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Sunday, August 6th

Speed City, for August 6.


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Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven you got come in anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice. Will go the speed. I think greed. At this hour on the radio. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. We are fired up we've got a fan how. Has to show this John Massa goes a new list 'cause well they noted Jonathan green's got the week off but we have so much going on we are ecstatic alma when he rundown well we've got because. We got really fight the biggest thing we're gonna talk about this young American drivers duties and all American shows you're doing great on the world stage alone. We'll talk with a GP briefly put it yeah. Gas beat him OGP American Joseph Roberts what. A fun not lol I you know when we first met Joseph about three years ago and it was. Great to see is gonna come of these is nude if you Manning and you saw him. You knew something big stomach while Joseph Roberts had probably could drive the ride to the weekend in moto GP in the motor to class. And so we've got so clips includes some interview we did with him. We also have LMP two world champions way for Lamar Woodard to stop a minute as this. We have an interview with him that we just did about an hour ago Jonathan actually did Allen still have not won here a few minutes and we also have two young Americans racing in the formula for US championship. If you're not familiar with this championship we're gonna talk a lot about it tonight what it's all about it's a road to. Either Formula One or other open wheel series and we got two gentlemen. They're seventeen and eighteen years old one albums can do this live Kyle Kirkwood steamy with here in about thirty minutes. And also a Texan Jacob Lewis we did an interview with him during the week we get that's right we got we get the clips from that and we also hear in just a couple of minutes. We've got the truly world challenge president CEO Greg Gil de LA thing it has tried the big men Bustamante and nab all all of this is coming to circuit and America's polo world challenge. And then of course the formula Ford championship is coming twice. At wecht will understand -- and at the lowest Romo and a formula and I enjoy our summer break but I'm ready to get back at it with their progress of this raising season here man today show does not till the summer break just so much going on and Israeli army really excited because. And and especially. About all these young Americans and so. But let's let's go ahead and jump and we have our first next guest we have a great deal. Who is the if the gas CEO of the rallying world challenge and now want to welcome back to show welcome back Greg. Good reader aren't targeted. We're doing great how are you doing. Awesome. Well we're pretty art it's. Time to go racing I agree. Summer break is over let's. Let's Seles get rolling but yeah we're excited because of pro we will snow's coming back to circuit Americas but. Correct me if I'm wrong Greg this is the first time they've come as a free standing near as it by themselves. You go it actually is the third time as a headliner ourselves but that is this first time in this kind of odd to. Blazing heat break that we've taken here in September. But we're excited because we will go back toward normal march date that's top secret pretend it didn't tell you all the radio show some sort lost and it did exactly we have not released or 2018 schedule yet but there's a strong rumor or. That we'll be we'll be back in the last weekend of march but again you didn't hear that from me let's just say at all but everybody on the radio judge's order yeah. We don't find somebody that can officially speak for Peta obviously the folks like that. Does an excellent job art and I. Will go to Soledad. Tom's excellent folks you know rumor pro world challenge as one of the series that I love because it's all of the cars you recognize or in my view and drove one of them to the track out their for the race than that which means you've got to come down into the panic you got close of the garage as you see those cars in their race stance. You got all the vendors you got the teams you to meet all these folks and hear more about the engineering of your car and what they do to it put it on the track. You can't miss. Take what we sure appreciate it and that's what's great and we love protections fans. Obviously guys are moved down after opening lab coat and 2012. Took one look at Austin and moved and moved my family and everybody down just because of the track with the Texas people of hostility. And I love it and I love how in this event here. And like you say were coming literally with the entire show's sort of turning cars. Which is everything from you know how these two ought to let the road BMWs except look out and very much and street looking trim and very americanized all. Right up through the GT three cars which are here flurries BMW he's actually an SX. It would I think at last count we had 24. Different makes and models out of London in this series more than any UGG series and world. Well it is what it is really exciting to watch this and I'm like you'd like you both you guys said. All the street cars we all know and love and that's what's so fun about it and you'll see. Really there's just as good a car show in the parking lot because everybody who has. Who has he need these cars they're out in the parking lot and there's all the corrales. It is is a phenomenal fan event in. One of the best that he comes asserted Americas for looking at it cool sports cars they and by the way and Greg's given us the America. Your kids are twelve and under its free admission with an adult bring the whole family this is a great time to. Did not get that total open access and like said bring the kids 'cause you can afford it when the twelve and under are free. And where you could bring about themselves or this year I do have some fun stuff and in just make sure they have a good time and I'm a little bit of multiple car corralled twenty guys saying. A lot beat but we're also doing a couple of kind of forget. Have not seen anywhere else like go to. A new type of power game in most of before forward and slam counts and has got some go to La area north around Dallas and just some fun stuff just give people more happening some of our friends over winding road and others said you know we'd love to see more things to showcase the cool cars and actually cites. The sports cars we all know and love sort of bring that out to get just worked and enjoyment. But like you guys have done such an excellent job at a dead live streaming our broadcast from there we hope we'll get cheated there again. We appreciate the local fans so much and I think when you mention things about about American drivers. Were seen it'll Donnelly Alec you don't know who podium last weekend. Obviously Houston native he's doing well and our GG three category. Samantha can running very well she's from out well actually north it's. Northern north all of us but still another young up and coming college student just a great young talent. In just a whole heck of a lot of others that are running Ernie Francis junior's. These are all kids better known North American under 25. And doing well and then from south of the border in Lebanon help console or did at Tora will be dare let an embarrassment actually it is and I asked him again and so that it's a great. A ball that was also so we've we love having a young drivers given that development secretary besides all the pros and great sports are legends like Patrick long and enjoyed him call. Still think that about does schedules we do hasn't lay out. So we're looking at because we had this is really a bonus for the fans this year we got a third spring next round so normally do we have deterring car around to run to. Chichi hash rounds at Roland since there's four races now we have our viewer GT three he's spread next races and running on the weekend. Yes you know six reserve army fired racism those egyptians got Bonser operation and were supporting the series with a fringe radical. Repair cars and yeah Egypt and got Porsche cars are also out to from content motorsports. They'll be out with a real close to thirty cars so we've we look I hate it used to work like everybody says nonstop operation but I can tell you from looking at Scotland from our friend Dakota. Literally from 8 in the morning to six at night are actually almost 8 o'clock I try to night. Where race. And and I didn't that's how little Al will be run and then we'll have a schedule up both of our web site and Dakota's other specs we. Awesome well if you wanna get tickets you go to circuit America's dot com it looks like Saturday tickets between on Bucs Sunday Tony nine dollars for two days past fifty bucks Greg Gil. Early world challenged thank you so much for coming back on speed city of course we'll see you out there that weekend. So much do you guy tries I budding are decent. But. M and that's gonna be awesome I love that we can it's they replace that it's everything you passed on the way out to the track on the street well here it is in race trim ready to go yep. Are more illegally take our first break quickly and we come back we're gonna talk about moto GP and the formula Ford championship have a little clip from Joseph Roberts. Who had a phenomenal. Maybe is one of the best Davies in moto GP moto Q class ever so we're gonna talk all about that after the break. If you've heard motorcycles in this part of the culture for a long kudos you know those motorcycle show. But look this world a world player. There's legendary Harley service roads along the water is frozen downtown Austin that is no we're both heavy duty and they've moved up by the former award for. You'll see old familiar faces are bringing in here. Used and abused. But there's no sign of shutter assuring crisis. Did you develop it over bill's heavy duty don't come. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas and the 101000 square feet and act with all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and all you have experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. It culminated sell stop the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. The racetrack it's what legends of I only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston both as a Boston Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor car. Often exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny. They just a long ride I want 183 not a big deal runs. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay in court with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Yeah. There Browning extreme speed motorsports number thirty in the wc numbered zero through that tutor. And this is pizza. On the back to speed city. I'm pretty excited because. He's got a bunch of young Americans riders and drivers on the show but I wanna talk first and we'll play some clips from Joseph Roberts because. But to re out of the race this weekend was pretty cool because all the racing was really good just because. And we had a summer break and you had a little rain thrown in there is so he has some wet and tries so the weekend is good and of course Marquez camp came out on top. Really was ill that was good variation erasing nearly as hard emerging peer right quick. So it started off and all of that you know start off as a wet race. And so. But just a couple laps into that mark has rolled the dice swamped by X. Jumped out any took off he probably had at least one maybe two laps on most of the guys and you considerably more on others. That set the tone for the rest of the race everybody else. Lagged behind he's stretched out and he made a run for the front it was a really really just fantastic C. Him taking off but it got boring to be quite honest. I enjoyed looking back further into the crook the field with Rossi. But today. Mota to Joseph Roberts this was awesome Alitalia another placing seat for and not kiss on begin sport check out Red Bull TV you get that on your apple device or whatever. But fantastic. Race. Joseph starts off at the very back of the field I mean there's like two people more behind behind him I second he was 29 out of thirty debt 29. And he marches through six laps into the race the downpour happens. The red flag the race and stopper provided they finally did it clear to run again liver in the last six laps. Joseph. Chips away consistently passing somebody on every single lap makes it all way up to the tenth place. So is first time on this bike. And number is one of his favorite tracks is worry won his first 600 race so he knows the track he loves that. And it really came out well this is a complicated track in fact tomorrow with all the turns the what are even more so. Is you've got an elevation change of about 230. Feet over the course this track. Lot to deal with specially in the rain and I you know like you said he saw between ninth and when they restart of the race with six laps to go. He was still 29 so he'd made up all of those in nineteen places in those six laps. It was really fun to watch those when his number was just click and up the leaderboard. And unfortunately the you know the world feed it's not gonna give that much coverage. They might have if they had realized what was going on because it's a great story I mean I. I think may have been. It was just the right rhythm of the weekend promoted to an I don't know maybe for the weekend he was really amazing absolutely imam be biased but that was the best right of the weekend. Well and of course the rest of the race was awesome as well into the but the rest of the weekend and with moto GP because. If you had Marquez. But he is restart I mean his bike swap. Was merely accidental right indeed the tires each shows were really not only wanted to run it so with what to I think in the second lap. He's walked to the slicks and never looked back that's right you know he didn't he really took off in in the whole thing start out great yet all three colors on. On the a front row to begin with the but it shuffled and things are really carries through the rain in the bike changes and things are there words situations one of the by creditors of kid who was Cayman the bike was not ready. And so. But to wrap up give you Marc Marquez on first address the second and Ellis third Rossi made it only backup force through an ugly. Pitt series. Crush slow on fill us. And Adobe took six slew can aggressor buddy awesome turn out fantastic race be sure once said if you haven't yet yet DC media in any crash in the pit lane it looked like cash Alex as far as as forgone. Pulled right. Out right in front and in any place together he did and you know he went down but who. You know jammed on the front brake to avoid an absolute courage inclusion in front tire went out plundering laid down luckily nobody was injured nobody got hit by the bike coming end. He was able to roll over and run up jumper and I was Biden take out. That was a good battle between pitcher chance Burgos of third place to coupled stories like temperature is up he made his way through the field latter stage of the raced to give yellow one too that was awesome. And Evan Gillette we've been talking about Joseph we interviewed Joseph Roberts last week and put it as a podcast. Because look we get an American going back into you know in the world championships and that's coming up. And so he was a little little nervous wasn't sure how well he was gonna do and and Johnson interviewed him and we've got a couple of clips you not I'm letting him two years ago now at the text where boot camp Collins place. And I will say he was a very humble guy very. Methodical. Well spoken and old slave he wasn't like can he go. You know egotistical young kid which it can be easy to be with that kind of talent he was great he a really showed well. Great blitzer couple clips as it was for this first when this is Joseph Roberts. On not on the opportunity get demoted to. The. It's in any case we need to do the next five rounds the world low I figured out. Probably learns the more I go and run it's a brilliant drive here so yeah it's it's amazing to get this opportunity you know is either one of the citizens as a little kid says Teresa Lu. You know the world level of moto GP and I mean it's a start let's everybody starts somewhere so I'm really really excited says to go to brew now. Which is actually one of my my favorite tracks on the calendar and where IA why am I Red Bull Rick Scott race that's kind of special to go there and how my day you'd be there. Yes I heard you know in their cool I was first place he really that big before and here is back in motive to do the same thing yeah and we got Steve we've got a full interview with. To Roberts upon our sound cloud accountable tweet and FaceBook app that right now but here's one more clip from John Roberts. A little play this in because this is some getting a little specific about the transition. Demoted to because he's been doing motor America obviously but he's also been in the Spanish world championship and that's always you know referred to. And and the differ motorcycles and the similarity actually of the motorcycles is the same team that he's raising amounted to. Races in the Spanish world championship so let's hear Joseph Roberts again on the transition about it too. We'll ask the great thing about the national ocean sit here is they basically just use last year's notice to we'll change it bites and the scene racing AG are actually is a world change your team is this is super easy transition for me to go well I say easier go in one of the hardest. Championships and world. Basically it's an easy transition need to go from this my your kids seem to go role models seem because it's less the same guys and the fight is seen not heard Callas in early tomorrow the new by every year by NASA writers you last year's by Nate you know win races though. The bikes and really not different. The tires same Yasser ace ace in basically cracks his fight. Chances to get a feel for before I go to the world level so it's been great. Well this was just so much fun you know unless at less I got up and I didn't I watched murder to live and so guy. I I started playing I thought. I'm gonna watch for Jo Robertson and you know how when they first start playing at its third than play in the motor to show you you'll get like the first top twenty riders church and there. In houses like Al man I wish he could you know do something. And when he started climbing l.s like I was jumping up the downtown into it at the entire house and really exciting to have an American so we're gonna follow Joseph Roberts we're gonna try to get another beat him this week. And so we're going to be following an American in the world championship. And says stick with us this season we're gonna he's got these last five races and he's gonna be he's gonna be fun to watch but. So really transition now we're gonna talk about another. Another young Americans a couple of them actually we're gonna have one of them live on the show here in about ten minutes but we're talking about the the F four US championship. And it just a little background on this in in 2014 the FIA. Launched formula for was to institute creating a a place for young race car drivers or around the world take the first steps from like carting and other if other series like that into world and to open wheel racing. And so this is a worldwide effort and so the United States. In in the USA the SEC April racing all heard that over the years tribal and in that 2015 they teamed up with the FIA to create the formula for United States championship. So these guys are really on the latter to go to. Foreman won this you know potentially as high Formula One and and any other open wheel series. So the inaugural season this new championship was 2016. Last year so there is totaled nineteen drivers in nine seasons. And it was it as a last year we started out and so this year. We've got these guys coming to Austin to come to circuit of the Americas twice. They're gonna be here for the low so a month with the world endurance championship. And they're also going to be at the Formula One weekend so this is really really an amazing series that we get to see here is sort of America's in the desert. These are open wheel cars of the pretty much entry level open wheel cars they're kind of has the same kind of cars you see yet. Like skip barber. Those kinds of places exactly. And you know we've got a fleet of right here at certain Americans and us are gonna get a chance to see those type those will be sticking around long after this race slew of definitely stick around for that great car though exactly everything he's Serb. These cars are limited to between one point six and 2.0 leaders. The smaller displacement in the advantage of turn rose added to room. But already we've seen in my plan and they are. Pretty wickedly fast definitely you know a good place to its competition feet under yeah. And get things rolling with that I'm really excited see the lap times on the east Asian other open wheel car someone if they're gonna be. Let's say as fast as a moto GP bike faster maybe I don't know I asked and I just got a slight grin and Diana and it added indicating Owen and get an answer we'll find out soon Bible we're gonna play of the first interview we did we did a podcast. With this young Texan at Jacob Loomis a big east of Carthage Texas and he seventeen years old. And so all of played this interview with him in and now. And momentum right after that we're gonna go to break and we're gonna have the leader in this series cal Kirkwood live let's hear from Texan Jacob Lewis right now. A woman welcomed to the show. I stuff from Texas I'm delighted to welcome a single seat young aspiring Texan who is coming to this the Americas and racing in full a full is the name is Jacob Loomis and he's current. Texas and I am delighted seventeen years of rights and the classic way to get in a single scene is from cops. Welcome to street city I take it really excited you. Coming and that it sounds like a bunch of other Texans coming as part of the asphalt the first on news that in America. Yeah he's rallying. It's an exciting race you said there's going to be quite as he sentenced. Coming down for it's are on on events or should be good. He's self how did you get into right see them and I know you've been racing since you five it's always fun when you meet a seventeen year old picnic just started but you've pretty much been good this most of your life right. Yeah I house by I basically started. And us via and they go Kart are the track my dad and I got into it and since an open book. It's will mostly. I know you've actually raise it asserted America's so. It must be so exciting to go to a wolf possible mile long track haven't started you know in the basics as they weren't counting on me. How much of a thrill is that tell me about your first experience at coda. Yes it's a really great track great facility everything about it's really nice that closely well. And I think it's gonna be really good close racing and I'm. My president there boxer race portion and nursery so. And it's really good says he could learn the track before and and relished the allow. Now you know. How is how difficult it is and and then they got it experienced before and what you eat you ripped up the track went from eighteen to fit my two hours something. Yeah I started and very. It is basically you who shared her first. This our persons who we are concerned about and decide who to climb up. I started raining it he had. It's raining in my stance. That I gained quote the decisions are all equal. Pretty good ray experience going into it the three start in about eighty Kurtz a NATO exists. Zero to a. So I can we've had also some different drivers on the show from Alex Rossi two says Elliott castroneves we act does its new gotten out on yesterday. I'm always fascinated to know how are drivers get to. You know I'll allow that's true true that Korea's so you mentioned the east auditing content so what was the next step the. So I. I didn't carting her quite allowed. And 15 and I am I got the opportunity to the tests then there were all formula Mazda. And it's more of club local cars were. Club razors and sentiment inching global formula car. Basically did that it is it was really get on the on the budget standpoint. Something he can afford and then. There is really good experience at union a lot of good people Dana and and that's that's kind of how I got a lot of match funding to you two four US championship. And tell me about that war. For those who don't know why I'm familiar with the F apple cart that we got some city America's that they just making usual right school's out tell us about the car of what's what's special about it. Yes so it's it's it's pretty basic cars is former guards. How sisters. It's pretty good got to feel the air dynamics working with DO. It's pretty quick for. Laura lower level. Formula car and it's it's great courage need better but it just getting into written in getting out of your house senate works and it's it's pretty easy drives last battles are well. Very awesome and very excited at a Texan racing in this busy I don't know Ford championship young drivers in the latter two Formula One another open wheels going to be really awesome. And Salinas is like a fifteen years old enough something about that they drink so. It's great place for the American kids to get. Into the open wheel cars and be competitive and if cut their teeth writes I am we're gonna continue the F four world championship. USA championship discussion right after the break as we have the leader in the chip chip Kyle Kirkwood. Next up after these short messages. 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It's being organized around the world and and by FIA and with the the United States version of this coming Dakota twice once. In the world endurance shift chip from the rose from all weekend and then again. During Formula One weekend and these young kids have got to be out of their minds about racing the same weekend. As Formula One and we have one of those young Joba right now in fact. We have the guy who's leading the championship right now lot of room Kyle Kirkwood Kyle welcome to speed city. Yeah. And it. We're so excited to have you because this series is awesome and the fact is your leading the championship that's grey wolf just tell us about your season so far. Well I mean that he's an I have a bit of a downfall in the beginning it was he denied. And into the event with a bunch of penalties and it was village me just trying to fight back from from mid. Packer earlier than mid pack we actually had an engine Dona. And the very first straight so weird it's fighting back and then we went to Indianapolis we knew we have a fast car there. And we ended up sweeping novel weekend. Wedded to use. And we put that also but valid a little bit more tough because we had decoded Dickerson right there with us. Because he came from the USF 2000 championship series and click over to the F floor because they have such a great field and. Well I I'm really excited to have you here at coda I know you've been here at least once before for sure I know but debt how much experience she had a Canada. Well I've been there like you said one armed with a cricket cricket test and I had one day around there are both in the way. It ended the drive so let's look pretty prepared got yet some pretty prepared going into the I think into the two rounds. So unfamiliar with the track understanding their level enough. How intense the track is and there's obviously tons of passing opportunities selloff I think a couple years realized that one captain. I'm going into the ground. While I was after for that testing and one of the things I'll tell you that has changed it's not quite as smooth than there used to be in his character bumps to it now. But it is still flying in the S falls if women seasoned and word having a loot of cars out there in fact we've got some metaphors that are stationed here now also. And I start to come around were anxiously will at times because I was down in the garage trying to prod lap times. And the post of the affords kind of smile I mean that's like they don't understand what I just said. Well we'll Kyra I ask you what if you give us your take on this championship I mean especially from your perspective as a young. What are you eighteen years old as a youngster trying to get into form open wheel racing. Talk about the championship and what's your particular aspirations are. Well for me my operations are hard to go to IndyCar I think for anyone that's running here and you ask that that. The true goal at an open wheel driver it far and present if you're moving over to Europe or something obviously gold up one. Unarmed revered not very attainable to try and go to one if you're only running in America because there's only one American team here and I don't think they're either based out of America. And but overall with the championship the F word championship I think it early in Italy at that a year where we had 33 part of the president's. Does does fusion unit made hang on they're trying to bring out an F three car now they're gone bad and talk about on what it's gonna be. Sure okay let me just let me show page at the last round but I got pushed back I think they're doing testing with the now. I'm not Fisher they're trying to make in lives with them just like the monster that India but except for Honda. Well that's that's really exciting I love the fact that this seems to be really well organized around the globe to of course. And teaming up with the SIA. And I'll I love the fact that there is these there's there's these different types of opportunities yet you mentioned the Mazda road to Indy that's fantastic. But there are other opportunities like this I love that she did you guys have choices. Right yeah exactly so bad apple Leon. And I mean I talked to those army guys and the marquee guys and they both say. Yeah we need each other to compete at an even more the merrier because that we have more people look for. Those sport gaining more recognition the lower level you're getting more recognition and that should help at all in the long run for everyone in the long run. While another had to in a forward in its current reiteration kind of was helped along with the CCA. Let the tears back in their words they came together CCA have played in those events incidents it's a great formidable latter to help you. Get places and now with the four teaming together as it has. It's a true latter arming the do you agree that you can see where your going next and how you're gonna go to India or if you wanted to earlier pass yeah. It it I think that's what was needed I do agree that's what's there now. Yeah I think so I mean they're on the that would put the put a good ladder system yet they're obviously mod he has to. But on its really clearing up and yes definitely started warming true a lot of schism and IndyCar. So college she tells about the car sunny Odyssey where we've talked we've touched on the factor formula cars are open wheel. But tell us about the car specific visit I mean anybody it's considering. As young drivers considering doing this are there and I and good old guys like us we're fascinated with the hardware to. Right the other cars it Shelton who really easy to drive it to great learning this car. It very it's very. Responsive. And until it's got a lot let it go Kart feel posed a great stepping down to just come out of cart into the that's light peak Domonique Harding Geiger. And Don yeah I mean overall a great car and got low horsepower so it solid you can do anything where you're gonna. And off until Lawler an hour or anything like that's really thought he catch and on overall he had been making card thank. Well also I just wanna talk about some of your history in a year obviously his championship and doing well but you've got some pretty amazing accomplishments under the between sixteen team USA scholarship and that is a huge deal and that. That that's a that's says so amazing things about achieve it also. You've done an F 16100 you've done that Bob like image in the mark miles through DNA test. Skip barber series two wins and tons of carting highlights. So I mean do you feel like that they did this is the right place for use the right time. A lot of pressure. And the other hundred did hear that at all I think Cabrera Mauer right now but like I could be. I mean obviously looking at face scholarship last year helped me immensely with driving in everything that all the marketing everything like that. It's that's truly helped me a lot because when we are out there we ran the Walter Hayes trophy. At Silverstone and there was a 120 extraordinary thing in the formula Ford. On the category so I mean you can just imagine their cars going everywhere but they're everyone under control and you just really had. Had to figure out how to maneuver yourself. Through those are the continent up upfront which I think I did a pretty good job that because I had a bullet in the back in. At one of the key races and and period although he created a consolation race and everything like that because I had a I Kraft wanted to hear it themselves between that they thought could really help me out a lot get we're about right now. Or what about you guy I'm thinking about I think we mentioned this coming out of the break but. All these young guys 17161718. Years old. You're gonna be there at the both weekends here in Austin and and these are the final two weekends if I'm not mistaken that right. Yeah so you're gonna be there with the world endurance championship some of them. In just most incredible drivers in the world and then the doesn't next race as Formula One it's got to just blow your mind as you're going to be. They're all those weekends. Yeah I'll he had got only has because I mean just for need to go skiing out. Is a means that out of this world. But actually race and be one of Doug I don't know maybe a hundred drivers that are there at the F one race. Is going to be absolutely insane to me and all the other guard near port category. And then also with the lack and in that Kennedy but Kennedy also made ending a TI dot. Maybe I've heard numbers about a half million people they're carrying out one right about your post you're not letting it back I mean seeing affluent people a great thing about it is that going to be out of this world. Yeah it says. Did tell us how you counter amid since a lot of people two to 300000. People easily. Well I think it's going to be great for the audience for one getting to see the united. These guys come and but I think it's a great place to have these drivers in front of potential team owners and folks that are looking out for the next generation. On you say heck yeah. And and you know what are Kyle I gotta tell you that I guarantee you're gonna have opportunities to meet I don't know the total and to reverse. But she might venture gonna have the option to meet on these drivers and I know for a fact I've seen them. They win their young drivers around they'd love to come talk to you guys can as. Obviously they've been there done that and so you uncertain you'll have the opportunity so let me ask you this. And of both two weekends if you could meet any driver who would be. Are people actually draw probably for me Lewis Hamilton was desolate at present. I mean I mean that there is atypical but at least one out one of the people that I definitely look up to. Yeah I don't blame you for that answer not a bit. I don't plan that we've we've till we got to see and talk to lose him to independent theater view mobile years bell last year too but LS got the interview over the fumble we interviewed in person in the panic and that. He's actually really nice guys say it'll let me just give you something cool to think about it. So I'm not gonna be there mid week of the former wondering is that Louis are going off to do something. There's going to be very cool yeah that's true and you're gonna get see video that's you know just hanging out this this is. Something I'm sure you wanna do today for Kyle and ask you this so we've just got about a minute left here so. Talk about the weekend from your perspective like what you're doing to prep for the for each one of these weekends and what you do to get prepared and and net and thinking about the championship. Well yeah for me I think it. Totally a mental game. I got to be mentally prepared yet to be in the same form the core are you going to do that show it to only need just trying to relax I go to the gym every morning. I would keep my felt prepared and waking up at the same time I'm going to wake up at one of the event shall not tired or not hold back. Spot on for me it's an eating being prepared. And working out and amid the whole nine yards and making sure enough got everything set up for the weekend. Well we're really excited for you and were so excited to have this chance to come and Austin two times and we want to wish the best of luck and of course we'll catch up beyond on both those weekends. And yet some credit I can't really welcomed boom when you get back Dawson will look you up. Our guys we're gonna go and take a break but when we come back we're gonna continue the theme of young American drivers. With a gentleman he's already had a huge amount of success Gustavo Mendez says that yanks as that guy after the break listen to speed city live from Austin back of these messages. The racetrack it's what elections are cool. Only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston both as a Boston Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce mother come. Often exotic iconic automobiles and racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey. But just the law. I like 183 not a big deal run. Susan cameras video is the largest tennis school in Texas and the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and a. It culminating sell stop the quality service becomes sepia south precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted what the action but to wheel off on wheels. To caddie often I'll only NB a good stuff kinda catty back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. But we're Tommy sport make is the most extreme essential naked bike and up. Hold the charisma below 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Or if you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. Old guy all act for the ultimate legend great apple MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To carry out this app. I would MV Agusta and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. To 5870. This is why I'm ready and business be safe. Welcome back to speed city. Well to continue with our theme of successful young American drivers and riders. This next Tillman then we have this interview with Gustavo Mendez is a. Jonathan green just caught up with him on an hour ago and we did this interview. But he is deathly one of the brightest American talents and an international motor sport absolutely he's been. He started carting it like five years old a fast track to Europe he he was. He's raced carts from it of one to ten he Gregory in a single cedars in them formula Renault and star Mazda. And we followed him he's been on the show many times over really excited so let's go ahead and play this interview with seven minutes is. Big city fans I'm delighted to welcome back to the show to stop almond assets whose calls already love champion in the world in jars championship. And is fighting to defend my title as yet but out. It's a tough I deleted the defense of the title is tough to stop a welcomed this three city doesn't almost got a bit of a break moment I am between the Los price in Europe and out. Of course next race is Mexico. A job and personal aides again Bradley yeah I was a young showed the FEC we always have a great time. Yes and interest senior artists climbing a whole world championship and he's signing a ten did you know that 3-D. Plot it's always a great time alone there's an Asian championship was incredible in armed. We really enjoyed it it's in an environment that attracts so. We had the first or around including the law which all your skin around and I'll. And they said it's easy. Was coming back to the enact her rounds I Nash there's India and extend. In Austin obviously. A six week break is is a very long time I heard a better judge a little bit mad but antennas are you dressed so. So Billy back into the rhythm and getting ready for the next race. Because I want you dance for six weeks because I spoke eco I guess you do simulation but what are you what are you trying to do. We hair and it's a little bit. Now let's be honest that included routine really not that we are around after the race in Germany. In Italy enacting almanac got a lot of Red Bull. And they have enough performance and it gives a vision training each candidate in a simulator we just. Down down daddy being so my head down hard so that now and I already saw. Beating up another weekend and it's just long holiday. On a guy actually go down to the Caribbean or any of Mexico and have some fun on the beach and since they acted in and enjoyed it senator explorer unclear what kind of get their heads screwed on have a good time. And get back to racing actually crashed. Would love that Red Bull at the full senate is like cheap period about it. At a different athletes in different walks of life motorcycle riders I was told them that the the level right across guys in the rebel blood right cross that they talked about it to travel circle Bradley Smith about it Adam. In Medici peso will what do you get to Omaha what what they teach you all what they have put you through exams and performance. Yes the audience you know Reza please and we'll we're very fortunate ascending NASDAQ Cassini because. There's only 22 of these owners wrote I've got to believe one N one isn't so Monaco about. Four kilometers from my house though what has created to get their meeting today. Com it's basically had a performance unit has their three gizmo and science. I did out there you know the reasoning is that he and laughed a rational we have credit their. I'm so. Any out of your guys are often and capital program and it's. This best suited for our slower political. Level you know for example someone address early workouts lower order that Arabic accent. And crew though growth business. We also have a cynnex anytime I have been millions like today did any initial alienating a week all right on this and it is. Drive shafts that yes and yeah. It's good because you know she's louder than happy yarder and when you love and get a rhythm you have an eating grass so on. A great environment any kind of yes we're and other east has only competition. Eat a lot of people so the answer your Stanley and a really good afternoon. Look at some you already in America will champion and that was right in his last year but I nothing give you what you. Backup career is notoriously Selma in his speech. In a video and is that is that it is a plan you know seemed at the un and the U wanna east yeah you know my. My heart Dakota challenge in the end when you have to tell you can't deny challenge certainly. So the local taxi. Showed an act peacefully and without don't want me that's the best cars and on. Our entire. Any focusing on racing is better today guilt and so now we're gonna think that it's ego laden. We're sombrero hopefully Odeon and then Texas which is. Incredible they don't blow up in so excited about that city in Manila and there. Had a lot of great memories there we want their last years of complete it is in these analysts. Yes of course all the C Mexico coming out September 3 and sixteen all set and that is alone saw Lamar how. At coda will of people that having a world champion back with a is what. Let's see what you said it was thought you you defending you Todd but it's never easy how is the season gone on and you go to a slight change from makes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And Sean Saturday. With more teams a classic car. I really do it and that aren't good performance as. It is here. The new car yeah the whole dire obviously. Because of the highest eaten within the moron is this year ended when she makes it very difficult the confidence level. So there's a lot more presence who went in the race last arm. Great job on me. We had a little bit of change and by yeah I'm I'm very confident we're gonna be great places. He finished we are greater. Than our 86. We've known for years and both resilience of that we got a little bit not a young and he you know. And teaching fresh fit people or he's so easy for Mexico and seen what we need you. I think everything's gone very well like now we. We have to see only the future for the. Actually an interesting I was wondering why you yoga position yourself because now. I reports opponent which affects all of this voice changing. And it may go positive you might in the right place right time now. Because obviously sports car racing is just gone from strength to strength. But there's going to be a lot of change over the next years. Yeah he's actually an easier than you are easy its. Citizens. Yeah. Where'd you go on there and I. Yeah you know what hole. Did you wanna. The most had a chance to the world. I know there's is always the wrong track. Seated she Truex and I agreed it's a little genre just you see what's gonna be out there. Dana you had its unity you want accurate B you want to know all Internet formula. Look it's almost like we as you know I'll speak city we've always followed you know the likes of itself and Centene out for a Sheehan and the young up and coming Americans. We fought Rossi before anybody really good and I'm and so you know you write like a lot of Americans a lot of time in the US starting kotsay and yet I. Had a classic route to it we met I know Iraqi informant a three days you've been peddling for awhile now. But it must be nice to come out. I the world champion and also. We view futures up far ahead of you got some astronomy you know you badly you bet you utilities that you know you've already seen the law in initials by some time yeah as. Funny any. Obviously we issued a world championship bottom there's American entity it is close 1 AME the American animal. You know as soon as they don't know her but on the relief well down. I have this and luckily that's when eating all doesn't get better in this army and out. I hope to being a championship like where her long time and it doesn't need. I think envisions may change but only in addition I have right Alice do my best interest in the car and and you get it seems everything got an I can do that then. So we'll take questions for one. Mullah people noticed it used to be teammates with my staff and how do you think you're nobody's doing all along. Questionnaires. And go along so what would you do if you let him next year. Well it's possible that if they are obviously. Armed. Max is a good guy and illegally back obviously they had on track but lets you find it to be around and eat that. She has a very very cheap and low one. Higher or lower the heat and she's and then Hamas on the on the higher end of shock he does is there aren't hasn't yet so much time so. And excited to see where he goes. And down. Castro also I mean it is as tough are these you know because wouldn't she want going to die. She would actually very good portions. IndyCar IndyCar and let it enjoy the 500 but Indy car's yellow. If you want an Iraqi plan where it's not completely but at the moment. And yet so it's hard to leave the highest rated motors Cuomo is what in the world IndyCar meets up. At the moment. We almost useless if there and do your best and hope that right at the spirit of all alone on this performance you know I think actually he said. Allowing them to hopefully lessons and resorts proved more teens but it's. It's really didn't. I am sensing that I set myself. Yes that are raising the data yeah being more. Being down just inside so. And that's really the question for Canada and he is he ready to saw already million. She deserves. Do if he chooses if not then you should see Brian there. Well you know as you know he said he wants to come when LaMont so that he could Sean ran a little luck on you've done it. Mind at all and I Zhang currently yeah yeah yeah. Let's some of the people do you have ol' what's New Mexico and see you said the America's little gull. X all. Down slide format of the comings out if you want to join us in the but it didn't you your thoughts on single seater rice as you know all at Abu just young Americans coming up so we're excited to have you back I'm sure you're excited to come back to what you want last year which is of course coda. Will enjoy being there just like to see all look at president went out there. Again the time and joy joy time all enjoy the cabin animals he would somebody sombrero locally in Mexico. All right yes they candy by Texas out of. But a nice way to cap off our young American showed today with really one of the most successful. Young Americans out there and I'll pay you know what I think is this formula for series have and it build its building steam it's got a good direction now. I think the American upcoming drivers now have a place that they don't uproot their entire family is as so many have done to go to Europe to. Get this experience it's right here now on a truly competitive. Something beyond the Mazda formula Mazda which which is a great series is what we can event and its war. Always had as its as good as we can get but now we've got the formula for Al clear and I think this is just are ripe for the taking. Yup wheel it a losing there's several listing things in that interview them. I'm really should you when you do we need to call upper body and you Craig who's in North American representative to the F I a were under his championship and we need to give him on the show. And if you listen expected caller and he knows we're gonna get you on the show to talk about what's next for SI did EC because we know it's gonna be awesome running it's like to Stalin just said. His confidence is high I know with force dropping out was to to be nearly one. Scheduled for 2018 we don't know exactly what's gonna happen but. It's been that's a really well run series and wanna see what happens but. Couple quick so we've just got to the few seconds left alone give a shout out to the guys have more speed because they had a fantastic read what a big time yes Cory Fergus flag to flag victory at road America and so congratulations guys. And you know less aren't speaking of Austin and stories when it great to hear a great deal from the pro you'll tones talk about moving to Austin. On the way over here I saw I'm out of mustang with. Also succumbed to track stickers on right they sticks and Austin is becoming a race city it's gonna take a long time where there were no Indy it yet but. It's really exciting to see all those guys are Lily deploying didn't. Things thrown around here I guess so we got to reckon that wrap it up thanks for tuning in tonight we appreciated antics on the website speed city broadcast dot com lots of contents new podcast. Every week talk decent child or else. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy.