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Speed City
Sunday, July 16th

Speed City, for July 16.


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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. Welcome to speed. I think green. This hour on the radio. Duty gear heads welcome to speed city. It's Sunday night and we are fired up being in the studios John Macedonia with the boys Jonathan green a less because I haven't really does is somebody really touting it. Hey it is Sunday and we don't get on death calling it rates in this week in their mouth not just today was great but. Delhi and orange talk about obviously Formula One next there was the Silverstone emerged from pre that was. And of course we're gonna talk about the the F one live event went on in London this week which. I think is a consensus big hit yeah gosh yes ya and we're gonna talk we toddler IndyCar because we got the winner of today's race he had Joseph. Knew you aren't coming alive here in about a half hour no actually he's gonna come a little earlier I think about 715. Maybe 712 someone that afflict. And of course we're gonna talk a little of the world Leo world there's tension is is that the Nuremburg green and John Johnson he got a little interview force we're gonna listen to as well. Yes as a two James a lot of who had a big day the British driver driving for Ferrari in the flight eight. And they lead the mantra just time championship now coming to Mexico and of course to Alston in September. Yeah we just got that and you Welsh couple hours ago of course we're halves I just knew our lives and and we're gonna cut talk all of awful annoying because it was all all sorts of interest in things including a four live event but let's start with some IndyCar because. Our first guess is gonna come on pretty quick in what do you see each other what was the big story today. A Toronto street race always tough but like Long Beach and in fact he's had their longevity if you will like Palm Beach side so it's a big race. And the Canadians love it. Obviously like hockey game at times and it was a little little crisis that was in Canada and Europe as you know. And not run on the right yes it was a bit like home to hockey game because they were literally shell a lot of things out inventory check each other yeah. But yeah I know Adam would getting Danson in the business and am I she notes that in Indy I. Double points in the 500 a double points for the for Molly. So there's still a long way to go six events left mid Ohio's next. But now starting to see a clear path and Allie oh castroneves has absolutely. I got himself back into contention at 42 years of age and brilliant stuff. Having won last weekend of Colson came on speed city to tell us about it really happy for him and when he metaphor and today because. Even though he led the race for awhile the pit stops didn't work fan but he still finished in the top ten and a and more importantly. All Scott Dixon who had I am a coming together with will power off and will power DNA thing and basically because they couldn't get a comeback out. Mullen say it's ended his Jones is but he's put him right back. Tom so. It's been a it's been a pivotal weekend. And the designee garden it's a massive weekend because the epic he was forced anyway I stays full he's really. How. You know narrow the gap is 23 points out he's very much back into contention. Well when he gets you fifty points and so yeah anything less than that if you're deaf in the front but that's great and so the you know right now we've got to. Scott Dixon leading with 423 for the season. But get this he only has one win he only has one pole all the hills are made up over placement and laps led so it it you know remember Indy has it. Broken up in such a way that you can get points through just leading laps. And you get a pole award for point. At least you know laps. One point most laps led gives you two points lead nickel and dime your way into contention. Even if you've never won a race you you can still play the game. Yeah it's going to be interesting for ethanol and I do like double points in Sonoma for the final weekend BK is it just basically means as as we had last year but you can come right down to the wire act and effectively that last weekend still. The wind may be 23 drivers up for. All the play a clip because our longtime friend of the show Alexander is had his scoop it had a great day really the best. Day other than his Indy 500 win. Well and of course he's desperate to get a win the Indian DA because he's been so we all morning had no chance of winning. He won the Indy 500 but it result fuel strategy full rack and I think he's got out of domineering that Monica for and well I I understand unless there's a lunatic is a check I don't know how to say about what I say he's made about it being RI AA is relative. Yeah but you know I you've got to feel foreign the same eat you know understand it because I won Indy 500 there was a strategy but. He hasn't yes and really need this is his first podium dispersed by even though closer this clip from Mellon generosity. It's been a long time coming put into first podium and hopefully this new foundation I'm Scott says more wins. I really do is climbing kind of got the monkey off our back into the city's turnaround overnight guys and that no sporting. To get this car it's a way in his view this event for qualifying who has. He's a personal team. Very proud of on this earth. And Africa they've made as we said this is in his turn around and he's dozen vans coming and snow is coming and we know clearly been an ongoing. Yeah awesome I mean I know that's this is that that's next on the list of course but this is got to take a monkey off his back a little bit yeah. And I think he's racing really well I think can and by the way I think it's a great story fought in the column that two young Americans Jose can you gotten and Alexander Rossi first and second today he's cliff does it but he's he's done has been around for awhile but it's it's good it's good this ball when young guys coming through just about us coming through in Formula One. And the staff and accept traffic is you know it's always good for all won the unsung guys coming sort of. Up our guys it's going to take an early break because when we come back we're gonna try to get just a new garden on the line lie and this is beat city we're in Austin, Texas beat back after these messages. Camille. 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The racetrack it's what legends of the I only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. It's you'll have a just a long ride. I like 183 not a big deal runs. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael Berry show. Camp can browse one of the hosts of talk here and thanks for listening this beats it. Better for us so we're well wait until some new going to call. 10101000. Rally cross Sierra even if you everywhere and yet few it's a way. And from the next one which is the big on the big gamble it's Atlantic City we'll tell her body what you've been do not so we've talked about it it's human call on this on the PA system right. Yeah I'm going to evergreen Red Bull running cross so chloride process we call or GRC. Event this past season so yummy and trying to match it's great he's a fantastic guy. To what way is and he Steve Martin and his. And dad Scott Speed who is the teammate to tell a faster than radioed a sport are still kicking butt. I'm the old might tee Beatles. As we call them beneath I have yet to be defeated Steve Hawkins got closest in the four dissing bruises coming Mohammed is a coming. And it's culminating in quite an interesting series series because we've got to. Atlantic City that we got Seattle and then we finish off a mean a loss and leads. You know that racing. Reminds me or reminds me of what I grew up whiff because. As you boys know I'm from Los and I grew up a little Adam bass drop little town outside of Austin. And there was this so giant subdivision cult Haitian village out there and it when they they may have to go out there all the dirt roads in before they paved and they. Polygamous to run out of money so there was this giant subdivision no houses just all dirt roads and that's how I learned to drive out on so. I was just like you you're drifting before I was I was that's how I learned draw and that's that's why kit that every time I'd really try to not testify Imus of drifting its own fiscal. That's how I learned to drive and now it was a blast so when I watch chloride cross unlike Al may and that that reminds me of the good old days. At yell at cal boy what he's saying redneck if it is time for a will be held later. That is so just a little before gives us new garden let's let's talk a little more about the IndyCar because. Was he Scott Dixon we talked about worry is in a still lead but he finished what tenth. Yeah I have basically bad news I came together with power on the first lap on the very first lap of the race. And hold hold back way that punch which they fixed. But any answer to a drive thru because they did more work on a nation O'Donnell time wise. So it just wasn't a good day for Scott. But you know he's the grind out these the kiwi grind and that he'll be he'll be eight he's looking good to be honest I was looking in is. Is a record of results this year. And he's pretty much being in the in the top six. Except for the into 500 and the huge crash will be soul but he's been Darryl there or bad some PD was third fourth at Long Beach second bomber of course the win when he came on the show. Alter Detroit you know I mean he he's having a really good consistencies. Yeah and obviously he's just like you said he didn't he's grinding to what you're saying Blassie's grinding his way into the championship and leading Egyptian just doing it doing all things right. And not have a direct a polls wins. Well you know I mean it just all there retarded about all the points you've got six drivers that are within a hundred points river near we're turning fifty points for a win that and slew. This is really. Intriguing to me that all these battles you know yet Dixon to get hit and lost time their bit. I'm just anxious for one you see all these guys a look at the brands. You bet ponder surely make steps through those next hundred points. And Honda has the dominant upper hand there with four in that spot in the the other two as chevys. But all of the brands get mixed. The Chevrolet is definitely got the top eight drivers set but. It's another thing to see these coming together now Jonathan RSQ what do you think. Who else is likely to come to IndyCar will always see Ford come back him. Yeah that's a good question that's a really good question and I do you think there is room for another manufacturer really do I think he would be the right time to I think Indies now back. To where laws in terms of both popularity package. TV package at the platform package with Verizon. The apps and so on and so forth I really do you think that. And also like so with the young drivers coming through. Not the schedules and a bit you know local water tight they're going to places that you know that people wanna see them. And yes there's definitely room. OK but you know OK you know our static coda and we saw the fourth. One term are the Turbo one point six Ford motors why not see something of that nature therein. Some of the series with a little formula Ford cars. I think it's I think there'd be that close to stepping into this. As Ford. Okay that's an interest of the you know that's a very interesting point I hadn't thought about that and four of course have been hit yet forbidden in in formula Ford in Europe and he she say in this Ethel is why not it's a good point and they could gaffe and I think also with four buttons very much in racing now on very much you know in the in the sort of problems with. What they doing at the what level I and winning that winning a mall obviously. Yeah I don't see why. I'll cinnamon rally cross we are seeing all these smaller engines that Ford puts out everywhere else folks. September oh. And you can't tell you could lose as part of their branding now you have to think about it that's it and when they win their halo car there half a million dollar car has a turbocharged V6 will set an aviator be ten or whatever right. And also I think for as a company led by mr. Ford. Are taking risks now that they weren't taking twenty years ago ten years ago in terms of like a said this this hole in the moment thing was up huge. And dad and I really bold one I paid off they they did it and they still doing this don't take him about the Beers set them up. Good deal you know once we agree that's why. Couldn't this this isn't this is a rare diseases isn't big somebody. Yeah I was sure I it it's it was the on untie him under the forgy. That you said it paid off and yes I'm assuming it's gonna pay off for them to pay off as they did win. And you know I don't how much money was spent on that that there's only X number of cars are gonna sell afford 50000 dollars. Is an idea what can do is they can pick a drawing that lets say each. Who's in forming along Scott SE titles is really good and could build a race program around him then what are you what you can Fernando. Contrary. I think he's doing so good to have access to determine if one and now I'm in the 500 why don't leave Bethlehem. Now John I have no idea and these are in such a good time. Ever whales that their rights in Iran and he's like hard also asked him a cell. So sad that's probably not what he's thinking now and it's going to Indy so each wanted to go back to something you touched on and that is these young guys doing good. It and I'm specifically speaking of Alexander Ross in just Joseph new Gordon you garden new Gordon knew Gordon and lost the I just ask. You're over that. There were I go without. I'm ready let's yeah I Jones yes there is one and a -- again another from the Indians go really well and right is. That route that latitude we need the road to Indy. Yeah you know it's interesting. A lot of drive is nice starting to use that come up sites parent and Nina and Jones. Ads but Spencer they get. You know old these guys coming through in the next one could be. Some golf Brian hall and the sun is on his way cult and had a and interestingly enough Bryant of course looking on the mock out who also had his best result of the year tonight fourth position. Just off the podium but O'Brien had a looking not DiMarco but some. Big Brian muggy look at not a little little little medicine and and the point is that whole road to. And bonds. Rosie Indiana is it's really one of the best organized latter's. You know compared to now and I'm brag about moto GP in Dornan how they have such a good step ladder system but this is this just is organized maybe even better I don't know actually get. And Adam you know I was at Indy 500 this year watched the Indy Lights race and you know it. Also it's it was for the teams to on the big found a truck Colin and now he's won twice. Indy Lights level and of course he wants to make the step up talking of told you the team in Indy who could use any engine. Trevor Colin. I do you think that. And the British team who've done pretty much every formula areas and continue at all levels whether it be. Formerly three from the full former Iran every TI you know Reynolds at 3.5 they've done everything. GP to AG three you know you name it. So yep it be great to see them in India and hopefully they'll bring out another youngster through because a lot young talent coming through the month. It away and you should keep and we all these topics to talk about I don't know when we're gonna get just in new garden so let's jump over to Formula One for a year and we got today Gary we got a discussion with India that we're gonna play that you know John that you inning did about an hour ago Johnson behind I want them let's save that and and has no gun joins us but let's talk about. The race and obviously that lets start with F one live this that happened this Wednesday. Because I think is was a home run. I think is a huge success. Massive hit and is used as you remember well immediately we tweeted that well I had Ross brawn say this is the start of a new era full full metal on a new regime for Foreman Dejuan and he is the CEO of motor sports full Formula One asked Paula limits they. And I wholeheartedly. Grab it with both hands. It what eight was an amazingly immaculate and the produced produced downs organized over at me they closed down one of the biggest cities in the world. You know and at a very busy time. I'm in the mid level the week. You know it's and it's a twenty million people it's not an easy town no one knew about it I really. Everybody was that including posture ambience to see it is Dionne Campbell Renny on the U Mika Hakkinen Jenson Button until school clubs you name it. Line groups playing acts earth hour is glad you know why I hit this this is I mean they know that the pot I mean we said they would bring in a marketing element to this old. Blood entrance. Yeah and it was the first time in Formula One history. That they had all the teams together. Outside of a race weekend to do an event like that I guess nineteen of the twenty drivers yeah they just the one missing. You know what I think he made the right call what do you think Lewis Hamilton not Joseph. Hey dad IE I didn't miss much. Well I I just think it was. Brilliant move by liberty media and I think it is a taste of what. We're gonna see from them and we get a little podcast right asked in during the week he missed that check this out check that out on our our website or sound cloud itself God's gonna stay around apparently there's some room about that but. But but the but I just think it's C paid. Teller of what is liberties gonna do we we've already seen. I think more than I expected changes and then from the one this year from Liberty Media but that was just another big step. And I do think I mean you know Britain's got an obvious place to do about it in developing markets. Like here Austin. And another way sat here in Austin but I do you think that back. Actually brings but you know sometimes you do have to burden that bring the matter to Mohamed you know type thing coming you have to sometimes bring the sport I would of the track yes F one's got a huge following in the United States. But I think a lot of people here also would be in my eased secede. A demonstration life back and would get in a little bit better when you see the likes of Owen Wilson and done you know earth. This some of the big celebrities that that today even I mean you know this is something that. It has captured the imagination so many people around the world I think Eaton got to developing markets for this and and do more this. Absolutely I think needs extends beyond that I mean you know thankfully with Liberty Media being based here in the United States my thoughts are. At some point like the Canadian race do promo in New York City do a few of them you know dotted around the country. To push not since standard being you know these GP. And pushed the Mexican her pre yet and so to me you know it's not either or between those but to you. He's events like that just M pop up once in awhile show how cool they are and you know especially in the the major roach problem areas. Yup and I think that it may be there are taking some cues from coda guys think about that because look at what they've done coda has had the first year. Yeah yeah and they did they had the downtown activities but then they also ratcheted up to. You know what was it two years ago we Elton John and laster course Taylor Swift and then this year just Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder come off. On army he now not just a minute and Cinemax they just did you you're just doing debt held by wall wanted a smaller and now all of those those kids that. So it's smarter gosh just anybody outside a huge. At the point is. They tell you tonight I'll Mike I don't trust you didn't see him to assimilate. And he also on stats before I. Yes. But the point is is that that liberty it may be taking a cue from Kodak. Who's he's proven that it's that it works for me we had 273000. People show up last year. You know and I do think that that's the that you know in the future of any large sporting event it's easy it's got to be no it's you know we we used to use the expression that now you now you can show you used to be happening. You may still be happening in other ways you can't do a super ball I would add a half time the united. You're just as old as I am a Cape May by a year and a half two years maybe half the one on what's in the exit of X games I send it. I spent the title and with Betty love year old daughter and we actually did listen some Justin Bieber so there's much he's. Jack this weekend because oh I know is not a lot of snapped Jack of all our. That's that's I am -- to talk about how young these solid allowed back she got me up today with what's going on Islam went to the App Store and hit download. That she's on she's just snapped chat aficionado of all of you we might have somebody come on talk about that so you. Well it's enough. Yeah that's going to be interest pay another example of liberty duke and whatnot and it. It was like I am not a big snap Chad user but I just tee there there's an audience conservative they're trying to reached it is simply I mean if you're right this is a huge change in what's it been two or three years ago. That Lewis Hamilton was snapped sending your doing some areas that shedding based genetic. They spin it is that sending from the panicked when he got little slap on the wrist as he didn't have broadcast rights. I could I was three old men talk to somebody was vibrant young and relevant and fast and fast. All right and we're very excited to welcome our next guest of his show the gentleman you just had a fantastic day in Toronto winning arrays just a new garden welcome to speed city. Christiane it's always true burden we're excited happy and excited handsome couple on the show we've been talking about social media and what we don't know about that. Congratulations sir we appreciate you coming on and I'm very excited for your win. Yes you know I was greatly benefits for all we always did we get great Jackson fans and I'm excited to be city you know win here are your bags fifty's all it's always it was queries and raw. You know say that I did notice you didn't get involved in the hockey body checks are gone on the back fields so I think that's the biggest part of not being entangled in nebula a great race all the way through some great battles and end. No shenanigans could. Yeah it was check correct on. Some of let's fixed route through right we'll hour and those guys. I was this insult aisle says are nightmares about get out. Yeah. Yeah certainly it wasn't time yellow that apple does it dead he's here. And meet me area police and those dogs little did. Two policies were angered please stop seeing you all he backs yeah I even. What race that's that's the most powerful the game. Words does have a Gaza BK is I've watched Tim Cedric do he isn't magic for many times before you know I know you knew we'd Penske but what a guy that having you caught certainly proved to be the right guy today. I know that's always a little bit of luck involved because you know you never know when yellows gonna come out but tell me about the thought of someone like Tim because that was very important today. Yeah saves braves are animals eat and he gives you like top news and New Zealand when he's human. He's Los that you mix it up it was that was all things. And he usually one of the best discover new car on the these numbers and beating her so I love outs and it had to be. You make sure I its wheels are falling out of the team. You Carly you know they all act itself. Use the existing Ian he's he's old maybe you all today there's probably will love it well so you call. And has that Phil would give the captain now. Are the best you seriously go to opt out even beat. I. It hurt but you best racecar driver bogeys aren't. So us. Irons are pretty cool position. You know cities that maybe Didier art group that I don't wanna be back shots that they'll. He's raced our problems are still just be why he calls feature you. These are the best job well it's. I got another question about the guy I I nicely almost slipped off it and and we got that it was it was 41 point but you describe is pretty bright and pretty fonts but tell me about the the did build these. As sponsorship because I don't look at Obama on the Internet and that's an interesting company to promote. Yes. Cool you don't like process currently we were quickly like Craig Bartlett he needs he needs. Yeah knows me greater insult you know there's crossover between our our burgers network with. What's his rollout so I'll have to do was Carl weekend street didn't win. But you'll have all the cries. It's your ire is always a leader first get off it gives time on the race car. Racist because that he creates it sorry it worked library people migrate our cars and you know I hope we agree it was guys they increased in December digital X wheels warrants or there wouldn't be too little weakness but. It was going to be treated at all involved. Augusta about a championship because you definitely and I mean you've always been in contention but now a double points Saddam. Six prices to go around mid Ohio along that you you know you really wanna win that view saying in the post that rice interviewed. What you Johnny 23 points behind the overall lead now I think it's gonna dole I would Leo you know with his tail up funds got a problem in Nam will file I mean from tonight. Yeah slip of the the end you know that the top three it's sixty who read all. Is it difficult that you saw beat your teammates team next year we saw ET stuff. You are already pretty tightly bunched together it's it's always root so. Which got the most exist there and Greeks know yes that's our WTV so it's it's easy we we certainly I mean you know who you. And it's. Yeah I got messed something new team Penske one yeah that that's major I had the opportunity me Roger. And some you guys are on the team there's really awesome but my thoughts are or how are you guys going to. How much you all work together verses not actually share on team Penske kids and that's an incredibly. Competitive team yet. It's what you say yeah we we all are pretty close and and top out brother. And it doesn't demand but you know they they said all of this team you won't work together as team we met each other better. It's just call or to get a Pierre it and beat the teams get across all. Were where it's more important in any game. You know there's not a seat I was very. Or is it real. Well and best prior TSE. Noted today you know we we worked together and get the most out for team. We hear so it's very close working our we're we're lucky we're realized. And Joseph I really wanna ask you the one of exciting needs to rest to see was both you and Alexander Rossi two young Americans. Right at the top of the IndyCar bag and I'm really excited about that and has got two great for for you guys. Yeah. You know big east is following races regardless of nationality. You know it's it's always look IndyCar the access. You know so poor there is very closely at a US base itself. Home grown talent in this war do well and I'll ask those treaty act and I let slip a slip up on our state. Yeah he starts or Gregor presented green car. But he's also figures are ground is so I was prequel it knows about that schools gamma. Are so long on off track question. How many rental cars have yeah been returned intact or vs or not intact I hear you guys can be pretty rough on him. But yeah all. Yeah yeah. But it's. All visual which is easy but they're getting into that area gay no visual there. But another visual damage. We'll listen gender for a lot of look I don't want more questions for you way that well I have a value lies in what way do you think. You gonna try and you mention made of highs being one because you hadn't won that before. Five now in the bag and sends a Korea wells this year do you think he can win. I think the softness yeah whereas if I was in our series for us. I gotta say it strong gross that is you're old club. All you want one sentence and also to. So who really everywhere you know you wrote on Saturday all those communities most typical of Russell an ounce you know look at courts are. What's where deficits are. But you know who. Immediately where people know it's going to be okay pleased to be tough for us. Are Heidi well you've joined the speed city family now and when you do that we have to give you one question at the end of the interview so here you go I got a menu on the end none. Frozen since Lauren RID what's your daily driver and car. Six that's that's why that date. Is shot back it's now it is easy. They agree or disagree answer car so let's cards you know basically extra. You were shaky so I'll let top. It's all right well listen I got a proposition bring the dog is is Mike my my proposition Joseph long to Sonoma we win the title. Thank you act do you do the business take a month off guns on beach then come to Austin in October. Because I know you're an army fan I know your music fans we get Justin Timberlake I. And Stevie Wonder AAF come and join the fray buzz in the commentary bridge hanging at what's Fernando Alonso what do you reckon. Oh yeah yeah yeah urged the shell. I'm so I'll be honest 100. Pounds. Yeah there you very. To join us an idea how you get the Tulsa because I think you'll enjoy it but hey first of all enjoyed today you done a great job man and congratulations. Yeah yeah rebels say can I decision. That's awesome to guide it out. And in Alex that I loved the fact that you brought up Alexander Rossi and him. American kids we've been watching it up. Our guys let's go and take a break and when we come back we're gonna continue discussing an awful little one organ and also talk about the world endurance championship we've got an interview from that race today. Isn't speed city live from Austin, Texas back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie often I'll only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing all European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but OJ 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and apple MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm an MV Agusta and I like right Elaine just east of I 35. Isn't camera and video is the largest campus dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and act with all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customer experience. With handpicked products and offhand experts he definable helpful and knowledgeable and a. Accommodating sales topped the quality service comes sepia south precision camera video simple create west Anniston lane. Again and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seven lead dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy. Anywhere kind you don't write this place. Okay. Hi I'm Wayne Rainey and you listen this pizzas. I used to like to say so yeah. I'm concerned when you're. This is for my daughter Paige. We didn't listen he's Justin beaver. I see you that's why you're being the strong thoughts I. Sorry my rainy. Some are just didn't left. Must thank you for just. I don't know man I'll never live that down you want oh never live out there's a site today I felt. I guess alleged so let's talk to a formula we talked about the anyone live event but you list let's couldn't play this interview. Did it should just of the session you're in India stretch ahead you can't our German and Formula One correspondent and you guys cover above budgeted so let's play this now on the welcome back to talks more about. I am joined Bob Tim correspondent and data. The English striker she's gentlemen. I'm English Lewis Hamilton is thankful that the championship telling so you've got a perfect and we are threatened to have a jacket by. What happened in great Britain and welcome to the show. A busy week for hormonal. I don't then definitely definitely asked you know mentioning that you're an English soccer and Formula One there was a big banner episode then grand then. By the rich and say that I should know bumping. Yes. Yes. I was really impressed with him and again I know you know that pretty well he's very popular like Michael wants and he's own way. I think the British flags. In and went away but really didn't respect. Good drivers and doesn't matter. My outlet that's wrong course they want the British guys to win but that has big triple I noticed that on the line things again during the race weekend and its say on the podium. You know obviously gets a which in some while that sounds you know he's a popular thing. Definitely definitely I didn't say he is more popular and I had an Anglican back now. Any prospect was. And not previous act of personality. You know used to put Red Bull he spent a lot of time in the UK. I'm Bob I loved her band heard there was then I say they are like really bad and he's. Very. But being the excitement. When another doing. Whether fining you one good enough you're home so she finished Q why you are on on on the armed. Guys thanks. Yeah I'd obviously I was watching and I was always thought to myself it's your right. The classical look I still can't get over as an englishman I come get out a class B ball some all of that he. You know all of that it's not a factors and that. Standings is just bizarre alternate energies I had a little bit of red sunshine. Long they get a little chicks you know the it's early TV for three days. Whether prozac and they'll sleep detects that just carry on getting drunk Ole Ole all three guys it's it's a really bright spared a I talk to all the goals by. The one and only. Louis series Boston picnic and a jump went into the crack. The guy I was amazed that you are basically. Karma back went over to areas and just all to hold back crowds that they aren't gods of formula. And the funny thing was really. You've seen. He fitness bathroom bust and Raikkonen sitting in the press conference room where AT both of them are. I usually the only Al west and AT you know I'd Wear it the an outside Seattle crowds and. Yeah on and it does nothing about three and at the end of the best of my seat neither from the same country. And they come together for every done so yet. August I was a bit uncomfortable. I am not thinking you are like. I'll be an insurance shell shocked I think it got closer Bobby what are you meet. You're sitting there and it's not moving you talk like acting adult you seems like yeah shock from what happened. I lost you that's runs well let's talk about. Because that was pretty much the defining moment on all the right really upbeat we expected Hamilton to do what dig it. But tossed it right to all an act that penalty and saw him further back to get up to second place but the story was all black ties and more importantly. Ferrari being actually quite small media blitz because quotable. You know it's what it was all gone wrong about the most. That's unbelievable like it was all looking at rod. Right it and you know. Papelbon does well is what's closing in on that Obama doesn't. Get it dependent. They reckon it's tight out it's that much time does he managed to get back into big change lives comes out. And what it was probably frustrated at delusional idea then. Left center left leg. Say what happens if you look and if what we're seeing him because he couldn't get it back. It is exactly yet yet staged a hole or lack there are people coming in. But still eager that's coming in second stimulus that handicap. Are unbelievable in write it and then gave the birdie on it and bought Netscape and please. I'm told happily drop on her house last caller. La las questioning users I know this and at least make you smile well what's your take on prospects sat next to Toronto wolf. Do you think that was the six months ago. Bad bad strains. I don't know it's funny he gives us. Alchemy in ten years seeing any that it probably. Use them used the little lie here. At. I. Great people they did it say right now I'm all through. Not only to California. As well he got off. Actress. There we didn't he say we have it should additional former one team in this life. Yeah she's the state. Of teen we'd love being corny and there. The earth in the running and have our own rhythm and what do you Oakland we're working on race. Oh that's right I think it's good to get any Hollywood death Bucs getting moments for you stuff I think it's really get a and you could see yet I'm Renee were also stop if you don't look like both people are the stock and you can see that elect giddy kids they loved it. So I think what you see you see the stop light and joy formidable par. It's got to be good for the. We'll. Definitely I don't they and every third airplane that he might they hate the album they've opened Inky get rid rate that the war. The thing that Barcelona literary period random. Peaking at Mumbai we should be left her there gorilla. In bunny. They'll. Get the bad guy I've ever had this look. Police. Robert Quinn. I took best friends when he's playing very well the best burger that. I'm judge onion and quite quite frank I don't think that's at the British company I hope we'll get some in beta at the club is going to be happy this weekend NN. Category. There's also sea ice is our friend Alia. Right we're operating baton one Cheryl cook but. Yet. That's a whole lot of thought DOS. As we really bad back and listen and get back to some again coming on the city will. You jewel and people congress key chocolates. Lou we'll be up again. I got my friend white hair angry you'll often backs it. I don't own a touch and some other info and stories. Oh start with hos hos did not have a great weekend Kevin Magnuson actually had a and if you look at where stars were finished she started sixties finished twelfth have yeah Pawlenty was up to settle the course that was because he stayed out there with. The tires. But Hostin have a great weekend but I don't know they didn't really have faced all weekend didn't really expect and have a great race now and acting kick. I think more importantly for. Roman growth John. Because they did change to the column breaks yet so they're right manufactured at basically yes on the fat patties. I hope I I need to kind of built into that report and see how he. Fell flat land but if it went in the right direction we might see app Iran and and we need that by the time he gets Alston but deeds what I was bombed back today. Was as a huge opportunity with Toro or also torpedoing. Any oh right other you yet now officially the torpedo fat. And Collison and saying he's delighted to actually be would Sorrell so even though he doesn't get the rights for many more. Because is teammate takes him that I'm most if not for any like. My feelings for a Roy also are ahead all pass in the championship by about four points. Yeah but coming up behind Haas now the red team because they gained eight points this week into yeah. So yeah it's it's that's it that's just as we expected dozed a tight race right there are so. What other stores who's got about a minute left him for your take a break. I had eight it's not related to the British grown very well with the tire issue I think we'll see I think prelude you know investigate that but you know I think it's a combination of the wind caused the big ties and that the very very fossil estimate is I mean you're talking IG through got. Complex and could come into factor a it Alston because we do have a very similar complex error and it was found on exactly that complex like 72345. Here in Austin site. Watch this wasteful parolee the other is a good point as Alonso. Fails again and they'd get a US. He put out the press among the sport dot com he wants a decision from McLaren on what their plans also lakers thought would you like up next year. And he needs to know what they all because if they are staying with on that he's out and I think you'd be right in Jersey new gotten. Now Harry soon. If that is the case all something's got to move because I'm Pete that's the biggest story in Pullman won in the next few weeks it's got to be. All right well we're gonna go and take a break when we come back we're gonna talk about these six hours and ever ring media FIA world endurance championship this is speed city where and also back after this. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. It culminating sell stuff the quality service becomes CB itself precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often I'll only NB a good stuff kinda catty back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma below 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien does stuff. Or if you want a credit freeze begin racing that look no further than the world's it was bull when he triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and and bowl MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome and financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm an MV Agusta and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. And Canada of the day has arrived from Australian G graves Yamaha and this is speed city. The world endurance championship was at the famous Nuremburg greens today are our boys and girls and thought we'd just get a great interview before and wait just a second championship but really this is one of the biggest stores all weekend if Ferrari taking over the lead in the GT pro. The perfect time yap. Knee you know it's always Iowa's a bid to GT pro he's is probably the hottest. All of the classes because there's. In a multitude of great drivers and several different kind of actual title winning weather before Wetherbee Aston Martin Wetherbee Ferrari or Porsche and yeah out today Ferrari took the lead in the championship. And of course they get this that their summer break effectively start snapped they had a month off before they had to Mexico. And to. Not only lower and. Austin and that's tribes or what do we go ahead and play the same you did there will wrap up some of their classes and now but this is Jonathan. And James Cornell from the Ferrari team. We've cities and I'm delighted to welcome this judge is gonna who is including his way back to front at what are still around. Did a great job another annoying in the Wheldon joins championship and winning in LA and GT pro. Had delighted slowly jams and the Ferrari doesn't matter what does the number is on the side it's eight keeps on winning. Congratulations Tommy festival. How you weekend wants to do they bring. About auto right back that up. Are you able that it could say all of we didn't get that didn't get. Went they got a score that's. Yeah I got a little bit better there. They. They're get a car. Beat bridge pretty pretty well that it could not get the bat. It probably about the com. Bad and that the ball well they didn't already on the boat that. That it will let's all get out of a little bit yeah. Well this he would get ready for you to come to Mexico and accounted is second to America's here in Austin. I only I just wonder when your own Formula One track like like you would today. They can be for sports Gaza anyway especially. You know what unit we got so many of classes but doesn't look traffic they are very narrow spice how long does it to deal with that. He every gets cold Lee and but I think also. That are out there. Ought to let out though there although it article. I've without it. The bad. I. That let go out and got a daughter. Is really bad blood bank but I think. I'll get up at the look at all of it but they are are good article critical of the the idea that they don't. Oh all right split. Up. As you. And you know buses series you just said that death you have Ferrari are doing well but I always say P&G T eight true cost is probably the most hostile. You know with with with Porsche dad always Ferrari that are obviously with Aston Martin. It does not let up. I'm a baseball front be it you might be leading that had ECU the rice is to come in terms of the competition and how he'll fare against him. I got it out. They regard but don't let our. It. Another one that air it well. Either I don't vote it right there. Well we ought. Here are the Coke yeah. How. That he didn't I don't let it all yet we can't let them that you have bet that there. So I talk about that all forward. Well don't don't play we have got our. I don't want. Yeah I also wanted it now you know that for right hey obviously I'm the previous call was such success. I'm usually come around the world looked so I'm what do you think of the floor right Ferrari. Everybody put off by the ability of probable or hey yeah. Good point but they let it. Five car but it. Sport every time. Wouldn't it out there. It was you mention the little we were talking about on the show a few months ago which is you know it was only soccer is religion is a lose for Ferrari to tell about on. As sad as it still got a drug exact. That's about it. I partnership. Opted out of boredom that that the look and let. We got a picture and I didn't want. To pick up the western backed up well that's great that it can't let. I've got it back a bit. Give us the question I had I like myself and vigilant met many many racing tracks but I'm not in the job I always wonder will not trip back to the apple. You're just because I don't know what we drive in right now. I get old or. Eight why not. OK I like. What you got a pretty didn't do we need to get drawn hundreds honeybees. Today you know last they keep. That. Well yeah. Well I can tell jurors take an active he's gonna run you off the road if you don't gamble that line but I'm yes I did think it yeah. Tony go so tentative and we'll the most successful drivers. As well. It either if Ferrari as well but god I got one about Mexico. And Austin ahead. He had not that Ellen I think that there are. Not. That I enjoyed it not to let. 08. Gigabyte. About thought that was a charge. That already. When Odyssey will see here Austin looking forward to that. I am I guess I is it one of the highlights for the full long guys they say it's one of the highlights of the season because they love the town and they just love the layout. There's an America's meat patty how was it for sports contract. Thought that. I think haven't got that full let out everything that's. What the right out of this. Read about all like it 08. That it shouldn't die or that it yes straight out of it all but dead but that. I think it. I got up at. I think they'll be enjoyable bit. I'm Jonathan now's gray aloe here's talking Dakota. Are we get revved up boys and girls thanks continue to species check us out on a website speed C broadcast dot com Lebanon the podcast this week yeah apple do those tickets are tough decision. Tell tale. Right right there yeah. Sports car. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right tier rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice.