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Today for champ car. Is insiders showed Jim Carville is just out doing some stuff with the family good for him hoping seven a great time. And we'll hold down the fort here and talk some politics president trump has been up in Canada he's on his way to Singapore now as you just heard from the CBS news update. And we'll talk about that. The story that I'm singing on the Drudge Report right now is the mark left on Trump's hand by an overzealous or over a pressure packed handshake. With Emmanuel march grown. Interesting the Fed is or what they're focusing in on that the president was uncomfortable with the handshake. Because it was too tough foreign. I don't think so trump Trump's. Drums about turned 72. And he's got a big birthday present coming up in their birthday present depending on how it works out is going to be good or bad but. We'll get the IG's report probably heavily redacted all right talk thirteen seventy KJ CE is the right choice our telephone number. And if you're listening to us on the June 9. It's all lies and in the studio and we are here and ready to take your calls are telephone numbers 512643. Lions. Also 5126435483. We are screaming at talks thirteen seventy dot com. Those all kinds of ways to join in the conversation if you would like to send me an email during the show. Lynn LY in in that at BU logical dot com that's beat EL OG IC any ill just the two words be a logical limit be logical dot com I'll watch the email during the course the show. And if you have a comment we are unabashedly. On this radio program pro trump we think president trump. Is doing something then at some point could end liberalism. That is he is he is doing your juxtaposition here. What trump is doing across the country is working what trump is putting into effect is working and you look at the other thing that you can juxtapose this winter which is California and California run by leftist for a long time and why is that if you thought about that why is California so leftist. Why can't California ever have another Republican governor. Why won't Californian never sinned it's electoral votes for a Republican presidential candidate it's because of unlimited and unfettered. And mostly illegal immigration. California has transformed because of bad and that is why the liberals want the dreamers in its why they want the the borders open. And they realize. If we open those borders if we pass this DREAM Act we opened those borders. Chances are in twenty years there will be no Republican Party left the mound steady thing. And that's kind of where they're going so here's our watch talk about the date. What happens with the mall report we're there we go because I think we're headed toward a very important month and I think that month of September. The mid terms shall start getting under way there of course November 6 heavily. The mid terms very important. It is an unwritten rule in Washington. And this is what. So many people don't like James told me about the former FBI director the unwritten rule that he broke that you don't do. Things such as interfere with the if the election we're very close to that. In what Kobe did first royal Republicans than at royal. But Democrats submitted royal all the Republicans again to get going back and forth on whether Hillary Clinton was going to be investigated or not. Finally coming out and saying hey you know no reasonable prosecutor would investigate this case when I think no reasonable prosecutor wouldn't. But that's part of the story that's what the N Turk the inspector general is going to be talking about and this comes on strangely enough is set to come out. On president trumps 72 birthday now this Singapore thing may or may not be in some kind of heated situation at that time. So you have to wonder if this is all set and and basically. Related to the Singapore summit. So that it will be buried in the news. And I I can't answer that question Liz Hurley does occur to make. So where are we going with Mueller were we going with the Russia Russia Russia media that the Democrats have. We are we going with this IG's report we'll talk about all those things when we're done when that I'd like to talk a little bit about Tommy Robinson. If we have time to get to that and also. Christian songs Shea. Christians saw Shea who is. About to sue James coney. And the Justice Department because of an equal treatment under the law citing as his example one Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. That's going to be nursing we have found out that Tiki rotten deal that Obama put together. Was a string of lies any string of deceptions such as we have almost never seen any kind of of of governmental dealings and speak to the deals we have a dreamer deal on the table which could. Make the dreamers legal put them on some kind of a path to citizenship we have a lot more but if we get to those things will be doing well. Again I'd like jerked your calls your thoughts your emails. Our telephone number 512643. LI VE 5126435483. If your phone only shows digits at my email addresses a Lynn LYEN and at BU logical BE. Logical dot com Jim Carville who normally occupies the space is a yankees out camping somewhere have a great time this. And I started say not thinking about politics but I know Jim too well he's thinking about politics no matter where you as a what he's doing. Couple things out of this summit in France. It's the G the eight. Could be the. Deep it's the G-7 could be the GA could be the G six who knows what it's going to be trump says it makes no sense. Not to have Russia. And I agree with trump almost everything I am I would like to sit down the president talked to about that would why is Russia not part of the G-7 anymore. Anybody know raise your hand OK I'm not seeing Indians nobody knows oh there's what he saw what he and shows where and why. Is Russia not part of the G-7. Is because they invaded ukrainians. Are actually they invaded Crimea then they attempted to invade Ukraine they brought down a jetliner. Including murders everybody does a lot I can get sends a nice gift certificate for a milk shake full of plutonium. Nods what is it it's not plutonium is. Of it to team and what every other numbers Tutu and and when you drink that stuff you start glowing in the dark and you don't last very long so Putin has been a bad bad bad boy and you know. Colluding with Putin is not a good thing. And I know I'm in the liberal capital Texas Austin, Texas and that's fine but I wish Obama had not colluded with them but he. Obama set their own an open Mike made gaffe. And he told. Vladimir Medvedev. Bad if you'll just wait until the election is over there I'll have more flexibility to do whatever you want whatever Putin wants me to do with the missiles. I'll do it whatever I'll have flexibility but I can't do that until after the election if that's not colluding with Russia and I'm not sure what is. Certainly not what trump has done and there's. No indication that there's been any trump collusion that I'm not Limbaugh I'm not Hannity. I'm not the front venture does that's what I call Mark Rubin because he calls rest of us backed ventures he's probably right good. I'm not one of these guys who come out and say Mohler doesn't have anything. I don't know what I don't know and I don't know with Muller has anything there's no way for me to know there's no way act in tale that there's no way. I can be sure enough to tell you are constant listener. That. Mohler doesn't Anthony then this is gonna be over here's here's here's what I'll say about it. And the only get to met with Kobe XP Syria just minutes Matt Moskovciak at. Well known Alston consultant who I invited on the show today but he's on an airplane right now so we could make that work. But. And there's still ahead of the Travis County Republican Party is our recall. But here's here's what I think will happen because of a couple of things the first thing is that Justice Department rules preclude indicting a sitting president. Others as wide Gerald Ford had to pardon Richard Nixon after the fact Nixon did not try to pardon himself control pardon himself. That's a constitutional question is being debated in the halls of justice I tend to think Betty KN. But that it would not be valuable for him to do it he would immediately be impeached. The remedy break for a president that is out of control. Or that the country believes is taking us to a bad place is impeachment it is not indictment therefore I do not think that there will be an indictment of Donald Trump. It is entirely possible. That let and look I'm not saying trump stunning they are only he has I don't idling Moeller has much of the case here. So idols seat any kind of an indictment what I see is some time around the first of September. I'll even be more specific sometime between September 1 and September move was say tenth. Moeller will hold a James Kobe style news conference. And Moeller won't go through all the things that he's found about trump. And he rules say. It's not that no reasonable prosecutor would take this case it's that I don't have the ability to indict trump. So I will be giving this and I full complete report to congress. And the congress will then decide whether to. Impeach. Donald Trump and send him to the senate for trial. That's what I think will happen. Now will play. That gets to be took it to the core. Of met with co BX a column in The Washington Times which I wanna get too in just a moment. Will go to break here in just a moment. I do we need to go to break now. Our our were good for a couple more seconds. President trump as I said turns 72. On June 14 and so that's when the IG is gonna come out with a report. As trump of course calls this spy game eight. And that's very interesting too because CNN spends hours on panels denying that there is a spy you know it's an informant they say okay. I would top spot I spy an informant are kind of the same thing. But preliminary reports about this IG's contents of this report. Suggest that the inspector general. Will condemn told me for helping heal up for helping trump against Hillary by coming out tyranny improperly announcing that the feds reopening their investigation. But do you remember what that is about though. You remember why Kobe came out and made that announcement is because we found Hillary Clinton emails where were that. They were on the laptop of Anthony Weiner also known as Carlos danger. Right this is the guy. That had to resign his post and got charged with sex sting to aged girls in disguise a creek. He's a typical Democrat left wing creek. Married to whom. I'm not puma puma puma ever deep and he was Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff Byron call. And water a little circle of deceit that we need here within the Democrat party. But you know what that's gonna help Hillary Clinton. Because she likes to go on these these little two words and she likes to is to blame everybody in the world for her loss in the in the presidential race including Macedonian. Data farmers or something like that so now shall be able to come out and have another two were for her book what happened. I don't know I have learned not to expect much out of these reports. Because if anything was ever gonna happen in Hillary Clinton on many illegals server it would of happened by now we have a two system. Justice Department in the United States there's a group of two. That would be Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that never have consequences. For the crimes that they commitment to rest this do. All right we'll take a break and will be back and talk about this a little bit more and I'll get a demand for Kobe X piece about the what exactly is going to. Made the difference in whether trump gets impeached or not and it's one word star to buy. This is talk thirteen seventy the right choice in my name is Lynn Worley I am the secretary of logic the data EO of the radio in the guy without whom logic wouldn't be the same if we didn't make a logical. 512643. Life. 5126435483. Talk radio thirteen seven we're back in just a moment. You've made the right stories talk thirteen seventy. We're back on talk radio thirteen seventy kids the right choice. 512643. Orion. 51264354. 83 we're streaming it talk thirteen seventy dot com. My email address is Lee and the hell why in the end that act beat logical dot com my name is Lynn Woolley and I'm not an insider. In the way the gym cartilage as he knows all sees all knows everybody can call in favors bring in the big time guest. And it can't just a little guy compared to that but we're here trying to hold the fort down and you're certainly welcome to call. And jumping and I will tell you this about me I am unabashedly conservative I believe in the constitution. I believe. That we are a Judeo Christian society. Where our laws stem from biblical concepts including but not limited to. The ten commandments. I believe that this is a country that works best when we're a free market when we are regulated just as little as possible. I realize we can't use plastic sacks and Austin. That's not a good thing. If people wanna use plastic sacks they should be able to use plastic sacks plastic bags that's that's in the bridge would of freedom and it's one of the it's it's it's it's one of the things about Austin and I don't like I like most things about Austin Austin's totally weird which is exactly the way I like my city's. Now let's get to them took to the M I mentioned a word starts from letter arrived. That will settle the debate over the Muller investigation but there's another word. Dead even perceives of course impeachment. And that is what has to happen. For impeachment. To happen. Because right now there's no way the Democrats can impeach president trump EU would even get. The rhino Republicans like Paul Ryan and then and Jeff flake and people I oil flight may be involved Corcoran all that bunch that. Are really Democrats but but you have the Republican moniker. This this is what Matt Moskovciak casino I think he's exactly right. He says even if congress impeach as president trump a stated goal of many democratic members of congress. And a sacred goal of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Republican controlled senate requires two thirds vote to remove him from office what that means it as with 51 Republican senators. If every Democrat voted to remove trump for Malta is sixteen Republicans would have to join them and that just is not going to happen. So two things have to happen and it all involves the mid term elections first of all the Democrats have to take the house. They almost lost their chance to do that in California because remember California has this jungle primary and it's very interesting because there can be each warning people running for say F. A congressional office. And let's say ten of those are Democrats and ten of those are Republicans. You don't pick the top Republican. Vote getter and tip that person against the top democratic vote getter know you get the top two vote getters. So they both can be Democrats they both can be Republicans you did have one of each. Democrats in some conservative areas of California about ways a big blow back out there. In California and dirt there's a there's a lot of people working to make California rehab again it's going to be an uphill battle because of immigration out there. A California Democrats managed to get one of their people in most of those. Races that are coming up in November so it wasn't a Republican vs another Republicans some of the conservative Democrats California is where they've got to pick up a lot of those seats. They need something like 24 they've got to pick up a lot of those leads in California and and so. Will have to wait to see what happens there but let's say they do. And end date go ahead and Guizhou impeach the president in the house. Analysts say that they put together a group of pub managers. Who were Democrats house managers. To go after trump do to glued to draft and create articles of impeachment they do it they get they get it all done. They get trumpet impeach this is what happens slick Willie. William Jefferson blight Clinton this is what happening him. But it got over in the senate and the dig it probably correctly it is took me a long time to come to this conclusion. That Bill Clinton was twice elected by the people of the United States there's extenuating circumstances. Because of Ross Perot nobody got elected twice. But the people of the United States. And it should be very difficult to remove a sitting president whether that president as Andrew Johnson whether that president is Richard Nixon. Whether it's Bill Clinton or whether Donald Trump. And Donald Trump has been great and I mentioned early when we started this program the day there is something that trump is doing and it's not just one thing it's an overall thing. That could in liberalism. If you if if if people are logical and and I use logic is my schtick logic just my thing. My slogan is take the vital issues of day strip them of their emotion and analyze them with logic aforethought. And if we did that and everything we did in government we wouldn't have a 21 trillion dollar debt right now we would've never. No one would have ever even thought about nominating Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States. If we put all logic of forethought if we use logic as our guide. Nobody would have voted for Bernie Sanders. Outcome come I say these things. I say them because if you look at what trump is done. Not ending all regulations we have to have some regulations in this country we can't go go through. And our our political lives and our business lives in this country without some regulation is just it's just a necessary thing but. Obama was a regulator he'd love that he blood sweat and regulations on everybody using the arias actually weaponized the arias. This one would probably 3-D biggest to Bo Obama scandal even bigger than Solyndra bigger than. Then been Ghazi bigger than fast and furious now we've got Iran gate which may be bigger than this. We'll talk about to have some more we have a chance to. But when you look at what's going on sale in Venezuela. That's that's Bernie Sanders land. What's going on in Russia where Bernie Sanders went on his honeymoon and Bernie Sanders is love Russia and warned the United States to. Develop more Soviet style of government. But you've got a strong may and over their Vladimir Putin who is one of the biggest liars one of the biggest murderers in the world. No I don't think he colluded dumping trump colluded with the but Jews is that Zell a birdie Sanders wants here. And you look at what trumps doing and you compare it to what's going on in California. Any if you use logic you have to say mine caught fish. Black people brown people. Asian people white people everybody in this country that wants a job pretty much as got one we actually have more jobs. Available than we have people fill them. So the reason for the taxables people mad troubles jobs of any you're not gonna take fruit if you're chemical engineer you're looking for a job in that field but. But still. It is it is absolutely. Amazing. What trump has been able to do. And for the fact that you tune in to CNN every night in there's panels about Robert Mueller and the Russia Russia Russia and the investigation and the inspector general and and what the New York Times say that was leaked out of one of these investigations to lay an egg goes on and on and on CNN's not going to tell you. That unemployment is down but employment is up to consumer confidence is Zahn. He's not going this CNN's not going to give trump any credit no matter how this thing turns out in Singapore and illicit completely. Run some amok. And it and is terrible CNN's not going to give Donald Trump any credit for that they will go back and find a way to give the credit to Obama no matter what happens. Remember Obama spent years telling us of all his problems are because of what he cannot remember the word inherited. From George W. Bush. And look what trump inherited from Obama a moribund. Country had a society with a great amount ladies in which salaries were stark and people were out of work and it dropped out of the workforce and business was ham strung especially the financial industry. Buying a terrible gaggle of regulations that we couldn't get around and now. Because most of those regulations were in my opinion unconstitutional because they were not passed by congress they were passed by Obama's phone and pay and and trump then can use his own pin to undo them and he's already done so many of them in this country skyrocket it's taken off. And it's it's helped the world the world economy is better off than it's been him. So what. We're looking for now is to see what happens in these mid terms and if Moeller gets his thing done by the first part of September. There's trumpets deciding right now or he's gonna run again all indications are that he will run again. And I think you'll be reelected basically because as the economy stupid which is something we learned from the Democrats we also learned that past sexual and even prison sexual escapades are peccadilloes. Are not important. All of August but I know what we were learning now is they're not important it's John Kennedy that did them. Not important it's Bill Clinton that committed the but it isn't as isn't very important if there was a lot of no Donald Trump. Elise mid terms you know if if if you go in you you vote for Democrats especially in a district it's been represented by a Republican. If you vote for Democrats for a Democrat to do that the Democrats if they have critical mass in congress they are going to try to impeach. Donald Trump and it will be hard to stop them if they do have a substantial majority. In the United States house I still don't think it goes anywhere. Because I don't think they won't do they have to pick up another sixteen. Votes. In the United States senate assuming every Democrat would vote for ousting president trump. And you know what would be interesting if that were dampened then we'd have president pits I swear is there's so many liberals and leftists in the world. That honest to honest to gosh believe that if trump is removed from all this is replacement will be Hillary Clinton. I find that just amazing all right folks we are coming up to the top of the hour we've got CBS straight ahead and about thirty seconds. My name is Lynn Worley used in Hawaii inning in at the logical dot com to like to email me during the news all checked my email see if anybody out there is responded to that. You can call us at 512643. L I VE. By the way listen in to mind. Week day show. Online it's from 8 o'clock until 11 o'clock. And you there's just just Google it you'll find several streams for that talk thirteen seven lead the right choice back in a moment. Bought thirteen seven lead the right choice this is the Texas insider radio show would Jim Carville except today I'm sitting in for Jim my name is Lynn Woolley. And I have a radio show a mile and I have a web site my radio show is carried on several radio stations around the state of Texas from 8 o'clock. In the morning until 11 o'clock you can now just Google it and you'll find alive stream of it somewhere he'd like to to an end. My website is WD daily dot com that's the letters WB would stand for world beat. WB daily dot com and no world beat daily dot com we'll take you right the air. We put up five columns of I think cutting edge opinion. About politics and occasionally a fictional fictional story here's something that's clearly labeled as a fictional story. And I think you'll enjoy it if you go there if you'd like to talk to us now all. Our numbers 512643. Lions 5126435483. And we're streaming right now I talk thirteen seventy dot com. The Obama administration in my opinion was a giant failure I think the biggest thing they did accomplish course was obamacare which I see is socialism which I don't like. I think socialism. Especially if you're with a single Payer thing and you end up making doctors and health care professionals. Actually employees of the government in the government as your insurance policy. I think it will help a lot of people get insured sure but I think equality. Of it will essentially go down hole because that's that's what happens when you have no competition that's why our schools are the way they are today our public schools. And there's good when she asked. But they could be very much better if we had more school choice and had more competition but that's part of what it means to be conservative to understand that that. The market system out there they're free market system is what makes things great. But I get back to Obama and they like to do go wrong to Democrats. You never had any anti Obama panels night after night on CNN the chicken noodle network. In ever had any of that at MSNBC. Was a mutual admiration society and I don't worry too much about MSNBC it it is openly in our mock. Of the left wing movement and America doesn't make any bones about it CNN on the other hand talks about being straight down the line. News organization. America's most trusted name in news win it of course isn't. And of course they sang the praises of Barack Obama and they can't find it kind word to say about Donald Trump anywhere. We're coming to find out some of the things about the Obama administration that are. Not something you want right mama about pay mom I just threw a sailor in jail for taking 6 pictures but I am gonna lead Hillary Clinton go. That's what happened. A former navy sailor who was jailed for a year after being convicted of mishandling classified information. Said fired FBI James and FBI director James told me. Is a domestic enemy for showing that Hillary Clinton is above the law. In a similar manner I actually don't think it's similar matter are here you at a naive sailor. He was on an old submarine he thought it was so cool he wanted his parents to see where he was working he took six pictures and send it to emanate through the book Adam. Hillary Clinton knew damn well what she was doing when she set up. An illegal server. She knew what she was doing when she had classified information and not only that the president of the United States Barack Obama knew about it too. He used that server all the time but so that he wouldn't be implicated. He used and alias and they thought they would get away with that and you know why they didn't DeVon newness and trade Doughty. Had that house into it committee on Intel. And started shaking and have been Gaza. And it was the bin Gaza investigation that revealed Hillary Clinton's. Illegal server when they found emails that they have subpoenaed sent to that server. And I don't know what president Obama's alias was the there's no reason for the president of the United States to use an alias if Hillary Clinton is using illegal server. I think all of this Russian stuff there we're having now problems with the Iran situation and certainly the Hillary Clinton email server. It all comes back. To Obama so does the unmasking that was during Obama's administration. Ben Ghazi was during Obama's administration I find Obama more guilty in the deaths of four Americans and Ben Ghazi than I ever felt Hillary Clinton was. I think Hillary Clinton. Is somebody he was in. Way over her head with absolutely no charisma whatsoever she was never going to be president of the United States and we know that now in looking back it would be easy to predict. But nobody did. And so many things that happened in Obama's administration are now coming out. So Christians saw Shea of took six photos of the classified area on board the USS Alexandria. Investigators found the photos after a worker spotted the phone in a trash piled. Probably realized what he had done. And through the phone away. He received and other than honorable discharge and a prison sentence before trump pardoned him. And Celsius said told me let Clinton off easy after she was accused of mishandling hundreds of classified emails. Right after he recommended against charging Hillary Clinton. Komi said that if anybody else does this they'd be imprisoned Scioscia a set of comic. Well Tony is not consistent. Colby is called es biggest thing in as partners probably is like Obama he's a total narcissistic. So Sasha is considering filing a lawsuit against former President Obama. For prosecuting him without equal justice under the law citing the non indictment of Clinton and I hope he does I hope. He does and I hope he wins and I hope Obama has to apologize to him. What else are we learning about the Obama administration this is from mark Tyson former Republican speech writer. Talking about the Iran nuclear deal. Well we already know that there was some palace of cash delivered as ransom of four of the hostages over the air remember Clinton. Trump has gotten hostages released from North Korea. If there is a situation where we have paid a ransom I am not aware of it and I think CNN would be doing nightly panels. And so I've only CNN is aware of either. If it had happened and I don't think it happened. Sold by all bought clothes. That freedom for those hostages by it by paying their illegal payments in my opinion doing it without congress knowing. And look what else. Here's what Tyson writes that there are several things. That Obama did first the president failed to disclose to congress the existence of secret side deals on inspections. When he transmitted nuclear accord to Capitol Hill. And we learned that the Obama administration had secretly sent a plane to Tehran. Loaded with 400 million dollars in Swiss francs euros and other currencies on the same day Iran released are for American hostages. And we we learned that that was followed by two more secret flights carrying another one point three billion in cash now we've had another bombshell. Republicans on the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations led by senator Rob Portman. And we get the road this mark Tyson his wife works for Portman as just your revolving door in Washington. But it doesn't mean this isn't true. They are revealed in a new report. That the Obama administration secretly tried to help Iran use US banks to convert five point seven billion in the Iranian assets. And this is after they've promised congress Iran would never get any access to the US financial system then lied to congress about what it did done. And I am beginning to think debt we need not only a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. But one to investigate Barack Obama. These are not good things that Obama did and if he needs to pay a price for this. All right I wanna talk a little bit about the dreamers too because illegal immigration is a key issue to me I'm hardliner on immigration. But yet I have more compassion for the illegal immigrants than Democrats. Just as full disclosure I believe they're human beings. I believe that we need some of them. I don't know that we need as many as we have maybe we need more I'm not sure. What I do know is that we have a system that doesn't work and we have a system. That makes illegal aliens the pawns of Democrats who want them for four votes if they can ever get them to the point of voting. And believe me there's say there's a whole lot of non citizens voting which all. Proved to you in just a moment. Republicans want them for the cheap labor the Texas association of business the business roundtable US chamber of commerce. This these are ridiculous organizations that I agree with owned. On having a less regulated country and having competition. But not on immigration they are absolutely wrong and admiration every single one of so now we've got something on the table a leader of house moderates. Now they're actually Republican moderates such Republican liberals actually. Said Thursday that a tentative deal with conservatives is being discussed to help young dreamer immigrant stay in the US legally. They won't use the word in this AP story but that is amnesty remembered what are dreamers. Are there they're kids you came over here when their parents brought them before they were of age. That is a subset. Of the illegal aliens. Durham awful lot of sub sets of illegal aliens purely illegal aliens that come over here are illegal because they overstayed their visa. There's illegal aliens that Obey all of our other laws and don't get and any other kinds of trouble. And there's a subset of illegal aliens that commit murder that get drawn can get behind the wheel and kills somebody that way or commit some other crime there's that's subset. Dreamers or subset of illegal aliens but he doesn't mean they are not illegal aliens they are and we have no responsibility what so ever. To give them any kind of amnesty pathway to citizenship legal status nothing so whatever we do it's out of the kindness of our American hearts. What I would like to see done. And I would I would I would do this with the dreamers are right I don't believe that any of these bills that they're putting through and certainly not the liberal Republicans like Paul Ryan and shipped Denon and Jeff fly he can Bob corps colonel at rhino bunch. Some of these dreamers. Have stood on podiums. On college campuses. Like UT and Baylor and they have said. We are here. We are illegal. And we're not going anywhere. Those are the ones I would deport first. Our folks let's take a quick break this is the Texas insider show with Jim carpal usually but with me live woolly today on talk thirteen seventy the right choice 512643. Lives. 5126435483. Come on folks gives call. We're streaming of talk thirteen seventy dot com and he could disagree with me then really give us a call we'll be right back on talk thirteen seventy. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere at all L radio talk. Check your phone's glass door or visit to. Thirteen seventy dot com slash. Walker just seven he has the right choice it's OK JE CE. Austin we're is as Jim Carville likes to say in beautiful downtown Austin are at least we can sleep beautiful downtown Ralston. From the window another great skyline this amazing city. Are Manning was Lynn Woolley and I am proud to be here sitting in for Jim Carlton day ease off on some family did this and say he'll be back. Right here in this very chair next week in. At this time our phone number 51263643. Lie that's 512643. Live 512643. 5483. You know call and tell me where I'm wrong. I know that's the hard disk call and tell me where to draw on you can spot somebody. Our Houston Democrat battles to keep non citizens on voter rolls this comes at this kind of thing comes of all the time Democrats like to tell conservatives. That we will stop people from voting. That we want people to not have the right and the freedom to go vote in that say the Democrats. Are our champ Schuening championing. Voting rights for the people. And then I see stories like this out of Washington times Houston's registrar. Says she's under no obligation to remove non citizens from her voter rolls on the national voter registration act. Testing the limits of how far states can go to try to forge efforts to clean up election let us know what do you wanna clean up election lips. There are essentially three types of voters you want removed from the voting rolls one those who have passed on to their eternal rewards. Number two you want people who are in the country illegally. Or people who were in the country legally but are not citizens and other words non citizens you don't want them to vote. And third there's food there's well he you actually have people are too young global we're not worried about those. People who were felons and for whatever reasons can't vote. In other words. Conservatives believe that people who are eligible legally. Under our legal system to vote should be able to vote we encourage those people to vote even if they don't. Don't want to vote for the candidates we like that's our systems are go out and do it it's your right to do it it is not your right to do it if you snuck into this country. From south of the border if you got a visa to come here from Saudi Arabia to go to flight school. And you overstay your visa. That's not that's not good that's not cope ascetic that's not okay that's not all right you shouldn't be voting in our elections. The liberals have scheme after scheme after scheme to open up the voting rolls 222 more people. And to have more time to get more people glued to the polls to vote for Democrats. Early voting is a Democrat scheme motor voting is a Democrat scheme online voting if it starts taking up and taking often why wouldn't it because we're about to. Lose the use of our arms and legs anyway because we don't we don't wanna go out anymore and put a check in the bank we wanna take a picture of it put it in the bank that way. So it's it's everything under the sun Democrats love early voting because it gives them time to get buses and issue v.s and vans and take people to the polls to vote for Democrats and to go pick up people that. Ordinarily might not go. Because there are either too old or too disinterested. But Democrats whole wall. Go convince some boy here's are you need to go vote for. And of course if cleaning up those voter rolls. Means that the Democrats might lose a vote here they are by the by the illegals the only reason this woman's name by the way in Houston is inherits Bennett. She's the registrar for Harris County in Texas. And any at this the word is crazy she's back what is that right she's battle. To keep secret the names of non citizens who who signed up to vote. The Democrats used to hide this they used to say no we just want everybody to have the right to vote no they don't they want everybody to have the right to come vote for Democrats. And they love voter fraud. But you live by Broder fraud they believe in voter fraud they encourage voter fraud and they hide voter fraud. And in Paris Bennett. Is a great example of this this is and The Washington Times you can make stuff up like this. And she say well once a person is registered noticed they can't remove him from the voting list. Really. I'd like to get a legal opinion on that from somebody who's not far leftist. And it it you know it it's disturbing that all of our big cities in Texas have gone left except for worst Fort Worth is left is also in the us it's great said he is my favorite city in the world Austin, Texas it's. But it's left wing. And you know bode motto keep Austin weird can also be. Keep Alston left district keep Alston Marxist or something like that is why these little rays of light coming in never once a while. Like did the Texas insider website to WB daily dot com web site to the Texas insider radio show. And you know I don't doubt for a minute I know that medical VAK is a loss tonight and he's a strong conservative and I know that says there are other people here. California I have found out. Is in the middle of a revolution it's under the under the table right now it's not secret by any stretch of the imagination but you don't hear you reporting on it on my week day show. We have done a couple of interviews with people in this revolution they are working to turn California. A way from being such a left wing loopy state as such as it is. And as you know as I said earlier if you compare what trumps policy czar. To what Governor Brown. And the possible new governor Gavin Newsom what those policies are out in California. And looked at looked Carol the United States. Has begun to come out of the the Obama morass. And look at health California is getting deeper and deeper California he is a mass they can't pay their pensions course the United States in debt today. Tony one trillion dollars and has a conservative I've been asked why don't you conservatives care about that while I'm one that does. I one of the biggest times I've been. Manic trump is when he signed that big trillion dollar plus omnibus bill would have signed didn't drop his command said he won't sign another one. The excuse for that was what we have to support the military. Okay well I support the military. But I don't support of one point one every was one point five trillion dollar omnibus bill it was it was big it was huge. All right let's go through some things we have five minutes left. A former Senate Intelligence Committee aide was arrested on Thursday in an investigation of classified information leaks. We're prosecutors secretly seized years' worth of New York Times reporter's phone and email records. But former aide 57 year old James A wolf was charged with lying to investigators he'd been sending information to Alley Watkins. He may have been having a relationship with her I don't know that. To be sure but I heard it on CNN or somewhere. Now there's a couple of things disturbing on this number one the leaks in Washington are all for political purposes. And it really needs to stop but even more disturbing than that is that. The FB IA. Was seizing. All the records of this reporter's phone and email. Can you name the only industry. Mentioned in the bill of rights and given a specific. A specific mandate that she'll be free from government interference. And that is what they called in those days the press what we call the media the day it's part of the First Amendment you could look at that. So it worries me yeah reporters can commit crimes they have to be stopped and they have to be prosecuted when they do. But it does bother me when the government decides to go after a reporter. That's part of the swamp. And a bit this whole thing about cleaning up the as this this guy who's leaking but also. Stopping those leaks trended dream a little bit of the swamp there. We know the James clapper. Who is what was he former Obama Director of National Intelligence was doing unmasking request every couple weeks out we know that he's. Saying so he's admitted it. What's unmasking unmasking is winner United States citizen inadvertently gets wrapped up in some kind of a wiretap. And the FBI hears that person even though they weren't targeting that person know he we'd like to. Be able to go after that person from what we just heard so they get somebody to go unmask it and has to be done. In a Pfizer court and the Pfizer court unmasking was done largely using Hillary Clinton paid for. Dossier. That's Christopher steel. So that's very strange. Are right. A trio of executive orders from trump. Streamlined. The dismissal procedures for federal employees who don't perform their jobs but the worst drops making easier to fire government workers. This is. This is draining this law. He also has an order that will rein in the immense power of federal employee unions by curtailing the practice of union time. Forcing taxpayers to pay even for time the public employees spin on union activities. And trumps ad here's his quote. To empower our civil servants to best help others the government must always operate more efficiently and more securely. Efficiency. And secured this is not call on the neither Karl Marx of our federal government right now trump is. Cleaning some of them up and rightly so darn right wing activist Tommy Robinson is jailed again. This is weird this is an England's. And he's jailed because he doesn't want England and the UK to be further is normal sized. All right that's one thing the wind it thrown in jail because he reported on a story that. Judge over the air did not all reported on. And now the judge has put a gag order on the case. That's weird there is no freedom of the press in England anymore but don't even pretended anymore. Couple of other things are wrote down save the pro now is collect the holes set there's a you have. A T shirt and John huge. And this is an Indiana. And he refused to cold so called transgendered. Students guide their name Mike and it was did that kid's name was Bob Nellie wants to be Mary. He would just call about their last name and they worked out of the old to make that happen and and as a compromise. But then they forced him out anyway. So that is apparently where we stay in the air now one last story here as we say goodbye. To combat a trend. Of children. Getting busted for not having a permit for having lemonade stands you know like when kids go out and set up a lemonade stand make a little money during the summer you know what typically happens. Somebody from the city here the county you're the tax office come by. And plus sleep kids. For not having. An appropriate permit us suppose they have to have a sales tax permit or some things to us. In a video that's posted on Twitter. And country time lemonade is offered to pay. It's the end I think this is your business just also talk about. Making lemonade out of alone the country Don Imus what they do and that's what they're doing here Jim Carville will be back next week. At this same time right here on talk thirteen seventy the right choice was more of the Texas insider radio show until Lyn this is Lynn Woolley saying take a stand for this country. The logical and Joseph we'll see you right here next week's us.