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This is the Texas insider radio show. Jim Carville is off today my name is Lynn Woolley on the radio talk show host in Texas good printer jams. We used to do the talk they Texas insider show together her for a long time on me JC talked thirteen stepped in and day. While Jim is off out of talent at taking care of business we have had some amazing things go on. Not only nationally in this last week but in the city of Austin. And that's where we'll start I want to talk about the sick leave ordinance. That the council passed. Only. Only two votes on an eleven member council only two votes against the sling. And I think it's an incredible thing to look at what our city is looking at when you have members. You have an eleven member council. And ten of those members or extreme far leftists. You're going to get socialist policies like that as it is that their heart isn't in the right place. It's what Margaret Thatcher sad day camp after awhile you begin to run out of other people's money are the Texas insider. And my name's Lynn Woolley and in for Jim carnal. I hear on the right choice KJ CE we do like to take phone calls on the show our telephone number 5126435483. And that translates a letter wise to 512643. Alive. And well we have we take your calls were here for the next hour. And will be discussing this in fact. That we may be able to get to four subjects is what I'm hoping let's start off with a so sick leave ordinance because this really affects. Not only the city of Boston at this as a harbinger. What other liberal city councils may do such as the ones in Dallas San Antonio Houston this thing spreads nationwide. I'll use the term it's gonna be a bloodbath for small business sickly does a great thing it's something that it's just wonderful. Wind businesses like to provided. But some businesses can't afford to do it in Austin says oh yes she will because we eat the government are in charge we are in control. We can run your business better than you can run your business and we're going to tell you what to do and there's not one darn thing you can do about it. And they had two votes in their favor. And it's interesting to tie them into what just happened in the state of Oregon and I'll get to that in just moment as well. But our telephone ever to have 512643. Lives 5126435483. Excuse me if I don't know all the members City Council personally I never met in the album. As so I may be missed pronouncing some some names of City Council members and if I do police are calling in let me know we'll try to correct and I'm going to say Greg. A Sar. He's the City Council member who appears to be the socialist of the bunch and other may be more than that one. But this was according to the states an article this was at his behest making Austin the first city in Texas to require private employers to provide paid slightly. Pace likely there's an interest including. We and you look at us and that probably the two most lucrative jobs in city government in Texas. At least everywhere beat Houston if I'm not mistaken Houston as a strong mayor form a government Austin Waco old Dallas. Fort Worth. San Antonio all helped. I council manager forms a government that means in Houston the mayors in charge. In a town like Austin the mayor is they have the City Council which forms the policy and then a city count a city manager. Is named in the city manager carries out the will the City Council but to sit city manager since we date today is in charge we're in Houston's mayor David Davidson charged. So here's what happened Greg Pitts. Now it doesn't affect government at this point because government is exempted by state law. The reason I bring the city managers and the school superintendents. Is in every city in the United States as far as I know that Kansas City knee injury and schools superintendent. They get up pretty nice sick leave policy and wind angle even or win and they are apply here. They get paid for those sick days that they did not use so let's say the school superintendent. In Austin I have in order Ahmet sick leave day but I'll just say two weeks at three weeks of whatever it is. If she uses two days or he uses two days. And gets fired or quits. The sick leave days or paid for we in the private sector don't have anything like this and if it may be apple doesn't. May be Google doesn't I don't know may be some of the high tech companies do that that are very wealthy but most of the time you get sick I know it. In my situation. There's no sick leave policy at all. Where I work. If you're sick and it's everybody knows your sick it mean they don't deduct anything premier salary but you are expected. The come back to work is Sunnis Ukrainian. What I would prefer to do is equalize government with a private sector. OK I understand. Paying a school supergenerous city manager on used vacation time that's fine next time that that they've earned. We learned in the private sector as well. 22. To have if for some reason you will you don't use it. You can get paid for it that's fine I have no problem that the sickly does dipper. Most private companies and correct me if I'm wrong here because. As I say all I know was my own experience where I've been in my life if you have a sick day. Analysts say you have ten of them when you're working for let's say manufacturing company used three of them the other seven go way. You don't get anything for them they dissipate in the and they renew you have ten more the next year but in the case of a government's. This has certainly in the case of school superintendents and in city managers. They get paid sick days that they don't use them. I just think we taxpayers. In effect. Are paying for that when we're getting that service. And it doesn't make sense for me. It it it doesn't work for me. I'm one dynamic of change and I've worked for a long time to get these things change are so it was great because saarc council played awesome the first city in Texas. To require that private employers provide pay exactly that's a move that of course got national attention some people like some people don't. But folks. Let me tell you a little bit at the Bagram that wanna talk about the concept of freedom and what the concept of freedom is rapidly going away in Austin, Texas. You better people testified at City Hall this is all levels the state. Of a debate lasted more than five hours then aura Houston. Voted against him because some concern she and Ellen trucks player who apparently is the only. Conservative on an eleven member council how is this possible how to Austin get this way and what we did change there's a Tea Party you know Austin. There's the Texas insider and loss of Americans for prosperity Austin. There's a lot of conservative lawmakers. The conservatives dominate the legislature specially with Joseph Straus on the way out it probably will now dominate the legislature. And yet Alston. It's like little San Francisco. And we're losing our in this city and we better be careful now of Sar is a long time workers' rights advocate. And this ordinance passage says is a signature were victory for progressive groups I wouldn't call this progress about call this more. Almost Communist it's it's certainly socialist it's almost Communists it's almost Marxist all these isms have deeper meanings that it socialism. He's really the workers' movements will stick with socialism communism. Isn't as much as a worker's movement as it is a central planning and government central government everything emanates from a central location. Marxism has has other key words that are associated with it as well. The fascism that is of course say a crazy kind of nationalism led that were. But this this socialism this would start talking about workers' movements and all that you're talking about marxism. And you're talking about socialist. And these are heavily related to the unions at and when. I read this on the statesman the 1230 alien vote which was greeted with thunderous applause the singing of unions solves. I went oh good god this is bad. This is bad this is this is the city of Boston could you may and June if the country if as Austin goes the country goes. What do you do we'd be in. Let's talk orbit about forty year. I'm a big guy with regard to freedom I I believe that freedom is the most second most important position that we have. And so did our founding fall like disbursed that's why am pro life that's why I am not for open. In did abortion because of where it if if if a woman takes wait a lack of her child is nothing it's are once that child is born. Then that's why didn't liberty. And after liberty. Comes the ability go to which wanted to do which is a pursuit of happiness. Not an Austin, Texas. To. A bookstore sometime ago and bought some books and notice that it was drizzling fairly heavily outside. They hand me the books where the with a receipt him and say you got to put those in a sack forming oh now this is Austin, Texas where freedom is not ringing. This is Austin knows no plastic bag no paper bag no nothing you know what she suggested me dealing. At two to protect my purchase. Jesus dollars over act of Austin Chronicle's overly air. Nobody reads adds up so just taken Austin chronicle. Record books up that it when you get done throw away the Austin chronicle which is precisely what idea. Which calls for more to bully and bills looming out there midway but I did recycle it. But if I'd thrown in a way that calls or more in the in bill that using this app so now in Austin, Texas we can't use sex. Paper or plastic the great doubles sex and our grocery stores know we have to put our meat. In an RR ground meat hamburger meat steaks and we better in these re charitable wings and we hit better option will be spreading disease everything we do. In totalitarian governments like the one we have and our city government in Austin leads to consequences and we had better be careful and I want the people of Austin to wake up and smell the flowers and so that we are losing. Our freedom. Micro businesses they mentioned here those are businesses with fewer than five people Howard dean's office. Our economy network and Ellen trucks player the only conservative. On the Austin City Council tried to create exemption. Were all businesses with fewer than fifty employees. But it's that it's it's pointless. The abortion queen in Texas. And Jack will move onto what they're doing in Oregon which is probably worse than this if that's possible XK Jaycee. 37 the right choice by 12643. Alive. 5126435483. In Woolley I'm sitting in. Forge and Jim McCardell on the Texas insider show were back in just the man. You've made the right choice topped thirteen seventy. We're back from the Texas insider show literally here are sitting in for Jim Carr was out down for a lot. Miller vacuum at Texas gubernatorial race from windy day this war the paint any issues. And still appear in the legislature made a fool out of herself talking about abortion. Coach you cannot build a political career. On the idea oval woman's right to kill her own child it it just it didn't work for her sewing and work for anybody else. And I just Water Cube with Avis who now lives in Austin. And now he can't deport her I don't suppose. But she lives in Austin. And she had to of course put her two cents and and so here comes former fort worst state senator Wendy Davis speaking about the unique impact that unpaid sick leave has on women. Then go to work for a company that has paid sick leave it it's the company's right to decide what kind of benefits it wants to. To offer in order to compete with other similar sized companies but if you're going to work for a company with with twelve employees ten employees by the employees. It's probably not going to be possible to do this kind of thing. And of course. She wouldn't be windy Davis if she didn't talk about killing they. Texas road blocks toward obtaining an abortion and said the Boston is proving to be a progressive leader in the deep red south. You know things are cyclical but I don't know it into into a city that has always high tech winning goals at its. It's hard to figure that awesome whatever outgrow this but it would be nice to see what's happening in Oregon. This was on the Wall Street Journal on Valentine's Day. Organs legislature took a step on Tuesday toward enshrine in the right to health care. In the Oregon State constitution which would be unprecedented in the United States the democratic controlled House of Representatives voted 3525. So at the bill on to the states and it's also of course controlled by the lift wing. I'm sure pacts. If the bill is passed by the senate which is also under democratic controlled and Oregon voters would be asked to decide on the constitutional amendment saying the state must ensure that every resident of Oregon has access to cost effective medically appropriate and affordable healthcare. There's only one thing they didn't consider who's gonna paper this Austin Austin considered. It's the City Council doesn't want any of these businesses are many old City Council members may own a business. But they don't own a stake in all the businesses they're saying you have to pay for this. They're saying we know better than you do we want to run your business we are going to to have a vote here in you're gonna pay for. Ignored. Here we go again the the big problem that obamacare faced when that that of course crashed and burned in failed to work was that. Basically win the government comes in begins running something like this the calls go up exponentially. And we got health care inflation in this country that is completely and totally out of control now and if organ does this it will make it worse. What they're saying is nobody has ever be responsible for health care anymore you know. I've always felt like since I don't think I can afford. To pay a lot of health care cost. That is better to try to live a little bit of a healthy lifestyle so jock. Tried to eat some what correctly. I don't smoke. Don't don't drink. Too much don't don't get drunk six this is a little weak don't do those things they lead to big Yelp your bills. But that they've taken all of that out of the equation in or just basically on limited health care for all. And recorded this piece in the Wall Street Wall Street Journal absolutely zero. Thought about how any of this is going to be paid for. Hopes the United States as ice we started this country we declared our soap independent our founding fathers. Decided they're worth three things that they wanted to base this new country on the first was a lot. That means we cannot be a culture of death as the Democrat party has become we must have a culture of life in this country number two was freedom liberty. That's what I'm talking about your number three is be able do what you wanna do without the government telling you that's pursuit of happiness that number two. Life and in liberty liberty is another word for freedom. The City Council mandating sick leave policy to private business. It's not freedom that's socialism that's marxism. The state of Oregon. This had emerged I understand we have entitlements in this country and look entitlements. At some point we're going to have to be addressed. And if I have a fault with Donald Trump as president. And it and I am not talking about it in things like like his tweeting Hamadan some of the the things that he says yeah Donald Trump is Donald Trump and we've all learned he was Donald Trump before he was elected he was Donald Trump. After he was elected and he will always be Donald Trump just as Bill Clinton won't chase skirts down and money. Down the hall and until he collapses from one too many big Macs or something. It's just the way Donald Trump is that if I have one big beef. With Donald Trump it's this budget ouija side we don't have the money to do. Oh in the world is organ going to as east eight. Paperless. Soulless if at saint Davids or it worse eaten or were bracket ridge or Daryle Ward Everette Dennis. If this were all Austin. And they pass this the state passed it. And the hospitals then were inundated with people who. Work coming before but now all the medical care spree units are right so nobody can never be turned down presumably not even illegal aliens can be turned out. Dell's Dell children's is gonna need more doctors and more nurses more respiratory therapist. See who's gonna need more doctors and more nurses more technicians and more aids and were secretaries. Saint David's is gonna need more. Who's gonna pay for all this remember the people are coming in their healthcare as a right. They're expected before. This is what happens win left wingers are put in charge public government. And they do things that you'll really good. But in practice they don't work and obviously this to mr. trump. You signed a budget. We got past the dock argument there and we left that on the table but we didn't close the government down we got the military. In the air and we got the today hurricane relief in there that that was 89 billion dollars or something like that that's only been in the Democrats came back as a what you can do hurricane relief. If you're going to do. Do military. We want domestic programs so they got whatever 3400 billion whatever it was they got. Now we're going to pay for all this it's going to hand over the next few years. Couple more trillion dollars Obama left us with a double the national debt. Of twenty trillion. Trumps on line to do so and so. At any tax cuts I've come to a better description. Of Democrats and Republicans than it had before. Democrats if you say watt what describes a Democrat. Well Texans the and there's always described Democrat. Now I think it in her they're always gonna hold certain but I think we can describe Republicans now as tax cuts. In statement. Because I thought sure that Donald Trump being a businessman and would say all right we're adding a trillion dollars. Or whatever it is so where are we going to get that trillion dollars. Are weakening abolish the Department of Education war that would be a red letter day that we can celebrate forever. But no. We're not going to abolish anything we're just going to spin and keep borrowing and the sun keeps coming up in the morning. And one of these days when at all collapses maybe we'll all be the end and our grandchildren were. Second subject I wanted to talk about today after socialism marxism and freedom. Which is just taken a big here in Austin, Texas a and in Oregon. Has to do. With the FBI this is just a little one page piece I just saw on the Drudge reports out of New York Post printed it out the FBI was warned last month that Nicholas cruise. Was an armed Psycho who much Utica school. But it didn't bother investigating the agency admitted on Friday a person close to cruise apparently call the agency's tip line January the fifth. And said this nineteen Euro had quote a desire to kill people. Erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts and there was quote potential of him conducting a school shooting. The FBI said that in a statement and admitted they did nothing. Okay this is a this would be involving firearms I suppose and and threats against the government institution which is a school it's not a federal instead what kind of is. Federal government certainly mandate. The the FBI didn't do any thing. And as some conservative commentators said including me on my Friday show. May the the FBI was too worried about. Russian collusion with Donald Trump may be all the agents are assigned to try to help find something about that. I don't know but they're falling down on the job on other things. And Rick Scott who was the governor of Florida has called. On the FBI directors step down Marco Rubio both of these guys Republicans but rubio his call for congressional investigation into the FBI. Let me say this I don't know where. Where the failure K and I've always. Been a fan of the FBI not so much of it was a later agent for the FBI on television but. This is not good. If the FBI has been told over and over again. That there's a problem here. And the FBI let's ago. They don't do any thing they don't follow up and we've we've had pins that considerable amount of criticism the FBI from the political right. Over this Russian collusion thing. Over how the FBI may have even been involved in the steel dossier otherwise known as the golden showers dossier. And they're letting these other things go through the crack and now we have seventeen people dead in the school three of my beliefs were teachers or coaches in the others were students and this is one like the Boston Marathon. The pressure cooker bombers they're the two saw Narnia Brothers. That apparently we knew that it could have been. Could have been avoided. And I think San Bernardino could probably been aboard buildings are these were Muslim attacks radical Muslim attacks in San Bernardino the people next door saw. The arsenal that was being built. But was afraid to say anything because they said anything they would be smeared as racists. So that is that is something that we will be watching here the FBI admitting that it didn't investigate a tip on the alleged shooter. We got some clips from this and let me play the president of the United States in one piece. Later this month I will be meeting with the nation's governors and attorney general's. We're making our schools. And our children safer will be our top priority. It is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel. Like we are making a difference. We must actually make that difference. What kind of a different should we make. Will be going to the top of the hour here in about 45 seconds but let let me just say that. I made some comments. On my radio show. Which runs on three stations around the state in our website WB daily dot com you can go to it there be logical dot com if you want to show stream. I made the comment that instead of working so hard. To try to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally Il. Why don't we work harder as a society. Not to create more people who were mentally Il. And I'll describe just how I think we can do that allowed to have your phone calls will be right back it's the Texas insider show I'm win bully for Jim carpal. On talk thirteen seventy the right choice back right after the top of the hour. Place. With the Texas insider show my name is Lynn Woolley I'm in for Jim Carville the legs the Texas insider shows every Saturday from 123130. Right here on. Talk thirteen seventy KJ seat either write shorts if you'd like to join in the conversation I would love to have you. On air we are 512643. Lives. And that's 5126435483. And today we've talked orbit about freedom. And whether city council's ought to be taking away or any more to it. I don't live in all Stalin just outside Alston. My City Council has just created. A special part of the city. For. They that they want mixed use development she knows smaller versions of something like the domain to come in there. Let's get that through our earth to do better to apply for any kind of funding or whatever. You have to comply with all kinds of city regulations yet to play in a certain number three PGA you're building has to be set back from the highway so much as to be. Has to be a certain kind of signings that has to be a certain number of feet high in the air and can't be over the years it's just. It's just ridiculous in Houston there's only there's not much stuff like this in Houston's grown faster than any other Texas City. Over the last several years you would have to say Austin's best growing city. But it's heavily regulated Houston isn't ever heavily regulated. And it's the fourth largest city in the United States of America. There's just trying to stay in the air with freedom now let's get back to the Parkland. School massacre. There's a piece by. How OC Kim straw sold it no it's up Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal de go right after this happened talking about this. And I want to get to that let's go first to MSNBC. When I call micro socialist in DC. This is aware that this isn't an on air broadcast cable network. That. I'm sure the city council of Austin. Watches a regularly. Nicole Wallace is what the Talking Heads listen to this as she talks about the problem with it this school shooting and the Republican Party. Democrats. Who are for gun control are fine with. Doing more for the mentally else that Republicans. Who are for doing more for the mentally ill never. And her ever. Ever want to have a conversation about gun control with the Republican Party you know wake up and realize that it has blood on its hands. Hey and would the Democrats you know wake up and realize that they do to our starting with the abortion but we were not even going there looked. Saying we have a bit of a problem with gun control in the United States of America because it is enshrined at. As one of our ten basic rights in the constitution of the United States in the bill of rights it's the Second Amendment. And I don't care how many Austin city councils or Oregon state legislatures there are the constitution overrides them. Now maybe comment. And I and after I made that are registering by Peggy Noonan and I realized how hopes that she was to where I was going in May be she said it better than I get jewel paragraph. You know to begin with we always start off after these school shootings with. You know how okayed the deer is the existence of pure evil which there is but Democrats don't like to hear the Democrats want you to believe the gun was the problem not the person they're for the gun was evil the person was not evil. Unfortunately you put a gun in a drawer he put six bullets and a waiver holes or clip of sixteen or whatever and the gun's gonna sit there. And it's not gonna do anything it's not gonna walk out of that drawer it's not gonna pull itself of anybody is not gonna pull its own trigger. Somebody has to do that for just like our lawn more would be great and we have room buzz I guess so maybe we we'll get lawn mowers that we can just leave out in the yard 44 hours a day 365 days you're they'll just ma oh. But right now we don't have that you have to go start the more you after a push it up to the yard and you have to begin mulling. With a gun. And along more you're talking about tools and gun is a tool. Now I'm gonna say something that liberals won't lie. But of course I wish to speak things liberals don't like and I call it I ever worked for that Michael truth. If you something that is going to have them yet impact and he had impact on school shootings I'm not saying it would stop them. But I'm saying it would. Greatly diminish the possibility. And the probability of having a school shooting. And you might not happening more of them if you do this one little thing. Liberals hold at. And that he has to take the bulk. Of the adults working in that school. Certainly the administration the principal. School superintendents over in their building ought to be part of this by the way the schools are present the sport school far leftist. I would say. There would have to be a requirement. And there are there could be slots open in school for people who did not want to participate. But 75%. To 75 out of every hundred school employees ought to be carrying. And there ought to be assigned and they ought to be trained heavily training yes one of them could go berserk. But it's not that likely. It could happen that were all human beings than anybody. If anybody I suppose a suspect at some point. At some time depending on net extreme you circumstances and all that but. We hire these people take care of our children to teach him all the things they need to know you know climate change bilingual education and identity politics. All the all the important things they'll need in life if they're gonna ever run for Austin City Council. All right so. You you you'd trade and they have regular training on it they are required to to have regular trading say monthly bi monthly whatever whatever of the schools but it is right for the legislature they installed this. And then a sign has put up opera and I guess it would have to be in Spanish and French and swat Heatley and German goes after all where multicultural society. And we brought in a lot of people. That have participated a lot of these types of things perhaps not in schools but certainly San Bernardino the Fort Hood massacre the Boston Marathon and a the beltway sniper Rosenberg Oregon and the beheading in Oklahoma. And I can think of more and certainly. Overseas. Has been radical Islam. But they seem to be mentally ill people and my comment to reiterate I say at an earlier is that instead of trying to keep guns out of the hands of a mentally ill people who shouldn't have them what are we look at what side he is doing to create people who are mentally. One is understanding. That the sexes are different that there's more there's girls at girls are typically call were people they always have been. Boys will be boys is what we used to say don't give them psychotropic drugs. I wonder how much that contributes to this I wonder damage contributes because the old beat GTQ. I eight community that's it and was blown. Lesbian gay bisexual transsexual. Clear. A sexual. And intersection no interest sexually sexual LG BTQ I am trying to get it right. Because of the anti family agenda. Welfare. Has kill a family as well look at self Chicago the murder capital of the United States. And see how many of those it's we always are young boys not having father figures young girls don't have far to fit father figures either it's the young boys to go out and get involved with the gangs and the illegal guns. And the drug culture. In the Southside of Chicago in May be some parts of Austin I don't. But what I am saying here is that. We do so many things as a society the culture of death perpetrated by people like windy day this. And the lamp where a woman gets pregnant it's inconvenient. Kill the baby. Killer and any time so let me read paragraph. From. Peggy Noonan. As an answer to this Nicole Wallace and MSNBC. She says we don't we all say privately it's so obvious it's hardly worth saying we have been swept by social technological cultural revolution's the family blew up divorce unwed childbearing fatherless sons fathers daughters. Poor children nobody loved them a flourishing Internet porn proliferated drugs legal and illegal. Violent video games so we just stop the air. Well it is somebody called as a Joba looked Popeye used to hit blue though and the road runner use to push the coyote over the cliff. And we understood that was cartoon physics at the time there was no blood shown the coyote may have fallen 500 feet into a canyon. And it may have roughed up his for a bit but but the coyote bounce back and it was a cartoon and he laughed and we went on. Now you watch American horror story you watch the Americans. You go to a slasher movie at chuck movie. You go to a nightmare on elm street whatever it is Friday the thirteenth movies at Texas chainsaw massacre. That's not the coyote falling off a cliff folks that's not Popeye eating his spinach and punching out beluga. Worries me you know even if Boudreau loses tooth on the next a units back as cartoons that's not real. What we portrayed on television in movies and in video games is very very real looking. I know it's not what it seems those actors walk away from it but it sure doesn't look like it. We created a culture. This creates mental illness what this guy at the Aurora movie theater that was a Batman and moving. And he was he had his parents got to look like the Joker. Jared block your congressman on the corner was a certified looney tunes I understand there things that create. Mental illness that we don't do is aside aside as a society but I think we could. Probably pull back. On about 60% of this the Simpsons and a great parity one time where where they gave. Mark Simpson. Essentially Ritalin but they call it focus in on the show and Barton was so Smart they made in schools superintendent. And they were they were just ridiculing the lift one way or the other we've got to take a break will do it. Will come back. I want to get to the FB IA and the Robert Mueller investigation in the Hillary Clinton's situation and will do that the man with. My name is Lynn Woolley. And Gilligan for Jim Carville right now it's the Texas insider show Belgium car will be back next week right here on talk thirteen seventy KJ CE. On air 512643. Live or 5126435483. And were back in just a moment. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seventy or RegToy. Start the fire code if we got a fire going here as seriously we really do have to look at our culture. I would like to see what. I don't know I just watched the man from uncle. A recently washed couple seasons of it on dvd that there was no graphic violence like what we see saying on now American horror story. At some of these shows ahead of gosh what was the one that Jim could be easel was in. A detected dad lives is open and criminal minds good grief criminal minds. Was was unbelievably. Violent I've only seen a season on the because I didn't wanna buy another season. I don't wanna go to bed tonight with those are any night with those images in my mind I'd like to see just try to fix the culture let's try to get father's back. Let's abandon the LG BT understanding that that gay people have a right to be gay and I would never in a million your step on them because I'm a guy that believes in freedom. But I don't believe their urgent ought to be front and center like it was with the Obama administration. I believe we have to work to recognize that trains genders don't exist. They are essentially if they gone all the way with that their surge or what surgically mutilated but they're still boy or girl orderly started beating their chromosomes toward any different. And if they've they've they've done some wacky here are some nip and they are some talk in the air. They mutilated themselves. A boy can never functional way a woman can and a woman can never function the way a man can and it's just not possible and there are doctors out there willing to say that some doctors are afraid of being called bigoted or politically or incorrect or something like that. As silly goal with this it's anti science of anti medicine. And the suicide rate in that community is. Sky rocketing. We've got to have some logic some common sense they call me the secretary of logic goes I try to beat the titular head America's department logic. Of which we don't have a very much to Cruz talked about the mass shooting on fox. Evil is. Sadly always present and when you do what we can took to act to prevent it. Sometimes you see brave heroes who were able to step forward and and sometimes you have people like and Sutherland springs who are armed you can engage the killer and stopped them and save people like same view public schools allow it because I know every state is different you public schools allow armed security. Kosher that is that there's certainly some schools that have armed security and that that that that can make a difference but it did very school bus or from. Other schools actually have a better chance of stopping this. Then sodium a hotel like the Mandalay bay in Las Vegas or more. I mean so and nobody know that this guy was building this arsenal look in this room you would think typically people would go in. That one would be hard I don't know what should do about some of these things yes there is pure evil and in this world. Very much so. Talk about the Russian sweep we've pat Nelson indictments I'm trying to remember who before I think it was. Men for two. And Flynn metaphor was something off in the distant past that they found in his records that they are rewarded used Jordan against trump. There's associate of his that was indicted there was plan. Are lying to the FBI and now others come out exculpatory evidence says may be planned that life so why did land admit to lying if he did what I it's because you've got the full force. Of the of the federal government on you in the form of man afford his merry band of liberals who were out to get Donald Trump. They were reading Flynn but probably are prudently in his life is in shambles right now this is what happens whether it's right or wrong. When government comes after you with a full force of the United States government. Now we've had thirteen more indictments. An Internet research agency. Registered with the Russian government as a corporate entity in 4013. And a strategy according to what we've been told of getting out and spreading distrust. Toward the candidates. And I've heard it both ways. That he was true that these these these Russians were trying to help trump but. When they started trump hadn't even gotten the and so that's kind of suspect in a way. It says by early to mid 26 billion us from CNBC. The defendants were supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate doll from what you think that's case they'd much rather Hillary Clinton would be president. And I have an idea on why they were supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump. If that's even true and I don't know that it is because some other stories say well they they they spread a lot of distrust all around all right. It's always going to win this week told on the days before the election haven't what was it in 97%. Chance of winning this remembered in the late night comedians that made arson is out of themselves by saying that. You go in and drop you have any chance Jimmy Kimmel in and sass from. Whatever Myers whatever name it I don't stay at one Wessels likes. And they were all proven wrong and in culture. Who had a famous clips saying Donald triple double and they want her off the set. And then Donald Trump Wednesday. The electoral college and he's president of the United States so if you're the Russians that you want us sow discord you want so just trust. You want to disrupt the American system. Are you going to go I don't advocate for the person you think is gonna week. You're trying to poke. Each in this in this race if if Hillary Clinton had won it would have gone just as the literati of the political world wanted to ago. And stroke so that's the thing came out for Donald Trump that's me. It was to screw around with the Hillary Clinton and in so doing screw around with their actions. Now let me throw this out we have had thirteen indictments of Russians. And it's. A couple of 34 indictments of blues associates from the campaign people who like man a fort but nothing. Putting concerning Russian collision happened. We are told her it's been leaked out Beimel or that the investigation continues drops and a business that that does. Couple things that ought to come out of this to number one I don't have much time I need a couple more hours that first thing is. This is bothered me for a long time. If you ever watch the TV show the Americans you know that day and this is a fictionalized version but there's still some of the samba. That the Russians have had plants in the United States as long as we've. Arab United States Russia rivalry where they tried to disrupt us learn our secrets. That's what that whole show was about it's it it's a fun show Lotta Lotta Mayhew a minute to. But it's it's a fun show and is very instructive in some ways it makes you wonder how much of his real passion a lot of this you re a week doing this in Russia. And we planted people in Russia that speak Russian trying to disrupt the Russians of course we have. We vendor feared it would Obama when Obama was in power he tried to keep Benjamin Netanyahu from getting reelected we interfered in the Israeli elections. So it is that happens that you expected to happen. But here's what I've always been a opposed to. I know that Israel. Britain. There were sprains an hour's spy on us lobby us I know that Russia spies on us. This Russian interference in the selection is nothing compared. To the overall picture you would see if we actually knew what other countries are trying to do to disrupt the United States and learn our secrets. And some of them only. Our members of congress. All that is governed by the foreign agents registration act far and the lobbying disclosure act the old the day. And there's all kinds of problems will them. For example the registers are required to file in formal informational materials only if they've been distributed to more than one individual. So they're just lobbying somebody like say Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer they don't have to do everything. And so many of these that take place abroad to meetings like some. Congressman goes overseas may meet was one of these lobbies senate report that and he goes on and on and on it's it's one. Loophole after another and if we're really serious. If we're really serious. About getting rid of foreign intervention in our internal politics we got not only to stop the Russians from interfering in our elections. But we have got to stop the Russians sparing techniques we've got to stop Israel from spying on us and Britain and France and China. And North Korea. And we were really something we can really do is stop the all our own members of our own congress our senators and our legislators. From being lobbied by foreign interest. Because that's rampant. Now Ben Barrick. On WB daily dot com has a piece called Watergate 2.0 needs indictments are Democrats could take that house and impeached trump. The year saying that if the Democrats get elected. In mass numbers in the mid terms and I'm not sure that window because the numbers are starting to flip back. Toward the Republicans now trump is almost 50% approval rating which is not bad at this point in a presidency not bad at all certainly not out of out of line with other presidents like Obama. But if it. You look at Mexican waters a look at Adam Schiff who we call shifty on our show. Yeah a Dell impeached from now will will trump be. Removed from office remember Clinton was speech he was impeached he was not removed from office but we know that Hillary Clinton. And Eric writes about is committed multiple felonies she did so when she had a private email server installed in her home. She traffic in classified information. We know that some of that ended up on Carlos danger web. Computer otherwise known as Anthony Weiner. The FBI found there that was why he came back out right before elections said they were looking into something else about Hillary Clinton. That was Anthony waiters classified. Information found on his computer from Hillary Clinton's commuter. We know that the Obama administration is guilty as well by co opting the Department of Justice the FBI. Do the same thing essentially that the Watergate burglars dead. Back in 1972. But nobody has indicted congress the guy that could do it Jeff Sessions won't do it in is recused. Asian jokes the clintons get away with more in a day than most politicians get away within an entire career. The clip there's not much the clintons are guilty off. Bill Clinton goes to Russia gets a 500000. Dollar pay off in the uranium one deal goes through is Muller looking at this. I know she's not running and they're probably not likely to run again but you never know with the clintons. But it's a matter of justice. It's a matter of whether the clintons are subject to the same kind of justice that the rest of Americans are. They went after Paul man before they're going after trump. I got flee and they got done it was a southern guy George pop about apple is who apparently popped off and some foreign country and led to some of this investigation. But I'll tell you right now if we don't put the clintons on a major investigation possibly behind bars. The ladies and gentlemen we don't have equal justice in this country. We go after people that the major media that the the late night comedians in the Democrats like shifty ships don't lack. But Donald Trump at the real criminals over there are bill and Hillary Clinton who used a fake and fraudulent. Foundation. In order to enrich themselves remember. You go back to do to their their their terms in office they were selling pardons right of the blast they sold to pardon the late mark rich. They put their cronies in the travel office they sold secrets to the Chinese. They're just doesn't seem. Seriously. To be any. Any crime that the clintons can do that they actually face consequences for. All right the docket deals they all failed failed and soon it will sleep. Don't know whether those docket bills are gonna go through I personally don't see. Any chance of any politicians in this country deporting any dreamers the dreamers have been saying to Biden they all wearing a blows. With regard to so doc I'm not really thinking much it is gonna happen there even if we don't come up with a deal that with regard. The Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is saying that he's not running he's gonna running Utah he's not running as a never trapper but he's already been criticizing the president I'm not happy with the fact that. Politicians like Hillary Clinton can move to new York and automatically get elected or. Romney can go back you try and get elected but that's what's gonna happen folks it has been sponsor but a fast our Jim Carville will be back with you next week and this time slot. My name is Lynn Woolley thank you so much for shooting and the logical this is the right choice talk thirteen 78. KJ CE. Yeah. It's just she.