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Saturday, May 19th
Texas Energy Lab, for May 19.

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Hello and welcome to the Texas energy lab on Austin's talk thirteen seventy. This is Texas energy lab and you can find out more information about us at TX energy lab dot com special thanks to our title sponsor freedoms solar. You can find out more about them that freedom solar power. Dot com I'm your 'cause Kyle Frazier here in the studio at mica has twenty Torres in quick need wanna do you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from the ship connect. Things Kyle so we are here today with Alan Graham. Two is the the founder CEO and president. The mobile loaves and fishes and the community first village I said that right. Okay and Allen went into tell us a little bit about where we are today and what these organizations. Organizations are and what they do. Yes photos kind of understand who we are from the top down mobile ocean issues founded twenty years ago this year. By myself. From an idea that I had and four other bodies I don't know Wesley kills. Today we have three legs tour stool. Like number one is a truck operation goes out on the streets of Austin, Texas every night thirteen trucks. Serve in the homeless. Can the working for word male. About 12100 meals are racing moment. From that relation ship building activity that's going to where people are and moving into relationship with them. Came up with a crazy idea about fourteen years ago to go out purchasing gently used RV. Lift one person up off the streets of to a private Leo Garvey park. That led to. Idea of building an RV park launched air reaching your shooting in the middle. They 27 acre master planned RV park on steroids designed to lift. The most despised of outcast to most lost and forgotten. The men and women that you feast and an owner Sri corners living under bridges in the shelters urban camps. In our city of Boston streets into place that they can call home. That is the second leg community first of the three legged stool the third leg is called community worked. It's built on an entrepreneurial. Premise that the men and women that you treat standing album street corners begging panhandling. Are actually some of the greatest yet most ineffective Altidore. And her country and wired nation and there. Well when I moved Austin 42 years ago yes I can't believe that's even role in all my lips. There were no panhandlers on the street corner there were men and women selling. Bottles of water flowers and newspapers and cal scholes and cal skins and also on the velvet Elvis are. And today most of that stuff is completely outlawed. Or to bureaucracy of it containing the rights to do that is so onerous and expensive. That it eliminates people that live in extreme poverty from act actor shots when I believe should be their constitutional. First Amendment entrepreneurial. Rights yet panhandling. Does he only remaining bastion of launch for journalism. Left of these men and women because it is feet. Right the First Amendment of the constitution. And so. Yep and so the committee works is to. Empower people into cultivating lifestyle. I'm not placing them inside of a box where they have to work eight to five because frankly they're a lot like me. Eight DD and I canned two really operate. Inside the constraint. Of the box and admire people who who operate that way and that's that's not my personality ignores it there. That's critz I think I should mention which added not in the beginning we are on assignment here we are in community first village Saturday afternoon evening rather. And so it's it's cool to look out the window and see all the stuff that's going on things that your talking about here and so. Those those. You know at some point twenty years ago when you started this. Do you were doing something else at that time what what what were you doing and a past life. And in describe that moment when he said. To yourself hey there's something that but I feel like I should be doing it's not presently when I'm doing now. Well what I was actually do and in my past life incredibly wild animal shall do it in my current life which is I'm a little state developer. And I thought that god was pulled me out of rules state development which he did for a few years but that was only. A temporary measure to acquit me. To develop what we're shooting and right now the community first. Village but I was involved. Over the course of twenty some years. Developing. Office buildings retail business. Land. Commercial investment and in the latter part of my career developing their cargo facilities on airports. Around the country. And but there was an epiphany at some point in time it was two. Like a lightning flash altar call and a moment I like to describe it more is a real push to act. On a wall. We're. My professional life was stopped them pretty pretty high and the ministry fly blues. Near off. And then there was a moment in October of 1996. When where I went on a men's retreat. That had I known that I was going to or retreat we're men we're gonna hold hands with each other. And praying. I would have never gone. But it turned into that. Really fast and over the course of about thirty hour. Period. I just got slammed. Twelve from spiritual perspective and begin to ask god. What do you want me to do and I adopted a philosophy called gesture yet know what you're thinking that the just say yes it's gonna call you to. The plane together at a church her cook some barbecue for people you know or be come on you Christian minister lecter or something like that. Maybe make some chain which is four pour homeless people. And it was just these little movements along the way. That led to division in 1998. That you could take the catering truck go out on the streets. And loaded with abundant and take it to those that lack about it. That's great pal Al of that Labatt Genesis of this of this story and and so. Now we've got this three legged stool that supports the different things that community first is doing. And I think that you it would be now be a great time to pause just a moment and let's cut to a break as we come back on talk more about each of those three legs of the stool. So hang in there will be right back in just a moment after these messages. Hello welcome back to the Texas energy lab on Austin's talk radio thirteen seventeen and we're here in the studio with Alan Graham is that the founder and CEO president of community first and so the last. Seven or eight minutes or so we've talked about. How you had this epiphany twenty years ago to do something more with your life and what you were doing you were developing real estate. And and some pretty calm calm that sounds complex commercial projects getting into aviation and those sorts of things and so. That led TT do some thing that it required some. Some steps into places he didn't have clarity to write this just say yes. Had a philosophy and that led to what we're sitting in today this afternoon which is this community first village which is one of the three runs of the stool you mention. There's also commuted the works which is and in that way of engaging Indian entrepreneurs that that that live here on site. And then you've got the big truck program which is taking meals to people who are still living out on the street corners and under bridges in places throughout the city. So all of that just requires a massive amount of energy and so this is the Texas energy alas we want also kind of tie and the sustainability story. That you have at least three different things and of course they this sort of up all over time they didn't all happen that want to start with a truck and move to the RV and stuff like that that. Also walking around we see. We see Rainwater catchment we sees solar on these buildings we seed. You know distributed. Development which is you've got common areas for for bathhouse shower for kitchen and so. The can be sharing those things how to is. You or vision for displays intersect with sustainability. It's a great question we live in a we live in an extraordinary culture in the United States of America that we live and they. Culture that often time is. Driven by a fallacy that we can pick up shields up by her bootstraps it's independent nature. As to who you are. The reality is that none of us are independent and we hope all that we aren't all that we have. Two and underpinning. Of a lot freedom solar. Has a number of employees that are going out doing nothing but goodness SunPower. The same thing going around doing nothing but goodness in the matter it's at the top no matter who owns it. Can't. Can't state that they did all this that sells. If you girl that philosophy down to people that live in extreme poverty in the United States. The Porsche people. That are living. On somewhere between zero and 50%. Of the median family income and individuals out here average about 700. Dollars a month. There's no way. To really be sustainable. Without. Figuring out ways to subsidize. That. And yet to get creative. In that thought process and the the common laundry restroom shower facilities which use less water less electricity. Less he. Are part. Of that. But that model and still instead of having everybody self contained inside their own little units that were coming to a commentary. Kitchen where people are preparing meals together. And then. You know when you look at the cost of living. Ran would be at the highest end of that. Cost of living normally and energy is going to be number two news. And the ability. To mitigate that energy cost. Through sustainable. Resources like solar power is as each ordinary. It when you're talking about. Helping people that live at the lowest level poverty cannot pay. The same thing that you and I are paying to keep our homes air conditioned and her through refrigerated the way that you and I. Do that through the partnership between freedom and some power and mobile ocean fishes. Has been one of those partnerships. That I think he's due to our fundamental. Vision statement you know the reason that mobilization vicious exist or vision statement we empower communities into life style of service with the home. So with the energy industry. Come alongside mobile lotion issues to deal with one of the most intractable problems. In our country but help us offset. Energy cost out here I mean hang out. That to win. So. Are you are you still living out here I know one point in time you wore but I don't know if that's still the case and if you wanna talk about that enough. Yeah we Tricia I've now lived out here a little bit over a year. Our home that we've lived in for 34 years should Wesley kills. There's in the title company in being sold and we'll probably close at the end of ended June this has been in of one of the most remarkable of movements and we've ever ever made we've moved into 399. Extraordinarily spacious square feet. That is just incredible for me because I I've seen you know yes and you at some point time you were out here and so. Describe for us kind of bad decision and to use to. To put yourself here which is which is harder on my head around. Well. This is another way of how insidious god can be. So probably the I just say yes so about a year ago. This past Thanksgiving. When things were really ramping up out here and we were Evans a number of meetings and stuff out here. Tricia I would make a decision because we were operating out of one of the park homes as our office. Well we spend the night tonight restriction clothes and we'll spend the night. Can and so we come through which and the night you wake up and yeah. He walked MI RU doting walking officers in the house. Over there at the time before we built this building that we're in right now. And then it became too not too and then it became three and by about march we were not going home to what actually. The roots there was a freedom. That was exploding. Out of the simplicity. Of her life could have a beautiful homes that overlooks about a little while based in what actually killed. And that we live in about 800 square feet of with the balance of it is a pretty pretty expensive storage yeah. And and and them would love to be unity that was here we love the the different. People that are out here and by about may about this time a year went to Tricia and it's always a vote moment when I go tour with an idea. And and I said what do you thing. About the idea of selling our couch paying off all over that two week we've accumulated to adapt. Or to be able to do what we're doing. Helping the kids out a little bit with their college. We have five kids. And potential in the house that we dreamed that we would die in. You know and interest in beautiful town she was onboard. Runway it's been great. The great decision when the house. And finally does club that's my emotional moments from America's we raise your whole family there so to have the two very important place in the history of the grand for him because. We're at a new season and we love we love where we. Are now. Eminent tennis to our last break here and we'll be back in just a few minutes the more now on them. Mobile exhibitions. Welcome back to Texas energy I'm from the east whereas here today with Alan Graham. Before the break we're talking a little bit about. And the community first bill age community works and mobile loaves and fishes getting out into the homeless community to deliver. Meals where they're needed time over the break we are talking a little bit about the village here and I asked about. When is it like for people who have pacs and so Alan do you money Greek have a little bit about what we're talking about. Yet this is actually a big deal for us here because if you understand why. People are homeless we believe very powerfully that the single greatest cultural homelessness. Who's a profound catastrophic loss for him. The things that exacerbate homelessness like mental health issues addictions affordable housing living wages. That bad all exists already and all of our families and somehow. Our safety nets but he as dysfunctional as it may be comes up underneath those individuals. And keeps them from them finding their way out onto the streets. And so. With this profound catastrophic loss of family when you understand. That the original cells of social life is the family this is that place where you and are created. This is were reform this week were were nurtured this from world with goodness is supposed to flow. When there has been a nuclear bomb thrown in to the middle of that. Over a lifetime. One nuclear bomb after another this huge cataclysmic breakdown in the and you end up out on the streets. And then we as a society push people to vote for this fringes of society. And that became the lost and forgotten that that was five in the Outkast. Yet inherently inside of each about your two. Fundamental characteristics. Each of those desires to be fully and holy loved. For example when it does want below and the second thing is is that. We wanna be fully in the holy. No. We wanna be back you. For what we do we wanna be valued Peruvian mothers we wanna be valued for being. In business we wanna be valued for. Or leadership which we just wanna be valued. But when you live in a constant state of deep values and unloved. Animals. And being Mitch ordinary. Healing and angle to that. To that deal. When you're alone. And I'll never forget when the movie the wrestler came out and that was the re emergence of Mickey Rourke as an actor who goes deep into addiction. Was doing a an interview with Barbara Walters before them. Nod of the Oscars. And was recounting his depression. And as many desire. To commit suicide. In his last desire. Was in appalled that in his apartment in Manhattan. Lane on program. About to do it. When his dog. Was laying there next to looking into that Mickey Rourke in the essentially in the beautiful puppy dog actually. Don't leave me alone here. And and Mickey. Attributed his life being saved by that dog okay. And two days prior to the interview or something like that the dog who passed away and of old age. And and and so I mean that accentuates. The importance of animals had tore lies because I believe that when we. Treating animals well. That. There's going to be unconditional love there. But even win it my best I treat other human well. There can be disappointment. And that deal. So animals church three only important in particularly dogs more showed. But caps as well or any animal that. I'm not sure about straight yeah. They appear kept her and so I just think it's they're they're been in incredible part of the healing process here's the other thing. You gotta wake up in the morning. He got take the dog out. So the dog can go the bathroom that's at least twice today may be more. When the dog who's in the argue got to bend over pick up the printers exercise involved in addition to the love there's bringing people out of the community because these other people walking the dog bit the benefits of that dealer extraordinary. I couldn't agree with Seymour I'm actually holding back tears because I'm such an animal lover and that was it resonated so you're deeply. I'm a cat person and but I love all animals deeply but at unabashed attack percent cut back up. Yeah yeah. Well. And you had mentioned that you guys have a dog parks here and I just wanted to give you the opportunity to mention a little bit more about that because I think that's. Really fantastic. A friend of mine. Tim Hendricks love you brother had a dog named Jake abominable crime scene. Golden Retriever. That he got his episcopal priest to agree. And at his wedding Jake would be the best man. But about a week prior Jake threw at him. You know I had a pulmonary embolism and eight. And and so in brainstorm. What's now called Jake's place this dog park attendance and the large developer. Downtown office building type. Project pulled whole team of people architects and builders have we built this extraordinary dog park. And in the middle of it is say referred to New Orleans and Louisiana red fire hydrant. If you don't know enemy. So tell us a little bit about and quickly. The village here what exists now and then what your vision is for the future what's coming. Sources known to 47 acres we call it euphemistically an RV park on steroids but you come into the entrance and then she about or Alamo draft house movie theater. Surrounding the movie's creators have 500 cheek amphitheater. She around a BF fifty acre is one of the largest bed and breakfast in the state of Texas with a 75%. Occupancy rate she church. You could go on to air BB community first to come out here spent some time with us we have a medical clinic. A community market. We've just lost our. Car care business and partnership with Charles month. At Toyota where you can come out volunteered drop the car off we'll change you'll Lou bit. Yup and the men and women that do all the work get all the money from doing the work we have an art house were men and women command and produced fine art pottery jewelry. We have a wood shop a blacksmith shop we have a glass blowing chopped we have a full blown organic farming operation with animal husbandry. With chickens currently producing forty does the next week going to a hundred. In the very near term. All that food. Goat's milk. Honey from RB operation in the fresh fruits and vegetables that come off the farmer freed the men and women that live your community. There's a hundred Arby's and about a 13030. Mike for homes and were about to break ground on 24 acres contiguous next door. That Allah had another 300 housing units. Very large clinic with a respite hospice care unit may be an 8000 square foot make such grace and and maybe another 4000 square foot two space it'll be cut of the game hall type of thing. Allen a full week if you could just tell our listeners that are that are. Totally intrigue about what's going on out here as we are what what has some of the things that they continue to support the organization all three of those and and whichever capacity they they feel like they can't. And we're to go to find information about how to. Well we appreciate that very much stood the gateway to all this stuff is our website at him though enough dot org. That's image and Mary dollars and Lima. And at this and frank Dodd award G. And at that there's volunteer opportunities. On there if you wanna do Cingular stopped he could silent on our website that whole listing of all kinds of stuff coming up. But if you're company out there like peel off some freedoms solar and and some power. And wanna do picture days we have the ability. To do those we just did one last week and 250 people. If you wanna give us money kimono and do that and if you're wondering what you can give besides money it's always Mo money. But don't they say about money Mo problems that earth. Did you can do is come visit the air being being spent a night in and do will this last Christmas I brought my kids out here to do their Christmas shopping because you've got a Christmas bazaar or the people who live here make things. And that and it Jeanette trail light sick as there here at Akron and in the winter you come out and supported there's there's probably under different ways that. An easy step position so. Okay well thanks out for being on our show we appreciate that and and thanks to our listeners. Will be back next week.