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Speed City
Sunday, June 18th

Speed City, for June 18.


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Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. Blow up. To speed CD. Massive get out. That's Kaiser. Jonathan freed. It's dealt bass this hour on the radio. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. Welcome to the mall a weekend Toro. Just finished up mr. Kaiser ma'am that was awesome that was awesome and that's the one thankfully there was a lot every single on this weekend but there's a hole up the one race. Oh and in an the cliffhanger there towards the end it was great running at one point I think last night and was about halfway through the race would tell it ahead had their debacle. And I thought everybody would hit everybody in that they were interviewing big guys in the pits their sand. I don't know I don't know what to think about this phrase everybody was you're feeling bad for Toyota. But it hadn't at that point we had no idea what was coming after that exactly and you know it's getting that way more and more and certainly was hard wrote last year with the Toyota and yet in the last lap and then and you know going belly up there at the end. But that oh gosh what to order a great series races that are class races going on all weekend. Well amid Rendell we got we're gonna talk a lot about the toys are so long because it was an amazing actually turned out to be incredible. But but we Oz never become an online tonight to sell Oz has been on the Sochi ties with that he's embraced LaMont and he's won some anyone to keep them honest after seeing this got some questions form this year's race. You guys can we thought we got it's we get us every come on and a 730 we also got Jonathan green is out at the Red Bull global rally cross. And he's gonna catch up with tanner Faust who won today. So obviously tenor fasting is so he's a bad ass and he won today he's I think he's still lean James should with. Andretti team out there in the Red Bull global rally cross injury don't just cleaning house ever we're hurrying yeah global we're talking IndyCar is it's what do you know what's next. Yeah those guys have got to go on obviously so yes going to be a fun show tonight but I think I wanna jump right into the Tony for Lamar less leaders there's a ton of stories. And I don't know what you're the star in this every alleles are with the whole thing. Thank you fox. Was that not awesome I think there were over twenty hours of Lamar covered of the 24. And they were awesome they had the back stories they had you know I'll he's got all of it. I think they covered if you went to the spot fox sports and go app death I think you could you could get every minute of this well there is darn near disaster around. But it was it was awesome stuff are really glad that this is drawing attention. I had some friends over that are not necessarily motor sports friends. But they thing to me yesterday morning saying. Where should we stand and l.s like where you standing he goes oh. We're going to Lamar. Like I did it is OK okay no you don't slack really Smart guy Brad. Let's. I was like man anything anything mostly straight you got to go check that out. Yeah well it was it was great up probably watched about. Sixteen bluster listen to at least sixteen hours of the Tony for. Esther got my wife Sonny he's done because I had headphones in and outside to get stuff done so yeah I gotta get seat. A good bit of that great coverage great racing. I was anxious to see him. Portion Toyota battle and sure enough it happened. And you know it played out great you know some of the others eight cash the Jordan boys in the Corvette the at you know the the there was a heartbreak. But to meant. Dave Richards has to be Danson tonight with the tablet just Smart and that was a huge battle to be I think oh let's start with the with the to a story obviously because it about three cars it three bullets in the gun and you thought you know. That this is going to be a good shot and taken this thing I think we'll all last year. I really thought they would be up there are running harder body altogether that you know it insists. Didn't happen unfortunately you know as heartbreak again for a lot of it yup and no world you know you so. It youth especially what was it have vowed to. Halfway through when you had to. Two cars go out in about what about a thirty or forty minutes spanned something like that yeah oil in the course of two hours all three cars went off track. Yeah person service so it was very definitely one of those things that. Has to be you know. Addressed. Toyota is not going to last doing that but then in a quite honestly. Porsche was out for Ryan and an hour with the cardinals only one house that. But that's weird you know and it's no lawyer driven. As. As an a huge endurance race that still lives but it's not driven the way it used to be. Driven as an endurance race nowadays their personal lap times faster. There from the get go. And so is it really is different watching amateur were watching the the teams mature with third best we saw a lot of the McConnell crew over there so that was cool yet and until it's really pretty amazing if you think about it because only to the Ellen. And you know if you think of it that way because right in five cars totaled uneasy with Audi that obviously that's a big part of this year story is it out he did not. Who's just done amazing and and whack and of course in the toy cars Lamotte Audi not racing. And so we had three Choi is into forces and then and only got two of them made an of course. If you watched her as she realized that it at one point we really thought then and Ellen. Right. It's it's you know I love the class is getting mixed up like that it's not so clearly defined anymore and so I'd like said. But Lamar it is you know Christmas for sports cars. Yeah that it. Need cinema all mixed up together and anything can happen in quite often does. Well and obviously that is the LMP two class being way faster than they ever have been that's another big part of this this year's whole story. Because the at the Jackie Chan racing guys. Looked like they could potentially win it I mean obviously everybody start doing the NASA was immediately when they. When new leading Porsche went out. And everybody started doing the math gone okay it looks like they're gonna be able to load. To beat him but you know there's so many things he can half periods or slide rules there yeah hustler with that that we keyboards yeah there is everything they. It tick it all and indeed the timing really came into play I mean just because there really was up to anybody. Come and into that you know would it would cut you're a great interview from Brendan Hartley about it and they were sweating and even when they got the portion out of the garage they didn't know what was gonna happen still. Oh yeah and if you think about it so they took the lead with just over an hour left radicals like an hour in six minutes. Right EG got I think if Porsche led the way the weekend he'd gone for Ellen do you want to cars. They're gonna hot we're not gonna count this a win until we literally cross the finish line I mean you look into it last year I guess so nobody is Kim ice dancing anymore nobody is celebrating no handshakes no high fives that are. In fact one of the teams explicitly called well we will not celebrate until we cross the law. Yeah yeah I don't see anybody breaking. And breaking focus and so I thought that was cool well you know what let's go ahead and play a couple of these clips because you can hear the excitement. We got a let's put this first on this has Brendan hardly of the Porsche team that after winning overall. Yeah as under overall it was a role because there are so busy memorabilia on the way to really very good I'm actually rolling its eyes and mechanics get an account then. And I don't remember it Brenda wells in on hold homeless families. I'm trying to gloss so into the moment Dylan's I think it's gonna think he moves to Florida might have yeah. Yeah not a scratch on a night that was that was that was the problem statement that was what they haven't. Israel must. I present they would then consol to get back to come back down. It five minutes saw when that happens in honor of. Yeah almost an hour on the stands now we're talking in the you know it's a 24 hour race and so you know and as you were saying in anything can go one. But an hour is a lifetime. In that race means they did some serious work. Did everything rolled back together in fact I think it was girl that was in the car that said when it popped he thought that was the end of the race right there yeah. These cars in Rhode there's so technical there's so much going on but it. You know experienced drivers such as Earl you know it is. When they hear a noise like that they know let's go on but girls respected are added I don't deviate just a second there. Curled does. A lot of coaching around the world he's one of the most revered drivers and he's capable of coaching that's you know we don't always talk about the value being notably coach it's like. Okay you might build would do it well yourself but can you help some Wales to a better. And verbal was that we've got a guy here in Austin. That. Has been getting coach pearl memory and that's will Hartman with the more speed taking a strike and so you know we've got a local connection and it's that. Assets into being and what coach is huge so. Congrats series part of speed city family appear in the more speed teams own way to go but although all around awesome awesome. Awesome effort by those three guys you know and you think about. You talk about losing an hour right. He you know used to be. Did the 24 hour races like this were mostly about being able to get an across the finish line you know but in recent years is spend. And it it's almost just like a sprint race for 24 hours. It the the the reliability has become less and less of an issue in also new this year. We get a car that would that has the overall win they did sit in the garage for an hour so that's it that's a whole story in and of itself. It is it's really something else and it you know. Most of the cars when they go into the garage. It's pretty seriously it's fatal but the you know who Brennan's right in saying that this crowd the guys stayed on it innate. Gotta run and they brought back out again. All right well let's outscored take a break we come back we're gonna we guess more closely general a clip from November himself. And of course in about fifteen minutes or so we get I'll snag rejoining us. And we're also gonna get ten or fast Jonathan green is out there and nine Canada he's gonna call in with which and a faster just few minutes unison as speed city live from Austin, Texas. Back after a quick break. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a pack. Passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie often I'll only MV Agusta from the caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. But we're Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but I'll take 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. 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Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. You have made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Why. And this is beat city. Welcome back to speed city and another go somewhere among history. Yeah Mario has done it all man. So while we wanna continue to talk about the twins for us in the long crazy crazy incredible weekend. At a course portion take in the overall win even after him in that car dropping out and that and the winning car spinning an hour in the pits. And I wanted to brought in let's play this clip from her old amber because. He's he can tell he's emotionally talk about Yahoo! there's a great. A little story inside the serial shuttle listen for but the excitement and you know this is a guy that's cut his teeth he's grown up looking at sports cars and and particularly look and it's 24 hours. Yeah cranking out those lies. Got to graduate and maximize our motto this article of the boys and girls they weren't resident has tried to stay here and year out and is eventually might get rid of magnets like they. But you know and also to let it John great friend and I mean it's incredible would let me let me tell you guys listening. And when I was in Kenya slowly and examine and I can tell me how to drive you can imagine as. I'm the story no. Well you've got to come by when it. Not mean you know I was driving a time when I had a guy banged up but I sound all right I'm you know I met. Voted regiment and got ripped insulating gonna domino and are now we don't back down and then it was a matter of money back to the top five in the end you don't loving everybody and anybody can win and you know I think. It's not magic could get the win today decision abortion etc. sounds and and that is that if you really want adjourns rights until about the timing now we're counting the seconds and you know a few hours out of you know it looked like it was going to be down to the last lap to win them over and hospitalized. I'm it was incredibly tense in the head and out. Gridiron flat out all the time and you know there is MySpace recognizes that as they go back out there we have nothing to lose their careers and all and don't or won't. Yes I have left I mean how cool is that and and you know that the cool thing is girl. Has grown up with Brendan and actually Brendan was who taught Earl to drive and I just yeah that is so cool your story dating back that you know as kids on carts. Having a blast but. You're right that. Gosh just does the fashion just the excitement you know I got a call out one of our friends another one as speed city friends. American will Owen and LT LT. LMP two rocked at this weekend and he personally was a responsible for I think more passes than anybody else. You know Albuquerque. And to send earlier. On their team. He brought it all the way from 21 they wrapped up in fifth spot in LMP two this kid is rock and he has been charging through we've been. You didn't know him over the past two years. Keep an eye on and will loans coming up. Yeah and of course Ellen. They won it all in their class with being what a minute behind. The overall winner right right there where there wasn't much and that's what I think is cool is seeding and seeing the the pace of these cars get so close. Now listen this last this lap time OK so we had. The Porsche Schilling. 2401. We have to go into the decimals to really explain it audio in 240114. Compared to a 210141. After that the gap has narrowed dramatically. It is just nuts this. Well also you don't really after the Helen. Was the GTE pro class with Corvette and Aston Martin Meehan how awesome was that or go wire. Yeah definitely Jordan Taylor was rock and it and it you know if he's he's fun guy we've had mark quite a bit. But he went through so much in the last few minutes of that you know he he bumped up against the S and Margaret crowd. In the last couple minutes there and suspicion is that swear he may have cut the front right tire. The first evidence so that was where he was going through and he tried to make a left turn and the car did not change directions thankfully there was an escape road there and a zip through that. Came back in it was right as he administration out. His lead there over Aston Martin. That went out he was going through they came back close to get there wasn't evident yet what was going on the car. But within half a lap he saw this morning guys come passing. And just start stretch it out it was a tough tough you know a couple of laps are for the Taylor's. Well hey I just got word mr. Jonathan green is he's got to the the winner of today's global rally cross tanner Faust and so we're gonna go straight out to mr. green he's. In Canada for the liberal global rally cross. Well liked guys yet join as life care and also what Canada on how to voice of the Monica as the man next to me. Has made me halls once again tap trust has done the business he on the podium yesterday. And he's completed Altima where they brilliant win here on Sunday must've been lied to the tried the VW's did it again but tough that we're trying to festival congratulations. Do you enjoy racing in Canada dial ten. Today is awesome and I have been lucky enough to race here before and not Three Rivers few times this rally cross but it's. In other this race fans here that they've always been race fans and the word rally means something here you know that the rally you know I used to run rally America and the US and any events we've had close to Canada. We get just floods of Canadians down there respecting and being into itself. I love filling in front of an educated group tell you that understands that there motor sport they love to eat breathe and sleep motor sports. And you know we had a huge crowd that then the venue honestly couldn't deal with the numbers of people that we're here which was. Which is great to CNN and so many young people which is always good deceived by the race is great they they've built a very tough track very high speed track is you would imagine on an airport. But also very tough on the cars and it made for some great racing we had three of the closest finishes within a tenth of a second each one. You know one was two hundredths of a second one was for hundreds of the second means is incredible to see it kind of racing. And anybody's would watching my trust lost over the years now does the union teammate Scott Speed going head to head the VWs have dominated but recently Steve up that he got away yesterday. I'm even Nabih youngsters like Mitchell Dion coming in the home a really puts you guys I know you're enjoying it but it's getting tougher as the. I'm I I'm I hope I'm enjoying it just I you know I've been to every. Rally cross and every year CNN team that's ever happened and a 79 2010 when they first got the sport started here in the US. Pounds and it's I love the cars I love the sport it's been evolving constantly. The level of the cars is is absolutely been growing I was doing European series of the same time and the level of that. Series is then. Getting elevated every single year so worldwide we're seeing a rally cross really. Maturing. Com now from the driver's seat you learn a lot about the cars that you maybe can't see from the announcers and and I'll say that the Ford and Honda are both very very good cars the ball very fast they have a I'm great balance. Around and you know there are small. Weaknesses and strengths all of the cars including the Volkswagen. Sound bites you guys I think honestly the strength is he's our team here and I know that you hear that all the time but honestly. There's something about having guys. It's such a professional team they really treated like an Indy team. The car you get in it and it's a pristine race car every ten beginning right after you. Gave it to them an absolute dripping mess. Just rock chips and are really needs to get banking you're like holy crap as a race car again this is awesome. And it just makes your job so much easier makes a car easy to drive. And quite honestly there are some very very fast cars out on the field and all ten of themselves. You should still be really great championship. The big news obviously now you league championship and we had a long view and I'm pretty noticeable because you're heading. Got to Indianapolis got to be excited by that does have a lot of contrast Jim you guys on the how excited are you about 2017. Because your chops to get another championship. Well sorry you know it's it's really home of and ready and a lot of the teams here tied into the IndyCar or so on we're going to be right in their home turf. It's it's going to be very cool there's a there's so many things honestly it's it's even just cool for all the mechanics here because all the families and all the friends it. Racing is a commitment for anybody not just drivers and let everybody on the team there's twenty people here in this team that have all given a time of their families a full week. And they do it. You know many many times a year ten times a year and so. Eight this is the chance then to bring their kids out I need to meet their kids for the first time you know I'm ensign opposes president Ginsburg years and so. It's going to be very cool I think just because of that by just because he he just days then in each of their it teams that are based in Indianapolis. It's going to be a real family affair so you know hopefully we have good event and united still about racing and winning. But hopefully the families get a name they like to competition and and we get to keep our mechanics for a few more years. Well thanks for coming on the shots out of class congratulations again on a great weekend in Ottawa Canada. Also tiger's dominance are all my ideals like emotion out there yes they had allies for me I have seen so many years and I'm in watching his career he's just to see present itself. I'm looking forward here and what he has to say thanks a lot thanks I appreciate it. All right John things are easily but he thanks buddy and thanks tilt the scale Montana fast thanks a lot and I held Alltel Oz they greeted tanner says hi. But Jeremy and they've got to we're just gonna try to catch up with a cinnamon each unofficial down there now. And are up there I should say in Canada eight. The F Kennedy eight scarcely candidate with us in eight. But somebody Ellis look at the schedule because Red Bull O'Reilly cross is got Indianapolis coming up next I think it's July 9. Yeah July and then they got Atlantic City again a double in Atlantic City and they go all over because they go from. They go from Indianapolis to Atlantic City for a double Saturday and Sunday and then up to Seattle. That's in September a double in Seattle and then they finish up in October in Los Angeles and they've been all over to mr. green. It's been doing the the track commentary for Ribble blue route across the Chinese. Not in the studio I've got a little bone to pick with Red Bull row across yes or. I really enjoy it when the X games are coming around and we get you know have these guys around and hang out there. Shops and garage isn't stuff and in the racing was awesome. Dudes find your way back over here let's come back Skoda and let's let's let's this irons are generally crows parting going on that was awesome to have them at ten at the X games but. Yeah there's a few series we keep talking wanna get back here to Canada. You know agree Emery also that he delivered to come down here so we get a fearsome to negate Graham back to Austin. And Meredith are a little more toll formal list. Pozen agree and some more in the rest of the show you listen speed city live from Austin back after a quick break. If you heard motorcycles in this part of the culture for a long kudos you know those motorcycle show. But look this world a world class. But as legendary Harley service throws so the water is frozen downtown Austin there's no we're those heavy duty and they blew himself both formal award for. You'll see old familiar faces are bringing in your new used and abused. But there's no sign of shot assuring crisis. Subject yourself. Those heavy duty don't come. Isn't camera and video is the largest camera store in Texas within the 101000 square feet and packed with a all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. Was handpicked products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. It culminating cell stopped the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. The racetrack it's what legends are born that only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such have been lengthy waits he'll find it Aston Martin Boston's noticeable Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor cop. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny and. Because you'll never just a long ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club let's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. Thanks for making the bright showing. I don't know where I would get the truth if it weren't for you tossing. In 1970. My friend probably this big city. Vernon hardly. He's a bit happier and if yeah there's guys that see what time it in the long now it's about less. Mitt knows about 1 AM something like this after midnight but they're still going strong. He's out. Fuzzy is they if they are still awake they are of party you know are right about now the Porsche team all the Porsche boys so yeah. Our wall we do whoa wait for Ozzie Ney agreed to join us. We gonna talk a little bit more did there's a couple stories like. Or talk about effective Chase Carey started great save let's start with the beginning of the race Chase Carey yeah that was pretty cool right so it's. I thought it was cool but you know what I really thought school is in a chase is the commander of the races. You have to bring that experience to the unit clean the best practice from another just like we do business practice. Clean the best parts of other race series and end. Bring in a Formula One our ally we just got producers said that we got our guest we want to welcome back to speed C radio Oz no I agree Oz welcome back to the show nobody. I think we just Ross and I saw guys on the left Italy back we'll get a run back on the show but yeah other Chase Carey started the race and that that's pretty cold from from Liberty Media in case you don't know that the two big companies that. Now owns a controlling interest in Formula One start of the race for for the point four Lamar for whack. That they you know I think it's great you know exit. There's things that you can glean from the different racing bodies and you know it's disease who owns a different personality of race yet. Why I think we've got mr. negative Akamai dot net we welcome back to speed city man. Thank you I'm I'm here. The Democrats want him back I gotta tell Ryan is. What I would agree Lamotte this year. Unbelievable. Unbelievable phone. Pool of it was a roller coaster for quite a few teams. And it does. You know before it really. Just look at this you don't know. Is it if there's any. All of a little while races that you can't beat your car could have finished first overall it would be vigilant and he got close here. Yeah absolutely man we we look to those species thought you know this is gonna be interesting I really. At when they went ahead. And I looked at the clock I thought you know what they got really odds were more common with them that because. Not only did you have that gaps. But mathematically you know Porsche can always catch them but sure you're also look at all the things that can happen during normal race and obviously you know because you've been there us. Yeah absolutely and you know and and not that could happen I mean good things perhaps. Acne with would those be one part yeah communicating Colby won he won a car finish. Everything you know than all the other cars Seoul had. Problems so. You know Lamotte C this year they have a lot better weapon than what we have Bashir Bashir is how. When you really read you reach out. And he paid for great recent. Very hard. I thought you know and people are. We're we're didn't quite find the absence they green flag which that normally doesn't happen tomorrow. So. It was good to me harp AK to see Jordan Taylor at that. Have a net flat on the onslaught. I use. We really good friend of mine and the guy that I was really rooting for. So that was to meet the biggest heartbreak of that race. The I have to agree with Tia are there was some great Matalin I loved you know the the vets verses Aston Martin's there. And you know I was really surprised because of the way it came together they're in the last couple minutes. You know the had a bump not nothing wrote crazy and it was good clean racing but they bumped. And I thought who's gonna be all right and then you know the the front right tire went out in and started given company didn't make the turn and into that exit. So that I got to ask you salute here you are you've been there. I'm sure you've your stomach seeing your throat in those last three laps you hear every little squeak and wonder what a slight I mean. How distracting is that. To be compounded by U bumping into somebody cut. Yes I mean. It's being being that debt. Very end of the race. You really don't have much time to. Kind of I think a ball. You know oh. How you're feeling or anything you're so into it and I'm pretty sure that that was a case. But Jordan. You know you're just. Think ended there is a lap or lap and happier and I'm gonna give it my all. And you know it's it's it's so you're dying. Hand valujet school correct you just go for every millimeter that the bears are critical for the use. And yet it was a contact. But you know. That's another thing and then you'd be you'd go for your redevelopment that Sony. Hello all after a 24 hour who say it's a lot and half and now you've got to go for. For that and you know there was absolutely thought some of them in just like it's and I I was on the edge or might she just watching it. And you know really rating was hoping for. Swore I'd be in very continue to bring to other cop evidently and back home but you know I I also think that it was a race. Bentley. Yeah hard. Deep into the race that you eat you can't you bet you know hey you're the only vehicle increased but. You know yeah. You would care ultimately to the end so I'm pretty sure. I'm with found that to me you know you can go to sleep well that night knowing that you tutored all left their rather than wondered gee if I don't leave. Done this or done that urgent care could have mashed a little harder. But but that's the thing you know if she's the only good thing. On the table. Even shouldn't injury cute EP gold you'd go back to sleep. That you will have a good sleep you're not going to be wondering though what they have them as sort that so. The narrate like tat everybody only remembered to one nobody remembers continued concern you or so really if you don't win it. It doesn't matter. Hey outside gonna ask you something you know the hope we all get to watch I'm not mandatory for Alamo. And of course I watch every year and I think I'll watch something like sixteen hours total. It a listen to maybe a little more but you having been there done it raised it. I give us some sense of you know the whole thing from getting there to the build. To how you get sleep between your stints and all that I mean it's just got to be. And an amazing experience as well as draining and of course managing the the you're your sleep and all those things tell us about that. And if decree week it's something that I never experienced before armed. They in my case it was not only going to all that it was my first time. That month so serious. There is I can't say. Huge. A mold of well all four things you know like it you know how what is that going to be you know it is going to be a good fortune. Men and patterns but you know. It's. You work here and things are happening. What exchanging. For us we've had cute. We have to that you learned. Everything from pit stop procedure achieved. Yellow flag procedures. Yellow boom CJ. Things that we are not. Yeah it is true and we don't do that here in the US so. You could actually with the old. You know and completion awful confluence of what could interest rates in the world. You know actually it was. Just like what she says the extent the Mecca easy steps Karsums they. Always this continuing. And you know the whole week you eat you're normal stock. And you quantify. That the total total caucus even. You know. It is doing to replace screens and then what time you go to sleep and then after after that qualifying. Your mind is going. You know we'll have a problem RPM so you can't squeeze that you gotta we do. Catch up with you know a year less certain and but again falling eight you are so early. It is just backup. The those people but Wilkins told ball. I've been at least you don't. If you go watchers say often pace yourself. When you can't accuse their race here. Pretty. Tired of Reading but. I thought you know again distinction or can know what's different cars this year and everything but. You know just watching today. And yes they. We begin with good sense that we did it. Pretty good job last year. Finishing nine. First time for. For the drivers first time could you. And we never got anything wrong. We we only have that attitude into the attitude change scenes and then after flight fine. And Belichick I mean it's very hard acutely earlier. Would totally be around. Do Reese's concede you know it's not like seeing that you can't. I'll leave you break your lap when he had a flag or or or or so so. You know that actually gave me a more. Cents off. Yeah we did pretty good last year then when we finished a race last year. Yeah you know I thought men you know how we should could have done better order you know these are bad but just watching them. How many cars had problems and cargo warmly send you know the normal defect guy of course. What in contention that in I am talking about the key to clash obviously yeah. In. You know it it is it is through the are you need curry some giddy you know right. It doesn't matter can be you're trying to explain it and then and then try to beat heeded the difference between all the races go guns. This here. One thing I can tell you is from altering the album. And on my career people hearing that I don't like to go back once. He as a spectator. Is in the mock. Yeah this is a lot of the ticket because it's such a big event. I see it in and then you cured here competing. He that you need you need for 90% off. What is the race. It's as far as for. You know this sect leader and everything you know we go to break on the other. It's a you know it's all there and sold them. Carolina. All along is. Is that all power lose the whole you know it's it's created. Chrome drivers bringing. You know that build our memories that you never forget you know since talking my life about it you know I as you know finger that I remembered if you look today. And there and and they you know I pop up black have been blessed to you go. I'll do that race. Thanks shoot obviously my good friend John pew. And you know if you ask me we do want to do it again yes well court. You know if that there's a big difference between Europe for the time being here and then you go back Nolan. Already have a you know old. Look I can out of the way that you know what's gonna be in and then you know how it abruptly in a lock. So yeah for sure and content vagaries. And obviously a lot of us it was what candidate stood. Oh what Hillary now that we're trying to and our our bread and actually watched. What my eyes to what were obviously on the GT. And you could see. It is just like idiots in that would detect serious. Here in the US it is one of the most competitive. You did your the most compact class the asked and you know. Yeah I think it current condition can learn something like this. You know and Lamar there's this is pretty calm. Yeah after 24 hours yep that's that's pretty competitive now Joker but seriously Gaza's description and the spectator experience then the driver connectivity there. I want to go with us next time then this guy this can be fun and I think. You know it's funny because it would have been and what makes me think about it got some kinds. But last year you left the track. Q but I do simple things just like going to shoot the supermarket by. You know what are some stuff that was me what happened. But you at a supermarket you can only look around and you see so many fans and they they actually. UWD. Becomes a top Q black. Hopefully me and I'm Richard quest. Is so bad you drive back to attract and you have to take a different route and you go I don't. And hopefully by good finish. Compound in the world who didn't. Verify mandatory and you look at him collect you can heightened travel by the hole. Well you know finish countries here. In the book. And it's it's really really really really cool I am collecting atom so blessed that I've done it and and it's one of the things that don't ever forget and you know I hope I can do it again. You know I think I heard the number was biggest later almost 300000. And on the vineyard property this year GAAP RT 7280 something like that. Yes that's incredible. Well it's amazing it's amazing. Payouts are gonna ask you something we've we've all talked about Alonso for the past month and a whole Indy adventure for him. What and tell me just kind of your mindset you've been in the formula world he's been around the indie crowd. You've been around the sports cars. What's your perception of what he did. As a driver to tells give us that insight we have guests have Alonso on since since all that happened. Well. Her driver. All that matters when. Very end and I want to as the world champion on local solution. Mike my opinion. It's one look at best if I could have went tracker. I'll beer eat. In the other case not just not finishing races. In and not we can gracious so you know she. In looking forward. And as you know different. Always. 00. Of accomplishment. As far as such it's such such and at least are currently. So you know those who have the opportunity to come here and and in the US and he different. Different. Type open environment. Preparation department and in my mind you know where he is now why not to strike back and see if I don't like it. Wouldn't have seen tried a you know I can do it and they can do well it might be an option thanks so he came here. He did what he did which we all expected. And now. It appears the war is the doors open. Four in nineteen right. Yeah well I think that we can you go on things that we cannot forget is that. You know unfortunately. If it comes to IndyCar. There isn't a twenty minute they're a twenty million dollars. Contract out there. So it and that and that and that is so. It's pretty. It's having an industrial you know what I think could that would be the biggest. Hurtled forward tend to happen this way. There's. They slow armament. I think erected he's a racer yeah he wants to race that's. I think it is at this still coming even sometimes seems like an act of could create and and then make making crazy. Good their path system we Turk almost impossible and reform our days with you know with the new regulations and everything so. It. Yeah. Hate hate Italy Serb Army and I really would like to see him all we've got it or not only good if one team. To have another sharp for. A world championship again. And then yet so obviously we need someone like him here politically is mine and you know and and more parents. To bring here to. To the US so moderation. Does he look like he was having you blasted indeed that. Well I was so we diluted time left little to ask you about what you got what ratio coming up next and and what you think your season so far. All right so we hit a six hours of the Glen. In a couple of weeks. And we just came from my two day test that the BIR. Leach. We need improve car even further. The car is getting a lot better it's a lot more competitive obvious speech older sister car with. Indian tech. They want blustery. We were actually running third we oracle reported double Chordiant. And Q2 laps ago when we got pushed off a little bit wide. And now lost a couple of spots and finished fifth and we're fifth in points. Seven points out of third. So for again for a new projects. Yeah well new car. It's it's he says a lot I mean nothing happens. For free from a big to have another yeah don't we are working very hard. Add that Michael shank racing team. As well as the page speech he. In your years. Nonstop non stop ever do that drivers you're trained to do. And fast we can't. So who. I think I think we've we've we've been doing well and and I wouldn't be surprised if we want to and they're very few races until the end of the. And I'd be awesome. Hey Ozzie known blessed and we were on we're teasing about you know or have they given you an Acura we couldn't find you didn't have one million or sixty yards. Headed to we did find it we found out who got the keys. We were a whole different way hall's car some are known and I. On. Yeah. That night when. Listen right now I couldn't stamp on the street. Is only as anything what would what would do anything to do. I don't know he get a Honda Fit yes that's Honda and I appreciate the loyalty and I think we're gonna rank people move to cruiser Alexander Rossi when we asked him what his daily car was news that a Silverado pickup and. Our I think that's okay to a might might might data card yeah. It might daughter's music Cooper. Than they do your school and take that that's. I I actually got reader and it might find out and it was a colossal. I'm calmness. That the north warden more than any any kind I need a car right now how. Okay I'm glad your fine but I find a little humorous that the tables return how many times has she ask you for the keys to your car and now your head and ask her for hers. Yea you know he bit it is it is kind of sometimes we have to hide whereas. Whoever gets it in terms. All laws and angry thank you so much for joining us and talking about LaMont and everything we really appreciate it because it was. It's been an amazing weekend again and now well thank you for for coming on a given us your perspective I can be sure you get on the podium at the glancing come back on very you know. Let's do this man may have stood there and I'm so hungry for. At a travel safe but he appreciated thanks us all right thank here. Our analysts fund in Bosnia you on the show obviously. A guy who's been there and done that at the mall and there were no. So Lamond Daytona winner he's played in the Indy Lights he's done formula cars is done all different kinds stuff and you know he is. He's really just one of the most. Open converse of drivers that you confine with. Quality material he's not just talking to her self talk now yeah he's he's been he's been highly successful ratio are set. I guess let's take a break you listen to speed city we will be back after these quick messages. 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Odyssey to Connie in moto GP having a fantastic yeah lately big smiles all around yeah this season everybody's level and it's marking veto in the boys and girls all the crowd and he you know there's always cool stuff going on they I gonna say that there's certainly get in some of the the different lion of the decoding scramblers. And will we'll put a picture and out there but they cut this beautiful. Black Scottish rambler. Got slick phones on the front in our eyes is as we can all over and is not OK this looks like a very cool vintage cafe by. Out of the scramblers and they're you know don't really slight obstacle seems way out under 400 like oh yeah yeah indeed to any supplicant but it's it's a great buy this one this one I just really like slips of us he just really a lot of the Celtic. The Conde. Racist yeah. You know stuff on my own so. Totally take that one out it's one of the limited by X I do I just don't like to go Divx also dent we have that would be awesome and then it turned the corner and look at the Deon Cole and then the if you haven't been in the county Austin recently. They're doing a whole make over of that place they have grown so much. They've cleared out to make more room for bikes they they are getting one of the best in stock fleets of to coyotes in the country probably you'll find just about anywhere I have not been an accounting shop that has that many. Brand new and used bikes sitting there ready feuded. Cash out on and go play you know it's only appropriate early if you think about it because with moto GP the only stopped. In North America here it is right here in Austin it's appropriate that those. That did the best two car dealers the one of them in the country is not the best is right here in Austin hey you know one hour talk a couple more room all stories and one of them is hilarious. In its I mean Richard is named Eduardo free tasks he's the he's the hit the race director Wright and black. And did you hear hear them to work. Within that when the guys came back on the track owes it I guess it was a four GT. When they spun and went in the gravel a minister picked up like fifty pounds of rocks. He came back did he came in our Democrat friends that way well when he came back on the track. You know 88 the story was that he was trying to test and see if the rear tires were there was something on suspension but he was weaving back and forth. And he looked like he was throwing rocks about a hundred feet circle behind the car. And so the race director Gonzalez could you please stop throwing rocks on the track it was like a thought it was so perfect for that it was a father Chris wolf a bit. It's just like my dad should say could you please stop dragging mud due to house again yeah it was that very condescending. Is it but apparently this guys is known that it was totally hilarious it was as great story went all over Twitter but that was last night about our you know well I think I think I just heard your father son world war sharks blown out on your car. The yeah that's true story. I was like dad I don't know on our cars not supposed to be airborne to under shock that's enough. I'm seeing now the guys on dukes of hazard do that they they do Bolton a couple more stories don't get about a minute or so left here. I saw headlines is Jackie Chan compares when he of the mall to receiving his Oscar how schools that. Nice now tells a whole lot more about her there you have these destiny card act and that's it I mean obviously. They had a fantastic week in and they were leading the race with what seventy minutes an hour and ten minutes to go and did you see them in the league in the garage is. Win they got past that abortion team. They they were smiling and they knew it was inevitable obviously by that point I don't watch your dilemma that they've they've been doing the math on all of that I'll wait three. In you know that's one thing is that Gus mostly Mercury they know exactly the time and that's gone on to. He knows some other insular team members job is actually to watch the other teams and see what's gone on their slim got a good idea of what's going beyond. And so you know if your remember. One of the races here Cota the I agreed to be sequestered by the Porsche team because they were about to Roloson changes and they didn't want the news to make it out of the accommodating boots up for the athletes. Yeah. Are we just go to tell just a few seconds left but one of the things that one reais a Toyota driver chemical Rihanna she said. That it was just one of the most bitter defeats and waited their whole team is saying it's worse than last year. And you remember last year you know with no time left I think this is now I don't know if Torres is snake bit right now as a guy until that formed. Our guys we got to wrap it up thanks for getting into speed city check us out on a website speed city broadcast dot com. Follow some FaceBook and Twitter we send out lots of content all week long. Thanks Jonathan mr. Jones agrees or he can make on the show will talk to you next week child Leo. Oh yeah.