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Sunday, July 8th
Speed City, for July 8.

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Well beyond those speeds hitting quit John messing gal last keiser and Jonathan freed. It's no fast as our on the radio. Speed. Welcome this joke here Ed. It's street city alive in Austin, Texas. We just got to watch in the British from pre another good Foreman won the race is John Massey deals and in studio with let's gutter less what you think. Nailed it. Nailed that you did college buddy you called before the race was a bastion medal. You know I I think get I think it was excellent. Run yes Hamilton got knocked out camera can say that was intentional by anybody but knocked out not to back down knocked back knocked knocked off course the first run. I'm gonna say that even so you know. Trying to rain on somebody's parade. Is a big. Big assists when you've got that and known Hamilton was. There was such a big deal made about Hamilton racing in front of the home crowd somebody wanted to get up there and and bring that ring club. Are you Isa and Kimi Raikkonen did that on purpose. I don't think so cat I was inside I didn't agree with that I think. I think they do just racing incidents. Don't think there was any animosity or anything ministry and now I think I need some mistake by right. And I think even he admitted that to you but hello we're gonna get Jonathan green from out front live from Silverstone here in just a couple minutes. And now we'll get him back on the air win this we had him on the pre show so. Why haven't but nobody Ellis ran down the in the race because it was a good race and we've had to. Really good at races in Formula One in a row here so. So I Sebastian Vettel won the race and in in great fashion we'll talk about that here a minute Lewis Hamilton in second. Kimi Raikkonen in third bode toss Ricardo. Who we didn't hardly hear any of the entire race. You know existing and now six legal Holcomb bird and 70 conduct. Alonso and eight in Madison from Hoss team in ninth gas lea Perez and van Dorn strolled sir rock and and we had several we had what six. You know it's six Revver drivers who did not make it three was. We had. We had Hartley out on lap two with a technical issues in the Claire out on lap eighteen. With so mechanical problems. And then Erickson went out with a really hard he had an and one of those ones where you look for them into. Two to hit the radio quickly because that was a really hard to get on the wall so I was a little bit scary. And also of course the crash being gross Jon Karl signs. Which I think was correctly called racing incidents although that was we'll talk more about that that was a pretty tough news there. And then of course for Stefan right towards the end of the race went off in the gravel had some brake issues or he didn't finish three seated either so. But to Abbott yes I do another good race guys there was it was. And it's. British chief he can always bring some excitement. Being such a long time. Stop on the tour to great. Heard accumulation of folksy you sell the crowds are huge yeah big crowds at sourced a and pig big cheers from Lewis Hamilton all we can't. And of course let's talk about this in the very B and raise you touched on less where. Raikkonen and ended up with a 102 penalty for what he did when he spun. I'm Lewis Hamilton early on in the race and sent him onto the back and you know who big guys sown now on the on them played a play radio broadcasts were saying. They give drivers and able to Lewis Hamilton I can argue with that because he cannot back to to come in second sense. Lately you know it and and as always win in a one of the front runners kits are sent to the back. Those ads there's quite a few of those in the back that are just stunning in a battle to slow impasse that's that's the safest way because you know he's gonna. Make his way up there anyway and and you or be taken out on the it's one of those things that did you united. Let's say the first half dozen folksy passes or just to give them an a gift back to him to get up to the front. So win number four for battle for 2018. And of course extending his lead by a little bit over Lewis Hamilton. And extending the the instructors championship also by small margins so. I love that we've got a tight season knowing this is Norman asking for and we got a lot of keep their little lives are as some Somalis sees I want to talk about costs of one team of course. I was predicting and hoping that they would pass the Renault team that did not happen today. With with the way things finished with possibly look we're scored points so I cannot complain. But. But they're they're not gonna pass because he had Holcomb Merck opens burned up in sixth for the renal team so he's got a few more points and Magnuson did. But paying guys the one thing I did notice when Lewis Hamilton was coming through the pack and how fast he did that it was crazy fast. And that was why cinema pummel wonder how is gonna do when he comes up. To the Renault team to the Haas team the cars that. And oh come with force India thought. How quickly he's gonna get past those cars right because they're the best of the rest. Well it just shows you the way he went past them I mean he went. Straight through the field and ended up in six in no time at all and an it was of I mean you can see there's a huge performance gap. Between. Between then the end of the Big Three and the rest of the field. Yeah you're right it's it's a big deal that. To have that much of a gap at this level. It's really something else to me to see that continuing to go in keeping an who's gonna close up on Mercedes well we're seeing Ferrari get there. Red Bull honestly feels kind of waning in in their performance a bit. Well I think we have not Johnson green live from Silverstone mr. green has gone buddy. Get back yeah. While like that I thought it was gonna be hot sweltering it wasn't meant. Yeah let's debate let's open the weather over there you guys is among look into the cold and rain and it looks like Texas over there. Well we got she. That's the trouble with the modern technology we've been lying it's it's a lovely country we just didn't really want to get done small. We didn't really ultimately people coming out Wimbledon study got you know somebody seeks it's a piece of. Austin that's what's happened Austin, Texas we talk about what's what a great city we have a great weather and everybody moved here well apparently you've got plenty of room for crickets. What's up would the bed the radio broadcast they kept breaking in with. With with the cricket updates. Again. On the ground reporters unity ticket but yeah who would say Jonathan. The ball and get them in. It's a board game right it's they played it's like just the way it is. No I don't know who you're hearing what you rapidly deteriorating and you have a ball by six active leafs. I'm still like baseball bowling. Anyway. It was it was again grace and and we brought free came undone though we were running down what happened and that. At the top win now when Raikkonen spun Hamilton and how Hamilton. Blasted his way through the big the crowd and got out quickly to sixth place. But will boy what was your take on the race. Yeah just a map point this definitely some controversy. The incident between Hamilton and Raikkonen Raikkonen. And admitted full full. You know responsibility for it. But I was just listening to seize wolf. Who of course is correct a terrible but it driver as well. Saying you know why. You don't want one in ten seconds woody ruse Wilson's. All right peace. You battle planet. Calls the incident report it but backed up. Stock price might be a little bit off of you know it just it's always top of me to do them sensational job to come back to second place. But you know the first incident happened said it Ferrari. There on full well and a full week with lots of false that it's coming up. Hungry it's not it's a bright tights that it had no real other techniques that's a lottery but almost as boss and expect writes. You've got to see quite a few victory sit up all not to. Again fall sick it. It's going to be interesting irony you I think as we lead up to Alston I did I agree with that jedi gap it's going to be I think it's going to be less than forty points between them. I've also what do you guys think about both toss defending against a battle and then that'll eventually getting through. Odd to me. And a boat house I thought I was doing a great job button but when he did let that'll pass coming almost looks like he just. Didn't see it got to do is just like I'm not defending. Yet but he had no ties with the tree that when you look at me even though the safety cop played a little bit to help. Because they didn't salt. Ask Ferrari did. Twice. They had precious time is more grip. And but bass was risky I think he's cut ties would go home so I don't think he's in a position that bad months. And yeah in the day I think it was Graham type by battle but. Again but to us. You know do that you all I'm keeping himself in contention on packs quite pleased but last night because. You know he's still in touch it only needs a really good result. A couple of ways that it takes the checked. While I was looking at a chart this woman on puts out within has all of the position changes all the passing and everything. And I there's no way to follow it so that that's a great thing for Formula One end. So plenty of action today but. So what about down to reload it tells and I was talking about the Haas team that that than any other stories or any other things that that strike you. Well obviously dissolve the policy. You know we we heard about it to view beginning at the program. About how much registries on that it doesn't help when he got he gets all the great bottom. I felt sorry full. Sabbath because that that that kind of rotates off by shots that well he was in the points. I don't know what that you guys release will not something. From the pit stall a real shame. Disappointment against the Williams and McLaren on the it's that hope rights Amanda. And that it was too long ago that. The 108000. Fans that you see cheering for the German Mercedes team albeit it in Estrada would cheering for the British williams' team. In light and glory and the relatively British McLaren team. Not so long ago but how times change up. Yeah absolutely I did a did you see a a tweet a Foreman won. And right and since according white Raikkonen he says he Lewis in the rear my bad my mistake I deserved the penalty to the ten seconds. But don't mistake it would have been better I tried to the list could go yeah he's you're right John they took full responsibility not even. I mean it's yeah he's a little bit rare to hear drivers and go and take full responsibility but yet he did serve. I can't argue with that and I do like here's another quote from battle battle he says the safety car spice it up it was a nice battles out Terry. I think I surprised him he says I'm really really happy. Lastly I think he did it solid. Not a place throughout the tech usually and Brooklyn's. So that it wasn't bolted it to be honest it's the elect described it was a classic battle mode and occasionally he shows is that that that's why it's a lot I don't know that. That. Let the bubbly great is I think is is technical battle weigh in before the rights. He did really Smart he smiling grinning idiot vehicles Erekat. 58. So yeah I I really. One excellent racing. You know there was a lot of side by side action. It really played well you know I was surprised at how many incensed that appeared to be DE RS. Assisted fuel running off the ends holding a little too long it appeared numb minimum make that next quarter so that kind of surprised me. As nothing has really changed about this track and so long. I'd Soledad unless they they. And I blood just like to also let yet luck Chris in all it was all about it act and they didn't change that's the first time that I DRS. On the front striped the celestial. My hat they've had it at the back once they added that the IRS and hold it doesn't pick bellhop that next year and both Raikkonen. Sony Ericsson and down. The other crash trying to think which one but that will both without Reich has little move where he went almost all. But nice to got it was does is because of DRS so they got to close the DRS people attending an oil. It can happen like it to Ericsson. Interesting mentioning that does explain it them. I so what about this guy is the of the wreck with growers Jon Karl signs Karl signs and a bold moves through corner that's pretty much had blood on top gear flat out corner. Coming around grows John. And ended up taking them both out now war do you think glass. Bold move died I think that was a racing incident I think inside you know who lost a little grip there slipped out. To composed out would not call led anything more than a racing instant when you looked at it from both camera views you saw how it played out. I just want a cheap. I'm I'm told on this one. Drudge on that a bit nervous there every remember it was a re stop so. Scientists at a place because you wouldn't be on the hotline that Lackey to be on the line if you thought that they would just accelerating that is while the Voskuhl was in the united. On the track. So for sacks try to get lost gross gem on the outside tops. You know you eat you say what he says a lot. Ice solicited Eddie makes driver tell you that he's not on the news but it was a restock and drugs on got a bit about this day as he went in. Probably talk to defend and he just you know touch but. He's sounds in the bin in my opinion because he knows full well that the that you're going to be on back to drive. If you're not up to full speed and he wasn't positive was the mood. Yeah I Tinder agree with TI think it's probably wouldn't if I'd been a Steward I probably wouldn't have called it. But I think that was probably. If I had to if I had to choose I'd say it was on Karl signs that. Doesn't use as a racing incident racing is it just yeah. You know you mentioned something. When we spoke on the phone earlier about some rumors about grows Jon and not what you tell the tell me what you were saying there. Well some of the British report as saying the that grows John's full year and let's face it a case got a good result lost on. But another result when he goes it's all my fault you know day. This guy is like Ollie Ollie did nothing wrong this weekend suspension failed and they couldn't get it. They couldn't get a guy all right so we asked rice again but it's another nail in the coffin like to say it. The somebody good guys in GP two including a ransom to effort she. You know George Russell is pushing hard to get into the Mercedes team. It's a cutthroat business days. The mall results you don't get. The quick of people lots statistical judgment means will be forgotten two weeks but the result what B and you'll look down the construct is you looked out the driver's. Championship. What I'm saying is that a lot of people a second Greg Jones making too many mistakes. I had not avoiding incidents and getting himself in trouble again not scoring points where's my present. He's keeping his nose clean and against going points that I so all the two drivers act. Actually have decided that my lessons doing a better job a month but that's really offs. Yeah I you know it's funny because coming into the season we're Grushow was done and has done really well the first two seasons of costs. But you have to admit he has made some mistakes what was that set when he was sit there behind the safety car a few weeks ago and just crashed. And so there's been some mistakes for sure but I guess what's going to take our first break in and will continue to recap the British Grand Prix. And we've got some really fascinating interviews. Including. Some interviews with the managing director. Of Formula One Sean branches. 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The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike ever up. All the charisma but I'll say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien does stuff. Or if you want to credit freeze deep Ginn racing then look no further than the world's and a sport winning triple and 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legendary and bought MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit at the moment MV Agusta and I like break Elaine just east of I 35. Live coverage of president trump Supreme Court nomination announcements Monday at eight on talk thirteen seventy. I'm Jenny yeah from BBC after what you are listening to speak sixteen. Welcome back to street city. Thank Justin. We averaged from Ginny on the BBC broadcaster here today and you miss. It definitely follow up on the speak to your website you'll have that interview in its entirety if you missed it yeah we've got so. We've got a bunch of good interviews doesn't Jonathan as we said earlier John has been over it's over so over in London this week. Getting interviews in and getting prepped for the British Grand Prix. Andy can check. Out all those interviews on our website and our sound cloud account speed city broadcast dot com. Putts and let's go to you know we got a couple of callers let's let's go to Bob and Texas Thursday Bobble on the show. They got Oregon pretty good so what struck Cuba today's race British Grand Prix. We you know ignore her literary consult but I curiously he had thought about you the triple header I mean these guys are gonna have traveled earned the path to travel. Quite a lot in between these three around me you know they're not. All in Europe what do you think. I did question because. The that the whole idea behind this was actually had to do with the World Cup they've they've shuffled some things around. And decided to go back to back to back so what was its. France Austria Britain so. It was the first time an opinion fallen when history that they never done that. But the way it ended up is that a lot of these guys may have slipped in their own beds this week because a lot of these teams are based around the around London near Silverstone. Right so I've you know I've I think that it if you're gonna do it at least do it that way. You know I I gotta say the fatigue the team members could have been an issue as well I just think do. Three and rode hey you know we enjoyed it. But I think yourself if you run three long weeks you know with the race is on each weekend. As the team's pretty prewar out I can imagine I'm sure there they're definitely ready for a few days off and get away. One of the things though Bob is they said they're not planning on a Tony nineteen triple header. Interest in what Jonathan we get you over in at Silverstone what do you think about the trip letter from Bob. Yeah I know you say in but eights. And I don't think he's I'm I'm not surprised that nothing good about it again it's exhausting I mean hostile to the cable go to break that you. To put up as a pulp costs but it is a waste site culpa. Right she is telling me that come tonight she's going to be heading home for the post on saves the French robbery. That's a long time wife from a site. Well Bob thanks for the call we appreciate it. Yeah. You know I think that's that's one of the things the other thing we talk about when they get back into the stretch of races the thirst adding changes. Brendon Hartley. You know after his suspension failure was relegated to starting from the hitter from the back. And one of the things that came out that tore Russo announced is they added some Perry unit changes while they're veterans like they wall were at the back of the grid. McCain getting further back let's let's do this. Unfortunately he really didn't get to find out if they we're gonna farewell hollered out with the kids and it was a scary crash and it and it's me it made me think about that halo. Another the entire state tethered will stay tethered but you CAD was bounce not really close to that halo. And if you did have a tether failure in that instance bad that would easily justify. That ebbs and halo let. Hey Jonathan Allen get your take on the overall championship shot fight where we are now and that in the battle for for the best of the rest. Okay I think. If he's very significant that. Latin. The championship battle. Is halting the way it's eight points difference one point it was. I knew it would be a significant free rice is an extent that way but I think. Tracy much Hamilton and battle of school equally. At. Raikkonen is coming into the game but pass is already in it and Pete gets a better result can act he could people out of a three way fight. But really the still Horry has to be a bat Lewis Hamilton and his legacy. And Sebastien battle and his legacy. Both apple world cycles of faith want the one of these two guys is all looked odds at the end all this year who's gonna date. And you can see results like today Hamilton very excellent. Not showing up to the post race interview. The live one at least Martin rumble I think it just says it all I think it's a little bit they issued my opinion. But but but Vettel showed similar kind of tactics what he's not a good guy. But it really is a lot of pressure ironically strategy while well IG the only man to have got five titles courtship back seven. But they're chasing fads as freckle or five titles as it was for a long time. And both of the wanna be up I would the right man his two sons were the rice today by the sons watching. Ab but yes I do you gotta think the legacy because. The white things changing with the rules sonus hopeful and as the future. If you've got Dominic party you know it really is good touch got between those two days about my legacy and who's gonna go down in history as one of the registrar visible top. Well you know it's funny you talk about panels are being petulant and walking off and offering giving interviews but did you guys see him when he stepped out of the car. After qualifying. He was so emotional. That he was trying to you know that he's talking about. Every all the team was was counting on him and all of the the all the London fans all the British fans counting on him. He was so emotional stepping out of the car I wonder if it was just continuation of that. You know because it when the rays sore. As high as he was to to get taken out the first Latin booted to the back into the grid. That's an emotional roller coaster for sure and no I wouldn't know it that way but check back with me after a few world championships so. Yeah I just want saying I don't I'm not sure it's him just being. Petulant necessarily as woods as a lot of these drivers can be as because they are so competitive but just fit in being so emotional. And so caught up to and trying to you know perform for his home crowd. I think that that could easily been a part of itself. Let's see what else. You know what about. What about down the great little bit we've talked boot up Haas team. Oh what about Alonso scoreboards today what do you think. Yeah. It at a good job and what does it finally. I'd yeah. I still pointed Austin remember but. Yes. EEE eight people lies the performance of the Cox is simple as that. But that. Whether it will be good enough to and whether they might need to lose. His satisfaction I mean I agree with what Jimmy Jackson is soul seems to be about. Please Alonso and keeping him keeping in in the McLaren hoped it would in the 500 is that it's what's notable want to let it be that. And keeping it in people don't want keeping him McLaren more more importantly the the trouble full Alonso is that's not what else to go out. Yeah gastric but I think you're right if you didn't hear gee guess she's in our pre and we did an interview their pre race show where. She talked about she did not expect. A federal lawsuit to to go full time and Indy which is kind of the big big rumor right now. Because. In talking about. That they're making so many changes at McLaren for Alonso. That it would be if she's still using that he would you do that the size of fact of all moved the grueling. Schedule on an IndyCar race and and of course he's gonna do. Talking about Lamar again and and I don't know so. It is going to be a fascinating story watch and to see what happens and of course everything else going on in McLaren so. So yeah I was Jonathan I know you've got to two to lead to start getting out of the circuit. Any final thoughts before you get out on today's British crown pre and we're gonna be real excited to play all these interviews and she got force including some righteous. Yeah I mean. Have to say that. XT shall practice on the lawful and along for giving is being to view a fascinating insight I have law. Audience listens because. Eight he does set that he's that vision of the future. I think it's really bright I am I into the British crown races I was a little sliver of a three. But I've never seen anything more professional and war supported the merchandise. Shots and that's always a great legacy how business is going. What I overflowing. The crowd of course at buoyed by Hamilton was was vague. But I you know I think I think the prescribed for yes if you treat tropical come to an agreement. I think liberty of got a huge future but on massive in the right direction listen to will box and ought never seemed happy not notice that you more. So the openness towards Formula One athletes I am positive ness towards its future they'll get the racing might. But right pat it's it's looking pretty good for the future. Our I don't think green thank you very much for calling in from the Silverstone and of course we'll see you back here in Austin next week buddy. Okay we're already would take a break but remember when we come back we are gonna have interviews with both the managing director of foam in what some branches and with will Buxton. Johnson got a baby with him as well and also with mr. work who has the the head of Silverstone talked about the future of Silverstone. How lots of rumors going on there so we have some great interviews coming up in the next segments of the show. Sick with a speed city line in Austin, Texas. Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school is offering seven days a week year round driver education from. The fifteen year old would know driving experience amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors. The judges Judy based on the day off weather from all that driving back. We'll keep you eye you'll finally safe on the road all the bad guys on the racetrack. Feel confident behind the whales back to the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it. Will make a team that's up. The Austin east KOA campground just fifteen minutes from certain of the Americas and downtown Austin and just two minutes from the Chavis coming exposed sooner. And central Texas fishing Decker lake. Featuring amenities for every style of camping tents thanks to luxury RV folders and cabins. Plus a cool showers and laundry. Nestled in solid trees on the edge of the hill country all the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise scale way to make your reservation is it also niece KOA dot. Come listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. All new radio dot com. A little from. Welcome back speech city that's Bruno Mars music in the background going to be at certain America's for the common one you know as he's grown three in October. But college a presidential guest is we have a lot of great interviews here and like Johnson was just saying he's been in London for the last week. And he got to sit down in a Formula One headquarters. With Sean brass is the managing director commercial operations. And a fascinating fascinating interview we've got several segments of this briefly if you today and we're gonna. Put some of these out on our website and I podcasts. But it's a really really fascinating insight. Into. The transition from the Bernie Ecclestone era to Liberty Media era. And I think this. And it's been fascinating to watch. Well he would end it and Utley folks even for us it's fascinating to see the changes in the panic in in the conversations that you have with four more management. And the conversations that the team principals are having. They're all saying it it's actually a dialogue. That is different how do you think this let's talk about this go back think about it will talk to the next race again. That's not the way it was done before and I will we will tell you from firsthand as a broadcaster. This trip be dealing with. Formula One is a very very different. Theme they used to be. And so far. Of class he's been a very very positive change for us all say I'll say one thing you know we're we're seeing even how they're talking about doing deals you know potentially. Revenue share in Miami and some the other. Things that's really a positive step because. You know if if if you're trying to put a grocery on the shelf at a tertiary store you'll this sort of stay in business 'cause they're gonna somewhere your groceries. Doing that to a venue. You know make it such a struggle that they may not even break even. That's not good for your future relationship with them and getting your product out into the stands. Yup well let's go ahead and murder and it have been played his first clip from Shonn branches talking about to be kidding Powell when he steps in the door. At Foreman won. Liberty acquired Formula One. Enjoy in January of 2007. Team. And win now when we arrived in how we do you know read this season was basically Bates there's 45 weeks in terms of the Grand Prix season starting. So there was a lot of things that we inherited. That you know we're somewhat immutable in terms of you know that there's 2017. Season. But the same time. You know one of the eve of liberty acquired Formula One for three primary reasons you know first it's a extraordinary. Global brand. Gotta pay out over 500 million fans are around the world and it's had a pretty strong balance sheet. Secondarily. In a world in which technology. Is this inner mediating the way consumers in you know ingests contents. Sport lives port in particular. Is the only genre that are predictable basis can aggregate large audiences. And there's certainly monetization opportunities you know as a route as a result of that. And thirdly the what's the perception that this was under manage business. And I can attest to you that that is the case you know we have an expression in the states called bait and switch. When you know chase gave me a call and ask me that come over to ask me to come run the business. And when I got here didn't take me long to understand that there was no business you know there was no sponsorship group there was no. Media rights group there was no you know digital group no research group and no research I know strategy team knowing that the hospitality of communications group. So it's been made you know really fascinating journey for me to not only you know come to a an extraordinary global brand. But also have the opportunity to assemble. A step us a team my staff. Which I think is a great edit the business. To create a strategic vision for a brands such as this to take it to him to the next level we think there are many levels that this can be to be taken to. And in some respects you know we're we're moving this from the Sears and Roebuck catalog to the Internet. Overnight so it's been an extraordinary ride. You know there's a a lot of wood to chop but I think we've made a lot of progress today. So be it reams and reams of data that we synthesize down to a brand book that makes makes goodnight moon look like a wick a pipe Wikipedia site. Our mission statement came out of that was two under lease the greatest racing spectacle on the planet. You know what an opportunity for a guy obviously a really impressive guy Smart guy but what an opportunity because. He is lucky said he stepping in to what you know the second largest sport in not on the planet from a viewer of behind soccer right. What opportunities stepping in because it had no commercial operations. All these things got Bernie did got the racing right I mean we we've got to give him credit for that the racing was ripe with all these other things. There was just nothing there as an opportunity for him to step in and and make his mark with this it's just chewing crowd Obama on a jump right into the next segment and next interview and Exel part of the interview we did were Sean branches. Formula One because he talks about. The the next thing he did after he got into Formula One it. It's and he's he's gonna talk about something that they did and I remember this I remember them doing it talking about. Are reaching out to the fans across the world so let's hear. He used to basically focus groups and that type of of technology or that type of research solicitor some branches against. Yes so again as I mentioned when when I arrived. I was actually here two or three weeks prior to the closing. And had it not closed I would have actually gone back to the states but. In the interim I went to why didn't Kennedy which woods. Yes he adds agency of record and in many respects shape ESPN brand for them near the close to three decades I was at the company. And this had a lot of conversations with them about you know the opportunities that Formula One vote one of them was. I needed to do brands studied and figure out you know what fans actually thought about Formula One because we re really didn't have you know a guide post in that regard. So we we went to four continents. We've. Interviewed. Ten avid fans at a Formula One fans on each continent for seven hours over two days. We did. Six focus groups comprised of ten people each. The one being of added Formula One fans when being your casual Formula One fans former motor sports fan's spectacular yes spectacle fans etc. we did panel data against digital platforms on each. Content and and we did you know a number of online surveys we learned an extraordinary. Amount to about you know what fans perceive Formula One to be. And how they how they interact with a brand. Yeah I remember that because it was they just reached out I'd I didn't know anything about it ahead of time but they just reached out on social media. And I think either I got an email just a Izzo signed up on the informant one web site. And they reached out and word we're talking about taking these surveys I didn't get chosen in this list or anything but. I just remember them saying that they were doing and I think some of the surveys were on their website if our call. You know it's it's again things that are done differently. You know I I've. I think it's easy it is to admit that Bernie did not really listened to a lot of folks. That was something that was very different it was run the way he wanted to run and that he didn't change his mind very often from from what we understand people there were closer to that. But the fact that third that liberty opened the door to the discussion and no we wanna hear from. The serious fans serious enthusiasts that are in on this so I think that's that alone will make things different alternately driving engagement. Yeah and Johnson said it in its social this weekend he said that everyone there you can just feel it was a different atmosphere than it was very open and and and everybody is saying that he was working with liberty is that it's at a totally. Totally different attitude where but the the big thing is that it is open that is it more of a conversation. Yet these guys have what 89 billion dollar investment and they're gonna get ultimately make the decisions but it is fascinating way to doing and so. Are we're gonna play one more clip here we have time before the break out we did. Let's go and play one more clip from Sean precious and what this is. It's his he calls it his five north stars. Essentially it's kind of a mission statement broken down but it is really really inching let's hear this from Sean righteous. We came out with the five nor stars that really drives our thinking on a daily basis. One revel in the racing. The second is breaking down borders the third is putting the spectacular back in the spectacle the fourth is taste the oil and the fifth is feel the blood boil. And those are all about creating great racing on the grid. About. You know unleashing this that did you know that the spectacle of the other property you know if you go to and I'm an arsenal Chelsea game or knicks bulls game in either for a couple hours you go home. At a Grand Prix you're there for three or four days you're spending 678 hours a day you need to be engaged. In it in addition to what's on the track. So you know we're doing a lot of that and the breaking down borders is the trying to create scenes and what was perceived to be this. Impenetrable. Exclusivity that surrounded the sport so you know bringing you know creating fan festivals and city centers and running cars creating a platform digital products that is stayed in the yard and and and and and relevant things of that nature we have a Netflix series that's being shot this year that'll drop at the end of next year telling the story about the game around the game you know not what's on the track but. You know what what transpires around the sport of Formula One from the last two is. In that case the oil this is the most technologically advanced sport on the planet. And you know who are these scientists these. You know these engineers that that that drive these machines extraordinary. You know capabilities and each of these engines. Has 25000. Unique parts each Angie. I mean it's it's it's extraordinary. And their stories to be told there and then lastly obviously as you know we call feel the blood boil but it's telling the stories about these. Gladiators that Sudanese rocket ships and drive on the precipice of danger and death that every single second and and really heroes and we're trying to. Unmasked them take the helmets off tell their stories. Because you abreast taxes it's really when you look at the history of Formula One. So much of it is about the iconic drivers said you know from fan NGOs that the hunt approached. Yeah Stewart and the list goes on. You know you you've got to play that back I'm here for rely on the radio now -- to have this on our website and you need to play this back because. This is really really Smart. Every single step of the way here because. All these things don't revel in the racing yacht party was great but the rest of his. Everything beyond that they're breaking down borders but the spectacle back in this end as spectacular back in spectacle. Taste the oil him with the technology to scientists the engineers. And then feel blood boil but you know because of what these are you know. Learn about the gladiators story behind the story that all of those. That is so so Smart this guy is a who I am really. More way more confidence than I ever had been not I hadn't seen any big missteps by Liberty Media the only one I don't like is the silly. On screen. That does take a graphic that's literally their gap but other than that and that's ridiculous us in an embryo but because everything else has been so Smart but listening to this guy. I aim my confidence is really really high. Absolutely I'll like it because they I think they've broken things down to the point that they are. Evaluating. Every thing done specifically for bringing value to the customer. In keeping teams engaged they're still working on that we know were there working on the whole point system. And how they're going to keep teams. I had to try to level the playing field from the giant budgets of the front to the thinner. Budgets at the back in return for a federal reward that so. I'm anxious see what they want that known there wouldn't talk about that another day yeah are worried it could take a break but stay tuned because after the break. We have an interview with will Buxton at Jonathan did gap we don't right now will Buxton you know and love him. It reporter for Formula One. And now he's up next after the recklessness beat city live from Austin, Texas. The racetrack it's what elections uncle. Only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find it Aston Martin Boston's notice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor cop. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey because you'll never just alone Iraq. I like 183 not a big deal runs. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. You got me off that offers only NB a booster had a caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien does stuff. Or if you wanna pedigree steeped in racing then look no further than the world's and a sport winning triple at 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and a moment MV Agusta and I like break Elaine just east of I 35. You've made the right choice tough thirteen seventy. And. Hi this kiosk in this is beat city. Quarterbacks BC. All right so we into the break we said we didn't play an interview and we've got this. If you will Buxton at Jonathan did while he was over at Silverstone. And we just got a few minutes left in the last segment you saw on a jumper and in this. But this is will Buxton lives are hard like yesterday I believe his interview was not at social. That he fans yards separate report has been wander in the product. It's -- this aside as they edit it really don't very probe improbable plot if you wanna get the story not about a place that well but that himself. Man extraordinaire in the product and not lodged in the panic I think you rolled the weeks. It even further up the civil rights the great seat buckles beat city. I do it how much you enjoying the new era for well I'd love and it's. Well actually. That he'd say that back in amiss on recently in the boys. It's it's crazy I missed. To be didn't road trip in from its to the French Grand Prix. And we put Steve matches audio book on his anger remiss in Seneca release out there like the first forty minutes looted is like. All manner of this defeat and the first thing is that gig without you. Let them know only sing at that the band is still going on a still booking auditorium and I don't know if that missed releasing an exotic animal that Ringo I think it I think I think they do to Al eggs I just keep abide ski the bag but he today. Now miss miss Jackson yet maybe yeah I missed a missed the. I missed the gang. I miss everybody at NBC sports who just the most wonderful group of people to with. They census jobs it's it's. Decide much more scope to do so many more things we were always limited with needles the amount of time that we had to broadcasting and in the states. But I do one thing for F one. I'm on and digitally as well. Tim is not to limit we can do as much or as little as we wants him to come up with ninety Hannan and Els is a shook it has got a. And I to have eyewitness initial good bit. It's really great because we can just be put up when you Tebow. We put it up when he has to Graham moats was a rope you know whichever platform suit small we want to Dave withers a soulful piece like a minute long comments Japan or if it's a little bit longer. Half now rose and I doubt they'll put new cheap what's this like a life into view of the drive we defaced the lives of at bats this. Has all these rights. Platforms to put it on. And just decent lies in the eyes and that's it was the most interesting as well is seeing. The numbers which are massive weather coming from predominantly the studies. They don't soda a look at the people who are engaging with us on mute the new to this bull so walk on Jill days in what ways into the mining is. Getting it to people who might not necessarily defense putting in front of them for the first time in Shanghai at the look how cool this school is analysts say this poison just about this is a yeah it's about everybody has of having that capability that that it sees it to say hey. Let me introduce you to this guy. He's young lad from Monica and he's a bit quickness and Charles I get it is is amazing so yeah I haven't ask at this is phenomenal mind. We'll give us drove down a little tell us what defines you specifically am what you because he's doing Jason still it's. Yeah you ice because you'll team together I know you've now got a big bankruptcies practicing yes are you so we're essentially working full does that mean. Bronze to X one and F liberal costs include F one digital and that has F one dot com. An order that once I some channels that you achieved tweet saying mr. Graham faced that. And everything that we do we didn't know much larger team. Goes on the side everything within will be on F one dot com. If you follow the sectors fund Twitter and FaceBook accounts near Saddam accounts everything that we do. Is being up late it's that is just us. There's a whole group of really townspeople really talented broadcasters and residences in law all off in making their own pieces while. Bright is as well on the web site and it's just it's it's it's more than I've ever seen the little one. Actually providing themselves as. As the that it that the body that you know that the organizers that the runs a school. Print and Dow and sucked glad you do now I'm sure America. What do you bloody day but I'm still. I still I'm still it heaven knows how long. But it's an abysmal invisible itemize so much of the right or exaggerated Zach is precisely precisely. But no it was lovely and it is lovely to to get messages from people and you know accident that still following along they is fabulous site was still here but still cracking alone and hopefully provided lots of interesting. On this on politics to did not providing lots of unique accountants. Typically extra boost and by the way as long as we've all been involved in this. It is a breath of fresh it was the knicks to a free Heineken Bob your coffee the panic Tyson's just woken by coming into the sun is shining. It showed that sales. Lights it's his job if it is a good place today. Canada just say that has them working for the people that he's this guy. It's an eon dot into this is what you sixteen sentencing at a senate lost you knew what was said on NB CS and you could you could noticed the change and positive it seemed it was flowing through the paddock. And I think that just extends those type issue gonna have negative champions at opal was actually changed the that a Boller in the Vatican this was actually a student school. Think long sent in I wrote wasn't Billiton today these guys comment almost mama joke. Not normally that was particularly on the day you know they've they've they've they've taken stock of the situation they know what they've got this but an all full time and money. Investing in touches in this school. If you made massive changes overnight you risk screwing up. What you suicidal odds to get a hold off site give it time. Put faith in them that they put the right people in charge of the right areas Ross broad pats him release people. And noticeable intrinsically and not gonna allow it to go wrong to just. Give it time and guys. It's what changes. We'll start to become the median. Changes that was taught me the big changes long term for the the health and prosperity and ultimate joy of racing real wanna see informal. Brilliant he could to save Vanna and American brands if you are listening. Officially from will Buxton liberty is the pursuit of happiness yes and I don't fuel admits he did all. You know I I had not gotten to hear that interview and it was perfect to follow up with what's shown branches says and what we were saying because it's just. A continuation I think. You could you be more optimistic right now after hearing all of that about about Formula One and what liberties Kennedys so yeah I amazing. Oh yes there it you know you see that you feel it a around the business. It's the community. The ship is righted and headed the right way and it's gaining steam. Yup are we got another interview back to back to back this triple header is is affected us we're going back to back on the interview skill. So we have another interview just got over Silverstone with an American journalist he's been around a common one. I don't know how many decades and and commits them and commits an answer John to get an interview with him and we're gonna play some of that real quick let's go straight into Dan can add some. A case BT I'm delighted to hiss and American tons. Those of Dan can it's in the good friend of mine from many a day past here and Foreman on the still going strong. Fiscal Dunn who you want people this year because you always got some stuff and the guy who and wake we find you. I write for Grand Prix dot com I do their race reports in the practice reports. SP sport magazine in the US ought to action in Australia and overdrive and India. Oprah tribe in India didn't they develop gospel hustle Ralph should he not not too long ago he says you're doing a fantastic job and I read your article and I was actually. In the Austin. Great white guys that than the U to find a Grand Prix dot com or speed sport dot com. You've been phoned in from the long for many a year. Equals what Maclin from taxi challenge. First and foremost. In New York time informant along. They'll still seem the more things change the more they say the sign because is a lot of the things we're talking about Mac. Which is the next concorde agreement an extension in the next. 20/20 one coming up rule changes and so on and the debate is who staying in he's not staying in he's gonna get the money's not get the money. It does it make you laugh sometimes that sometimes it is a must decide. It is almost the same but you know there's one big difference. And that's of course losing Bernie Ecclestone and Bernie had a policy of just say no to everything. And the great thing about liberty is they're saying well let's talk they might say no with us and let's talk we might say yes they're open to negotiations brokered compromise. That's the huge difference between this. Time now and Bernice times in the old days the team just knew that Bernie would say no and bring you get his way. This is an American does that. How how have you kind of welcomed if you will live to new change the change of golf is like beside it is very different than he had a way it was an endless capacity so to speak. Come but let's face it don't want the biggest sports in the biggest businesses and make himself a lot of money and the teams he made a lot of money to that still exists and I'm thankful for that money. Exactly I mean Bernie you can't argue with Bernie's business model to me he made himself a billionaire he made millionaires out of lots of drivers. You've let a few port journalist scrabble through. He had reached that planet reach the limit that was it it reached the end but it you know there was a good system for thirty years but that was the end. As soda had things had to change with the new regime and that's where liberty came in. You know boys this conversation. It's really exciting and it was this the same basically the same three themes and all those three interviews. Is that liberty is open for business and hold an open to ideas open to discussion. And I don't know maybe that is the more the American way. But. But I just hope that that some of these ideas that teams and everybody else has we're gonna come to fruition that. Are we gonna wrap it up here we added the Amazing Race today and in bridge program really was a grow another great race with Sebastien medal. Finishing ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen and the Haas team in the points again. They lost a little ground of the Renault team but but can Max and ninety course Cecil had another good day for the Haas team. And check us out on our website speeds city broadcast dot com you'll want to go back and play these interviews especially the ones. From Sean righteous and the ones you are part of today we're gonna put all of the above our website I don't know a sense that I owner Twitter and FaceBook so check us out. Thanks for tuning in we will talk to you in next week. Tell Leo.