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Happy Saturday afternoon Keon of another just lovely lovely. Little piece say heaven days here in Austin, Texas we appreciate you joining us thanks for. Your time today on the Texas insider show we're here every Saturday afternoon from about 1230 to 130 I'm Jim Correll one. Wherever you're doing today it's that time of the year the most wonderful time of the year happy Christmas shopping weekend Q you went and and enjoyed movement there's not a cloud in the sky over here at the talk thirteen seven you right choice worldwide headquarters were. Pleased to visit with you today and have more as usual as I said last week we. I've I've got to be biting my tongue these days because every week it seems like I want to say. There's reported this week this is the most important week. That we've ever seen in politics were there to state level or at the national level in years and and yet here was another big big week in this day and age of technology and Donald Trump and sexual allegations. Which is a wonderful wonderful thing that all this is coming out that women can be believed and that technology. And and social media is helping. Change America and so many so many ways for the better on dig into that little bit but. We have got. A just a couple more days I wanna. Mentioned there will be joined by state representative Jason Isaak from dripping springs here after the first. Break keys out running for congressional district 21. Stretching from. Austin down a quarter or 35 to San Antonio and give us a little baby update on what's going on dammit capital in terms of Christmas trees going up and fun things that you may not. Normally hear about. In them. We're also gonna talk about. Some of the things that are happening with the US. Congress in the tax cut it's going through there is Donald Trump's been. Saying the last couple days last couple weeks he's gonna give us all give America a Christmas present and boy hats off to. Congressman Kevin Brady one of our own congressman from outside Houston. Who's chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee if you go to Texas insider I should say being churned checks at a Texas insider dot org or on FaceBook and Twitter at. Texas insider we post about fifteen articles every day take it straight from the horse's mouth over the capitol or our friends up on Capitol Hill in DC. Where I used to work in them first about fifteen articles every day keep you on the inside that's why we say you're either an insider not if you go there. Right now you'll see him lead story on the left hand column did you know that. Only 46%. I'm sorry. 46%. Of Americans that's. Almost a majority think the news media fabricate its just makes up stories about Donald Trump even. 20% of Democrats won in five. Democrats think that the media makes up stories about Donald Trump 44% of independent voters. Think that voters heard that the media makes ups and this is I'm not talking about misleads. I'm talking about flat out makes up stories. As we talked about before the the media been added to end that boy howdy the last month starting. With Harvey Weinstein Aetna Hollywood and then move them. To some of the political. Newspapers and radio TV shows like Bill O'Reilly and Mark Halperin on MSNBC. And now you've had Charlie Rose at CBS morning show or met Lara we talked about last week on NBC morning show. I'm gonna get into that and everybody was sane and NBC and MSNBC. The corporate executives certain releasing statements saying that we had no idea nobody knew this is the first. Time anybody has said anything in twenty years of Matt Lauer Urbina are our lead thoroughbred. We'll come to find out eight he hadn't heard about it there was a 2008. Media roast at the friars club up in New York City. And all it was. They were roasting Matt Lauer and all it was was person after person including women like Martha Stewart Meredith Vieira even Katy Kirk. Coming out in talking about mental our sexual escapades it was absolute filth. With a DI CK word other sexual. Allegations. B a LLS. You know just unbelievable and they did know about it. All of Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein for a decade and even though they said. Initially that they didn't all the national media has known about Matt Lauer and Charley Rosen some of the others and now what's finally happening. We saw this week senator Al Franken from the great state of Minnesota. The only state by the way since 1960. That has voted for a Democrat candidate in every presidential election now think about that 1960. For those of you. Who either are old enough to know or don't remember history enough 1960s. Got John Kennedy. As president in Richard Nixon. Was the lead Republican at that point before I became president but every election since then that includes. LBJ that includes Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan daddy bush George Herbert Walker Bush Bill Clinton all the others the only state. In the country that has never voted for a Republican candidate. Out of any one of those elections is Minnesota and here we have Al Franken. Resigning this week he gave deem weakest most putrid it's been pain and even by. Democrats. Speech on the senate floor saying I'm gonna be retiring in a cup or resigning and a couple of weeks. And I'm not guilty of anything so off the Democrats go you know claiming that it's the women's fault but I tell you. In this day and age I'm so glad that women can come forward. And talk about the war on women which is always just been a pet peeve of mine there's no war on women that is a fictional. Marketing phrase that's been made up by the liberal left in the Democrat to make us all think. Something negative just the word war implies violence. Which is not good against women in importers. Error implies you know a bad role that we all have to engage in. By and large we're seeing in this stain aged that. Minorities blacks and women's and women and last year in the liberal left. Lexicon in new needs a rallying cry. You need a cause you need something to be able to raise money to support your little fiefdom of think tanker political party. We're seeing in. It just crack me up that cure this last presidential primary. After the Democrats have been the champion of feminism in the the protector of minority rights. What would you have on the Democrat side he had a couple old white people namely Bernie Sanders a socialist by the way he's never. Run on a Democrat as a Democrat he's always been. A candidate is faced independent socialist whether it's in Vermont he doesn't have a deer and our next to his name it says. Independent socialist. So you had Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton the epitome of a privileged establishment. And on the Republican ticket when you have you had a woman Carly Fiorina. You had to Hispanics. Marco Rubio Ted Cruz that was where the diversity was. And yet there's all this claim by the left that there's a warm women are that we now we're just watching the television here come and under the show and you've got Al Sharpton on MSNBC and has some if you heard. That Donald Trump is making an announcement for minority. Statue and monument is the word I was looking for. And of course all the minorities are invited it's an honor to them and the battles that they've gone through. And all the black leaders of the NAACP. And others are and refuse to show up. Why because Donald Trump's there are you kidding me. What are they got against their cause and in they've just gotten to the point right now is Newt Gingrich says. That. Donald Trump if it does it doesn't matter he could say that the sky is blue and they're gonna argue about it. And it's because they see their life flashing before their eyes and every bit to visit with Jason i.'s secure. After this first commercial break. State representative from dripping springs I'm gonna get into some of that I mean. We are seen. I think from the 30000. Foot range is what we're trying to do here on the Texas insider show is give you a little sanity and reason and bigger picture analysis so you don't have to carry the way to with the world around with you every week. We're seeing the absolute I know you listen to Sean Hannity at. Every afternoon here on talk thirteen seventy the right choice and he's been saying them mainstream media is dead for probably about six months. I think were released finally seen the collapse of that with all the sexual harassment stuff come and out. I think were also seen. The collapse of the Democrat party because of Al Franken there's another fellow from. Nevada congressman who's being pressured to resign by Nancy Pelosi but the real nut there is that Nancy Pelosi who has batted cell sexual allegations while he was running last November she didn't she knew about it. She didn't do anything about it she didn't she only did not do anything about it she gave him. Ten hundreds of thousands of dollars and backed him to get him through the primary wide because at that point. The sexual harassment they didn't have to do is they say they just had to do is they wanted to and get to think they can get away with it. She backed him because of the parties more important in principle and now we're seeing in a change in net so be sure and check its at a Texas insider dot org we've also got a lead story there about our congressman Kevin Brady that I mentioned. Writing the tax reform bill were all gonna have a big Christmas present as congress in the next week or so past that massive tax cut Kevin Brady says this is truly the moment. An opportunity so many Americans have waited for it's time to leave the slow growth status. Of the Democrat Barack Obama administration behind a sporty good. So we appreciate you joining us today. On the Texas insider show be sure and check cassette at Texas insider dot org where we post about fifteen articles every day you can. Stay on the stay on the inside and either being an insider or not and then on FaceBook and Twitter as well at Texas insider dark war so. Stay tuned to work and take short break come back talks more Texas some US politics. On a lovely lovely day in America's eleventh largest city that would be Austin, Texas I'm Jim cart on the Texas insider show and we will be right back. You've made the right choice topped thirteen seventy. Kids come home. I do. Always good kids too. We. Aaron a little Andy Williams one of the earners from my childhood and hold. Back in them when those golden age of music in what us wonderful wonderful boy. They send boy. Good job like has said Aron it is the most wonderful time of the year in and appreciate you joining us for today's. Texas insider show I'm Jim Correll here on talk thirteen seven be the right choice and on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas we appreciate should. Join an ass and I was talking about. Them the general overall developments the last week of politics and what's been going on in Washington DC with Al Franken resignation and some of the medium. Impression and burn and but because it's the most wonderful time of the year. I wanna be able to visit here we just lost Jason I think Perry is back again but. Because of what goes on down at the State Capitol. A lot of you don't realize the senate puts up a Christmas tree for the last couple years they started that tradition and percent lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and. And the house has traditionally done that for years as well and there's a big ol' Christmas tree in front of the State Capitol if you all haven't taken time to go down there it's got music point 147. Flashing lights and is a beautiful beautiful. Thing to partake of during this holiday season but. We're pleased to have win this one of our own local favorite sons from a house district 45 and them. Growing suburb of dripping springs Jason Isaak stay represented 45 you will listen thanks for joining us today. I am Jim thank Serbian conscript beyond text inside. Well you're out running around and running for as I said the last time you moron when all the candidate filings have been Ghana. A month ago and I should mention first of all is that Monday is the last day for candidates to file for. Office in the 2018. Election and they got to file by Monday is the group the last day but. We'll get into your congressional race in the second Jason but because it's the most wonderful time of the year I thought would be interesting if you could tell us I know I saw you on FaceBook the other day you and your wonderful wife Carrie putting a ornament from district 45 on the house Christmas tree tell me. What's going on down there and what folks concede around or State Capitol these days here. Great place to go and see your government works but we're not obsession right now so it's that that's also good thing or two more Krueger people. Our leaders. Tell how often your government is in session in your freedom because we're only in session every other year for a 140 days we get the freedom of any other country and one of the reasons I think we need to make America like Texas because our current court bounce our budget. But there are some great Christmas and the holidays yeah. Yeah dancing in and things could see their capital we have the dripping springs high school choir performing in the wrote under. About a week you have to go absolutely beautiful we use things like that controllers in the capital on the go home. In just the acoustics are amazing. Three that you see on the house floor ornament that you see on the house's since orders. Not funded by taxpayer dollars so wanted to repeat that not funded by taxpayer dollars do you think that there's an incredible incredible tradition that we have. That are believed it was speaker leaning wife started traditionally capitol ornament in two you can go to the gift shop and buy ornaments in. I think you might be able to go all the way back sweep began it by the old ornaments disagree. And we tradition for thousands of campers got the savor every year they collect this capitol ornament. Those monies are used to go back toward state preservation portrait or preserve. The beautiful building and they represented that's our tax that's our Texas State Capitol. But the taxpayers throughout the state owned. And I know. You. Like I mentioned and your wife were placing an ornament on the tree I've seen other state reps a lot of you have competitions. So to speak in your elementary schools or get your communities involved to design a Christmas tree ornament that represents each district and each part of Texas and then you go down and you have the winner some times and place a ornament on the Christmas streak I know you did something like that the other day correct. Yes absolutely and so we started competition in our office amongst district shall we be at this districts. If they would participate in in most of them agree Q we asked a private schools so the group. Well they would participate and so we went delivered ornaments. Through all of our house which recorded Karr in November October November. And asked them to capture the beauty of the hill country that house district court in five. Blanco and these counties that I hurt her at her now but we really wanted to capture that essence of the country and what it means. There was a young lady saw more belief from LBJ high school in Johnson City yesterday wonderful job on her ornament that was the one select the economic the capitol house capitol Christmas tree and house war. The other ornaments that were turned in from these various used to out district. Paying probably in my office on Christmas tree so. I encourage everybody there to go by and look at the tree on the court you can see. The ornament from doctors cease sophomore willow grove. Accused absolute beautiful captures the rich agriculture history in the hill country beauty. On a small round globe. And so it's just wonderful to actually beautiful and the others are hanging up on the tree in my office which represented school Kirk. Learn how to report card student at the turn an amazing job. And we should mention this is all free other than going through the metal detector a kid into the capital and people don't realize the capitals open all day every day. You can just walking and taken they have freed two words that I would encourage anybody to do it any time of the year Brit. Being able to walk on the floor of the house or representatives and walk on the floor of the senate does. Really sound Nelson again as. Were visiting here with Jason Isaak from house district 445. Jason you say that every district of Mars every district has these wonderful. Ornaments to go see on the Christmas trees so be sure and part taken that and participate in some of that and. Yeah head after the second floor there's a book there that has some great pictures of the ornaments or pain on shrieks of some of Merck a little higher than others and if you can't actually see you don't retreats in the book at him if beautifully captures. Talks about the artists where they're from what the ornaments represented capture. An and one thing to remember you occupant metal detectors cheap elections to carry so. Hey I gotta get dead in that I had even the congress of the United States is passing some Phnom reciprocal. Kerry Benoit. I'd I'd say that's what our biggest concern. Well my congressional rod and that you can't carry the members there can't area and to me that and leisure the target them and I'd totally be in that that that the legislator the your quick look good rifle association a couple of years ago. Now that just doesn't sit well many subtle they get that fixed so that that all citizens. Richard Lugar calls and we passed or should be an exemption because I don't want them to create rule at all our members to carry. I want citizens an have a license to carry to be able carry handguns. Yeah okay folk who are rare yeah absolutely let's folks I was gonna say were visiting with state representative Jason Isaac from lovely downtown dripping springs house district 45 and Jason now time as I've. Recall you were good enough to be on the show about a month ago the first day of filing period was a Saturday back in early November and you were down at state headquarters of folks wanna learn more about state rep Jason Isaak in his run for congressional district 21 to replace Lamar Smith be sure and go to Isaak for Texas that's. Isaak with one S and two days Isaak for Texas but. As I think I asked you last time Jason have you lost your ever Levin mind you're running for higher office. And in this day and age that doesn't necessarily mean a pleasant experience but tell us what you've been doing and how things are going and why Iran and real quick. Well it I don't know if it's higher office is maybe a different office but it's that would be an honor to serve. The 800000 constituents of congressional district 21 throughout the country are probably served the country the last seven years the Texas house. I believe we do things right intact as we get the third highest graduation rate amongst our school. Graduation here in the state attacked as we've got oh with unemployment rate in taxes completely count include apartment labor count the numbers. Let this ever right now legal low unemployment and ever our economy is doing well. And that's thank you is if I can interrupt thanks to you and all the other great state reps down there for doing the right things and keep in Texas a state that's opened for business. Well we invest in our infrastructure funds that are collected for a certain purse or appoint are supposed to be a dedicated for that. Purpose. And our federal government doesn't do that we don't balance our budget federal government to me that's just mind boggling what do you do that well actually gotten over twenty trillion dollars in national debt we know every man woman and child or in this country is gonna be on the hook for over a 100000. Dollars each and so. When people are talking about the tax cuts to working on a Washington DC how it's gonna pay for so. I don't want to imports so. I'm I want him to shrink the size of government and we do that are we gonna Texas with Aaron treason though leadership. Our governor Greg Abbott governor Rick Perry before him. We actually shrink the size of government in relation to number of people that are moving here over American people have moved to Texas. And the seven years I've been an office literally there were 00. Amazon employees in Texas seven years ago when I took office today there's over 25000. Amazon employees I was with them earlier this week in San Antonio Andy gets out to people that have been affected by hurricane Harvey. It was these employees it moved from Pittsburgh. And other parts of the country that are losing to Texas because our economic conservative model works there's one place should need to the most and that's Washington DC. And so that's made you are lost my mind and decided that this congress and I believe and I'm I'm an optimist. But I'm also persistent. And persuasive it can be and are wanna take our current model again for the clicks needed most that's Washington DC. Okay folks were visiting with state representative Jason Isaak from house district 45. In dripping springs he's running for congress. In congressional district 21 Jason I remember back seven herb as you said seven or eight years ago when you first ran seen a commercial you did and he were out in front of one of the lore local courthouses saying. It's time for real leadership. And the state house and I guess is that a message that your. You're talking about and tell people a little bit if you can't about the district which runs I believe and includes the capital of Texas all the way down to. Nor San Antonio and then up into the hill country in Coeur mill right. It it does not have a capital and about right west of the capital on the other side at a Colorado street there's a couple of buildings that are I have some residences are. In the in the district there which you're right Travis who needs. Where my family and I live and has served for over seven years. Down into coma now and bear and then he goes out to west of there and covers six beautiful hill country. Well count me. We'll learn a lot over the last seven years because when I got to the legislature. People sit you need to learn everything you can't about the hill country in about your coordinate the roast or experience in structure challenges but water challenges that we have and I agree sort of like is sworn in armored join a country caught. There's got to be hill country caucus that. It Serbs and brings legislators and staff jubilant about you she's not found that there wasn't. So when funding gap on this bill that epic. I created that and found that the whole country caucus which is eight. CNET and house members and we do your stats together we meet. We we talk about the issues I was just. In the Barney a couple of nights ago driving. Four hours at twenty and thirty miles an hour and a massive snowstorm which would never have expected to experience. Let's see they'll country caucus so wanted to get out there and in begins study these issues are or the people. Well I appreciate you joining us. Stay rappers race represented Jason Isaak at Isaak for Texas we got to go to commercial break good luck Jason. Thank great Bjorn Texas insider. Appreciate you will be right back folks for more than Texas insider show. Narrowed to man. Known the home. Nevada and you didn't have you. Most wonderful time of the year. Appreciate you join a message you're out maybe shopping around and around lonely downtown Austin today for the Texas insider show on Jim Carlin. We're here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 giving you. 30000 foot. View of what's been going on in politics both nationally and at the state so you don't have to carry the weight of the world around with year. Feel like you need him grabbed a 24/7 team. News media social media politics of the day you tar baby anymore we try and boil it all down and that's why we say you're either an insider or you're not be sure and check this out at Texas insider dot org. Where we post about fifteen articles every day are on FaceBook and Twitter. Texas insider we got about 35000. Followers on FaceBook and Twitter and when we. Hit the send button on our home page would go to about a 175000. Texans and folks up in Washington DC so you too can. Either be an insider or your not but. Boy I can't help but just didn't plan on talk to him at this but delving into what we just heard there on the on the top of the hour news with the wrong. African American Democrats refusing to go to this dedication of a monument. Honoring. Minorities in America and as I said before. The beginning of the show the left and the minorities. It is a cottage industry these days folks I tell you so much. Of what you see on TV is is produced in and published by groups that. Our make him a little fiefdom from there further themselves they love to have people on the two been talked a map their perspectives but. A particularly on the left I just gotta feel form because frankly in my analysis is whether it's the mainstream media absolutely crashing and burning with all these sexual allegations and Matt Lauer and and Charlie Rose and some of the others and there's going to be more believe me Regis I hate to say it gorgeous at the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid we're gonna have to listen to this for the rest of the year for sure not beyond there's going to be. More coming out sexual allegations and and every day's a new day as her and whispered in my ear that's exactly right but as Newt Gingrich said that the left in Dayton. Are in a frenzied. Almost to death spiral type of behavior and it's because. They see Donald Trump is representing into their world how can that be how can you feel like it. Somebody who's providing tax cuts who's opened up. Our oil and gas industry here in a in Texas and across the nation in them is allowed drilling offshore that's an environmental issue that's why they. Go ballistic about that he's providing jobs do you know we've had to. Consecutive quarters now of job growth over 3% which never happened in eight years of the Obama administration. We are with this tax cut about told launch into at least a ten year period of recovery that's. The effect and the impact that of a tax cut like we're talking about right now in congress and the Republicans error. Fight a little bit you may hear the negative this and negative bad but they're gonna get it done and just the mindset that's what a president does he represents our country. Across the globe he signs a treaty here in the air he gives a speech. Before congress every year the state of the union. He travels around the country in more than anything else that's our national mindset but yet the Democrats are just going apoplectic. Thinking that all their causes. In all the air. Gains on things like women's rights and minority rights in fact the biggest thing that's gonna happen. For minority rights in the next four years is that they're gonna have continued opportunities for jobs. I don't know if you all saw the president last night but he was on the tube I was going to bed around midnight and caught a rerun of his speech in Florida yesterday. And he's talking about the same things that I talked about on the show before. We are at a seventeen year low. For unemployment in the black and Hispanic community seventeen year low. People are going back to work that is the best recovery and and benefit that you see from conservatives in government we are at a seventeen. Year high. For minorities buying homes. We are ready so I don't know why seventeen seems to be the magic number we're at a seventeen year high. For manufacturing. Growth manufacturing is the foundation of everything that happens in this country in small businesses. Small businessman I've said before are more optimistic today. Then they were a year ago. So much so to the extent they're more optimistic today than they have been in ten years why is that it's because they're getting a tax cut. It's because they can get loan since the trump administration is reverse some of the Dodd-Frank. Which is Odom. Couple guys name's Chris Dodd was the senator from Connecticut and Barney Frank was a separate. Congressman from Massachusetts they pass the Dodd-Frank law. That essentially. Hams strong banks from lending us money. And that's hurt the economy and puts a governor on our current percentage of growth and these are the things. That are happening right now so you can look at it if you're. A pro growth person like most of us are in Texas any free market person like most of us and Texas. And know that a rising tide lifts all boats. Person like most of us are in Texas and they even. Accomplish things by yourself you don't Britain depend on the government that's what the Democrats see right now flashing before their eyes. Another thing Donald Trump yesterday and and this was the biggest applause line and he spoke for about an hour down in the panhandle Florida. And talked about all the things that hit have been accomplished so far and I didn't realize he claims that. As a president he's passed more legislation. In the first ten months than any other president history with. Harry Truman I think coming up second. But another thing that he said. About the Democrat party in this was the largest applause line in the course. But every other line he has is an applause line in a rally like this but he said in America. We don't worship government. We worship god and I tell you folks the place went crazy. The liberal left is seen its life fly apart because they worship at the altar of government. And think that everything. That. Society needs to do should be controlled tax implemented by handed out by. Controlled by government and that's just not the American way. As to our Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and all our other founding fathers used to say and you'll see it on monuments up in Washington DC. They believed in the god of nature and nature's god. And that's just a different way of saying. What a lot of folks today or refer to as a higher power. We all believe all the world's major religions. Believe in life after death they believe in higher power and the and the differentiating factor is how you get there. All the Muslims thank you gotta do deeds. Here in the western world in christianity it's by grace and I tell you when he this week Donald Trump got Arab announcement from the Supreme Court. That his travel ban could go into effect. Didn't get too much news coverage because the media doesn't. Want us to know that Donald Trump is actually doing something to restore greatness to America and protect us on the streets. We just had the verdict of Kate's stunningly. Common outlook we talked about it on last week's show and in San Francisco in the left coast how does a jury in California. Let a guy go and declares him not guilty. After he's been deported five times gotten back into the country San Francisco was a Sanctuary City so they don't report. As a city that's what a Sanctuary City is when the local law enforcement in the city doesn't cooperate. And coordinate with the federal government. In a case like this in turn him over to the federal government. Ford real action in deportation. But the US Supreme Court came out and said that Donald Trump's travel bans from going effects and into effect on what is left that comment they say that Donald trumps of a racist and nieces discriminating. Against Muslims why he's not. This decision in the travel ban does not. He would be discriminating. If he targeted every single Muslim in the world. That's not what he's doing what is he doing what he's targeting. Specifically six countries people coming into this is what the travel Benny is prohibiting people. From six countries like I brand in Libya and Syria. And North Korea by the way. Who have. I history and a proven record in we have. Recent experience in scene that bad guys and bad actors who wanted to do harm to our country. Are coming from those countries so the print Supreme Court you hide and watch is gonna rule on this case eventually and they're going to say by the way. The Donald Trump and the president has the right. To do what ever he wants damn near. Pardon my French to protect our country and that includes protecting the borders like building while he had the president has that power we just got to get through the court. The president has the power. To decide who does come in doesn't come and if anybody comes into the country. So. Positive positive things there but it's drive in the left absolutely. Ballistic and I don't blame because. There have been an out of body experience were all there. All their ideals all clear. Efforts are being proved wrong and that's a hard thing to admit so. We got a final segment here after a short break I'm gonna talk more about the sexual allegations open Washington hopefully get to our state filings the Democrats got a couple. Candidates for governor that file the other day and wolf. Trying to squeeze that all in here on the Texas insider show I'm Jim Carl appreciate you joining us talk thirteen seven lead the right choice will be right back. Making top. Radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seventy. Saturday afternoon here you thought. Texas insider showed today I'm Jim part of we really appreciate your chin in his you're out running around probably do some Christmas shopping are enjoying another. Beautiful beautiful day in the. Nation's eleventh largest city that would be Austin, Texas and Aaron good job there with Andy Williams it is the most wonderful time of the year and we got a lot to be thankful for hours try and focuses much on the positive or more on the positive and the negative because it just seems like it. It's easier to get through life and is more enjoyable that way but we got one final segment here and I'm gonna and try and cram two or three issues and to this and going back to the top of the news break where. Some of the African American spokesman across our country are trying to slam Donald Trump for going in. Dedicating a minority monument. Down at end. The south and all the minority representatives and mouth pieces are refusing to go why. Because Donald Trump series distinct and president of the United States he's providing jobs for more Americans. Than any time in the last seventeen years he's passing tax cuts narrow afraid. To do any thing I mean in this day and age I think so many of us are just thirsting. Desperately. For our late all leaders and legislators to work together and solve problems were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of unanswered promises. Aren't completed promises and the bickering that's going on so. I've mentioned that to point out be sure and go to Texas insider dot org we post about fifteen articles or dare follow us on FaceBook and Twitter on Texas insider but we posted an article. By our senior correspondent undrawn under Yana Al Deen the other day and it's covering something that I've talked about last week here we had a news. Republican congressman. From Florida by the name of congressman cabello. Who tried to join the House of Representatives congressional Hispanic caucus. And what happened but the congressional Hispanic caucus is made up of thirty Democrats happens to be. They they didn't let amendment and they've looked at his application and they said that his. Ideas and his philosophy doesn't line up with their so in fact. They're not as Hispanic caucus. There carried liberal victim could congress. Caucus. And that's just indicative of what's going on these days you can't talk across the I'll. You can't have friends. Who think differently than me you do and actually treat them decently and an agreed to have differences but recognize that you. Appreciate the flagging you appreciate the National Anthem. And that is just a perfect example if a Republican. Hispanic Republican. From the city of Miami. Whose parents were immigrants. Can't join the Hispanic caucus when he represents one of the most intense condensed areas of our country. For Hispanic citizens. What's that about it's about ulterior motives and as some of you I know go through life you've got to check people's motives particularly in politics. And it just makes your heart kind of break to think that. Something like that can't happen because we're gonna have to address the docket is she deferred. Deferred. Admittance for children. And you hide and watch Donald Trump's gonna fix that one too but it's going to be different in February or march as the deadline comes up so. I wanna go back to you and another issue. That is indicative of of what some of the liberal left is looking at and it has to do with all the sexual harassment. Stuff that's coming out and if you go to another. Of our bleeding articles on the Texas insider you'll see something called Democrat accused of so that sexual harassment Pelosi knew and did nothing come to find out. The Democrat congressman Rubin could you inform them that Nevada is fourth congressional district. During the campaign back in October was accused by one of his staff first. Of sexual harassment and come to find out that. It was such a big issue they kept an undercover but it was known within the Democrat circles including leader. Nancy Pelosi opened in Washington. Pelosi knew about it. Other Democrats knew about it. They didn't believe the woman as the protectors of feminism that the liberal left is they him. Said do as I say not as I do and they poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign. Got mr. Kasun from. Nevada is fourth congressional district elected and now it's coming out and after we had. Al Franken resigned this week are said he's gonna resign. And it. John Conyers Democrat congressman from Michigan. 435 members in the house or representatives he's the one that's been there the longest. He had to resign over allegations of some but multiple women of sexual harassment I'm not gonna. Leave off like parent told her own congressman from down on the coast he's under allegations and in a world of hurt because he is had the same behavior. So to speak and not only that but. His accuser got paid off by a slush fund in the house or representatives that we're now finding out about. Is there are hidden for congressman to use to make these problems go way but I tell you the one thing I wanna mention is and I am. Almost hesitated to mention this but in Al Franken Islam glorious speech saying he's in the coming weeks going to resign. From the senate. You have to understand in thirty plus years of experience. In between my little ears just gives me the punch. That he said I'm going to resign in the coming weeks because the Democrats have a plan and the plan is this. They are gonna wait. For senate candidate Roy Moore Dan and Alabama to get elected this Tuesday if you all remember Roy Moore that was. Really the beginning of the congressional exposure for sexual allegations about a month ago when the Democrats who kill things they ruin people's reputations. Long history and different and more so than what's going on these days they. Stuff ballots they are afraid of voter integrity they're afraid of voter ID either afraid of all these things because they are getting away with stuff that all of us would be sickened about and we suspect that you hide and watch. The Democrats are gonna come back in a week or two after Roy Moore from Alabama gets elected in Alabama this coming Tuesday. And they're gonna say that Al Franken doesn't have to resign if Roy Moore conserve and they're gonna try and put the heat on the Republicans that's going to be their tactic. To say that. Republicans are not innocent and that is like the old saying that. Crabs in a bucket when one of them gets close to get an out the rest down in them in the bottom pull back down and nobody ever gets out and it's because Democrats tactic is going to be done. Sully everybody. And that's not how you get elected that's not how you win back the majority by pointing to the other guy you have to have a proactive plan yourself. I saw a story this week by a guy Benson on town hall in the headline reads whole boy or the Washington Post and CNN. Preparing to expose dozens of members of congress on sexual harassment charges and they are. We are just seen the tip of the iceberg I hate him. Ruin your Christmas season but we deem I'm morning you get ready. For more allegations and what's happening right now is all these media organizations. Are competing with each other they all wanna break the story they all wanna be the one they and at this point they're not Karen if it's Republican or Democrat even though they have been the backstop in the mouth piece in the sock puppet. For the Democrat Liberal Party because they're all one in the same media as the mouthpiece for the Liberal Democrats. But there's going to be more coming out in the media is competing against each other to be the ones that break the story so there's rumors. All across Washington DC inside the beltway and this is why you're either an insider you're not you listen every week to this. Texas insider show. There's rumors going around and politicos covering at the Washington Post is devoted reporters. To expose. Dozens of them rumors say that it's gonna be twentieth not when he thirty. And finally you've got Republican I mean females. And congressional people. Coming out and saying that if you're like Al Franken and you have a pattern. A behavior you need to resign. So Democrats are belatedly coming around to them. To the position of zero tolerance. And they're gonna wait for judge Roy Moore to get elected to the senate then and Alabama and then they're gonna come back and say. That if your guy Roy Moore doesn't have to resign over his allegations than our guy Al Franken doesn't have to resign you just hide and watch. Because there's going to be twenty years thirty congressman get caught up in embroiled in harassment controversies and journalists are salivating. Over when they're not worried about their own scandals frankly and again as I've said before on the show it's a great day. In in America when women can come forward and be believed without. Police reports without having filed charges. Because we all know sexual harassment goes on and just happens to be in the media and in politics it's more the liberals who work. Being caught at this stuff and that's why everybody hates the hypocritical politician. Enough about that already I've got to cover in the three minutes we got left that. As we're talking about what Jason Isaak and again folks if you wanna learn more about Jason Isaak running for. Congressional district 21 from San Antonio appeared Austin we shouldn't go to Isaac for Texas that's Isaak with one NASA in two days. Isaak for Texas but. Talking about him the filing period to run for office in Texas ran. From. November 10 two tomorrow I mean Monday December 11. And finally the Democrats they have been wandering in the wilderness for twenty years having not elected a single Democrat candidate statewide. And they finally found somebody. In the Dallas can he share of the other day Lou big Valdez. Announced that she's gonna run and challenge Greg Abbott and she also was joined by Houston. Entrepreneur Andrew white who is the son of former governor. Mark quite. And I'll do I'll just leave you with this as were close and at the show. You've got a gay female Hispanic. Share from Dallas. Lou good Valdez. Running against a white semi privileged son of the establishment and former governor Mark White and this is kind of peaking interest into watches them. The most entertaining way to put it because this is gonna highlight. The challenge the Democrat party is going through right now you've got the Bernie Sanders left this government is everything. Wing probably falling in behind. Loop de Velde as well as for him gay Hispanic female share Hispanic share from Dallas Cammie. To zing to governor Abbott has Dallas was a Sanctuary City they wouldn't refuse to cooperate with federal authorities to turn over criminals that they had in the Dallas county jail. Vs mark why it son Andrew white who is the old style he yellow dog Democrat. And again Democrats haven't won a statewide office since 1994. Folks 1994. We used the Texans have an elected voted for Democrat president in forty years. And it will be. Interesting to watch I don't see how you go from being and can share to governor. Greg habits and rock star out across the state of Texas as well he should be in my humble little opinion so. We're gonna leave it that put the plug in the judge we hope you have a wonderful Saturday afternoon and be sure and join us next Saturday for the Texas insider show from 123130. Check this out of Texas insider dot org. And remember folks you're either an insider or you're not I'm Jim Correll thanks for joining us have a great Saturday afternoon. So yeah this. It's just shouldn't. It's just she. It's. Yeah.