Speed City, 8/19

Speed City
Sunday, August 19th
Speed City for August 19.

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Wellcome to those speeds city where John messing gal last Kaiser. And trying to increase. And stuff Vasquez sour on the radio. Speed city. Good evening gear heads welcomed the speed cities. S city this is John massive deal that was Jonathan green and mr. let's contusions studios noting noting noting. We got a lot to talk about tonight we gets a IndyCar I think if you watch the seven hours of IndyCar coverage today yield on the boy recess the senate and BCS's they get let's say yeah man is he and his the end is down ten bunds today. We're gonna talk a little world understand that you today has been some a little bit of breaking news it happened on that a fresh casino. Yes and that we also have a special guest he's about to come on the there was red. World champion Steve Martin motorcycle rider that fans can have him on and talk a little moat toe. GP and Australians in Buxton yes and then we'll talk a little Formula One is a couple stories we get so. We are we're fired up about the stunt show tonight and we hope you are tuned in and catch coffee and ready to go because. We're gonna bring on mr. Steve Martin now Jonathan you know mr. Martin's pretty well. I do he's about as far away is he could possibly date is easy Melbourne Australia which is way too bloody stop. But it's actually like Monday afternoon in that actually I'm actually glad we got Steve on the show tonight because I need to OSCON five. So that's kidneys aren't asking for the lottery numbers sort of yes okay tomorrow's. Lottery numbers Steve Martin old friend and commentator extraordinaire world champion extraordinary at. Both Wilson likes and will insurance. East on low lot Suzuki you name it and mad common taking. I'm the lead you on all things money GP in all things Australians in the bike is that correct and cover model. I've just true yet become a model often don't talk about maybe that's what we stopped. Si Mon are you that. He's not there yet. He was their second again or get enough. You speechless. Pack in the most do you let you know who spent time in front of cameras now is there's cholera malaria is a cut above all all the other areas. A couple of all MCN. Australia not weeks which is not all fat and has been some pretty FT names. All not come. Like dollars and steady can email said. We get your body yes are literate by Miller. On the taunts that are sick boats out. But Sam when he he and up there and under two in the might. My. On state and we've got we've got some connection problems here it is batteries don't Dunst on one leg on the Haifa Wi-Fi. Mostly high five C Wi-Fi. You could you drop and reconnect that that's a technical term. That that's sort of directed direct from the of the man upstairs saying there opera reconnect. Are going to stop drop and roll something like that okay well. For one. If you can make it out that voice probably sounded familiar specially paired with Jonathan green's leg up and slew rate in. How many years did you all do we need all the motorcycle things we did. Fifteen years of Wilson who together dean yeah yeah. Wow in total amazed he didn't I I did for fifteen years and I had various goals I had the white. And move. 20056. The toll rip tide. I think was very interesting because I did a really interesting interview with a story literally spilled the beans like on a look at him in the I went. Mean maybe too much information that state by joining me in the. Street bit but not a I was a real index these don't leave we got to but he. Our guards spent much better. Yet. I'm sorry bet that I'm sorry bet that osu slot and I always a hot dog. It. We lost him again Steve. Those kangaroos it's got to be definitely 910 gurus that live in his backyard has got to be some that that's got to be something you know maybe it's the kangaroos chewing on our list as well I don't I don't know hopefully we'll get disconnection marking but a but you know as Steve is kept busy you know we still hear him on the world seen things like that for this and that is always goes polls. On the motorcycle business and the sport itself. It's been doing as Johnson said a lot of the Australian super bike series which bring in. Which is amazing because. That's Wesley came up and that's way decent at Carnoustie was an Australian champion that so many of them off. From Troy Bayliss to make do and see you name it I Daryl Beattie. And you'll come up through the ranks all the championship in Australia. A what's amazing news Troy Bayliss who is about to say majesty and I had a he's singing. This weekend it's unlocks it with a high voice it's just. I mean I thought I thoroughly done and dusted we Troy Bayliss. Still ahead we'll talk. That's crazy I will try one more time with mr. Steve Martin here's to bring to him all the way from Australia I'd Steve we got to try again. Brought sorry go a little bit slight air theories you know. Emea at Yankee dinner on Monday afternoon and we did it. Nice not that Spezza out. Long it's actually Monday morning well let's have our army audit. Now you're ahead. It is. It sounds like we get him for just about thirty seconds manager Alex. All right well we're bloom let's try another way Ruble tried here a minute Sebring gets colleagues onstage for what are you. We got a fallout if you do what I was gonna say was that not all of it is tight we can do about it a little bit. A one to get his take coming I'm still reeling from a race in Australia and married GP hospital and Steve's take yeah. Because. Does the change in the gulf we watched it together you know I Jong am I and unless we talked and I slowed. Eight it's just the change in the delta county seemed to have finally a rise used. In no uncertain terms with both dove the and Lorenzo who we delightful Lorenzo but. It just appears that that bike is finally dialed in our members saying all was many moons ago in fact when we came to. All Steen and managing peas rice and Lorenzo was nowhere in fact they were already talking back and giving up and of course he did aid. Basically at the LaMont race that you walk around five announced he was not going to be rice in a note for anything. Exe and I'd just you know in remembered that was he was complain in the bike didn't feel writer Justin Phil solid thundering. They wanna change the tank they tweak this a tweet that and suddenly. Is that point and in. And united halfway was joking last week when I said something about what if I have we ever had a writer at this point oh. Did you know mine's. Never mind I'm good yeah I'll Wear red a mom solider. Well yeah it's strikes and a bit of an alongside too late to make it could've. Let's hope it doesn't. So match win but the sort of downhill slope of Honda because jam are sixes and sevens at the moment a little bit. Ponder all the C still all the team to beat and caddie now kind of equal or matched him. Well we're gonna try one more time we've switched. Cars. Using different technology against Steve on Skype lets trying to mr. Steve Martin have gone but he we actually you know fall in it yet. Yeah there you go laws that. That's ought to know what sort of say that it's going to be repaired what you bought him what he detected that we had trucks different technology regard all school and down. Partly it's what near ally on very well what he's done for some. Sort of handle. Oh yeah we unloaded locked arms sort talk and camels that's the culprit so I. Today seven and we doubt the docs well get a cup victories haven't got the bucks a month but that's always a yeah. No we notice or care each idea or. In the physical tactic. To get your take on what's happening in moto GP and we added audio content and opening we were just talking about how the resurgence of do cut in. What do you think. Well law that I did it's I'd like cerberus and agents OT caddie because they've been doing what they've been doing with. Him did you see your posts about. Did he do it bigger and yeah when did your Obama at that at all to have what it's absurd DOS once pat him on the back then they pick on inside and I thought he stuck out what's right good eager to radiology catty. Or basically to gain well autumn night he only started at the end of the left me it's sort of debate. And you know he says we think the problem is GG caddie sect the pats beat problem. It is a big problem and you know we were just saying I mean. It's too late is now don't go back math and sent rejecting Romano but it's going to be interesting to see him. If he is brimming with confidence being teammates could mob Marquez has only two ways can go. It can be a tramp for a brilliant season of the tee spying is done had dead and sloppy till about what they were last weekend. Or it's just gonna go hideously wrong as it did with a Rossi. Well guy. Firstly it reminded me a good body because there are different parts that weren't happy yeah that's it who moorings are as good as soon as they get on the side. Brand apart. The united that probably markets open which I am because that's one thing to conquer the tea caddy I'm. You know that's the a very outs Haas it's a bit not rockets it's it's almost impossible you know I want to see what aaron's eyes downward its caddie. Sort of can't help but think that if if this one person can do its team because. The wind east and that are right Aaron he's incredible he's he's gone from being absolutely hopeless. Buddha like a year and half. I'm to come back from that and be subject to all open and in fact they just had a taste that mr. Annan and America Mitch and that the pits them. Yes indict and it was a prodigy Teddy tastes and once again Lutheran so I was processes that imply I've pop sic in which you Medici three tiered seats are. And advising him and it's on compared to the beats ya sites are. Every time that he winds are now or you look to the and you know you get a glee suits them all but he hit it orchards that she. You clapping bets are. It's sort of don't Arkansas because it matters pretty big mistake or get credited it bought you. Well what do you say they'd already didn't didn't wasn't it both ways wilderness of a mutual. Well. United rot sixteen. Are the reds are probably would have been despite. Because the if I did what he sick but I obviously able to beats ya say you're tie. Sorry you should batter up bought clock back. Let's start listen it's not generally through that period. Yeah. But feels like we're look we lost Steve again. Heated moment. Two distinct look if you used to go and I think he's trying to mob moments. If it's your type the cockatoo of the giant knot in my back. I area is sort of backing out. That that replaced you bought that you like the church she. Yeah you. I mean every Tonya listen to it that you like to church she even ya our press conference these words all yea you know I have the rods or the lakers that market gets all eyes. I'm yeah he's already like excuse he's on the side bought. I think she caddie you're pretty lean EXT. What I home that I watch how do they plant because you know we knew we Hume did affect few teams and you time Steve. It's never easy at it doesn't matter whether it is the best team that now Honda but they've got kid glove. This relationship if it's gonna work because there's no doubt about it all Marcus is he. Absolutely ease. But what what that have to Terry it's I have to learn from G Eddie's missed Ike's. This night debt ratings I can do but they gonna have to pay the target more tight. It is if it doesn't happen instantly. It could psyche years cop is what bat to expect. Sorry I have to be humble enough to doubts that had he brought in they've bought for year and dropped the word nothing. I'm and heart that he counts boot would get rid of it now that's very odd. That when you got to draw a lot lot markets he's expected to win the championship so there you have to see able future to have Lorenz I think it's thirty. Is it's not a bad thing that's a lot less pressure on the ring ceremony garrison home at the start right. Then as soon to be interesting I must admit I. A funny entrance and he gets a year off I seem to remember you'll graced a wet if you hadn't put you self under the lap Greco and in the first as. You they would look at some of the younger immediately. Well that is absolutely corrected and when you striking YE a cool are thoughts out to our awards. Arm that is what happens the issue is that Lorenzo is praying they'd done that heats. You know he's still nicer which are Tutsis were chairmanships and every Claussen is completed in multiple forums. Yeah I. And any still are relatively young and thought they are saying sorry. What it's so light before in seventy so much at the top of these guys you know around that city city street city fought. It's sort of brought us into the effects. You know we think about Marquez who is leading the championship and it's can be really hard for anybody catch him but if you look at the construct your the team championships. They're actually really tight construct or Honda 236. You Connie to a Yamaha 183 in the teens Russell Honda 267. In only eight points back to Connie. And then only another four points back of them is movie star Yamaha. So I mean the championship and construct your side is actually wide open right now. You're absolutely raw data the race for that it's not actually hold this all out factories it's the factories there is not it's because it's not put deals between any or all of the an adult cattle crops like cherries hated man named it's you know if one racer another. He cannot. Finish the job off he probably doesn't have signed machinery that markets but it beat pretty close Spitzer. I mean just look at the white or not markets brought that bought me. He street accident used auto would spike the that it cost whip. He brought to the continual crash you know that's that's her hero it's at right is he's crashing in every corner. I'm not even so that's Lorenzo. In the press you know just youthful I went out on the parties like I was sliding just awfully Utah's slow it down so that so you seek to block me and he does know is. I didn't. Played as we need to break hasty can you stay with us and keep your left foot there the other ones where every year get Wi-Fi signal there tell you funnel funnel storage or will that. Our whole unclothed Brinkley. Idealism is being city we're live in Austin, Texas we're talking amenity people we get some IndyCar talked up after this in a little bit. And talk a little world endurance changed you with Alonso little surprise news if you haven't. Paid attention to the news in about an hour so you listen his feet to the Austin, Texas back at these messages. Ambient most of motorcycles obvious that to me an Italian style precisely prompted with a pack. Action but to we'll op on wheels. To caddy off and others only MV Agusta and caddie back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike ever. All the charisma but I'll take 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Or if you want a pedigree steeped in racing that look no further than the world's in his bowl winning triple at 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome at financing available. To carry out that app karma then he had good stuff but I like right Elaine just east by 35. If you wanted to be a race can't drive up well you can act dead fish. Illinois will drive Subaru WR XS DI's already it will drive Subaru B Ozzie right jobs. 358. Get training facilities for good on how to control at all in any situation on any surface in any condition dose possible. Gets sideways. Gets your adrenaline kicks by visiting and things don't job. Listen to talk thirteen seven meet anywhere with your Amazon. Do just likes to play soccer seven now playing on thirteen and indeed the rights. Hi this. I am ready in this. Welcome back to the fastest hour radio. City. In the Mario and you'll see him on the IndyCar coverage today yeah I did. We'll talk safety and Indy cars later while we still have Steve Martin's on the line and Steve Ellis and there. What you were talking I was not I couldn't you're saying this is Marquez against the world. After a second I couldn't he remembered and his teammate Denny did you sells like who's this dignity and it was this. It's like Marquez as you know is this completely put everybody off the radar. Yeah we'll mocking of course I'm Denny registries that brits are our yes years our web. Rodman Garnett the Aggies might jubilee guys there's one place and that data is at the back price would be. You know and again on odds are. I wanna on this so important in my view holds on and I still wanna get your take on this Downey was a great number two he never won a world title for Honda. Moto GP level. Although he did win at the low level. Mom Marquez like you say he has built this team and ran him. But just you know we be looking Alonso would be look Americana in Formula One and second. Unsettling a team. I just can't see how it won't happen the home. I'm thinking and Honda team is just available at you orbit at all so. That's why it. So I senate against Yale audit the sect children. Ought saints are on I think it'll be an issue at all I think it will be three separate things they stand the sudden it's 6010. Why that he would lock it wants things. I sickly through secretary Tim once right side. I'm there will be no our interaction between Mittal and they'll be outlook the dots that if they wanted toward its who bought some aspects that I am sure of their thoughts are completely different broad installed sect they set up's going to be completely different arm. Yet it's on that though and share any action to give it will be on the track says you are. It says it's go right for my energy paid because it's going to be a lot of you know a lot of talking a lot of time. The united innuendo. A lot more I'm drama towards the panic and that's what strategy that we luckless writes about the drop. And I have to say you know the Spanish does not place a billion in Spain for the love of the sport and I can't think of any got to place them wrath in buffalo and next year. When those two go head to head one from new Yorker I mean there on just two different kids from different sides of the track on my. Oh absolutely I mean not. It's still pretty young and easy and happy hour you know it's a multi multi multi billion million in Aries. Yeah I do as a real don't read yet what are his Marines I spare around so all what's the united the good things in Los intellectually completely different characters he's equipped Orbitz I'm. Doesn't look in the water reality bull and a day. I'm really looking forward to that they can you imagine the crowd significantly Erin spying. And next year random well Tammany clerical error watch Mets this prodigy he writes. Next year is just such a messy through. For the sport. United especially now I'm. It's just saints it's yeah how are struggling at least you know I like it's not rocket you're going to be Rossi in. The Galley spaces on the lot we would be expecting a couple of years. I'm Yemen on dates that they suddenly get themselves back all law. Yeah it's a very good point I'd love to see. Of Marquez Odyssey and are probably 90% chance to wrap this up that would be awesome if you Connie. Group were to win. The team championship. You know that would I'd love to see that mean. If it would it would really pay yeah I mean you know you have a big tree full of these the issue that they've got those that they got theorists. They gonna Wear each year our field mail is disease found. Yes I'm going to be the church she into the sea ice or that it wit like Lorenzo an analyst he's constantly. Are in front side you are seeing that Saddam. You know I think it's he's going to be a while so. To caveat you have to like step it up to beat CIS are gonna have to stick. Up and heart that would church he did he did that sound and can also tighten up a level because arm. The night they. She is very good bit of a quandary I'm in as to what to do think. We'll not activities that. What's that got for the good news oil on OG caddie from these aren't just quickly is set check Miller don't object neo yet from Estrada. I went back he will have a much better or sixty. Let's start let's that they obviously it's a place down there and underwear at his arms neck and it's. I'll write yet and that it. So I was solicited or what but it stabilizes awful what are they in. Well that is the thing is it like obviously I am what happens in goal exalt Christ acts. Is that sound. What that fact treat finish for the night and dance at the unit is the quality tapes cited text wrought Graham and a sedentary mark bought the which is quiet the yen on scooters and icing and law. You know you didn't seem on the tape exactly like I'm a couple of tents collapsed loss and achieve the big incident like. Quick get on a crop of each year he could also stop them. You know doing some good stuff G caddie Mitch he says he's won that some you know that that security got there are the futures while. And you know it's the news. I guess that's the thing that old Terry doing mommy yeah my heart doing well at Virginia saying gotta go out with trying to save their account. We are always kicked our needs to back Serb Terry de it to. To Troy and you know I obviously balance in their loss he's gonna have to be replaced at some point. They'd done. How do you well I thought. Hey Steve I gonna askew is your I don't know it's our own sword inside it. Viewers have your eye on somebody coming up from Australia who's next to come on to the global stage but lists. He's been there but. Well I did our young Dutch short pilots. Organized by the spots followed the but our will tell you that those ice or don't. It what will we had stratagem TP yes write to me sick and I'm just bought a couple of seconds he led off the rights that they announced on its it was incredible. Conspiracy butcher to ponder what the yes tonight. I'm the incumbent. If at all. It's like the flu seasons and it's a woman I'm stinky and unlock it and it. 00 already pricing in. The say his name against the did you get that no snakes they want on well. The Phillies. I said. We get it billion and a ahead and did you read me that's all I did to. Us about it. It wants what's apart what's opponents on their motivated you know. Miller rule not market leader. It's good delete edit is the is the Nextel restarted all lawyer up resort in the minority. I'm he's ordered his column. Fourteen. I'd steam blowing and we'll let you go buddy we had to get another break here a minute but I think we're our Internet connection is just about Haditha that is all it'll skip to give brought. What people think it's a at this discreetly let me at the last way which argued. My light through the rights because I just. 01 apartment in a ghost or wanna got relic draw the nail in a war talk to marry Andre Tyson zionist. They you know hit him appear the end of September we get the while there. You know puts in one seeking to airborne Imus you gonna releasing get out of him that. Sarah is right austerity. Thanks a lot immigration everybody relaxed and I will talk decent. Syria. Are we will define if I don't just with thing just a really do that cleared a little little blood out and in the background. I love it and then I don't think Jay's act and I know exactly what he's looking back he's it was a beautiful river. He bill is hassled Apollo land and it's a sensation just outside Melbourne really honest Crocodile Dundee. India for several and he really why did you not as it was a finally calories lives Almonte. Castles let's say he said there's really 29 kangaroo easily on his land early on his dog she's out with them now it's a season. Yeah I think that's very all right so we're gonna go and take a break when we come back we're not gonna have any international connections we're gonna have a good solid conversation Luther Davis talking about IndyCar. We're gonna talk about how wet. And what happened in way exit late this afternoon you probably heard that allows us team won well hold. All the phone on that and we're gonna talk a little bit more about that speed city lot in Austin backup these messages. Dried I rallied Josh what do you. Just say let's get behind the wheel of an all wheel drive Subaru WR a XS CI own rear wheel drive Subaru B Ozzie rallied off about 315. I get training facility. And advance can't control skills on any surface needing any condition on top twelve different rallied sources drip through corners. I did I strike plays coach fox. Sideways and visiting. Let's face daunting job. The Austin east KOA campground just fifteen minutes from certain of the Americas and downtown Austin and just two minutes from the Travis County expo center. And central Texas fishing Decker lake. Featuring amenities for every style of camping tents thanks to luxury are people lose and cabins it was a cool showers and laundry. Nestled in solid trees on the edge of the hill country. All the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise K no way to make your reservation visit Austin east KOA dot com. This is David how. Welcome back to go back his salary radio. Beat city. Garcia head during the break or their fish relish go right yup I was reading racer magazine. And they were choosing their. They talked about the top preschools in the United States. You know they've they've pulled out of it to about ten and now run across a Nina dirt fish yeah was on that list are because I've been and I and I have to say guys I know another one of responses but I Dodd and it's immaculate. From the facility from the folks that run it. The professionalism everything about it app and accorsi that was you know James Ramallah and the dead fish folk. Were we down here a few weeks time in fact I'm hoping to get James on the show either. Sometime this week or Beck's weekend and because when now. You know getting excited out astle hat you'll learn today will run across is a government you gotta I just watched the TV coverage on CBS sports network. A backhand error of course Austin. I really excited we're taking a group of them to NASA really excited about that was a huge group they've they've gone all in. So really really excited. And about the whole run across things that we as James common. And that list was of the big boys you know skip barber bond Iran and all that you know and this is pretty pretty cool cedar official there that is it's really cool and I don't know you know how -- talked about it and being a winter skip barber many years ago. But I didn't realize you know they they went under and then resold it and but they're making it could come back now so hopefully does this give not too late. It was iconic names in the race schools are slipped out of my shirts it does when let's get wherever shirt. Artist talks in IndyCar what a crazy a crazy day scary Gary GAAP. I think it's now you think you can look back a little bit and and and now I don't know be the latest update on weekends but. Edmonton there at the Japanese don't sound man is consoles but yeah that there is no sense not a front on prom in the now. We either as everybody else's sensual. But it was one stop a five and Amare rice at pocono this weekend. With a show mr. Obama line full races to go temperature is being led by Scott Dixon looking for his fifth. Bought the new upstart is nice that sees and I say that but pays Alexander Rossi of course and I said. Recant these potential Rossi led pretty much the whole way I think it was only bought sixteen laps that he didn't believe Powell followed in my own. Power is likewise in the championship pump. Hunt. Bots that Rossi did the business today and that's back to back for the kid from California really impressive feature on these two completely different circuits did you see. The little segment they did on Rossi out on Miller did the very beginning are not storage and just talking about how his past three you know trying to get into Formula One. And it essentially saying. We don't know you know he didn't maybe necessarily in fact it wasn't his best race ever that he won the Indy 500 obvious there was a lot of strategy all that but ever since then. Odyssey Rossi has proved that he is a way more than just that lucky Indy 500 winner he's had an incredible oyster. I think it's a lesson the open coming up three and half full drivers that a stint over in Europe. To sort of round at the edges get get it can't get it did get into the deep end if you like the sweet pool. And see if you can swim it doesn't matter I was only twenty rep twenty drivers and get to Formula One it's almost a bit of a joke when you consider how many. IE's attempt to go that road. I actually think a more rounded Rossi a ride did in the despite the fact that he hadn't really achieve what he set out to do which is to make and implement a warm but that wasn't his. Ya know Louis his talent was always bat and I think he'd had a maturity over Europe. Not to mention in a week for hacked I always think back to that time we had an in studio and about 2000. 1213. Something around there. When he was just he wasn't and he was still early and is that right days developmental he talked about the regiment in Formula One. And I just don't know if you get that haven't heard anybody talk about that level of regiment you know where they're down to literally measuring and it portions of food on scales that weighs way grams and they the they exercise they did for his neck and an X just the mental exercise they did. So you know may be remembered in Rhode. To reiterate that our room talking about being on a stair climber with an activity board in front of him. And headphones and they're giving him directions and he's and would do math and respondent hit the activity border accordingly. And your still Muster machine yeah it is noted there's nothing like the money and we don't know I'm Natalie in Tampa has done occasionally but which you know the money in Formula One that allows that level of that depth. A training you. That you know guys eat key does all that incomes over here and shows that that pays off for me it's kind of way I look at it. But I see had a great race may did you see after the restart Rossi just pulled away Yost had a great car because he pulled away. And really never looked back will power obviously was battling within their butt but his car was obvious he really fast and he was opposite that some physics and sort. Yeah yeah exactly there's only one time that will power. To the team in it during a pit cycle and came out but. Steady Eddy I mean that's Rossi nowadays I think. We see that and the discipline you know when when we spoke to him Jonathan after the 500 used like. I knew I didn't know so I just listen to what. Meriden and Andretti were telling. And so you know it that's actually a big part of maturity is known where you don't know and yeah and smiles takes control. Yeah a little bit he's a he's a good liner to fossil and I'm very intelligent young man that's the the boy I can't seem enjoying the fact that he's up against the mosque literally and and Scott Dixon five time top titles he's now gone full. He still got the lead but he's been narrowed this weekend but Kim Dickson did amateur champion Joseph all buy stock he had a terrible qualifying by the weather was rain and all sorts so they didn't hop hobby barely any Tom on the track. Box. He'd qualified thirteenth and made up to third some good day at the office the Dixon not a fact but better than it could have hoped for. Rossi knocks it down to a 29 point spread their new a double points so none of the final ran for a little racist ago. And I am and it's going to be interesting. And of course Rossi now tied to. Scott Dixon knew gardens. And I think yet that those are the only two with three wins you. And you know back to back wins these cats some serious momentum right now this is let's. We didn't really deal with the what's in store pre Iraq let's talk about it I. We still and he's still very scary good is we don't know what's gonna happen it was early in the rice was literally the second lap. Ryan hunter ran a we teams coming up on and quickly takes the inside line. Run on the right does not wanna go hide that early. On an oval and on a triangle approval. Because there was nothing that it was not a rubber up that to grip so he was trying to stay. On his line. Which is basically gone along side. But then it's such a long straight that that rate accelerated again was definitely possibly just barely touched but they touched and then it was terrific. Yeah it's very eat this crazy you watch and us actually paused and you know one friend it is time right so when he when they touched. Who are run to respond at ninety degrees humidity so so wiccan is coming up on and straight ninety degrees but the way he went airborne. Is that the front of his car went over the very front of Ryan hunter race car and lifted the car and of course once that happens at 200 miles an hour. You know you're you're toast and so he's he lifted up and he skated a literally in the bottom of the car along the edge of the safety Walt write a safer barrier. And then of course is it eased over in the back caught the fence. I mean it just won't you know they called the she's greater because part started flying like crazy and then he started spinning in 360s and and then landed really hard hit. That I was watching trying to think what we couldn't get got hurt. He hit so hard in almost you can almost see him seem down in the seat so he really you know hit coming down straight down it. So are my concern was the G force he was doing a movie 200 miles now when he hit the facts. He then goes into this a spin. What that is a likely almost carousel because he's been his body is key in our brain is water in his place and I was like everybody else. And he's spinning probably close to 300 miles now at that point inside the head in the helmet because the car is going so far. And then comes to abrupt halt about what was my worry. That day that I am convince some shall obese and swelling will give you some updates shall we now it. But we note that that the report from cut Calvin the press officer or they communications head. At a Indy was alert and awake when he left. To get down the hall hospital paths quickly followed by tensions with his night. Who went say and that some not a great way to finish it. And the only other comment about all of his condition is just says orthopedic injuries. So I don't know and that does not mean I. I don't know being at that I didn't know idea and they're being vague on purpose of certain. But then hinge cliff did you sees him holding his hands and I mean you know hand what both wrist thing out and thousand total in west stopped it and it frame by frame minute. It didn't it wasn't what I thought another woods up body was you're gonna see him. Full both hands and western will minute zinc it you know like can happen and indeed. In a lot of race cars actually and it just you know terrorist hands up I didn't see that but it wasn't crystal clear the commentators in television were saying. There may have been some debris coming inside the car. There's hit his hands but we don't you know we don't have an update on that but did you guys hear. It could have been Conor Daly I think it easy to Conor Daly is a warrior driver for that went through the debris field. And he was saying I've never seen one like that it was just. And it was pretty crazy watching that car spinning like I just throwing debris just about 360 degrees and and big chunks all over the track. The month the closest that you remember and and we would than have me in my eyes was sticks seems actually other countless similar or sliced off the back of the car. Yeah and that that was just this craziness in the way that goes split you know one truck safety little bit and we have. Talk safety and so many things and and certainly in who. We've lost drivers recently went fifteen with Justin Wilson and Dan Wheldon back to eleven. I am 2011. That you don't have to go back beyond that 2006. Since we've lost a driver. And slew. The improvement as Mario Andretti was talking about third in leaps and bounds in this sport in improvement not only of the vehicles themselves but in the facilities everything's going on you solve that fits what it did and how it. You know retained everything very little. The shrapnel of the car went outside and the Senate's debris wise it actually captured one of the wheels. In the fence itself saw that and I thought that we'll have gone through but it was it was captured by the that's captured and so. You know it it hasn't been that long ago that most of that would have gone all the way through. And so it's it's you know. Very respectfully. Done they have studied so much on the is it enough now we don't we don't Italy's anybody but. At some point and others argue minority saw today on some of the social media stuff. Is that. OK so Lou this happened to her we're gonna prevent it from happening again well I'm not sure you can. Be honest you know missiles or unions eliminate it completely in the sport of racing incidents you know it if any thing in I'm Leonard. As say it was you know the inside. That he wrote in the blind spot of Ryan generate for too long. You know when that happened obviously it was. I don't think it was run our race help at all there and there was he left him room yep. And it almost just looked like key gloss that quickens. Lost concentration for just a split second I I don't know because it didn't look like he was still trying to race him at that point. I think he found himself in no man's land I think he wanted to make the move. Right accelerated again and he found himself could have an arid and all that yet he ate he was in the position to stay worry walls but then he needed to get out of it because right had to come back. Two made the positioning he had from the bank to the apron in that position. Weakens was not going to maintain. His trajectory and he was going to have to give and I think he was gonna get. Run an array no matter what. And you know ideally hindsight I'm sure he's got other ideas when its chance to look at and think about it. I would've rather seen him back off and give another quarter Carling then be obviously clear. Pressure on the second lap yes what rot that was generally is that Iran hunt is from with a whole thing was. C'mon guys is fine and while our rice you know. Yeah I was just too too early for a bit aggressive with the move. I mean I'd. If I was in that spot I hope I wouldn't do that. In an eight day I'm in the spot I can barely handle Mike. From truth and I wanna get back tonight or one discussed tonight won his lungs and at the other is some Tina through chief. Yes we endlessly it's time yet let's go and take a break and we'll talk about all of that in the last segment because. We're gonna talk IndyCar Dakota that's been a little bit of story we're gonna happen we're gonna talk the breaking news in the last hour about. What was a win for Alonso and went down American wind and dads are all talented American you got to stick to that so I could stay tuned we'll be back at these messages BC live from Austin, Texas. Hey beer people it's Christine Seles and I Daytona stuff is very is back in Austin and brewing again. Boat so so the ring a bell for some of you well for the last seventeen years and in crafting the perfect comeback. They return to our wounds and tell us why it's a famous local favorites plus victory some fresh new groups and whether it's the first time that space and our families legendary beer for the million. We're thrilled to be back. Swing by your local store watering hole or very and let's catch up over here it's tough. Seles austen's original crashed very. Ambient most of motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. You got me off that offers only MV Agusta and caddie back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport making it the most extreme essential naked bike and up all the charisma but I'll take an 800. The first revolutionary Torah to be built by and the Augusta. Or if you wanna pedigree steeped in racing then look no further than the world's it was bull winning triple at 3675. And 800. All got all for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas Seoul trading consignment welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit at karma then he had good stuff but I like right Elaine just east of I 35. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere all he'll just come out. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash after. Hi this is Jeff Gordon and listen to speak city. Go back to the fastest hour radio pulse beat city. Paid last week we talked to balance. A Carter at night here in Austin and lest she get an update on the yeah I gotten an Indian you Hastings to Yemen. I don't know that still debatable. There today and yesterday morning and thinks too at the Ferrari Crowe got invited up breakfast with the regional for our growth slow lots of beauty things and we talked about what next to Mets coming up and certainly UNC or sheer Ferrari's. This Wednesday night amongst all cars all brands all denominations all nationalities what Bjork column. Come on out to sell as Marie. Here in north Austin August 22. Wednesday from six to nine. Well he's going to be a fund now you know big mix of cars. Some of the personalities that are coming up also a you wanna cumbersome. Inched seeing let's see if the SB cities in the world this episode and I don't mean yeah. Julia. I'm numb not rendered for that office next time let's talk about the story you with in whack at fidelity yeah he's this. The headline this morning well and good. Good news of another and so is winning again and in fact it was going to be death in a row of Toyo Ito 12. The system can't allow all the number long column should be really but tapped the first second and it was yeah another win furlongs on. They felt followed the rules tell you ball. Yes they the front part of the skid block deflected nine millimeters under the specified the load on both sides of the skid block that's the quote in other words. They have this load testing put on and they hit the skids and hit the skids. And they've revoked the wind and whose attitude. It hasn't Xoom just let. As a boxer put on my USA or. Right Superman. That's how it's ahead there's joke behind that the first time we were side he was at a Superman suit on since I was so. But you know that's one of those technical things they've got an and so many of the racing series now that the Havel where ribbed for instance on the bottom of the car if any of it. Reaches into infineon but to scrub down so the ribbon shorter than a specific dimension that to me it is a disqualification points. Just one of those things you've got to manage even though you sure want ground force you want to or downforce. You want the ground affliction when everything going on working right but you can protect the rim mature it's a threat Ike when you get home. And we should've tweet that Gustavo is remember we did that once again don't narrow hallway earlier we treated me he called us right to different. There's a luxuries just as I'm sure he's excited about a win that winning that way is not the most exciting but at the journal take. Are so what else. Well let's let's carry on with a local so exact guy because obviously we now know who. That he is not going to be doing Foreman won't although he hasn't closed the door completely the night and good story about Jenson months and now. He still thinks he thinks might come back I think he might actually just as a as a swan song just like Michael they are pushing market. I'd like he's leaving Formula One no big surprise that and he's coming we hope. To Indy I say we hope go I think that is going to be a great home for him he's got he wants the trouble granny wants to win LaMont. He wants to win Monica when he wants to in the 500 again very close last year. And was leading Musharraf says like yeah led most most of the rice. Unfortunately surprise surprise the Honda engine Lenin that and. But it's one of the stories that come out this week though is he is doing a test and that the hook up between McLaren and trek T. Was supposed to be you know a match made in heaven but everybody's actually convinced of that. Especially Honda. I think they didn't. Full and didn't finish on good terms. So and ponder all supplying all of engines to India economic and the 500. So low there is a possibility that he could be an add on to Andretti team with a home Frederick. And it has been talk about him being a separate team under the Andretti logo polish Bradley engine. Which I find hard to believe because I do you disseminate the information in them. How do you are winning yeah exactly I I can't believe Andretti could have both engines that would be wage to Lebanon. A lot of data there that everybody would want to be sharing. One of the things that wasn't sting is. The good doctor their reported that he is going to testing you that he can all right right. Ian test in a Honda. That it cannot be. Expect a it cannot be identified as McLaren anything on the vehicle there. One now on and on some contractual something or another there he's innocent. RS. EC can you do run trust. I think he's getting yards after the floods you guys see that NASCAR tweeted hi abiding individual announcement and I want to odd man. Hey actually in all seriousness though it will do so it's a shot in the arm for Indy and the global racing. Full stall and it just shows how far Indians come back Amin back this is they didn't allow a likening this to the council's move in 92. When my council couldn't get a drive in was getting fed up actually. Foreman alarm but was a writer at the top of his game he quit Formula One and wait to India and of course. Became a huge sensation overnight. Indy. I mean there's there's a long time ago Napa for people to remember but he he Dade. I think this will make a big F for all right than any other because Alonso the questions unfinished business. At an all right so was this was I just did not tonight. You know he's righted itself of these gang so the mall one up. Macau Monaco winner and you know out of the 500 or do for the troubled brand. Yup it's going to be really fun to watch status. Speaking of the IndyCar. We gotta talk about the story I mean we've been talking to IndyCar company Canada. And in fact I don't even like to talk about anymore because I'm my hopes have been up way too many times so. But this looks like there's could actually be some some links to this story what I. On the stack. Only days I stole that was is nine passage also got any decision no way over my dead body blah blah blah blah will another rice completely. And less of course you underlie sport and step up. Now from from what I understand. Contracts are going to the cycle end that that is an edit negotiation point. And so we shall see. Some of the discussions as I understood that the reason we saw Indy cars in Houston for instance. Was that that was not a permanent structure. Mendez did they didn't considered a direct conflict are urged in a competitor. Either way you know and I'll watch IndyCar on a course on a road course oral portion on a street course are really don't care. 01 C IndyCar. Another one besides the giants super speedway in Fort Worth there and I think Betty Gaza has a reason to feel threatened to be quite honest. You know we've been talking about. How why because it because it I mean we went nearing San Antonio as well as a street circuit. Obviously he's such an important causes the obvious place. Searcher I had a dinner Leicester north CG Hancock who ran the Indy Lights it San Antonio Grand Prix in 1990. And they said it was wonderful course went around her walker won around the hemisphere. Arena. All of those areas are not those bricks all the Alamo and Allen and men come. That was those that. But tell Colin sent them a bill it was a it was a good it was a good course. And that was something that he enjoyed these do you know it's it's one of the better courses of the scenic it was cool being there in and in you know joking but it was a block from their yet Alamo and is very historic great crowd right yet a great venue there's a lot of fun too good to be there there were good views all of that. I think you know. Having been. A spectator and a season ticket holder Texas world's Texas Motor Speedway pages shown Texas Motor Speedway I did the same thing today the epithet. That honestly I kind of got bored watching just two flavors of cars going round super speedway. Two things make me a think and I said this to you today about the possibility of making this a reality Juan I did an interview with mom models. Two years ago and mark miles of mark miles who is the head of the home in the group in become basically. And said to him he did he did a press release or oppressed launch actually for Boston if you Mehmet didn't happen in the and other winning at a Boston to a street circuit in Boston. And he said we're looking to expand the franchise in the next couple years but we are looking for a temperate climate to race early in the year. February march that time hi lives police acted out whoa hey come on data Alston you know literally being a bit the united. Filling. Yeah but this is also you know I mean I'm I'm dead serious February march what's absolutely fine. Tom a year able kicks off the season it doesn't get in gossage is way because his rice is in June and some very different. A fish as Lisa it's a speedway. This is a purpose built F one circuit. I do think you know if Indy continued that form on going to most of the Iconix the mid Ohio's. Pocono. And then looking act. Venues together too and all audiences to go to. I also think that the that I've been the Texas speedway event and I'm also shows the crowds were as big as they used to big. For that event on Saturday night event in June at all. Com and you know we see from the X games coming here you timing I just wonder whether. An early season kick off the year that is the day not a Florida okay stop in Florida and new modes of Petersburg exec truck. Texas could fit in the end nicely. Haven't got. The date this thrown around as a late February early march is what the rumor has. And they all the stories and I've seen are saying that they are well down this road of negotiating with Canada that it's not. Yeah that that its list looks like it's closed today and he and that Eddie gossage is. Now hold. You know maybe begrudgingly or whatever but is there green and in my guess is that maybe some monies involved in there that it's either less money to him or something I don't know. It is an obvious place for expansion of IndyCar especially now Andy's backing me up and up no question about it. You know we got young guys. Coming through the ranks. I just you know ice is if you look at oil places like you go to you've got to think of Austin's going to be on the. You know what think about this guys think about oh we've complains that. Getting Austin to be a motor sports town has not gone as quickly as we all hoped and I understand. And if we got IndyCar here I think that could either illegal. It is truly an America's bull and the I think yeah I think you're absolutely right here I am format but you write I think it tells me how a full bloodied with trans am coming in November I hope you'll come to lap. Will be in full for full full strong and full voice with the boys and Ericsson because American hell yeah. I think the only willing to eat ribs I knew when you're you're you're listening to Jonathan Wright he's done that before he has the voice of trip. A why do I Lleyton because it's such an American sport that a new malware and by the way talking all of which next weekend I will be at road America we Jessica duke. Yes it will be good Meeks trinity. That's right that's your. He was bought for his son when he won and also guess who else is racing. In mixed and it's an auto loans and another deadly attack on a daily. I guess we wrap it up but make sure you tune in check out our website because wheat as you probably know if it was in the we do a foreign one pre and post show every Formula One weekend next Sunday morning. Right nerdy check out our website speed city broadcast to find out the times in a way to listen and all that. Because we are back in season for formidable and that's spots in the very exciting I can also check at a website speed city broadcast for all the latest we've got. We get interviews and other content throughout the week are so glad account FaceBook Twitter all the rest thanks for tuning in today thanks to Steve Martin for coming on the show. Talking as we did this take you off there he goes he was Siena so Australia again.