Tell Del Tuesday “How This Couple Turned One Property Into An Entire Investment Roadmap” – Featuring LU Members, Eric & Carol, 7/24

Del Walmsley
Tuesday, July 24th
For years, Eric and Carol heard more or less the same thing about real estate investing; if you break even, you’re doing well. So, when they arrived with two break-even duplexes, they had achieved what popular wisdom told them they could. But, then something amazing happened. Not long after joining, they turned one of their duplexes into five cash flowing single family properties, fully launching an investment roadmap that’s gone far beyond what they ever imagined possible.

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If you're ready to hear the truth that you remember the lifestyle you really want the next hour will change your life. And now your home. Self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's mind. We don't want to radio show with a ipads in the hope begins on vehicles still Juan Williams always working on your financial freedom. Today upheld though we've got a couple here Eric and Carol shipper. That are really interest you because you've got a bit of everything started out single family houses. Worked their way into some past a parked deals. And came back and push themselves and to be independent owner of an apartment complex so you're looking at quite a bit different. Stories those skills. And investment they've done and to try to cover Maltese those good welcome Erica welcome to show. You. Thank you got. So let's take this from the beginning though. As young ones from whichever what to go first when did you realize you have to mark the real spirited. What Carole Allen. Except I am I an entrepreneurial. Pretty much why. As I've really. Have always had a purpose fundamental properties. So even when very that and intellectual properties in the those wave back the way it during the Reagan years. I have been doing this for a while on its just a wait and enter said. Arm and rental properties buyout of home daycare. I've worked with the state of Texas company. Chopped up the program. Let them quite a few under. It's interesting you also worked for IBM also or does get that wrong underestimate. No not that bad idea I have worked and aipac. Had a bad on general things on the buy back where I act on my last. Position I've been at IBM or about Ike. But children. I have two we have two children to ground for. So you burn the candle Bolton in the middle of interest in pro pop up at. You want to get you know corporate America. But good. What are by I agree corporate America has entrepreneurial. And kind of looking forward to you know about an investor really trying to buy back by. Erica but you wish you realize that you wrote the note the news side of the scale. Well I had been in the beverage industry for about 25 years and was working for period start up beverage company. And my. I wasn't necessarily on superhero that line I basically. Became entrepreneurial and I had a former boss told me that I was gonna work myself out of the job. And whatever my job for them was to be VP of sales and get their products in the district into distribution round group restored all over the country. And when I was in what they had done that there really wasn't a need for me so I'd literally the quicker to get it done but after it beat out the job. And so that happens several different startup company and then I decided to open up. Become a realtor in in Austin and I opened up my own brokerage firm past year which is. In grade I have a lot of freedom but it unfortunately. I'm always good it might last transaction and terms of selling and it doesn't. That won my last transaction doesn't keep me over and over again. So that was kind of the motivation for me to get in involved in the but I do love my real estate business but at some point. You know I'd like to be up at the freedom to work with. Well our work with them. And be able to walk away when I need walkway. In a guy told me the other day area Erica kind of funny stories is still have a turnkey business. He says I get up every day in turn key and in their business but we'll keep you there's no business. The right. I got the way it is when you're so right you you where you can't eat what you kill. Right. For your your roasting company that's in particular gives you a lot of insight into real state you've done that and carols dunce in chief young guys got a lot of background what. What happened to direct you toward flights that I do get run windows. I would take Carolina wanted to. The hearing that commercial she can talk about it during the commercial on of the local radio station here often. Kill you when you have a vote I would try to do. Well so I thought I like it sent ointment in several states. Aunt I was cheering these commercials on radio. Local market here are. And so died down now podcast. And I believe would insure podcasts for about six Smart so every day when I want my dog. I would I would what did you podcast. Billion tree. About a culture lifestyle than ours when help one other. And all of one K plans and you know what it is all about thank. And you know I think the final nail in the carpet is well. I talked to my financial whopper has not look at corporate citizen so I have my 401K pax are all those years and he kind of step back it. What cattle. You know you. Can't do. So I optimize financial advisor Dan. Is that where I need to keep everything Mac. You know work or contenders but he doesn't eat everything maxed out you'll be okay. And I don't want to. Moment I want you gave her. Up well I don't know that is. That is some consulting right here Carol that adequately at least eight years where the college to go to come up with that brilliant. Excerpt that's to your life and quality of your life right work to 67 would be okay. Man I get a deal that would that it's good stuff. Okay. What we got her start thinking about all of this retirement stuff just curious to see when people start out of the mind. It's not good at what age. Yeah them. I've. Well I. Probably. Like maybe. For. At least started the China about you know what went for a lot like. And her error but he. Well for me I. Pretty much thought I was gonna have to work toward drop dead in total but until white belt provided a map for us to be here you know this the other way out. I'd literally figured out I'm going to be working in some capacity until I'm incapacitated. Or a. You know what that I'm gonna try to get to the circuits it's probably hard he seemed so jovial and you're just a nice guy and it it sounds in your voice to me like you know. You just took that for granted that that's what was gonna happen to did that ever argue that that's what life had to look forward to or not. If it did bother me and passion so many people. That are in the same boat. They don't feel a way out and that is gonna keep working and working and working it and I just. Yeah audit of our our financial advisors actually pretty good guy in the gun. And I see these financial advisors that are you know their seven. On how to how to read tiger and they're not retired themselves so I just I kind of figured that there's just a lot of people in that situation and you know we figured you know we can stave. I won't say early on that I've made more money I've made in a six figure income you know with the job in various things. You know that done over the years but. I would they've. For me it wasn't a hard oh lead to get in the lifestyles because. Everything that every bit of wealth and I've ever accumulated over the years has been associated with some former real estate. He threw just buying something and and getting equity appreciation out of that you know how to help. In California that tripled in value in four years and done and that's what allowed me to move to Texas and and and first outside but here it take cash. Then refinance later but it seemed like. You know I tell my clients by that you can't say if faster than what the market is appreciating what you really high dollar wager. It's just you know it seemed like real estate usually they have the one thing. That. That gives you well and you look at all the politicians that are out there and every single one of them you know some kind of real estate portfolio. All right Eric we're gonna take a break this point will be right back with Eric Carol. And they'll want to radio show he's. If there. Yeah. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show. To help will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and has become the people on local state and national investor the year awards. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see what the real time magazine named us the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access summer free dive training events schedule. 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And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make when you real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 866971. 8970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays from five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael variation to. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. So once. We'll back you don't want to review show with me here today is Eric and killed shepherd. From. North of Boston additions. Georgetown is that these Georgetown kind of like a retirement found. Words are subdivision there there are terms of I keep thinking in the back of my mind that. Somebody who used to go live to one retirement there's news lot of stuff up there. Well actually norm Ryan actually who has been Georgetown and there it Sun City which is so I think. What most people had thought we're you know we're it is that senior community in the but there's at start to build up now. Put. A lot of other. Area that it's not just the senior community anymore. Was that a Dell Webb thing at one time. That's what that's what I remember so you guys do you acumen to life dealt you heard the podcast. What would your first physical touch to lifestyles will to free workshop will do to date your case to the against. Get the first touched. Of the actual visitation. Now we went to the workshop. The free workshop that was. What it is very that we can have one of the hotel here in in Austin and we we signed up immediately you've been with. Lot of people were skeptical about doing any type of anything real estate they don't really understand. What it is for us that was. A no brainer for us as we've done a lot of listening to the podcasts and in we were pretty restful before we even came back other people make it a little more convincing that be Weaver. We were we were returning Brett up right up right when I mean we came the first time. Did you get to tended to date together. We get. All right let's go to that that always interest me. You got all this information come and that you've already got a good subset of it from already doing real state yourself and from being a broker so from that point of view. Eric what what aha moments that you can if you already got a good base about real state. Open you curable but one how moment struck you like let Bob go boy that's that's the part we didn't yet. Well you know it's funny. Being a real estate broker you with. Think that I wouldn't know all this stuff but in real estate score trading they don't train you really on how to do investment properties and what you specialize in that and whether the are all moments for me was. How much money where we leaving on the table with our current investment properties we were running it like a business and their businesses and we were running at Weaver collecting rent them. We were doing rent increases. And and we realize there was so much equity. In that in our state in the first duplex. That we own that. We had no idea about what we can do without what the with lifestyle that we turnaround and took. To Bolden took 250000 dollars. Equity from the bill that duplex and turned around bought five. Properties that we're all cash flowing and or cash flow was on a duplex was. Probably about combined. It was about 525 dollars a month and after. You know playing. Single family homes were we bumped or cash or 2500 dollars a month but I was the big offer it's like wow we've we are really missed the boat here. While few actually took the difference between one duplex. Pulled through equity out now you did 1031 of them is that what you said. If we got beaten to match from the news that I grew a bit about. You want but I didn't I didn't have eight it was if it wasn't for of the team that lifestyles but you know helping wept I mean they've they've basically held our hand through all that it was. What do people can get intimidated by it we just say hey we're we're in good hands and they got that all the way. And so was it wasn't that difficult I mean it was. Stressful. It well you know to identify property in a short period of time that but we had a hand helpful I'm. Young sports really I have to take had a few accomplishing five cereals all within forty Parker's 45 day period of time to identify and the closing. Within 180 days that's something that. To do five rooms through tricky now I would go back to us to just keep your interest in me. You went from 525 want to cash for the 2500 that's five times since March. That's an amazing feat when you guys surprised at that was that much equity either. Yeah you know it's still it's interesting. Carol can attest to that but we bought a that of the duplex. The the first duplex we owned you know back in the day that. You know in Austin. You know you're you're lucky if you broke even. When you but you know if you if you hadn't neutral cash flow or even a little bit of negative cash flow would you buy a rental property. So they the thought about buying you know. You'd you know or rental properties and and the lowest one that was was capped one about 400 dollars a month and everyone has kept going a little bit over 600 dollars a month. So at the time we thought gosh you know we had no idea that we could. Do something like that and you know most of those properties for its San Antonio and the numbers really good then. You know when we bottom and it you know often wasn't. Wasn't really the area where you're gonna kick bite something powerful right out of the gate so we kind of gravitated toward San Antonio. Cuba and if you remember how much equity what you moved out of the property into these by proper some to try to come up with some kind of rate which are honestly. We. Well about you hunter who see I. Yeah 250 K then what we did and we were averaging probably thirty to 40% occurred were thirty to 40000 dollars down. On each of the properties on average probably about closer to 30000 that we would put down money to the single stamp. So we we work permit from 6300 dollars a year to by the by 250000. Equity. And that's. 2.5 percent return it looks like. Q I'm making 2500 dollars a month. Urged world. Is 30000 dollars a year. Do Bard Bard. 250000. It's twelve reserves you went up from two to 12%. Which for that. Quite a sharp and you pick from two to four. Would be a 100% gain for it you know 46 would be 200%. To eight would be 3%. To ten and we fought and beaten to twelve will be six or competitors 600% increase in the turn at the bottom of do you if you elect to pull this off but it didn't put a light at the end of the tunnel or what happened. But got it addicted to fit for wanting more work but a it's. It was awesome we couldn't believe it it's that spend that the game changer for for us for sure. While it's great story we're gonna go to break here to admit that we got about a minute thirty left here but we go to break. Amber would come back we'll go get into. What did you. Decide to do with that point because that that's quite an eye opener there's got to be I'd like to be the fly on the wall for the conversation you guys. What she pulled that at all because that's got to be. Wrote something interest you also Carol. I'd like to know from you what you thought about the two day one off a moment you have because we didn't get that yet either so. We'll take those two conversation would give back then when it was called it question the numbers 877. 7-Eleven 5211. And people want to be opened reflector asking Erica Carol questioned myself even. But we'll be right back quicker Carol don't want her future. Okay. I. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly build wealth or passive income so you never worry about working until you drop. Losing your job or retiring in property. 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Welcome back and now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. Welcome back to don't want to radio show with me here today until delta air can kill shepherd. Who owns. Five single family houses to 250 unit apartment complex to just pass through investors. Over 500 units and they're owned I roll apartment complex that we've missed 44 units. All over the place is guys really get now they're knocking it councils can pick it back up Carol as so we went to break or to catch up with fewer and few question what was. What was your pity in the two day what are moment. That does what all went what we're missing. Yeah out for the thing that was accused. For me you know I think I think in the first there's. Focus on in the second Belmont our family. A single family day. You know we have had these. Rental properties for quite some time we have for its air. I want her seven year and I think when people think that what we're not and it was how to get all everything wrong. He looked at a secret should do and Barbara apparent. There. You just learn some putts and that he day. You know and it really just kind of scratching their purpose of all of the empire. But then the key they've earned run as you go belly. How do you know I let you know way are purple you know that property kind of acts. Hand cast overall on the boat like you know air platform. You know back then so what. You can't keep I have property and you break even NASCAR went for red. Our whole. Of course salad is always do you know about why are would turn out. Yeah everything is just the actual operations of the property apparel we didn't really treated orbit or. A lot of them say that. That the early. On about or. You know you used a word that I'm gonna have to bring up because. It's really interest in me he said the traditional way of thinking was there's no cash flow. And I know that they're just said the look at properties in California. And now you guys live north of Austin. If a mighty witnessing people who have lived here in. Liberal states news or liberal environment or whole life to where real state never made any money. Is is that we are coming out of that what you're calling that traditional thinking. Now my tradition of the year. Well you know I'm work I I bought my first property and or where. Have real estate broker. And you know basically that was the spot has taught you apple people you know probable Willis will hurt. For example when you first bite your property. It it just like he sent you know about it because it attacks. And that's what you do you know its attacks on a sport. But over time. You actually were on why is. It took a lot began to. Oral wonderful wife of 25 dollars a lot. That and not the case is getting out when they're much heed those negative or whites are kind of neutral. Just. And it talks to a lot of but what they prefer to four per person. That they'll let. Interest in so let's go back to the fly on the wall conversation after you have just done this and not only did you hear it in the classes now but you've you've realized is now too real to you. What were you guys thinking at that moment in and kind of walked me through what I'm trying to get to it. How did you change your ideas of different types of things you've all you've done little bit of everything so take me to that conversation. And why you should change your ideas and not just keep going into that. Well. I I would I would say you know we've. We are surrounded by other like minded investors and that are people that were. Much further along than we were and and state you know we were realizing that there was. Really strong money to be made it a lot more money to be made in multifamily. Then and single family that we were doing great in single family and we were hearing what we can do and multifamily. And you know a whole different vernacular all different universe. Doing multifamily and single family. And realizing you know. You know just taking. And improving your property you know. I 10% could double the value of the property in terms they've including your cash flow or your net operating income by 10% EW cast well. Or W or the value of your property it should back. And and that that was an eye opener for me at that crash we we barely you know. You know we thought we were we were rock stars doing the single family. And we're like there keep people just. Killing. Doing the ball exactly. Okay how about yourself Carol good. Same finger different different story. I I would I would say it's pretty much. Pretty much since the day we were into portable like families are very. First it's quiet style. But that's currently what it was great. For. A unit that was actually becoming won't get. And we knew we wanted to hit positions that particular game lacks. Q a are occupied. Because of where what cable. Phone and so this type of back. Trying being out there are as you know at a certain time. And then looking up what we can do it in the ballot we started out with only. That we always do that essentially you know ball like we're going to battle. So we did so we. It's too you know he would lead investor in for these first order if you do eyebrow. We've pretty much missed by about why more won't Wear hand he first. What about the pats aborted the path to do is compare. We're to pick all that. We we actually got him through a two out of deals immediately pretty much I think immediately it you know a few months. In two while we were into lifestyles we were going to training and seminars and things like that but I think our first. Thing that we did as lifestyle members was doing those pap. Couple app that deal on those 250 unit apartment complexes and in corpus Corpus Christi. Iceland are preaching the. Break out where to stick your toe in the water there. And our pick those deals I would like to ask this question did you pick them on the strength of the deal were on the strength of the lead investor. I would say it was on the strength of the that lead investor all the vomit both. Of the leads had won awards and then. You know have had had a background in. In doing and one of them were pirates themselves and kind of been around the track a few times and won awards and so they've got. You know the deal was. Part of it is well but you know that deal could be great and if we weren't comfortable with believe we probably would have been vested with the lead. I have to agree with you it's started being passive much so for the first time ever. In thirty years are doing real Syria bought into to deal myself actually. And I'm going with the jockey the horse if it. Definitely doesn't know what they're doing to get it done so. So that I wanna do it anymore. I've got to have somebody else is willing to do it get out there make it work and those interest in to watch it happened from afar. Watching other people make you money is really interesting thing to do it. Sit back enjoy. So we talk next about you buying your small I raw apartment complex. Near and dear to my heart that's so I started after house low we're too small iRows how many units with his property. 24. And where was located there. In getting. You let me down UV OK give me. The web site as bad hitting. As it's kind of funny because you know if you were to watch a weather the weather. Report on the news the weather lady stands in front of the screen. And showed you all the things around Boston you know here's the temperatures and here's the forecast. She's usually standing right in front of getting extra equipment that you think you're about an app you can get these. Boston opera you ninety. So it got a lot of waiting he's been. If it had tertiary markets of that they believe. You have so I'm assuming you've probably got a much better deal better than could've afforded in Austin obviously it's a little later. Yeah absolutely him. Really go to break again we've got to slick thirty seconds here for anybody wants call in our numbers 8777115211. When we come back we'll get Eric Carroll to go over the numbers on this. Complex of what their goals are where they're gonna go with this and what their plans are you know she's talking about that. By the way on that Eric it's if you double if you go up 10% and gross sales. You you will not double the value property you double the equity you have problems so little bit different wings did it will be right back with Eric Carol. They'll want to review. The yeah the. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show. Dell we'll be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. 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Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seven. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom intersection. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time no one's going. Welcome back to don't want your radio show with me your days here can Carol shot putter. And they are sharing with us right now the story about the 24 unit apartment complex. Guys Holland goes as purchased. May seventeenth. This. Month and a half ago. Recent purchase okay let's talk about taking over the project what were your plans. You had for what and how how they've worked out so far. Well I with they would be put attracted us to the property was the previous owner had had it set up an old bills paid. For the utilities and so we saw a huge opportunity. To mean the effective ramps. On that property was already pretty states stabilized property we took over 96%. All. And on point four units that's means that they were down a unit. When we took over currently were all. And we're gonna have some. People coming and going back to we saw you know a few things you know it resurfaced parking lot street landscape you know that the complex but to are forward this to come come in and as units turn we take over and rehab from never to 1970 property. And that was felt like there was. Some updating needed to be done on the on the units themselves they were overall in pretty good condition this was they definitely you'll played for you know the value play. Property that we're just taken when he admitted time and putting in you know new pouring new you know paint putting an appliance new appliances than. It is making a little more modern and getting more ran out of and for popping back up the utilities. What oh what your unit mix. Airs for two bedroom one bedroom pre betterment senator. We have we have 162 bedroom 1008. Will 111. Student had a each year it beats up the line. So public what to read the mostly beverages also did well ahead blew up. Had turned your what to rental boats. Although but prior to rehab they were going for 800 dollars for two betterment seven under for a one bedroom and right now our rent when when it fully rehab is 840. Plus you know what's rebelling back utility. Oh the 800 including utilities. Yeah well. That's quite a jumper and if you're you've raised the rent from AK forty. And your billing back utility or they're paying their own utilities. By the way which winners are they being there when your children you rub to get back to them. Well they're electric they well they were paying already and then be. The cable the cable bill was the worst the cable bill was would very probably the one of the most expensive utilities and we're in a contract on the cable dole until. December so we've got to you know what we're doing is until December is having a rent special. Saying hey you're gonna get free cable and Internet until December and then once that contract and that they're they're on their own. But the truck that that trash. Was that will be you know was paid for and the pest control was paid for and he and walker and gas was paid for so those those were the things that you know water to killer and you know it's over at first it is just starting to rub that Barack. On read heard or and you know obviously I'm new corporate they're gonna papal market grew up and sport utility. It's. It's again about their guns. Yeah we figured. When we took over there was probably about a 150 dollars per unit effective. Brent deficit. And you know below yet below market what does the market was doing and you know we estimated that there was a 150. Dollars per unit that we can make up. Either by raising rant or. You know Redding got expenses. And about that's a big get to be a big boost two day in alliance. Wouldn't you be heads up and I'm assuming that you've already got his head took from somebody else in the group. But I what I had to pay I got banged with the cable contract like that once also. And what I've follows. I had two problems one there's an automatic renewal and it's we need to check commission there's not an automatic renewal. That you can give notice sent to you got to figure out what happens once they're gone to view equipment stay or did they take all the equipment with them. And if they can call the equipment and you're gonna have to have somebody else come back pretty general your tenants had no TV yet no cable no. So will actually don't doubt it Whitman that was like the modems were over owned by that previous owners so those stay. The motives. And. What about cable cable boxes outside box we connections do about that won't. That we now we I mean we've not been part of that I think that the I like to point out what you come on April. Old DB we have been note in giant or are now after the preferred it that cable and for our. Yeah we have to get permanent power ergonomic. You have noted you know sixty days if it as we can are allowed to give noted we I think it's sixty days out that we can give noted that we're not renewing. The cable contract that's a that's something we're gonna do that. I don't know why that was the ever set up by about that nobody else in town has offered free cable. And creator when you're in. Here's what they used to do I'll tell you sort of guided these two committee give you really cheap cable news you can pass that savings on your tent. So like the first cable contract ever saw we were getting cable for like seven dollars a unit. But over a ten year period of time it went up every single year until well yet the end of the contractor paid 25 books per unit. So it was kind of hokey contract that we deal because I appreciate you coming on today we've only got just a few seconds left appreciates tell the story. And share in all with you so well. We we come back here in the second half of the show we come back the second part. We'll get further review your discussion with you more but then we deal for the rest you've got to remember this. It's not the money. It's the lifestyle have a wonderful day and we'll see you tomorrow. We radio show. Can obtain the rose. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. Access Castro broadcasts and enjoy. Yeah. 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