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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen happy Saturday afternoon to you and lovely downtown Austin and welcome to this week's edition of the Texas insider show on Jim Carville. We're here every Saturday afternoon rocking and rolling good job they're Casey Johnson produced in the showed today with a little Oreo speedway again. The word here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130. Talking about Texas politics talk to talking about what's gone Iran last week your remaining in the coming week with food national politics and. Somebody told me the other day it's and it's a good way to compress the week's activities into one hour. Show when and I've kind of associated in appreciated that but we Schoen. Checketts said it Texas insider dot org would post about ten to fifteen articles every week. I'm sorry every day there keep you up to date on what's going on in politics or. Join us on FaceBook and Twitter we got about 40000 followers to Utah to can be at Texas insider. Just go to Texas insider on FaceBook and Twitter and will keep you up to date and keep you may be that the 30000 foot view as opposed to grab in the day to day minutiae and get into the weeds in by the way happy back to school week I know a lot of the Austin community schools went back last week I think Austin highest d.s gonna be going on in this coming week. And where did this summer go on and I'm looking over. The city skyline here are severe clear day in the nation's eleventh largest city. Granger still work in and yet the summer has evaporated because we're start in school little bit earlier and get ready for football vacations have been wrapped up traffic on the local roads is gonna start to be a little bit busier as. Parents and moms and kids get out driving to school home run in the aaron's before and after that but. In the meantime boy howdy what a week in. In American politics I'd. Don't know that it quite ranks as the weeks that we've had this summer but it was pretty stinking busy week and I tell yet. Here's what we're gonna talk about today there were couple things that really stood out. I know a lot of you speak in the schools there was the first. Ever by the Texas education agency ranking of the state school districts. Some of you know were big big state Texas if we were an economy. There are a nation our economy would be the tenth largest on the globe right now ahead or Russia and Canada and a lot of others Brett Adam. Texas has got 254. Camp needs. Also lots of Cameron's. We've got about 1100. School districts will now Austin my his speed like Travis I missed the teens eyes the pewter consolidated. Pays can be consolidated IST there's 1000. 100. I SDs and then within each of those I asked these there's high schools. And the high schools are fed by the middle schools in the school districts in the middle schools are fed by the elementary schools. They all got rated. Based on a certain number of criteria established by the legislature and implemented by the Texas education agency and all that came out was on the front page of the Austin American statesman the other day I'm gonna. Talk about that a lot of people in nationally are focusing still Juan and I'm and spend some time on this bare. Our ongoing primaries around the country were all familiar with as the presidential year. 2016. Had we all. Focus on the week to week to week primaries in various states. During the presidential election but this year. Texas. Is set up where in non presidential years all of our statewide candidates run. Per election from governor on down not to mention the state legislature but in other states. You've got all the congressmen in the House of Representatives are up every two years. You've got a third of the senate in the US senate up for. Election we talked about that the form I'm gonna focus on some details there. But all that is still going on in various states in this last week. On Tuesday there were primaries up in Vermont and Minnesota and I think Nevada. And Indiana and a couple other places so there's still some activity going on there are. In man. I think really about the two the two biggest takeaways. From this week in my humble little opinion are that economic numbers I continued. Just be amazed at the strength of this economy and I don't think it's given half the credit frankly. For being a strong that it is even know where everybody's. Here in a little bit about them. Numbers of people going back to work the tax cuts. Affect on our pocketbooks is make himself feel better. That's story number one because that impacts what the mindset of the American voters going to be in November I think out. Heard the other day or maybe I'm sitting here watching them. Fox and CNN and MSNBC. News feeds before going on the air in the worldwide headquarters over here in west Austin talk thirteen seven the end. Economic numbers are gonna. Be a positive impact on why people would vote for the incumbent or for the party that's responsible for that namely. Since we got a Republican in the White House it's gonna want to beat the White House so that economic numbers are number one. Whether that's kind of underground or just something that we are experiencing but don't necessarily focus on her think about as a input into the political factoring of the election the other big thing I saw this week and some of you. Probably sought to is this and salute. Monumental. Mistake. By New York governor Mary oak or I'm sorry. Mario Cuomo was a father. This is Andrew Cuomo. We all see the other brother Cuomo. On CNN most mornings but Andrew Cuomo somehow. During a press conference on Wednesday. Said literally the following. We're not going to make America great again it never was great it never was that great and I'm telling you folks. That's gonna be repeated in commercials. We already know that Maxine Waters a congressman that's on the East Coast. Who already know that congressman Maxine Waters from the West Coast in California said a month ago that. People who don't agree with the trump administration ought to be harassing people in public and disrupting lives and we've got out of I'm I've office a block away from the capitol right by the Texas Department of Transportation there on the senate side of the capitol there's a couple marches going on downtown unless your plan an ongoing them candidate for some reason or if you are going you might be kind of careful because I got to campus. From our landlord that said be careful there's. Two competing. Two or three or four competing. Marches and demonstrations going on down on congress street and at the capitol. Some of them are from the right wing and I think the email said far right wing. Some of the similar type groups that have happened up in Portland the other day or in Charlotte last. Year with the kind of the right wing if they calm fascists that have. Word that I don't think has much meaning to most of us but it's the far rightwing nut jobs who. Have a little bit of an edge in May be people say racism in them sometimes bit. Let's just say it's more Tea Party to the right types. And then there's the Bernie Sanders bros and anti pot and some of the left wing nuts. Who were saying. You know we need to be. Taking America back that capitalism is bad and it's the movement within the Democrat party that says. Socialism is good like. This little Galley got elected opened New York City we've heard so much about there's a lot more. In the presidential Democrat primaries already kind of going with a lot of senators in the US senate starting to make the rounds around the company and before Bernie Sanders universal health care and and all that stuff. Is. Combined with. Andrew Cuomo's statement that it never American never was great you've really got the Democrats just stepped in and at every other chance every chance they can. When I don't make America great again. It was never that great. There you have it thank you Casey Johns behind the glass they're great great job. That's exactly. The statement. In the line that's gonna be spirited. Certainly by Donald Trump but by other local candidates as an example of what the Democrat party is right now and I was gonna say before that. Before that line the Democrats right now to a great extent go back to the 2016. Election. And I I'll grant anybody I've said before that election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Was an election between the lesser of two evils. And people decided they elected Donald Trump and now he's our president and he's implemented tax cuts with a Republican congress in the economies. Starting to not only improve its absolutely booming. On the one hand so you may think he's belligerent and you may agree with some of the attacks that say ease. Not mature enough on his Twitter feed but. The economy's getting better so you pick the devil you don't know in November. Being the Democrats or do you stay with the devil that you do you know who seems to be doing all right. And on the left all the Democrats have to do my point is. To some extent all the Democrats would have to do is not be stupid. But they just can't help themselves or company out with Mario Cuomo. Say and that. We're not going to make America great again it and was never that great and you've got. Maxine water saying that we ought to we either laughed ought to be attacking people that we disagree with that's not how America runs. And then. You've got Donald Trump you know. Whether you're paying attention to it or not I think most of America frankly never really cared that much on the whole Russia Russia Russia thing we had this week. Donald Trump take away the security. Clarence reformers Obama's CIA director John Brennan he was being most. Fiercest partisan. There were two really lead the CIA is so I think the way the Wall Street Journal put it this week. He's one of the upcoming ads coming out he's one of the chief architects of the hole. Narrative that Russia was interfering in our 2016. Election and remember. When you hear people talk about. Russia interfering there's two ways they can interfere won his with a police fake FaceBook accounts. Kinda getting into our head in in leading to some chatter and discussion the others to actually go into the voting machines and everybody from the Justice Department on down the local secretaries of state there to undertake the election said there was no. Impact on the voting machines itself but they certainly got in our heads. And yet you've got John Brennan is a former Russian leader of the of the government has been weaponized. So you're seeing these things with Donald Trump and as long as he can play the victim. And do some of that type of chatter. I just don't see where. The big blue wave that everybody's predicting who will have happen is gonna happen if you go to Texas insider dot org right now. You'll see a couple of our curt Anderson one is a donkey. Riding a blue wave in the ocean with that under the water with Nancy Pelosi hanging onto his ankle. Dragon and down and and the donkey saying Nancy you're not making this any easier and that's what's going on these days so we're gonna take a break. Get into some of these issues more in detail compress the week's activities as we always do and as I'd like to say you're either an insider not so you will be listening to the show we're gonna take a break. On talk thirteen seventy the right choice and be right back to talk more Texas politics here and talk thirteen seventy. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all already old dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash app. One Casey John's a little memory of Franklin mayor of the queen of soul that we've lost this week thank you for reminding me to mention that and welcome back folks today. We clip this week's edition of the Texas insider show I'm Jim Carter work. Here every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 talking about the nations in Texas politics and who resume and who that was. One of the top ten hits back in the late eighties when I was working on Capitol Hill and Casey play that another time or two as we're going in and out of the show here in bail love Aretha Franklin and that it was interesting. I think somebody said yesterday air heard on the news the queen of soul. And the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley both died on the same day the other day but. Something else to think about a career like Aretha Franklin them. All that tremendous hits at a Motown and her hometown of Detroit is on the come back economically. And and yet we're all getting older folks death. Taxes and highway construction I think it's O'Keefe thanks Tom character I just always think about life death highway construction and taxes and let them. God bless three Franklin in and hats off to her career. In a difficult time for African American certainly but. Who resume and who kind of is appropriate I think here further discussion of politics because as I was saying before the break we've had a number of things. Go on this week but in my humble that mean CIA chief Brent and loosen his. Security clearance by Donald Trump that's been attacked. Although most. Off the record. CIA types side I'd read about said the trump was absolutely right. To do that Donald Trump said that Brennan has a history. That calls into question his objectivity. And credibility. And that any benefit senior officials might glean from cold consultations. With mr. Brennan are now outweighed by the risks. Posed by his rat erratic conduct and behavior. And trumps. Deciding whether or not take couple more security clearances and and just to give you an idea I didn't mean to talk about this really but. Former. CIA and FBI and Department of Justice they get clearance or secretary of state Hillary Clinton and. Secretary of State Department people these people have clearance. And then they retire and they get hired by lobbyists firms. And who do they get hired by they get hired by other nations. Who want to have access to American's business may be to do trade. Maybe deduce some other more curious things. And they hired the law firms where these. Ex CIA people go who still have clearance and access to information and it's a huge leg up in a huge advantage in a huge inroads so. I think most people won't feel like there is some legitimacy to. Something like what Donald Trump then you had the firing of Peter stroke. Who is the guy in the FBI agent responsible for. A lot of the leaks. Sources say of the last year. Out of the government and he was the one who broke the infamous text message to his former. CIA lover and the gal he was having an affair with they went back and forcing we're going to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency we need an insurance policy they fired him. Finally and for heaven's sakes how many of us in our daily work. Place in our work lives don't agree that if somebody is hurting your company. There are shown the door I'm a Nobel plenty of us some. Probably heard multiple stories about getting the quote unquote the walk at Dell war when you're let go they show up. They let you pick up may be a small blocks of your personal pictures and belongings on your desk they take away your keys in your. Access cards and you do walked out to your car that's what typically happens but yet somehow nobody is accountable and our federal government. When they are doing things to hurt America board heard our government order hurt it's for heaven's sakes to hurt the election or the operation of an administration as it goes forward I think that's something. Most Americans if they know anything about that are going to be looking at but. Then you had Andrew Cuomo. Quote up in New York on Wednesday worry said we're not going to make America great again and it never was that great. Problem for the Democrats and here locally I wanna start out with some positive news is I've always say that's the mindset of of the political activities on the economic front did you all see the other day. That Chanel a ball companies. Of all industries is picked Austin did locate a manufacturing plant out in. The area east of the Burge from airport out there about 183. And in of the big fly over the it's been constructed and highway 79 goes out there. For here's what the Austin American statesman said Thursday French retailer Chanel plans to build a manufacturing facility in Austin. The company known experts pricey parfums handbags jewelry fashion Wear makeup and skin care products. Has purchased fifty acres east of Boston's Berkshire international airport. The Landon del Valle. Was purchased from its previous owner. And the proposed project would consist of a manufacturing warehouse. With associated site improvements. And this is going to be a big big thing I was talking to couple economic developers this week after this came out you know it. Home Depot on some of these other companies HEB they scheme and and monitor some hopeful license plates that are in their parking lots when we don't know what to determine. Where the trafficking is and where people might be kept having to go from. An area too far were they don't have a location should determine where they're gonna put in a new location that's going to be going on. Al their by the circuit in the Americas and everywhere east of Austin. The San Antonio curse restore HEB chain in. 2016. Already bought a piece of property out there in the same neighborhood as has Austin community college. After about 183 and highway 71 the entire what I'm saying is the entire Dell valley area is. Gonna start booming. And there is a debate and we've had it. Discussed perform our show with dale Kramer from the Texas taxpayers and research association. Daniel Gonzales from the Texas association a real Turner's talked about the the benefits from gonna have any Spellman from the Texas national federation of businesses and a five B the smaller business largest business group in Texas. Next week they're all talking about this great economic growth and that area out thereby del Valle my point is that I've been talking about the economic incentives that Texas has. And it's just kill me that are far right wing conservative friends. In Texas are gonna make a concerted effort during this next legislative session. To do away with the enterprise fund to do with Tex sections in the Texas tax code. The numbers are 313 and 312. That have led to. During the Rick Perry administration. Led to this great economic growth that's going on. And tell valley's entire neighborhood out there's what's called a triple Freeport zone. That exempts businesses from paying taxes on inventory. That shipped out of the state out of its facilities within a 175. Days. Just think about the data center industry there's a lot of data centers in Texas we got Intel we got Google we got apple we got. IBM we got. Any number. Spansion AMD all these companies have these. Production facilities and called sinners but they also have these data centers with millions of dollars of inventory in servers. In their senator and if you're paying taxes on that stuff. You can locate those things anywhere you want Phoenix is a big competitor. Because they provide tax incentives out west than North Carolina economy and and north Carolina's very competitive. In this is what led Toyota to produce or to put a they production line where they produced a pickup stand in San Antonio it's what. Led Toyota to move from LA to up in Plano I was up in Plano the other day and drove by the facilities it's a huge. Campus. Rivaling that the USAA campus then send in time. Any of some of you may have seen. But we head. That locally. We also had yesterday cut the economic numbers on employment unemployment came out and retail sales and make sure manufacturing. And I'll close with this guess which will have one of the hottest areas in the country is. Here's today's Austin American statesman front page says doctor Austin metro area. By one recent measure is the hottest market in the country for job seekers in July the unemployment rate slipped to three point 1%. Even as thousands of new workers moved into the regent. The local jobless rate fell to its lowest adjusted rate since July 1999. Folks. We've got as I've said before a 159. People by some estimates moving to Austin every day. That's a lot of people to absorb but yet they're going to works to such a healthy degree that the unemployed for AT and opened down. Stomach talk a little bit more about the economic numbers. Men get into some of the politics we got a break for the news here at the top of the hour and then will be back with more Texas insider show right here on talk thirteen seven lead the right choice. I did. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and happy Saturday afternoon to the F appreciate you joining us and here we are is every Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 on the Texas insider radio show I'm Jim Carville appreciate you joining us Casey Johns behind them. The last with a another great rock general hit don't look back because that's what worked. Talking a map politically is this nation moves into its election season for this November in the economies. Go on but let's stick rock and roll and forward with all of our paychecks going up our economy expanding and I was. Talking right before the break about some of the local numbers as I've done before we just don't we got a problem it's the folks we got too much. Growth to say grace overt. I saw some numbers the other day that even in Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania the economy really is the city of Detroit is coming back. Adam was in the news a little bit I think related to. Bill unemployment the employment numbers that came out the other day but in Austin. Here it just came out that it's one of the were one of the hottest hottest. Markets for job seekers. And even though there's more people moving to Austin and then you can shake a stick at. Their still old enough economic growth particularly in the tech industry I saw this week in the paper that my friend drew she Everly over the Austin chamber of commerce said that our data on hiring difficulty. She then that's concern you week as I've said before we've got more jobs available in this country right now and you know folks. Then there are people to fill them. Businesses are having trouble you know if you wanna buy a big rig. To get into the trucking industry to take advantage of this great economic growth that we're seeing you know if you wanna buy a big rig he got to wait six to nine months because of such a backlog on back order of a big rigs. That's a monumental. Indication of the strength of the economy I saw the other day. Wal mart's earnings came in on Wednesday do you know that Wal-Mart announced its strongest sales increase in the history of the company. People are spending money and we are feeling good of a woman were already back to work. In some of the Mormon mission things. In Austin is that. The tech industry is my first grand jury chablis is referring to you from the chambers says that. The total Austin area metro in the tech sector alone is close to 200000. Jobs. The local number of jobs in the workforce cattle toward that includes construction. When you're looking at where the future of the economy's really gonna go on how long it's gonna go you look at manufacturing. And you look at retail sales because those are two of the key economic factors. In construction. In the last twelve months in Austin the construction industry employment is up seven point 2%. It's about 6768000. People in leisure. And hospitality. Which includes. Restaurants. And are dashed the hospitality is the trade in them good. San Antonio's number one industries tourism is what I'm trying to take that number was up seventy point 2%. And then you look nationally. In the US retail sales. Figure came out the other day in Americans. Are sharpen it. And have such a healthy pace in July that the number increased. Just 5% in one month but if you annualized that. That's up over eight and a half percent from a year ago your timeout mine more cars behind more closed bind more appliances. All that is key stuff to determine. How strong our economy is tracked by the Commerce Department. And when you look at certainly the November election coming up there's no way the economy's gonna turn south by then based on these numbers and I even heard a couple of economists say this week. There's no way that the economy's gonna turn south before 20/20 in the presidential election but I mentioned the other week that. Hours watch and MSNBC. And an MSNBC frankly I think he has 1 of the best morning shows I mean. I've met Joseph Scarborough and you stood. Interact with his office every now and then when he was a member congress back in the ladies it was the early ninety's I believe but. They have some great guests although it's liberal who grand theft but. They have some decent perspective and there's a spell on that show named Donny Deutsch and I don't know what he does he's kind of a PR guided corporations at the New York City. But he said the other day the following. With unemployment where it is. All the jobs if Donald Trump does any thing. On North Korea I ran in Russia he's gotten rid of crisis. This man unless there's some serious stuff. On the indictments or the economy turned south which isn't gonna happen. Donald Trump's going to be reelected in a landslide that's what the left knows in their heart of hearts they're not saying it he slipped there and said it. I was watching the two here in the KJ CE worldwide headquarters right choice headquarters Washington of Internet fee then Fox News. Had this guy Larry said the tone who's a political analyst from the University of Virginia. He even confirmed what I've been saying for months is that there's no way in HE double kid picks the Democrats are gonna take back the US senate. Number one because they've got too many Democrats senators exposed in running for election in states that Donald Trump carried by over 22%. You can't win an election for. A statewide office as a Democrat if if you're in a state she did math it's mathematically impossible. If Donald Trump carry that state by over 10%. It's certainly if it's over 20% which I think there's five seats. US cents seats were that's the case these are going to be flipping to Republicans. And Larry Santa toe was also even saying now it's the in this is a big sea change folks it's a 5050. Chance. Down to a 5050 chance that the blue wave in the house. Is gonna lead to Democrats taken over the house and some you will have seen this last week Nancy Pelosi is becoming a real anchor. Around the heels of the Democrat party because she's in commercials by Republicans. The most interest team thing is that Democrat candidates for congress themselves across the country. That's what they're saying. Thirst having to differentiate themselves between their competitors in the democratic primary. And one of the key ways that they can distinguish themselves and it's proved successful. Is to say that they're not gonna vote for Nancy Pelosi. The bills so that you cannot find out what is in it. When Casey that's what Nancy Pelosi said. Back ten years ago when they were trying to pass obamacare she had Neiman read the bill we have to pass it so we can. Know what's in it are you kidding me that's totally bass backwards pardon my French. But that's what we've got in the Democrat party other than Bernie Sanders right now so if you're looking at the retail sales that have gone on. Manufacturing. Output the Wall Street Journal said the other day. Is the strongest growth we've seen in the second and third quarter in over ten years. And we demand so strong. For from the consumer production is up US factory output rose in July. It was up two point 8% from a year earlier. And that may not seem all that great folks for for manufacturing. Two point 8% but. If you look at what we had the previous. Eight years. Win. Barack Obama was saying these jobs aren't gonna come back. When the Democrats were saying we needed to tax corporations. And yet Donald Trump and the house Republicans. Led by our own Kevin Brady from Houston who we've. Had on the Texas insider show before is chairman of the Ways and Means Committee he's working on a tax cut two point well. And that's an article you concede if you go to Texas insider dot org in that upper left hand column congressman Kevin Brady he's talking about making. The tax cuts permanent that they've passed Tuesday would expire in eight years I believe it is. But he's also working on what they're calling tax reform 2.0. And it's gonna be centered on making individuals and small businesses. And even more favorable. Positions they want and an additional one point five million full time jobs. So you've got all these things you've got Macy. Announcing this week that its sales and earnings are. I think the chairman of Macy's said the other day that. Consumer spending is healthy I mentioned that Wal-Mart announced its strongest sales last month. Last quarter in the corporation's history I mentioned that you got to wait six to nine months if you wanna buy them. A big rig to truck. Because they're such a backlog in orders from the US economy in retail and manufacturing. Is just going through the roof last month the US economy. Added. According to the US Department of Commerce 2151000. Jobs. I've talked about employment about all over the last few years about how you need to have. About a hundred that you need to have the economy add about a 165000. Jobs in month. To not have the unemployment rate go up. Here were adding now 200 in 151000. Jobs a month ace hardware I saw on the Wall Street Journal this week they're based out of oak brook Illinois. Ace hardware is opening 87. They've already opened 87 new stores in the first six months of 2018. Which equates to approximately one point. Three with one hon I'm sorry 1300. New jobs. So ace hardware is open 87 source so far this year and they expect to open another 160. This year I'm telling you folks we don't know what were in the middle of we we don't understand the breadth of the economy and its strength right now. The manufacturing sector but we do know that people are going out to buy more clothes for the school year for their kids they're going out to eat more often their bind more appliances. And it's all because of the tax cuts in the mindset of the president has said you can be against Donald Trump's tweets you can be of against Donald Trump's New York attitude which I attributed to as much as any thing just being in the Texan and knowing how we view people from the northeast it is a bit obnoxious. But. When he said making America great again. And fighting for America and protecting your jobs and I'm gonna fight for you. Whether people liked his social stuff or not they want somebody who's gonna fight for us. And you've got to be thankful for that isn't this what we've all wanted to folks. To pass onto our kids and our grand kids. Jobless claims are the lowest level since 1969. 1969. Folks you can't even. Put a number on that what it translates into the economy and in the meantime the Democrats. Have their northeast in theirs western Pacific. You know state of Washington and California. Donald Trump cured most of America. Most of America appreciates what he's doing Donald Trump even carried a third of the candies that voted for Barack Obama twice. We're gonna take a break here a good job their case in little more recent Franklin who lost this week and we'll be right back to close at Texas insider show Curome Cox thirteen seventh. Listen and talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com. Oh Robert Casey a little toe to toe hold full health and economically that's what we appear to be due on were talking about here on the Texas insider show folks appreciate you join and us every week we're here from 1230 to 130 on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Talking this week about some of the things in compressing everything that's happened or that it's going to be coming down the pike hears we all go back. To school and move in the fallen more under. Ninety days I think it's about 85 days before the November 6 election and things are going so well. With the economy I don't think most people understand that we just don't realize the the strength and the breadth of our country's economic system and it starts from the top. I've always said that Ronald Reagan never answered the questions when he got asked. Questions about the monthly swings in the economy you're the monthly swings in the unemployment he would never even answer the questions and then. His vice president George Herbert Walker Bush daddy bush gets elected president in you know 612 months into his presidency he starts answering. Well you never know things might change but in and the next thing you know that discussion becomes their reality but yet. In this day and age we have so much positive go on non. That's not getting enough economic coverage but people her experience it in their homes around their kitchen tables. In their paychecks. And as I mentioned Wal-Mart had the highest quarterly earnings in the history of its company last quarter. Ace hardware is already opened sixty stores around the country because of the economic growth they're gonna. Open a number of another 160 more Macy's is saying their hiring more. Employees in their. Stores across the country because americans' worst feeling good and that's because. They know that we have somebody at the top like him or not and knelt. Most of Americans feel like they'd like to be a little crass every now and then at least be won't say it was semi colored joke which. The left has been telling us we can't even do that anymore. From on high there and leave this they're hypocrites they've all been carpet. Abusing women more than the Republicans people in the media have been accused and found out like Matt Lauer and Charley Rosen. Last one was the president of CBS the president last week came mountain was discovered to have abused women and his crew but yet they're all telling us. Do as I say not as I do and it's going into the mindset and people of America want their politicians to be accountable also worked finally starting to see some of this. Come out and it's gonna be impacting the mindset before the November election and speaking of been accountable I need to mention 'cause I talked about it at the top of the show here on. Wednesday the Texas education agency came out with a new backing them academic standards rating. Where the legislature passed in 2015. They set it up to go into effect a couple of years later which is now. And accountability system where every school every school district is going to be rated on a simple boo understandable simple a through F. Grade and here we had a lot of this the schools in Austin and around Austin get some pretty substantially good grades. Austin scored an 89 that's a B. Stripping springs in 92 means 95. Hayes who was down at 77. Photo at 79 like Travis is at 97 Lee Anders at 89. AM you know we have to understand where we are before we can take concrete steps toward devise strategies to. Correct the problem and the only discouraging thing in the released this week I think and again teachers you teachers and you folks in some of these districts don't necessarily take it. Is anything too exciting or too negative it's a way to start making ourselves better. And the only negative thing was that them. Spokesman for the Texas association of school boards came out and said that you know. Critics only want to. Tear down our school systems and critics only want to. Cut spending in critics only want to claim that. There needs to be more quote unquote efficiency and I feel for the Blue States. Teachers and the employees of local school districts because they get these representatives. Up in Washington DC you're over a knock down here in Austin. Who don't really speak what's probably on their members' minds. But accountability is a good thing. And here's what I'm gonna close with. Will show this week is that. This November election is really shaping up I think to be one about jobs. Jobs jobs in this on the right because Republicans and Donald Trump can take credit for it. And as I said earlier in the show. The socialist left of Bernie Sanders or Andrew Cuomo the mayor of the governor of New York this week stuck his foot in his mouth in spades. In said quote we're not going to make America great again it never was that great. We have not reached greatness we will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged and even the crowd at that event you know he could hear audible gas man. A little laughter and it was a friendly environment may yet they're thinking oh my gosh this guy. Is saying something that's going to be negative the Democrats don't even realize and conceptualize how out of touch. Their statements are because you're gonna have a debate for the rest of the year before this election. Were Americans do you feel that America was great they do you feel that we are making America great again. And yet the Democrats are saying we need to be socialist there was a bunch articles and you can. Seat at the top of the Texas insider page where. Socialists. That the mold when he holes. Our more in favor and there was a poll this week that said more Democrats are first in favor of a socialistic economic system than they are fur capitalist system. That's made our country what's with that. And I'm gonna have any Spellman from the NFIB Texas on the show next week there's a story there at our lead story talks about. How small businesses optimism hit a 35 year high. You've got record set for job creation. 23%. According to the NF five B a businesses are planning to create more jobs. 30% 37%. Of business owners said they had Diop job openings they could not fill in July. 35% of owners expect better business conditions in the coming years and say the availability of qualified workers is their number one problem I've talked about before we got more job openings and people. Looking for jobs. 59%. Of the firm's small business firms in America are looking to hire. But yet 52% of them reported that they have fewer know qualified applicants. This is just amazing stuff that's going on in there was an article on the Wall Street Journal the other day. Entitled blue collar America turned solidly red. Swing a factory towns from Democrats to Republican. Is remaking both parties and here's the first paragraph. The Republican Party has become the party of blue collar America. After the 1992. Election. Fifteen of the twenty most manufacturing. Oriented congressional districts in America were represented by Democrats. Today all morning your head held by Republicans. The new manufacturing heartland runs through areas outside suburbs along interstate highways south for Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin threw Ohio. Pennsylvania the Carolinas into the deep south. There are whites without college education. Who identified with the Republican party's focus on social issues in abortions took up many of the factory jobs. The trumpet administration's. Tough stance on trade. International relations. Are issues that they believe have hurt America the most so just know folks that. We got money I'll we say why not it's better to him this just my personal experience in life it's better to be part of the solution and be part of the problem. It's better to see the glass half full than half empty. And yet. You had somebody Donny Deutsch in the MSNBC morning show about a month ago say that. With this level of unemployment all the jobs trump doing stuff on North Korea and Russia that most Americans agree with unless there's some serious indictment or the economy turned south which you can't. Donald Trump's gonna be reelected I'm not saying that's necessarily good for partisan. Politics although many will. It's good for America and the fact that we had this last election in 2000. Sixteen were tens of millions of Americans. Like it or not this get a lot of illogical nature. Some you hunters will know what the words daddy isn't. Being animal droppings that's what Peter and his. Don't grab that tar baby step focus on the positive not on the negative because. Over the next ninety days in this election you're going to be hearing a lot of politics. But this country is coming back in this country has a lot to be thankful for. This city has a lot to be thankful for in this state does too and whether you like it or not politics is always going to be cheap entertainment is the way that I look at at my old friend bill emerges in from Dallas times herald news wrote a book. Entitled there's more to life in politics. And that's certainly the case so. You've got the left coast in the right coast. Complaining but most of America we are coming back and we ought to be thankful for it so we appreciate you tuning in every week be sure and check out Texas insider dot org. Where we post about ten to fifteen articles today and Mike is on FaceBook and Twitter. Just at Texas insider and be one of the 40000 folks because you're either an insider or you're not. God bless Aretha Franklin thanks Casey for great show. And we'll talk to you next Saturday right here on the Texas insider show on your heart have a great week everybody.