lot of it has to do believe that presentation to be honest and the rivalry abbey at the racing aside it was good pricing but it but I'll wanna talk about this after the bright which is it was a lot of liberty in this weekend including the little boy Thomas. Don Nell from France Simon did methodically anyway all the crime like he was there. I'd just point Jimmy's presence I was some fans get the Jamie Oliver. Iowa we're gonna go and go to break where we come back we're in it and some questions we got on Twitter area Tweety got us in this wants to know about. Lewis Hamilton's new tire management and now the heartbreak for Kevin Max and no problem I elicited a speed city live from Austin, Texas back after a quick break. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a I. 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Jonathan a Lutheran you first in the new less in and he's wanted to know about Lewis Hamilton's Tyre management and is the magic of what. Who's this this is Eric and Justin. Yeah and yet he's been on the show before Harry yet to be honest today he wasn't really time management say somebody was. Brilliant strategy. And by a by the team by Mercedes by James vols in fact the chief strategist for. In the Mercedes team because what they did is. Offensively everybody started on the soft time on the soft side could do something in the region of twenty to thirty laps. Then you had to use the premium tire the medium tyres it was cold it wasn't such a good time it wasn't as Foster. No one liked it as much everybody had to use it it depend how long you've got how to use that W dot and the reason why effectively day one was because on strategy what Hamilton did. Was he came in wall the virtual psyche callous act effectively saving himself. A normal pit stop because an Olympic style would be probably twenty plus seconds. I eats 23 seconds while you stopped but you've got to get in that Barcelona's quake. But basically because he did on the virtual safety he allowed himself that time when everybody was going slow so it was a piece of genius because battle couldn't react because it was right at the end of the safety. Totally agree they're you know a bit but let's talk specifically about the tires. When you get into that everybody's got same technology GM both toss her absolutely run in the same technology but there's a seat of the pants feel it come into play with that. And also they had a double that a little little sports cars worthy owner of the car than I was driving his car actually did a better. Point of managing the traction with it. But that is something that. You can lean on that electronic. You know intelligence so much but there's little bit there's still some seat of the pants. You're right there on the safety car everybody have in the entire population that's out on track movements lower during that time as the prime time's take pit stop dessert covering. Less footage on the track. While you're limited to the same speed you would be if they're running full speed when he came through the pit. And it's on their own different strategies because Ferrari world freestyle track status strategy and they had an 82 lead. And if you remember that when finally. Metal did come and he just Pip Hamilton so that did you grow that the whole light seconds was gone. And yet she forced him off the road kind of so it was a really interesting battle. Yeah others there is definitely some things to talk about on that exodus hand came back out. And they're going through there there was that series word they come out side by side. The blue flag is waving and so there's some discussion wait a minute what does the blue flag actually mean to a driver well means you've got somebody faster than you coming up. But does that mean you have to give way if not does not out of line. Not when your own on the same lap not when you are fighting for Lilly and better now live with that driver you don't have to give way so that argument is is is wrong for those you that started then. Discussion online. The other is they came out side by side they went and that turned. Pam got pushed out. He did not cross the berms the bumps that we talked about. So he did not have to go past that last Boller is volume that was called out if you hit the the berms. Yeah might argue that his league defeat brought that up and say he might be penalized and I didn't think. The Tom Christiansen who was the FF FF FF IA delegate today. Would penalize him and he didn't because basically it was a what I would call a racing incident. You have to take avoiding accidents action. For all they would have hit each other so he had to go off track so it wasn't as though he was having today and you know you and forced himself all tracks are I believe the disaster was correct. And by the little law I totally agree I had to watch the replay of that Hamdan not hit any of those bumps in the Berman in the apex of that turn or actually on the outside at that point. So by the letter of the law on the discipline they put in for this course if you didn't if you hit those you had to go past that Boller to reenter the track he didn't hit him. He'd get right back in. And by the way just to finish off Eric's point. Kept dumping for one minute that demands the magician because he was on the radio to his strategies. To his engineers saying. Hey guys wonder why push how hard like push these guys behind me are overheating. And he was really worried about that Pirelli weren't as worried as he was because they was saying certain corners. Here despite a Barcelona and give you the sealed it at that that the tires have a meeting but actually that the longevity is still wearing them so don't think for one minute Hamilton was coughing compile things right that right out. He was packing a law on off it was he was a relief because it was appease a genius the all rice but he was not a whole thing can he was being smooth and cool and a common collected he was definitely why did his ties we don't. Pay to have an imposing as a whole other topic we gotta talk about that though it out well the other thing the other half of Eric's question was the question about Haas which is a Z my favorite topic as you guys can tell but. I mean we touched on their earlier about. How they had a great weekend but. But obviously Magnuson with the penultimate lap car's tire just it was gut wrenching video. Top ranking because Kevin Magnuson who I really do believe having watched his father and continue to watch as follows say a couple of weeks ago racing for coal that Yan. I am I do believe that Kevin Magnuson is a sleeping giant. As is collar sans team we saw blimps is on it well on another long so these is this is a factor in the next generation is we know Kevin had a few. By the Jerry's had a few different right seats but this is the wall Maurice got to make it stick. I think today we stole the first little bit of a real aggression about what he's all about and I was really impressed tonight sadly it ended with a punch. Yeah and a way he was not racing all weekend long I'm telling those guys it's funny we saw last year Gutierrez was not able to keep up. With gross Sean and he had very seldom we see even animate at either in qualifying here any time. But Madison looked good all weekend he looks strong all weekend and look like that. And I mean look he was on how lap and half away from from being rose on this time. Absolutely you know. Owner jump back to the health and are tough on of Hamilton there. Realised this years difference in G forces went from three point nine to five point one in the G force that is huge. I think about arcade salute you know I did a little research. You're head probably weighs eleven pounds now are delayed on your bed hang your head off about supporting it. What that means I don't had a few tough that's when he the other is something else involved with the newsletter then that. They saw your lane under red hanging her head off the your holding at level. That's one yah he's got a ball underneath in this part of a that's a all right now we're gone somewhere else that is one GeForce that it takes to hold your head level. Three point nine let's say four times that means your holding up 44 now Holmes yeah on your neck. Keeping your head straight out with from 44. To 51 pounds. This year in the equivalent so they're facing that in every extreme turn that we're talking about huge difference it is no worries toughen and toughen. But you know I will say I didn't hear anybody else in their communications to their teams toughen like he was I don't know if he panicked. I don't know if he didn't have the stamina to go through that Jacques was. Here another. Gone I was just considerate of other drivers that were Huff and puff a little bit TI can't remember who was right now but I heard somebody else thought it was one of the big. I. Didn't. Eat it and that yes he's panicked yeah Kevin slightly out Abbas did not come I find that I got this I think they all called a malevolent. Sigh that was my guns is Steiner breast and I I didn't blow anybody's it you or are there added. There was pretty good actually and I'm not bad I don't think he'll be invited back in now shop anymore but look at look. At the buzzer goes my. Don't ruin that. And it caused my enough or about some of the other stories in the in the race guys in the obviously the big the other big part of the Haas or who is Carl signs in him battling them. What about his five seconds what do you think about when they were coming out of the pits varied the total needed to get gas and great. I mean did racing but I mean really Collison can't be expected I mean you know he was trying to force the issue of my mind isn't on the line eat out I have note. I festival did the candidate can be sorted and Cassini what was about to happen they were side by side he had the line he had lived absolutely had the line. And and and consensus and now I'm gonna overtake you hear kids like you not there. I guess if you don't say eagle on the draws did so you know. Yeah there's some straight things but you know and the team did great courage and guts and Magnuson got fourteen. But honestly I loved the news that came out today especially with this weekend's rolled results. Our own Madani. Came in and he won in GP 30 yeah he's trying to press buddy welcome to the Haas team here we go woo we have a developmental driver like that. You know it to is sand stand by Centene approaching. What a great combination of our development drivers already showing the performance at that level that's huge that is here and of course it was for us into a fruit she racing against him in the same series this weekend. I know I don't leave Centene erased. But let. Regardless the finish yeah I have a top placement energy. And he was actually excited because he's done a little bit of sports car racing in there is speculation that it was gonna come Dakota for. The right in some race couple we skelley wanna try but has lasted yeah yeah I think he knows that track he knows that car that unfortunately he was not in the neighborhood. Well is so what about other stories going down the grid Jonathan I mean obviously without a dinner Ricardo on the political. Bologna is man in a math Formula One yeah I mean to be honest and say what that the new stories will not show the history books will not show that. I see we got out of the best days idol season. Fifth round of the year and he gets his first podium south. Yeah I mean Daniel regatta is quietly happy because. I mean he won't be happy with the performance of the top let's say but again I think that was all of a little bit lost some strategy. But yeah red apple were competitive there upgrades would decent but they want any match for Ferrari. Almost ladies and I think we got out knows that and in fact he was interviewed. Before the right sang not to the Baja the best we can hope is you know. A bit when we get lucky and he wasn't expecting higher than fourth or fifth so to get a fed yeah as a bonus. Yeah we got a talks Mercedes rumors when we get back yeah we got to go and take a break and we're also gonna have that interview that we did with will power the Johnson did after winning the US name in recent yeah that's that's personally Scott Speed is your caucus I get OK there's got to tell I don't know how well how has got it done this so our doors are into any place in you walk into this is will power what you need to go racing. But will Allah. Or soup or sores lead and I had a got a million daybreak grew back after these quick messages wasn't alone arms into speed city in Austin, Texas back after these messages. If you heard motorcycles in this part of the culture for long no doubt you know those motorcycle shop. But look this world Wahlberg. But as legendary Harley service runs all the water is frozen downtown Austin there's no we're both heavy duty and they move so well formal or for. You'll see all the familiar faces are bringing in your new used and abused. 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I like 183 not a big deal runs. We know Austin traffic can via a challenge. These continue with time saver drastic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Top thirteen seven. So rightfully. Roger Hayden factory auctioneers. This is beat city. Campaign. Thailand I was there and boy as governor out. I'm boys let's talk about the the Liberty Media influence on Formula One this weekend because it was there it was every hour we talked about the the speed and being displayed in a card numbers and all that and the podium stuff but there's a bunch. There's a lot of positives IE you know ot our watchful Milan so differently than I used to because I've been that and so on look at the great I'm looking who's on the grid. Yeah it's a very small selection people linger into welcome and can go in days. And you know the same people around center told the same thugs. Today that was very interesting we had shown branches he was the commercial director we have Ross brawn that we had Bernie ankles and that importantly. And we also had some innovations for the first time that would definitely liberty lag I'm convinced. One I don't know the that that the show all of the others I do. The will Buxton interviewing off the qualifying with the top three and the lawns out. Definitely some in this and unprecedented in Formula One that's got to be liberty yet and I think that is definitely influenced by them and influence about how Americans do. Involve the crowd would do with the PA are we doing here at the center of the America's armed because it's the American grown tree it makes sense. You know and and as we ease the big screens because we do the right and that's what we do here. I'm I'm really had a happy to see that happen they also have the flying you know the gun gun. Aaron yeah but you disband his loved it and you know everybody's getting in on it but that's the -- the real claimed it was wanting them Nina mentioned. Zip line and you know the merchandise village with a zip line a Heineken bar in the paddock. And more importantly hey let's grab somebody out Democrat and medias here because he was crime ball a little kid following the almost an all. Well Ferrari fan knew it was just destroy all when his hair out Kinney was taken out of the race can he came back changed and you know you heading to say. A lovely lovely little gesture because they brought me in to the pat wood is mom. We Jimmy and Jimmy gave my hat so he went home. Real happy but in order for that to happen you've got somebody you know somebody within the formal one and I'm I'm I'm not giving liberty all the credit here about. This definitely an opening up more importantly this is definitely something the media did social media social media this weekend it was open to the team's. And to the drivers. To put stuff. I know that about social media and obviously the other story we're boarding mentioned at the numbers and the death identification wins you'll hear us. We're getting better is this is this is how it should be. OK so I've got a little thing it's not not widely known social media you're right Formula One now has direct relationship with snapped Chet. And if you are going to a former won a race. You're going to have those snap Chet filters Elton all of that available at the race to commemorate your memories and everything that's going on there that's comical loneliness I can't believe they're stepping into you talk for hours ago. I don't I don't believe last nods in the last match out as alien side I'm on my. Now it's just filters a need for formidable line deal is funny because they were cutting edge what two or three years ago dumped and forming of one finally stepping in her will remember Lewis Hamilton got a little wrist slap for snapped staff because he didn't have broadcast rights. And now go committees take up all that still burns say the economy are so busy Pete did he took geez the dog to the dominance I sort of buddy Derek. Bulldog under is terrible for us and that's what happened the bronze god. You have the world's numb and it's. Yeah yeah. I love what they say yeah I totally agree I love the post qualifying interviews I'd love you know hearing this net Chad I love here in the social media stuff getting blown out. That's a big deal that's a big connection Lewis Emerson has known this and the only place he hasn't really been able to do it was at the racetrack he's. You see him playing the piano in the hotel bar and all kinds of things and slew. Very wise I think. You know liberty. Understands the generation that they need to address and recruit into the fan base you know one thing get liberty east can do more is it. No Formula One is this super high glamour and everything about it is so who is. You know it is the rich and the famous and they needed chills grammar Andre Kelsey Grammer so I'm on the red yellow line that Saddam and they've done that to some degree in years past showing just didn't celebrities in the in the grid. But this it feels like they're doing it more and that's why not that's what makes the sort big huge. I mean I would George Lucas has some great fans of Formula One. You know and Tom Cruise he loves both bikes and Gaza. Yes there's a lot of guys that bad enjoy Foreman what a joy only aspects that we enjoy which is the the intricacies and the technology involved. I mean this rockets and as you know this rockets going ran around literally. It's like mass on mass and I love it for that reason. But yeah I mean Hingis said in the interview and that there's more that into you will put that on sci class and we'll put it that later in the week. And she's also Monica we talked about that too. There is she what she east described as was the new look Formula One and I do you really feel. That we just mentioned the liberty side of it but is also an on track side of it what you like it or you don't like Vietnam was a big fan Ross but. Prospects gone the rivalry that we've got mad between. Vettel and between Hamilton is real. You got a full time world champion against a three time world champion Ferrari has stepped up. Finally caught up with a Mercedes as a him as a manufacturer and as a as a team right Red Bull a common you know that it won't be long before that Datsyuk right now I think it comes strong you know we're we're now on the situation and you wanted to Banja or an act is what I know you another look. But at that basically this year and maybe for the next couple. We're gonna have this great rivalry and it is a respectful rivalry that they will fight each other hot on the track is doesn't give an inch and he's a nice guy but on the track he's a mean. So too is Hamilton as we well know what Kamal what. You act as a pneumonia yeah. Andre here and hang on behalf British O'Brien. And let the name could pick. That's. A good day you know I was a nice guy named Larry go absolute nut I totally agree with you because quite honestly I think Nikko and Lewis got pretty ugly at times yes it did and this I still feel like watching it even with today's close call you know pit exit and and the subsequent turns there. I still feel like those two guys might be out having a beer tonight. Yeah yeah you know that big rivalry is very different because Hamilton Ross Byrd it was always very cold legally and I don't know what neatly means this site needling each other asked for pretending to be nice but not really being nice and you can see battle and Hamilton. Battling it out and scream at each other on the track. But DN best buddies like less the same last essay for the race in the sense of battle on a friendly feel that's what these guys are doing they're gonna get out their inning and beat on each other through the race. And they're racing plainly they're racing by the rules and you know whether. Lewis really realized he didn't hit those bumps on the outside of the turn and so we didn't go past the Boller to reenter or whatever you hoping did that was the big amazing thinking process or their. But yeah I can see them and certainly there were congenial to each other in the pre podium or implied so that's very guys. Nine is while my beefs which is something from motorcycle racing. If you like you have a teammate possibly in motorcycle racing but it just it never seems that way because there are two separate teams you sort with Valentino Rossi. And with Jorge Lorenzo you know you might be in this you might be on the same machine you'll not on the same team. I think I'd like to see Formula One go more towards that because when you get the unfortunate situation we can get it with Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen could have been enough. That fight today. An and Ito is a world champion by his own merit. I just think we see it would read always seen it with Mercedes in the past. If you can actually create a situation where you have Mercedes a team led by Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes B team how do you wanna say it. The other team and it really becomes a rivalry that way. Then then you know all gloves off because that's been the problem when you have a red jobless is a break our Silva got me think it's it's obvious to the crowd it's you know the difference between the blue demon the red team. In American football or on a tennis school or what MF. That's how rivalry that's how good support how good entertainment is fueled and at you know I think Formula One could learn a little bit more back creating. And and and growing those rival. Are ready bit but let's look at one particular brand and his numbers say Jesus not Ferrari let's looking placed number twelve today it was Honda. This was sent as brand at one time seriously telling wind up that that twelve. It fosters that rumor that's going around that McLaren is gonna drop the Honda and go to Mercedes what do you think Jonathan. Who. From well one thing I can tell you is that talks have absolutely started and all ongoing between Ciba and home that south. If homeless stay ease wave McLaren they will also be was Sabbah next year. And which is important because it means that two teams developing the edge which is how Mercedes have got to this point right now and how Ferrari have done the same with pass and would their own team. So that's why has this competitive because they've got a 2017. Ferrari engine. So I can totally believe that happening I think it's a good thing for Sabbath because I do think that. McLaren are too big a scene with too much investment to be twelfth. They should be up there with Ferrari they're spending the same kind of money the Mercedes and Ferrari. Their technical background and that championships like you said you mentioned Senna. When he was racing for home now and McLaren they won fifteen of the sixteen races in one particular year and he was would then. You know for many but yeah back in the glory days if you will all Honda. And Formula One they will winning everything now they came back withdrawn. As you know and they didn't and BAT and they didn't have the success that. And I think actually. Home that would be back to serve because the content and I don't read was. That they the development of the engine. Didn't seem to suit the way what would McLaren I think if they can find upon in Ciba. Went by then the small entity of Hondas in bowl. Incidents and therefore it's on the motor company H Aussie effectively. Honda racing corporation saying right. We going racing and Ciba is off vessel rather than wait joining McLaren and we may be good bottom three year today 034 because that's when the frustration he's what you saw with red balloon ran out. I mean I'm well Lil bit but not all I'm trying to say is. I think I think it could definitely happen if say on more competitive two things got out and Alonso will walk. And McLaren will walk away from this approach from mound on the. I'll agree with that Honda will have a little bit more of an upper hand with sauber. Yeah and I think that's what they need to DN instead of trying to have a team direct them. Let the technology direct and deliver to the team and the team used what they can deliver but. Walking away Honda walking away. That's what Indy Pearson. Wanted to say eight's it's ironic that this side of the pond home are not. Dominating but the home the presence again Chevrolet Chevrolet winning yesterday but south on the very much favorites for the Indy 500 on the big guy rules that still Kane and that comeback from the you know being dominated by Chevrolet a year ago to being absolutely competitive I can guarantee on the will be up there and qualify and race weekend. For Indy 500. I boys let's Ellis switched into carbon let's take a break first but we come back we're gonna have that interview with the winner on yesterday's race will power. Listen to speed seeing live from Austin back after a quick break. Susan cameras video is the largest campus dole and Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest not a factor also brings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. The culminating cell stopped the quality service comes sepia self precision camera videos to full 38 west and a some length. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddy off and I'll only MV Agusta and caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but launching an 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien does stuff. Four if you wanna putted very steeped in racing that look no further than the world's and a sport winning triple and 3675. And 800. Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas solved tried in the Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm of NBA Vista but I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Get the latest business news terms. NBC weekday mornings at 630 in May thirtieth weekday afternoons at 12343530. We make you smarter. Hopefully colossal make use some money and stay connected. We talk thirteen seventy the right choice. The right choice. Wolf good greetings from downtown Aaland thanks for tuning in to speak city people seem weird and get out and drive pedal to the metal. For the Backstreet city. When we left we told you we were gonna talk about Indy car and jump and you get to catch up with will power last night yeah. I did very delighted. And thanks to the thugs and Indy for letting us do that and will have to do more of it obviously Indy is now gaining as he should its rightful place as the tall. Motor racing in America that always has been but I'm IE just it's now. Yet allow the fat the two time world champion Fernando Alonso is going to miss the Monica Grand Prix I'll say it again he's going to miss ya the jewel in the crown of Formula One. And komen race. The greatest spectacle in racing which of course is the Indy 500 is great for motor racing it's great Fonda it's great for fans the world over at. And forget the politics and Anna wants to win one of the hottest races well to win. And he's one of the most talented drivers that we've ever seen. I wanna see him keep trying to navy doesn't do this yet before we go to will power their own ask here. Honest belief do you think that. Alonso has a shot. It's funny because I am gonna go to a clip of what will I house will well point blank and if you go onto all signed flashlight you'll you'll hear the onset to his opinion on that which are interesting because will power came up that way too truthful with three through I want throughout a 3.5. So he you know I had a similar perspective absolutely. And so he then took to the ovals and he said. It's one thing to you said bases wanting to see if banana like last week. Going around your round a year or I staff Friday said going three wide into turn one and knowing what to do and how to react. That's different and you can own you can't simulate it. You can't practice it. You just gotta do it and he's now done it okay ought to do now. Led by the number listen lesser number Pulitzer number Welch. Policy last year I was you know playing around this this nice young California kid we made friends with tigers got back half back. And I kind of did okay in bed to be quite honest we're in a fantasy Indy league MUN meeting this Saturday night the guy. It's down to that point here you know there was no John Rossi like 42 to one. All right general going to you know going to all the movies like don't always like you know media day at age should Chile should be well power and you know their way Elian oh. How well as a reason Nolan knows this guy and I cite the game that's Rossi say take. And terrorism and then he's like add another state this kid is an essay and I think you'll be surprised to one now look to really surprised really Smart with the fortitude to one way juror odds on the guy. The the beauty of it is it is a bit of a lottery a 500 mile race the way it is eight and we yet let's face it Rossi. With all due respect one on fuel savings last year let's be fat yeah. Will. Where a year by day here in celebrating his thirtieth win his 47. Pole position. Now ranks as in the top ten EP now goes ahead of Brittany is. Intends and accolades as most winning in Indy and so and I'm unbelievable career he's never won the 500. But is it a little footnote the last time he came closest was after he won this Grand Prix two years ago. Second and runner up in the Indy 500 south it does bode well to be disclosed. Well here's the thing is I've never heard somebody run such a fuel consumption focused race. As well we saw last year. But there's only ten I'm doing that this year. Yeah I I think it's going to be a very interesting strategy rice a very similar to what we saw tonight. In Formula One in terms of you know ponder this a Chevrolet and how they strategize between big teams do we go five or six drivers. Rossi was helped last year by his teammates. So I think we'll see something similar anyway Lawrence let's get to this land and he's bug was live and can't go ahead from Indy last night literally it is rules. Straight off the winning. He's 37. IndyCar win and he did it. In a completely green right so what I mean by that is the 10 cautions it was. So right holes hands off to a story does does on the because. It may not be the oval but that is a really Foxconn non tomorrow clouds build their demonstrate a need into first gear corners a very tough physically. They're expecting quite a bit of the same thing says F one with the aero. Differences they started it last year so now that it's there. And I asked bug too well bounced right off the winning. He is so rice yesterday at his first win. All of 2070. Also a lot of disappointment he was second at Phoenix and finally he won or lost not. We see bands I'm delighted to welcome to the show while tough who has just achieved another great victory. Backpacks. Indianapolis. He's second on the road course and he's plus the this year and well. All the stuff in my. Didn't really impressive but the results haven't been the frustration Muster yeah you know the frustration must be tough coming in here but at most you'll have an hour. We view on the team given. Victory wanted. It's a great weekend they session. Eight Baja. So far who it is that it pop up. That doesn't it Apple's yeah. Well of course you don't let. He's got one that's rice and went on to get our runner up. Iraq's caught 8500 so the cup you'd better preparation do you out of the seats they tens of preparing for the biggest rise civil. So that's true. We have done. This idea in. It took it day to sit out for a little bit. Well I am yeah earlier it hit Apple's. Still the bulk of that era through what I'll I'll walk all over the I think it. Yes. It's been a tough huh. That weekend intend to even I mean I'd. I wonder you tell me. Sometimes you think when you when you have a whole grain rice like he did that X. You know it's it's it's going to be plain sailing but. I physically could see him. Okay coffin that he's been a tough physical week envoy. Exit edit edit cold it. At the we get eight. Absolutely I mean Filo. Felt well. Basically our top rice. You know pretty well global green. Out pretty it could still hear it. So it. They're well it. Well it always shakes everything. Yeah no kidding yeah. I'm but that's that's a UN team is thanks let you say it's going to be a long two weeks it always is this run up to Indy but. I'm getting it all right I mean qualifying cement holes on the view and I know you've you've got sounds. You'll guys just strategists. I mean the engineers everybody you know exit. It's it's a big squall that's behind you. But so important to comment beyond laps. Psychological just suppose. Going into what's gonna be a very long couple weeks is enough. Yeah that's the problem until it aren't. What it back or get cult lose it. As well under the pressure. Well there's only on. The day. We can't say all the other and it's a everybody else. Don't put our artists. That are lawyers so it's plus thoughtful approach things. S and it maybe you'll get when you it puts you won't and they talk ten over all so bossy both Brittany is another expense god. Act and that Helio Castroneves so I'm you know I. I think that closely that's going to be. Very appealing to me that the ranks of the written isn't as well. I. Just did leak. Reported at what are you ready to. You know be good because it. Oh please visit Rick good look it up. That let our our wolf. With a well. Well good I. I know bugs interracial lines close he's too young to really the cut. Like what's going on but except Mike back and that night he was he win a race and a woman Julia tunnel back. The guys to organize some both. And dad who was born in December and yeah I think will kind of site does the effect to a very good on the the Indians DSL Paula does food at this hour calling him that embalmed. We'll get back out on sacked out and about met a format and done. Yeah I mean really pleased full well but bodes well because he is now he's really say too now he's had a son in December. He said he used to get really uptight about. You know about being you know just when things didn't go his way he was a very much. Emotional to watch the well I was calmed then maybe the sounds kind of common magazine content don't. All very well be you know when we spoke to Lester were there. He was tents yeah there's an end really focused and all of that of course in a nationally since you know party known is expecting a child that point in a but that was the hundreds race. And salute you know they do I was thrilled to see will come in as he did this time and we got Scott Dixon run behind yeah I don't know the great guys and and Brian generate is. I'd just overall agreement really should will shake of standings if this year continues the way it is. Yeah and drive of the day grand rat hole. There apps it was there's an off from the back blisters on his hands he came from a seventeenth. Two finish in the top six it really doesn't know the guy bodes well for the Indy 500. His followed you know will be damp but that. Graham is not definitely come agent is racing is really getting good now. Hey you know somebody asked about oh OK with Alonso is going to Indy he's his Stepan and the answer Jenson Button Jenson Button is gonna run Mario since since you bush or to chicken and ask you only got to give me a number I'll give you my number SA Alonso finishes eleventh. I'm on OK not so well to well okay well that well that if I don't tabloid. I didn't Texan I'm like come on now he's working on the mound now I know little low could I say top ten I believe that's fact if if everything goes I mean you never know in Indian need to be involved in that grass right there was a gamble your right if if everything goes according to plan for man it was so small. He alone quickly he'll stay out of trouble if he can and I think he will be dad. And I think he has a good chance with the package that he's got with the knowledge that Andretti can give him as they gave Rossi last year Rossi will be that helped do. But they've got a big team this year. You know and I think. I think top ten is not. On a David let's throw degrade grenade give us one number he's gonna finish eight dude you just took my and I had my hand about. Itself. All right I'll take nine did you take an eight delta ignite. I just tried to do good Las Vegas odds Fernando Alonso and he putted rather astounding yet that's accidentally let us know that's got to zoom. I have got a bigger challenge anger on her interview set I gotta get a cell he wouldn't because she's gonna Monica and she's going to be hanging out with the F rich and famous size and I try and get a I sell the wouldn't you know lawns and so that's the least trying to today let's try you're gonna be at Newman will pilot a U I will be at the Indy 500 point life or even of course. In fact I'm gonna beat after the whole week I have to give back stories. And this quello media and calm day in this concerts and stuff. You know if there's so much going on you know lets you of that I it. It's such a festival Lonnie if you motor sports fan you've got to do it that's a bucket list job you gotta do that one time and. How will tell you know Lester was my first 500 and carb day has is not what used to be by her tell you you'd go down gasoline Alley. At the end of the day you can go out on the grid area then the front straight. And you know I stepped up Roger Penske and spoke to him for awhile I mean these. As are hunter punched him but yeah. He did step up and told them I was yeah if there's a few lazy I climate no I didn't. Now when I got security unless it looks last time and they let him go it was fun. At the hood. All right I was I live here and then and there aren't as we maybe we got a rabbit out so thanks for joining it is BC and now thanks for putting up with our. Our technical glitches and if you watched on UT thanks a lot and keep keep watch it and boom we're gonna continue to do that so talk to you next week. At the drills. Valeo. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone logon to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice.