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The Texas Insider, for May 6. Jim is joined by Congressman Lamar Smith (R-San Antonio) from Texas' 21st Congressional District.


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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. You're an afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Texas insider show. I'm Jim heartily appreciate you joining us today. And boy what a lovely lovely day Casey Johnson helping produced the show here gets loose and started off with. Skip on our step and look and out of the lowly worldwide KJC he. The right choice that worldwide headquarters there. Not a cloud in the sky. Going through 85 degrees or so we've. We're gonna cover some politics to keeping entertain while you're on the road. Runner and his eleventh largest city in America today we try and breakdown what's gone on in politics both at the national level and here it. The State Capitol lot's been going on there in the past week won't give into the end nationally were. Thrilled to be able to visit today with congressman Lamar Smith. 1 o'clock will be visiting with him congressman Lamar Smith's. District runs from. The key includes the capital right now Casey part of the capital down congress revenue up through the hill country and ended. San Antonio 11 of the hardest working congressmen in the country he's chairman of the science and technology committee. Works hard on keeping NASA and some of our military infrastructure going in them. Will tell us what's gone on up there they pass state funding bill the other day big week for president Donald Trump and the Republicans in congress they passed a funding bill to keep going for five months. We're pretty dude Dayton. In the house got around to repealing and replacing obamacare and got that process started. Hear about that from Lamar Smith and them. They got one Needham to be doing that's for sure after. And knock down drag out election. Where the you're a Bernie Sanders supporter Hillary Clinton's Sanders supporter on Hillary Clinton supporter on the left or Donald. Trump supporter on the right people are re engaged in interest in politics we appreciate you joining us today we try to. The help you remember there's more life politics. About a little sanity. Maybe even a little truth in there in them. First off I'm gonna start was a couple odds and ends that I saw this week there is. They'd publication that's probably about twenty years old. And it's called rich dates or states. Put out. With the help of one of my friends Steve Moore and in Nam. Steve Moore used to write for the Wall Street Journal he's been employed by The Heritage Foundation he and I worked on Capitol Hill together he worked for Dick Armey. And them. Steve Moore and Arthur Laffer put out this annual publication called rich state Porsche statement analyzes. Fifteen state policies. Variables. And looks at all fifty states and comes up with the states to. Have the best economic environment thus rich states or states and wouldn't you know Texas isn't new and all that bad and had a 58. Look at fifty states not the District of Columbia but out of fifty states Texas is coming in number nine. And here's what they look at they look at state gross domestic product which is your general overall economic activity and the domestic migration we talked about that. Last week how many. People are coming into Texas or how many people are leaving Texas and if you remember. Or joined us last week I think it was California Florida. And the third one escapes me aren't. The bigger states generally are the ones that we either lose population to warn people move there or we gained population from when they moved. Here I do you remember that Vermont was. The earth and the fiftieth state we gained 68. I believe citizens last year from Vermont but. And that's an indication of how states. Economic activity in prosperity. Is doing and then finally they admit the other major thing that I looked at is how the EM. The State's tax whether it's more or less or somewhere in between. And although. Texas is ranked number nine out of fifty. They did get economic performance ranking of number one whether it's. Start up magazine or. Some of the other plug real estate magazines that you concealing them in the talk about work companies are moving in where people are moving to. Texas has been run away with bat for. Probably. Seven out of the last eight years or so them around that neighborhood thanks stole. Governor Rick Perry who kept everything hop and in the state and Utah was number one. Indiana and North Carolina North Dakota Tennessee Florida. Wyoming Arizona Texas is number nine in Idaho. And here's the key things are are. Marginal personal income tax rate. You all should know what that is I hope you do zero we don't have a personal income tax fixes is one of only seven states that don't have personal income taxes. Why so many folks love movement here number two is our corporate income tax rate corporations are. Scaring the globe frankly in this technology day in agents certainly. Scare in the country. And our corporate marginal tax rate is low. The average property tax burden. Even though we'd hear a lot about it and feel like we're being stuck which is true were number 37. On the property tax burden but were. Not ones that have to. Pay the personal income tax so that's where that comes up with a few. Merged the fact there were number one with a 0% personal income tax rate with the property tax and sales tax rates that we come up with were. Doing pretty good Texas doesn't have an inheritance tax. Lot of ranchers and farmers and only gas folks talk about that and now. Republican this was an interest in one public employees since we are here in the State Capitol Boston. Public employees per 101000 citizens. We ranked number 26 so some you may think that we have. Too many public employee somebody may think we don't have enough but the fact of the matter is we're right in the middle of the pack so that. In that regard I don't think is necessarily bad. Place to begin we also have a ranking of number 11 state minimum wage and were all sore right to work state. Not too bad we talked about tech Boston the other day gaining I think 658. People. A day last year we here in Austin had him net influx of over. I think it was over but it may have been just under 300000 people. In we've got problems we got growth and you can go to the Texas insider page. Today if you want Texas insider dot org and you'll see their conversation we had with. State representative Ron Simmons this last week talking about the state budget but. He's from the DFW area and he was talking about the state budget and how DFW seven to manage its. It's transportation concerns it's a problem to get around the status problem to get around Austin. Anymore few bin on my OPEC lately certainly know that so. Could be worse we could have worse problems if you. Ten banana Texas lately and don't have any family or friends in other states to keep up with necessarily. We don't realize what's still going on and around the country that is another thing that came out this week that unemployment figures. I believe it was Thursday. Came out we got another good interview on Texas insider dot org with mark flashed her friend that so Wall Street. Banking analyst and consultant a lot of smaller community banks across state he talks about the things are going on with the Texas economy. I'm. And keeps you up to date on some of that type of thing but another thing that I saw. Here this week asked to do. Whiff. State government and that has to do with state representative Tony dale. Wrote an article about him he's a member of the Texas conservative coalition. Board which is a powerful group dammit State Capitol and he said here quote. Last session the Texas legislature passed a 126. Bills they gave new authority to state agencies. For all of you who. Are insane enough to keep up with the stuff like I do there's anywhere from. 4000 to 6000 give or take a handful bills introduced in the state legislature every session. Of that if you think about Aaliyah. Oh Syria borer funnel that you put your oil and year old tank with their feet you irked coach can. Do that type thing have a funnel starts up at the top and then the final. Nearest things out some only certain things make it through the end of that funnel and I think it's about 12100 bills pass every year but Tony dale says that of that a 126. Bills gave new authority to state agencies. In 2015. Since then. You got to realize that. Once the bills passed that's only the beginning mend them with a law it becomes law signed by the governor and then that the law goes over to the state agencies in May have to interpret they have to make rules they have to make regulations. In Texas has adopted says state rep Tony dale 121528. Rules that's way too many according to him so. He's got to build that. Says if we're gonna criticize the federal government for passing two million many laws making too many regulations what do we do do. Same thing for our state government and he's not gonna allow passing the buck on state agencies are gonna make that. Little more visible force which is always a good thing transparency in government. One final thing here before we go to break I thought it was also interesting. Moving to the national level. That Americans think Donald Trump is in fact changing Washington. Surprise surprise he feud. Like I mean you do keep up with the nightly news or see too much or cable news network she'll. Probably have been hearing about how. Donald Trump. It's not being successful that congress has not. Men passing any thing I'll get to that later in the show because there's been a slew of regulations that have been repealed in this week the big one was on religious liberty and freedom of religion. But. According to a new suit CBS poll released Wednesday the majority of Americans believe president Donald Trump. Is having an effect inside the beltway. And it's not letting the political culture change him. Excuse me. April 21 to 24 survey found by CBS found that 54%. Of adults think Donald. Trumpet is changing the swamp. 30%. Sled at the swamp is changing him in the two culture's changing him among Republicans more than two thirds. Republicans said that Donald Trump news. Stronger in his relation ship. With the lobbyists and with Washington. 49% of Democrats and 49%. Of independents. Said that the Republican. President has taken can't control of the gridlock city. So that's what. And analysts like me think looks at and thanks okay we've had a knockdown drag out we've had. A socialist Bernie Sanders reviewed by the way do you know that Bernie Sanders has never won an election as a Democrat. He started out as a city councilman convert in Vermont then he went to be. Of local state lawmaker then he went to him via member of the house or representatives in congress and now he's a senator before he was when he was running for president as a independent Democrat or socialist Democrats he caucuses with the Democrats but he's never won races Democrat. In them. People by and large my point is that if you're looking at the direction of the country. Don't look to Washington DC look to places like Austin looked at places like Tallahassee even looked to Sacramento the state look to the states. And people want to know that things are being done that there's a leader fighting for them. Everybody knows Trump's campaign slogan was make America great again and we'll get into it here a little bit some of things that happened this week in Washington DC we got to take a break. But. It's going to be hard to argue that things aren't you know just leave it at that and thank you for listening to us today at. Bought thirteen seven be the right choice I'm Jim cartilage Texas insider show will be right back. Texas weather can change on a dime. It's. Getting totally. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. The right choice. America ladies and gentlemen Texas insider show here we're gym Arnold Tracy. I mean Casey Johnson behind the glass producing the show good. Good feed in there everybody wants to rule the world that's for New Hampshire especially in the world politics that we have to. Talking about we appreciate you join us we're looking forward to visiting with one of our own local congressman Lamar Smith here after one. Clock. Talks to national politics but check this out at Texas insider dot org or on FaceBook at Texas insider. Keep up with the latest in politics on them. Day earlier however often you wanna get some honesty and truth there I don't know honesty can be fairly relative term. Although you know when you see it but reason at least insanity on Texas and cyber dot org. Talking about national politics and some of the things that went on this week I. Have one thing that I'd just in June show Oprah cannot. Wait talk about because there was. A release that came out this week that I think frankly just personally. Myself I think indicates or is indicative of some of them. Or is indicative of one of the biggest stories in indicative of what's going on in the Democrat national party right now. Didn't hear a lot about it you probably. May not have heard about it and it has to do to go to Texas insider dot org Gaudin to the very bottom you'll see. Cartoon a picture of Barack Obama. In a little us speakers barriers so to speak like an affair and it says. Talking Obama just 400000. Dollars. A team. Couple different news sources from Washington DC air DC carried it this weekend he asked to do with how Barack Obama has hit the speaking circuit. He's made two speeches. In his speaking fees this is the man of the little people the man of them the little guy. Is charging 400000. Dollars per speech and met Jess is driving the Democrat party. Nuts it's led infighting it's led to consternation and it's led. Two behind the scenes criticisms infighting amongst themselves. President Obama is made two speeches. And it's coming under fire from the progressive wing which is the wing and running the Democrat party right now when I say progressive that's the new buzz phrase for being liberal on him. If you are thinking progressive you're probably thinking Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders is. None too happy about this. One of the firms that. Former President Obama spoke to was a financial services for her of all things he goes to the the Wall Street bankers gold. Cantor Fitzgerald first speech on health care. 400000 dollars the other speech that came out that he's made this week. Was put on by any any networks in the history channel 400000 dollars. Pocketing all that money as them. In Tony hotels who wonder that any networks was that the pier hotel in New York City and downtown Manhattan for ninety minutes. He was interviewed by old Doris Kearns good win. Through some of you will know her name because she's on CNN I believe are some of the liberal talking. Shows she's written a number of books been shown to be played jurists like so many people are anymore. And out of office for just a hundred days we were all focused on what Donald Trump's done in the first hundred days here's Barack Obama what he's done in his first hundred days is pocket 800000 dollars and Elizabeth Warren is another one that's come out. Registered her disappointment showing that not even the most pervert Democrat in this pink and country Barack Obama. Truth be known it. Is now out cashing in and making 400000 dollars a speech mainstream Democrats are going. Nuts because they know that their party is increasingly. Being held at. Hostage but certainly being held accountable by the progressive faction. And money in politics. Is supposed to be one of the big big big Bellwether issues for Bernie Sanders or all the liberals that are getting ready to run against Donald Trump to run against congressional candidates. In 2018. Progressives. In the socialist wing of the party look to build on Bernie Sanders. Resist movement right now. You heard last week not this week but the week before about all the protests at Berkeley they're taken to the street they're not. Peaceful at all there hoodlums. Destroying property committing crimes. And it just does not give the rights and G it doesn't give the right messaging. It's totally. Messing up there. Their game plan they the Democrat national committee you'd be going out insane. The Republicans overturned obamacare their giving tax cuts for the rich when president trump came out with this tax plan last week. All all he's doing is. In fact delivering on its promises and by and large most America's gonna be thrilled that we got a politician who's willing to take the heat is gonna do what he. He said and yet this is just the opposite Barack Obama. 400000. Dollars a speech. This speech he gave to any network's History Channel was during what's called their upfront. I've gotten to know that mean in the radio business your upfront is when you try and pre sales much advertising is you TM for the next year and did your budget set up. So. A any History Channel brings in all of its big corporate advertisers and people that are going to be ever ties in with the murder could be advertising with them and try and shown how important they are and let him. Rub elbows with people who were important here comes Barack Obama and he told the crowd. That in his three months at a office the thing. That he is notice most that it is surprised him the most is that he still has not gotten behind the wheel of a car. And he's learning how to use the coffee machine at home in Washington DC with Michelle. Just something else. But. When you think. What's in the nightly news that Republicans are having a bunch of problems I would. Just remind you could take everything with a grain of salt and there's more below the surface than you sometimes see like an iceberg in the Democrats are. Fighting another thing that came out this last week the Democrats is as parties or want to do the Republicans have done it in the past. When they lost congress back in the ninety's. Democrats have done it for the last two presidential election cycles and they'd. Thrown together a couple of their leading strategist they're leading consultants. Thrown a couple nationally recognized elected officials and they try and do what's called a portion post mortem. Democrats have done that an autopsy on the 2016. Election and what are they doing they're going to extreme lengths to conceal the sting can report after nearly five months this pork. Democratic congressman from New York Sean Maloney. Was the guy Britain charge rid and he presented his. Findings. The other day too good. Talking about and analyzing why they lost. But yet only about two dozen lawmakers showed up further presentation. And they wouldn't let anybody leave with a copy of the report and and what that means is that. When they get greeted by the press walking out of the meaning they're all. Asked will be you have a copy of the report can you leak it to us can you share whether some may have to say no it's only for internal. What kind of message does that send it doesn't send one of transparency that everybody used clamoring for it doesn't. Do anything to appeal to Bernie Sanders base who all all want to know that. They are party of the little guy they want to know information. They don't wanna see any this cloak and dagger type. Secrecy by the their leaders and by their parties but yet the boot the party used spokesman says like any healthy organization. Is it I mean that that in and of itself resist the Democrat party right now is healthy organization may have lost about a thousand seats. In elected office across the land since Barack Obama was. Elected president but any right he is this and Democrat party spokesman says like any healthy organization. Our national party always works to evolve and grow after an election cycle. This and analysis is based on strategic information. About our organization. And is meant for internal purposes only not public consumption. Well you know whether it's Barack Obama Macon 400000 dollars a speech in cashing in groups. Wally. Rubs elbows with people in Manhattan and Wall Street or it's the Democrats doing an analysis and not alerting even their their party faithful. Mike Gilbert Hinojosa who's stayed in Texas Democrat party chairman he didn't exceed a copy of it and they're just not send the right message so. Here's the things that. Donald Trump has done just in this first hundred days regarding. Environmental issues. One of the big things here in Texas and there were some figures out this week from chair railroad commission chairman Christie credit combined Satan and wing Christian. All run the railroad commission is elected officials state wanted. The eagle third in the Permian Basin is going nuts we've got more oil rigs in Texas right now than we've had in the last year. But yet Barack Obama's signature of you know signature and environmental. Accomplishment was. The clean power plan where he tried to make coal plants like out in them. Oh what's that city a little north east of here. Where L co ahead to shut down their. They're coal plant it's happening all over America that's what. Led Barack Obama I'm Barack Obama camp and now Hillary Clinton to lose Pennsylvania to lose Ohio and lose. West Virginia is the coal industry's been decimated. So it's a big deal president trump has opened the Dakota pipeline. He's opened the Keystone Pipeline. And he's repealed Barack Obama those are just you know. Three of about twelve issues. That are gonna jump start America. Speaking to jump start my gotta take a break we're gonna. Visit with congressman Lamar Smith here after the news break insurance check this out at Texas since. Utter the word. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics below also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael variations. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us this lovely lovely Saturday afternoon and Austin, Texas. Nation's eleventh largest city. Growing bigger every day in Nam. Boy we don't know how lucky we are not have the weather but just to be in Austin, Texas and we have. Been talking national politics I got into a little bit there before the break about some things that Donald Trump has accomplished but. One thing that we Texans need to be thankful for besides lovely day in Austin, Texas right now some of the hardest working congressman people don't realize we've got 36 congressman from the state. We've got our local congressman Michael McCall who's chairman of the homeland security's committee we got Jeb hamster links from Dallas whose chairman of the banking committee we got. Mike Conway from west Texas whose chairman of the agriculture committee. And were thrilled to be able to visit and be joined right now by congressman Lamar Smith at a San Antonio who's chairman of the science space and technology committee congressman Lamar Smith from district 21 thanks for joining us today. Jim Ali good to be peculiar history as well and I happened being preached that you just mentioned on the notion right now that we can't and so. Great weather here actually right now I think it's getting up to 88. And hopes a Fiat caprice and motherly. Good for you know and a hard hard to a hundred days her own accounting end. And you or your district congressman Lamar Smith I need tell people to go to Texans for. Lamar Smith. Glitzy word that I had Texans four and Lamar Smith dot com for more information but your district covers Fredericksburg curb bill down to part of San Antonio on part of Austin. You walk edit. That is correct and also my web site is Dumars met our house got. It's on that as well I have a 190000. Constituency and Travis 200 to 2010. Attorneys she said although most of the hill country as well it's a wonderful district. And your chairman of the this house space science. Committee I wanna jump right in though to what should wall accomplished this week and he and and remind folks that Lamar Smith was. Conservative and fiscal budget. Talk before it was cool way back to win in this day and yeah. We may get to the budget which you voted against earlier this week because you're against two big budgets but first of all let's go to. Repeal and replace in the Obama care bill I'm gonna give Republicans. A draw this week on a obamacare regardless of everybody Chuckie Schumer is on them left the senate Democrat leaders been claiming victory. Paul Ryan a new on the house and Donald Trump. They've been claiming victory but. The art of the the compromise politics where the we like it or not. And it's a good thing because it's what's helped our country stay around and be prosperous all this time is we do not want government moving fast. Nobody ever gets what they want all that they want and you all have gone through some old fashioned negotiations talk about what. What happened this week with the repellent right place legislation. OK yep let me start with the health care bill. What we replaced Lipton let the American people are actually it is a deteriorating situation or what's called. Obamacare these so called Affordable Care Act. Act that is a good current health care plan premiums have been going up by double digits this year at NPR it was 22%. Been going out to doubtful have been going out toys have been airing here every week goes by there are. Fewer calories in the United States that has been truly. Or don't have more than one twice as far as health care plans go and so that was disintegrating before our eyes. We've come up and came up with a plan and I'm sorry you know Democrats didn't want to support considering that the alternative was imploding. But we came up with a plan that will lower the cost they're gonna keep give people more choice eliminated all the mandate should eliminated all the taxes. In obamacare. And then this total access on the body. Is empowering the people to pick them. Health care plan that they can best suit them as opposed to obamacare which often times mandated. Coverage that nobody won. And so this there's a premarket this is a free choice this is eight. To the American at people and up to the individual as to what kind of help cure today interest they want and they're young person told me they may not want to pay as they did under obamacare cap number you're more mud and anyone likes. It's called catastrophic health care bill that you had a high deductible but. It's only as saying curve very large health care expenses a bit debt. Health care plan kicks in and they're put it premiums are pretty open the main thing is that everybody has access and we do expect people to be able to choose what planet is best for them you know the government. I'm mandating certain plants soak the American people will like what we're doing don't particularly like it when they remember that every. Thomas made about eight the ball Obama care has been broken so. We've got a good alternative is gonna home. Probably be tweaked some in the senate and come back come back to the house I think we'll pass it could it on the prisoners to ask and I will have a new healthcare assistant pro America. Were visiting with congressman Lamar Smith from congressional district. Won you won go visit Texans for Lamar Smith congressman you. Raise it very very good point I don't know if you were listening during the news break at the top of the hour there was some. Liberal congressmen are elected officials saying that 24 million people are gonna be kicked off obamacare if I was an obamacare I would be giving my left arm to be kicked off of obamacare puck I literally I don't think it's been given enough he needed that a lot of there in obamacare because they're being forced to join that they're being taxed if we don't get it. And yet what you just described in which you all have negotiated is really the only model that I I think in a lot of conservative analyst thinks war will be. Successful in the long run and that's to give individual choice but also writes back to the state. It's on things like Planned Parenthood it. Yep you're exactly right now you know people. Then the Democrats of course you're gonna criticize what Republicans do they know would they not do it don't matter of what we pastor what we off the bench. But again. And it's access screw everybody had health care. No one is going to be denied access either because of preexisting conditions no it like it is Democrats and that's the case but that's not how. I know it's going to be denied access it's going to be universal access and that. There's going to be more competition. Among entrance that's gonna bring down the costs a little bit. More and there are. So I don't know what the Democrat a turned out and they say 24 meter ever made to come up this architectural I'm not in control because. People can have more choice how to stay on not less choice. And part of the the the block granting all say back to the states. And this has been all over the map this week maybe you can help us straighten it out if you listen to some of that. Conservative Talking Heads they've been saying that Planned Parenthood isn't. Isn't defund it I saw Andrea Mitchell interviewing Cecile Richards president Planned Parenthood. The other day they were saying that it is being the funded but the bottom line is it's gonna be up to the states I think correct. Tibet yes that is correct we didn't have let people are making it sound like it's worse when it comes to. Abortion issues. Crow like a pro choice but. That there are no different from the status quo the status quo says no federal dollars can go to pay for abortions stand and I get consistently voted for. That law is color Hyde amendment metric former congressman Henry Hyde is still in existence in the no change in that whatsoever. That the point is there are no other significant changes it's not like. I hadn't congressman attitude and he's trying to implant candidate. I I think Planned Parenthood longer uses federal dollars it's just to me. It they're. When you boldly go from one account to the other and they ever play. Are going to be spending go to Darfur abortions and I'm opposed to that. But do we get now we cannot any current law there's still no federal dollars work abortions. I saw a year old peer Bart Stupak in the news the other day he former Democrat congressman who isn't. Came out eventually as a pro life leader he's retired and he says the Democrats need to recognize that they have a lot of their own constituents that. They're not representing what's in them in three minutes left here congressman before we got to let you go let's turn to the either the budget that you all voted on her the okay continuing resolutions war. I wanna give you the chance to talk about the science space and technology committee as well which has a huge impact on Texas. Look. It's OK let me outcome and it had both been outside space yet not yet mentioned this because if your reference to Texas. Just this week are in review subcommittee. Had a hearing on breakthrough technologies. In the in the oil and gas and appeal and we're coming you know we're hoping to find out what's coming up after tracking that Google is done. Prices. Ask that is being aid it is enabled us to be energy independent. And dad would let rely upon for carnal and so forth but we had a fabulous to have fantastically and can. And I hearing on that very subject so we're continuing to try to help Texas and America when he comes to lowering the price of our conjures. Energy bit skeptical we'd like to have Smart man technological breakthroughs on the budget which I voted against and you noticed noted back. No this is an example where they were for fighting that but I'd like to hear about technical things like it Mike. And I certainly realized that you are never gonna get harpers and what you want. But I guess like I voted for the health care plan because it was mostly good I voted. Against about it because in my opinion it was mostly bad all the things that we wanted. It's not all the things that the items that we wanted to better border security were left out. Some of the priorities that I had you go in regulations were left out. And other other bits and pieces here there's so and and also as far as NASA goes we get more money NR. Council Haitian built for space exploration. Unless there are signs that there's a dozen other agencies as they are signed in we didn't want to duplication to continue and unfortunately. That was intentional I could go on and on and on the budget which night but but it was not a convincing item and then I consider it to be mostly. I'm not the direction we ought to go you know of course increase spending and increased attention I don't like that I think whatever bounce but it will. And that's why going against it but that's a little bit of coloring book of but it and that's actually really good about what exactly is already had four bills enacted. In just a short here. Two of them would stand built in English science technology engineering math and computer science education yes I was a repeal losses for the signing those two bills in the we had the realization of massacre of course kind of secure zones earlier losses after the sign that the president that was nice note to give you wanna. Fourteen and she used to science so there's a lot going on look at science Canadian we're gonna. Keep it up. Okay folks were visiting with congressman Lamar Smith from Austin to San Antonio got into the hill country congressman one final question. Before you he run that you mentioned the budget. And it. The the bottom line is that. We have this continuing resolution that spends more money that you voted against because the appropriation. Bills are not. Working right now you are. As chairman of the science space and technology committee responsible for billions of dollars. What is that outlook amongst your peers for getting back to regular order and designing a budget with twelve appropriation bills like respond. Still we're gonna have a long ways to go in it's been years since treat you properly considered and approved twelve. Appropriation bills that's largely because. He had Democrats in the senate. I was hoping you're gonna say that I was gonna mention Nancy Paulus yen and Harry Reid if you didn't. They have without any question injection marine well to the Democrats require sixty votes before we consider anything these days. And try and make and threatened a filibuster is. And get blocking everything I think we are trying to filibuster rule book we'll that one senator can object and forced sixty go to super majority on you and an amendment. Always dates back to nineteen sunny climates and modern device. I'm let's go back to the real filibuster where yes you could solve their ultra a couple of days if you could stand on the cynical and talk that long but after that you voted. Right now we have a situation where one democratic senator and basically kids effectively blocking any piece of legislation amendment they want to and that's why. This and it is as they say they graveyard of legislation now. Now we can't get much good. Well congressman Lamar Smith we thank you for joining us and I appreciate your. Good hard work to congressional district 21. Thank you again appreciate our either. Enjoy your Saturday afternoon folks. We're gonna take a short break be sure and check out Texans for Lamar Smith dot com or war. Lamar Smith Texas 21 on. FaceBook. We will be right back talks more national politics on the Texas insider show I'm Jim Carville appreciate join me. It. Tastes talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. On air online and on your Smart device. It's up thirteen seventy is the right choice. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen I'm Jim Corliss is the Texas insider show. On the lovely Saturday talk thirteen seven be the right choice we got. Action packed ten minutes or so to go here and we thank congressman Lamar Smith for joining us Lamar Smith congressman from. Congressional district 21 he's the chairman of the science space and take. Knology. Committee former chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the house but he is a real real asset to our state to. The city of Boston this matter fact that reminds me or just makes me think of them the fact that. During the last redistricting. And I've seen this in thirty years 34 years of politics which means every ten years the US census is taken and after the US census is taken that's when they start draw on the line spurred your state house in your states and it. And the congressional districts. And if a pot estate gains population it gains us congressional district at that loses population it loses. A congressional district 'cause it's all based on population but. That's argument if you ever hear. The Democrats were unhappy. This last redistricting go around because they say Austin was divided up and we've got Lamar Smith we've got. Roger Williams who was on the show couple weeks ago we've got John Carter out of ground Barack. We've got Lloyd dog at what that means is that. Now instead of just one or two congress critters fighting force in Washington DC we've got five. That is significantly. Better than having just one or two and contacting them into into districts. So if you ever hear that argument about Austin has been sharing commander in that week. Have too many congressman that is turning the world on its head the bottom line is is that you want as many people fighting. Arguing. Debating and having your opinions heard in any elected body and that's what we've got with congressman Lamar Smith certainly from. Congressional district 21 checked out. Lamar Smith dot house dot gov for his official website so let's talk about 1 other thing I am. That was done this week and that he asked to do with president trump signing an executive order. Promoting free speech and religious liberty I mean by and large this week. We had congressman Smith talking a map of the reconciliation. Package that funds the government gives the federal government's fiscal year by the way. Goes from October 1. To the end of September so we've only they've been operating under what's called continuing resolutions which basically just takes what was being spent and extends that out a couple. More months or couple weeks in this last instance just keep the lights on. But. We have a king continuing resolution it's only going for five more months until October 1. And that passed and that is a big accomplishment they can check that off and say that government is working. This congressman Lamar Smith says it spends little bit more money than Democrats came out in said that they won the day that the Republicans gave everything away the White House came out they send Paul Ryan they said they carried the day they. Defund it Planned Parenthood Lamar Smith straighten this out on that one it's now going to be up to the states so you can rest assured here in Texas and Planned Parenthood is going to be taking a hit and conservatives are crowing about that on the on the left the Democrats are saying that they got funding for Puerto Rico or if you listen to the news too much this last week you'll have heard that Puerto Rico declared bankruptcy they're not a state but their territory or either. Be able to vote. For president and Democrats say that they got this that or the other Republicans say and they got this that or the other but in in the end game I think than just being able to check it off people don't care about the minutia they don't get into the weeds on things they just. And they're sick and tired of people who do. Get into the weeds on things and fight in (%expletive) and moan about petty things that aren't in power possible pardon my. Potty language there but the other thing that they did was pass. An anti obamacare Biel and bill repeal and replace in the house now it's gonna be changed in the senate and we need to get ready it's going to be another couple months probably. Where the senate they don't called the world's greatest deliberative body for no reason they take their time over there and as a former staffer for the house of representatives on Capitol Hill we always used to be. Kind of throw up our hands that folks over on the senate side of the capital fund their god sometimes but. The bottom line is that got checked off there's two things that got checked off and in the path is now clear for. Health and human services secretary Tom price. To start addressing some of the true. Repeal and replace measures. Of Obama care people don't realize. They passed a bill this last week that allows. States to have freedom on how they spend their health care money they passed a bill this last week that. Takes you out of having to pay attacks if you don't have health care just think of that one item alone. As of the passing of the repeal and replace you will not have to pay attacks on next year's tax return if you don't have health care that means billions of dollars a lot of people. Are paying too much for their health care that is now going to be freed up. So Republicans by and large in conservatives I think are doing good things some other things that were talked about. In and I think by the where I should mention that. Health and human services. Has the number I believe is it's either 14100. Or 12100. Are believed. 1200. Rule making regulation making. Run in your life making regulations that they can now start whittling away at end. That is not something that makes the news but in the in the real world that you and I live in where we're Hammond of pay our bills every day that does make a difference another thing that was in this. Continuing resolution is a measure involving school choice. Saying that the administration. The Barack Obama and administration hit essentially forced. Things from on high at the federal level and trump repealed some of that stuff where states are not gonna have to be adhering to common core and some of these. Other negative things from on high. Planned Parenthood was being funded here in Texas because. That being given back to the states so this is all good stuff and it isn't. Why we all claim we like our Texas legislature. You know it's been. We'd like or Texas legislature. Because it gets things done it by partisan Democrats in the Republicans worked to get Walter gonna say we like our Texas. Legislature for that go for that reason. We ought to be saying the same thing about our federal government. It is a good thing that they get things done so as I mentioned. You know I might give the Democrats. The benefit of the doubt on the continuing resolution just because there are in the minority. And they seem to have stuck to their guns but Republicans by and large carried the week and here's the one final issue that I mentioned that I wanna talk to and that has to do with. Freedom of speech and religious. Flirty it was another executive order. Where president trump and the the thing that was in the news the most said the president trump is now allowed. Churches to get into politics well a lot of you will remember. During the Barack Obama administration. IRS lady lowest Lerner got caught. Denying. 501 C three applications. For a lot of Tea Party groups because they included the words. Liberty in the included the words freedom and the included the words Tea Party in the included the words tax reform. And nonprofit 501 C three groups where there's the YMCA the church or a think tank and some of these Tea Party groups. Have always been said that they're not supposed to. Engage in politics their non profits in this part of the deal when team get approved for nonprofit you're not supposed to be able to. You're not supposed to engage in politics. So what does this mean for churches it's known as the Johnson amendment. Named after our own favorite son LBJ back in 1954 after running for the senate he got upset because. Some local Texas church leaders said some things about him that he didn't care for and as. And a lot of things in life if you're gonna try and kill the king you better kill him because if you don't he's gonna kill you. So. LBJ pass an amendment that put the fear of god literally in every church across America and a lot of other groups saying that you cannot engage in politics. It's never really enforced it's rarely ever taken to court if ever. But it's just putting the fear. Into somebody that's restricting their freak free speech. So I'm Donald Trump passes an executive order that says the following fourth things it declares that it is the policy of the administration. To protect and vigorously promote religious liberty. A lot of you will have heard. About two little sisters of the pour or a hobby lobby case where they didn't wanna be open on Sunday and little sisters of the poor. Catholics. Have a big problem if they have to they were being forced to provide health care plans to their employees. That included abortion. Operations of abortion facilities abortion procedures. And they took it to court and they lost. Now. President. Donald Trump is saying you don't have to worry about date you as a religious organization the Catholic Church. Can pick its own health care program. That it. In involves some procedures or services and doesn't involve other doctor services and that's a good thing so. We got to wrap it up and leave it there folks but by and large as I always say there's more to life than politics. Sin just remember that a freedom is something that government can't give you. Free of freedom and right is something the government takes away. And we're making progress on that we hope you'll join us next week on the Texas insider show here on talk thirteen seven the right choice at 1230. I'm Jim Correll you all have a great week and a great weekend. Up next. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take allowed it to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 tweeting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice.