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Speed City
Sunday, June 10th
Speed City, for June 10.

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Welcome to those speeds hit eight when John messing gal that's Kaiser and trying to increase. And snow fast as sour on the radio. Speed. City. Good afternoon gear heads welcome back to speed city. We just got through watching these Canadian girl free. Not the most exciting race we've seen all season is done messing deals and Nicholas cousin John fingering what do you think boy is. Called it. He had he had me in lens when not on he had you're doing plus another I think I think dead in the Jason I think there are pre show caller called in as well. He did enough to what was significant about what Jason Florida I have to say. I'm pleased you call and if you got any opinions today about what you have to say was does this stop the beginning of Ferrari dominance we just Jillian enough and the boys saying you know we've got to backtrack. Austria and unknown territory coming to pull recount because they don't Madden trivia night is all Australian Evernote. And of course of Austin again you never know in terms of weather because they do not the sum up I can be pretty atrocious sometimes so these next three races. Could define what the battle will continue to lead all what Mercedes is a glanced back. Okay bill what do you think about Hamilton lagging so far behind them. I just think it was on the back foot from the stock really have to listen to the press conference is that an and the interviews he did he. He just wasn't with it we'll see this weekend and I'm I'm just you know the from the flat spot all the way back coming. You know he died she drove pretty well but I had a heating problem on imported an elite he questioned that I mean you know there was also also things that did it didn't work for in this. Oh and I and I find it amazing that they actually. Pulled off solar reflectors the saloons and during a pit stop the digital element was in second place ten I don't think that that's. I go and I don't think I've seen that happen in a pit stop. Yes that is usually you'll be at full Jonathan you're right our caller was Ronald Dominique Douglas got phone Emmerich is he wants to call again it's 512279. 08213. And we'd love to hear your comments and and what she thought about the race. But boy is let's talk about submitting them in there were some other stories are obviously the very beginning the race we had a big crash between. Land stroll. And who was out on the other end of that crash. A hotly you aberrant Harley sorry Brent hardly reroute who we are so excited about the beginning of the race but land straw obviously. Turned endurance and put him up the against a wall in the dust in the air and then on top of of these unless strolls car. He has had located a few times three plays. And definitely tell you what if you don't have it check out info on TV but Lincoln at three plays you concede. That Lance Ashley did steer towards the left consequently he wound up with a flat turns out I Tallulah was. I think that was initiated at stern will. I think he had a I think they had puncher. And that's what led you to feel less like he did because he suddenly felt that nothing was the real left. At and use it readjusting because almost it's gone down which he swayed into the right so he readjusting uncles he couldn't see a puncher and that's what let it so that no question not the fault lies we've. Intends and cause an accident last stroll. I mean bread and Hollywood always linemen just you know and five flat I'd go to war since explode and what PM you know Tony's iTunes and show off spot we definitely need the full Rodriguez with us strong. And it's a shame because hardly was looking good before the race and of course the big story the rumors about him being possibly. I said normally harmless but not even rumors from the tour a row also act. Actually have contact McLaren cost about Flanders availability Anna Norris this is the breeze Sakura Dana often all strip. It was just just I mean you know read I mean what career these guys had he's been thrown out of Red Bull already want us. I don't you know that for in the they need a full season. I mean OK but you know years ago when he did hasn't had his shot at F one. It was a total different car and so you know folks are arguing whether you calling a rookie or not. As far as a card this drastically different than what he injured before yeah he's a rookie. Is the logic in the strategy. Much the same thing is pretty much the same as what he had before so I understand being a little bit torn between the team. Oh let's run down the race results in case anybody's still listening and didn't you see is Sebastien colonel. Walked away with it and then both toss for stabbed and Ricardo Hamilton Raikkonen Holcomb bird. Car signs O gon LeClair and then in elevens gas leave room could goes on lags and Phares Ericsson vendor's instructions. And then he did not finish the race Alonso moved. Land stroman darling but yeah that's another big story Alonzo not finishing the race guys. Yeah and today he gets on plane tonight as does Scott Dixon and heads to the launch point for us part of his triumph for over in stresses or. He loves to win like Grant Hill before him. The EU. Monica grown free the Indy 500 and Lemond docks the Triple Crown. Table a behind the wheel until he's got a shot at winning them all for sure I support him a shot he's got to the got to be the favorite it's a tough extol. I mean with Porsche IE police baton death. I do you already long gone. Effectively Toyota are the only not revolving whack at the moment I know so well but it's an asterisk besides is beside his Triple Crown all year because it. He really did. Few thought hey listen I think if you can drive. Three mile around a mall the 24 hours you deserve a medal at age you know a win is a winner with is a win. Yeah yeah but I I know I'm just saying without Porsche and protect any and Audi and everybody else. I was a little bit less glamorous feel to win a few times and. I think he could do it it going you know who I was or somebody about you know how good is he you know luckily he's very good. But you know I gotta question the team's. Stand I was staying with that Honda. Idea going to IndyCar. One name Honda. For one side what what the McLaren relationship and Honda of him coming to IndyCar with the Honda or so it was from a I Astros seem to surely after his failures. We use of that last night. I mean I I I may you've owned right it's interesting I techniques you write the day ease of Honda Conn connect at the 500 which is two years ago now have gone home and Honda are reliable and in fact that they're a powerful and Chevrolet this is on the math is more about it longevity is of pit stalls and she's so lost my home you can go longer Chevrolet a Foster. So I actually think that the Alonso is coming. In July Honda based clean sheet we expected to be because it's always been connected with the Andretti my theory is. And I said this at the beginning the show us in this two year the beginning show I actually think the Smart move Michael Andretti was in Canada I. And Zach brown was in now on Detroit while I was that. Is that instead of bringing McLaren as a fully fledged like Colin did teen but come in and literally take out lost half of the Andretti team. That's what I would said the suspect and to do you know was bought a couple of chassis is also Michael and make you pay you well you can hardly be GDP was McLaren but effectively. A split and try to ease. Overhead. By bringing Zach brown in and he he's 47 wasn't so that I had kills us he's -- he's resolved down properly out of former want by any means he said he would only work and then doing the due diligence that's the quote we are Dynegy jealous front I wouldn't with Michael so it is a real potentiality this and that full. I'm not the back to Alonso he said he'll be on the books there. We have one of all projects which basically means he can do all I think you know to be honest less to Aussie a question I also think I was at the duel fought. Honda Acura and potentially lawns I do you GT. I think India in what the so. I was to back to the Canadian girl -- little bit undone it was the most exciting news but there were some highlights one must favorites palace of the entire race was. Early in the race when master Staten. Was due meet Max and went aggressively at Botox. And we did not see Boe toss fade and stuck in there and kept nice just happened today. And yeah I gotta love that and love that was done so cleanly. It it is is your point I think these drivers anytime they look in the rearview mirror in the C Max common idea I guess it probably cringe a little bit and. The F by getting up to you ought to go back to redeeming himself could take my access to happen. Cleaned I get the nose clean and also what has been a loyal criticizing and potential head butting. I'm had no one beaten and no one needs to be first in the media center this afternoon. Blacks yeah no need to be head butted the yeah that was his threat of course to the media to stop asking me about crash is armed and had achieved. And then which is oppression itself relieve. And I should in the media center elements I think everybody should have a ground ball incentive. Or resign. If they took that trend seriously is for stuck and but our cart does race it was quiet but. I seeds look it's interesting to see Red Bulls to finishing third and fourth after winning last weekend. Amid this season is it's definitely competitive season and even in the championship. I mean I think instructors. I. I think he's going to be one of the closest fought championships I was mentioned in the commentary juror in the rice by the BBC that you know how. Hamilton may be out of sorts because he's not used to this kind of competition and I think the pressure of this season win his teammate by a task and we battle clearly. With a competitive gone now red apple coming to the fore as might just an absolute three way battle for the title. Yeah also early in the race we of course we're talking about the crash between. Hartley and stroll but. There was some of that there was a little fallout and I did not list visit and I ended this is the early in the race is that after hitting some of the debris stopped vendor's came and and that's why wonders why into finishing so far back but he hit some of the debris from that from that crash. And there was that moving up through the race a little bit. There was a couple of incidents like Perez and Carl science she called called for as. It doing well and then spinning off into the grass and come back on track. Just a tweet from Mandy. And says hi guys at least we have a championship battle he's right at I mean that there's no question that the finally instead of talking perennially a part Mercedes want to can anybody stop the silver rounds. We saw the real nicely yeah I PF I think it's great it's really dead and have to say Ferrari. You know I. You know for Mariam. You know if nothing but historical and I think they'll get. It and this will really put went into action to continue this form if they can do it it appears that I finally got a car. To take home besides. And it's their first one instance I think it was 2004. So I think you know that's that's gonna get our audio out Kellyanne and sent out there and so that's going to be awesome. I think you know it's in our pre show caller I think fuels right this this could be a turning point for Ferrari to really give them the legs they need to. Stay up front. Our guys so what else from the race today because. I see you really expected more that from from Canada Winston. I move with the speeds and everything else so expect this to have more action I was impressed regrow John Ginn 49 left side of ultra soft tires yeah that was a big deal I was really waiting to see how that strategy would play out. He's indifferent. Little grand dam and the groundhog to go to the time estimate among longer fit these the other counties that are that fifth. So I thought should go back. I was really incidents seeing how that was gonna play out in my mind though I think he was trying to wait out for a safety car yet. And that way everybody's who's slower. The time in the that is slower yardage by the car's own chart. I think that that if that had happened there have been something else doesn't tell us exactly what happens then why why would he when he first faced safety car or vice. He didn't get everything done without losing any time the lines you lose 25 seconds in the pit stop. 25 seconds therein. Could actually get you back out again almost insane place IE you know you don't lose and I think that's the key that a cause he did coming in and he lost what 88 places on place. It's quite a few sitting at this say that 25 seconds the amount of ground you cover it race pace is a lot more in the cover at yellow flag face yeah. We are talking during the race are injured Matt are looking at the gap between the Indian the top six cars in the gap between them and everyone else was almost a minute. And I know when I looked at one point it was a pretty huge gap there was instant watch there but so what about how we talked about Alonso. What a way to celebrate his 300 race and thus. You know again that's you think he was over at the pools and so there's a girl like this. It's the ice on the front and IIDs children and I think you know there's the Soledad. All along those talent being wasted in Formula One continues. You know us he he he should be going down and in history. As one of the greatest drivers and sadly Vettel and Hamilton and I say satellite but is that both very good drivers wouldn't it be nice if you saw Alonso up. Yup I will guzzlers could take your first break. And we come back Korean continue to talk but can any ground premieres of stories about forming a woman wanted to get out there today but you listen to speed city. We're at Austin, Texas and back after these messages pack. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by hand Diego's stuff. Fourth you want to categories begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary and and bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm a bevy of good stuff and make life right Elaine just east of I 35. Fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving schools offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors from. The judges Judy based on the day off. From all that driving background we'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road pulled back out on the racetrack feel calm. And the whales that laugh at a situation no matter what you've done Paul way you've done it all how well you've done it will thank you. Welcome back to the fastest salary. Radio speech city. Welcome back to speed city. Cutting off bridges wrapped up Sebastien bill flips out frets about dominant victory today. Looking I'm pretty much untouchable. And and blessed I was up to some of the stories that you were excited about them through an arm knows for today's show because. If there's there's so much more Formula One obviously there on the track with all the everything's from the economic impact all over the world and every different country. But somebody the other business sides of or you want to talk about. Absolutely so you know we mentioned in the pre show that you've got some things going on. That that are impacting not only this season but there's certainly decisions be made for 2019. How much longer will they invest in a car and 2018 infants in an area that won't be used in 2019 so that's a budgetary. Reserves also timing today. Have time to develop this right now or do they put off little boys get through this race season. And use that as relishing. In the pre weekend press conference Claire Williams. Got to Steiner and Bob firmly. We were in their Bob fearnley of force India would which is a ministry of its own these Somalia stepped down from the director and is now just the principle. Bob firmly is stepping in for that. But Claire Williams talks about F one changes and the challenges of a mid field team. And home or so. Sorry yeah he made that they're watching hot tea leaf. There's a similar way to do real nice that we have to wait to get back which we are paying. In order to make sure that have been pesos that we're gonna happen 20/20 one was fast. You know all the teams is SA tab and that's not an easy piece of black. It's not exactly what we lost I think he went public as to the team as Libyans. Rising winds will be getting place and hey maybe we should get this the budget cap in place that brings us. Maybe an event that pull it's great to thousands of them won fifty that if CNN it was very high and finally you'll have to compromise. I think every place that how you navigation so to get they snuck down which would be great because that might be that would attract new. And the ends in to us course. And it's just debt crisis as a continuing crisis that everybody's question haunts me so that we can get. Assassins stings in other than answer. Absolutely so you know those are the kind of things that are coming to play dealing with the power plant. Getting the regulations around those and the storage. Jonathan what other mark she think would be interested in coming to Formula One. Asked in Boston is the one that seems to be beaten the most obvious that everybody's talking about I'm talking about a sole engine. And treat calls woods a number one. Who have been informal along have been related to Formula One. And that then I think Wisconsin. What I think is gonna change in form on the next few years and and you stunned to hear it in the woods or someone like laugh just bad luck and you've got ball lineup and he goes into it a bit more but. Yes eight I think all bets are off the show practice and recently you know this is like a start up. It almost because of the commercials side Formula One was so different and a very different model run by Bernie Ronald right I mean I must say raw right because. There's an argument that he was doing a hell of a job of running former Milan made it one of the most successful businesses and he's won on the wealthiest man in the world and all the people in the teens are millionaires because all the successful don't want. And it's low low pay audience is second and on the oft soccer south of the Olympics so yeah it's brilliant. But I think liberty have a new tag on it and will be bringing new a EMs it's quite rightly points I looked at it and I could be any. I think did you know you didn't say one or one of a console brands of like seeing Don and Ford and Chevrolet. Why is sales in India don't want to ask you also dollar Dresser next download a lot of they in I think other brands come into the group would be a good thing you know we when we talk about that we also what would she have. Like gain from being. Obama Obama will appeal level exactly that a world level. Yeah and let others did not so I was always being devil's advocate is a single Cadillac have done. An and Cadillac is almost has been exclusive sees an American brand only but I think now with the erasing programme what they're succeeding to do. It will start to see even more often around the world. No absolutely absolutely. Speaking American goods or Steiner is obviously frustrating on how to become. 01 of those that are more on the podium regularly. But there does. The Pentagon there's gas mission takes on our end and actually addresses some of the things that concern them. I think there engine regulations need to be signed off faltering too long to stop off quick and then. It's they put in place independent expert pollster com's home did you notice commercial contract that. But yeah. I think that's why I'm gonna but he's working diligently. To achieve this. If you've got tough they send up a company that proposal yet that that. Dead I don't think it's an easy job. Do to make phone that team's happy but I think they know. What. What what what needs to be gone and he's now cut down to them to negotiate. Of all to do ball took pictures. All about the bond debt but it to take it. Exactly where they want to take it it says. I think liberty is more of an inclusive approach but they're working on and the facts of their talking there of you know these these low late. John into the game. Costing. They include them I think that's a demonstration they obviously want in on the market as well you know you Tom and being inclusive Liberty Media I'm not sure that that's always a good thing like having out celebrity's wave the checkered flag that's really its intended. Opponent what you don't run short in the race by wanna laugh possibly can simply forgot about guys I know we trashed the place got a day that's true it's true there are the race Johnson. A peso. But I made as least. Dead talking speaking of the checkered flag there smashing things there actually has been in the currents of that in the past were it did it impact the race. Because drivers race to the checkered flag and then a lot of times like let off and coast and cool down for the remainder of that lap. Apparently in a previous races it was done and laps and fuel started making passes. Because they knew that was one laps short and it had a good race stewards to review and all that kind of think not in this case and and so I can anything really changed. But that does have a history. Yeah that that was news that I know this I know it's funny but there is also a serious thing you can look at the rules and regulations insane if you throw the checkered flag decreases over. So you think we got a VP you know get a pay attention all that. Exactly right. Well we didn't finish second about the changes but there is a note Bob firmly have to do is the standing director for force India. Definitely somebody who's been around awhile well yet and kin speak to it from distorts perspective as wells how things are now as they're headed towards. The Liberty Media so let's here Obama's got say. I think I like the process. This form along route for bringing in weariness is very much done by consensus as opposed to individual scenes. You own agendas which is what keeps things I think that going through right. Very constructive process not an honor I think we comes and we need to get our class Hamas and we need to get injured right thing. They don't hopefully maybe this month so those can move forward. I'm less concerned about the these checks you write this I think we can wait awhile for those because again as soon as they come out the big teams and got more opportunity. To pull resources behind it is not urgent that happens. As long as we keep moving on the top and we've made the change for 2019. Which is a step. Towards a twenty mile program which will give some very clear direction they will get you right. For short but it gives you good direction in terms of whether you want to these twenty won't. We could be looking you saw elements of standardized additional prospectus supplement those to start coming in quite early because they don't expect development. So united I think he needs to just talk about cohesive process and you know hopefully over the next few months we'll see. Very interesting and tens of the woods easyJet consensus so wrong on the law being effectively Alley saying is that everybody had an agenda. Would I think actually approach Bernie would dazzle some on the rules and then they will come to a own accord agreement. On the rules and now all of the tea and taking a completely different on it she which is they wanna get a consensus in this try to get everybody speaking on the same page not the problem with that is good luck with that yeah. Well good luck with Abby got somebody's buying five and a million and some do spending less than a hundred million. An and policy at the time is now we've got to salt is sat because. Ferrari and Mercedes will continue and everything for her forever and on the day. And teams like later in a Lotus will disappear Murray's yet. Have from time to time and no one will be encouraged to come into forming along and lets you create a cap I'd I'd be happy you know. Sort of cap and a consensus is he says. Well the likes of tax and Williams and a Mac team great examples. I'm closer you are actually. Of three teams that have invested millions and millions of dollars in to this ball would no real return in terms of results. To talk to so called and also the end of the season and construct is all at once it destruct as money is handed out you know. This finishing fifth and sixth about getting some good money but I'm not getting any when the F coming that a second son. I haven't heard anything that I would say that would jump back and say that's the answer that's perfect that's let's do that whether it's a capital whatever. We need to be thinking creatively like. What do they do motor GP you know prior years ago in two condi was they were basically playing under a different set of rules I don't know I don't know the answer. I'm taking a consensus that the US from other sports or at least by taking some there is so it's from other sports whether BM BA whether BN FL whether it be. Indeed all weathered the moto GP you're absolutely right there are a lot of models that that an awful little ones model and on Friday and only he could do Adam. In any other sport re create Formula One small because it was it was such an historical model set by wall minus seventies who effectively. The acted as an agent on the half of the whole sport and everybody involved that it represented the most well Bernie did he represented the teams and that's how is business model was formed an eagle then money and that's how they got pulled back but unfortunate that I also led to an agenda seeking from each of those teams and a half and half not to kind of situation where you know he decided. Who got watt and Ferrari got a very big line sheriff to stay in Formula One. I don't believe that he will take that approach they don't want leaves Ferrari but I think they will find consensus approach which works for at least the majority of democratic approach if you will. Around to running the sport back and I also think that they're small enough and savvy enough. And experienced enough to go out and if you don't like it this is the road ahead guys are. Right to live we've gotten to me there has to be some things to. Not not a limit creativity but there has to be some things that are specified. Thinking about moto GP and the meg very early ignition so here's your ignition system does this is torture gonna use the F. In the reason I say that is saying anything of other components to be honest. Is. Mercedes is gonna develop an engine so Lou is very easy for them to hide the cost to develop that engine. And say that decision was always so much from cost standpoint. And though the underlings are the private teams. Junior teams have to purchase that. And so that is there's there's some slight of hand I think that can occur if you're building in creating your own engine vs. Buying it as a customer. I zodiac like you say is what the debate is going on with the right now right now and Red Bull is do you wanna be a works team with Honda IT Dem supplying you and you alone. With their engine and match your relationship or do you want me to customize and do you want to how Iran note that he shared by several other customers. And is run by Renault F 12 up by. Known to have the latest bank which is very true of a lot of different motorsports Suggs. Eighty I this is couldn't yeah we can't you can't reinvent the wheel so to speak. But I think you know some changes on need to be mating and need to be made in order to for the growth of the sport to happen. I guess those could take a break we come back re entitled to more about the Canadian Grand Prix talk about who's. Do you have driver that he was according to Formula One and some of the other statistics from today's race or listened to Spin City and Austin back. It's just. Deals Denise KOA campground just fifteen minutes from circuit of the Americas and downtown Austin and just two minutes from the Travis County expo center. And central Texas fishing Decker lake. Featuring amenities for every style of camping tent sites to luxury RV folders and cabins and well some cool showers and laundry. Nestled into all of trees on the edge of the hill country. All the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise scale way to make your reservation is that also an east KOA dot com. The racetrack it's what legends are born. Only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such of a ninth place you'll find at Aston Martin at Boston's that is a Boston Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor co. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey these fuel and just along for the ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the fastest seller in radio. Speed city. Welcome back to speed city Canadian Grand Prix today which got to listen to that end. Sebastian Vettel won the race today felt or vote us for staff and Ricardo Hamilton. And fiftieth win for Sebastien that'll. And young guys we have this drought we can forgive with Ferrari doing good last year and this year we're didn't really significant drop. For Ferrari and it's a first time since 2004. And zinc one in Montreal. And do you remember petulant Vettel from last year on the radio complaining and screaming and chanting. Companion downs and you know that there is a low water under the bridge since special was having an air of superiority that. All weekend this week and every inch viewing today and cost the fact right stuff I mean he could put a foot wrong. And that that stopped sensational. I mean Ferrari you've got back together really yeah. They should and it's Ferrari and he got the money to do it and it also Sebastien dole is now on top of the drivers and about 11 point 2 PM over arose Hamilton's when his real offer a quick visit his. The some significant things here and obviously one point was Sebastian Vettel. Over Lewis Hamilton and then at 121 point one and then Beltre both toss. 86 points Daniel recorder only two points behind him 84 points Kimi Raikkonen 681 happened fifty. Alonso in the top ten with 32 points and number seven hole and birdied number eight. And Leno obviously we'll get to shoot this girl Sandra monument in at number nine. And at the very bottom and we've got surgery sarokin who. Roman rodeo on an at some point some resolves the bat or somebody else down to just find out about it because Jones form old pot luck I should say and full. And and since you know easy getting and it missed with it he has no and let me just remind you Grumman rose John you know voted with his feet when no one knew what I was going to be. And he left his Korea to join this fledgling team. And effectively gave up his competitive career. To help develop the house team so I did informed garage on and again problems today. Or you know that's not what they wanted today but down to it in the Lewis Clinton was saying that were a 100% on a driver and even though he scored no points yet look that's been bad luck and yes he's headed to inform but he'll come back when they get it all right I think we'll see Russian prize. Also if you wanna join the conversations I wouldn't you 279 net 08135122790813. If you wanna call and give us your opinions and Johnson yet another topic you. It just same thing I'm just looking at that championship standings today we are about to go into a mouse from a three back to back to back to back races. Austria Britain and sounds from us but what I look at all for that 84 points I think the championship is. Real lightening up narrow lining up and I to be a full white battle between the two Mercedes. Sebastien battle a battle and to and Daniel Ricardo which will be joined by wins possibly and certainly podiums for the likes of Raikkonen and the staff and on the way to that that jump. Okay of the upcoming races wary of the season so we know what kind of circuit after Monaco that is good for Red Bulls. What do you think word he's saying that Red Bulls can look strong as we know. Austria yeah and unfunny because I'm in that they will because it's their home grown grown pretty effectively. I'm Silverstone I think still the stick with it's a big long man field is Celestin. I think baffle Ferrari and Mercedes and the long long run Grasso was from Poland he still dominant. France that's the one that's why I like because Oregon has not the knees in March over a decade. The Formula One and the Mormon laterally to east demanded my record in France pull recount that was a great circuit and I think you'll enjoy it. It's quite different it's got some interesting instead a gravel traps that go Lisa. Kind of funky blue white line you say. And again who's at they go along strike that it but testing ban and and so did the drivers will be familiar with the circuit. But some the French ground freight some good news back on the calendar I mean. The French practically invented motor racing well according to them they didn't feel that well the first ever Paris to rule long was in France so the first ever moderates. Lol there you go that so you know we'll take you were four drivers today according to Formula One was Sebastian middle. This is hard to argue with that. I was taken into growing goes on and ended up in the points for money had a shot at that yes true starting from the back. Macs are staff included today says I think you're really competitive it was a good grease I enjoyed it. It seems so it seems awfully mature for us and. Does say that that doesn't sound like my exercise ask for help. There's I didn't have a little card in his hand when he was news and every heroin does in it's. You know because there were there was an eye stinging. Audio clip. About Max is a response. To us changing his way of of racing and yeah we heard the head but stories and things like that. That's masses. In are you gonna change racing wheel here's his response. But you know I didn't really tired of all the comments to me the notion that I should change my my Detroit so then I would never do that. Because it's brought me to where I am right now. And since. You know off surveys. And you know and it's not the right time to talk and yes everybody who has as it was comings and kind of listened to it anyway and they just as you do my own thing. And then he had the editor. Displayed is showing Americans dissimilar the lies to you I don't really understand nod bat head butting thing. I'm in all the European version and in Holland and in an inviting areas like Denmark I think as those insults and I think got a nose and your very eyes your personalized to you can't let what are you have ahead but did somebody. Well I'm not since fifth grade that era okay you say you did did hit a space. Let's Sorkin think it's something really you know you call it comes across eco ahead but the guy in front of you to get an out away. But you know order bars somebody looks you watch their own why you'll still owes you drink. Yeah I have bottom so this this is Paula this is normal columns from the BP he is he really is rhetorically he's really saying he's gonna had by. Anybody but I wish she would begin said it should have been today does it would have been something extraordinary. Hold our digital is that could do with a actually had but not again you see this again strike silicone better rare Wear helmets nowadays says it's this from. I lest you wanted to talk about the story. And another one of your days the business side noted outside the race today don't see with a little bit more time to talk about south jump into that. The there's there's a few different things going on that are really sting and you know the business changes that I enjoying. The business side of it and seen how are gonna change. What they're gonna do with this. It's not just about the the technical things of the things that you see on track or the budgets. But they're actually starting to talk about the calendar. One of the things is to stretch out the racing season a little bit earlier and stretch a little bit later. And make more races and had more races that I think make more money well allow duty if I can only hope that each race brings profit yes. But you know that's. That's pros and cons. Some of the things they said do you water so frequent that our customers get bored with that and it's not a special occasion. Two wash the F one races as they are now. People plan their day to include it. Do you want to stretch it out so far that logistics of travel. Impact the racing teams even more to be gone longer to be away from your family and then too short the shorten the offseason time that you have. Because if you stretch it out on bodes since the beginning in the end you're gonna shorten that time. To get the next year's car ready. And so it it impacts not only the year you think about it she stretched militants but the the subsequent beer after that what do you think Johnson you've traveled the Tony to country year circuit. Yeah it's back and it's very hard to be honest on everybody pop but the the flip side he will un and EE kind of almost describe does is mainly negatives and the positives I would say if I'm if I'm putting the live to Seattle for a second would be more races. Will will will bring more revenues. And the will create a an appointment Sunday used viewing either every two weeks or not far off. It would some back to backs. So that's one thing to I think yes the teams on both capable and probably willing to do different teams different races and what I mean by that is literally coming. You know that the team do the first full racism then you know he's corporate ran a little bit. Intensive. Actual people traveling so not everybody's traveling to every rice because that's really tough. And then the Apollo I really do like is the I dale all geographically set in the calendar. In the regents. What I mean by nannies effectively EU if you are Europe east and Europe and if you are an AG stay in Asia and when you're in the Americas you do Canada USA Miami intends and then Alston and then maybe Brazil Mexico yelling 88 inch rounds so that also from a point of view you law aimed. I'm a news cycle more relevant if it's more in the news for the four months of this in the region. Absentee that would make the logistics of travel definitely cheaper. From a fright point of view in getting the cost to whether any debate to go on the same continent for four months rather numbing some of the trips I've seen you know from flip it always just done we've just gone from the Far East. In the train and Azerbaijan and then coming back to Spain. Nine cap again I mean that's up big logistics. This certainly is you know as a spectator I would it was let folks here at TSA scraper in Austin that have. Said they have to choose between going to Mexico City or. Come to Austin for this. I'd like to see these two spread out on the calendar more so. Just because of that. That you know they can only do one or the other. Might seem spread out this again let's and that's good concept comes you know counterargument that you know for looking for fan engagement. And to me the region may play against that in the region idea he it's a tough. Tough road Hoch and come up with the results on that because there's just so many variables in if you did today Canada. Followed by a Austin for instance in the first half of the season. Logistics probably aren't nearly as giant as you would expect from. The folks gone from Asia and coming to Canada. But wilder over here that Austin lawyer edit. Maybe see some blue bonnets in Texas they're beautiful floats. Yeah I mean I certainly feel I mean you know when I look at the Asian region which is kind of the newest pot of the the Foreman go on. Academy of of of racetracks is it would cause a spent a lot of tarmac that it makes sense. To stop traditionally in Australia where it does but it then makes sense discussing applauds and them lazier into Vietnam is a possibility now talking about it. And then you had to Shanghai now all that logistically makes a lot more sensible way they do it currently. Chart and then again yeah you're right there I mean. 300 miles away or Vietnam which is probably no more than a hundred miles a life so yeah. I mean I. Does that does this you know. Positives and negatives for both but I think logistics will win that. Our guest analyst at another quick break we'll continue to talk about paying for. Our free Formula One. On stories and listen SBC and Austin back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion but to wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only MV Agusta funny caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin servicing always European brands. The brutality sport make is the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by India go stuff. Fourth you wanna pedigree steeped in racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. Bull got all act for the ultimate legend ray at bowl MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in consignment is welcome I'm financing available. To carry outfit out. I'm an MV Agusta and I like breakaway just east of I 35. Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience. Amateur races at professional drivers are professional instructors that judges Judy's based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack. And behind the wheel stuff back to the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will make you. NASA. Thirteen seven. Welcome back to. To the fastest seller in radio. It's beat city. Welcome back to speed settings. Speaking of gene Haas. Bosnian. Today goes John ended up twelfth after starting dead last good job. Yeah we'll take that and Magnuson and ended up fourteenth Perez past and went on the pulse black he was like I thought they're gonna be twelve and therefore there is that after the first you're actually. He may end depending on what you coldly as a currency was. Twelve yeah specifically is affecting. Oh we have a couple clips I wanna play about the cost of one team because. At least I expected a little better race today I mean obviously. Twelve is funds and starting in the back with whatever reliability from the and there are all the smoke in qualifying. Is is a good finish but. I'm hoping to get at least one of the points there was kind of expecting really and we got a couple clips in fact I wanna start with dispersed once. In this is from the doom and he knows what it's like to be on the Canadian girl crazy race class and this is Julian Palmer who. Is if they was a twin seventeen he was informed one raising the rent a team in this years doing commentary for the BBC that. He kind of sums up a possible season afterward give them a little bit of a hard time after Michael answer from Julian Palmer. I think though the big better than last season's ability stated that during naked choke costs they've come on the books flying. The they've had a lot of seating problems and think back to Melbourne where they were running full of faith editing an incredible job. And they had problems with the wheels go on the pit stop which is which basically meant both calls resign out of out of great positions. I and yes I bet that's really the essentially the cup not this and showed it was safe place in Barcelona. They've got a call to could be best of the rest a lot of the time but in Monaco it really highlighted the weakness of the college is on the chassis does slow speed corners. And that's an inevitable we've got him here in Montreal as well really it's a lot of low speed corners is like. A street circuit with a long straight and then again it's not really once the house that the baby while they can be less contested and learn Monica lost time now. But overrule it than a good job and when we get back to so this then Austria. We've more false front corners that's what since the house car and they can be often it's a tennis scoring points Magnuson nothing's ending a great job this CA's really got the most out of that. Crucial got the pace is that I could draw the but he just made a lot of mistakes Yemen. Remember about sue Bucky when he was running sixth and it in the hole but on the safety car though the loss points that and then of course also and read the big. The big Larry crash on the first lap and and ruled out and cell phones and does this help convert such. He's got the pace he's up there and all but he's just not able to them to get anything. At the end of the race on Sunday yet but it's a matter it's on the discretion in debt Magnus has been doing it I think passive and taking it to be honest even if this weekend. Probably is like its feet and another challenge and hopefully. You know now's not a whole itself is now absolutely and you kind of forget about summer assess how well they started and now it's that one little mistake behind the safety car. A lot of small things could've made conferences in the palace wheels falling off yeah exactly and you know up to a pit to pit stops death. Make it dramatic difference in their season still ahead a bunch of changes for Canada here today because. Ali we talk for the furry power unit but they had front wing a new floor large board they're barge border area there was a lot of changes to the car. And and I know you eat this is something you and I talked about does the very beginning of the season. Was Haas going to be able to keep up with the rest of the midfield. With a smaller team and in this lesser budget and some of those guys. And I'd say and yes that for the most part yes. But but I expected a little better today. A bottle they're the only equal points among width tour also a nineteen their ahead of south brown Williams who have schooled literally just four points in the season. House currently on nineteen points and you know. If they keep this going they could absolutely. Challenged both McLaren and force India as the as the you know as the year goes on on that and I'm not a moment McLaren a fifth force in year six of remember last year it was touch and goes to whether they money and beaten. Yeah well let's skip from. More than themselves into Steiner because he's he did little season update. And so let's hear from good to start. I think Joseph I get home beat down his Monica well performance cost and day out double I've got off times in the performance cost that didn't get enough points. Out of ten basis but Monaco V he knew going into on a that the most beat Dallas cop is not that good putt and then get the few issues. You can beat back this week check. As Lucy profit he decided not to. Not to use them. Saw we know going into quantify the TV. We just throw away QA obviously you know soft. Also pricing it does make us happy that depth. Is I think to get here again yeah. Get some updates TF focus face and then yesterday about waiting. How much they bring ten days too early to say anything yet. Rahman is appeared to struggle and it's a bit more competitive Kevin this year and tons of eight points for turning right. But when you've had issues like Monica another race is what you missed opportunities how do you view how you tried as a performing. Nothing to do UK and did so my I would say he get that actually to about racists and he knows about that I don't need to tell them. And tad bit seems to get some credit test Hamas. Because she must have from the beginning he took a big get Johnson to beginning to join us then be back I'm an old man that that located headed by anybody. So. I think communique he become bank can beat Obama. Like most people. Yeah and includes the eighties came from the former one YouTube page which is so much better than these two these these Daria Liberty Media influence. Let's see so also moved fastest lap Max just happened today. Not surprising us with and so I mean he did do all weekend. It's going to be a foot out but you know he's kind of gone by the plywood battle winning but this happens performances weekend has turned Iran or has been at six races of she L frankly candidates might so to be only as I think you get quality about it. Setting back to Europe and guy are right above the monkey off my back a little bit and I think we'll see you know. The best Panamax hopefully end that we can move old move forward from there is nobody gets at but the. Fees. Yes. Let's talk about something else that was there's been played out the last couple weeks last couple races is these cameras. They're talking about the new cameras and angles again I love the fact deliveries bringing in there and trying new things because. Roman grows on tried out some glasses. That they had a camera in the glass in the glass is that that he tried out over the weekend. And she gives a different camera angles sometimes a great idea because. Imagine what she sees not only ECD. You know that and I know this has been done attempted before but not actually right in. The the helmet like that you and did you guess senior yeah. The burglary after at times us cal would you expect owners to sit you know that's what you might see is drivers take yes sir. That was a good idea and I and I think this is the kind of thing when you see. What experiment didn't work definitely they camera in the ground hog nosed if you don't look. And we faced all would grow Jeanne and we would get that double view from the ground hogs perspective and then from gross dolls and it just didn't really work and they just took out Adam. Bush owns most. It is just we knew his complaint and a great idea it's glad day that I thought ma the nature cans. I don't. I don't want to hear anymore about this on the ground on. The girls are ran over. So brutally again again. Yeah it entails exactly. Why don't Ireland who runs move on moving on from there is so all right so Lou is the probably some of the biggest stories that have been hovering around corporate lately again we talked about this will be in the pre show but. Red Bull Tata. And I know we have touched on this but. But if we. Is it there was so much discussion about on the last year. And so much discussion about declaring doing all of that we see if we just had a chassis to do well and now we're not doing well. And so they can't laid on Honda but what do you think John do you think they. If if you weren't Zach brown. What's your decision. You don't means that when you means sorry could you wanna Jessica showed us that Brad made his discussion what what was it what was ever known just visiting an energy Odom. Alan I. I think there's an interesting one especially when you consider on the bottom of the. Rental car is a very very well no amount of pressure Coe walked Aston Martin. Act that they have been talking and in looking at the possibility of supplying their own. Powell blocked so I think you've got a factor that into. As we know the rocky road that has been rent those relationship with a Red Bull I've won four world titles with the and then they spent the next few years like in a golf. And really giving him a hard time about not performing and they didn't go home. And now they're performing the and then winning them all together when last year. And ran out have got a really good drop off that is according to owner at this weekend alone just preach and say the strike line all the Ferrari in the Mercedes. And that I'd bat because in this in them mixed corner as the chassis the brilliant design major nudity is making time for Red Bull which is putting themselves in a position to win races is that they did a market south. It is a tough decision I think though in the in the sort of current market and with a sort of not dumping down what would day and the potential. Can all and engines and looking ahead to 20/20 one being with a works team will be a big advantage. Death Jack and FO you know stay with Honda. Our let's talk about the race is coming up. Because we've got some nut instant races coming up and we're gonna be in the Johnson you'll be and so stone forced to cover that on them on the in the Vatican did some interviews for us. What he. All that is all gonna happen very quickly and that you are effectively Austria France unknown and then Britain I. A skit you know by the time we come out of July 7. We're gonna have a completely different story old woman is Familia winds that'll leading further you know ranking can be a very decisive three weeks of some. Our rabble that's Kennedy BR time today we appreciates tune into species check us out on a web sites BC broadcast icon because. If you listen to post race show or you could have watched listened to debrief ratios. Were doing pre and post former once shows every Formula One weekend. And fun and all the details go to our website follows on FaceBook Twitter. And sound clout as well we have glossy interviews all of. These interviews since we have done about Arafat's own club to get the full podcast Pulte Arsene really fascinating. Interest and should story about the history of Formula One soon. Are they studio we'll talk to you next week. Tell a joke.