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Sunday, August 5th
Speed City for August 5.

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Wellcome to those speeds hitting went John messing gal last Kaiser. And trying to increase. And snow fast as our own radio. Each city. Feud evening gear heads welcome to speed city. We are excited to. To be back in our old Sunday night time slot. Live in the studio is John messing you over the last Kaiser I would be here would be Jonathan green is in the air it's easy in an airplane. And say that's not very nice safe. He is. He's second back from Pittsburgh where he was up there calling me the hands and trends we have a transient series. But at the same event they had the US formula for. And does the US is the youngsters were have been watching cyclic and the inaugural race for the news US formula three. So all of the young Americans in such that are trying to get points for their super licensed to go to Formula One. That's where he was this weekend and in fact that he Rendell we got on the show because. Big part of that is there was no time to waste pastor that we had to we can't get to it and there's a lot of the show is let's what Johnson did up there in fact. The more the big think she got an interview with Jay Howard who is an IndyCar driver. The races this year I think he's gonna be just in the in the 500 obviously he's right and then he but he also owns a formula fourteen so we did it did a great interview Jane really exciting stuff because. He's got. He's got a long history in racing of course. And in this formula for like percent before formula four formula three in the United States where these pull over these drivers can. Can look to go to Formula One and so but also other as part of Jay Howard steamy did an interview. With some young and up and coming drivers. And why haven't really inching story Hannah cells. Female obviously Hannah and she just got started in formula for and you know we like to follow a different and usual story so we did an interview with her the conference sent a sort of play that little bit. And also get the winner of the inaugural. Formula three. Race which is really exciting because like percent since the beginning. And Kyle Kirkwood that name a price are familiar been following for you think your own. Yup he is last year Foreman for champion and of course wins the inaugural formula three race. So we got a bunch of cool stuff and we also are hoping to get. The winner and current world champion of the FIA world rally cross your hand Kristofferson so. We're going to forget it we're gonna be live towards the end of the show so we're waiting on message back to see if we got. Yawned and he's that he's that he's obviously current world champion. Amazing rally cross and and obviously we're following out here in Austin because they're gonna be here oh yeah and that's going to be fun down next month I was gonna say septa. But it's router on the corner what do we are being here in no time 54 days something that going to be great and if you all didn't make it to. Run across last month it you seriously got guessing the skirt. All right and also on the show. There was a little bit of news I've tried to go to the rental web site. The other they weren't crashing and noticed. It was pretty funny it was they were completely crashed and the obvious here now hosting with Amazon like Formula One and speed city other Uga but. Anyway but of course the big news Danny Ricardo drop the bomb. On the entire formula world one and racing world by saying he's not gonna back. Just the week before he's like a yeah we're just working out final the tells me started about you know the contract with Warner and Red Bull racing so. He definitely comes through bait and switch or a fake out there Seaver and through the other direction or something there and we're gonna have a long discussion about all of that after this and then next segment and but right now we're gonna talk moto GP. Because it's back and and was in the Czech GP was this weekend and if the do Connie I've always looked strong man with a new marriage dynamics and you know with. So Czech Republic race has the one hill to call the horsepower hill. And it is a strong uphill climb in that really divides up degree. Obviously to comedy is screaming with horsepower this year and having. Those two counties out front who is really great the last eight laps or so things ultimate. Life. Rossi started back slide a little bit mark has those and they're trying to keep up and the to cut he's just hammered their way up the hill. Keep Internet diced back and forth little bit amongst themselves but really fantastic. Last eight laps if you don't have time the whole race go catch that. Yeah they'll get the last part of a pressure and as funny that you Qaeda would win a race with the hill named horsepower hill a do you single this I mean that's due counties. That's there DNA that's their heritage to have. If not that's the most powerful one of the most powerful bikes on the grid every season after season and you got to know the boys of weird to Connie Austin. Suppan champagne after a double 12. By the with the team because he's with Jorge Lorenzo and movie and Marquez swapping it out a little bit. I mean I know that don't leave pretty much what he can I think he's led. Everything but what about out with a glass he dominated but you know the thing that I've got it I've got a question and quite honestly is. Jorge. Really are you or your sanity check in the red and put on the blue and it's it's you know things are coming together. I wonder if there's any option to. Terrific contract. And yeah I was just joking. Yes good point and he obviously wins because he's doing this well because. In the war in the world championships standing let's see of believe its markets to lead and because he had a zip oh lead. But doe V is. Doby moved up to third. And the war in the Arab world champ ship with. Marquez won 81 rusty won 32 Belgian Rossi. When 32 and Soviet won thirteen yep Dobie is up there and it's me. There's not a lot of reason that Lorenzo could have been ahead of doe V through this championship. Yeah I think you know their right there you know will he will Lorenzo regret it next year. I think we're in airports to see ebitda cannot think it's very possible. Yet it was fun to watch city comedies do so well and and let's talk about those last the really the last three laps. Are when it really got interest in because. When I like to see was and it was how Doby was he was riding wide right and add several times where he's right why the wide and he was leave room for. For me to pass on the inside. And then immediately come right back of Lee is how to pass the apex to take back the lead indeed that at least two times that I saw. And I know he's done that in the past with even with Marquez is sure he has he's got a little different writing align it and you'll especially see it I mean it. You know they talk about the competition your. Biggest competitions your teammate watching Lorenzo and Doby. How they take what's essentially the same bike. And how they handle it in the different lines and you can see the variety that those tools take. On bikes that you know word you know the only thing is different or minor tweaks does for personal. Preference and so I think that really kind of showed well and we saw him kept mouse back and forth few times over and under kind of thing so. I just gotta say that's. Phenomenal. Race to watch the end and sets us up we're only halfway through the season. Yes hard to believe the world aids it seems like. That with at this point als watch it'll click on stats on wind and how much Palestine we have seen by a time to catch. Marquez but yeah of course it is I mean I know it's Marquez and it would have to be some wheels coming off the system over there but. But still it we're halfway through and it was a great race today also. I wanna talk about how. That's what that. At I think it was about the there was a last lap actually when Lorenzo took away Marquez is neon turned five. To secure Zynga it's secure a second place yesterday about. The you know. It is. It was a dirty not really was aggressive absolutely. But you know that is something that. They're just not known for write their Lorenz Lou is is not known as a power player of bully on tracker. Or aggressive aggressive and he's shown that he can do it now. And be honest I think that's what it's gonna take against the likes of Marquez. Yet if that if there wasn't doc. That was it right and that's exactly what he was proving right there on that last lap the I think that was it was a great. Adage there to take him just because. Marquez is a bully when he's behind. He will stick his staff. So in where there's no room for others in and you've got to be rating you gotta have that same level intensity back so. I love that leather you know this was only dodi's I was thinking he'd won at least one more disown his second win his first win was the very first race the season right right we're all excited about that seemed to cutting bang out of the box throw away. That's true we kind of hopes that they would be strong all season and and at this that's only sick when the whole season. So what about the the Valentino Rossi I mean the mandate the doctored the the old man how. You know I am I would. Obviously want to see him doing better I want that tends championship form I want that so bad. And I wanna see it come up but you know the champ ship still alive can't striking out yet. Yet did you see that he reached 6000. Points with this. With this raising yeah if in fact I believe that he's the only did the first years he's a first Ryder history to score 6000 points. That that's that's just in my eyes that's another notch and his incredible career. The the is it's just something else and imagine knowing just think the technology that he's seen change. Go through all of this. You know what do you think of technology genre where we've seen it. He ridden bikes most your life may two and here we go from. Bikes on the street that mimic bikes on the track now genuinely. Whereas before. Where it was more than bikes on the track. Were from the street yeah well obviously that's almost exciting things to about all motor sports to me personally is it. Follow in the technology and if he you know just go to any local dealership and that technology you know go to the comedy yes we have our sponsor yet. I say that if but any of these bikes when you get on and all the settings and all the date the the safety side of it it's really amazing actually. It is in a from a safety standpoint I was out on the new. Played around a little spirited and backed her movement little stream water you know that cross the street. It was really interesting how. It to control that I was fine with what was happening in the tire was gonna spend a little bit. But it just pulled the reins back in and kept it really easy going so there's articles technology definitely go check out that kind of Galley before for all the wicked. Track feed. That are now available on the street well it was a great race today it was fun to watch the end of that race and good to see you Connie do well I dazzle is going to take a quick break and when we come back next topic is gonna be the Formula One silly season we're gonna talk about. The Danube Ricardo bomb that was dropped and all the possible dominoes. That can happen because they listen to speed city loud and Austin, Texas back after these messages. Camille and. And roll willing to. Down. Are you craving an adrenaline rush and get till six dead fish. Sideways on what our race ready Subaru WR XS DI's wolf do. Subaru B Ozzy he's learned bonds got control skills on any surface in any condition. Test your skills on twelve different running courses across all 315. I guess the training facility. Gets your adrenaline kicks by visiting. Things dot com. Pay via people it's Christine Seles and I'm Daytona stuff is very he's back in Austin and brewing again. Oh so so the ring a bell for some of you well for the last seventeen years and in crafting the perfect comeback. Good returns are going to tell us why it's a famous local favorite plus retreating some fresh new groups and whether it's the first time that station our families legendary beer for the millions. We're thrilled to be back. SlingPlayer local store watering hole where Fleury and let's catch up but refuse to. Seles austen's original crashed very. And the most of motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted what action but to we'll op on wheels. You got me off that offers only MV Agusta and caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike ever out. All the charisma but I'll take an 800 the Fatah revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Or if you want to pat priest deacon right things that look no further than the world's in his bowl winning triple 3675. And 800. Old guy all right for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas Seoul tried in the Simon welcome at financing available. To carry out there at karma then be a good step but I like right Elaine just east by 35. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is. Top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back. Don't fastest towers and radio. Quarterback Casey. We left us and we're gonna talk a little Foreman won the less but certainly sponsor money during normal here one of my favorites. It's a cellist brewing and hearing that this is authentic Belgian style beard. And it all or nothing here off and they really do they were obviously one of the first. The breweries. That word you know over the crafts style of fairly small smaller backs things like that that there grown big. Personally one of my favorites authentic Belgian brewing dates back to Milton quite honestly who've been. Is were pure souls the founder of the flu welcome overzealous and your fridge welcome aboard sells marine I was Kosovo in one Daniel Ricardo. I think Oprah did not predict this lets someone over predictions. I was gonna say yes Dodgers Smart that way. There's no way. I didn't predicted none nobody that I ever you know how many of these. These silly season predictions did you hit and we all head Iraq heard about read everything I looked. I looked just to see if anybody got this right and I didn't see a single story on any motor sport website. There's bound to be somebody got it right just odds are. But nobody that I know expected this bomb to drop from from Daniel Ricardo and that he's going to the road team. And I was talking to some local guys and I already know one of the you know one of the smaller teams and and never I was like well old gas and note that I said. Depends on how you look at this because you know render as a company is a huge giant worldwide company. And I mean if you look at Renault now in comparison to other. Motors I think. Are stored and an automobile companies they're huge they're they'd 58 million dollars. In sales last year skis in the billion dollars last year so this is a huge company right and you expect them to. You love to be able to. To make a big paycheck to Daniel kernel which obviously they did which also forget about the history ran down mean these guys. Have a huge history in Formula One world championships. Mean the ninety's were Williams rhino was. A incredibly dominant so it's not like this is an out of the blue rule like some of the people were thinking and you still think of them recently with the with the success of Ferrari Red Bull and Mercedes lately. But but it's a huge huge steel and and the first thing that I heard the thought of when I heard this was. Okay red nose got something up their sleeve it was kind of reminded me of the assert everybody thought it was two years is how. Lewis Hamilton left McLaren right in he grew up there and when he left Mercedes. This was before the right of the engine change. And going to the Turbo sixes from the V eights and Mercedes dropped that bomb on everybody with the incredible Turbo design and is dominated ever since. But with the way the possibility of random doing I don't I'm not saying something some technological leap like Mercedes was able to do in the dominated percents. But the commitment. Is got it more than a's got to be their number one if they're gonna do right Daniel Carter there are a big check because he was obviously the hottest commodity. In net in this available season right now church so they had to have a huge commitment and are ready to spend a lot of money into what it takes. And also they yeah they they've at least got to pay in the same thing a Red Bull was but to be honest think about the opportunity that they were part of Macy. Hey I go being number one driver I don't have this you know little putt coming up on me Max. Let's say gaining all this attention that and it's made quite honestly. I see the focus of Red Bull turning more to Max. And listening to veteran driver they have and any record of so I understand you're part of with an opportunity to go be number one pro less stressed less grew need an eight we know you know what to do and you can help us. You know further develop this all of that kind of thing you know they do it's fun to be announced in. What I'd say is a start up and do you consider the red the other Renault team the start up at this moment. And so it doesn't where they are and yeah I mean I see that did as being personally exciting and hey if you're gonna pay me and I can smile bigger wanna go to work I'm going. But you know. There's no race driver. Is gonna go because it's comfortable how old argue this to the now til I die happily as it's not because it's easy because well because if you think about it. Ricardo is that a team now that as one races this year. And has gotten some of the biggest resources and could easily slip back into fighting for podiums every week. In the next year to write because they are one of those top three teams. But Rendell has not been there recently I looked it looked pretty good this year and they have looked like best of the rest but if you're telling me that Danny Ricardo. Is what has won guru who under the Griese went to the renal team is because he was gonna be the number one guy didn't have to have for staff and looking over his shoulder. And it at at that to me that is all water if he's not gonna be competing for a championship. OK maybe was just trying to get her get away from Honda. You know he's he think about. If you think you're hot yes I can think about the ring no you know he's kind of leno's been rentals guy you know with the wind. With the rental car and in the Red Bulls all these years. And now moving to them he's kind of been their their number one guy behind all they're dead there's been driving at all there engines others there's a lot of that team. OK sure so and so Daniels gone. Does but I live Renault. Has learned some French. It is gonna fill a spot do you think. That is where all of its interest and and here's what I say plays in. Do you bring in somebody that has a great history. That Mike can mentor Max. We're do you have some idea that will welcome the opportunity to follow my acts. Are you thinking Fernando Alonso is that what you're thinking. Yeah we're side of the coin does he follow along and he it knowing that next here here comes Honda again. Who yes yeah. Yeah Alonso I mean look it's got to be tempting for him right because. We Corey it's just been miserable for these last few seasons since he came back it's I mean the came over to it. Bed to McLaren has just been miserable right so with the fact that he can go routine that where he's. Could very well more than likely will ring no win a race or two per season at a at a minimum OK but think of the budget. Yeah I get that budget there. Who do you think would be a veteran. Championship winning driver. On a cheap budget. Best buying for the dollar. We think can. I'm thinking mr. Hartley. Totally capable of it you know he's a little lower budget I have not heard anybody say that when I like that. And Glenda I mean yes folks Bernhardt is a friend of the so many years now but seriously. If I were shopping. Hartley is competitive he's a veteran racer. Yet budget wise won a championship and went on the wallet. Just a likable guy he doesn't have PR issues. Here's a guy that your religion and our captain. Yeah yeah he he's mature so he can deal with the young punk when he turns puck was in Sulu honestly I can see Hartley. Going because most of his failures this year have not been him they've been as equipment. Yasser. If I may have heard ghastly there. Probably not Carlos signs although that's been mentioned deter us unease. I'm gonna say guess les better than signs. Affected. To solidify his spot in a bid to me it be an easy move Paul Hartley parents. RB one team. Keep ghastly there now who's gonna come into toros. If we played them listen area who would you bring up. That is it she says there's a huge question mark Richards OK okay you got it all figured out you got all the Norris. Yep I've heard that rumor actually and think about the complicity of that you've just kept all these guys soon. That come through the same development program. Red Bull. Then then the junior team. You've got all those that are you know the personality of the team you've got all lose that are welcome inside the garage. You know if they weren't welcomed in the garage with the teams that wouldn't be there. Right this'll be in middle more upsets the apple cart. To bring Hartley. Have Linda stick step in place of partly. And run with that you know probably one of the most. Talked about to go through to Toro also. Has been ticked him. Daniel ticked him remember we had it had him on the show up and he stunned obviously great aunt and non European won the European formula three. And a championship and he's been talked about going to ferocity. I think it's fine for a development driver. Yeah I don't think he's gonna get the first seat in one of the cars. Yup that's true but you know look at the ghastly. Through. To you know Arabs got to say that that's that's my thoughts on the way the cards to fall. And keep everything Red Bull keep everything promoting from within which Red Bull does like to do. Well the one thing it is for sure that none of us know anything about what's going to have order back to Bershard if you had no Richard Richard now. Because this is this deal with the annual dropping this bomb it throws everything off and we have no idea. What's gonna happen here I mean one of the things it's boring me is a C worried me. That as at the Haas team right with in if you said this year ago you said crazy bid that goes on to do so well but goes on had such him. A really pretty miserable season could she end up with new chair to sit in at the end of the season could very well. Could very well. You know I had as much as you know we've had him on and he's a nice guy and everything. I'm not sure how other teams viewed him yes he's performed wonderfully before. But there's also been done through some really bad stuff before to ensure that your. I don't know. I don't think we'll see growth and a rebel pals that. Yeah. I picked up ground. What about with Sullinger tomorrow take what and how you get the money on what about LeClair to hawks. In place a good job. And don't know that they want to go with two such young drivers. Yeah that would be if you if you look at everything that gene Haas and Peter Steiner have said. That is now all those all those things they said about the wind mature drivers develop the car develop everything built the program. Develop team all that was said three years ago now. So you never know would they pass up the chance for the hottest driver in what even go there you know suck it that's just. I heard that rumor as well you Kate talking hos. Sergio perot's comments yeah I've heard that or have already talked about last week exactly I really think Sergio Perez is an excellent candidate. For Hoss. That the American market and the Mexican market are very closely related informal one and so many of the car racing. I think we could just see him as a billion on the home team. Yeah out there I think that would be easy to adopt. From a publicity standpoint or from a team work standpoint but he's got talent I mean. My gosh we heard it. Five years ago when he was with us that. He's very mature. These level headed you don't hear him spouting off much as as you do often with others and he brings money to the table. Money the that is the grease that it's a two Greece is this kid makes this kids go yeah exactly exactly. That's gonna be inching and this is fun to see when Ricardo did this what it is for you to record pickup game going on if so you know we'll see where they go. Our I guess Jalisco it and take a break and when we come back we're gonna have really exciting interviews because. Johnson was up in Pittsburgh up there with the formula 3 phone porn trans am all all those races going on at the same time. And and we got some some great interviews including some of the young drivers in formula three and formula four and also Jay Howard. He is a formula for team owner in IndyCar driver so. Stick put this is BC loud and Austin back after these messages. The Austin east KOA campground just fifteen minutes from circuit of the Americas and downtown Austin. And just two minutes from the Travis County expo center and central Texas fishing Decker lake. Featuring amenities for every style of camping tents thanks to luxury are people putters and cabins. Plus a cool showers and laundry. Nestled in solid trees on the edge of the hill country all the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise K no way to make your reservation this it also an east KOA eight. Outcome. If you wanted to be a race can't drive up well you can act dead fish. I don't know will drive Subaru WR XX DRI or we will drive Subaru B Ozzie right jobs. 368. Get training facilities for good on how to control at all in any situation on any surface in any condition dose possible. Get sideways. Gets your adrenaline kicks by visiting and sings don't golf. And. I would like speed city. We can break we're talking about. Seeing interviews that we got at a Pittsburgh. What's the name of that race track I've forgotten the name of it but it's that was the host this weekend. 2 trans am formula for and then bring new inaugural formula three. And you know the most touching thing about all this is that the way that the FIA informant one Rawls structuring all these. These news series around the globe actually in a row and regional. F regional formula three regional formula for and says the United States as its formula for series which started last year was the year before. So yeah Foreman before and then now this new latter formula three. Which the way the cars are structured is their their power by the Honda Civic engines same exact engine right before before without Turbo to form the three with a Turbo so it's got exactly 200 horsepower like. 275 horsepower are. Steps up the that there's a little more arrow in the formula three in fact. A pretty significant amount aero so it becomes a a car did with your driving a formula three car you're actually now stepping up into an area. Where you're just driving a car that is. Does get at them prepped you for either IndyCar or in this case the right trying to do was go to formula wonderful news. The letter systems you know for the series and I think that's great you know the budgets that you know we've talked about going with those are much more reasonable for development opportunity. When the build up reliable at that and so yeah and it's very cool will see those coming around we'll keep on chasing these guys. All right well let's go ahead and go to this interview. And this is an interview that Jonathan did up in Pittsburgh. Earlier today with fast. With formula for team owner and Indy 500 with a driver. It's big city fast I am delighted I'm here in Pittsburgh. But I I knew the bisons familiar faces around and I'm just come across the count driver not the only inning he got products but also Allen won in his own motorsports driver development program. Here in forming a full. We talked about this at the Indy 500 how excited you ought to be bottomless and here we are on the reality and you got a bunch com. Not that I'm usually really taking this. Yeah I love that mrs. This is something. I really really enjoys a very different. Look calm things in or race weekend. I am blame on cyclical and I was I don't know you know coverage and then try to amend term these kids. This topic. I guess lack of control and united it has so many racing hard and I'm always is and I did it. And still do admit suggests it's business as normal helmet on he got out everything and you just. Men are gearing control cyberspace. Jennings exhilaration you remove it gosh can you just how ready do you add tags here saudis. I suppose as frustrated as you can see them making mistakes that you probably made when you were younger I you can try to rectify it but you got eleventh it. Yeah absolutely and IMAP they love themselves and we try and help. Given us seeing now that is what many cameras and home and I hear no matter I want them lining endless didn't. You know I I come down why would any anxiety as Israel again. Tell me about the program because this is something that I know is will deal hall but also it's becoming a major you know I mean with quality the tent right now and you've got all 45 drivers out of. Yes five Gaza story can we have official test Essex house. A man I guess I missed this series Israeli goods of the guys tango is coming out comes and and even at that very little oil content experience just wanna get in such cars this is a perfect place to guide you are driven mass forma for god. Star really nice balance it doesn't do anything. Violent Darren. And it's got enough. Guys are not sensors on it for us to really educate them and to get them walking on. The techniques and nine Intel which they rule. You have this stuff way to teach in the kids at this level it's the exact same things I would look on in any counts and it does give me exact same stuff. So yeah we. We love it I'm really passionate about I love this indicates progress on none. You have one of the cool things about Indy 500 issue so expensive that it was a longtime driver and mine. Just really go motivated racing against yeah you know carries us. Yeah laughs and it could go on and after his parents. I'm also excited because as a Brit you know who getting simple license a potential super license points. FIA championship and not something that America is waking up to enact. Is that it's a great option to have Indy which is inhabits it like it's in America. But also to have the opportunity you've got to Danish drama here it's it's another opportunity for these guys to work towards Ito working on the other side of the pond in Europe. All staying here in Indy. Absolutely after I think yes you have an hour on the half Maine and gave us these kids enough Jane today. Yeah I think when you stop going down the larger ending expert Tom we started Paramount concerns. Year old mother's. I've got a point where he made the commitment I'm going to make comments about a test us intention. Former awful. Yeah. You're the point century. Yet if you have. I've ambitions of gallons a year you can stop and yet you points get headlines and start doing all my good stuff. He Taj isn't done yet this is definitely for us where Earl lane now undoubtedly hear them guys now. All. I actually. I wanna stay here this is united in our NASCAR its. It's mind. My estimates it's a very kids and I. Very leave your options open that series and just really really good place gets to stop. Finally jagged and then we're always looking for the next American hero to come in like expensive frigate like got Alex Rossi luggage valet and go up the right. Ranks MB down the 500 grade but also worlds are looking for the next American and on the one hand and I'm always. Cocky when I see every Nestle together to see whether town is have you spotted somebody you think back it's going somewhat. Yes. I'm in terms of American your mind this. It is. Has a tough lie on the compound was very good guess and urged him her a few years. Yeah he's arrogant and a good job right now shuttered. If he keeps things very in the right and I am right now everything's looking good friend and demo bias toward some of them drives I have right now which should. Coming and I'm an all American thank you did Christian Grassley sent and Teddy Roosevelt really really good job so hard. You have as best on the way. The bar has been re easy and the US continues to get hotter and hotter every year. You know I won't honor not. Every daddy know any. Kind of talking on our back side is vague you know you win a race and don't think I'm Nick Price and just keep walking around and nothing bad guys are saying you'll drive us you are religious and the level has gone mad. It's gonna continue to their site. I listen Drexel to thank you best luck. Good to worried on the sidelines that place that you don't you don't have that same thing when you're in control it's easy. We watch it and salt it. Yeah I'm partial bobbing join us. Axis of it is checked out. Thank him. Yeah that's. I'm CJ Howard and it being involved in this F for like that it's great and being obvious IndyCar drivers well but yeah I think it the way he is. Supporting this enforcers with the team I think is great man Aaliyah and you know I think it is determined they recognized that you know it's it's. The series could supports him I wanna go form one on the export more to go IndyCar words. Is just a great series it's gonna develop on that as drivers competitors even even. Businessmen. And drivers in the sport so that's that's not an issue this is a great thing. All right well we get another interview I wanna play because like we mentioned before the F three Americas championship. Kicked off. This weekend. And it it kicked off with a familiar name winning the first race that discount Kirkwood and so let's go and put his interview that Johnson did with Kyle Kirkwood. But here's the city fans we has always trump right new granite we'll broken Ingram because we are the inaugural F free of America's championship powered by homer rice here and it's good. So what appropriately the man who should win the rice is right here Kyle that would do is oversee waiting for this oldest venue to come land and this race to command it's been a long time coming but relieved that you were able to win the first of rice it. He definitely you know we we only had a car on Sunday of last week and down in Manila deal whole lot tour for setup and I think. The team able motorsports. And I were able to put a very good car there are days like car together for this weekend and down. If there about Trent the car feels very well balanced and we are very fast race car and overall the card is then has been great hasn't really shown any issues and it's very sensitive to changes its discrete. And there's not many downsides the son. You've been racing. Outside of this because has been a what a race could you weren't running a full championship not much point to genetic and so I've been doing ugly stuff has that going has the impact different. Is that. Well it's it's much different it's obviously ran with IndyCar and done so it's much. Higher class a year involved with and the racing is actually very similar to as it is here in half for. You know on overseas drivers a lot of Garcia a lot of a lot of talent and veterans in that series. On the card is is so much insulin to have scorecards of couples like it's bigger so I think it's. Good transition from nine and two into that street cars if that's too big for ASE consent. But none of those kind of what I've done for the whole beginning of the season and we are able to win that championship. Just this last weekend actually so four races before the end of the season where little in the championship we had ten out of twelve wins in that. And there's only two more races last. Where Roland finish that off on strong note and come down every year in the F three car and started off on again that's a hoods. Our season's been a whirlwind of good news I guess he can say and now I'm just refused to keep keep her head down keep Dayne can send the men and that we have. Shortened year for the first inaugural three championship but we do the whole season mantra when that the first ship to. I think so I think so but. But you know it's it's come down to a bit of budget for me and as it is for many professional drivers at. British and figure out as again and hopefully I will be able to do little championship yes. More people only will you be idiots on right sweetie pricing will be coming to see is the controversy that is something that. I was payments that's that some are really wanted to in that I wish side of mean announcing that at one race that he was amazing last year to be able to do it again would be crazy and I remember your life. We used him on a commercial breaks and then they're like well I don't I'm a partner with me for the end of the race and you're like you and accountability outlined. I have never done anything now that that's good news is really cool and I really thank you guys for that company in that position and no I really hope I can come back and that's anything. Again we used to concentrate on the racing has plenty of time the comments I will be watching you and congratulations on winning the inaugural. As straight Americas championship. Thank you so much appreciate it. You got him commentary was in their opponent last year candidate he was actually really he really good. He was great because he was. It that was win the controversial move by a mass happened. Every cut the corner setting the limit extending the limits right and and and Kirkwood called it it was great respect your really really did Jack tells you know very perceptive and and obviously he's got to be ability and also put himself mentally in that spot would he cut the inside. Yes. You know. Our idol is going to take every other last break it be code to show we come back. We got a world Reilly cross driver Steve are open is gonna join us a lot of really excited talking and who gets really cross. That's given to Austin very CNET you listen to speed city lives. Back into these messages. Hey beer people it's Christine Seles and I Daytona stuff is very he's back in Austin and and brewing again. Boat so so the ring a bell for some of you well for the last seventeen years and in crafting the perfect comeback. Then return to our wounds and Seles why is famous local favorites plus victories and fresh new brews and whether it's the first time that states and our families legendary beer for the millions. We're thrilled to be back. SlingPlayer local store watering hole or very and let's catch up over the years. Seles austen's original crashed very. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious that to be of Italian style precisely prompted with a passion but to we'll all on wheels. You got me off that offers only NB a ghost that had a caddie back through authorized technicians in Austin. Servicing old European brands. The brutality sport making it the most extreme essential naked bike ever up. All the charisma but I'll say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Fourth you won a pennant race begin racing. Then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple at 3675. And 800 all got all for the ultimate legend ray at bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas so I tried in the Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit at karma then be a good step at a slight break Elaine just east of I 35. That's Jan then 1000 dollars will go big cash for. Tomorrow at 7030. On talk thirteen seventy. The hand and and and the only. Outstanding hey are you are listening to speed city. Fast is ours in radio. Thank you Sammy Hagar. The green his back after the break and oh yeah the red rocker. He came to Austin throughout this Ferrari on circuit of the Americas and hello lot of fun on the phone I think most come back he does want to of course he wants to come failed us on. As they get us in the Americas we get a gentleman on the phone and who's going to be. Joining us here at circuit America's inserted in here he's been here but we get the laws don't back Nick's not welcome back that shows Steve Martin we preach it's coming on. Aren't out there are no sorry you guys talk to them. Ousting I don't know when Sammy back when we might get a Ferrari bag but I don't advise it on the rally cross chart that. I guarantee you. I. All right. That is hopeful he's not listening right now and yeah we get out of political Ferrari dealer rattled the of the gig go for that. We'll Steve gear but he alluded background about to sell because obviously the we're really excited about yet has come back to Austin that the talk about your. Your history and in racing and everything. Absolutely. On the ability is. Forget that there's always a race fan base as a copy of the ascent are often. I was fortunate enough to have entered into an opportunity recorder so immersed in their cars all over the country girl without Danica there to go to NASCAR in a while. Actually won the first race at Texas voters people go oh all tool yeah sent. Read they are hurt you here you get to bed because all that there's. Back in 2013 got up to it and it out of my little grace excuse. Ever since don't do this holocaust that is. So much fun it's so cool and the bill to get back to circuit of America's new directors. We adjustment or grand appeared camp and I got. We lost is just a decent at the Kennedy you have in June there. Why it didn't know quite quite a plan. We have epic the final slows it. Bohea got to credit card this year and walk in nineteen definitely took via protect the core focus our our racks and work. We're trying to develop the suspension and really get distinction there and then. We we didn't really have much luck in Texas the first article or Cotto or cricket or suspensions so. This is pretty much are first race and those can go to a third on the podium into that checked so. We're we're both in the final and we're gonna we're gonna group and work on the back Urquhart and so we're gonna we're gonna kick these it is good at their went too much right now. So folks you know we we managed BC UT you rally cross and a some of the folks around it Steve is a great guy enemy but you've heard this just mentioned can block. It is that can block that. And you know that one yeah that's the one you wanna come in its great series. But it tells a little bit more about your team and what planned changes you have going on combatant finish up little better. Absolutely terrible and we have. Also seeing Bill Clinton with regard for votes for years now together Parker chipped in Nancy's so the first couple years. And then went out on the globe broke voters were so awesome awesome group of people that's best for voter program. And do as we ran strong also the last couple of torture are polite the likes of a law and order. A couple of them this year to pick over the car wreck the earth with a focuses so they have come back come back to Austin or do a lot of questions and we'll break Al. And how we're. Where we're gonna have the suspension doubt network equip our comeback there. It's going to be such site that that would go ludicrous on the play it's got the wild every single ticket that revises its open at a we are and the diversity there today they're trailer had to settle aperture for hours and worker at certain tech sectors or things so. Every single person that gets in get the same amount of access it or break up to us drivers. Other territory twelve I hit shouldn't in my car after the race is over our go to the trailer is critical. That is awesome what we'll talk about the new American rally cross series because. At the way things shook up a little bit and the last year an 88 it's really exciting to have a new series here and it led a little bit of a shortened season this year but then a full season next year right. I'm. Absolutely yeah the event there's definitely a big change in the Ossetia but there's an excitement or service Italy's but. Or Brian is that. Any form and create Ericsson arc Israel across. Or alongside me in Doug ward the WRX. It is also an opportunity to her. Two of the sport as a whole slew who aren't on a global global impact Arctic and it's two young workers here in the states are broke or. The series and it just takes all. There are best part. So many different disciplines and combined event to just. An exciting fast paced action packed you can. I am either there or support a critical or the series there. They'll failure of C either they're big time in the former Drexel but a lot of undeclared obviously there overall across. That's going to be coming back to Austin. There are coated. And sought to cool or not. We got short little high intensity Byrd who is currently the opposite it would expect him like Eric are or who want and expect and that the north. I bet I beat that act as Ferrari line that. There's probably a lot of they're artery that's all corners rip jumps lower. It's a context or these things are relied up to really illustrate our point across just like the urged Super Bowl in the first quarter. It is just here we don't look like crews are under attack that because it's only r.s six operations. And it's just. Here and hence the all the time like my heart is just pounded out by chess on the early vote locally. Well. It is the entertainment factor is through the roof of its funny you talk about formula drift. It's kind of reminds you this that and that as well because it's it's short it's intense. And really you don't have to know there's not a bunch stunned to learn about the sport it's gotta look at this and go of that is. Freaking cool to watch you know I think it was completely summed up. Door slam and they're selling in airborne excitement that it yet anything better in that state. Well you know what when I was little kid I played real public power in my car Matt Wright and slide them jumping on the match and back the respect. That's literally. Elect Kirk don't expect that these ten pars are. It's intentionally set like who will collect just excitement at spastic certain people who have all the time we do that except contact has promoted. I'd like to say it organized as the ones that like it was it's just pure utter chaos. I so let's talk about the cars you talked about zero to 61 point eight what I've heard everything. One point 81 point nine faster than in virtually anything that but what about the car 6600 horsepower how close to. Production that they start with the production cars and got it and been roll cages or how to they've had to work. Absolutely so every everything's based off the factory or about. Your and we can build up from there obviously this dispute to reach everything got a all multilateral kids in this thing. Up from that point forward these sins are these things are so sophisticated. Equipment. Two bodies and point. In our audio carbon fiber some part to Cutler. So the root of our drivers or person it or. He had over the that are that are those who are sort of I sit out this is all that well I hate them. Our articles written a song or a 100000. Yeah. All the parents who legal restarted it up for her awful loose there or what that clutched. At every corner of the embargo gulag ever but there are all wheel drive. These things absolutely. Dead sideways. And or currently intimacy and spoke little. It's the excitement in the sequential gearbox and so. Either I don't regret when you're restored to the years we've it wouldn't. But instead of an all the old and grow up. Principal builder or their cars or clothes and turned marked by calls from Hearst and our staff it all eruptions. In loans. Also. And there is booking buddy and I quote how close. The rule that you it there was a certain currency utility burst. So everything between the flywheel and the tires as the most important. Important part of our own. Because you got to make the clutch working got to make the death hold up thinking OK these cars they got what they weigh about 2000 pounds I figure maybe give or take a little bit that. If you go zero to sixty in one point anything you got to put all that 600 art theater horsepower to the ground between went all the components not snapping in half. Weird. Remarkable amount aren't actually I had a group of us sponsored as well as they were welcomed with those who move well mannered insurers and they're working or not. About staff are going to run. The Russians have a career record book on the way and it looks orderly and collaboration and social their questions. Such extreme global. A day like these are the biggest. Bill so much he does work on it so much total that we just can't go long distances or burn within. Yeah that's it's really exciting to watch will Steve Martin we really appreciate you coming on the show and we wanna point people of the aisle to the website is a so world RX USA dot com home and I'm well you know also got a circuit America's dot com of course the concert Ludacris gonna be out there what is it September 29 and thirtieth. Now we really appreciate coming on Steve and excited to talk to you and of course we'll look forward to seeing you here Austin. And records and goes and once again that at this article and somebody else and I don't. Every single taking it to open packet come radar watch Greg where are more critical look Urquhart. We look at this game but I'm certain that the person but Pakistan are all lighter look at it. Nick walker got to have nuclear walk or hit open next game if it's an experience a little while you're so without. All right Steve thanks a lot appreciate coming on the show real will talk to really get to Austin. Travel safe but it. All right well he's right. In the likes of Travis Pastrana. Damn man yeah this aura Travis Pastrana I was talking to him it was three days after he did those big jumps in Vegas and he was still hyped on the team if you Allison who. Bible we wanna apologize to Canas l.s we didn't get to play here interview but we're gonna put it out on our sound cloud account. Really cool story young female all and in the form of a series. Racing in the American formula for series. Other really excited to talk to her there's been some other females in formula three then we'd get to talk about it but there's a really testing stuff and some women racing and I wanted to. How are more conservative did we didn't get that on that tablet tickets out on the website speeds Eddie broadcast dot com and look for the links to sound cloud and all of other assets and of course. Look for us every Formula One weekend we do pre and post race show lie left so check out our website speeds Hebrew I guess dot com we will talk to you next week. Travel safe go.