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Speed City
Sunday, September 10th

Speed City, for September 10.


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Well enough to speed. That's again. Kind of thing green. At this hour on the radio. Good evening here is welcome to speed city. We're company youth of Austin, Texas as usual just down the road apiece from circuit of the Americas. As John Massa go sit in studio with less Kaiser mr. Jonathan green is up in Seattle do in the Red Bull global rally cross. And he's probably still the microphones up there are so he is Canon. Probably not to be able to join us tonight but he's an Isa was a couple interviews with but a couple of Red Bull rally cross drivers. In so we'll hear from him later in the show but we are joined in studio by special guest from Ferrari have also Ryan Moore and so Ryan welcome to speed city but it. All they serve and air really appreciate as having me out here I'm I'm looking forward to it I love. Talking about cars limit set to be on the show. You know when you have a Ferrari logo on your business cards you are always welcome it's obesity well you know he he brings nice equipment to you know when we were hanging around with the same a couple weeks ago Sammy Hagar of course that was so much fun hey thanks for helping us out that that is suddenly said. It's always fun you never know who shows up around a street city in the surf Americans and we called her buddies or help us out. Host well as one of the nicest guys ever though was ending well I saw a wonderful person he was he was out early you know you you hear that. You always hear about the big the crazy stories but Sammy was so nice inning he would stop and talk in the LSU in multiple interviews all kinds are usually good. And he was really excited because that was his first summer driving a V8 he's you see that feature well is he likes the big ones. Yeah and but you know he's a good driver I really loves his video you know I can't drive 55 in up. And if you go to of my USA you can actually see. The interview that I did with about a show was speedway just what you website it's funny Ferrari guys dot com all right cool. All right so you broad yeah. What cars were in that video how. No it actually is is 30 yes then the black one and then it kind of says three. That it was I don't know I. I don't is actually two of whom totally had the not to stress what the the BB 512. And cards you're actually yeah resolutely Arnold the clutch. In the BB 512 let's one the other car got pulled an immense so that's why you you know those you that are paying attention to the furry. Details. There's two of our cars actually used in that tenants yeah the good detailed good trivia question orgasm and a demo we got on the show tonight. In Ryan's gonna help salvage turn so at 730 we have David hammer Hanson. Who is. A bad ass race driver in the world endurance championship. Risen for the Dionte rebellious is all flutter from the other the other like well yeah he had DH ages he's known and his other world he's the creator. A ruby on rails a I am a pretty amazing web framework that a lot of the Internet. A bunch of major sites or are developed on so I'm on the calendar now on some of that too that. But he is an incredible race driver in his racing in the Allen. In the radio world lenders championship which of course is coming to Austin to sort of America's that this weekend. So. It's starting on Friday actually they'll be out there on Thursday about. Of course Friday and Saturday now in the world leadership should back for the lone star Lamar here and. And I was after yesterday in the paddock and they have started load noon so some rumor arriving it's always fun to see all the trucks rolling and so did they come folks. As always excited see what's gonna come out of that's. They have some amount they're stacked like cord wood it was pretty so in their unloaded and it those things down on the ground are we digging out we didn't the more where it seems normal to have an incredible zillion dollar amazing race cars coming to Austin's only so there was gonna get there it's getting there you know investing. M fantastic cars around that actually get driven those those are my favorite Bible say that apple let me go rest of the show we're gonna talk a little moto GP here just a moment and then Morgan talks in Formula One there's some stories of course Foreman won them in the week off. But there's a couple stories do we wanna talk about with that. And then probably towards the end of the show we're gonna talk Red Bull global rally cross with Jonathan green one way or the other either taped or live with mr. agreement. A little jump and just to moto GP guys because. They finished abrasive this morning in the sorrow and it was. A very wet Sunday for those guys are pretty pretty used to racing as wet always does you know I and I watched that and having ridden in the rain in here few weeks ago it. It really just puts me alleged do that on the street much less trying to go fast arms trying to survive near where I was going on a continent and almost summer downpours. And the story smiles about only Cendant. It gets you so tense and fired that it reminded him of walking barefoot on an ice skating rink and that's pretty torturous that's sort of remind. I'm definitely doing that just. I mean just imagine the tension around that and you know there ER with 300. Horsepower in your throttle trended keep all of hooked up. A great series of events slowed there really was something else though. My united if you haven't watched it well we're gonna ruin it for you but definitely watched the last couple laps of that. Well obviously the big story of the race was the rain but the the other story the race is the championship because at the episode two to wrap it up Marc Marquez want anyone on the last lap. And it was really even if he sat behind who was in the whose money in the bottom of the whole race it was. It was do these seals who came in turn searching for church here it's right to choose she was. But he wizard yeah he took it right off the lead it was Greg you ran all the way threesome to Connie looked great all. Three hour race showed up at the end. Marquez came around it and you know I noticed about two laps into it he markets closed up on amended so pretty convincingly. And so at that point he was ready to stalk and pounce says he did in that last lap. In a couple things missed out there though. Lorenzo crashed is out on the decoding that that's just our America's eject out of the beginning of the race and it was I need to do Connie was looking really strong at the very beginning well he's gonna hurt tomorrow that high side and landing on his back communities there was is always painful it was probably about ten feet off the ground is the power broke listening gripped him and threw him. Crush live to the crutch Lou thing in a crash out. Our burden. And then you know just the rest of it you know the name missing that is heart breaker for me. It is and crossing. And now with his injury and practicing as a practicing as practicing and you know it. They practice under its old decent Indira type things on there at the do all different kinds of things on dirt and you know we talk about the training. You know one of our advertisers with the Colin Edwards takes tornado boot camp this is what Rossi was doing. He's out their own dirt bikes with a slick back tire not be front tire pushing it to the edge and practicing. You know that's why this method came up with Kenny Roberts senior. Was it's a great way to train it's a great way to fill the bike move around. Without getting crazy speed but somehow or another Rossi managed to breaks leg there. Yeah and you know who he is out at least at least so. Championship and as this this morning had turn on those GP blue bleary eyed at 7 AM and the first thing has started I was looking for four Ross is number on them. On the granola Ellis right is he's injured so it was a and he's just weird not having him on on the track but. But it was it was still issue race and of course Marquez winning and and now the championship is literally tied a 199 points apiece for both. Marquez and four under the Vizio so so and and right behind them. They don't do this whole thing is really tied with those two guys. Never giving you all as it is what they like twenty points behind not even death is still within striking distance so the championship. It's amazing that we're this far down the line this many races the end and that we all you know this is this is anybody's whose top three guys for sure. And of course I think Rossi is fourth and I was with him out right now you know I don't. I don't I'm not gonna say when he's gonna be back because knowing him leaving vaccine than they predict. But the very champ ship is completely up in the air now of course without being tied but it's going to be instant. So wondering soon without Valentino. He is back down to 42 points. He is still fourth place where he got points behind behind Jeff Marquez and being. And so the member Vinny Ellis who look greater aid he's still there in 183 he's. That's not that's nothing to worry about that's only sixteen points that can come and go in a heartbeat followed a play clip here we've got a clip of Marc Marquez obviously is. He and his hanging back in the race and in the last lap he said I'm going to make is this. This win mine's a lesser for more Marquez. Yeah yeah no hunting and these are here and all that Dan I was mad that I. Dying to go on Donald Saturday is and I devote myself because I was able to really that it cost at about bad. IC OK you must to be bison bison match. And then when I saw that then we struggled and I got we don't be. What mom and ice hogs. Tuesday antiglobalization mugged and then on the does not plan say I'd die. I mean these savagely beat really died dad's white boys coming out all didn't the end. Process it was Tony's imported that nobody bought that he's. Be dirty falls. What may put myself about the and is presented pole for the game. Nick give pushing and we have a modem as so moved deeper and writing might we duel because say that way. Thank. Yeah I a obviously Marquez is gonna always be one of the favorites in the hunt all the throughout the season Odyssey was really exciting to have to Connie. Jump to the you know be at the top of the stand him and the Yasser early in the season we thought he was gonna runaway and at. I you know before the season here's what I like you guys Yamaha with four spots in the top ten and the cut he's got three Honda's got three. How cool is that it is that is actually there's one brand and there's one bran every used to sing you're not there and that is not up there and shockingly. Who's closest to being their own that brand. Andrea the only. In owning you know an honest Suzuki. That spec sixteenth that's a far cry for Suzuki. So should be releasing Helen comes out. Lisa spar row on as a pro is up fourteenth for the season but. If we counted twelve you'd throw winner buddy Scott operating at twelve on the accounting. Well he has to go and take a break in whom we come back we're gonna get Ryan did talk all kinds of Ferrari win this and now free with Ferrari of Boston's so we're gonna make him talk about what's going on over there. And of course we're gonna talk a little Formula One. So stay put us here on speed city live from Austin back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good stuff kinda catty back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. But we're Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma below 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by and Diego's stuff. Or if you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight on Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and and bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in that Simon is welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and karma then he had good stuff and I like breakaway just east of I 35. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas without a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you'll find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. It culminating sells off the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west Anniston lane. Okay. I haven't. Lending and Palin thing. Davis we have seen her a long time. Yeah a cleft is been busy. Will hey you know it's become motorcycles and some of the other things I want to highlight how they were going to be headed up to Fort Worth in two weeks for the American Fletcher races I think Jonathan green's gonna. Soften the speed wagon with me in October and a dash of there and in Duisenberg. So let's talk Ferrari we've got Ryan Moore tennis from Ferrari of Boston sitting in the studio where this we can talk some Ferrari Ryan. First of also let you brought cars for less and I Bolton had so I have for a couple days there are anytime guys no problem. I hope you enjoy the custody of the parking lot he had a delivered to. They're rare and it's. So that I get to one with the I don't want the total car when I want to. I mean there's the guy is one yeah. If power really was so willing to do you feel from gas itself outright I wanna start with with Formula One Ferrari in Formula One because the big story for 2017 and Ferrari in Formula One. Is that they are kicking ass I mean they have been. Hyper competitive now with. A legal to Vettel leading the championship on and off throughout the year them and for re giving Mercedes a run for the money this year it's been you know all Mercedes for the last few years. And which is very un Ferrari like before that and now Ferrari's back in the hunt and obviously the cars are. As competitive as they have been a long time that. Very sure that the cars are just absolutely amazing especially the 488 these days you know coming into the twin Turbo duo with this dual clutch transmission. All the Ferrari F foreign technology that it's it's just amazing I would with the religion producing am really excited to see was going to be happening in the next week. Well we have going on it at the track you know the with the GTE's going to be a Saudi came to the dealership and we held on terms for awhile also which was really beautiful yellow is just gorgeous. You know Ferrari's has so much coming to and yes we have a no media little. You know less time on. Totem poll that really wanna be higher up but. We'll come back strong because you know Sebastien is amazing and you know Dave or so red leaves 82 wind where CUNY and I'm more Freud both first and second places in daddy's two times that's amazing that's a lot through him. Well furry is a meaningful and one would not be Foreman won without Ferrari's yeah it is it's I think it's the most iconic name in foreign ones. It's in May be the most iconic name in automobiles really right now it's a it's the if you go you most coveted and amazing amazing Brandon motor sports arraigned in automobiles really. Yeah and you know I love how they worked their name even into rap songs and hit him a hug today if you if you can hear all the time. And that's one thing I just think it's beautiful Ferrari is a wonderful company that is innovative passionate to raven and you know. Ever once glossary sir lesser fighter last says championship at one time in the life of Ferrari never has attitude of well I guess who put our heads town it's always been. We're going to win. And we're gonna win again and we do any influence but we want anyway they are my instant it out that's the attitude and that's the passion that drives that instance why doesn't give up. And it really the attitude. Penetrates every aspect well. You know the 458 and the 488 in the last couple years the last couple models have been. Really looked at as. The the ultimate super car because Yahoo! there's cars with more horsepower yes there's cars with. Coolers this or that. But really when you get down to it I think if you ask any year. You know if any the Indy car magazines any that anybody is room reviewing anybody that's looking at cars. In eight ended in a root in a way to say what's the best what's that the from the 458 was at the top in the four radiate. Topped it topped yet. And it's really just if it's probably the most amazing and super car out right now. Yeah and you know here's something that I've had the privilege of working for Ferrari is that I've driven so many ferraris of different ages you know we just hand and 30 wait the other day they came in that I got to drive you know which is a lot of fun and I'm. And Ben are not quite have the mustache for a no I don't really care if pleasure it got to watch collection I did for a cause drug I was driving has so I had estimate it was a lot of fun. But you know driving all of them to the current models we're really have seen and not having the pollution driving other exotic sports cars is that for race is is beyond everybody else is it's absolutely true. Just from how you can take a single right turn into a right turn lane. Around the corner. Is just from that going five miles now you can tell this is a superior car you start putting down the cast for that matter did you feel something it tries deep into penetrates your soul that sound of the fourth Friday. It's something you wanna go to sleep too because if you had a Giroux out it. It's as beautiful as exciting that rumble it's like an earthquake behind you that propels you forward into the wind that. Have you out of the ferraris sound I think is really what a big part of of Ferrari's brand. Now that I speaking with very sound wanna ask you about both the the shift from the 458 of the four radiate from the US naturally ask rated pass to Turbo charged is the first thing. And I think of when I think in going to a Turbo charged cars that. Did you gonna change the exhaust and just Biden the nature of how Turbo works right yeah so you're gonna change exhaust note and I and I know the ferraris faithful. Wouldn't the rumors started coming out of the 488 being a Turbo car Unser there. As we're about to explode here all the time but I think this that the first thing that fix that was. The horsepower jumped that was a good jump but then the second thing was I think they did it's ferraris you know they're gonna make it sound great. Yeah you know they are gonna make it sound great any you know the hardest part is you have to have a really and tuned ear. To hear the differences between the forty in the 45 because her vote just awesome. You know if you her took one lying out in the jungle. An alpha lion and the second other line and another John when you heard them. You know roar. It sounds almost the same but slightly different 'cause they're just different lines and woe is us we have to always say it's it's like voices singing yeah or yelling. NASA tunnels my Jerusalem this thing is that really. And don't take me here looking words. But you know the differences I think it actually adds to it just to be honest with these years do the spewing of the term rose with a 488. There's ever so slight sort count hands to the whole soundtrack purses to support Friday which is just you know pure and perfect just the way it is. Only a true purist who really chemists may be cents a difference I'll tell you my. My service manager Christmas that are at Troy in Boston he he he can't. His his thing you know is tuned today's Annan have the harmful I mean that's where it is is the better but I'm about the Fauria at all day I really am I like the styling like the power like the Jews it's good. You know 620 horsepower us I was gonna say that's although a lot of the problems. So you know what I think it if I do with a little different sound with an extra hundred horsepower what was the four finally let that's got a stereo John. I wish you years ahead. He didn't tell the stories on your foot in Arizona on your marching with early eighties area over the edge that's we've put the stereo thinking. Nit picking up for our Easter as well as you can do. Kid to just hit a you know the the fourth program beautiful psalms and you know well let's talk about furry Boston when you get as you get something new about to happen right Q I'm very excited about that we have. Side after seven years of being nonsense same location that we decided to. Builder owned property and now it's 60000. Square feet on five and a half acre Howell and yet I guess it is I. I will say this you not only is it the biggest Ferrari to ship in Texas. But I'm pretty much 99.9 percent sure until someone proves otherwise biggest Ferrari dealership in the country. It's gonna say that's how it's pretty enormous more elite that is out of new brand new office of glass and other trying to. Since he's through it's beautiful screen welcome to to explode. That's exactly right it's as it should be your right yeah we have to show rooms and our service bay has eighteen list to it so we know we're really excited. And it's going to be look at him when cannon and 35 count here in beautiful Austin, Texas. Fifteen minutes away from the track. Unless there yet on closer than Jack ass has its own point and really global if you were to come out F one out here Austin for a lot of good reasons one it's the best track world. To Austin is really the great city I really loved living here have been years eight years now owns just beautiful and fun and great people. It's also it's furries you know anniversary and everybody from ever ours. From her themselves everybody that's everybody in Ferrari. Will be here now that's thrown in Italy all old room from the I didn't exist with 7070. Years of tax. It's that's pretty cool yeah so he should definitely come by to the dealership and have foreign. Because this is the year and this is graph this were Fries gonna come and set a whole new series of timeline of just excellence and F one years here for me first photos. From fifty feet. Well I wanna go back to some of the cars and cores reading Ferrari and you know the 48 iconic it is not talk about it being the super car. And but it's this is gonna sound crazy but it at what is it about 250000 something like that sticker price give or take. I well let's see you for example I have a new 2018 that's you know really loaded quite well that one's at three twining. There's other ones that I have 2017. For eighty spider for example which does we have a little bit of a consummate. You know 386 and have some that are about 399. Like the full track Persian ones I call on the black widow and while Stan. Good stuff on professional technical side they're pretty look at. So. I wanna talk about the next step up our net more than not to next have all the talk about the top step. The loss for our love for our fifth military since its. Is what does it roughly was 900 horsepower with that if you include the electric side in me and they abnormally aspirin. It doesn't matter how much horsepower has its off Ferrari. That's all that matters is for evening indeed. Ferrari yeah and and god says about everything ready that I Donna share they just being an. I think that it's done this done I haven't had the pros who drive when yet and they say yet because the owner. Has a couple so I'm gonna try and sneak into the argument that drive that experience. If it's Candace will be a really. We may actually have the highest mileage off furry in the world. You're sorry about that sometime rise runner and a great rounds are a thousand miles an island nothing is like a 40000 models. No news what somebody stated that he surged Lee drives a few times a week and all kinds of rain a slime and writer by the station. And the car is absolutely filthy like he had been driving it some dirty road in the rain while in dollar Ferrari you know gonna shake our lives and I look back at. We have a client that actually has four phrased or 40000 miles on rangers' everyday news that car runs absolutely fine and I know that either from remind you had a 36 it was not a hundred pounds month's Cannes. 100000 mile NY times sixty I and relatively flat as the single clutch is the only thing that gets it for me instant dual clutch every day you know. There's only dimly none I think it was 900 horsepower here locally for a while beautiful gray wants to. Oh yeah the great one that's actually the chalice from all they want. That there was Wii more so that actually 200 fashion and Dawson of really nice guy. Well I want to talk about the owner of the dealership in his connection to racing but we've just got a little bit timeless for the next segment but talk about the owner and that connection to racing because it's pretty amazing connection. It is supreme pretty amazing connection the owner of a mind do the sugar were captured Austin and also in Houston is and San Antonio is. Does appear recede and former C Eric component is Melanie and he isn't. Fred you know our sensors. He was impressed with their cell phone she came here to America particularly help Britain Ferrari into the states and they were friends are bracing. And he's such a lovely man to sit down and talked to this is just so friendly candy you just wanna sit down and say please tell me another great story of when you know and he's passionate about racing you know. This team picks out the right people mom buddy Dave B key assumes ms. one of the team leads on it. And you know Stefan if fattening stuff from there to get certainly Jim Clark is concerned on history from the deadly years but you know what. Go and check out Dave be he sounds amazing history he's told so many stories are in the garage about. Things way back when the another collection right there at increasing. Yeah that's him all right guys let's go ahead and take a break because when we come back we're gonna have a five race driver with us we're gonna head David Heinemeier Hansson net who's gonna join us who's coming to Austin to race. A circuit America's in the world endurance championship listen to speed city we live in Austin, Texas. Back after a quick break. He's. Am not. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas and the 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you are finding more helpful and knowledgeable and a. Accommodating sells off the quality service comes sepia south precision camera video too full create westbound some length. The racetrack it's what legends of the I only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such have a name plates you'll find at Aston Martin Boston bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce might become. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring journey it is you'll never just alone. I like 183 not a big deal rugs. If you burden motorcycles in this part of the culture for long no doubt you know those motorcycle show. But look this world a world class. But as legendary Harley service roads along the water is bugs in downtown Austin that is no we're bills heavy duty and they bruised elbow formal award for. You'll see all the familiar faces that bring him here. Used and abused. But there's no sign of shutter assuring crisis. Subjected the rebels. David duty don't come. This Alex Perry this beats it. Thank you Alex grange for bringing us back. How all right we're gonna talks. Racing circuit of the American woman there and steamship is coming to town just a few days if you tickets or the Americas dot com of course. But I want us to ES are always always tell people this is one month. And you get walk right up to the garage door opening and see the cars talked to the owners the coolest thing that I've seen this win. If there and done kind of pressure from the car and and they see a little kid with mom and there. The go over and invite little kid in the garage put him in the car nearby snapping pictures this little town in the car and like thanks you ask the next generation of race or earlier fan you're not and it ends we're gonna bring in our. Esther just a second but let that the technology and the level of racing in the world under his championship really. EEU can't. Under. Underestimate her or R&R talk pulled down about it because it's and it's good bicyclist a Formula One you could possibly get. And so Boehner bring in our next guest and because this thing or two about technology yeah I know a little bit about technology our next guest is David Heinemeier Hansson and David is with the Dionte rebellion racing team. And he's coming off fresh off his win in Mexico last week. David welcome back to speed city. Thank you determine it. Now very excited to have you and them I'm sure you lost for last Matt congratulations. Well thank you I mean it was a great big kick in the human portrait or not. Our I would have about two carton he I mean car number thirteen and it was a 31 that took the victory in Mexico. I won last year but. This hearing was that the car. It was nice of you to share. Well and you know that spring is a good point it's a team sport absolutely and answered a big part of that wind is not just the drivers that everybody else involved in the seems so. Yeah you know to me give you team won you won. Pop that I would like to look at it in the afternoon that the team sport and that is the two cars in the entire organization behind the cars and me. Oftentimes when we're on track what people usually is he in the driver in the car we Bob. Fleet of new candidate we support people and engineers and data engineers and I'm tired guys we every being sued to make it happened. And every single one of them. Can make or break array so it really isn't used to record. Well David I know you has been racing for awhile now in the world in your safe chip and I know you have a forty fossil mall win under your belt that's amazing and a championship in your class and your belt so. Obviously you've got the credentials but op I wanna talk to you about specifically about circuit Americas where you right here in Austin we love our racetrack but. I wanna hear it to our when he hear what you think it's sort of the Americas in gracing the world under championship here. Absolutely I've been in the world do chairmanship then it started actually with the precursor called the Allen he went out. And right from the first moment we went to I'm inserted the American issued an amazing experience. The track it is phenomenal and I think it's normal for a bunch of reasons not only is it just me to respect that we otherwise don't have with the US. There's lot of wonderful racetrack in the US but there's not that it. Made of this back and is that you are there going to be Americans so. I mean give the city to run a bird track of the F one Gallagher as part of our CU in the US is amazing. I look the fact that the track is so acceptable to stand. I add it good fortune of watching quite a few races there. In previous years we shared the calendar with the salaries which I always ended up watching. And there are she's on complete with on the track where you can get really close to our. I had a trailer park they're the lucky that I'm on the back straight. And there's just as a small and being just because when you mean right accurate is that it is great and experience in a way that I think. A lot of other wonderful track still really that low back that's. So I think I heard a huge bonus and of course I'd try to the track itself given the track ball being cheeky card and and I have been doing this year in the prototype. Eat that apple only tracked it down slow section that up pretty much everything and them. It's just let me contract for driver's suit to be able to run we run it for six hours. Lol I kind of wish there was that we Bahrain served well aren't. I go to that immediately adapted itself that is the complete lack. Yeah well we hands this one of our favorite events is of course come at a circuit America's well and I used I love the racing at night and Iraq and didn't do that this year but but it would be nice to see a twelve hour Tony for our race here. I don't know that next year's going to be icing because the with a shift it's happening in the world under his championship. That next year we don't have our race back at coda. But there and I seen it to be determined date out in like February of 28 team now who knows what could happen would that. And and I'd love to see come back to Austin and not sure what's gonna happen there what. Eddie do you have any thoughts on that. I'm absolutely sure that the graceful turns off and at some point this year is it a little bit of a funky year. There early or races on the calendar down from nine this year there's not. Like often was singled out and cut basic yeah five races would cut down the knicks here. I think this data is gonna be a little bit but pickups would be the op on T one class and he. Went down Porsche. Withdrawing from does seeking economy in the middle of everything and that through the organized talk a bit I think the bigger the right thing and not retreating a bit regrouping and then getting those ready to. To take another crack at it. The US's. The biggest car market in the world for born to be manufacturers to broaden racing programs so of course we have to race in the US I live in the U I won a race in the U has a new block competitors to. And if we do great in the US. I'm going to coated be absolutely natural choice. I know that down. In nineteen we're gonna have to back to see bring which is another life. My favorite track is a great place to go to Amin but. The modern track in Kodak and off the Serbs the other color. Are really. I can't say exciting years to hear you say that and and you're right indeed the biggest things what you said is that United States isn't the isn't huge car market. And especially towards the high end of the of all these automobiles and let's face it the there's some of the biggest names in. In automobiles. Love to showcase their their cars on the racetrack and and and test them here on circuit America's do don't we we always have industry. Show days here word you know the manufacturers bring a car and bring good collection of cars and run it. And you know perspective. Customers or even the current customers it's really become busy out there so now. Well David Allen Eskew about it you knew you haven't always been in the Ellen did she LA MP two class talk about it racing and add vs the other classy than it. Sure so the two main classes we haven't w.s he at the DP cars switcher. There have been two year portion of the eleven major priority 488. Yeah. You Corvette and so on I resent that or next. I a couple times including the when I got an that we are the law 802014. India and Martin met its car. In any last year in the Al or 9/11. And none all those years we went to with Dakota and add an absolute. Last. I remember particularly the year we could could be. There are 2014 Booker we're not LaMont and wired drug championship. It was raining. As. Ed Cota and is receding in my spin on the which translated really exciting. It's going to occur all the drugs have been talking. Two hanging from here you're saying like are never raise enough and clear is that in the race in the rain I think three years and arrow pointing up. Opium or record but. It was great rain or shine that package is phenomenal and now he is great whether you rate that in GT car when he raised it and broke but I will say I am really. We need to be back this year in a product and not get any from the special her this year we upgraded the don't PG machinery and they got a huge bump in performance. Not only the aerodynamic a lot more advanced a real app more than a hundred extra horsepower. So we are kicking around in particular course aren't hardly wait about 900 kilos. And we expect it to go more than five seconds a lot quicker. Now all of PG cart it'll last year. Student at the forces are needed cheap heat and everything is going to be cracked up quite a lot. Our people it is to be a down fairly hot weekend the which means that the whole physical challenge of it especially these were not going to be racing into the life could be breaking. Screwed on ours is going to be insignificant. And I love that aren't in great thing W he would not at this currency if you don't just get into the car and and go pedal and metal the twenty minute and then you can get out no yet a lot the distance. I'm it would be the part about an hour on personal. It did not act articles upwards of for an at key current aren't happy 92 degree weather with a but call it at manic BC news. Gallon then another. Yeah I you know that's do we talk about those are all the time about how. Race drivers if you if they don't know the sport they don't realize it had how athletic race drivers have to be. And just what you just described is as good examples that many G forces for that amount of time and so. Well David one of the stories and alleged talk about use it I'm in the tech world a little bit does myself. And I'm very familiar with ruby on rails and and they scampered. I wanna always talk about how your story yet you went from a to being a computer programmer to. And I know he's still are but to to doing what you do it in the world internships or what was that like and had that happen. Sure they're role. I putted the ball endeavors and lady like our programming we know it's just around twenty I would not and it Cyril probably view this program you can be. This purely time. And then I didn't actually even get my drug like that until I was 25. And I don't get into racing until I was so. Round 2728. Me and I think there's anything and it when you look at it and and this is did you about it they have to. A project management economy collaboration tool based in com. That was predicted that animated possible for me to get into racing out. And issue look is are you know racing is that fairly expensive sport and down as. As a 25 year old and I just got drug load and I did not act. Any funds to go racing to do a couple of years but it is it is good to pick up and do better in a known as soon as I add you to do it. I am I had a friend that particular racetrack here it Julia the Audubon country club near Chicago. And didn't get paid to take that what it was like to scenery back then I did that exactly one odd or renewed and into war a lot more. So I think a couple of years to numb bait he is. Call my Avery big skill Canada trapped in Joliet before I didn't know he upgraded Perkins who Porsche Cayman. Sort of similar to what do you or aren't there today and then I'm done. You. Current crop or the Porsche. Q deeply cut here in the US debt per year. And then it got it to the island CE. Would let tootsie doing Ellen peak too early in the American LaMont here at the Albany to go off so I and I had. Could dodging bullets say. Getting it to cart Indy racing but down in the wonderful thing about racing is it's such aid. Immediate feedback. It's important work. You go around a track and you take an hour hour and minute and thirty technique duck. Including whether you got better whether you got worse and I do love that peek back lewd. So doubt combined with the fact that being racy these statements so dependent not data. We capture or content on the date every single time go out and this driver's seat Q spent on analyze that you can really diving and find out. Where can you be better where he beat back faster and that's one thing I love about the WTO bunkers. At all. Is that I get to drive with some of the best drivers in the world literally. On my car and I am the gentleman driver I'm not a professional and I hit the driver to professional is it that this girl living where you may be a quick. And that is that should know the good peculiar. Attitude drug in my car. Every single time up there recession I'll sit down I'll analyze their data aren't overlap with mine I'll find out exactly I'll. Lucky to have Eugene winner and two or at least the great. Pamela little bit into turn seven or whether I need to get on the gas will soon turn eleven. Or will they need to take a different I don't together we know not only had a bit of real that the beauty. That we have great onboard video most issues go growers and think similar. And you can not gonna pick that up pretty well the data and then seek that it was going on and turn the turn and then tried to internalize that. And then replicate and on track with the exception. See folks with the utmost respect nerds are fast I had. In this religion they that I got and I got to ask slew. You said you started late in life into driving in and racing but did you ride mini bikes go carts where. Did you do anything of that nature before you got into this. What I did was to play a lot of media day. A lottery pregame about that a background in Indonesia. Go cards or anything else like that this result PlayStation. And green. And Nintendo and what else happened I think at that time when I was playing just in that didn't really. We realized that the connection would be fair I ain't got. He's been driving academy program and other programs. Definitively shown that it if you could figure out driver virtual cart they're pretty good chip and you'll be able to translate those skills into real car I think. Program like for the motorsports and Granger read Mo have really taken that to a new level. In fact even these days after learning how to drive but. A real car I'd still go back games whatever he could do you track I haven't been. And before I'll load up one leading. Either and one of the console or I did you could have gotten more sophisticated in the later. To run it on anything and the training. I mean there's nothing like he I'm. And if you can get beat I'm virtually that note that not only iron creek initiative take great team and then and it is back up the car. The ability that it zero dollars which is a great changed to a smashing up a calling in life. But you know David there's guys like young all the Burroughs who went through the Nissan GT academy. Who was that that's how he got into racing museum he braced against people all the world all racing games and then. And that's the way the Nissan GT academy so I'm sure you know the story but that's how he got into racing and so. Obviously the skills translate to you you know you've got that is good is video games are now that they are simulators are so good and they're getting better every year. So I'm an uncertain you're gonna see more and more word kids they become the path we'll essentially what you did you you can do video games and and and and the party more and more. No doubt that he wanted to get coming up. Now I think all the outward racism also realized that do you see simulators between events as a great way to keep sharp. Compare her. Where are you going so most of the drivers and I know now I work with they use some sort. So later even if that was not the way. It did me the way of the sport now. Not only just heard the drivers but on me seeing sales and use all sorts of being assimilation and figure out sort of should be what. And the fuel lungs can be what I consumption and so or. You don't. This that the weight going I remember when I first got started this is back in 2007. Using the technologies that. Club level is being introduced and remembered people and you can't really. Learn how to drive a car from a computer well you'd be surprised you. Maybe you can't hit it there he. Learn everything areas to Dugard and say you know bad but it suited up the basics down what will make you quicker and better. Is absolutely study that they'd had just kind of rocket fuel for improvement. Well David Heinemeier Hansson thank you so much for coming on speed city hit DA JC as you know now and we appreciate you coming on and we look forward to seeing you at circuit of the Americas and now we see the best the luck. Market awaited right lips the next week are cyclists. All right well we're gonna go and take a break very excited to have a guy like down on the show so do you. I knew I now known as. I think I can tell you I can go on and on about ruby on rails as well to. The widow and take a break and when we come back mr. Jonathan green this guy did an uneasy and enjoys can talk a little global Reilly cross and Red Bull guys were up there having fun in Seattle slew stick with this after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest tennis school in Texas and the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you don't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create west Addison lane. MD who's done motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion but to wheel out on wheels. To caddie often I'll only NB of those deaths and a caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but OJ 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien does stuff. Fourth you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bull when he triple and 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legendary apple NB a goose stuff. Johnny in style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit out. I'm an MV Agusta and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. Thirteen seventy. Feels all right this is because it. And that ended VCR so this is a speed the safety nets. I guess had a pretty darn good season he is he's doing great moments in my third. All the decal it was a little the beginning of the race when but just jump right now me man yeah I was. That was that was surprising in our room was afraid he was gonna do this you know. Go for an often turn one. I didn't see on icy and that's what I was really waiting bells got a rubber foot on the ice skating rink yeah that was mostly in there he goes zing well I think mr. Jonathan green is on the line and we're gonna talk a little Red Bull global Reilly cross mr. green are you. Do you hear us from Seattle. Yeah job all day and Africa. Ariza we Ryan mortenson here in the studio from Ferrari Boston. And that's why it looked employ a lot of fun at the blue when the when he this man doesn't inside and I sentences this app any app. It's a business. I've had a lot of coffee today we know that area. You know what sites where he was sleepless in Diaz Seattle Bradley and brilliant but they're really get time and. And we that's great race we had a double head at you but we have my boys have been given at all. And Greg cried and Seattle really gets rally that's she'll. That's great and it's cool because it has such a fun sport to watch me and especially in person. Yet to be always walking Madonna realizes that. Run rally bosses still fairly new in terms of the sport. But the best rally drivers and I'm talking stage right drivers night world rally drivers. Take pot in this from Sebastien Loeb. Two. You know we got Chris I consider race the Subaru on the world stage Patrick sat out was on the podium today and but it is also attracts actual races and also attract singles guys like Scott Speed of course is beautiful little one. And lol recently has won formally so loud and you know. And we got old soul the Indy teams represented in and route across so I'm pretty old as well drive rod ball down. United's it's got to go. Yeah it's I think it's on a trajectory that is positive close but it vowing to sports growing and Kelly can't help it isn't it's cool to watch. And I know it's got a younger audience to which is really exciting any new motor sport younger drivers who are younger audiences what everybody's striving for. The deal they days it's yeah it's kind of based around the stadium and ask for a nobody can see it. So we do it on a lot of the match up what we would get a it will hear evergreen speedway today. In Seattle so we do it on some of the sort of baton. You know a small NASCAR circuits also local club but you know this a national level. One Max contract so we use all of the oval that we go on the hills put a seventy foot jump in the middle of it. Boys and add toys to really it's not. And a budget and Aaron writes it. That sounds like a blast will talk about this week and he got a couple interviews cued up forced him to talk about this weekend and Tommy what are we got 11 weekend left right. Yeah this was the penultimate round we had a double that is so two full complete race weekends. In one effectively we had a cold day on Saturday. When a no prize giving and all the rest of it full points and then a completely no events Sunday. So I just didn't you win the race sixty points or Johnson school over a hundred points. So we get into the weekend it was still 243. Points up for grabs. So really anybody out when the championship and then we don't want more than an LA. Lonely ride Errol Malia on the day. In Long Beach in Taba. And like I said the deal but days we got all loud and Beatles week got Honda civics. And we got Subaru rally guys and foresee s.'s it it's normal and right soul. And damn we got a great battle at the last two years in Gaza between. Teammates remind pretty noticeable would choose tap fast. And Scot free. And again today they went attic. Adam and boats. Lost on Adam Atlantic City. Last had a bad weekend and lost jam digit lead Scott's three wiz. Three time winner in the last about three events ladies night. Click championship lead have to to a fact I was back today. And took an amazing double victory in Seattle and Seattle's really wet he saw because he was addressing guy back in the day and. I met this particular circuit but hold drifting rice's Democrat and and. Any plagued the crab brilliantly and anyway asked to and want to Alter the race on on the podium in fact celebrating with a crack. Padres recently plaza mall the podium here in Seattle with a man who might the podium twice. Two wins in Seattle you can't complete the seven IP did it again congratulations I'm. The movie you're everybody's excited at what you like. Every time I did I tonight meg ranks pretty awesome too is that she received in the coming to us some colonize an amazing weekend. I'm really great for the team I mean once you once you press today it's a perfect finish means god is a ridiculously consistent. So why there was much chance against him any points on this weekend which was really what I needed to do it bites. Definitely but he gap on our then going into the last race. But really great performance multi and Andretti out here I mean day it nailed everything we had some possible changes behind the scenes always there's something going on. And if we can make it look easy from the outside and we're doing our jobs right. You see it in this particular weekend to have a stock Sami is not certainly yes that I passed Bolden today what web. Blistering we've had done anything different craft now we have really changed anything it's just a matter of I'm finding consistency. And on this surface is a little bit less gripping than some of the other services yeah. I think deadbeat dad he's a very drivable and down the way that the rules them they pay you really don't get any help from the car when needed to start so you really need to have drive ability in order to get out of there quick. And I think that's one of our strong points total movies aren't allowed I'll have to win the championship. Yeah angle actually tomorrow I start work on a movie doubling Brad Pitt and something on some some moon movie by. I was listening to debate and then I'll be probably some you know him rubs off on but it's a yeah there we go and LA yeah. I rent the street from my house in Long Beach where I live in Newport Beach. I'm so that'll be nice to sleep at home. For once in the year but it's hey I'm decades it's always a fun track down there it's a unique venue being on up here with water on three sides. And we hope to aids a short track guys there's this young man just pointed out there. We're hoping to have them put on did show up and we'll see an ally parents already think deep. John and we're about to wreck but the show give us a little wrap up of global right cross we're wrap. While the other thing wise. Several Rahman won the likes championship so he is glad to champion. But we got back to LA and it's another shoot out between two bolts log ins all Scott Speed. And tap fast. The man who wins takes the prize sounds good old apply for an ally of double Forte. All right mr. green you wanna think Ryan Morton from Ferrari in Boston to sit in talking Ferrari's with dissident get a better than that I had in your furry mentioned in the relic pro series. Stumbled I OA rod is that does and I just strip down want to update you guys they serve and every trichet. I would be out city are there for years to come down to got a new dealership on winning Canon 35 come mean meet say hello. Also comes a dollar face for Kim is Herman funny for our guy and Erica. Awesome Ryan mourns and thank you so much bestseller because of the dealerships started tomorrow and tomorrow I'm excited or really them guys is going to be beautiful and it is as can be part that if I can't wait to get another check that out I will be down their soon Iowa thinks for ten SP city tonight. Tickets out of our website speed city broadcast dot com check or Twitter or FaceBook currency grammar face to whatever else we got. Talk to you soon so we all. That.