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Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to continue doing here. Normally. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Afternoon here here here in the the nation's eleventh largest city that would be Austin, Texas and welcome to Texas insider show on. Your host Jim cargo world broadcasting live from the worldwide headquarters here atop these. Top thirteen seven be the right choice headquarters. In northwest Austin and glad there. Have you whether it's on this beautiful Saturday afternoon another day in paradise. It's. Beautiful sunny day about 95 degrees at the moment on the way I think to. Triple digits and as usual were bad cover. What's going on in Washington DC and big week. This week for Donald Trump internationally end this special session down here in Austin State Capitol Texas legislature is about to wrap up. Here in the middle of the week in their start to crank up and actually do some things. Heavens to Betsy but we're gonna try and provide you little sanity. Little reason. Look at things from about the 30000 foot level more or less I mean would you get into some details but there's just so much negativity and and them griping going on these days 24/7. As the news just explained of little bit of bleeding a little bit of them. Protesting some were here there are neo liberal word just gonna focus on what's positive once going on. That we can be happy about because it's good day to be in Texas could be they'd be in Austin and now. Would somebody tell me this week that anymore these days people criticize everything. Except their own way and word is gonna look at. At some of the things have been happening in. Have a fit into. Your life hopefully and give you a little spring in your step. As Albert Einstein always say that said one of my favorite sayings life is her politics is more complicated and physics and there's what. To that but hopefully will like I said won't provide little sanity and reason and truth to that so. What's going on be sure and check this out at Texas since cider at Texas insider broke on FaceBook and Twitter we had a great interview this week with. Fine young lady by the name Alli Stuckey who is at a Dallas she's a Fox News contributor and also. Works for the blaze her claim to fame is that she's known as the conservative millennial. And boy is she a pistol we talked about political correctness about the bathroom bill about abortion about. Men being men and boys growing up to be men. Be sure and check that out our interview with Ellie Stuckey from the conservative millennium on Texas insider FaceBook and Twitter. And then the big. Exciting news for the weekend isn't a need to while commuting happy tax free weekend everybody's going back to. School. I know were about to head out bring our youngest to college opened. Colorado. Casey I asked you last weaker than I have two days starting yet for local football teams. Solomon and more start Monday there we go to everybody's ramping up behind those school supplies and get ready go back to school probably next week so if you're out of that shopping this week in Texas is one of a couple states that provides what they. College tax free weekend and that's our chance to save a little bit of cash on. Items that you typically buy for school supplies lot of clothing and literally most clothing to Wear backpacks school supplies. I even seldom bliss the other day that said pants pajamas and pantyhose are included net need. May not realize it but every time we go to the store. This sales tax amounts to. If you spend a hundred dollars the tax rate is eight point 25%. So if you spend a hundred dollars. On school supplies this weekend or anything that qualify as you say they'd dollars and 25 cents and not much but it you know eight dollars and 45 cents could buy you want a burger and everybody loves to himself what that Kerkorian. Texas some other notable items on the list even adult diapers are exempt golf shirt surge in golf shoes are not exempt. I guess kids can work golf shirts to school hiking boots and cowboy boots go out and get them their exempt. Suit slack suspenders bras bow ties and even bowling shoes to some schools like guests. Have bowling as a class on the line took it is a senior in high school and. That was part of think part of what you do when your senior but we were talking last so have fun on the tax free weekend this week it's some. I think we should be appreciative of and take revenge of king and even though it's not gonna make you rich I tell you let's get into politics one thing. If you joined us last week we're here every Saturday from 1230 to 131 thing we talked about last week is having. Governor in West Virginia had switched his political party from Democrat to Republican Donald Trump went to west Virginian board and they. Love him in West Virginia they voted formed by 42%. Over Hillary Clinton. And Republicans now have control. Of the governor's mansion at the state house or representatives. In the state senate and 26. States. Democrats. Can say that about only six states so it's. 26 states to six states were the one party controls the governor's mansion the house and the senate. I Montana I think it's a state the burden have a house and senate the discount one but governing bodies so their seventeen others that. Are you are split but. As I've mentioned we'd like to try and provide you little perspective I saw some polls this week that were pretty pretty interesting because. Despite all this. Concerned about self in North Korea we may get to that a minute we will get to that men were also men get to the state legislature's actions. In a minute but first. Despite all this negative news that your hand did you know that Donald Trump. May be. Referred to as the comeback kid here and in the next week or two if he keeps going at this rate does dogs be pollster company. Did a poll the other day and I'll be doggone if Donald Trump's you know you hear in the news that people don't. Like Donald Trump's performance or they're concerned about them I think. Those are the same polls that told us she'd never had a chance to win they're the same analysts that part of the sock puppet media and liberal left. Media that don't care form anyway they want to continue. Down the liberal path that the nation's been going in. Now that we're gonna put Americans for America and Americans first on a bunch of things we all know how that goes when we listen 24/7 news cycles. But Donald Trump's approval rating according to the Zogby polling has rebounded to 45%. Which still needs to go up. You look at historical standards but guess what that was driven by the biggest gains were among Hispanics. Union households and voters in the west and of all things you know Hispanics was more. Zogby said that more men approve of trump that don't so here's the quote from them Zogby poll quote the president's approval rating. His rebounded somewhat since our July poll. Trumps approval ratings have moved up slightly especially among his base it with a few subgroups not known for their support the president. Overall 45% of voters approved. Trump's job as president in the president's numbers are stronger among men. With 45 or 49% approving. I guess her little bit weaker among women. Where it says only 40% approve but here's the breakdown. In. We're really gets interesting. Hispanics. Donald trumps all one of the biggest improvements. Among any group this is the dogs be pulled them quote four with Hispanics worst approval rating increased 11%. To 42%. First job as president that's pretty impressive 42% of Hispanics are proving to Donald Trump now. Union households and by the way did the wall is being bill talked last week about how the congress should pass to him and appropriation bill. Funding the department of defense and homeland security and bunch of other than VA and some defense related to border security is part of that. Think the figure was one point nine billion is gonna be going into construction down on the border of course that includes Texas and sky mean jobs. So union households trumps numbers also increase significantly among union voters. Moving from 43%. To 51%. In August. That means. Ohio Pennsylvania Indiana Illinois. West Virginia as I mention. Where unions are strong that's pretty significant right there and people didn't talk about that enough during the election are certainly him since in the when you renegotiating NAFTA when year. Renegotiating. International trade agreements and you're standing up for American first even union voters have had enough of the Democrats. Saying one thing and doing another so their approval ratings are up from 43% 51% August. Here's an interest in category weekly Wal-Mart shoppers. 55% approve while only 43%. Disapprove of champs Trump's job. Mary voters 53%. Approve 43%. Disapprove. People in the west quote trumps approval rating increased 10% in the west to 43%. And then finally amongst the Republican base strong it's a strong 76%. Approval rating. And only 22%. Disapprove one final little area in this big city vs smaller city. When it comes to where we voters would you gotta look because a lot of people. In. In my business are and in the study of politics will look. And analyze how many states went for the Democrats during the last election how many states went for the Republicans and I think the number was you know. Forty eighths to 33 states went Republican and some have more electoral votes than others but. The number is that there's more states that are Republican and then are Democrats just like I mentioned at the top of the show where Republicans have. Try effectiveness of the governor's office warehouse in the senate and state level in 26 states. Democrats only six. But when it comes to cities that. Goes to. Impact what states' view and when he hears what sergeant says when it comes to where voters live. Small city voters were the voting population is less than a 100000. Saw one of the biggest increase approval ratings for trounced performance. With a 12% gain since July 44%. Of people who live in cities of less than a 100000 approve of Trump's job and he's doing slightly better in the suburbs to. Were 47%. Approve. Any remains popular in rural areas at a country with a 50% rating. Then you throw in the big big big cities and he only gets about 39%. There at the big cities but you throw all that together. It all adds up and here's what you get. Basically when asked the question overall do you approve or disapprove Donald Trump's job as president. 36. Percent said they strongly disapprove and 5%. Said they weren't sure that totals up to. 43%. The other 56%. Said they either strongly improved somewhat approve. Or. Somewhat lean that way so you're looking at Trump's approval rating going up and before we get into China and some of that stuff. Here after the break I'm just gonna tell you that it's not really beaten everybody in the news media and everybody in the the walk around the water cooler tries to talk about them. Elected official in the commander of the office holders themselves but it's really not about them it's about their voters and Democrats this last time around that. Made the assumption that the unpopularity of Donald Trump was going to be enough to keep him out of the White House and you're gonna continue to hear about how. People in America in this poll are the other don't necessarily approve trumps. Ratings even though they're going out but most Americans really. Either wanted something new or they certainly didn't lie quick they would get eaten in Hillary Rodham Clinton and so given that an unappealing choice they made the lesser of to evil choices and now the Democrats the other day we'll talk about this after the break the Democrats the other day came up with a new slogan. That I find just fascinating because it's something along the lines of better jobs better wages better prescription prices. So funny in talking ban on another busy week in politics nationally and here in the state we appreciate you joining us this weekend for the Texas insider show. On talk thirteen seventy the right choice they win this will be right back. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the only talk thirteen seventy dot com stay export with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk. Thirteen seventy. It's always. Tools. How. Glen Campbell Casey way to go great job there behind. Class Casey John's doing are producing and we did lose old Glen Campbell this week when. Favorite favorite songs are gentle on my mind is a not an old fart when I'm certainly not young and Marcus that's all fine food. Somewhere in the middle but I remember gentle on my mind Glen Campbell great great American music and great friend and country music helped establish. That industry and that was I think the first film I have moved. My parents are really allowed me to purchase and we'll try and influence where kids are listening to the action today it was a long. Either kissed him and David Cassidy in the Partridge Family your Glen Campbell. One thing's for sure death. Road construction and taxes it's all. What we experience on the race called life so good job their Casey old Glen Campbell and rest in peace. God bless him for all the joy he's provided to. Millions upon millions of Americans and generations and generations we. We're thinking about Glen Campbell the other day a lot of people followed that we don't put a little. Post up on Texas insider FaceBook Glen Campbell sing an amazing grace with some bag pipes and boy talk about beautiful. That was some Mel's. One I've just get this out of the way because frankly folks again thanks for joining us some Texas insider show here it. Talk thirteen seventy the right choice on Jim Correll want a beautiful Saturday afternoon but. One thing we've got to address that happened this weekend this is regards the whole mess with North Korea and that little sawed off. Heard over there isn't. Dictator is really that old story from some of us back in middle school or high school reading a book called the mouse that roared to the story about a mouse that roared a little. Tea pot dictator like this takes on them he's desperate for money to make his economy in his country rich so what does he do we threatens a big country. Who essentially had won a go to war in the end up just Bynum often. Going into negotiations and treaties and and the via a little mouse that roared wins because he gets a lot of money but Donald Trump I tell you heat is not. Gonna take any guff from any. Dictator. Any country. On the globe and he's gonna lay down long. Show anybody whose interest in developing nuclear weapons that's for sure that. America ain't gonna tolerate daddy's in the middle of negotiations I think there was an announcement by secretary of state Tillerson the day ahead. Been talking to China on who's got a great influence and some of the other big countries over there in the Far East. I think I saw last night the Donald Trump and even had a conversation with the president in China. But yet the rhetoric that you heard this week is safe I think in my humble little opinion a fresh. Fresh. Breath of that beer for most Americans were Donald Trump simply send. We're not gonna take it anymore and if you North Korea decide to do anything it's may be the end of your regime. And the destruction near people here's what Donald Trump started off the weeks ahead. What career. Best not make anymore threats to the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. Well there you go far and fury like the world has never seen and that's what started on Tuesday. Through the week. Because. Of what to hear again I'm gonna give you little perspective in surprise surprise it goes back to the Barack Obama administration but North Korea on Tuesday. Described it a new. One pounds of. Of building and development is the word I'm looking for where they. We have found out we the American people we have found out that North Korea now has the ability to put these. Nuclear warheads on the miniature eyes and small enough where they can put him on top of the bomb. They launched a couple on the last two or three months and landed in the sea short in Japan are now saying they may think. Of sending something in response to Donald Trump's comments them. Dictator over their North Korea this North Korea said he may launch something toward the US property of Guam are partner of Guam Arab. Not a state but they are in fact while people wanna be an even a verdict of Guam but they Arab. Affiliate like Puerto Rico is in the United States so on Saturday. Last week both China and Russia joined other members of the UN security council for what the UN. Is worth and here's what. Some of trumps all team. Administration said US secretary of defense Cheney Madd asks James Madison on Wednesday issued a big fiery Warrington. The dictators name's Kim Jong noon urging him to put an end to any actions that could lead to him. And if his people and move last thing that came out yesterday and president trump and some of those folks it is that America's walked in loaded. Ready to go but here's the thing in this is what James Mattis said on Wednesday. President trump was informed of a growing threat last December upon taking office. In his first orders to me mean James Mathis is secretary of defense emphasized the readiness of our ballistic missile defense and nuclear deterrent forces. While our State Department is making every necessary effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means. It must be noted that the combined. Allied to military's now possess the most precise. Rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities. On earth. That's pretty significant to me I mean he's. If quit as you do and as we should do inane thing in life even. What's the old Sana news tell my kids who renowned college. Case you'd catch more flies with honey than vinegar right. And in this goes true in any political. Forefront and any political dynamic. How you win elections let alone how you passed legislation. Don't go broken somebody in the eyes what frustrates me when all the Tea Party folks or the Bernie Sanders up folks on the far left you don't go around. Insulting people and poking people in the eye and think that you're gonna be able to. Gathered them his good friend one of the Texas insiders political axiom is that. You can't make friends. Of your enemies. By making enemies of your friends and we're trying to do things internationally but here. General James Mattis secretary defense is saying. It must be noted that the combined allied to ministries. Those are all the other countries in the world now possess the most precise rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities. On earth so we're gonna continue to hear more about this. Probably in the coming weeks but here's the thing and you can shock all this up to put old president Barack Obama who. As we remember had his. Signature strategies of leading from behind and other phrase I heard this week was. Patient diplomacy are you kid means folks if you're. In a game of football or if you're in game of poker yearn a game of international. Nuclear. War and rattling swords he got out. Carry a big stick and back in 2013. Barack Obama not only downplayed. The defense intelligence agencies. Reports intelligence reports about Korea he attempted to discredited the White House echo chamber. Had an has always had. Of a framework back then to go along and try and downplay things there was a fur a fellow by the name of Fred flats. Who's vice president of the Center for Security Policy. And here's what he released a couple weeks ago showing that it was all back to Barack Obama. During a 2 April 11 2013. House armed services committee. Congressman Doug glam born inadvertently released several unclassified sentences from up. From a what's the DIA stand for the Defense Intelligence Agency report. That said DIA had determined with moderate confidence that North Korea had the capability to make a nuclear weapons small enough to be launch with a ballistic missile. They'd let Barack Obama do know that it was a clear message and Obama officials were doing nothing in 2013. The the DIA report represented facts. They were clear threats that things were being developed and we got nothing done because of a strategic patience policy. And here we go Barack Obama conceal the intelligence. He could've avoided he avoided taking any action. And now the trump administration on the other hand is publicizing this. He's getting criticized of all things for saying what he's sane people on them sock puppet left stream media doesn't criticized the Koreans for developing its these things and creating Havoc across the globe for. Potential nuclear threats they criticized Donald Trump's response to it so whatever we're just gonna have to continue. To have. Here a little bit about that just know that it's not something new that America is ready. Locked and loaded is the president and some of his administration said yesterday and hopefully they'll be able. Had all that off but specs speak and a certain things awful gonna. Take a short break before coming back to talking about. What's going on down at the state legislature that House of Representatives and Joseph Strauss and company are really getting things going after. Dan Patrick in the senate but it had a couple weeks ago AM. We've got three or four days to go. We ought to be thankful for our hard working Texas legislators so they. Don't get paid much and so thankful thankless job so to speak. But here we are where the Texas insider show on talk thirteen seventy the right choice happy Saturday Kia will be right back after this news break. Thanks for joining us on the Texans. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael Berisha. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Texas insider show here on top thirteen seven neither right choice I'm your host Jim Correll happy Saturday tax free weekend. To you and get out there and buy your school supplies and say they know half a new quarter percent and all your. It's new school purchases for the new school year and happy in Summers wells we get back to him. Kids gone back to school some parents are going to be happy if they're going Maktoum if he's still got him in the household I guess in elementary middle and junior high out. Myself I'm gonna be taken. Youngest daughter. Audrey up to Colorado and Morgan being empty masters and I'm Tonya. I ain't handling it very well that's. The other Frazier did either glad to get him back to third ended schools they're still on the household just for your schedule a little bit but if they're walking out the door going to college rotated some total notes and to get out there and spend a little money deferred tax free holiday I wanna talk that three things I don't know forget to a moment we got the Debbie Wasserman Schultz and democrats' problems and Washington DC we've got. And the Democrats with a new slogan and nationally that came out the other day and first of all I wanna talk about what's going on down at Statehouse because governor habit lieutenant governor Dan Patrick can speaker Joseph Straus and all the world. Legislative critters have been working their tails off down their for the last. Twenty east's five days let's say give or take. A little bit and we got about five days left. On the special session to help improve the Texas economy I saw I did see something the other day though this is one. Couple things that'll transition and show why. You can be excited about the politics nationally and politics locally. Saw something the other day and come out of the bureau labor statistics do you know that there aren't just in the first six months of the Donald Trump administration. There are 101000 federal employees who have dropped off the books in the first six months the Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of these things. And through July 17 these are non postal employee. Workers evidently. Nationally federal agencies. Employee. Two million. 902376900. Federal employees. All across the country. The good news is that that's down 101000. In the first six months of the trump administration. Another piece of good news I think I mentioned this last week 400 and when he won a thousand. A hundred in 21000. Pounds of cocaine have been. Stopped at the border by US customs and Border Patrol agents they seized a 121000. Pounds of cocaine in the first. Six months of of 2017. That I'm telling you whether you agree we need to build a wall or not. We've always had drug problems in this country the president declared an open you're crisis. May not be affecting too many people in Texas or at least we don't hear about it but. Up in the other parts of the country the northeast particularly got its. Doc that step forward gets into the country I also saw last week that ice has swept up a 123. Illegals in central and south Texas during. The last month. People with criminal past so we're taking crime off the street and what did the Democrat national committee. Chairman Tom Perez have to say a map that he said it's a waste of taxpayer money. We don't need to build a wall like many of the president's policies this initiative is rooted nothing more than prejudice and fear mongering. We didn't become the world's brightest beacon of hope and opportunity by retreating into isolation they just don't wanna build a wall they don't want a admit that we got problems and trying get out there in and do something did address some. By building the wall he says we are tearing down while some. I like what state represented bill florist whose from north Austin up near. Temple Waco and clean he says the most essential constitutional function of our federal government is Barack provide for the common defense of our country. And they passed to build of increased funding for the VA Lamar Smith from Austin then San Antonio. Says that today we funded multiple measures to make American more safe and secure including funding physical barriers along our southern borders. These barriers in combination with additional border personnel and technology place. Play a crucial role in reducing illegal immigration human trafficking and making progress towards fighting the drug war and I tell you folks there was a bunch of news clips this last week so you. I've seen it. Certainly was going around in the political circles but not only in Texas but nationally. The Democrats can't even this is why Republicans are strong and nationally this is why Donald Trump one but here in Texas. The epicenter perhaps of the conservative movement in the country here in Texas is why the Democrat party is so weak. They can't even this is the news that came out of AP story said the Democrat party fan NAFTA was finding itself an unprecedented and acted territory. For the 2018. Election with no major candidates run for governor yet. That's current state of Democrat party in texas'. This almost irrelevant if not some analysts would probably say irrelevant never wanna say that is a political concern because you gotta keep your troops. Watered and ginned up and ready to go but. If you don't have a candidate run for governor that its number one either going to be a sign that you're given upper number two a sign that your. Irrelevant so with no Democrat having won a statewide office in Texas since 1994 and losing streak longest in the nation and oh Wendy Davis lost by twenty points four years ago in them. And that gets us to the Statehouse I'll tell you. Like I mentioned Dan Patrick and senate. Got out of the gate a little. Bit earlier this month two weeks ago passed. Most of the twenty items that. Governor Greg Abbott had put on the agenda that if you wanna go check us out on Twitter and FaceBook go to Texas insider you'll see there are put up. Last night art interview just audio so far with state representative James frank. He's in his third term from Wichita Falls, Texas. Kind of a nice. Little representation of what's going on in. In Texas close to the DFW area but not too close and he says that he thinks things are gonna come close with a a Florian that we're going to be happy is constituents with. What our state legislature does end. Here's what they've written their work on. So far this week and today the state House of Representatives Joseph Straus has got him working in this is one thing I need to say. Or need to address them and threw in last week. And you've heard me talk about it before. No matter now. Enthusiastic. And passionate you are for your government to do something you've still got to have a little bit of patience because as in anything in life. Nothing happens especially you wanna teach I've. Only once or twice a model. 3540 your professional career been looking for a job and when you're looking for jobs you wanted to happen overnight but it. Takes longer than you want for corporations to move. Nothing in life ever happens to where Ruth you're expecting something in the mail for Pete's sake you're expecting to stop like to change it never happens especially if you like. But especially our legislative bodies we don't want them to move fast. Because it opens up the opportunity for error unintended consequences to happen lord knows we had. Case study and exhibit a of that the last eight years where Barack Obama couldn't get anything passed through congress so we did it through executive order. And that's not the way to run a railroad. So here in the in this state a lot of Tea Party folks have been frustrated the last week or two that the legislatures not moving fast enough you know they're trying to pit. One body in the senate. Verses the house or the house vs senate they're gonna figure all this stuff out and I'll say the same things gonna happen with Obama care I'm given up on that Washington DC yeah. So here we've got the house. Working today and there are going to be in particular working on. The issue of the property tax reform as it stands today if you're local to tax image he wants to increase taxes by more than 8%. They have to get. Our permission to do they are getting to have a referendum in a vote by the people so lawmakers have so far sent governor rabbit. Three. Of this according to the Austin American statesman this morning good job by them. A reliable newspaper but they're great source of news and so far governor Ravitch got three pieces of legislation on his desk. The main reason their here's to make sure that. Four or five agencies. That license doctors and people on the medical profession. Have their licenses and the agency that. Handles all that didn't get handled her regular session so they had to come back to make sure it's gotten done that's gotten done gone to the governor's office state. Also. Sent to governor. Some. Legislation on held abortion statistics are reported a lot of people have. Strong opinions on that left and right but evidently the legislators don't think we're getting. Accurate reporting statistics so they put some. Guidelines and stronger. Framework for. That type of procedure to be collected in Texas and then. There was a bill to crack down on mail in ballot fraud at the senate bill five makes that the state jail felony for. People who intentionally submit false information and mail in ballot applications and everybody. Is open arms were there. Ballot security and ballot voter fraud is an issue or not it comes up there are instances of it. But just because it doesn't happen in mass doesn't mean that we can't do things to make. The U bedrock of our country principle of voting and having confidence in our voting system. Work so you know don't get too upset the house and the senate here in Austin are not made to. They're not designed to. Have speed they're designed to be deliberate. Move slowly the governor's office has little concerned that the legislatures not doing any thing but. You had watched were gonna get some things done in the house is cramped up and they're gonna get their final passage of the bills another one that's. Important it'll say going today. Again in the house these guys are working today. And the. The senate worked to cut the couple weekends ago but the house version of the state property tax and everybody knows our state property taxes are I'm sorry herb. A property taxes are not determined. And set by the state they're set by your local city your local candy your most importantly your local school district your local mud. And right now they've got to have a referendum in our permission if they wanna increase taxes more than a person that sent. The house version of the bill listen they're debating today brawls that down to 6%. Senate passed something the other day that said it. Local entities one increase taxes more than 4% gutter give him a vote of the people so. Things are moving forward don't be too discouraged. If it's not moving as fast as you want. Again we don't want and in even if you do you want just ahead take a little solace in the fact that our founding fathers. This is why our country and our State's been around so long these founding fathers knew what they were doing. Don't get frustrated don't grab that tar baby the 24/7 news cycle because we need a little constraint. We've got it on the state budget and now we're looking to do things at the local level. Which makes perfect sense so we head abortion insurance. Legislation were. State employees don't have their insurance cover abortion that's an elective surgery just like plastic surgery again. Go and visit our Texas insider FaceBook and Twitter pages were state rep James frank is talking about that. And. Finally before the break. I saw something the other day that talked about how the Democrats have come up with a new slogan the other day the new slogan. Which I just can't believe it's like nine or ten words. It doesn't really say anything this new slogan for the national Democrats say had a little press conference in their. I think showing that they're still lost in the woods a better deal better skills better jobs better wages. A better deal Colin better jobs better skills better wages. What what does that mean are Democrats wanting us to go out and develop better skills because they're saying we're stupid. Do they want us to have better wages were who doesn't wanna have better wages how are we supposed to do that they're the ones that are supposed to do that will be talking about that. And I think I'm going to be able to get to the big national. Developments on Debbie Wasserman Schultz because it's not about Russia Russia Russia folks it's about. What's been going on with the leaks in the Democrat party and how the collusion with Russia is gonna come back to bite. I'm Jim Carl we appreciate you joining us every Saturday here from 1230 to 130 on the talk thirteen seventy right choice at Texas insider show. I'll be right back after this commercial break. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy. Gentlemen Luke. Texas insider show on Jimmy Carter earlier host turned talk thirteen seven in the right choice great job their case sealed Glen Campbell rest in peace. Went to be with the big guy in the sky earlier this week in love love love Glen Campbell appreciate you. Bringing that up and get this back into the final fifteen or so minutes in the Texas insider show appreciate you joining us here in nation's eleventh largest city Austin, Texas a beautiful beautiful day and we've. Got a couple more things to talk about here and provide you little sanity and reason and perspectives they don't get too frustrated with. Politics both at the state level on the national level we just finished talking out talk and about what's going on and what's up gonna to the state legislature I suspect they've got 45 days to go I suspect they're gonna rally and give governor haven't. Probably five or six of the things that he wants the most important things the things that matter to our pocketbook and Texas gonna continue to lead the nation in economic growth and and our property rights they're going to be good looks like provide some. Powers to you risk homeowners those of you who are homeowners were you can cut down your treason you're actually on your trees not a city. Which is always been curious to lots of us but let's look. At a couple things I was just talking there before the break about this new slogan the Democrats have they came out. About ten days ago with them little press conference went to suburban Virginia and they're new slogan is a better deal better skills better jobs better wages and talked a method to mean that just rings of the politics and indeed just like. America doesn't want any more we want solutions we just don't want these hollow. Things these hollow slogans they we want real policies and Donald Trump is actually accomplishing things and that's. Why started off the show and I'm gonna end up on the positive note here in five minutes also but that's why. Donald Trump's. Popularity and approval ratings every band because were building a wall work. Standing strong internationally Gupta North Korea were doing things like eliminating regulations in. Your daily small business like but the Democrats come out here in Americans don't want anymore this political sloganeering they want. Democrats to come up with better candidates they want to come up with better strategies better tactics. Saw some the other day that said the Democrats are having a horrible time of Andre donors. Talk I mentioned a minute to go bad Democrats maybe not even being able to recruit a candidate to run for governor in the state of Texas. People want. Cannot be stronger together like members old Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan stronger together you've probably never even heard of it let alone remembered it. Donald Trump on the other hand wants to make America great again. And in this Democrat slogan like I was saying better skills better jobs better wages. We'll tell me about it are you took that to mean just says you're telling media get a better skill that you're telling me to get a better job you're telling me to make more money. And a lot of people criticizing you'll find this interesting that. The Twitter verse took about ten seconds to compare that mantra to Papa John's remember the Papa John's ingredient to. If you see on TV better pizza better ingredients it's astounding what the Democrats are doing to me. But evidently there's still wandering out in the wilderness so. We'll see what happens here's what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said quote. Too many Americans don't know what we stand for said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Earlier in the week yet the challenges confronting the Democrat re branding effort or immediately apparent their head and that's well put their in this Austin statesman. AP story. The re branding efforts are immediately apparent that we don't wanna re branding we want strong policies and Democrats are going after Nancy Pelosi. A sub. Two or three more quotes this week were people were criticized as elected officials in congress were saying Nancy Pelosi. Has got to go because Americans still to this day. I think by Mars not that they think about it at all let alone a little but. You know we think back to Barack Obama is as well I think about him his old comment that. The people across them them. Those folks those Tea Party conservatives out there cling to their guns and they cling to their religions and you know Michelle Obama said that. One point for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country and that's when her husband was. Ceding power to some international folks in Iran or something in the Hillary Clinton's comment about. People being deplorable and people and mainstream America urges here redeemable but thankfully they are not Americans are just deplorable. Democrats have got to get back. To some real solid policies and I don't think they're going to be able to do it because you know line. All the news folks about Russia Russia Russia and it's not gonna give him anywhere and the American people are sick and tired of it not that they ever agreed to much with a genuine thought it was a smokescreen. But speaking about Russia Russia Russia. I gotta tell you because. Who knows if that'll get covered or not but I'm durn sure gonna talk about it. You in my remembered Debbie Wasserman Schultz a congresswoman Democrat congresswoman from Florida she was chairman of the Democrat national committee. That had to resign during the Democratic Convention. Last year horrible horrible situation but it came out. That she was in collusion with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders talk about. Collusion and talk about. Not got to be careful my language here. Talk about Chaplin summing your major supporters off. The Bernie folks were rabbit and want to do something and then go vote and here we found out that they were. Leaking. Debate questions to Hillary Clinton they were. Suppressing Bernie Sanders from getting state voter rolls and all these kinds of things but Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a he had a Pakistan any born IT consultant working for her for years and her congressional office and let's just think about that folks. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on the house intelligence in the house foreign affairs committee. Those are important committees are used to work on Capitol Hill. When my big regrets is that I never got security clearance you have to go through background checks you have to go through FBI checks they come around and they talk to your neighbors they talk your family let alone look at your credit records. And it was sort of a bit of an accomplishment to be able to get security clearance but here she's on these important committees not to beat him mention. She's chairman of the Democratic National Committee and she's got this. Guy by the name of Enron. A lawn. Working for her in IT the guy had worked for eighty other house Democrats. And he got arrested at Dulles airport which is right etc. Washington DC attempting to board a flight to Pakistan. What's wrong with that here's what's wrong or that his wife left. Months earlier pulling their kids out of school without announcing that to the to the school. Lead the country that you found her as she went through baggage check with 121000 dollars in cash. In her suitcase. And so her husband tries to go to Pakistan for quote unquote six month vacation. The FBI had already been following. This Pakistan born IT consultant to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And why were they U. Looking into them because he had transfer 283000. Dollars out of the federal credit union it's literally in the basement of the house or representatives. He worked for eighty house Democrats. And collected over five million dollars since 2003. He'd. Previously had attempted to try and wire money to Pakistan. And when you're doing that in a mass over 101000 alone 283000. The banks won't as many do you know will ask you what you're doing it for. And the guy said it and first it was to pay for funeral. Denny said it was superb family affairs they caught him lying. And they start looking into nominee and lo and behold the guy smashes his computers. Hides some in the hallway of the house office buildings. So he's under investigation by the feds. He's made and I've raised eyebrow raising transfer his wife's already fled the country with the kids. And that's what you talk about when you're talking about national securities. Secrets and things that need need to be investigated and has all this investigation goes forward Donald Trump I think you're gonna see more this from. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats because the House of Representatives and the Senate Committees have already started looking into it like I said who knows report. See it in the national news or not. Real quick to wrap up the show I saw a bunch of news this week in polling that show that America's confidence in the economy is positive in getting better the Gallup poll came out this week. Showing that the longest streak ever in their recording history of America's confidence in the economy. Is continuing to go for the ninth consecutive monthly Gallup US economic confidence index marked the ninth consecutive months. The the American people rated the economy more positively than negatively. The way they do that is they look at jut job creations. Most people most businesses in America say that their hiring them the headline was US small business owners optimism highest in ten years. We saw that there's wage increases here in Austin American statesman and locally in Austin we got a lot to be thankful for folks just remember. Try not grab the tar baby. Have a lovely Saturday. Remember we're we're here because. You're either an insider you're not check the senate and Texas insider dot org Texas students that are on FaceBook and Twitter and join us next week at 1230 for. Texas insider I'm your host Jim Correll had great Saturday folks. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right tier rim not to like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteenth FT dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen 72 right Chile's.