Trump-Putin Remarks, 7/16

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Monday, July 16th
Remarks by President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin following their joint meeting in Helsinki, Finland. CBS News' Steve Kathan anchors our coverage.

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CBS news special report. I'm Steve case and more about Tiggers statements from president trumpet and Russia's Vladimir who know take questions from reporters after their two hour one on one meeting him and follow up over lunch with key aides on their discussions all of us going on today at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki Finland. Mr. trump sit in between things were off to a very good starts let's check in now in Helsinki. White House correspondent Steven Portnoy is there has been watching movies events unfold all day. And this summit got off to a late start today Vladimir Putin arrived late the scheduled ninety minute one on one session that took place here and presence company. Went on for roughly two hours scheduled for ninety minutes. Went on for more than that about two hours afterward the president did tell reporters it was a very very good start but the substance of their talks and private is still a mystery. Mr. trump previously said he intended to bring up nuclear arms reduction Russia's involvement in Syria Russia's involvement in bringing. Russia's involvement in the United States would election meddling among other issues pressure also mentioned trade China and we cinema could get a readout from both leaders. At this news conference here just humans. And they're gonna take some questions as well at this joint news conference in Stephen it seemed that. Mr. trump was very eager to lay out some of those. Avenues that the discussions would go where is the one we saw him in a photo op on the shook hands didn't say very much. The Russian president. Did not seem eager to let reporters in on the conversation he did say that this would be an opportunity. Would to present to address that many species of concern all around the world alluding to the fact the US Russian relations are at a low point earlier today the president tweeted about that. Essentially blaming his predecessors he says that it was many years of US. Foolishness and stupidity. And now he says the rigged we turned all the supreme into his talks with the Russian president today and the Russian Foreign Ministry. Read that we needed the president. Saying simply we agree. Best noble is here with us too as we await the start of this former Moscow bureau chief for CBS news best I wonder. Know what you think of what you saw from Vladimir Putin earlier. Well he seemed very energetic too. Tell you the truth he seemed. Something a little bit in this plot and in his chair you kind of buzz looking down closing his eyes a bit. I don't know if he was just tired after the excitement of the World Cup final yesterday in Moscow. Or if he's not incredibly enthusiastic about this meeting we'll have to see how he looks when he appears this joint press conference. And earlier today you know prime minister may of Great Britain who met with son Donald Trump just recently missed a couple of days ago had. This to say about Russia and Vladimir please. I agree with Preston trump cannot discussions last week we must engage in the position of unity and strength. This means being yeah I'm always worried about where Russia needs to change its behavior. So that's very strident talk from a prime minister of Great Britain. President trump has been. Well more open to playing the nice guy with so Vladimir Putin at least in public we don't know of course what's been going on behind closed doors. CBS news military analyst Jeff what caused Linda is here just because certainly some of the military issues that potentially they talked about have interest in do you. Absolutely there's no doubt about there's a myriad of issues whether it's an ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Hopefully some settlement to the civil war in Syria. The president knows Steve emphasized that beyond city's concern about nuclear weapons and oil demand for a moment at least. The impending expiration of the new start agreement which will expire in 2021. Never seem to be interest on both sides. To resolving an extending at least that agreement is not going farther in terms of nuclear reduction. The new file of course the United States has accused the Russians of violating the intermediate knew his forces treated. Many argued that if the United States was to withdraw from that. That might if you will cause a cascading negative effect all arms control arrangements between the two countries. Just thanks let's go back Steven Portnoy he's in Helsinki as we await president trump and Vladimir Putin has certainly it's been a long and busy day for for president trump window we saw him just briefly of course before the meeting started then in between the one on one session and the the group session if you will at lunch not learning a whole lots but seeing the president at least to discuss some of these issues that he planned to bring up with president potent. The two leaders met for more there about two hours of White House as the Russians it was two hours ten minutes and it has been a long day. This is the end of long trip for president trump began in Brussels continued in the UK and and here in Helsinki with this important summit with the president of Russia Vladimir flu. It is just about snow and very nearly 6 o'clock PM here Helsinki 7 hours ahead of eastern time 10 hours and Pacific time. And you know will will get a sense soon from the president just how much. Energy he has left at the end of this and what he feels he took away from. One of the things that we've been talking about leading up to the summit is whether the president would press the Russian president on this point about election meddling. Coming after the Friday indictment of twelve Russian military intelligence officers special counsel Robert Mueller alleges that these members of the GRU. Actively pursued. Emails from the DNC and and then distributed those emails to WikiLeaks to meddle in the American election a 29 page indictment spells out great in specific detail. And the extent to which the Russian intelligence effort. Aimed at. Sowing discord in the United States and the president had said he would firmly raise this issue. Some observers say the president when he talked about this in the past and bringing it up with the Russian presidency with its sales because that is a chore. But he did say he would firmly bring it up so obviously I'm sure reporters at the news conference you'll ask the president. Did you bring it out and to President Putin what's your response because to date the president of Russia has said and his aides have said that there is no proof. But the Russians did anything at all. And Stephen it seemed that on previous occasions some of these side meetings he's had with him he seemed to accept that. As well that's the way it is he says they didn't do it's no I have no reason to to press him monitors what is seemed like he is sent that is exactly right Steve and you know I've attended a couple of these international summits for the president has met with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines it was last year Hamburg Germany for the G-20 summit there was the APEC summit in Vietnam last November. At each of those occasions president said that he asked Vladimir Putin did you dual. And who essentially denied it. And the president said that he believed that Vladimir Putin believed what he was saying something along those lines not to say that he believed in denial but believe it. Who who was ardent in what he was saying. On Friday in the UK checkers the prime minister's. Vacation home that deep about president. In a news conference alongside Teresa may said that he would firmly pressed the point that they didn't expect it Perry Mason moment here. That is to say he didn't expect the Russian president to suddenly under pressure changes story in the deal. As we awaits the two presidents potent and trumps it's worth going back in noting that a lot of Democrats in Washington thought this meeting should not have taken place given those indictments last week. Massachusetts democratic senator Elizabeth Warren among them. When a dozen indictments were just handed down for Russian agents who had hacked into American electoral systems. For the president this to turn around and have a meeting as kids that we no big deal. That's that's not good not good for him. Elizabeth Warren leads Democrat from Massachusetts reacting there let's bring invest noble are former Moscow bureau chief. Certainly Russia has been known to. Try to influence elections elsewhere around the globe but say getting involved in the American election of the allegations of course are true in 2016 with these nefarious acts. Certainly takes things to a new level. Well it certainly does. In part because of the level of sophistication. Of the Russian efforts if you. Read this thirty page indictment and I actually think everyone should. It's spelled out in excruciating detail who did what to whom. It's very very hard to read that indictment and say. This didn't happen. But the Russia answer is that we have metal in their elections. In 1996. For example when Boris Yeltsin was running for reelection is Russian president. Their war American advisors who were helping him. With media and helping him run a campaign and so Russia sort of says look we're not doing anything use that you haven't already done to us. Best noble thanks very much we're awaiting president trump and Vladimir Putin. The room is packed swear they will give their joint statements and answer questions from reporters Russian and American flags. Are behind podiums I chandeliers. In this. Stately room as they await the leaders of both countries Steven Portnoy has been covering the president. On this very long trip to Europe first it was NATO that it was great Britain and it was this summit certainly a lot for the president to prepare for a lot to deal with certainly there were. Contentious issues no matter where he went. Well a starting in Brussels where he met with the NATO allies and while he himself admits that it was rocky at the start of that NATO meeting you. Believes that and by the end of the the two and half day summit there. That NATO was he stronger organization because he claims that he was able to extract concessions. From each of the allied countries to put more of their economies into defense and as a result despite the tough talk. At the NATO was a stronger organization he says that that actually strengthens his hand going into these talks Vladimir Putin's. What what substance. Might come out of it I guess will happily this news conference here we can we expect start momentarily to see. In other point about that disaffected you know US Russian relations are at a low point. The president believes that if he can't have. Warm personal relations. With these foreign counterparts affect him in a significant way improve America's relations. With these foreign countries the president's. Did meet today here with Vladimir Putin for nearly two hours Sergey Lavrov. Vladimir Putin's foreign minister said in an interview over the weekend that it was the Americans who requested a private one on one session without any aides. Which the president it did today with Vladimir Putin against the advice of top. Democrats in congress in the number of foreign policy experts who warrant. That to sit with the former KGB spy. Puts American national security at risk frankly. But this is something the president said would result in an. Excellent relationship. He says he hopes to have with Vladimir Putin's so we'll see in essar and it in a short while in the two leaders to come out to cameras and microphones. Howell he views all this. But the president earlier today. Indicated that his view that US Russian relations are at. Historic lows because of what he called the stupidity. Of his predecessors. Perhaps we can hear more about this from bath but in the Russian view of this is that American. Russian relations. Sort of began to to take a downward turn during the George W Bush Administration. Shortly after 9/11 when the George W Bush Administration talked about a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe. And the Russian take on this is that if things just spiraled downward from there you that's why you have the Obama administration come with the reset. To reset Russian relations has been mistrust distrust ever since. And as Beth mentioned there have been accusations that the Americans have been meddling in the affairs of Russia in particular in Eastern Europe. And what happened in 2016 in the view of many experts then was no surprise that Russia would retaliate. Beth though what about that what's what's what's your take on the well I think there's actually two different Russian views one view is that relations actually started to shepherd to. Go downhill. After the Soviet Union fell apart and NATO expanded into. Eastern Europe into this former Soviet bloc. And that. Russia didn't understand if we were supposed to be partners and have a peaceful relationship why that needed to happen why did their need to be. NATO missiles right outside Russia's door. Then there's another school of thought that no. There were good enough personal relations between Boris Yeltsin and the American presidents. That wind relations started to get complicated was when. Vladimir Putin came into office in 2000 and that relations have gotten. Tougher and tougher as the Russian leader has gotten stronger and more able to run Russia according to his will. Jump. Because once you've paid attention to a lot of this is wells throughout your career. Certainly there's always been a military component to that the talks between the United States and Russia before that the Soviets and certainly. They you know this is something that's carries on year to year. That's absolutely correct investors quite right NATO expansion probably the start point many Russians also argued. During that very dismal period of time at the end of the Soviet Union when there was economic chaos in the soul in the then former Soviet Union Station project they rush that US. They were believed took advantage of that particular situation. No NATO expansion was key in all that and recently of course that the NATO silent overlooked by. Many due to be discord. In large measure generated mr. trump Macedonia was actually offered. Conditional entry membership in NATO further angering many Russians. There we had to withdraw from the ABM treaty by the George bush administration. And of course the warmest George. And the severing of several parts of Georgia south of Syria and trans he's here. From Georgia basically becoming satellite states in the Russian Federation and now all of course. Receipts then the war in Ukraine the seizure of Crimea in the shooting down overlay an airliner vibe literally Russian forces. Killing nearly 300 innocent civilian. Just because Lynn thanks rural waiting president's trump and Vuitton in Helsinki Finland is movement for about two hours today one on one. Then had no lunch meeting with aides involved secretary of state Pompeo. Was involved in maps national security advisor Bolton was as well. Steven Portnoy is in Helsinki as we await these two men. And I'm curious Stephen throughout his life you you touched on a little bit some of the persuasion that Donald Trump tries to use on people. It's certainly worked Foreman business and real estate it worked for a month television we could say that. But politics is sometimes a different game and and he's trying this out on an international level peace he seems to think that soon as you said making friends is is what it's all abound in these close contacts. But you may yet have to wonder if he's taking the full picture into account when he when he sits down with someone like Vladimir Putin and the full range of that sort of person. Others politics and then there's the heel politics the president would tell you that he's spent his whole life preparing for a moment like this because he knows how to. Reached deals. Analysts point out that there have not been. Really significant part fast lasting deals between the United States and other countries when it comes to some of the key issues you have seen is the president tried to. Reach a deal with Kim Jung un in terms of denuclearization. And cynics nascent stages. And there is some suggestion that's not necessarily going on exactly the course the president laid out when he is tweeted that the nuclear threat no longer exists. When it comes to trade and other issues the president said he intended to raise here in Helsinki. Even though that Russia is not a major trading partner with the United States. The we have seen the president ramp up tariffs that has not led to a few of breakthrough but rather more escalation. There are indications here in Helsinki that this news conference is just about to actually start but it hasn't yet but 11 question I think will will likely be asked is what exactly did the did do present who. Intend to get out of this summit because there was some suggestion that he would come here asking president from two key things one to lessen. Or instantly reduce US sanctions on Russia. And to perhaps. In. NATO joint exercises. Off Russia's post in the Black Sea. And it seems reporters we'll try to give it specifics. And the leaders are gonna try to keep the general. I imagine that might happen. There's a bit of a motion here in Helsinki we're not really sure looks at the man. Is holding up a sign that read something about. Nuclear treaty and security officers. Basically trying to rip ripped the sign out of his hand. The security officer we've been here he's in his eight year. I believe his finish and is now escorting the man away doesn't appear like this evening's bombing necessarily Secret Service agents. But the man it looks to be middle aged and older balding. I is. Creating quite a scuffle lessons being led out and I it's I can't hear what he's saying with the signs of something about a nuclear treaty. And it's hard to see how or why this man knew his way and whether he's a member of one of the two countries' passports either American reporter Laura. Russian journalist but he has now been let out of the room. And a number of security officers option amounted to about I'd say nearly four minute half for all the way out but looks like. I'll orders been restored to the room. Yeah you're right it did look like he signed this something in magic marker on a large piece of paper that said something about a nuclear treaty. And she was trying to hold enough. And the first person who got two of them. And brought his arm down and brought his on the wrong behind him. Sort of wrestled for control until he got some help from some mothers so. To raise the noise level in that room as people took intention of that and began shooting it down there on their cell phones video. All over the place your cell phones being raised to capture this moment. And by and I'll just put out additional commotion in the room now with reporters are now reporting out giving their depiction of the we just Jiang is in the room let's listen let. We believe he's a journalist with with a nation and now he's. Personal items are being collected his laptop and his team. It backpacks no it. And Russians whose side Allan voted as it is a pretty dramatic scenes here because I might add that the general manager refused time to leave. I even after. More and more security order and a deep snow members and I'm trying to re knew him from the ground I don't know it. Reporters have to get more clarification about exactly why don't let us do it and what he was staying and what that signs heads. That's burnout deal favorable I moved from. In this room you weren't. Let's turn us and we should Jiang are White House correspondent in the wrong amend it to appear that she was too far away from the person who was. Grabbed in moved out of the room trying to hold up something about a nuclear treaty Steven Portnoy before he was hustled out in this will likely delay things a bit further perhaps. Apps that the commotion lasted about a minute and a half it's over now columnists been restored. Fighting was certainly something that you wouldn't expect and certainly a spectacle. Demand was as I mentioned middle aged and bald and I didn't appear to be physical threat to anyone certainly intended to make it seem. And he hats right now we continue waiting for the two presidents to come out we were given a two minute warning. And yet there's been no indication that it this thing is truly about to start that you know why. It seems to me that we see some members of the senior demos senior members of the delegation coming up the First Lady and fact is walking into the room and I'm along with us the secretary of state and there. Top aides to the president so it this probably the best indication yet. That we really are just a few moments from this starting. The American delegation sitting on the left side of the room and other Russian delegations coming in on the right. One bit of into it it's a thing of interest here is is that is that. You're likely to hear. Vladimir Putin's. Be the first of the two leaders to address the reporters and these two anything that a protocol here that is because we're in Finland which shares a border with. Russia. Russia is seen as the host country and of itself. And so as we saw earlier in the one on one meeting with reporters briefly brought in Vladimir Putin spoke first. We expect that to happen here too he will speak first and then president trump that he will call on the first reporters and then present from. Both delegations have now been ceded to the American delegation first and Stephens said so the left side as you look at the podiums Mike Pompeo First Lady and others the Russian delegation. With foreign minister Lavrov and the others have now been seeded. And we await the two leaders president trump and Vladimir Pope know again so look at what they've done in Helsinki today a more than two hour meeting the Russians put that about two hours and ten minutes. That was a one on one session. Now the two men are entering the room. And walking to the podium it's let's listen in as president trump and let America. Begins because there was. So mark. When wasn't much of that over the significant. Or Jamie has been against. Them because evidently isn't. Did you go to space infancy alleged that the negotiations win them the president of the United States I don't prompt. Took place in a frank and business like atmosphere with I think we can call it a success. And a very fruitful round of negotiations ships with we carefully analyze the current status the present and the future of the Russia and the United States relationship key issues of the global agenda. Jim achievements with the feeling it quite clear to everyone and if bilateral relationship are going through a complicated stage and yet those in disputed islands usually. The current stance soon. But that's atmosphere keep you which essentially have no assaulted a woman reason behind that went through the Cold War. Is a thing of the past what he's doing bureau of acute ideological. Confrontation of the two countries for the Theo Ramona has the best best of the best. The situation in the world changed it dramatically you used to date both Russia and the United States to face the whole new set of challenges. It is you know less than those include who could have dangerous no adjustment of mechanisms or maintaining international security disabilities. Regional crises of balls you know rules decree can threats of terrorism and guns transnational. Crime news you. Nothing you've been snowballing. Equally problems in the economy environmental risks and other sets of challenges that it can be in with what you mean we can only cope with this show and just see if we join the ranks and work together. Hopefully we will reach this understanding Quinn however American's equity partners and in today's negotiations and Angela yet reflected the hours we joined wish portrait with Jewish with a present from two protestors you know this negative situation in the volatile relationship. Oakland at first steps for improving his relationship to restore the acceptable level of trust and going back similar to the previous. These a little of them direction on all mutual interest issues. And as a major in the UK have followers we've then you've been special responsibility. For maintaining isn't executed last month. In the adamant it was vital link and been mentioned this wilderness in negotiations crucial that we fine tune the dialogue on strategic stability and global security. And is that in non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction if we submitted our American colleagues and note with a number of specific suggestions. Machine and yet again. Then you should we believe it possible and necessary we'll tool and work together we opened a father on the U to interact. On the disarmament agenda that you community and technical collaborations. With this includes the extension. But hopefully it will him strategic offensive acumen and arms limitation treaty it's dangerous situation in the way of leading global perspective Americans and to missile defense system as it. Implementation issues with the INF treaty. With machines and of course the agenda all month placement of weapons in space. Mean that those innocent of which people to believe it or we favors the continued preparations and counterterrorism. And maintain Saber security. You a commitment and an elective or don't specifically know that I was special services. I've gone Reagan in the of course success when it gets mad at you the most recent example if there operational with the operation. I don't within the university concluded that ice futures down world global cop. Lectures and compact that will leave in general. A complex you among a special services. Should be put to a system wide basis should be another well it was just on a framework of what I recall I remind reminded present an ugly body suggestion to reestablish the working group on editors you look through Wilson mentioned to swept through personal crisis business. I always. He's been our. Posters enough detail exactly and Vietnamese it was just because they aren't letting you know mutual interest upon them just that we have to look for points of conflict and in tracked closer it is to kind of variety of internal and international for a B visas which you know. Clearly we mentioned the regional crisis for instance Syria to listen to see you position that as far as serious concern you. It is that you recently passed without establishing peace and reconciliation in this country could be the first showcase example of the successful against them joined more. Beautiful animal with Russia today and the United States. Apparently the gamut the in my do you think that practically and you take because some leadership on this issue but we tend to organize an interaction to overcome humanitarian crisis and help sooner that is that you won't have to go back to their homes through it. In an addiction to accomplish here this level. Golf's successful corporations Syria we hope and all of required components and you what let me remind you that you both Russian and American military that it is required to isn't useful experience of the coordination of interaction with established for the operational channels of communication the witch and we knew what was he hasn't permitted to. Avoid interest and incidents and the contractual mechanisms with in any India in the underground. But also. Crushing terrorists and their relatives and I go so the west and hope it easier dissidents opposites that should be brought. He pitches to agree with him to teach youth. Fool all of the committee plans its way to treaty of 1974. Above the suppression of its courses spoke with your bonus. Special forces don't think Israel and Syria this will bring peace to. Golan Heights if he's got a peaceful if he's. They do and the dream she is now more peaceful relations between Syria and Israel and also to provide security of the State of Israel to move them. It would also be missed present paid special attention to the issue during today's negotiations and I would like to confirm that the presidents of Russia if that is interested in this business development and this is over we'll we'll connect you order it from the brilliant globally thus far you went only to step toward mostly creating things that it's it was a lasting peace it happening is that they have in the in the last who have the respect of resolutions you know vision for the security council for instance the resolution 33 a moment with fellow hasn't read. What is it that we're glad we W Korean Peninsula issue that he's starting to resolve. It was very great extent it was possible I. Thanks to the personal engagement of present to come tournament pretty difficult to put dialog and instead of queens new confrontations that you. So we also know. Motion though on the east people concerned I'll do withdrawal of the United States from the JC to your weight and fitness and wellness of the US. But your only US counterparts are aware about post turtles and we think let me remind you about things that it was an Iranian nuclear deal that that you Iran does become the most controlled. Country in the world has submitted the controller IAEA. Is usually effectively insurers exclusively peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program that you may sound good strengthens the nonproliferation and enough weapons regime hustlers and well we discussed internally greatest crisis we've paid special attention that you choose these bonafide implications. Of the Minsk. And I had them agreements by key enough they would. The same time United States which could be more decisive and mentioned Ukrainian leadership council argument do you and encourage it. To were active in physics equation more attention on the global economic ties and economic cooperation it's clear that both countries. These businesses are both countries who are into the business. American delegation was in the one of the largest delegations and even send Petersburg economic forum. It's they believe you will think you've been featured over 500 is that these representatives of the American businesses and Steve. Please visit and I'm from. They're doing it is so we created in president Trombley great to upgrade your high level working group it's gonna vote that would bring together captains of Russian enemy and business isn't. Doctoral entrepreneurs and business man that knows better how to. Which articulate a business deal with. Successful business operational and assembly for change in and they make their proposals on the suggestions and disregard the unfortunate that the little gym once again. Present from the jets. That mentioned the issue of the so called interference of Russia when we. Before that he American elections and I had to reiterate it these. Did you think things I sent several times in Oakland and you know there's a youngster that was the Russians did it. Has never interviewed them and is not going to interfere. Who came to internal American affairs including you election process video is then able to expel him and his specific material. If such things arise that we are ready to become analyzed together real well for instance what can analyze them right through the ways in joint working group on cyber security. The establishment of which we discussed. During outrageous conduct. As a matter which I think is going to be against it and it really brilliant piece in the past time that we. Would restore them and I'll oil cooperation in the cultural area in the humanitarian area alone against him. Do you go as far as business. I think you know that it recently and we didn't he hosted the American congress a delegation of it and now it's perceived and portrayed almost a historic event. Although this is an should have been just the current veterans affairs is just business as usual. Bloomington disregard it when you mention of hopelessness proposal to have president was there when you haven't mentioned we have doodle that's we think about practicality is of our compression but also about the Russian element oil logic of it. Special and then we have to engage that I keep exe wrestle. Semen on buy a metro media relations and Olympics if you know history and background of our relationship I think the idea is to create an expert counsel bill that would include future in the political scientist is prominent couple of it implements and former military experts on both countries The Who would tell. Four points of contact between the two countries of which we did you have a local ways. On put into it relationship the auto industry trajectory must own growth. In general we are glad we with the outcome of our first full scale there's meeting. Because previously we don't have any real ability to them and had just a briefing ideas on internationals that work with too but we had a good conversation with the president trump and I hope. That we've started to understand each other better and I'm grateful you just don't want it for an immediate. Clearly if she is so there are some. We challenges left when we were not able to clear all the backlog but I think that we may differ is an important step in this direction and and hands in conclusion if I want you know you mentioned points out that. This atmosphere at them off corporation is something that we got expression and grateful. To auction it costs it is we're grateful for the what was it. Finished my whole if leadership knew what was they've done is keep them I know that we've cost some inconvenience to Finland and we've I apologize for it. Thank you for your attention. Thank you I have just concluded a meeting with President Clinton. When a wide range of critical issues for both of our country's. We had direct open deeply productive. Went very well. For a beginner wanna thank. President Nina so. A Finland. Who graciously hosting today's summit. President Putin and I was saying how. Lovely it was and what a great job they did. I also wanna congratulate Russia. And President Putin for having done such an excellent job. In hosting the World Cup. It was really one of the best ever. And your team also did very well. There's a great job. I'm here today to continue the proud tradition of all American diplomacy. From the earliest days of our republic American leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement. Is preferable to conflict and hostility. A productive dialogue is generally good for the United States. And good correction. But it is good for the world. The disagreements between our two countries are well known and President Putin and I. Discuss them at the length. Today. But it we're going to solve many of the problems facing our world. And we're going to have to find ways to cooperated pursuit of shared interests. Too often in both recent past and long ago. We have seen the consequences when diplomacy. Is left on the table. We have also seen the benefits of cooperation. In the last century. Our nations fought alongside one another. In the Second World War. Even during detentions of the Cold War when the world looked much different than it does today. The United States and Russia were able to maintain a strong dialogue. But our relationship. Has never been worse. Than it is now. However. That changed. As of about. Four hours ago. I really believe that. Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to me. To refuse to engage. But that would not. Accomplish. Anything. As president I cannot make decisions on foreign policy. In a futile effort to appease partisan critics. Or the media or Democrats who want to do nothing but resistant obstruct. Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia scored forty opportunity. To open new pathways toward peace and stability. In our world. I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace. They do risk peace in pursuit of politics. As president I will always put what is best for America. And what is best. For the American people. During today's meeting I addressed directly with President Putin the issue of Russian interference in our elections. I felt this was a message best delivered in person. Spent a great deal of time talking about it. And President Putin. May very well want to address it. And very strongly as he feels very strongly about it. And here's an interesting idea. We also discussed one of the most critical challenges facing humanity nuclear proliferation. I've provided an update in my meeting last month with chairman Ken. On the denuclearization. Of North Korea and after today. I am very sure that President Putin and Russian. One very much to end that problem. Going to work with us and I appreciate that commitment. The president and I also discuss the scores of radical Islamic terrorism. Well the Russia the United States has suffered. Horrific terrorist attacks. And we have agreed to maintain open communication between. Our security agencies to protect our citizens from this global menace. Last year we told Russia about a planned attack in Saint Petersburg. And they were able to stop it cold. They found them they stopped them there was no doubt about it. I appreciated president whose phone call afterwards to thank. I also. Emphasize the importance of placing pressure on Iran. To halt its nuclear ambitions and do stuff its campaign of violence. Throughout the area throughout the Middle East. As we discussed settling. The crisis in Syria. Is a complex one. Cooperation between our two countries has the potential to save. Hundreds of thousands of lives. I also made clear that the United States will not allow Iran to benefit from our successful campaign against ices. We have just about eradicated. Iasis. In the end we also agreed that representatives from our national Security Council's. Will meet to follow up. When all of the issues we address today and to continue the progress we have started right here in Helsinki. Today's meeting is only the beginning of a longer process. But we have taken the first steps toward a brighter future. And when were they. Strong dialogue. Now a lot of thought. Our expectations are grounded in realism but our hopes are grounded in americans'. Desire for friendship. Cooperation. And peace and I think I can speak on behalf of Russia when I say that also. President Putin. I want to thank you again for joining me for these important discussions and for advancing open dialogue between. Russia and the United States. Our meeting carries on a long tradition of diplomacy between. Russia the United States for the greater good of ball. And this was a very. Constructive day this was a very constructive few hours that we spent together. It's in the interest of both of our countries. To continue our conversation and we have agreed to do so. I'm sure will be meeting again in the future awful. And hopefully we will solve every one of the problems that we discussed today so again. President Putin thank you very much and. The two men shake hands again and hell's think that if you envisions as many. And distinguished presidents now the journalists with half chance to ask two questions you. That's a question is huge first half the Russian journalist less crushing please give your radiation definitely investments my name is extremist cults. But there in their fox and commission whose agency is. I have a question to present from. During the fuel the recent European tour's that you mentioned that the implementation. Of what. All of the would you rank north stream of the two of them gas pipeline makes you Europe hostage of Russia and you suggested that you could help. Free Europe from this by supplying American and challenging but this cold winter actually didn't show. Showed him that the current and Mobil's current group. I'm mechanism of supply. Of fuel to Europe is quite viable since. The same time as far as I know US had to buy even Russian gas from Boston us. I don't question. They would implementation all of your idea as a political tinge to it operates. Horse is a practical ones that after the but because it will be a gap formed. Innovative supply and demand you mechanism and vs the consuming countries school fall into this gap in the and the second question. Before being meeting with president wouldn't you called him an adversary arrival and yet expressed hope that you'll be able to. It was to bring this relationship to annual did you manage to do this. Actually I called them a competitor. And a good competitor he is. And I think the word competitors a it's supplement. I think that. We will be competing when you talk about the pipeline. I'm not sure necessarily. That. It's in the best interests of Germany or not but that was a decision that they made it will be competing as you know the United States is now. Or soon will leave but I think it actually is right now the largest. In the oil and guess world. So we're going to be selling LNG and we'll have to be competing with the pipeline. And I think we'll compete successfully although there is a little advantage location and so I just wish them upcoming I did I discuss where and Angela Merkel. In pretty strong tones. I also know they're all coming from and they have a very close source so we'll see how that all works. But we have lots of sources now in the United States is much different than it was a number of years ago when. We weren't able to extract what we can expect today so today we're number one in the world at that. And I think we'll be out there competing very strong. Thank you very much. If I made I regularly and some has been in the sense that we talked to the president including this subsidy as well if it is that we are aware of this stance we present from news is I think that if together we do show. As a major mistake was even oil and gas power. And Monday night stage you and I don't know he always well there's the commitment we can work together on regulation of international markets in the mind because neither of us is actually interest shouldn't. Let's look at that the blunted hopefully. That you have some of the prices. And the consumers will suffer as well and the consumers in the United States both sides as well rounded up. We don't shale gas production in the zone out and buy it because beyond a certain price bracket it's no longer profitable from me you. 22 bridges guess if you button nor were we interested in this driving prices up. Because and it will drain juices like justice from all other sectors of the economy from ocean Billick etc. so we didn't have. It's FaceBook operation here you know what's the first thing. I'm about the in north streamed to. Mr. President since. It is voiced his concerns about the possibility of disappearance of transit through Ukraine and I reassured mister president of Russia stands ready to maintain this transit. Moreover. We extend credit to extend this transit contract that is about to expire next year we we do in case. Holding it against me she movie that dispute between the economic and it is dispute will be settled in the Stockholm arbitration court. The first question from Deborah potter Oscars teed Jeff Mason from Reuters. Thank you. Mr. President you treated this morning that its US foolishness. Stupidity. And the Muller probe that is responsible for the decline in US relations with Russia. Do you hold Russia at all accountable for anything in particular. And if so what would you what would you consider them that they are responsible for. Guess I do I hold both countries responsible. I think that the United States has been foolish I think we've all been foolish we should add this. A long time ago. A long time frankly before I got to office. And I think we're all to blame I think that the United States now we step forward along with Russia and we're. Getting together and we have a chance to do some great things whether it's. Nuclear proliferation in terms of stopping have to do it ultimately that's probably. The most important thing that we can be working on. But I do feel that we have. Both made some mistakes I think that the the probe is a disaster for our country I think it's kept us apart. It's kept us separated there was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. People are being brought out to the floor. So far that I know virtually none of it related to the campaign. And they gonna have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign that was a clean campaign. I beat Hillary Clinton easily. And frankly. We beat her. And I'm not even saying from the standpoint we won that race. And it's a shame that they can even be a little bit of a cloud over it. People know that people understand it but the main thing and we discussed is also zero collision. And it has had a negative impact upon. The relationship of the two largest nuclear powers. In the world we have 90%. Nuclear power between the two countries. It's ridiculous. Ridiculous what's going on with the pro. Or. President who don't know I could follow up as well. Why should Americans and why should president from believe your statement that Russia did not. Intervene in between sixteen laps and given the evidence the US intelligence agencies provided. And when you consider extraditing the twelfth Russian officials that were indicted last week by US. Rancher who I would let the president answered the second part of that question. But as you know. The whole concept of that came up perhaps a little bit before but it came out as a reason why he Democrats lost an election. Which frankly. They should have been able to win because the Electoral College is much more advantageous to Democrats as you know than it is to Republicans. We won the Electoral College by a lot. 3062223. I believe. And that was a well. Fought. That was a wealth what battle we did a great job and frankly. I'm gonna let the president speak to the second part of your question. But just to say it one time again and I say it all the time. There was no collusion I didn't know the president. There was nobody to collude with there was no collusion with the campaign and every time you hear all these young twelve and fourteen. It's stuff that has nothing to do and frankly they admit these are not people involved in the campaign. But to the average reader. Out there they're saying well maybe that does it doesn't. And even the people involved some perhaps told this story so well in one case the FBI said there was no life. There was stolen. Somebody else that there was. We ran a brilliant campaign and that's why I am president thank. But it won't come. As to who has to be believed as to who is not to be Butte. We disease they can trust no one confused it's. Where did you get this idea is it is president trump trust me or I trust him that you should continue its key in defense in the interest of the United States of America and I do defend the interest of the Russian Federation the foundation genius we do have an interest is that if it's army Korman we are looking at both points of contact with both of Google threat issues where I want him but he clusters diverging and we are looking a bit aways due to reconcile our differences. How to make however burning in a meaningful. Should not. You look proceeds from the immediate political interest that but he keeps guys certainly open. Borrowers and our countries that we should be guided by an excellent. Could you namely a single fact who would of that we want to do an important definitively prove the collusion audience. That is utter nonsense that it's as. The book righteous and we'll just like with the president's personal dimensions. Let's do the union yes the public at large in the United States had to hit this and we received Kenya and other candidates here in the campaign of course there's nothing. We particularly extraordinary about it as usual thing you can do that the Julio nip it in the present promises when he wasn't a candidate can mash and didn't even choose from the restorative depression USC's relationship and it's clear that's an article American scientists felt sympathetic about it and different people could prevent it and you expressed their sympathy in different ways you but simply isn't that Nashville is in the financial terms of being a sympathetic towards a person -- is. Willingness to restore the relationship without country it wants to work of this. We are in their positions above and Concord country look over as far as I know if this comes when you view it hired to let some American lawyers. And the accusations dozens of them out of pocket it doesn't have a fighting chance and the American left on the net about courts so there's no evidence when it comes to do actual what's the process so we have to be guided by fax and online rumors here but now let's get back the issue of this but twelve alleged and his intelligence officers from and we devolved Russia mention I don't know that. All of the extent of the situation about the present trump mentioned this issue. And I look into it and so far what I can save a follow them we will lose him. I think suspicious we geeks a little ahead. You know we haven't had seen and exists an agreement between beat the United States of America the Russian Federation. An existing treaty he should do it would love to do. The dates back what do they need which you in 1999. The mutual assistance is on criminal cases. That it is you treaty is in full effect of the film works quite efficiently use that deal with that role on average we. And it initiated about a 10050. Criminal cases upon request from Boeing's latest victims of that. I think for instance of the luster here. There was a notable one extradition case. Up on the request it and then nobody United States will definitely be an important to do so this is the treaty has specific legal procedures and with the publicity. We can offer. The book. But if situation and that appropriate is if the commission headed by the big body on them with a especially toward the Miller he can use this treatment as a solid foundation and a sense and the formal and official request it was very few. But was this other deal we would interrogate you know it's going to hold a questioning of these individuals who he believes. Obviously. A preview to some crimes and a law enforcement. I'm not but I perfectly able to do this question and sound appropriate materials the United States what do you know moreover more than it was. Shouldn't we can meet you halfway you can make another stem from the group's. We can potentially if they determine it in the special representatives of the United States include the members of this very commission. Headed by Nathan Miller that it. We can let them into the country and they will be president of its questioning him but in this case there is that the book there's another lose his prediction. This thing you've kind of effort should be mutually arguments today and then we would expect. That the Americans I would reciprocate and they've that would leave the question if officials including me. I'm going to officers off the law enforcement and intelligence service of the United States who we believe. Our briefly stated who have something to do with him illegal actions on the territory of Russia is yes and we have. Q a human to request it presents a roller enforcement. But in the for instance when you've done in the fans bring up the group which is to mr. Broder the in this particular case. He's a little business associates of you would have mr. Broder. Have earned over one half million in a little worse yet in Russia they never paid any taxes neither an option on the United States. And yet the money and it is to meet you in the escape the country if not they were transferred to the United States. At that it's as they'd done they send us. Huge amount of money 400 media viewed as a contribution to economy to the campaign of Hillary that the deal instantly as well because it's their personal case it might have been legal Muster is just going to contribution itself but where you have money was earned was illegal this book and so we have a the bottom solid reasons to believe that some intelligence officers accompanying it and guided this transactions and on. So we have a with an interest self questioning them yet for the initial. The canola if first step and everybody else and extend it doesn't want to functions within a bomb is the newspapers and found. Bill can be found in an appropriate did you why no president or up to a mile and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that. Dahlia adjustable rate. It's a bit. Yes I did because he talked about bringing the right US Russia relationship back to normal doesn't get the most part of a process that you have is that they took things in his fiscal report. I think there can be three questions from their Russian gold rush today you have the floor. Yeah thank you so much validity of many of them are good evening to everyone my name is beyond history goal. City and now Nazi art dealers can channel or mr. pump in English Mr. President. Would you please go into the details of possibly any specific arrangements. For. The US to work together with Russia. In Syria if any of these kind of arrangements were made today or discussed. You yes because what it's about an allegation total almost not at my. Question to the president wouldn't aggression since we're. Will we brought up the issue of global oppose. Several times mail I ask to and accused of political language mr. Obama Beatles mentioned that if you when you talk about it but I. Thanks you this year and cooperation the bull isn't the Syrian courts and pack. From Mr. Bush and yes it impressive quarterback isn't true and asked how would you use of this fact that it inevitable. Well I guess I'll answer the first part of your question we've worked with the Israel's long and hard for many years many decades I think we've never never has anyone any country even closer than we are. President Putin also is helping Israel and we both spoke with the Bibi Netanyahu. And they would like to do certain things with respect to Syria having to do with the safety. Israel so in that respect we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel and is you'll be working with us so both countries would work jointly. And I think that when you. Look at all of the progress that's been made in certain sections with the eradication devices. About 98%. 99%. There. And other things that have taken place that we've done and that frankly Russia has helped us with in certain respects. But I think that they're working with that Israel is a great thing and creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much. One little thing in my head to that is the helping the people. Helping the people because you have such horrible. If you see and I've seen reports and I've seen pictures I've seen. Just about everything. And if we can do something to help. The people of Syria. Get back into some form of shelter. And learn humanitarian basis. And that's what the word was really a humanitarian basis I think that both of us would be very interested in doing that and we are we will do that. Thank you very much excuse me but for now no specific agreements call for instance between them know treats. Well I'm militaries do get along affect our military is actually have gotten along probably better than our. Political leaders for years paramilitaries to get along very well and they do coordinate. That in Syria and other places. That. Thank you. We go initiatives. Yes we did mention to us if we need you mentioned the humanitarian track you. Should of this issue it is because yesterday I discussed this with French president mr. monochrome from me and we have reached an agreement that together with European countries. Including France and we will step of this effort on our behalf we will provide military cargo aircraft to Q for the humanitarian. A cargo and today have brought up this issue with that you gonna present trump I think there's plenty of things to. Until they can't do that used to spend the crucial thing here is that you should see this huge amount of refuges. Our Internet Turkey and in Lebanon has been there aka Jordan Indy that was staged an importer Q and Jason to Syria with a if we held them. And help them fit you migrate three pressure upon the European statesmen. Oil dropped will be decreased many full. And which I believe it's crucial from any point of view of home humanitarian going to view from the point of view. Helping people have all the refugees. Film institute and in general. And I agree I concur with the at present from slower military cooperate quite successfully together they do get along and I would hope they have now will be able to do so in future government and we will keep working and yes it's enough for my I mean Russia Turkey and Iran. Which I informed the presidential vote. We've got who have simply go. It's important we do stand ready to. Link modest efforts through this so coal movement. So called small group of states and if so that's true keep an active the process would via Broder watching them and multi dimensional want them to mind absolutely and we'll be able to maximize our Lola fighting chance to lift because they have the ultimate success and the invasion experience and difference I'm speaking about the and we have a bit. Bowl and how court. They considered the group of millions of which you're presumed drowned as just teachers in the mansion that we've. Successfully concluded the world. The bulk up. It's picking on the football actually. But but it begins as it Mitch did that debate Mr. President how do you visible to you up and out of bullets in your court. Yeah when it's official. All I need more of United States and had little these are just horrible thing from the World Cup and Moscow us. I thank you very much we do hosted and we hope we do as good a job that's very nice that we'll go to my son Barron we have no question effect on the end Diego. He bounces the final questions remain United States who go to Jonathan Lemerre from the AP. Thank you question for each president president trump is you first. Just now President Putin denied having anything to do with the election your parents of 2016. Every US intelligence agency has concluded that the Russians did. What who my first question for you sir is who do you believe. My second question is would you now with the whole world a lot to help president who wouldn't which denounced what happened between sixteen and which we want him to never do it again. So let me just say that we have two thoughts you have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server. And they've taken the server. Why it was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee I've been wondering that have been asked him that for months and months and have been tweeting about and calling it out of social media. Where is the server I wanna know where is the server and watch. Is the servers saying. With that being said all I can do is ask the question my. People came to me Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russian. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russian I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be but I really do wanna see the server. But I have. I have. Confidence in both parties I really believe that this will probably go on for awhile. But I don't think you can go on without finding out what happened to this effort. What happened to these servers. The Pakistani. Gentlemen. That worked on the DNC where this is his skin missing. Where I think what happened to Hillary Clinton's emails 33000. Emails god just done. I think in Russia they wouldn't be guns so easily I think it's a disgrace that. We can't get Hillary Clinton's 33000. Emails I have great confidence in my. Intelligence people but. I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful. In his denial today and what he did is an incredible offer he offered to have. These people working on the case. Come and work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people I think that's an incredible off. Can thank you. I like to add something to this. After all I was of intelligence officer myself. My next opponent that is the in this and I do know how bush years made just to quote to us. At that yet. That's the first thing that went. Now the second thing you should. You. Can package him with this I believe that Russia is a democratic state yet hasn't been and I called young audience and denying it and this right to your own country gonna deny that the United States is democracy do you believe United States is a democracy I used it at that any so. Well if it is a Democrat and here into it. Then the final conclusion holder and this kind of dispute with who can only be delivered humans from via trial. By the court with them not by the importance of detective Barnaby. Law enforcement is and different things that concorde. And the company that was brought up is being abused in this business it's been accused of injustice that McCain is not to fight this company does not. Consistent should they have Russians that they do it doesn't represent the Russians pages. We'll have brought several examples that you Forbes mentioned yet they end well do you have one of individuals and United States didn't take George Soros for instance where if multimedia and you kept tolls but it does that make him I think that just leave his position because a portion of the posture of the United States nor does not that it is limitless the same case. Various things downs that the issue of trying the case in the court and the final. Let's move him that it finally say yes the food that he is for the court to deliver. Was it you dissidents. We and I are talking about private and visiting an individual should not bow it was a ridiculous status and as far as photos the most recent allegations that just doesn't bother Russian intelligence officers that we do not have. And the intergovernmental. If you treat him please do send us their request is preferable that we we will. Analyze and probably. Apple sent a formal response system and as I said we can extend this operation in this book we should do it on their reciprocal basis because we would await our Russian counterparts to provide us access them through to move the unit of persons of interest for us. That cools. We believe that if he can have something to do with the intelligence and eastward let's discuss the specific issues and not use Russia and the US relationship and as a loose change the rules change for this internal political struggle. Is a question for president for President Putin thank you two questions for you sir can you tell me what president trump may have indicated to you about. Officially recognizing Crimea as part of Russia. And then secondly sir. Do you just from the Russian government. At any copyright material on president trump or his family. He's in the couple. As its president from the easiest and of what you and you torture present company Crimea is well known ability to. And he is stems. Firmly by him he should speak to continue to amendment maintain that is it wasn't me don't want you to be in the annexed it the week our viewpoint is different we held a referendum. In strict compliance with the UN charter and international legislation that for us this issue we debate this issue. Accused the company announced the compromising material. Yeah I did heard deductible with today this rumors. You know something he allegedly collected gonna present material on mr. trump when he was visiting Moscow and that's been our distinguished calling Clinton a gazillion of them and when present Tom visit Moscow by Dennis I didn't even know that he wasn't logical. I treat it. Present child was of utmost respect to be killed page but Baghdad's Meehan what is it was a private individual businessmen nobody and that would mean that he was in Moscow and arranged Q for the well let's they'd be just Saint Petersburg economic corporations. And you know he'd be over 500 American businessman the high ranking that high level ones I don't even remember the last names on each and every one of them and what you do you remember do you think that we try to collect compromising would you look each in which every single one of them have been. Well it's difficult to imagine if an utter nonsense of a bigger scale in this. What was it feels that the flu is the wealthiest just disregard this issue and don't think about this anymore you. And I have to say if they had they would have been out long ago. And if anybody watched Peter struck. Testify over the last couple of days and I was in Brussels watching it it was a disgrace to the FBI. It was a disgrace to our country. And you would say that was a total witch hunt thank you very much everybody thank you. President trumpets let it could shake. After their news conference in Helsinki. Wrapping up one on one meeting and days larger meeting and a news conference that featured quite a bit no solutions and president trump no election meddling said president Vladimir Putin. 21 of the key questions in Helsinki CBS's. Steven Portnoy is there and joins us certainly that was so drew a lot of attention and a lot of comments from both leaders. Steve this was by far one of the more new Z exchanges this president has had with reporters over the course of his term to all. Wire service correspondent for the associated press and Reuters pressed president trump. And his Russian counterpart on this question. Of interference. And collusion. At what we've heard here today will not quiet critics of the president in fact he is today given them new energy. Asked directly whether he believes Putin's denials the president's had all I can do is ask the question. And he said that Poole who gave a firm and ardent denial saying that it's not him. And the quote I don't see any reason why it would be. Vladimir Putin. Introduced new doubts about whether he was involved in all this inning and said dad how how can you trust anyone. He asked Reuters is Jeff Mason. That the president also called it an incredible offer from the Russian president to have. Investigators working with Robert Mueller the special counsel come to Russia. To actually interview the Russian and military intelligence officers who are and now under indictment in the United States and the offer would be for prudent to send his own investigators to the United States essentially to question the CIA. About its activities and also and he he specifically named demanding bill Browner a former. Hedge fund manager who may a lot of money in Russia and at the Putin's spoke to that. Router has been featured on sixty minutes because he was the leading advocate for what's called the magnate ski act sanctions on Russia. Because of prudence crackdowns in his country on his critics have extraordinary. Development. And we're just scratching the surface here. Absolutely Steven though let's turn the best noble our former CBS news Moscow bureau chief interesting to see Vladimir Putin's reaction his facial reaction and his. It is strong denials. Of the election question. Well he knew it was coming he had to have known that he was going to be pressed. By the press in light of the indictment that came out last week with copious details about Russia Russian medley in hacking into DNC and democratic and Hillary Clinton computers. But we also kind of knew in advance that he was gonna give the denial. The only thing that's really new and very interesting is that he invited the US to send over some experts he seemed to open the door to having Robert Mueller himself in the room while these twelve Russians who allegedly took part. In this hacking in the room of course food and being a master tactician wouldn't just let America come over without extracting. Something in return and so it may be that he gets something he wants which his. Allowing some Russian investigators to come to the United States to get some information about people very interested in in learning more about there are. Activities possible possibly in violation of rational. And it seemed that she sees this all as a first step to improve relations student. To cooperate on cyber security if you will jump on cause lend our military analyst is here as well. He also seems to envision joint work on Syria which has been. Of course a bone of contention between the US and Russia want what are you listening for is you heard some of those Jeff. Well exact theorized he they've both residents talked about you know the ending of the war in Syria I was a complex issue both talked about the fact that we have cooperated militarily through. Avoid instance. But eventually a separation of forces they both also seems suggest an interest in trying to provide better security and stability for Israel in the aftermath this conflict. Prudent talked about security on the Golan Heights from put on some length about how security of Israel was in the best interest of both countries as we move forward. And volley a thought it was interesting to mr. Who did talk about it. And threw it into the moving towards extending the new start agreement obviously they'll take a lot of work but that date of expiration no rapidly approaching in 2021. And resolving issues between the two countries on the giant after. Interest and also that president trump said before the meetings began today on Twitter lists Russian American relations have never been this bad. Our foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk is witness. Can a two hour meeting on how long and a group meeting after that really change all that president trump seemed to say that things are headed in a different direction into that really be done. It can be a beginning and for an engagement overall both president trumpet boom. Talked about more cooperation. Than conflict between. The US and Russia it said both of them said the meeting that went very well. And Vladimir Putin even called president trumped by his first name president trump said. Diplomacy. And engagement is better than conflict and hostility. And addition to the election meddling that you just heard. And the question of the new start treaty and intermediate range treaty that seems to be something they can both agree on. The most contentious. Was the back and forth about the oil pipeline a proposed north stream to. And the extradition. Of the twelve Russian military intelligence experts. That they talked about in 1999 treaty will see how that goes. All right Pamela Falk and the rest of our panel hears thanks very much one day it's been in Helsinki Finland a news conference. Just wrapping up president trump and Vladimir Putin always historical and the leaders of the US and Russia meet face to face. And this time they did truly meet one on one. This has been a CBS news special report but Steve case and CBS news.