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Morning anyway. Gentlemen I have Saturday afternoon trio welcomed at Texas insider show one gym card old. On another lovely lovely. I guess on call this test this past spring half winner we can get rain this week it's a fun 1172 degrees and nations so eleventh largest city as I always say that would be Austin, Texas and we appreciate you join an aspirin little Texas insider. Radio where recovered the week's activities and boy howdy is there are more than enough going on in Texas politics these days we're in the home stretch with a met ten or eleven days. Left before the march 6 everybody mark your calendar march 6 primary date is Tuesday here and Texas and early voting has begun at this last week it runs. Here another couple days into the end of this next week and as I said things are getting. I'm just don't know how to describe it to be honest with you it's some of it's disgusting frankly some of its cheap entertainment if that's you Kirk. You that's not a bad way to get through life these days with with politics and grab in the tar baby but we trying give you a little 30000 foot view. Provide a little reason sanity and hopefully some honesty and be sure and check us out at Texas insider dot org we post about ten or fifteen articles every day it's free send me an email Jim at Texas insider won't put you on the list. And you too can be as we say you're either an insider or you're not we got about a 175000. Followers checked us out on. FaceBook and Twitter at Texas insider. Where UB one of 35000 followers there and let's just. Jumping into it I'm going to be joined in a little bit by one of them State's preeminent most well respected hard working political analyst Scott Redick the quorum report is nice enough to come in and join us today because of the imminent CEO of the election and there're. A number probably a half dozen for sure if not a dozen dependent on which. Group you listen to. Saying that they've got hot races or races that could go either way and we and the Hal Scott retiring speaker Joseph Straus. As a factor because. The conservative wing of the Republican Party in the libertarian wing frankly we've got a lead story go check it out on Texas insider by Dave's. Smith at a Dallas who's been involved in Texas politics. Forever and that one's entitled how and why the libertarians. In Texas censured house speaker Joseph Straus and there are certainly a lot of infighting going on in the Republican Party but. Also the Democrats the Democrats have two candidates. Now they've got about a half dozen candidates running for governor. Lupe. At a this year to play at a dallas' not raising any money she is the favored probably by top party leaders because she's a woman who. Women always get two to three to 4% extra boost on the polls in the votes. They can be the difference maker she's and his admitted to lesbian and gay and backer of the LB GL GBT. Coalition agenda she. Is a Hispanic all the moons are lining right there she's an elected official from. Second largest city in Dallas being Dallas but young then there's former governor mark white's son Andrew and he's out their shaken the bush is raising some money. And is up on TV I think I saw this last week at least in Houston but we have got a twenty point wanted to talk about in. In the net in the state level then on the national level. I don't know what the biggest news was this week was it the continued. Fallout heard developments on the horrific. Shooting in floored in the Florida high school where seventeen kids were killed and all the conservative you've probably heard a conservative talk shows were ranting and raving about this CNN to suppose that town hall meeting I didn't pay too much attention to it frankly up. Think the nation's pretty much decided on the issue of gun control and as it all is always the case. Discussion. Red flags gnashing of teeth comes up immediately following the shooting. But on the terrorism front we always used to say you know focus on immigration reform. If there was domestic terrorism and somebody like him California blown out by shooting up. Government office building. And you wanna focus on. Having a stronger vetting system for those that come into the United States. Now here this week we've had with. Of deranged bless his heart trouble little high schooler. Not raised in them in a society that is prone to. Raise the strongest character and kids anymore that's a whole another discussion but. He goes in any shoots up seventeen of his high school classmates solo Hughes not a student now people are. Talking about stronger bedding for guns. And it's interesting to me that the Democrats they want and are pushing in the liberals. And the Bernie Sanders folks are pushing more bedding and stronger. Restrictions on buying a gun but yet on the other hand they want to loosen. And they don't have any problem letting illegal aliens in this matter of fact one of grant citizenship to on kind of interesting dichotomy I don't know that bats. Something will be able to get into today but it's a fascinating. And just the level of hypocrisy I think a lot of you would say. And hypocrisy is what's going on at the state level. In some of these elections and we've had state representative Paul Workman on the show number of times he is. Being the victim of a lot of these false mailers and there's all these new interest groups I've 01 C three tech that is section of the tax code. They did she would nonprofit status there's a 501 C for war that. Did she semi tech's status but allows you to be involved in politics and do lobbying or. Campaign in electioneering. And it's just become a stink in cottage industry. Where we had campaign finance reform ten years ago at the national level called McCain Feingold it was supposed to get all the dirty money out of politics. And is in everything the government does a step friend at a at a Amarillo who said everything Jim. Government touches turns to yogurt and that was her her way of kinda describing something that is a human byproduct to protect. That is the same consistency is yogurt I thought there was little humorous and something to remember but. Everything government such as whether it's the tax code. Congress passes a tax law and what do what do people do it's human nature you go let me hire somebody your you yourself do it in trying to find a way to get around it. The administration. Passes. Environmental laws or environmental regulations that aren't past you go through congress they implement regulations would have companies do you go out trying find a way around it. Our immigration system in this country if we just enforce the laws in this country folks wouldn't be a nice thing and in it would net clear up most of the problems. Our gut in this is what kills me nobody ever talks about it. If the United States. Made its immigration system work. People would need to come here illegally. I could just get linemen you know grand and it's gonna take awhile might take two or three or four years. So be it that's not unreasonable if you're trying to get your current your shares are better but we don't. Have a system that works it's broken it's faulty it's all messed up. And I don't blame people wanna come to America almost for get here illegally because you're doing the best for your kids and your family you're gonna do what it takes but the root cause. And the problem is our old who immigration system is broken that is the problem the simple dumb is illegal immigration. And as anybody in the medical professional tell you don't treat the symptom. Treat the disease so Benson another issue that. I think is just interesting for. The battle we saw a wanna thank Lynn Woolley for filling in for me last week here on the Texas insider show I happened B. Up in Dallas at the request among longtime state board of education member or friend times he Miller out of Dallas who served on the state board of education you hear me talking about the state board of education are renowned and we have. Despite all the negative discussion on Texas education that you see in the media every now and then we in fact folks. I've been doing this for about twenty years following the state board of education we have one of deem best. Education structures in development. Programs. In in the nation that starts at the state board of education they devised that the standards that are to be met. Then they devised the curriculum underneath that that meets the standards then the textbook publishers coming in and they. Make the textbooks. Meet the curriculum and then we have testing on it but trying to Miller had me up to here vice president Mike Pence and others at the Dallas County Republican Party and I tell you Dallas canny Republican Party is on the move they had the biggest Lincoln day president's state dinner. Ever in the history of that Kenny about 14100 people. Boone Pickens lifelong major donor. Republican achieved a lifetime achievement award congressman Jeb hence showing who's retiring from congress a big big hit for our. State delegation because he used to be Phil Gramm state director back in the day when I was a staffer and thirty years ago when many. We went and ran for congress that's one of the hot contested races up in the Dallas Metroplex is. To replace Japan's ruling that key. As our local congressman Mike McCall as chairman of the homeland security committee are other local congressman Lamar Smith is chairman of the science. Space and technology committee we have a lot of important Republicans in key places and now Japan's rulings retiring up and analysis chairman of the banking and finance committee so. There's more than enough to talk about. As I mentioned we've got. Our friend Scott Braddock from the quorum report one of them most respected and hard working and knowledgeable. Political analysts in the state he's been traveling. Everywhere. The last two or three weeks or the last couple months but especially here recently we're gonna talk about. All these local races. All the local mailing all the local phone calling you're getting in I'm telling you folks I've just been pushed over the edge is. Someone who likes to believe that the you know the saying used to be in politics that you don't do anything that either. Causes that can't I candidates divorce or puts a candidate or elected official in jail. Basic decency and common sense but there's nothing common about common sense anymore in in this day and age with the Internet. As I call it the scandal logical nature of the Internet and some are you hunters know what's gad as it's an animal by products won't get into all that with Scott rhetoric from the quorum report. Appreciate you joining us on the Texas insider show me churn Schechter said at Texas insider dark order on FaceBook importer Texas insider. And we'll be right back on this lovely Saturday afternoon on talk thirteen seven lead the right choice. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen great job there air and bringing us back in with a little Eddie Van Halen nor McEnroe one which is exactly what we trash can do. Every Saturday afternoon here for you on. Talk thirteen seven to the right choice appreciate you joining us I'm Jim Correll with Texas insider be sure and check this out. At Texas insider dot org where we pride about 151015. Articles every day keep you on the inside a Texas politics and take it straight from the horse's mouth that would be the elected officials and check us out on Texas insider both on FaceBook and Twitter and before we as a was talking before the break about some of the the infrastructure heard the time I heard the mindset of this election season. Before we bring Scott Brad akin from the quorum report a wise as you all now I always try and focus on the solution not the problem and beat. Be positive. And work with people on things that we agree with them and not focus on the negatives saw a menace. Mentioned here a couple things a bit of come out in the last week or so about the economy. Saw this morning in the Austin as I've fondly called on American states person we don't wanna be misogynist because if anybody knows what that means half the time. But the State's man would be sexist so we city State's person but I love the statesman I still get it. They do a great job keeping you informed on what's going on on by and large in this morning a Texas giant has been toppled. As Plano based Pizza Hut has now put content the second. Largest pizza chain in the world dominoes in stay ahead of them in terms of annual sales. Was counting interest thing I know the football season's gone to plenty of people may have been ordered pizza one option. The Olympics and then at the other day home sales in Austin in January continued to go up Austin home sales rose eight point 5%. We. We got problems here in Austin hooks I'm telling you there's a thousand people moving to Texas every day supposedly 11100 people on about a 10250. Those. Are moving to Austin and it causes problems on my OPEC it causes problems in the housing market if you're trying to get into the housing market but it. Housing is continuing to go up across central Texas. And the US economy added jobs a couple weeks ago unemployment still four point 1%. US employers added two point one million jobs in 2017. And an interest in fact I mentioned. That I was up in Dallas last week at the Dallas County Republican Lincoln day dinner and Mike Pence. Mentioned that there have been two point seven million jobs. Created since Donald Trump become became president and he said. Guess which city it. Has been the greatest beneficiary in the country. It's Dallas Texas a 125000. New jobs just in the city of of Dallas so. You know nice little fun to be thinking about if you're businessman and and that was the final thing I'll mention the small business confidence. Index according to the national federation of independent business and another group by survey monkey see NBC and survey monkey monkey did him a poll and they found. That more people more small businesses have confidence in the economy at this point than ever since they've been keeping it. I believe it's been met twenty years back in 97 or something that they started taken them. The confidence level of small businesses so things are looking up but yet here in politics. I'm telling you folks it's like I've never seen it before and I mentioned the word scandal logical because that's. I think the most Packard in this day and age of the Internet of our telephones. Cell phones of the ability of people to comment without repercussion without fact checked. And the days of old. Word and I'm gonna bring in Scott wrecked the days of the word investigative. Journalism. You know it used to be a real term and the poor. New sources anymore don't have the resources. Necessarily because of falling circulation that. Maintain investigative journalism word of the reporter will spend two or three weeks coming up with a story. But Scott Redick from the quorum report bureau well known he certainly in the circles but all over the state even travel and political analyst wanna tell you thank you for coming in today spectrum appreciate it. You've been doing Texas politics. Probably about as long as I have decades. It's been. Quite awhile now that you say NFL like Russia crusty old man it's like when you say. That Amazon you know looking yeah it's coming to Austin and we conceal these. I'm new jobs boosted the economy but I hate to be the crusty old man about it. But when they say what's the best place to put Amazon headquarters. Number two in Austin my answer is Dallas. There you go thanks a lot yeah exactly because if it is we got. FaceBook just locating in the second largest crowd up and Fort Worth by alliance airport. We've got too many people move and a few appeared. If you're one that has to fight traffic it's it's been careful what you wish for because things are growing but let's get into some of these sir may be it. After the break we'll get into the individual races across the state. Are here locally but. Tell me what your thinking is I know this last week governor rabbit had a rally in San Antonio home against an incumbent Republican Lyle Larson down there him. He's been in Houston. Campaigning against. A Republican House incumbent Sarah Davison. Certainly unprecedented in but really all these quote unquote think tanks are special interest groups that have. Millions. Of dollars tens of millions of dollars have you ever seen anything like this and what's your analysis. The political. Political marker and the tone and tenor is definitely different and we've seen in this sort of civil war was on the Republican Party. You know getting more intense with each election cycle. In the last cycle. I am sixteen cycle it seemed to have more shape to it. At least at the state level because you had. A speaker Straus seeking reelection chairman Byron coat when it was top lieutenants was seeking reelection and a lot of these groups and you're national Cheryl these. Mailers all the mailers are just on precedent as they're just a flooding people's mailboxes right now but it's also on line as you mentioned. You know in in sixteen it seemed like. These third party groups which as you talked about are able to hide a lot of their finances because of the way there are structured sometimes code. They had top targets that were going hard after those top. And that seems to be more spread out it seems like in all of these races and by the way I could point I've been in corpus Galveston Houston San Antonio DFW Amarillo Wichita Falls and even. A little place called Atlanta Texas. I was in. Steve Mandel Texas yesterday I've been an all those places over the last two and a half weeks where's Atlanta tennis is in there was a debate about that. It's in east Texas I would say you know behind. The pine curtain but but someone says it's not really east Texas it's. Northeast Texas on the way to Texarkana but anyway it's. Small little place Chris paddy is the east that representative of that area he's from he lives in Marshall a radio man himself. Absolutely and you know he's under assault and a lot of these same mailer showing up in his district as well. I've been in an all in all those places image these mailers are just like Eminem like a blizzard. My all over the place they haven't had an actual blizzard and Amarillo but they got a blizzard of mailers from who's nineteen degrees up there but it's a when I was there it was a very cold but no. No actual snow but a blizzard of mailers. One of the pins stories we've got on the Texas insider right now is the Texas State rifle association. And warning voters of eight. What they called a fake news Second Amendment group that's one of the once you're talking about Texas gun record. Yeah misrepresenting what these elected officials have voted on saying they're against gum in your pursuit an amendment right carry a gun. Yet that's happening and then you also have Texas right to life one of these groups that is. Tied in with empower Texans. And Texans for fiscal responsibility some of these groups. You had the Catholic Church come out and say that they are misrepresenting the voting records. Of people in the Texas House of Representatives over the last. A couple of weeks. I have gotten a lot of messages from various people asking what's up with this because. Texas right to life in Houston based group. Will give various ratings to different lawmakers agree on the website UNC. The lawmakers face next to it is you know at some liberal Democrat if at some liberal Democrat they get a zero. Or you know twenty greater whatever they get an F. But if they have a pro life voting record they get a 100%. And this cycle you've seen one incumbent house Republican after another who has a 100%. Rating by Texas right to life. But Texas right to life is endorsing their primary opponent yell and for what reason that people can't figure this out with a Catholic Church just this week said. That this group is misrepresenting the voting records of these people it's sort of a wow moment because of the Catholic church of course I absolutely issuable on the issue of life. And a lot of Texas voters a lot of text vote voters are looking at this and saying what is going on here and what is the real. Agenda. Of these groups that not only hide their finances what is it but hide their reasons for the reason for why they're supporting various people. Now and you know a lot of us have been trying to figure that out what is the real end game for these votes. I'm trying to figure that out has been a years long adventure permit we can talk about more fuel. I'm glad you mentioned it because we tweeted in FaceBook about it and I think he was the Texas. Catholic bishops. Association downward since the diocese. Yes issuing an advisory. An official advisory. Saying we have become concerned. About the group Texas right to life and again they're funded with this dark money you know. The couple billionaires for those of you who follow this too closely like we do a couple billionaires at a west Texas are funding all these groups. And it. It's amaze me because most people give contributions are financial donations like to follow a little bit them equality in the con ten of what. Their dollars are going to these are donors don't seem to have any here in the world. And what's coming out of these groups is literally lies. Stories made up out of whole cloth misrepresentations. And they go into the most conservative districts with the most conservative members both at their four like you're saying. A 100% rating by various economic or business groups and religious groups but yet because that's where their wack O. And I'm call them libertarian in the last week I just had enough it is deliberate and Libertarian Party trying to take over the Republican Party I in my humble little opinion. But these groups they go in in the Texas right told hyped to be slammed as you said an O wow moment yeah. Absolutely it's it's just breathtaking what's happening across the political landscape right now it says and president. Is is there. And in these groups and we've only got about a minute left here before news at the top of the hour in your travels across the state is their frustration. On the part of the Texas voters you're being inundated are their questions certainly I would guess. They want they want more information I was as a candidate forum in Atlanta Texas which we mentioned and you know you have Chris petty facing off against. Again I'm Garrett horsemen who was on the city commissioner. In that district. And raise taxes a couple of times which oppose an interest and you're kidding as those and uninteresting. Resonate for somebody running as a Republican. But when patty explain these mailers of the people in the crowd incidentally here's who it's coming from. Is west Texas folksy mentioned and here's what they're really all about. The people in the crowd are nodding their head in the other figuring out what's really going on that they have to be explained the facts that people have to tell them what's up. What else it's just something else folks will get into more this in the second half of the Texas insider show I'm Jim Carter we're joined by. Corn report Scott Redick after the news at the top of the hour and tune in a little bit more than Texas insider should talk and Texas politics. It's now. Oh good job there and Collins the other side of the story folks and I'm telling you there are all sides of the story going on in Texas politics these days were. Pleased to be able have lukewarm reports got Braddock joining us today on the Texas insider show. Here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 folks be sure and check this out at Texas insider dot org or on FaceBook and Twitter at Texas insider I'm Jim Correll and I'm Tonya. Talking during the break here I'm just over the top. Put up with as much as I can put up with and and it's just something else to see. What's going on in Texas politics because it's flat out lying in in I don't think it's too big of a stretch to. Saying insanity Scott I don't know. You're trying to kind of appreciate arrest. They're looking I'm really angry about the so they're about as red as the red patch on the Texas flag there on my takes us inside the now we are talking about it during the break as wanna say this and it over the years that I've been covering Texas politics came as it's been quite a while it. I had built a reputation for being a fair journalist I would recover with the Democrats for saying whoa whoa what's their argument. Cover what the Republicans are saying what's there aren't and that reputation was accurate I might well and I appreciate and I appreciate that and I think among most folks that I deal with us to have that reputation but. It has gotten so difficult. To maintain that when you have groups that are just making stuff up immunity in my first my understanding order. Is to tell that your. And it doesn't matter what area and Burton first standing orders got to tell the truth. Because like if people are on street there may be one or two liberals who listen to this radio station in either case if they're liberal they think what they think and they look at the facts and make their decision at their conservative which have most of the audience and sure as. They would look at the facts make their decisions about who they want to support Russia's plan libertarians to him and people of other stripes. You have to start with facts first unite here's what the deal is up to report the stories. Report on the issues report on where this two candidates and officeholders where they are on the issues and go from there. We have some many groups who are not even honest about what they are. Anymore those are the ones who say Scott Redick is a liar those are the ones and they say it is you look on the social media it's their. They call everybody a liar because they can't anyone's a liar who calls them out for what they are doing which is lying from so so I'm limber all. Or whatever this is that this is the stuff that I hear all the time from these groups and these groups only. From from actual Republican by the way I would say some of these groups which call other people Ryan house Republicans in name only. They're the Republicans in name only as you've pointed out a lot of these folks are libertarians and a lot of them. A lot of them have other ideas that that that they wanna push and I can tell you that I think one of the prime motivate yours four groups like empower Texans. Texas right to life for the people who were funding those groups as far as I can tell when they're number one issues is. Private school vouchers and school choice nothing they can find a lot of people within the Republican Party who do agree with that right and in the confined plant people who are Republicans who would say that's a good idea. Dan Patrick is one of them are lieutenant governor it is with that and you know I don't think anybody's gonna call him. Anything other than conservative. But there are other conservatives who don't agree with that there there is a real debate about that issue within the Republican Party. You would have some Hussein more school choices are get thing when he set up some program humility that. Others. Who are just as conservative in my view have made the argument that. Look it maybe that's a good idea but if you wanna do that if you're gonna take my tax dollars and give it to private institution. Then their needs to be accountability I don't know of any other. Program we give tax dollars to a private entity and then we say but there's no strings attached you don't have to tell us how you're done. You don't have to benchmarks for paper down not what conservative. Would support that. Well there are some but point being. These folks do have an agenda. And they are willing to do anything and burn anyone down with lies to be able to achieve their goals. And if their ideas are great well then come out into the light stop guns dark my thing come under the lights. Share your arguments where those and win the argument in the arena of ideas. Okay it could just don't tell law on that but. Appreciate your school choice comments but I don't wanna get into the policy we I want to talk about the pure raw politics and and and and you did a great job here. Publication. Quorum report this week came out with the headline several house candidates failed to disclose hefty contributions. From empower Texans packed up here we have this guy up in the Fort Worth Metroplex is last names from Ronnie he's running against a stalwart. Conservative Republican named Geovany kip per Leonean. Ronnie has gotten 75000. Dollars from in power Texas but he's reported only 3000 dollars on his finance report him he also has previous posts on this FaceBook page. Complementing in bragging about how. Nancy Pelosi is is a good leader he's a Democrat but yet. The hypocrisy. We've got a fellow running against Ian Finley and over in east Texas who received point 5000 dollars from the empower Texas Tech. As reported only 111000. We've got a Fella up in the panhandle running against congress urged state rep for price another stellar leader. Who's received 101000 dollars from empower Texans pack and reported only 2000 these are. It's certainly civil criminal there. I don't know how they look at their themselves in the in the mirror to be honest we did then the story that I mentioned on. On the Texas insider with the state rifle association has come out and you mentioned the Catholics and had to come out and warned. The Catholic members of the church in Texas not to affiliate or allow it and Texas right to life to have advance in the Catholic Church but the rifle association's come out and said the largest target. Of the with an A plus represented rating right now is represented to Dan Flynn whose voting record on firearm bills is impeccable. An organization calling themselves Texas gun rights recently sent a text peace and they're drawing in the question and misrepresenting but. Let's just talk about the story you'll did because these folks giving tens of thousands the high 75000. Dollars. In contributions that they're not reporting on the finance reports. It's a little confusing and one thing that people need to know read out of the gate is that empower Texans are gonna get these mailers you give them an Austin in the Paul Workman race in our example dealt in north Texas people are saying these empower Texans mailers. For prices district in the panhandle there saying them. One thing you got to understand or fundamentally is that empower Texans is set up. In the deliberately confusing way. They have a pack. They have a 501 C three and a 50 once before. But they all use the same name all those different entities use the same name empower Texans Texans fiscal responsibility. And so when people are trying to report to campaign finances. They may be confused by some of this now. Someone asked me after the story came out why would all these different people under report how much they're getting from the empower Texans pack. I don't have an answer for that they're candidates the candidates and campaigns to not answer that. But they're getting money from a group that hides its finances so it shouldn't surprise anybody that these candidates are not being forthcoming about where their dollars for a birds with other birds birds of a feather I mean as you mention there is one candidate. This guy Armon is on the running against a Geovany separately on who has been. Democrat over the years as as you know praise Nancy Pelosi and praised Hillary Clinton on his FaceBook page. Running in a Republican primary taking out trying to take out one of the most conservative guys in the legislature that would be just fine if he is running as a Democrat. But he's not he's running as a Republican in Keller Texas and one of the other things that I was reported by the star telegram is that this guy. This guy and a sunny as killer city councilman. It was voting on City Council to improve. Using taxpayer dollars to improve. An area of downtown. While owning real estate downtown at without disclosing that snow. And he's voting for tax increases all sorts of problems with the the candidates that these votes have ever created this time around. And folks lets you think that it's just Jim and Scott talking about this I would commend you all to a great article Scott you had yesterday in the Houston Chronicle. With under the headline cheaper ConAgra cheaper congress and then in grainy tax all Texas Smith then there's Jay root. A couple days ago talking about prosecutors reviewing complaint against empower Texans over ads. That resemble a government noticed we should get into that here's one. Entitled Abbott continues attacks then there's the Republicans confront enemy within this is really becoming. In the homestretch a big issue. Say it yes is absolutely what's happening all across the state to you know in the travels. That I have undertaken over the last couple weeks. I have seen that granny text attack come up over and over again completely made up that's what that's the man. What the Democrats have used against Paul Ryan and every Republican for generation completely what the grammys at the grand intact and those are supposedly conservative organizations trying to take out others conservatives resorting to these tactic that. Right the fact is that's the folks who voted for a bill last year in the legislature what they were trying to do. It was allow for nursing homes around the states. To probably create a pool of money that would allow for a federal draw down a dollar salad. Texas is a donor state right we always talked about the fact that we send more money to Washington and we get back to and so a lot of our conservative lawmakers are also looking for ways to bring our tax dollars back to Texas we send one dollar and we only get seven since Barack actually they're they're always looking for ways to try to bring some of our tax money back to Texas to spend. To benefit Texans we're talking about some of the most vulnerable Texans. People who suffer from alzheimer's etc. were and are nursing homes of people who have done so much for us and this is generational thing right. And they were looking to allow the nursing homes to create this fund that would draw down 815 million. Of your tax dollars back to Texas so it could be used to try to improve the quality of life of those people who are most Russian arms. They thought there'd been right thing at the time and that issue was not at all on my radar before I took off for my trip across the state. Announcing these mailers ever were attacking these conservative lawmakers for trying to you professor granny tax it is made up. Saying that it was gonna take money out of the pockets of the seniors which is in fact it that precluded from happening in the legislation folks I'm gonna go count to ten. Take a couple B breasts and that go to commercial break here on the Texas insider show Jim Carter when I guess Scott Braddock will be right back. On the Texas insider show after this break. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime adds up there are scenes seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy. The right choice. Another good job there and bring us back in with close lonely boys haven't. The official rained down on the Texas insider cell phone as a matter of fact and that's what we are sitting on top of here in Austin, Texas. A little piece of heaven appreciate you joining the strokes for this week's edition of the Texas insider radio show were. Here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 trying to give you a little perspective. Reason of insanity maybe even a little honesty is what we're talking about today and I'm telling you it's any thing. But a little piece to have an in Texas politics today were. Pleased to be able to visit with Scott rhetoric from the quorum report talked him. Here a minute to go before the break about some of these candidates around the state receiving 1010152575000. Dollars. From this group empower Texans pack and yet their reporting 3000. The reporting 121000. And I wanna go to ones other specific example here Scott because this was something flying around. The news and a hot hot hot topic this week. And our friend Jay root wrote wrote a story starts a criminal complaint against empowered Texas conservative record see I would I would beg to differ their they're not a conservative for bird terror. The crazy libertarian just don't know I calm and stable libertarians hash tag anymore but he says a criminal complaint against impaired Texas a conservative group. That mailed out an attack ad resembling an official government notice. That targeted GOP state rep Charlie gearan is under review by the Travis County district attorney office. The mailing came from aid groups that empower Texans has filed its secretary of state. And again you know you denying anybody can go out and create an empty. Yeah and they show us a DBA is done does unit as other and it's called the tenth at Texas ethics disclosure board. It looks very very official like it's a government notice. Charlie gearan it says here in the stories had friends coming up to him in church asking him what's on this. And it talks about. A relationship. That was living in sin so to speak for a couple years in the minimum that he's now married. And yet this. Texas ethics disclosure board and made official looking and they're claiming that it's just creative marketing yeah I don't know how these people look themselves in the mirror every. The a fact that empower Texans was set up a group which include the name of the group is focused on ethics. Was the shot of irony that I needed to. Really unbelievable empower Texans which has faced you know multiple accusations of breaking Texas ethics laws based on the way they pay. For their. The way they don't pay for their operations there that they do their whether or not any lobby you're not and whether or not they lobby that's another complaint that's been yes you know litigated. For years now about this group. The fact is that they're turning. Gentleman by the name of Tony MacDonald in the story that you were talking about he was quoted as saying that look. It's basically -- -- and I don't have a quote in front of -- and he was basically saying it's free speech issue and Nikki you know they can consoles were they want you here's what he said it we've got to Friday we'll fight it we never back down from first amendment rights ever he's proud of this deception by saying that it's a first amendment rights they can call themselves whatever they want to what I would point out about this and Jay root into the master over the history did not go into this. On the several years ago a quorum report dot com we've covered the fact that this group empower Texans. Sued another. Political operator in the state. Because of what. That of political operator had set up as a group and what they're calling and so this is a great point in other words. You could not find. But more hypocrisy if you tried. Do as I did do as I say not as I do there was a political consultant who set up a group called. Texans for fiscal accountability. Which Texans for fiscal responsibility. Which is also empower Texans this or other group. There are other name. They had sued this political consultant for setting up a group that they said that sounded too much like their name. Which in this instance just this week. Folks have said that this group. Texas the Texas ethics disclosure board sounds too much like. Texas Ethics Commission them right so it sure looks like in a social now they're concerned now empower Texans. Tim downs group Tim Dunn is boot wealthy billionaire Midland oilman chairman and I'll chairman Dunn's group is arguing that they have the right to call themselves whatever they want to but. Several years ago they argued the opposite in court they argued. That a group called Texans for fiscal accountability did not have the right to call itself. By that name because it sounded too much like their name. And in this deal this week they've set up a group that is that is specifically designed to sound like the Texas ethics. I mean Scott I wouldn't advise my enemies to run and not that I have too many but I wouldn't advise my enemies to run for office anymore this toxic environment this talks this. Toxic atmosphere. Hear me Indy month heard a lot of folks know the trips county first assistant. District attorney's confirm that this. Texas ethics disclosure board is under review yeah I mean it's just unbelievable. Completely made up once again you know the phrase that keeps coming up. Is completely made up the stuff the comes from his folks. And as one Texas house Republicans have last year. He said look when you get in the campaigns. All these groups really have to do is spell your name rights and then everything else. Can be wrong and we see that in mailer after mailer in attack ad after attack ad they're just make. Thanks and voters are getting sick and I mean it's no wonder there's fewer people voting I think some of the analysis we've had early voting going on for four or five days. The analysis is that there's. More Democrats barely even Republicans voting early voting I don't know if you can read too much into that frankly because. A day by day. Total doesn't a trend make right but people are gonna start disengaging Islam is my thought here we just had this wonderful national election. Where all the folks on the left and Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Were engaged all the Tea Party folks on the right and Donald Trump tens of millions of Americans came back to the voting Booth. Which I have talked about that it. Odd ad nauseam is a wonderful wonderful things for this nation yet here today in the east Texas elections we see every reason for people to disengage. M while the Republican numbers at affairs counted for example were not impressive the democratic numbers on the first day of early vote rep about 300%. One of my Republican that's fairly significant one of my Republican consultant friends so the lucky it keep those folks need to come down a little bit. Before as you said before they read too much into those day by day. Early voting totals. Most folks over the years it's been typical that for most people to vote early. They vote in the last four days number early voting a lot of folks are wanna latency. What other things are said by these candidates before they register their about an in my I think has always been. I like to vote on Election Day because. There may be something that comes out about a candidate's. Right up until Election Day my priorities and marketing of locked and commitment that's made about a B you know obviously people should avail themselves of early voting if they want to but. You know with with all this negativity out there and with a lot of excitement on the democratic side something that. Republicans ought to take note of for sure is the fact that in Houston San Antonio and Dallas. Democrats are very energized about congressional races because Democrats are very displeased with president trump as we on the outfield and they have sort of internalized the message that if they wanna be a check on Trout. They need to run for congress so in Houston you have a passel of Democrats running to take on John Alderson. Donna San Antonio area you have a lot of Democrats who wanna be do you congressman in the seat that Lamar Smith desserts leaning end up in Dallas you have therapy sessions facing. Abacha Democrats up there were vying to be the nominee to take him on in the fall there's a lot of energy on that side of the ledger. And on the Republican side what is driving people what what makes people excited to go votes. I guess be exact opposite can't think of what the race and you're right I can't think of what the races that would that would be drawn people to the polls. Yet we've got the strongest economy. In the world number one could argue we've got people continuing to move inferred that Texas legend of being independent. We've got. That shoot a low cost of education we've got ready workers we've got every reason in the world for corporations I want or. Referred to another article from them another friend RG Ratcliffe. Yeah who's been on the show before his article in Texas monthly the other day who was entitled. Michael corn Sullivan's latest stunt m.s to undermine our democracy and and RG were references article that was in them. Emeril and newspaper and RG compares it to the house of cards. I've had a politician after politician. Made the comment to me that they wish to people didn't watch house of cards because it's totally inaccurate and I have worked on Capitol Hill yeah. You know that and none of this had that many maybe in a rare and this is ready over the top Piaf and all the people found it entertaining but here this article says. That these groups we've been talking about her a well funded enforcement group that wants centralized. Power in Austin that it can control. And if they have to spread lies and distortions all over the state. Well that's just the price of doing business and we've got three minutes left we could keep going for another hour but it's just the price of doing business. It's. That it's it's it's a means justified the ends justified the means. It's harder it's hard to come up with a man thing to say about it that we haven't said because it is. Just it's just lying. It's just make it's it's just being as dishonest as you could possibly be in one race after another. The very end here here's something else of people in and out. If you're getting mailers in your area that talked about Sanctuary Cities and tiger Republican. Representative. Was wrong on that issue or if you're getting the mailer about the granny tax re getting the mailer about a whole host of other things. Just know that their Republican voters in other parts of the state all over his mate. Who are getting the exact same mailer is such a cookie cutter yeah operation yeah then they're lobbying the same exact attacks against people who for example. Everyone that they're criticizing for not being strong enough on taken a century city's. Every person they're criticizing voted for the ban on centuries exactly. For this deal with the granny taxed it it as you said it. The bill they voted on. Specifically prohibited a granny tag yes it it if I mean it's it's just 180 from reality. And I think the thing that is key for voters to remember is that when you see something. That seems just over the top and outrageous ask questions. I know that most of the Republican officeholders that I've talked to across this state her movements in these attacks. They're happy to visit with you about it now and they want to hear your questions and I want to talk to you about. What their record actually is and seek out more are sources of information. And don'ts and you know as as as my grandpa always said. When your when you're thinking about by and son and by the way your vote is valuable and so it's worth it's it's not just priceless its its prices. Entities into these groups it's money if it means money. They're building fiefdoms and Hersh has as an autograph policy and you know when when your thing and about my assumption. Talked to people who talk to someone other than the person trying to sell that twenty. Good to do you know I you know talk it out try to vet the information as best you can't seek out others sources of information. And don't just buy something because. Into the mailer looks like. Okay Scott Redick from former report we appreciate you coming in this week salute and thank you folks appreciate you joining us for this edition of the Texas insider show we're here. Every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130. Talking about so little sanity and reason and politics in these days it's a hard thing to do you Scott what's your arm. Well we'll get into that next show we appreciate you come by former port dot com writer and check this out at Texas insider dot org folks we will be right back here next week I'm Jim Carville appreciate you joining us have a great Saturday. Yeah.