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Saturday, June 16th
Texas Energy Lab, for June 16.

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Your favorite source for thoughtful conversation on life sustainability and innovation in the lone star state. If you found this on the radio than you already know there were on talk 1370. AM every Saturday at 6 PM. And if you're listening visually than you are you know that the shows available online at TX energy lab dot com or wherever finer podcaster downloaded. Off top thank you to freedom solar power title sponsor you can find more about them at freedoms solar powered dot com. For better or for worse I am your host this afternoon. My name's McKay Procter. And I'm here with my auditory better half Sharon harder share and I'm pretty excited about this afternoon and tells her wits. Thank you McKay welcome everybody and I am thrilled to introduce Reagan red shirt today do and is eight California native Texas transplants. And Sam manages a couple of buildings in west lakes that have you with underwent a I'm a pretty cool green. Retro offense and energy efficiency. And this return fed is so I elemental learn a little bit more about about those projects and talk about it we your approach to. And unity to efficiency and sustainability through before we get there I would love for each sky tells little bit more about you and you re came premise I got here. Wound is so long story. Given the short short version. I was actually born in Palm Springs I got a lot of family in and then in the desert area out there. Actually grew up mostly in Ohio and Michigan an island in North Carolina for awhile and Dallas prominently for awhile. And now I'm back in Austin are a lot of country and yeah and I've got a lot of family here mind my dad and so mom Brothers sisters that I audience. Cousins. So I'm here opener with with him myself in my business that its. And so it's a tell us more about it in buildings that in English or nearby a prayer we are recruiting in in Westlake said he tells little bit more about the buildings and how he colleague Ben. Management's yes I came Dawson five years ago to manage our. We have two buildings in Westlake oaks Wesley coax consists of about thirteen office buildings. Totaling 145000. Square feet of office space. We have two buildings in their tool of about 22000. Square feet. My step mom was managing those she got Louisville should get it hits replacement came to help out. And now I've been here five years so. It's been a great. Transition for me into this a career and oh. What else reasons so. So how does so EE EU can't Wear reading list of why did you have some background and commercial realistic for that you just. John dead Nuno I can help out over the years with different projects that were going on at the building some in and around. I kind of was a handyman by nature and throughout that way it is it was always fixing things are working on things. Those are kind of specialty areas of mine and then when there tears or helping out with the buildings and tenant accounting and finance since then I've understand the business aspect of and ownership aspect of it so. I just recently sort of my own company called fortunate commercials than our ministry buildings in the complex as well as the entire association. But managed you know Wesley looks association. And so he started life working with her hands. Yeah that sort of how you got into music and creativity did an my outsiders often my two older Brothers and my mom all played music. Guitar drums. Bass and I just learned from them on and entertainment. Yeah sort of very young. Guitar like a drums at fourteen and but it all kinds of fans travel the country Clinton. Different shows and venues than. How much of your life is you know a day it is pretty different worlds it sounds like you hack yeah reconcile those -- kind of split your life between. I passions always being open. I think it's enormously important is you can get so tied up into whatever it is you're doing and to be open to some other things. Could also benefit you just as much maybe in different way. And so being open like a performer FiOS and opera and so I've singer chorus and a super. On the on the stage in and I've played in bands around town so. But also keeping them bounce of work and an expression. Consistent consistently doing that I think it helps you can become more well rounded individual. As someone whose mother told him this inquiry during church and I find the idea of interacting with the Austin opera all terrified and and but it does suit. He said they'd created to creativity and expression are really important you don't find that that carries over to you know. The time you spend managing offices are you trying to prove or probable problems the same way you do songwriting her father. I think everything you do in the physical world as an expression of the self so if if you're. That's before doing a great job and your attention to detail and you you're taking care of things where you take care of yourself than that. Your your expressing that. Consciousness I guess. What are you wanna call it. So it it even your work but you can. If you're doing a good job being do you till then you've been as creative elements to whatever it is you're doing like to look in the energy things for example. You know we have a very efficient run building. Actually get more efficiencies are thinking well all of the things can reduce solar. HVAC installation in Italy the lighting civilian and that's a creative aspect of this. Of building management concept. And it's good for the environment. And yes so unless we show John grumble part of this idea of what a spirituality of sustainability right there on a connections you. The world around us he is ultimately what inspires a decision. Do you feel that our data de GG thinking I. I can make the world a better place by the way around this building absolutely. And I think it's. What do you think you're doing it or not I think it's every beings. Gold. Whether you think theater you know you're doing that's the tone of the thing I mean to being consciously aware that that's what you're doing is that is. Beneficial to see some sort of direction I guess and goals to set forth but I. I think we'll do it. And so how does that idea and relate to the way that you approach music is it about on expressing yourself through beauty in a way that might connect you to another person. Yeah I think we are all connected in some shape performed and as a writer I'm sure you probably maybe get in touch with that too it means. Sometimes when you're writing your being creative is it's not you it's some connection you have to you right. Everything thanks and shooting three and because other people are also connected eat your connecting to them so it's. It's all the same it's all one big thing that you're you get to be apart. Yes the tips of toes a little bit more how that and that relates to you know be your and I am also curious about the candidate that's the fixer mentality yeah hands on approach to how you got started. With the exhibit degree retrofit and at the buildings like however you know what what kind of made you. You start on the path yet you know. You know electricity keeps going up the cost going up and you know that you can't really fix that and we had these buildings around thirty years old and a lot of them are original original equipment roof. Eight pact mean. Things that are not efficient especially today's standards so. We're looking at if you want it would cut expenses bully got almost upkeep on the roof we've got to keep on my age and we got to keep on does this then the other end. So how do we improve everything well. Actually through ABM I had a random conversation with him about it as a you know really get what they get my reached down because it's it's a gravel on tar. Ruth from and they have this news ftp you know it's why it's reflective. Nets helps with energy efficiency as a visual were great and and and Christian overrated and he said when you know we do that less than. Well that's perfect isn't it your thought bestsellers at the hour that they get invisible we do that team. And he and I get two contracts to freedom solar which they were phenomenal partner and their program. And so the royal what else can you do well the idea behind solar is that let's reviews here overall costs so. A reflector Bruce can help you with your energy on heating cooling. A newer HVAC equipment is gonna bring down your costs that are associated with running you know the operations at here at two billion net and then Ellie do you lighting throughout also reduce your energy consumption. So the idea is to keep lowering your energy consumption and then throw solar on top of that. And makes it much easier to compensate for that energy consumption rate. And so it was kind of a no brainer. Especially that the solar don't want your warranties the roots got twenty year warranty like. And to me it's paying for itself as an as an analyst today near Harry's yeah I mean I mean there and be involved and more that point but it's going to hang up. Paying off now so and it's it's been great great option. It's kind of a no brainer. Yet and it's it's a really functional version of that hole ism in connection that we were talking about earlier play like it's it's the same idea. Is that it's. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to Texas energy lab this Sharon harder along with McCain Procter your co host for this week. And we are here with Reagan reference her Reagan red Fermi has been copper corporation and we are talking about their record for the breakers talking about the and green energy retro effects that you led. I'm honored on a couple of buildings that you managed and in Westlake and you read it sounds like the way you're describing that the process starting with the other groups and then. You know evolving to and EE you know eventually LED lighting solar and HVAC and lighting act and curious and you know like that's that's sort of something is snowballed a little better grade and I'm curious how you know what your thought process wise and you know why you decided to include in that project and it really raid drew the line right because if you. One is taking it. Out to infinity Peter Rainwater capture and you know EV charging stations as a gases I'm curious kind of white. How you decided what you wanna say to tackle and then what things you ready to outline of what you'd save for later. BM and I guess how are really sort of was bill leaky reforming every time frame accurate. Always do better mean it is an enemy our research an enemy stopped like it was just so fresh principle let's get a fair so much of the roof and so I'm getting bids on route in and talked Christian unity manually do groups and it perfect. We'll list every thought about a reflective TPO reports that perfect that's its energy that'll couple out there in cooling. So yeah but you really got this older you know HVAC equipment and yes we do it's the original image that you can't even find parts for it anymore. Original not neglect not in the getaway absolutely I mean it's amazing it lasted as long as it is. So yes we got. Is back concept third retirees expenses as well as the he said well have you thought about solar less than we always thought about it but it just you don't know if the costs. Doing it is going to be worth a return on the other end and soon. And it seemed like man it really wasn't worth the money to get into it. And he said well if you. You make all these other energy improvements. And then throw solar on top of it you don't have to make so much energy from the sun to. You know pay for what you're using so. If you reduce these other areas are I guess improve these are the areas than the solar is more effective. They reduce reuse recycle reality right start with reduction and then you know on and tried as clean up their arrest so in the project the roof was first. And then I think we do dozens. Solar. And then the LU running at the same time and age I kind of was the last component of our project. And just open by doing the roof and reality lighting and and we were seeing huge savings. So I'm. And was late at it I am assuming that there are another Austin energy rebates for efficiency credits residential I'm assuming it's true for commercials while to that player Roland like what made financial sense. Yeah absolutely there is I don't remember the exact number on the rebates and a firm project which is very large project I think to repay it was around a 130000. And then and there are some federal tax credits as well race. And that's across more is such as the solar and that's the cross also has a H back yeah across the whole aspect project calls Kanye. I would I had solar that in my house several years ago is you know it would based gossip and you wouldn't even get as the solar rebate unless we upgraded our age back yet and ductwork and Michael Erie and that two by you gotta do that before yeah. You know we're willing to give the money for solar and I guess if I don't know this but of is that there are twenty or 34 refrigerator and Don is actually going to be. Banned from production and importation. In 21 he didn't depth that's so if you have any equipment. That's old and requires that refrigerant mean united and build a service that. And so it's it's. It's. Might be time announcer if you look and upgrade it's it's your time student it's amazing how fast I think how fast the technology changes insurers and efficiency and you know even if couple years make a difference on you know huge differences and and I hope for from a plumbing perspectives do you know H back. The ads always feels like it there's are just can't sit to get the new look at the best athletes he's got a few. You're like that's on the. I'm yet so another question that we wanted to ask about this is so obviously the building itself is really important you know with some sustainability but it the way that you run the building like how you apply sustainability in an invasion mindset future dated dec. Did today. Humans to that's difficult. Just maintaining unity. When you managed represented as you kind of after system and then whom you speak your system down and he turned tweak it make it more efficient so did I'm not foolish for me I think to have things down so I don't really think about it. But yeah I mean just. With with a Smart thermostats for example you know always keeping up with the programming to make sure you're not. He wastes energy on this part of the building part of the building because that we have black glass Billingsley a really hot. So yeah if nobody's working and how part of the building let's not put an error there. Losers and and those little things day by an enemy and they add up to huge taking them. So I mean that's one example against. Dear to your tenants like A today did they know about the changes that you made today care is that something that you hear from the from the and that like we want these types of. A gallery answer yet that they were all very happy to be that LED lighting was the hardest for people who transition to really you surprisingly why is that. On the everybody loves fluorescent oh yeah well what's so funny because people. He did fluorescence yeah I yeah I was being total and I know that's what's so funny and now the ability Leno it's great energy efficient in the in the computer colors in their much more precise than oil like. And guess train so he's definitely don't think it's doing something to them and that but it but it it just is a thinker and it takes two weeks for your kind of and I would you wanna call it conscious there perception perception to to adjust to it being there and interest. It's like if you took this long put in the east accurate there might take a couple weeks tested forget that it's yet to not notice that tonight at NASA is like the same thing. It's just that there isn't everyone seems to be happy with now. Golf there's always hiccups whenever you do transition day and a. Are they act and have you heard like feedback on like this is what you know and sort of jokingly mentioned you know EV charging stations earlier that Eddie and you heard eras of and demand for other. You know low flow. You know. Plying toilets are is it that we've source telephone and Obama holds the theft. Government that every president some of our other building owners and their property I'm actually happy he's patience and dispensed with on site nobody seems and don't our buildings have. Those are seventh. Yes there's a demand it's an artist and the money on the installation dates can be worth figurehead I guess I cannot implement it commandeer an I guess I better go violent section Mickelson implode you know so that he could excuse yeah. I know from personal experience we we just thought and a add plug in hybrid and many many and I. Area and ended late last year has those worries that the tax credit you know these tax credit is gonna go way they did that it yeah the federal tax reform our former cuts and so we we we buy and we got some 500 dollars and then you know and and then began the tax credits stage sound still a good time to go buy an electric. Oh yeah there. You know. Will talk about the future when we come back from break this is Texas energy lab than now we'll see after the real problem. Talk thirteen seventy. Energy lab on top 1570 AM and Sherri turner here with the we came Procter and we are talking oregano. Friends say about we just kind of went into a lot of the detail about the mandate there Richard says that you sent on their office the busy mission west lake. And she did you know to kind of segment segued. From marriage to kind of wait need to attend to future might hold are there any other opportunities that you're looking for. Or ideas you have about in other sexual mystique. Sure this property so and use of performance the association after the complex as well and we use a lot of water for irrigation. So actually the next step and we birdie kind of set this in motion but we're installing a well system and to handle all over your nation needs and so that's kind of an exciting things will expensive from though it'll pay for itself in less than. Less than 500 fears that the what's that I'm Q is it underground yes and how did they dig about eight to 900 feet down. To that that was a long way it is there any of I think it's like a seven horsepower pumps the pumps water around the league program storage tanks to. Fill up that we use at the storage wallets pumping water back into the store upset and so that's exciting. And water is near India or China and India and you know it's connection back to energy we talked a few times on the show about the water energy nexus and you know the fact that that's you know the water that we use is connected to the energy that we delicacy that we produce and it's not and he doesn't get enough attention really because of the the price of water just doesn't reflect. Did that this true scarcity and as we head into another summer of likely droughts I think that you know that is. Certainly am a focus that is very deep and yet that's the way more ambitious. You know water act capture project and then I've heard. It's a big project but it'll Peter you very much worth. Dunn he would ought to fear look at that the buildings with the heat and he's been playing class buildings and so we we've tried different lines. The solar blind since living blinds on the film's style. Work phenomenally well and nobody likes and doesn't wanna see outside. They block the view that. They do that light exercise if that is the you don't get to see outside if you could paint a mural on the inside of I could keep looking get their idea. We'll have no windows from this point aren't you like LED screens or whatever outside you wanna half. Hey hi tracked it back we are probably closer to we think I'm very weathered and that on airplanes that person really other echo windows Sunday. Oh. What's outside the public cameras or something bound air balls so word we're trying to improve on literally looking at the top of justice as he'll slow but ambitious to me I think that the top of clouds is one of the cooler things of overseeing. So you you talked about the difficulties of having black glass buildings is there in team like change on the horizon for that is very thing you can do or thirty. They're gonna think yeah there. Thirteen buildings on black glass and we have or in Condo association. Rules and regulations in this he's in arson and all that Sony. Can change there must everybody wanted to change here and next here until that's. Re on the dollar technology becomes a reality break anything you know in beacon is not commercially ready maybe never will be but that would be something that would be at a cool like the super thin film eagerness for and against the windows up. Maybe you know mile option would be to plant more trees in the suffering of that you know. That sounds beautiful was going pleasantries know that. Don't think. The aspects you list after the water under the water's down at the well project though because the trees are gonna need one or two you've got to look at. And tradeoffs for everything that there's going to. And I noticed and you can take its. And you can't went to closer than the solar that you gotta gotta stop after one kids. Must think about that. I'm and then just generally beyond sustainability. Boy you think that the future of of your business in the of the buildings you manage is going to be and you know. Are you looking into you know adding more buildings on to manage your and you know may be the same way the New York Stanley passed down to use or are they going to you the missionaries are returns were what was the horizon air so I've got to. Mountain View them contenders. Five pressure since this if how they all local a lot of as soon as we got one brother and Ali's an acupuncture is. Other service all worked together real we're together here. That's awesome are generally visit Israel army Jenkins on a couple weeks and it's from ABC on the commercial on NASA family doesn't you guys are all and it is so woo why I. I'm the only woman does the properties but. There's other businesses were all involved in an and so we are looking at a more properties and to purchased on the road but I'm from the mentoring aspect that I managed three now in Austin and manageability and Palm Springs, California. I'm someone can hopefully get a couple more out there and have more here. Sector at. Not result histories and yet I don't know I don't know how I'm going to. And it's not a vacation house in if you work anywhere operative yeah. Great reason ago. And. And I would ask sort of forward looking out and ask when people can can get a CI say hey you know you are you here at the recent your DOS not Bradley and are there a certain you know are you kind of aren't on. Performing on a regular basis there and or from playing any other games. Sure. Ran down the Austin our prison on brake and no picks back up in the fall they do three shows per year. And remember what next season is holding at. So it'll be three shows next year picks have been around Thanksgiving and then there's one right after Christmas when one of the spring around April and Evian all of them yeah. I think I might be you know manage your cold and we'll see. We'll have to add a Yankee. We'll check that out there. Our and so our time together very short if you have any sort of last thoughts are ways that people can can reach you reach out you. Yeah YouTube channel free music or anything like that. Well I would say last thought that just if people are on her eyes on the connect what if they wanna do some. Richard Spencer energy things and I mean. Don't don't wait it's really worth it. Don't talk yourself out of it mean things will improve but they're pretty great right now so it's it's not a bad time negating. As far as the other stuff. You know. Yep on the Internet I guess the interwebs. That's the tubes. No. Are so folks thanks for checking in with techs energy lab we're we're glad that you spend earning a little bit of time with us. If you like what you heard now were on the radio and its thirteen 78 AM every Saturday at 6 PM. And then you can find all of our episodes. Most of them don't involve means so if that's a plus for you you can definitely enjoy those. At Texas heard TX energy lab dot com. Or wherever finer pat podcaster downloaded. And we really enjoyed this this thirty minutes that we got to spend with Reagan and with you and we hope to hear from next week. Have a lovely afternoon he'll.