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There and ladies and gentlemen happy Saturday. To you and lovely band camp cloudy. Or I guess winners finally arrived here were sure get a little dose of it here. Another nice win every day in Austin, Texas. Nation's eleventh largest city ism often fond of saying we're lucky to be growing and have a lot economic activity here and bumping up against the top ten but we appreciate you joining us today for another edition of Texas insider. Radio show I'm Jim Correll and be sure and check said at Texas insider dot org. Where we post bet fifteen articles every day and and if you wanna sign up for the Texas insider newsletter go to about a 175000. People every time we hit the send button have about 35000 FaceBook and Twitter followers you can. Check us out on FaceBook and Twitter at just Texas insider in again home pages Texas insider dot org we've got about. Fifteen articles straight from the horse's mouth we don't do too much spin and too much. Writing. And editorializing. And frankly as opposed to just taken from the horse's mouth so you can. See what the politicians in our State's elected officials are saying and Adam. Don't have to worry about the baggage but we try and do that for you from bad at 30000. Foot view so you don't have to grab them 24/7 tar baby that seems so prevalent and today's society and or cell phones on the cable shows on too. Radio of course we're glad you listen and hear it in them. We always like to say remember you're either an insider or you're not that I'd tell you who. Lead story we've got up there right now some of you may have been paying attention or heard that we had a little budget flare up again. This last week which is. Come to a close and been resolved them. Pretty decent example although there's always the cheap entertainment of of national politics going back and forth between the Democrats in the Republicans. But the runway at them. Sport of politics is the art of the compromise which we don't remember as much anymore and in with everybody being polarized on the left or the right but. The old saying is still true politics is the art of the compromise they got a budget deal done that is gonna go for two years and just to give you a brief brief thumbnail about what that congress does is there are supposed to pass. Out of the budget committees in the house and the senate first and overall budget. Which sets the general dollar amounts for the Department of Defense for the department of education Department of Energy did you know. Different agencies the IRS and men. They break it down and it goes into the various appropriations. Committee in the house word the spending bill start. And the members of that committee are different they have hearings they. Hold is testimony from different agencies are public citizens for that matter and may put together part of the particulars of the budget. And what line item in what department gets how much money if they're growing or are decreasing that's why you always. Here's the discussion about making cuts here making cuts they're rarely happens that. They passed a two year budget. And it was basically tied to you it's not the same thing as but it was tied to. Partisan the big government shut down fiasco we had about three weeks ago where the Democrats in the senate and Chuck Schumer who decided to shut the government down over the dock in the dreamers in the immigration issue in the kind of came away from that having learned their lesson everybody called it she shut down and opinion polls went for Donald Trump and some you might heard the last weaker to trump. Blatantly and clearly said let's have a shut down I think we should do is shut down and I'm telling you he is playing in it to the hilt. And isn't it. Isn't that just the way Donald Trump if you like comer love them or not sure what you think given you cannot. Denied that he knows how to put to marketing and messaging. And a lot of folks still don't get a particularly in them in the what's called the mainstream. I call on the sock up media because they're the mouthpiece for the Democrat party essentially and polls or come and am have been around for years social on the the American public agrees with that statement may think it's biased in. In various entities have put that number showing that there's basically about 85%. Of the articles talking about Donald Trump or negative only fifteen. Or either neutral or positive. But he knows now to have his finger on the pulse of the American public. When he say and let's have a shut down let's have shut down I think we should do we shut down he is. I. Ultimate chess master and in plain gamesmanship and sure enough. They come up with a budget deal there was the government shut down disappoint this little commentary. Three weeks ago when they extended funding for another three weeks that came up. Last night or so when name of course did a renewal for another three weeks and it's all tied to ram that deferred action. On childhood rivals did the dreamers in the dock issue and Donald Trump. And that's the next thing that's gonna come up at this coming week is why you listen to the show and why your Texas insiders because. Donald Trump has said that we are going to do not renewed the program of deferred arrival. Or truck or deferred. Action on childhood arrivals the doctor program and deal with the dreamers. By executive order anymore it needs to be handled congressionally it needs to be. Handled by a law passed by congress the house and the senate should no longer kicked the can down the road the house and the senate should no longer. Abdicate their responsibility. That's what Barack Obama took advantage of when he issued the executive order back in 2012 to give these 800000. Odd or whatever the number is. Around them. Children who came here supposedly. With their parents. At no active their own over no control of their own and and now we're going to ham in the next week or so and this is the thing that as somebody you might have seen this last week that. Mitch McConnell has actually said there was a lot of concern on the part of Democrats that. They've given up their leverage I'm just not believing in the old type of political leverage necessarily anymore when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump because. Donald Trump has been elected to. Do a number of things make America great again drain the swamp. Most of all to represent and fight for Americans. In the Rust Belt. In the midwest. To solve problems not continue to make excuses on this country's been too sick and tired. Of politicians coming up with a excuses politicians coming up with. Reasons that something didn't get done politicians. Coming up with ideas that. Can't be accomplished through compromise and Donald Trump's gonna get you hide and watch some. Not gonna bet against him until he's been beaten two or three times one or two in going to be enough it's gonna have to be two or three times tell Donald Trump's been beaten. He's defied all odds he's on a winning streak he won the prompt the Republican primary he won the presidency that I'm gonna get into and break. In a minute here after the break because some of this. Memo gate stuff is really pushed me over the edge. And there's some real serious Ellen actions behind him. But Donald Trump's gonna get the dreamers build on it may take a little bit beyond the march 5 deadline. That he's got them that he's said is the the date he's gonna call for it to end and congress has to act by congress always has to have an emergency folks before they'll do anything that always have to have a crisis. Before there and do anything and that's not necessarily a bad thing it's frustrating to us it drives us nuts but. You know our founding fathers set up government to move slow I'll never forget the day I was Walken and the Paul weigh in the longworth house office building when I was a young man working as a staffer up on Capitol Hill 1986 and 85. Think in that. We needed to do things save this country that you know. Were they aired it changed things we've just wish sweep could ram something through but it it it. Was in that an epiphany that the founding fathers set up our government to move slow. And that is a very good things to all you Tea Party listeners out there or to all you burning. The folks on the left who were afraid that Donald Trump's gonna ruin America. Which is the same thing that conservatives felt about Barack Obama shirt something's swing back and forth and sure some things are done look at obamacare it's by and large. In repealed or slowly been whittled way up but some parts of it will stay around. That is the way the founding fathers set up government to operate certain New York our federal government and same thing's been modeled and emulated under the State's in the cities in the candies you do not want government to move fast. That's okay that's. Something you really can embrace and accept. Again it can be frustrated but don't give up be persistent. Be thankful for our government. System I'm no volume. So this week we had them the budget. Resolved for to you he years now we're gonna go into the details about. Keeping the government open and in spending until they figured the details of the budget out. Senator Mitch McConnell said that on February 19 he's gonna start them. A freewheeling debate I think is what he called it on doc an immigration reforms of the Democrats you do have something you did get something out of budget. Battles in the last month this is going to happen McConnell is gonna make good on his promises. Who knows of Donald Trump we'll get his 25 billion to build the wall or not and I suspect he won't get a large part of that and it needs to be done we'll see what happens. We got to take a break here on the Texas insider showing when I come back first of all I wanna say we're gonna. Visit with state rep Jason Isaak from house district 45 added dripping springs he's running for congressional district 21 to replace marsh Lamar Smith is one of about twenty candidates. And early voting folks is just about a week away for those few who pay attention to local politics early voting isn't gonna start in about a week. The march 6 primary is. Less than four weeks away so we you're starting to see four by eights on the highway yard sides in your neighborhood. We're gonna visit with Jason Isaak who's one of the top candidates in that race have been a great conservative state rep. Both for. That though I'm like I said I'm gonna come back and talk about this him. Pardon my French in that memo gate it's scary it's frightening and we'll be right back after this break. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome back to and thank you for joining us on this hour in this week's edition of the Texas insider show I'm Jim car earlier every Saturday afternoon from 1230 da. 130 bringing you up to date on the week's activities and politics both at the state level on the national level and then even looking ahead and that's why we say you're either an insider or you're not. Looking forward to the next week and giving an idea of what might become an up and giving you the ability to him. Counted detach a little bit but have a source were you can find out simply quickly in and cut through the reform after the the major issues and it's pretty much right from the elected officials math we do more according to politicians that we have access to and we do of writing and editorializing and like so much depressed does anymore and be sure and check. Said Texas insider dot org. Every day we post about 1015 articles and then on FaceBook and Twitter you can follow us Texas in cider and like I said before the break or on a visit here after the top of the hour with state rep Jason Isaak from. Past district 45. In the state legislature at a dripping springs Jason has been. Conservative hard work and rising star in them local Republican Party and he's running for. Congress to replace the retiring Lamar Smith did you know as matter of fact Lamar Smith has been on our show a timer Q we've interviewed him numerous times he's been a great. Asset to the state of Texas and a friend at Texas and senator Lamar Smith. Got elected back around 1986. In the special election in the first 435. Members of congress right now. Actually I take that packed 435. Members of the house there's a hundred senators 435. Congressman. Of the 435. Congressmen in the US house or representatives right now I'm gonna. Come close enough for. Portion reason to Italy winks and that stuff I think Lamar Smith is in the top fifteen in seniority and folks. There's always the argument whether we should have term limits or not or whether we. Seed people that are there too long that they become part of the problem Lamar Smith has been one of those who's in the exact opposite he was chairman of the Judiciary Committee a couple sessions ago. Help make major progress on immigration reform that goes through did Judiciary Committee in the house. As does all the Justice Department a lot of oversight staff penny was chairman of the house science space and technology committee that oversaw EPA. And NASA he did a world of good to. Keep his finger in the director in the Obama administration's attack on corporate America through the EPA and things like debt now he's retiring. Right not to go be with his grandkids and Adam. Jason I six running he's about one and twenty candidates and talk about a total crapshoot I don't know in my 35 years of politics I don't know how I'd advise somebody did. Get through the rock and get through the primary to be one of the top two vote getters in my somebody gets 50%. Plus one vote. There's going to be around often these elections and to be the ones that breakthrough you're hearing him on the radio. Advertisements you're seeing and maybe some television hands. I know lieutenant governor Dan Patrick's been up on TV for awhile but. Yard signs in your neighborhood yards what's called for by apes those are four foot by eight foot signs on the roadside you start and see and we're gonna. Get them on the trail update from state Europe chase and I secure after the commercial break but it. First two ball picking up were left off. And I'd tell yet I. As I say and in 33. Plus years of politics I have been really. Fascinated may be is a good word. Perplexed and frankly just shocked at this hole. Deputized and and weaponized and that has gone on the FBI and the Department of Justice under the Barack administer Barack Obama administration I've said from day one. But the reason. The FBI and change color mean if you all remember his name the former director of the FBI the reason that he. Went back and forth and back and forth and came out with him. A public statement which is totally bizarre and and usual unheard of for an FBI director saying Hillary Clinton. Did this or didn't do that or we're closing the investigation into her server in the basement. Or were reopening it Adam. All those things. Were absolutely. Almost things that Hillary Clinton did during the primary during her service to our country supposedly is secretary of state. When you allow disclosure. Of classified information and everybody in the FBI it's coming up now in the dust that Justice Department. They knew that Hillary's basement server was a breach of the worst breach of our US security. And it's state secrets in the nation's history they knew that it was set up two to. Be a moneymaking bribery machine where the Clinton foundation. Made hundreds of millions of dollars they knew that crimes were committed I mean. There were some Arab. Excuse me there was never. Warrants issued there was never subpoenas issued there was no seizing of property that certainly was warranted. Hillary Clinton got a walk in she got a walk for a reason it's because people within the FBI working in the on the geared. And they were covering up some of these things in order to do one thing in this is what I said from the beginning. In. And we're starting to see evidence of these these last couple weeks in order to protect the institution of the presidency. Because they need news. That. If the truth got out it would. Be as severe setback for our country in the institution known as the presidency the war United States why. Because Barack Obama knew all along what Hillary Clinton was doing and if they admitted and the lab too much information to come out. The in prosecuted Hillary Clinton for breaking the law and committing crimes. The first witness that Hillary Clinton's defense team would bring. In her defense. Would be the president of the United States and that the president knew what she was doing. Now all that fast forward. And cover up in this and so forth. It was set up and that's why you've seen James commie resign that's why you've seen on the last count I had was six or seven. People and there's going to be more coming six or seven people in the FBI and the Justice Department have resigned or taken early retirement. Why does that happen folks as you've heard on some talk radio shows. This weekend on them cable news that happens because people are about to become under. Indictment their selves or they're being given them opportunities like lowest Lerner was a dire arrest him. Go to court but eventually had their cases dismissed Americans. Leather back under the stone from which they came. Two more senior FBI officials announced that pair. Quote unquote pit pit for personal reasons stepping down one of them was to FBI official who oversees espionage investigations. Are you what Hillary Clinton would have been the agency that part of agency that would have been. And the east text that are circulating around from these inhumane even know these names Peter struck and Melinda page now work. Still there at the FBI they were the ones who were talking about the affected these are people inside our government who were supposed to be defending us they were actually. Taking out in devising a plan to take down Donald Trump. Once Hillary Clinton. Was protected and there was a cover up. They had to make sure that she won so that all these activities. And that folks this stuff is not complicated things in politics or. 99 times out of ten out of a hundred not complicated we wanna make them complicated like other things in life we wanna attribute. You know conspiracies. And black helicopters things. In my experience and 35 years politics they are not as complicated as wanna make them they're always pretty simple. As they are in life. FBI and the Department of Justice under the Obama administration covered up some things to allow Hillary Clinton to skate. So in order for them there are secrets not to come out they had to make sure and they hoped and it looked like Hillary Clinton was going to be elected. This is not typical stuff. Once Donald Trump was elected they had a big huge problem. Because they had done things that were against the lost so then they started putting in place. Different. Traps different than in this is what politics is in the stand agents politics is war for adults without weapons. And I've seen it. I've experienced it unless you have seen it firsthand you wouldn't believe it. But Democrats. And end bureaucrats kill things they kill careers. They set traps they'd do exhibit the behavior of leaking which we've seen in the entire year of the trump administration it's all. Russia Russia Russia what that was was an attempt to. Take the focus off of the wrongs that had been been done in the FBI and deter crime take out Donald Trump clearly. So what happened was that the Hillary and we know all this now that Hillary Clinton Campaign in the Democratic National Committee hired this firm. Fusion GPS who hired this fellow Steele who went to the Russians and other entities to get. Now even James combing his admitted. Unverified. Untrue information. The department of justice and FBI then use that information to go and they lied to defies a court. Which allowed them and gave them the ability to go spy on Donald Trump under the guise that there was a Russia collusion. Well now or coming to find out that there was no rush inclusion but what that. Dossier which is a fancy word for opposition research and dirt and lies and untrue is what that allowed them to do. Was to start. Spying on Donald Trump and that's where they thought they would and they prayed and they hope they would get some information that would actually take him down. And lo and behold there was nothing there. The FBI folks used to spy on Russians the FBI used to spy on our enemy that's what the FBI in the CIA were set up Cuba now in this case and again I think Barack Obama knew it on that was the latest. Text that came out the president of the United States to FBI agents. Are corresponding to each other by text warm says. PO TS which is code for the president of the United States wants to know everything we're doing. They all knew it they all work in on it. And the FBI had been weaponized to spy on us. Un American specifically Donald Trump and remember when Donald Trump said. Back in January and February of last year that he was spied on Barack Obama by Barack Obama in the FBI and everybody laughed at him the press mocked him. He was right he had been briefed to now we know in the last week to James coming the FBI director went over and he briefed Donald Trump. And what the situation once and who knows what that conversation would have been like. And the most Donald Trump ever said about it was I've been spied on and people mocked gentlemen laughed at him. Well now we know that Hillary Clinton has blatantly broken laws. The server scandal led to the FBI cover up. Which led to the FBI. Being able to pull a fast one and who knows what the next couple weeks ago and hold because they spied on us. Are supposed to be spying on Russians they're spying on us in its push me over the edge you can maybe tell by the tone in my voice is going to be fascinating to see how this plays out folks but I'm telling ya. It's real it's stinks to high heaven it is what happens in government so. Hide and watch. Only time will tell but we're pretty interesting spot. In this presidency and in this point of the nation's history we're gonna take a break for the news that top of the hour and come back and visit with. State representative Jason Isaak running for congressional district 21 from Austin San Antonio. Right after this break on the Texas insider show. Thirteen seventy. Good job there in the world. Los lonely boys apiece to heaven is what we're Satan on here and lovely downtown Austin, Texas welcome back folks to the Texas insider show I'm Jim colonel appreciate you joining us were here every. Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 bringing up to date on the latest in politics both nationally and here at the state level and remember you're either an insider or you're not eat Kim business on Texas insider dot org is a web page worry for post about 1015 articles every day or. FaceBook and Twitter. Texas insider. Simply remember you're either an insider or your not and an example of that is as I mentioned before the break. One of them. Most interest paying and heating up hotly contested races in the area is that for. Congressional house district 21 which has been represented by the team and great Texan great American Lamar Smith called it. Step out there and and leave that on the table because that's my opinion I think it's accurate and probably true. For Lamar Smith but he's decided to retire after a successful career and as a result there are close to talk money. People running for that. Congressional seat stretching literally from just south of Boston and part of the south Austin downtown area all the way. Through the hill country current bill and so forth down to north San Antonio and he's been on the show before. He's been a friend to Texas inside our knees pinning great conservative representative. And a fourth generation Texan from dripping springs and that is state representative Jason Isaak we appreciate you joining us with us today ambient yeah. It's great to be on B detectors inside or I am actually I don't know another part and it Canberra. Texas is part of the hill country are here at congressional district 21 just senator traditions or what they're ranchers and landowners association of Texans. And I haven't towards spending a lot of time in Kane County using virtual pitcher 21 of the hill country goodness. Well no country as a unique designated part of the state one of the reasons why I'm I'm actually also represented as a put together a hill country caucus so that we treated. Get our state senators in our house members together to learn about and protect the beast aspects of the Texas hill country. You saw RW and she started that organization correctness I'm not I stay in. I did I start of the Texas hill country caucus it's I guess they're unique part of the state fifteen counties and got several state representatives and use senators and we only to be on the same page a particular country. Yeah I bet you would even have some up elected officials from other states wanna become thicker than Texans. No country. You know I've talked to one in New Mexico it actually owned land in the hill country as he beat you till he could beat Al member of New Mexico. Doctor well wealthy and we did carry an article and folks can see it on the Texas insider page and then in the scoop area. By Jason and it it was entitled to that. Agriculture is still the future of Texas that's a good good article with some of your perspective on. On The Hague area of the district where Jason I won't wanna start out by asking you know I saw something this last week Gallup poll. Came out with one of their recent updates and they asked Americans what they see as the nation's primary problems and obviously you have. Immigration and and the economy and healthcare and all those things but number one ranked. On that Gallup poll finding of what Americans see is the nation group's primary problem highest ranking issue and I've had 23%. Was quote unquote the government. Is what Americans are seen as the biggest problem tell us what your hear earned. Out on the campaign trail and and may be where you've been this last week what's. What's on the voters' minds as you're working hard across the district. Nobody can actually that that's the biggest concerns Americans is our government do we look at our bloated federal government this year just while my mission statement is to make America like Texas they were gonna make America great again all we need to do is make America like Texas. Our model at government taxes war we balance the budget we cut taxes we cut spending. No we stand with Israel we keep foreign law calls in and out of our state we do some great things. In the state of Texas sure there's room for improvement not much but we do great work when it comes short government where the second largest economy in the country that can't largest. In the world. It would be an and I guarantee replied the only one had to balance budgets. The only one that has to end almost going on eleven billion dollars in the bank that's why I say we need to make America like Texas supermodel government works. In the old rainy day fund you're talking about here. Yet every day economic stabilization fund we've got over ten billion dollars sit there and when you look at our size of government where the forty per. Largest government and out of fifty states means we got the eight most appreciate your. 124. Employees were reaching in 2000 residents. There's direct correlation with our success suspect or legislatures not the the meat very often. It's not about what government does for you it's what government does to you. If people in Washington DC spent too much time worrying about how they can keep their jobs in their careers. And worried about what they can do to the people are supposed to serve. And so we've got to get there we've we need to implement a sunset commission like we haven't checked at the federal level where every single agency has an expiration date immediately goes with deep dive audit we need ought to expand the IRS. Sounds like we may need ought to the FBI. Make sure that our tax dollars are being used as best they can't in ourselves that commissioned the state taxes does that for our agencies and sometimes shot heard agencies. And they have to combat can be just of they have to justify their existence and their funding level to you all as. Representatives correct. You're absolutely right in so we need to implement those practices at the federal level we're truly going to make. America great again and again just make America like taxes I'm the only one of the racing you're right ever since they crowded razors eighteen Republicans or Democrats. By and for the nominations of their respective parties on the old we won the Serb and Ottawa government that works. I'm the only one of that state it's one big lead over Democrats repeatedly did what you Democrats in my Texas house is a great which isn't purple district. And one of the most conservative members of the Texas house some very courageous conservative for the poor terms that I have been in their dedicated by Texas courageous. I'm number sixty and seniority that Texas out there are only four members. During my four terms that are also being courageous conservatives only ordered those or terms and I'm proud to be one of those and so. I got one of about one of our local guys you'd asked me Tony Dale's been when there's hope and you do want to at all three of their terms from the bill under my. Or terms that they don't want or. People like bill settlers still skiing injury law member of Africa the other salary during those terms are also encouraged conservatives. So you're out there on the campaign trail. I imagine you're running into him all eighteen of you Republicans are crisscrossing the state and and it's probably fair to say it's it's going to be one of those situations. Where. Name ID and your history as an elected official is going to be. Of some benefit to you tell us what you're. CN when you go down into some of these areas that you haven't represented. Before that. And particular where's the voting centers is some of it in San Antonio some of written and ends in Austin San Marcus what's the demographics of the district. Yet the largest bloc of voters compare county with about 30% of the Republican primary coming out of bear county nine of the eighteen minutes or compare county. The other 70% from the hill country I think about 11% from. From Travis County about eight or 9% this from the two counties are currently serve and Blanco and he's. So those are two of the ten counties in the district the calm outbound he's going to be a big portion of that voting bloc. And can dole and Kirk counties as well those are big voting areas and that's it there's no resume is no mistake why we have offices open Ernie. Incur bill we've got people that have been working on the ground since November. You're talking about your campaign has offices and earning little while ago. It has offices and so we've been out there. Just do we noted do and that's to be amongst people who we wanna serve we're already getting outspent just like my first race when I ran against a Democrat who outspent us order wants them two million dollars or incessant. In and we won overwhelmingly so there's there's big DC dollars that are already playing into this race they've got their darling that they want to see in the air. And I'm the only one that's. Serbs in the legislative body that would pay model government that works. And actually Texas legislature. And I'm the only one that's repeatedly beat Democrats are so we wanna keep this. This district which Lamar Smith you mission has held for 32 years now and the Democrats are coming up after big time we wanna keep this district red. It's proven conservatives. Representation that knows how to serve the constituents. Than you did vote for congress. And we've got one minute here before going to the break folks were visiting with state rep Jason Isaak be sure and visit Isaak for Texas that's one ass in two days I SA AC for Texas. And now thirty seconds Jason so you mentioned in this is some Texas insider stuff. Eighteen candidates nine of them from bear Cammie those guys are gonna divide up that vote which could be added to the benefit of someone like you correct. Absolutely as the chairman and founder hill country caucus that vice chair of the conservative caucus in the X outs. Think that gives me incredible record Iran on a service. To protecting and you know the issues that are important to us and immigration has by and large the number one issue that I heard about. And the district and I'm the only one got a proven track record of increasing penalties for human smuggling are increasing access to court cases are human trafficking in banning Sanctuary Cities which we've got a terrible things going on in San Antonio. Where did illegal immigrants potentially illegal immigrants we don't know their criminal record they were just released. No bedding and its twelve people that could potentially be very dangerous people that are now on our communities and people are concerned for their safety. Their concern for victims of human smuggling trafficking. And so we've got to secure the border would actually have to do that and we have got to stop the Sanctuary Cities in this country. Okay folks were visiting with state rep Jason Isaak running for congressional district 21 we're gonna take short breaking get into some of those issues were Jason Isaak. At Isaac for Texas dot com we'll be right back. Catch up on the latest headlines at any time at times they're seen seventy dot com. Welcome back ladies. Gentlemen thanks for join and a son and lovely cloudy when eerie day here in the nation's eleventh largest city that would be in Austin, Texas son Jim Carl thanks for joining us on the Texas insider show we're here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 end. Making sure you two are Texas insider and up to speed on what's going on in Texas politics national politics we've covered the budget that. Shut down them. A memo gate to the latest with James combing Donald Trump then some of the folks at the FBI and now work. Pleased to be able to visit with state representative Jason Isaak from a house district 45 he's been serving in the Texas legislature for. Three or 45 terms and is now running for house referred to as. US house congressional district 21 stretching from South Boston down through the hill country into. San Antonio and Jason you were talking as I was gonna say be sure and check out more information that Isaak fort Texas that's IS AA CI's six or Texas. Dot com I was gonna say Jason before the break you're talking about. And the district and some of the demographics. And Hal illegal immigration in the border. Is a problem people in Austin for instance. And certainly up in the Metroplex DFW murder her but south of San Antonio in in the hill country. Immigration in and Santana it's a whole different state of problem Ford Texas is it not. It is absolutely there's a great darted editorial on my. You know my web site I to protect its outcome as you mentioned talking about the gang activity is an American citizen. Sovereign right to know who in our country for what purpose and for how long is we don't control immigration. Cartels and criminals are in they are controlling immigration. To girls rescued from a hotel and in our state 35 that are being traffic. These are girls that are underage. Being in a hotel modern day slavery exists because we don't control immigration. I think gang activity we're seeing pop up throughout the hill country yes folks it exists in the hill country up and down 35. And out west of there are so it is a real big concern and that's what we is absolutely cannot allow. Sanctuary Cities to exist we have a friendly country. In the world that's developed when it comes to immigration legal immigration allowing one point seven million people to come here legally. Every year every year certainly. Every area we certainly need to reforms in the areas when it comes to workers at an early age B two B says. You know we definitely areas of reform impact area. Oh. Don't talk about the Sanctuary Cities specifically. On main. We got Dallas has a Sanctuary City policy. We got Austin weak Al although there in various stages of redress or in the courts San Antonio. Adam the course the state of California has now become sanctuary state but. You're in a fairly unique race in a district where you've got a majority Ers a large number of these major cities that. Have taken these positions I've mentioned folks are up in arms about it. They are absolutely especially in San Antonio again you're twelve that release from a trailer right before Christmas the chief of police there's no reading we have no idea I'm assuming they were legal because they would back the trailer and important trucking industry back where trailer is not a couple place to be yeah and so. You know we we have to assume that these people or here in this country illegally we don't know what kind of criminal background they have in the the fact that pitcher that Travis County sheriff. Not cooperating with federal agents. Wouldn't wouldn't when they want something of sort of when the sheriff's office wants something from the says they comply 100% of the crime but when the feds want to beat the shares offered they don't comply. To me that's appalling swore an oath to protect the standard of all our constitution. And they're not doing twelve people the first week of the sanctuary policy Travis County where relief that have been charged with domestic abuse. There Chechnya since they continue says well well people or released the first week and try to carry sanctuary policy. Had been charged with domestic abuse and these are all old add ice it's eaters for free via. Previous. Criminal activity. Had they murder their spout monitoring these were men as they Berger there why. It would have been held a complaint that they are a complied with the dictator but just because they were. Domestic abuse are you kidding me yeah and it prior criminal records these people need to be and ice custody. Determine if they're supposed to be here they are here legally or illegally. And why do you suppose Jason I mean we hear that allegation that Democrats want more voters out. I just don't know that I concede these folks voting any time in the next time ten years but what you know. And they're not going to unless they steal some help ballot certainly commit mail which fortunately. Is not the unicorn the Democrats think it is because we are eating voter. Broad case is right around the state of Texas I'm great I'm glad to hear about that one. Fraudulent vote is one too many thought there was there's got quite fraudulent cases reported journey. The 2016 presidential election where people live on Coke is they are voting in multiple states beat people need to be prosecuted or that the law. Our voters are sacred freedom that we or we have more integrity. We actually keep voting are not increasing at exactly what happened when I helped crack the voter identification requirement. In 2011 and they'd attack as we saw a turnout increase. Increase in constitutional elections which are usually appalling turnout. So we'll have more integrity and her demeanor seem more participation. So congratulations. And thank you for you worked there and on the I didn't realize you'd. And one of the leaders in passing the voter ID update here in the stay detect this but maybe along those similar vein I know Lamar Smith. Has been a little critical Donald Trump recently because his latest proposal on immigration and dreamers reform does not include what's called. Can you explain that in do you have a position on. So we are we already have adequate law on the books when it comes to hiring illegal immigrant it is. Clearly against the law and you're starting to see rates they wait. Across the country look notably there you you're seeing the rays are taking place or you're about the law. And taking place in the news sanctuary state that we have and we just have to enforce. The law that we have on the books. I don't think we need to force a regulation every bit as does he bear are at increased the cost of doing business never heard the lead among the more than anyone else. But we need to uphold all on the books in it we do that companies are not going to hire illegal immigrants. So that got exactly the UN armored armored on the dock area if you will there are couple groups of people that that are special consideration. When it comes to dock and those are people that the kids could have been adopted by Americans that they may have been abandoned by their parents or their family. But now they're not there as someone who is a member of the family were adopted Amber's been incredibly important he. You know men and women have put out a form. Up to sounds like we lost a mayor and narrowed. Jumpin and try and see is Jason had a six probable he running around them. Cowboy capitol of the world bend air attacks this work. While aaron's doing that were visiting folks who was state rep Jason Isaak and and some of them. Interesting things I think two to recap but state represented about Isaak be sure and go to Isaak for Texas dot com if you wanna find out some more information its IS AAC. As in Jason Isaak for Texas. And he's running for our house congressional district 21 stretching from south to Austin to nor San Antonio and gets out to the hill country talking about immigration and this businesses. Run a person's Social Security number through the federal databases to make sure their. Here legally or we got you back Jason. Yeah back the other I was talking about the regulation requirements that well good. I absolutely think you get a government contract. It's your business that makes any money off the government. He should actually be or are you. For your private business it doesn't it's already against the law to hire illegal immigrants into we'd have to enforce the laws that are on the books but I think if you add more regulation to every business by requiring eat there are. This is more regulation. And where does this stop it it doesn't because that we've seen the government grow and grow grow their regulations and that's that's one of the biggest series of success the president trump. In this first year in office. Eliminating or delaying over 3000 regulations. But the article one it's most important little country is the waters of the US where the Obama administration was trying to control every single drop of water use. And that that would just kill our farmers and fractures. We're already hurting our farmers and ranchers. In this country in tech Google only have 248000. Farmers and ranchers here. They cover one point quality arms or 130. Million acres of land which is or land and our stated Al order. I noticed that in the in the article that we ran on Texas insider folks gone checked data on our. Home page the latest op Ed by state rep Jason Isaacs saying that agriculture is still the future of Texas and state representative Jason Isaak running for congressional district 21 am I like your position on. The laws already on the books for businesses we need to enforce the laws on the books as opposed to adding any additional ones good. Good analysis there let me ask you another question we got about four minutes left here in the show as some folks will have seen in the news there was a little bit of coverage at least here in Austin you had what may have been the first. Forum with all at least all of the other eighteen candidates were invited down to those exotic ranch south of Austin the other day and yet it was a joint effort by the Travis canny Republican Party and the haze canny. Republican Party we got three minutes left tell us what it is wanted to be up there on the stage with murdering a fellow debaters. Well it would still haven't had a forum where everybody as I shall now it's just dumb or just a couple of candidates that are either campaigning there is not showing up anymore. I'm in the and one that has shown up for anything but all they got their fate repelled them a hundred or about our secure the well. You pick apartheid like the checkered for the party in Vietnam and that's a big chunk of money and urged me that are for basic clearly have built in this city get this straight. And there are few of us would do that are effectively raising money that are out there that you know has promoted conservative values in the past. I think I'm the only one disturbed at all successful government let the Texas House of Representatives. And you manager fund raising goals I think I saw a press release from me the other day you've been successful raising money so far. Yeah yeah yeah and one thing I love about my some of the top fundraisers. They they wanted to contenders. You look at my financial port one thing that you'll notice on the airs every single address. Neither the state taxes not only one advocates say that because I want a surtax and the western rational pitcher 21 bay hill country. And I'm proud that I can say that and we met our numbers show. Look we're doing a good job of course we need help if people and helping that I record dot com offered. I hope we wouldn't want cocoon draft because that's what worker that I want certain people at the congressional district or he wants. Or in the hill country I don't wanna serve out and it could. And so certainly definite BC the book they're take a limited model a government that our shrink the size to Washington DC. I lie like that idea that all of your contributors have a Texas address I bet that if there are creatures over in Durham got here I've I bet that preaches well in the final minute tell us what your gonna be doing that and we only got one minute Jason so. Keep it short what are you doing this next week on the campaign trail. But we've got an event tomorrow Sunday afternoon to actually load outs on two Brady audits it's all parties spring Barack furniture and go to this or. And we've got some events after that but everything's on our FaceBook page to where we're gonna be so it's all everything guard protects. As site Twitter FaceBook integration. Always there's always count the last seven years be amongst its people that we serve it like 08 now and that's all we're doing now much simply because that he metro part white. Her parents are it is our family and friends and supporters we did get out and the amount of people we wanna serve. Okay folks were gonna leave it there and check out Jason Isaak Isaak for Texas Jason best of luck to you thanks for joining us. But Europe like America like factors impact revenue are good luck folks we appreciate you joining us for this edition of the Texas insider show I'm Jim Correll join us next week at 1230 right here on talk thirteen seventy the right choice check this out at Texas insider dot org and have a great Saturday afternoon. The change.