Tell Del Tuesday “Early Retirement For Professionals” – Featuring LU Member Tim, 12/5

Del Walmsley
Tuesday, December 5th

After three major hits from the stock market, 2 separate financial planners and a career in trial law with no end in sight, you would think that the words “early retirement” would not be in Tim’s vocabulary. But, with real estate, they very much are. See how the Lifestyles Unlimited model gets at the heart of the retirement crisis facing many high-income professionals.


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Next hour will change your life. And now you're. CEO when back. Over the del Walters radio show with a high bends in the hope begins I minerals go wobbly there's always were working on your financial freedom. With me here today to speak to you about. All kinds of topics mr. Don brawl he's small but their metro to Dell's market and happy to have you with has done. Did a great debate here. It's always get beyond. I don't I got seniors and Europe and Dallas strictly faster to work I don't know except Leo. Always a very that's. That's an amazing thing about what we do we don't have to be anywhere for a crook of office dollars we're gonna. Yeah no it's it's it's really strange. That you could be in a situation where you can help thousands of people and don't have to get up worked you know sixty hours a week and whatever. In fact sometimes is its interest in just to see what some of the guys in our group do. Because if you the kid everybody up on FaceBook every time you look 90% of the time God's doing something fun. And only 10% of the time just in the mid events so it's it's quite the optimal lifestyle public Q what have you been doing for fumbling. Yeah really you know we're we're from. Really great summer. And it continuing a tradition. We we made up of terrific years ago and the this Saturday. We would take a couple vacationed each year and one of them would be. But for relaxing in the it would but he to implement the danger. And then I got a sixteen Euro that since gal Soviet Agent Orange but take care itself last couple years that. This year we did we did just this fantastic trip two. The mountains of West Virginia I've never been in that part of the country or put it. It was just a great time it was day. We restated as pretty elaborate campus barely knew that they had. It climbing and climbing we shot geez we did deal by we disputed. All kinds of things they call but it goes to great aren't there to the outside the weather was mild. Unlike the much touted period. In the humidity he is the political being away. There's. In the mountains and low cabinet. And a lot of celeb junior cylindrical family. What is being my. Yeah consuming us into the floor to arm and there is a jump off of our. That. Yeah lowered. So loses loses he adventure there are the relaxation. Not literally but it but they're that it entered the sugar. It was quite a lot. Were put my Kamal bought through. Period with the tests. For the week. What a great I'm last year. But we will despite it's been a week today. So Florida Keys. We we let the marine unit being compact for weakness you're really cool. But ultimately papers that you know we can get. You know you did get to choose what was and I just so thankful that. I don't view my spousal market figures backing. In what would be there I guarantee it would not be anything that is. Not made the change. Perceive as. And what they're now on. Pit road rules you know look what I'm not a kid and that well. When I was a kid we never went home one vacation can you believe that. My dead and a workaholic. Thing. That we didn't go we do you go somewhere or drive somewhere yeah I mean that's ridiculous we did nothing since it's amazing. You can go whole childhood going once in a vacation. Maybe that's why I'm messed up beside him. I don't know I don't know I did go some some scouting trips with that was with somebody else's you know Armenians who was masters and the man. But like dead overdo things a workaholic and kind of ruined his life and you know it's it's it's strange looking back at and so you let me ask you this what does it feel like what you spent a week away from society. With your son won't cut a bond you create his son and what happens to you Q do you just relaxed as you remind you leave work after. Okay we used called island time my third going on vacation going to Borg retired. It like it took us a day or two before relaxant and would come back and take it appeared to get back into the swing of things. And I called island time what you got to dial into gear yourself down. So what happens with the UN goes vacation you silica yeah. Well yeah and it's and work very college. Can I mean terror competitor decompression. I didn't take a couple of days to think and a or law and she at all yeah the things that came to carry around and and you know it that in just a couple things. Try and stay longer right visionary and take couple days to. Stick it in the group and the threat it's an experience. Enjoying via the location. So yeah I didn't pick a couple of days. It was really nice it is expensive stress reliever. You know our neighbors here don't go early they got work understand what if in. You know I have to eight my kids that don't you know. I don't work uses my work is not associated with time and place and there's a lot of responsibility goes that so so what I lack in an actual man hours of working Emeka who it. Responsibilities. And and looking out for others. So. That is different but it is tremendous respect the opportunity to be able to live a life like that. He got a that's an interest in one have to explain that your kids if they don't know about lifestyles and I deeply entwined. My daughter of course knows me and grope with the Austin knows that this is all about. So she never questioned that but you know I can see where somebody. From traditional family would have a hard time explaining their kids were picked it. For Libya get better able do that they see it being put it in context that these the other kids. Eric what they do make it up in the morning and they about a lot of these they're you know reading something. And editor of talking when he goes school. The other parent sit belonged on a team owner of the driveway or burst out so dead it is that they understand what I do it's pretty. This is such a nontraditional way back. Ago. You know but it I can't compare came when talks should make with the. The pictures drew for me as you sit there read the news that the rules those little half glass is looking over the top thirty yeah and we're renewed. But I could see it ruined. Yeah are only good. When you go on these trips and do these things you've never done before and that's what I love about trips whenever I go vacation. Any Rego I want to hot air balloon or ride a motorcycle rider ATV. We're going to vote no you know do something this activity that you just don't do at home. Amber what I've found is when I try to apply those activities and bring them home like I bought myself an ATV UTV. He's don't do it because it's just too which were below the stupid thing up driving out their trumpet opted on it right whatever. But when you go on vacation you just that picky about the take you there that you used up but you don't know you're doing that interest and so how are you learn how to do all the different activities when he went to camp. Well the thing about it was that this this came all the water they've they've brought people in from all over the country they had. They had these. Skateboarders that work the count on C the skateboarding but I doubt it there are added got sleeves. Fearing engages in there there years and paying. But they bring these people in that are that are experts in these certain deals via. Rock climbing power. Whatever it is they teach. And it's just. You don't expect anything like you wouldn't are you buying ATP to keep pitcher out this is not the we ventured out view or someone has changed duels maintain. He's going to go it. I have been yet figured things out of here had a on the rocker you know what gear you need to repel off public opinion. And trip like businesses just so relieving and I. You know the only day you show up. If there's someone there that knows what they're doing in the you know look out or you're there and make sure you have all your heroes right here at home and on straight and they're gonna show you how to do it right away Ers are. And when you're done in this really cold or take a while you're there with a program. And you had backed. The parent or that they are there. To make it or plug in all aspects. It's faster both oral and. It. I think you're near the mayor went to a short break we're right back we've done throughout. The don't want to radio show. Listening to their Joseph wants. Principles are just a few minutes. Take a talk with you anywhere we see on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. Tough thirteen can be. Unconventional wisdom to set you free the men on a mission to retire road America one. Once. We'll go back Goodell want to radio show with in days gone routed Dallas Texas. And on this one of the multifamily consultants O'Dell's. And done as we went to break we're talking about taking vacations letting other people. Such open and for troop securing everything in you know more than make more more I think about it the more screw up the distributing bottles to buy out. And immerse of my dad told me what Tom said it's not what it cost to buy it would cost to maintain it. It's not just the cost you can even when you become wealthy it's the cost and time. You know I tried looking up by boat and motor homes and stuff and I never could kick over the humble about it necessary to maintain all this stuff once you have it. And it really is just you know this woman so many hours and days so much time do we wanna do and who would elect we will live and so that's important now when you get done what we do. People believing trial there and he tried to get out there and wing it. Did become successful financially. I am. I've always wondered why it is you know what I wanted to be a a polyp or I got into a power lifting group when I want to be Olympic look traveled to the Olympic lifting coach. When I wanna be a bodybuilder upon the bodybuilding nutrition coach. Always wondered why people try to figure out and girl what what's so important about it on the finished their ideas instead of going to an expert luggage protective with the B as quickly as possible. Yeah I would usually usually not their idea. They're they're police system. All OpenId all of these stimulus but they've taken a they've become. And this is what always hurt it's it's difficult to get someone to tens of its system because. It's ingrained. And doing something like what what we're doing we're almost there. When you look back why why why why couldn't I see. All along so yeah I script. People. Just gross state investing you know like you said. Physical training. Weight training nutrition and they do a lot of different. What is that are why we're worse someone from the outside can look unit there can get our barn spot say here are basing it appeared focused. And just just coaching I had. I don't regret was a bit down. Last night we knew we were talking in its ruling naked you know some a lot of our members look to for a guy. But they don't really a lot of them don't know that among them into or they're like yeah. Appears bird. Purity campaign that when we appreciate what we coaching from my limit who. We're all in it together it can be acquisition. A great deal could just be day to day operations. Either him or don't go to law. We we got to go recapitalize it and yeah. Yet we don't have to abide. But just how important that is and it's not saying it's got to continue education. You know you never stop learning and never stop asking for help. The moment do. You're you're not well I think people that we're there are in the quarter RS but got. You know they know it all in so what your fellow right those are the ones that are quickest to experience failure. It's because they're they're not. To do is listen listen a little. Also so that I can be challenging times but I think that that we got just that communities. Group peer to to guarantee we got that burst. That are really eager to listen in and take your pick a different course of action so that they can. They really really changed their lives that are you when we're sorry about vacationing got such. Book phrase came to my. When you have enough money to do what you bought. And have not do it back where it really is we bought a lot. And there's there's people Beckett worked eighty hours a week my all the money that they connect are spared but yeah I think our two. They're black or that it is there's really challenged. And of this require that up arms surrounded by people that. You know it is one thing to have a lot of money issues do what you want. If you don't have fear that has been a lot about how your. And we can do it by yourself it would work on a different and it. That is not at those fears not only there you know gag you coach you but also spend spend our way. Yard that's a very interesting point because all my friends in life tells members nobody else has the time in the space in their life to be my friend. I mean how can you be different. To someone who calls you up on Tuesday evening says let's go out and have a good time I still like party and took me like a regular go to work. And why were you doing when you go to work to make any sense to these you know these say the scope for week of vacation just out of blue. I go for vacation a year I've got to get you cadences of that. There's so many people out there that just you know it live that's now and you know for me it is strange is being off all day long like going to the gym during the day. It's like driving into town during the day and said early in the morning and come back at night and you look at all these people's lives. Who you know living the life of quiet desperation just blows my mind. What do you do god to overcome that with people when they first commend I feel like people get. Like they think you obtain the understanding. Of how much were ruling helping them. Over a period of a series of steps might be the better what is it that record time the sisters steps first they have to do is sustain disbelief. And that's you know that this will reassure them divert peoples of listen to you for two or three or five years you took it down longest sustained disbelief right. In the go OK I want to hear you know some queue up my life and it became more painful than you do something so they come and and take a free workshop where they go to kicks in when they come back ago. I do that two years ago. Might even joined that I didn't do anything for it for a year because this came up that came out. And finally they completed to date and they understand the results. In general you see is for the grouped in the result. Now there and their point would be looking for the information that they've sustained just believe they've started to two. Desire to have but what it is they're looking for. And now they get excited I'm hoping changes now instead of being you know I'm thirty I've got to work until seventy. It becomes thirty got to retire and tell them 35. Or forty out of retirement to about 43 people starts at these goals are when you say don't people's mentor. You helped and set those goals what was of the outlines you create with him. Well he you know it it all starts you you're you're correct that. People usually did the appetizer. Here you on the radio. And then. Finally taking action to to go to it Tuesday. And then beyond that was by what state they. That starts kind of pared it and there are pay as I get an editor. In and they get a road trip in which the members who have gone before they don't quit their job and they're willing to it to lay out the numbers the operation. Visit the property and what they've done to it that Egypt bear it's very. Starting from very you're on the radio taking action to conclude today and that is beyond that is the series they it's not. Anything that I'm just one of our. That kind of coaches them along it and then bring that actually went what I. They already. I don't know what we have take a break we'll take a break we'll be right back with Don well and you don't want to radio show. You're listening to the joke yeah. Principles in just a few minutes we know Austin trafficking via. Challenge so. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven.