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Speed City
Sunday, September 24th

Speed City, for September 24.


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Will go. This piece. Jonathan green. At this hour on the radio. That evening gear heads welcome to speed city. I have from Austin, Texas. Thirty days away from the Formula One united states golf pre right here in our little town less Kaiser boom Jack telecast but whose shocking lack half. Quote that's a good little precursor to some that we're gonna play later it shows if he's saying those words I had this done messing Gillis lets guys are jumping green is off this week. He's doing little vacation Axl just. Get away get on a plane and not just all these cool places and he still needs a vacation on the yup were new idea that is the history. All right so let's talk about what we're gonna talk about we're gonna have. We're allowed for little discussion. We get we golf on the one this week but. But he talks in Formula One world gonna talk moto GP because Eragon paragon was a race this morning early. And awesome race because. Casual here Valentino Rossi was back in action needs three days snapple leg in the path into places he broke his leg. So we're gonna talk a lot about that. And we or really among the most exciting things they were gonna have Jeremy Shaw on the show. At about 730. In Jeremy is one of those patriarchs of motor sports broadcasting he's been around for a long time and don't show bunch. Is actually calling himself today as we speak finishing up out there. And he is he's what he's really what is played most claim to fame is that he's the founder of the teen USA scholarship helping young Americans and race. I get started racing and he's been doing that says 1990. And and to top it off. One of his students won the IndyCar championship last weekend's news of new garden we know that got it and we actually had an interview with Joseph new garden that we did right after the race last weekend but since we're on the air. Walter racism we get to play that energy so we're gonna play that interview or the good data that. Before Jeremy comes on because can be a nice lead in to Jeremy because see he was. You know he he new New Jersey new garden win back when he was just a little teenager I think he's starting with Germany and he went doesn't even when he was seventeen years old. So Jerry's gonna come on and less guys or what not to do to the Dallas Fort Worth area yesterday for the flat track racing or. That absolutely it was his great show put on by Indian the lone star national half mile first time. That's the Texas Motor Speedway dirt track pass very cool and they're and they're gonna replay that on NBC. Our I think it's whatever the 28 is coming up right it'll be this weeks later on so yeah definitely check that out it was. If this really entertain us saw a lot of familiar faces there today so it was really cool to see. Folks undue. That you were at the moto GP races here you know I Kevin Swanson and some other folks are out DR Kimmel was there rather it was quite a few years text motorcycle academy does saw some of their instructors there. Process Abu camp people there but they won't get into that shortly all right so let's we're gonna start off with Formula One because. We're gonna take advantage of this week. Off and talk about a couple of little. Aspects of Formula One to go a little more in depth and rather than just talking about the then the past weekend's race. And I'm gonna start off with something I wanted to talk about and that is. Some of the changes in form in one sense it's owned by a United States owned company Liberty Media. In a course just two quick background on Liberty Media they are. An American company and they purchased a controlling interest informed one late last year. And Liberty Media AZ is composed of several companies they own for example they own the Atlanta Braves. They on the Discovery Channel and they also owned. In any NSA own theory there's some or controlling interest in all of it the all origins going national these companies and of course serious 6 am so. They are well known John Malone is the CEO and of course Chase Carey. Is the CEO of the Formula One division and so we've been really excited due to see what they're going to do. And there have been some subtle changes so far this year and you they kind of got out I Chase Carey has said he's got a five year plan blasts and so. There there's the things they're implementing our our noticeable but not. I'd say at least here rather than revolutionary so well it to me the spectrum avoid it is already starting to show up and also is the one thing I really enjoyed. Are the top three qualifier views you see down on the track just after qualifying. It's I don't like him that. It's a little more exposure to. These drivers and to get to know them. Just a little bit better yeah that's a great example and just little things too from. Showing the miles per hour instead of just kilometers per hour occasionally you always do the math in your head you can do it. It but you know you know the big ones like 200 miles an hour and a 320 kilometers an hour. If you know all those but it's just nice to have to see when they're gone to a corner. And a 120 miles an hour instead of you know because some of those numbers are just hard to convert so. Little things like that. More and more GeForce Hewson that I like that yap are low latency what's gonna happen here were. We already saw him hit who was well over four g.s at one point this year I think it was almost five gallon it was I saw in ought. They they show the little meter and so you don't old molestation the exact number but it was. As close to closer to find them for Ford you know if classify Jesus and force of some of the other things that they have done they've they've relaxed the social media rules. And your team's had previously been barred from ushering any footage. From during a fall in one session whether that be the race qualifying or practice. Or even you know remember Lewis Hamilton kind of got a little finger shaken his face first met Channing from the panic. It is surely it was really just ridiculous right. So now teams can share videos from the pack and social media another room you know they can't put up. There's certain things he can't do do and they're protecting investment of the broadcasters and that's what could be. That's what should be so that's cool and and won the order of speaking of social media are really wanted to focus on to YouTube. Because. I don't know if you know this but they didn't even have a YouTube account. Until 2015. On the London so it's not exactly ahead of the curve which seems. Just insane considering. The way television is going are you hearing about. NFL ratings right unlike any Indy any any the political stuff that happened it in the NFL but. But the NFL is is not in a free fall out but there in a pretty that it does have its a ratings crescent site call because they're down like 15%. And as we know here in the United States NFL has been 300 pound gorilla well. Formula One can even have a I Wellesley was getting at is that child television's changing right and YouTube is one of those huge factors in the change of television like my nineteen year old. Does not watch television he watches YouTube that's what that's where he gets his. Video entertainment is is there probably 80% from my girls are two or watch and YouTube Amazon. Netflix. Consider I mean that's that's generally where they get everything in Indian OnStar and comer on the way myself. Look Camden. Figure out how to do skate when I'm getting on cable. With muscle its packages in better every you know everybody else every now and get there. Is having that conversation Jonathan just went to that same whole rigmarole as we used to say. But so in February a fifteen is when Foreman won launched their YouTube site. Well they over the last the improvements on her it was kind of ridiculous you know they were. They were averaging back you know since they launched it and until liberty took over they were probably averaging. Oh 200 subscribers a day. Because they were putting anything up there it was kind of dumb I was like what might you know no one wanted to go see more worldwide in two T like that yeah and then so when liberty took over. Starting this year the subscriber started spiking where now they average. On a race weekend they're averaging new subscribers about. 15100. Subscribers every weekend and there's some drinks by percent. Yes so and you know they've had weekends when they had 101000 subscribers. Added to their YouTube account. So there you there. Their growth is phenomenal right so it's gone it's. I have sky high and a skull and of course over the daily views and all those other statistics it would go along with that. But more importantly it is different this discussion is the content they're putting out there. They're putting up a full race highlights. Video every week after the race. And and you know it's it's a great way to catch up. To me when I'd like to do is not to watch it after the race I've already watched the whole race on ball go back and watch the whole highlighted several minutes long and it's a really cool. Just re watch the race. And I in fact sometimes a wash into three times in a week you know just whether it's on my phone at lunch or you know any any stylized just like the you know and it and it really does it goes back to Bernie Nichols stones view social media and what was involved with things like that and you know we've talked about that. And but it always makes me kind of fondly remember. My father who had ninety years old would print out an email and sinister and redeemable. To have that's part of the reason it's in an email that. My brother who's a lot younger than your dad. Did the same thing for many years he would have his staff print his emails a marine generals like you dude come on. I as someone who down the list of things I wanted to sit there and talk about the changes in the if once is Liberty Media obvious these social media is it a big one right. You know they started with some fans tests write like we had here right they did one in the spot a Spanish Grand Prix and then they had the big event at Silverstone. That was a huge success. And I think. I was looking at who was like how many people watching that live of course on YouTube. And it was remembered but it was a big number that watching them on YouTube and and that was a big they had all the cars run did in London. It was about a cool event are thought it was great I thought it was Craig and I'd love to see you know what was done here. Before the track is completed the Red Bull don't doughnuts out by the capital in the hands and cold you know scenes gone out emotionally getting on the property forcing finished. But I'd love to see that come back. We saw with the in fifties then you know the Red Bull team out there playing on the congress avenue can't pass avenue is 1 of her central. Business streets here in Austin and goes up to the take state capitals and you know that's a cool scene you can imagine that with some race cars. Playing around that I totally agree you know having that type of interaction before the race I'd like to see that again around here. Another one that I wanna talk about is the marketing you know before Formula One an and also extends goes back to the social media stuff mark marketing and you know there was almost no evidence of marketing activity by the old regime right as just crazy. And that's it's changing and it's getting better race to race. And in you'll see more and more that but another big winners. Panic passes. You Bernie Ecclestone used to say that. His idea was that if he these kept people out of the pack. And the more exclusive in into it leaked the sport would appear yet others there's definitely understand that and I believe that. Mean you and I said all right let's not beat yet and we saw this from day one it was like. It is felt like you're getting into Fort Knox getting into the paddock and if one and I did it I want it to be all the good security in but. It doesn't need to be over the top you know Loescher. Are you one example you know would we know Cota who like the backside of her hand and I've got this one little path that I take if the panic has full and I'd. Take a seeker little path that to avoid a lot of it yes you know means I go vertical and go down the garage buildings on the walkway up not come back down on the far end and it and one of the exit always. Why did that and you know it realize in these if you ever worked in a high security employer worked in one of those buildings you have your little bad she got a badge in and around the doors and things like that. So same thing in an F one paddock I go. Imagine if I go upstairs and get on the walkway and does that not go down a come down the hallway of stairs and down through the stairwells up outside the door and there's a badge reader right there. I go to India. You know those alarms go off and the guy is. Immediately confronts me and he's accuse you didn't follow the correct path as foreigner no actually he's said. You know he took my badge and he licked edit any checked it. There's like a page it's it's valid marriage thing wanted it just go off how did you get here yeah because you wit and just explain us I do this that these races all the time geared to avoid the crowd right here and appointed to manage those who know. Yeah I was somewhere you missed a badge reader. Because you should've been read on your way and also known and been Greta Moya and pulling out there and here as well take care of that. Please go back to when he came for a great example so that's just gonna get better help here hide that is an end hopefully that's gonna get better and better for more fans you know like. May be better access on on. On Friday. For fans Friday and Saturday I'd love to see more folks get in there you know Sunday is one all the movie stars smaller crowd come but I would love for you all to be in there with us can tell you right now you know cool look behind the scenes you know offer a Friday panic pass. You know with who was maybe some of the reserve seats kind of thing yup and two. And hopefully words can see more and more this. But there's a lot more changes to come from Liberty Media hopefully and everything. You know they talked about another race in the United States and that's definitely on the burner. And the way that Chase Carey address that he's saying look were we definitely want to do that. But we don't want to we wanna be Smart when every step we take and that's a big one so. Building that's great yeah in a you don't wanna throw everything out their one time. Our arrival we're gonna go and take a break we come back less is got a on some Formula One stories that he was talk about Russert and talk about moto GP because they were in error gone. But as we go to break here I wanna play you want the YouTube. This is cut up just a little bit but it's one of the audio from one of the you to be is it Formula One puts salad and the account name of that. Believe it's just here I've got it up thing is to slash F one. Yes just Formula One so. As weak as we go to break here this is. This is the best of the race audio and other words the teens communicating with the cars and they put this out every week so look we have played some way to break in now. Dan and welcome back we'll talk some more formal ones moto GP listen to speed city in Austin, Texas. Didn't heed to the level. Here in front of vitamins. Yeah baby yeah. You guys want this life. I think but I could go put it could have been. Damage on the just open. I I think that Laura. Here's Republican. It's really well done next to the front door. Guys. Is that what change does that mean. I said Bob Hope. Okay snowbound. Cool. The racetrack it's what legends of the I only the finest machines in their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles and racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny Israel that a just along. I like 183 not a big deal runs. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest not a factor also brings its. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. 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Thirteen seventy. Hi this is Mario Andretti in this speed stick. San Diego are. With the school. I knew we had to add this to our music after he came Dakota couple weeks ago they have very cool very cool all right so we were talking photo lineup because like that a little clip we played at the end because they think radio l.'s take now. Out there ain't no attack election. Half these it's really cool and check out therefore need to ebitda we're gonna talk some more formal want to. Less wants to talk about. His particular topic performing ones hey let's say you know had my favorite sports car you know which company that is hang yen Porsche Boyd. You know guy is there's a lot of rumors going on and in fact I spoke to one of the Porsche team members. Here at the LaMont. About it and he said you know that the rumor about. Portion F one and what is this because. Israel is that it's probably not where you think. He said Porsche is stepping away from. The Lamar prototype. Racing to focused on a Kabul things and for one. The electric vehicle that they're gonna bring out which is cool that's a whole another story all electric not Khyber all electric all electric and so. Really what they're looking at doing in the German company is entering Formula One. Not as a full fledged car no anything like that but as an engine supplier. Based on the 20/20 one regulations are sure they wanna do this after Honda's yeah you can lead. But you know that's all those things it's not necessarily a given that they will. Be an engine provider what they are doing is they're providing consulting. To F file a they were invited. Into FIA and the participating in the discussions about future of power trains formal one up being the obvious one but it. Also just with their obvious success and Lamar prototype. With a 919. They've got a lot of head start on a lot of companies. When you're talking about performance from that and so this is where they're working throughout it was socked. And they are not necessarily working on an F one engine at the moment but more working on. The high efficiency. Of an engine concept. And how to tie that in with the multiple technologies so socially hybrids and Howell are some creative ways of doing that no attempt now. The company Porsche has already. Commented that they're going to formula eat so that's looking really good for the 2019 is one that's looking towards. Again headed towards formally be 100% and lecturer. Held a use it generated conserve it X Serra. Obviously is something that they're looking at so that's gonna be really exciting and you know I'm. And you know and of kind of to food on formula ease some the Kazaa and I don't like thing induced the the tenth grade. You have popularity contest voting stuff. That I think Porsche can bring something to it. Well I'm I know that it's. Yup as good as much of his gear heads we are I know that electric vehicles. I I think we're about amid citizens your reasoning but I think we're about to see kind of a tidal wave of electric vehicles I'm really. And and they if you follow to industry closely desk you're gonna say he had done that. But I think it's really gonna be bigger and faster than we all expect. Us what it was we said this with Angie Craig from world endurance champ ship. Out of the circuit on the our our show out there on the PA system but I think it's gonna be a big tidal wave electric vehicles. And you see more and more that sought apportion it to me this is a natural step for them is to go do take it to the test bed. I agree you know one of the things the concept vehicles third lesson with now is called the mission he and imagine if you will lay. At Tesla but with the Porsche personality and character to net and so. I hit it that way yeah IE eight I definitely do in it my frustration with the Tesla is cents. The first. Was that film like it was a big. Did you know and yes I'm good friends with the local Mazda dealer Byrd who just looks like a regular Mazda four door you know I'd just saw that in the designed. And it went as exciting as the technology and everything about the Tesla doesn't mean you know the the performance acceleration on the electronic technology all of that I just think it needs Georgie was cool factor to it. Yeah. Well I having. At the success that Porsche had to stepping back into the world under his championship. Where. They a quickly went to the top and were champions. I don't really expect any less of if they do step in it to F one engine manufacturing. I would expect them to be pretty successful pretty fast now I know that's a whole new ball game and though it Inglett konduz. Honda's a huge competitive you know they they. The N and they hadn't really a lot of trouble let's face it so. I don't know I just filling Porsche would step in and and and do really well with the with the engine technologies phone once I'd be really excited to see that hope it happens. Well you know I think that's really exciting I finer dishing that they were invited by defy you to come in and help. Work on these. The designs and capabilities how to control how to offer improvements that. I kind of blew by the Porsche. Mission es car. I said this is rumored to actually make it to production. Hopefully and when he 19100%. Electric. Personally 590 horsepower. Electric horsepower. And zero to sixty speculated at below 32. Not bad Tesla does that but you know just as fast and assets especially is faster than the men and get new ludicrous mode nowadays. But let's think about that you know four or far five past her car little bit different personality if you're not into the Tesla. Personality that it comes with the grabs they show good looking cars. Our arrival were gonna go ahead and play an interview that we have done that with Joseph news garden we're gonna play we're gonna play a portion of it because we have a long interview we did we put it up on our YouTube and sounds that count. We're gonna play this clip this interview with Joseph right after he came off. The podium of winning the championship in IndyCar last week and you're just a New York. Okay great city back I am delighted to welcome to the shuttle once again does that you've gotten two I know it's gonna last Saturday's. Is the new IndyCar champion Bobby. And you don't budgeted is unsure you're exhausted judgment but has some kidnapped. Yeah hat's just a bit I its you know a good cool down La you know once I finally got the process. That was the time I felt we want to teacher who you know who saw that me seated was overdone so. Unbelievable day you know so who will be it was he and yeah. It was a lot of work I saw in the last you know it's so obvious and. I'll back. Somebody else being outside in the race was my super lax it was not exciting and lets you adjust it you got. I'm at least at this. I mean give me and my dear all I mean you I saw the TVs before the race looked pretty relaxed and he said look I'm just gonna treat it like any other race but it wasn't any other wrecks. It's true. I mean you know create a new Batman the best offenses is. Office announcers. You got to be aggressive yet the offensive ears and out you try and just do what you've done another receives this winter. You know what and obviously for this race is also points involved and it got a certain used to yucky about cheese and socks and my mentality going into Austria normal race. Ahead this citadel outlets are what's our plan point sounds easy what's gonna. You know couple pieces together. Our I was so we have that entire interview with Joseph new garden up on both are you to the channel and our sound cloud council check us out. Take it out this is really excited to have a young American windy IndyCar championship didn't. And he asked the questions specifically. What's it you know are you ready to take the flag for America and IndyCar and soaps have go to our hard from different Alice you do incentive and check out the where anyway and take a break. And we come back we're gonna get try to get Jeremy Shaw on the phone he's just coming off the air out of the end sir race in the and after that we're gonna have a little more discussion about flat tracks they listen to speed city live from Austin, Texas back after these messages. If you heard motorcycles in this part of the culture for long no bill you know those motorcycle show. But look this world Wahlberg. But as legendary Harley service throws all the orders boats in downtown Austin that is now we're both heavy duty and they bruised elbow formal award for. You'll see all the familiar faces are bringing in your new used and abused. But there's no sign of shot assuring crisis. Subjected. Fulfills every duty dog come. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas within the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest not a factor also brings its. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. It culminating sell stop the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west found some length. This is David how unrealistic to speed city. When we went to break we had played eclipse. Because of you garden fresh off his new IndyCar championship that's critical decided that. Young American who yeah. And so speaking of young Americans we somebody else get him there that's cool we got the man when he comes to getting young Americans are moving up the ladders and we're really excited to welcome back to speed C Jeremy Shaw Jerry Harry you. I major armed fantastic thank you very much indeed I would imagine it you're probably exhausted you've been called the as a race out there in Monterey at Mazda raceway haven't seen. I certainly haven't it is processional race is so although much of a bush slept but I tell you a lot of fun for folks. Well yeah this a steal that little bets on a matches I know it's Mazda raceway is that both are one of our favorites as well. Yet his great great racial or care fantastic restaurants for him the right to have one brief caution period. Well halfway through just a great try to talk to the end and a rank of underground after the visit short and not comfortable and I punched or social dramas this season. That's a magnificent tossed by event Hondas on duck on Dane Cameron. Just a few laps from the enemy it was an Alex Zanardi false carry into the culture it's not a compromise on our statement is and I won in the race freely emotional taught prediction for that CNET and are all full time I'm short of course and other. All the time as well also boy they really needed it. Well ringer is a great guy we had him on the show on too long ago really nice guy couldn't. Could be more excited for him that's awesome. Yeah I really was 72 just. You want to be denies a brilliant or slot to even just he just grabbed the bull by the idea struck reluctant until the win super. Well so Gerri I don't own askew about two oh start with asking about. About a Justin Yu garden because we just played an interview that we did with him we we got a new medium right after the race last weekend. And he was just on high and and we'd ask him everything from you know what how was it the race and but the one of the big questions we ask him resist is he ready to carry the the flag for the United States and IndyCar. But I want you did to talk about that but I also want to talk about you to tell us your history with just a new garden and end with teen USA and everything. Well yeah I mean I did the series scholarship is just such a program to help our young drivers learn to say generic career been running it since 1990. QB draft where. Was because we're not done yet Broncos have won it in 91. A bunch of other guys concern you hold on to Alter great things and two Jersey becomes the second guy to win the he can't shut it off to Jimmy. But irrational need to file under he's a a scholarship winner. He's been a great season Joseph king and solidarity with the two and is in 2000 I each state went over to England. That would aged seventeen and eighteen respectively I think and badgers have won the former Ford festival. Accommodate you on the wall place shortly which is a big full report rituals that India would more than a hundred Gaza. It was a brilliant ear all the way around the bush goes to give read it slumped to the top levels of the sport and Joseph as you say just what the challenger but it was apparent right from the beginning he was stopped in and out of the cal which is what are ones which are looking forward to help you know these guys to Oklahoma lava. Yeah Jimmy talk about that because I don't like get on your radar Germans. Exactly as we are basically young American and challenges check check well you need it Rouse. Let's talk a little bit irritated you know Natalie charm of the Columbus field behind the wheel but they've also I'm looking to people who have. You're likely to vote for the distortion this is why it's now open. General and got all your flight pollutants can do most of them so they can move on in the sport. What they want serious so what's in the series do you actually look at when your scouting your. I'm looking at it. Our series on the conflict with regard to the starting out in the post a year to go to Korea. It's obviously is geared towards open wheel initially. But to but I'm also have also consider that sports talk guys in the past well. This you you know that the drives a term like a lot of SE CIA that come out of not yet 16100 champ Richard missile which is. An extension full force now running with a Honda Fit engine but the super competitive or win a championship. For the for the the this series that. Talker could do is just one whose team is as Scotia when the last year tenure and again we're here yeah yeah that's Friday eight to discharging their lost weekend. But you know it also different rosters things that the Lucas Oil raced to a crucial scooter racing. In his own. Little for the full full account series it's kind of that it's in Aruba from the skip barber racing school which you have so many many years was you'd be way to get started nerve wheel racing to have played a compassionate open wheel championships that's what challenges and new garden common daily can't easily be a whole bunch of guys came through that. Over the last well 1520 of them even even even broader attention that. It back in the in their early knock and early nineties. Our new drug that doctors groups about the school unfortunate bit the dust could get under insult so that many many years ago about the way. About school now important fallen by the wayside spots in the good old school racing has picked up the slack in. A couple of kids who have been under consideration came through about this earlier this year. Now let's sized event let's give our rice who went 2103. Day every schools many many would willingly and many have little springs raceway of many many years ago but. Walt Jeremy talk about the off track thinks because to me there's so many aspects to that the maturity the forecast takes. I mean you hate being able to communicate. There's so many asses facets to the off track aspects of what is going to be as successful race driver because. I mean we see we've all seen race drivers that have enough talent they can be a complete jerks they can be an even have to be BA have their best work ethic or weather's like any other sport. But I think today it's less and less of that EC. And more and more of a complete package but talk about all those different aspects of young drivers look for. Yet huge period hugely important huge. Because some yeah he's if you don't if you go all the money you can do no like but again I haven't had most immersive altitude doesn't but that is ethical there's other skills. You know our what I draw on identifying. Channel twelve youngsters who who law. Tony initial candidates for the program. Now a bit what I did this year we're dumping law also reassigned by central race racing this year and has been in the policy it was a mid Ohio for the IndyCar weekend. As we had ten kids. That is desolate embedded with different teams short weekend they'll them. So I spent at least one session with an IndyCar scene during a session with a headset on the engineering stand so that's a great insides for them. They also in the southern miss a master between he seems by the US circuit thousands or play a match or in delights. And then the troubled child who's there as well that weekend and you're essentially unchanged on the Patrick long and right now is force in the Porsche. I camp there also since Thomas flying lizard wicked looking around on the terms there as well. So there's agreed is emotion into the schools those kids and then in the evening or Friday evening there rule interviewed that a panel of judges. Patrick long was problem panels as a pig that was on the panel just it was that for a while you've gotten. Mike hole and target Chip Ganassi racing Chris Wheeler rebel. USA. John Bruton was all master of TE McHale Paul and I mean huge panel. Our panel of expo those covering all different aspects of the industry. And today we interviewed each of the candidates and in combat. Yet we whittled it down to an extra shootaround at two point a couple of weeks ago. Salute you know they've they've got to excel in front of our panel of people and met Narnia a great collection Albert is a good opportunity grand international elected they're not medalist people and they get a big raise your social contacts yeah before river Koreans. And that's really fascinating this whole process and Jeremy you. You know everybody in the sport knows Jeremy Shaw because of what he's done for these young drivers and of course all your fantastic commentary you do end. That is really Jeremy is really we got to thank you for this and and permit. Own a Promos and your staff period of the team USA scholarship his team USA scholarship dot org. And of course on Twitter it's teen USA school. And course Germany's. Twitter account is Jeremy Shaw racer. And Jeremy I I knew morning thank you for coming on the show courts I don't think fairly LC du. And if anything yes you're talking about four get a fair we get another minute or so odd I know you they got their mare meant to it but it would LC got. What they're just very quickly I mean it it just yet I coordinate the whole thing but it's the support of the industry that makes it'll happen I don't have the money. Slowed you know the whole bunch of people that put put put put the money fortunate when the big contributors who is a road racing drivers club which has been around the sport since since its sixteenth. And what the road racing drivers come down is they mentor young drivers vessel was in part of the clubs to generate. And now this program called safe in response dot com or for young drivers is a great resource. To learn different aspects of the sport safe is small stone com. But the money of wreckage contribute as well they're dog walking the embarrassment is have been generation. Honda mass Chip Ganassi racing to Penske to open in some money they make this program possible social. And drew and bell helmets it's all these people have made a program possible. That's that's fantastic you know we one more question presuming I you know here inserted America's. We had the F four championship come through with the world under his championship you know though they lost on them all weekend it was really awesome scene he's. These young kids in these cars in the coming back for Formula One which is really incredible that these guys these young kids are going to be sharing picture in the racetrack with. The best of the best. But also there's the Kodak is putting together their own they have some. F four cars stashed away in they're gonna be launching a school. And I don't know all the details of this yet but they're gonna launch in this next year and that's gonna be really exciting and uncertain. If they're Smart they'll call Jeremy Shawn give his opinion on how that they should go. I have to. All right here Michelle thank you for coming on the show we appreciate it and have a good dinner and go relax after spending all day on the microphones out there. I felt like great as they cheered and I got to the rest assured. I was very tough decision. Our arrival we're gonna go ahead and go to break now we come back Korea try to squeeze in a couple things have gotten moto GP we really haven't gotten a chance to talk about all the way yes or and have that and now little flat track action. Listen to speed save lives. From Austin, Texas back after these messages. MD who still motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie also offers only NB a booster and a caddie back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. But we're Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but don't say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien does stuff. Forth you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and and pull MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas solved tried in the Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit and how would then be a good stuff and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. Susan cameras video is the largest cameras go in Texas within the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts he definable helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service comes CB itself precision camera videos too full create westbound some lane. The racetrack it's what legends of all that only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles and racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny its fuel and adjust along. I want 183 not a big deal route. Here is when you need a doctor 78. Right so it's. I've just Jeff Gordon in your listeners speed cities. I'm going to jump right into we got one last segment and walk again so how let's start with a story that we. Found out and we have an interview that we don't want to play tonight who don't have time but. We have lost tonight. Who is. Becoming a broad he did star racing until he was in his thirties. And has done a fantastic job is less than three years ago if bright less than three years ago and let's what do you tell this story because as you know you're doing better than I do so we'll Harmon you know us tonight we love the story when certain America's. Came. It piqued his interest about motorsports what's going on out there at the noisy 11100 acres. And he jumped in it ends you know before he got in a legitimate race car. The most competitive thing he'd only he would ever done was right around on the will go Kart in the yard kind of thing. And so it's a Stratton half and so he takes off from there winds. Getting into the portion GT series with cut guys and things like that more speed you've heard this with advertising here David Moore. Price Cobb and in fact curled amber comes in and and works with the mastery of the factory Porsche driver in the world endurance JD exactly yeah I did not remember who knew you saw on podium last week. World champion and an amber let's clarify so. So girls got his own swagger. He's headed to boot block ten series. This weekend. And he's short a bronze driver he's got to have one for the pro embrace one pro that's Earl it's easy to pick out being take any bronze level. They still consider amateur driver. In his Oilers only one down the world's best on the world's out of Texas will armament. Wow clue who will just firm hanging out around this area to shoot over there in China and their run that race with Earl. In the first race like this pause there he said I can have any driver any bronze driver in the world and he chose will argument of local Dallas to exactly so you know and paid there's still dreams that I can assure you. So. In the first race of the weekend. They take out and go from about like eighth to fourth. Before the fourth turn at which point a car spins. In front of them and just spends just the right. Timing. To clip wills were spoiler and break it. Any continues finish as well. Second race these guys are out there they wind up finishing second. For an overall finish of fourth place. Their first term in the blah plan. While that's awesome and so we are you will arm and I don't know we're gonna get world and the more speed crowd back around the microphone sun but second breast Earl. Huge congrats to will boil water debut on the global subtler now won't get him on this. The the amazing story was of course Valentino Rossi breaking his leg in two places 23. Days ago. And comes out qualifies as well third. And comes out today and looked fantastic. And it ended up. Finishing fifth which I mean I'm so let's face it he has such he you've got to have fatigue issues and all the other things. So it was a really pretty amazing to watch him come back and do that and of course. It was a great race to you know the B two we came into the weekend of course with mark says and these CEOs so mark is on the BBC on the you can do Connie. You know running neck and neck for the championship. And and of course both those guys were Marchese T started pretty slow. And easier so was battling for the podium at the beginning of the race but he started dropping back he had apparently this softer or maybe ultra soft rear tire. And he was blazing fast of course of the counties are always fast and straight line and he's looking good but as the race went on you could tell he started to struggle with that soft retire. And start to drop back but tapped but Marquez did quite the opposite. And ended up. We ended up winning the race and taking the lead in the championship it was really great race to watch with Marquez. Struggling at the beginning and in fact we get a couple of interviews that I wanna play here a couple of clips and now. In fact let's start with that Marquez because he talks exactly like. About that about his struggles at the beginning hide in a moves on racism Marc Perkins today you know panelists all these people today's. And seeing that beginning on as the ADM templates we them by candlelight. Maybe and I Israelis divide mainly dead defeating maybe. I don't know but I wasn't sitting look. Modify those to raise a TI mean and I want one of my tennis and weeds in front our fans a silky and we tied. We tie give anything because I thought I saw that standing on ism Doby was where's dining I need to be. I simply Stein who died to open up this one a month I'd done and yet we get it it's a different points. Did you go to raise but then Indiana and it's all in the TV I was pipe any device. All that today's. Yeah it was site was who's fighting that stick it in so I was on secret racing any ended up doing a classic Marquez thing we had a couple of moments during the race and and end up winning. It is in and I enjoyed Washington I was watching the strategy knowing of Marquez who watched the guys as they manage their tires up front. And you know certainly awards C Rossi at least maintain and land land on the podium what a spectacular to you know race he had himself anyway. Then you're right the endurance for Rossi was tough. Tire management was a big part of it. Yeah apple speaking of Rossi I wanna play his post race interview is Valentino Rossi and and a it you're just here because it's classic Valentino Rossi. Is same and many many a team and that it thousands of look of the work because. Man who won a legal I the only thing I can have Neeson. And but coming method of any day and yesterday was great stuff from the Toronto. We know that the committees we have to solve had a list of softening of the book and lead to more. But anyway it was a good eight days because of the big east meets out of there and they fight for the fifth position for the fifth spot. And again that we saw set that need to be today did they get additional duty and by adding those who was Diane than they feed some of something my. Closing the define that for two reasons agree that he's on the name and so that the. Pretty cool you know you realize that he's he missed his races he's out for now what 23 days use it was in between there is still cynicism the chance to run have a chance to. Is Marquez at 224 forced points and they had a DC and so we started that connect with today is down to too late after finishing seventh today. And maverick when you Alice who was banned at the guy at the beginning of the season member the first few races we thought and it is never knew I was gonna run away with the same. And he's sitting in third with a 196 are really. Those three guys are still in that's still neck and neck. And SP can and everybody knows let's go and play the clip. As his post race interview dismembered and Ellis. That Diane Taurasi who was looking really bad especially defense labs. But any of those routine fly glad I DN and other special to me about losing throwing up I love. But anyway it was not enough 1 o'clock at the moment is not the the same name and on the other so we have to wanna give them hunt them down there on the practice trying to improve more. Was very difficult to understand which stallion we could use you know for example of that race is most likely had to because. People who many knobs and I is and we know which way to vote speculating. If you could and I try to use that as soon Diana Dell brand name known. Not many ninety not a good feeling with the ideas so he was told then finally for the next race is an app to try to look given moment trying. Well it was say it was fun weekend watching but a GPM who'd there's lots more to talk about loaded to move to throw in and out I'd. I look I'm on a stadium if we kind of bragging on this but I love. The act the moto GP app and that access you get to know he's not just iPhone app but the that the desktop. Version as you log into the browser because you can watch every bit of the race so all of the way to highlight this. The spots in the race so as you can go back and look at it all again is really really cool but I left with less real shift gears. Pun intended because he's alienated after the flat track race up and Alison we'll tell us about a doing an interview this. Does the did not rule visit. The the American flash her tracing. And it was the Indian motorcycle lone star national half mile race took place last night. At Texas Motor Speedway on their dirt track and so you know on a lot of very good it's a separate. Facility right there on the big piece of property they're getting some grandstands and everything's got its own grandstands get this. You think this may not be that big a deal. About 8000 people in the grandstands science degree in sends only polled eleven. And say 111000 so fantastic event. Love Washington to you know be sure check out FaceBook. Page four speeds city you'll see some of the others but. Anyway you know week we had. From the boot camp that we've we've been trained by him a little bit when we go visit there to take just a great you know that. All of focus on Shani and a text her because. She is just catch in the world by storm she's race in the pro singles. And the pro singled. Is say. 450 sized dirt bike. And you know is set up for flat tracking and these things scream Baird. Her mile per plus almost half mile oval with detail sideways is telling an outlet intact as dominated by Harley in Indian ranked. Harley and Indian the 450 class though is different the 450 is were you'll see. The the Honda is the power psyches because scramblers and the Indians. Triumphs. The scramblers are too big in displacement force. And so. Campbell well let's hear what Shane did she had just have them for the podium in we've had we've she's been on speed sitting four but you're saying yeah. Saying they spent quite a night when they see the Chris Carlisle could be honest on that the track seems like Rick tells about a nanny nine. So there's plenty challenging. Really slippery here. Sorry yeah I'm mentally. They look like you kind of pace yourself pull off where you really I guess pulled the trigger if you will. And I really got into the pond and excited. Now I'm sitting down you know that thing. Enjoy your writing. More about Ronald and Louisiana hello again. Absolutely hunt is doing great macro effect things being a great sponsor of 4% of those aboard. What's next for the next race yeah I mean parents. Up around eighteen. It's been around him. So we're down we're not out anything. Plugging along. You got it you know we're behind you good luck next race we'll talk do you think you. Gather you go and you know and if you didn't make it. I'll say I saw a lot of text local folks there. Check it out on NB CS is in common the day error shown the entire season in the so they'll be shown in the Swanson saw that crowd on their counsel to between Dario got to wrap it up Thanksgiving and it's been sitting at thanks to Matt are in terms of put alliances and stuff to get the forest tonight. Take us out of our website speed city broadcast dot com. FaceBook Twitter YouTube sound cloud lots of content all week long talking days a week tally else.