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Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, January 7th

The Voice of the Radical Center with Max Miller, for January 7.


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Welcome in Dave welcome to the we came in review where we look back and see what's been going on in American politics today would you host maximum of the voice of the radical sense of that's right this is where we'd look back on the week the laws to suit anybody out there. In DC or anywhere else is actually done things actually help. The average working stiff in America the average middle class Americans normally being doing the radio program. For a found. And those separate weeks of being on the into way for quite a bit on the net actually I'll be doing that we can review for about three or four weeks and unfortunately in that time. I guess what else is being knows there's been no one out there in DC plan to help the average working American and unfortunately. I think we're about see the same anyway hey as I said before. This is your host Max Miller recording temporal costing as usual from the illustrious Max who she is in beautiful sunny. Downtown Austin, Texas and as I say on this is the week in an article that. I mean I mean really off that week. And also the weekly in in DC when trump claimed and that the book farm fury also gonna talk about that. And everything else this is kind of nice to know it really is kind of nice to know that the weekend is here. And we can may be just relax a little bit and what should go to football place in golf and I'm shall Donald Trump will. And basically just may be to get a worse for a little bit maybe take the the wonderful girlfriend now for a nice dinner and some one main or I don't know what that maybe it'll club whatever it is whatever you wanted but it's good to know that the weekend is here so. Quick disclaimer which have figured out I now have to do on a regular basis about what it means to beat the host of the radical center. We duels truly a Maxwell well. The reason I have to do this is because. As an independent and always claiming to be an independent because I have voted. Left and right so Democrat and Republican. And believe and yes I am an American even though I have the sex and the fact remains that. People get confused because ice and I get consulate is telling me this basically saying. That I am essentially. Liberal nut job and I don't criticize the Democrats and well. Actually that's not true I do think pilot time criticizing the Democrats are still on the what they stand for I think Nancy Pelosi needs to go we need fresh faces and so on. The trouble use the trouble is the last time I checked the republicans' own everything for better or for worse from your point whatever point you have. They own everything and Donald Trump ran on an agenda. To help the average working man what he has to cooled the ignored. Steve Bannon is former DN failed. Ran all meant to supported Donald Trump on that saying we need to have tax cuts for the middle class who need to invest in infrastructure we should raise taxes on the rich. I would go to improve health care access to health care and in the talks from its gonna be beautiful. That's his favorite words in his somewhat limited vocabulary which apparently skating was gonna talk about that. But again none unless he happens because. Donald Trump has none. Zero intellectual curiosity none according to this new book which is what's coming up this week and cool stuff for rule. In the land of DC to a lot of ballots come on that because for the simple reason again none of this is helping. You or me. Bomb all four listen I didn't vote for trump clearly when you hear me speak I did not vote for trump in this case of someone making very clear I have voted. Republicans in the post this is this yet to state I was four. I am not coming from the point of view of some elitist. Or make them very clear to. My grandfather was a coma my father was the first to go to college and somehow here I am so we just gonna have to hit a wood on the but the fact remains that nothingness the banners city wanted. And nothing this does Donald Trump said he would do for the so called ignored. People like you and me is actually come to fruition. Because that tax cut and obviously any time when this we discussed in the cost of that tax cut is basically just the token is a crime. For the average middle class person. Remember those tax cuts expire in 20/20 five if they go right and actually will increase off thank you taxes will go up. Off to them but if you're very wealthy person with all the loopholes and still remaining and the new ones that the pull line and there's mystical body of put in place. That tax cuts a permanent. And one more thing and I do get tired of saying this but it goes to bat it. I know they've lowered the corporate tax rate as opposed to at some point in the dim and distant future that is supposed to help. You and me. The trouble is we on the wane rather didn't give a 1000000000002 and a half to. Including animal lot of that to corporations and the rich wouldn't be much better off if they gave a lot of that kind of to the average working stiff could you know we do with spend it and we use it. Just remember. Before removal. Corporations like GE ST didn't pay income tax at all last year they go to refund AT&T my favorite foil. Laid O'Connor's tens of thousands of Americans will pay from well paying jobs. I see is paid on average in the last eight years 8% income tax at what point is slowing enough low enough. All right but we can't move forward from the we can review. Without actually hear the illustrious Maxwell was Judas in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. Well we we have to just to get my standards wads of paper because we are went from planes. And they do not to sound effects I wish we have in my hand was the paper about what's being done on this week. To sit anybody actually helps. The average working Americans really know the announcer right sorting out the house is now ranked. No even proposed anything to help the average working American they I don't care who it is it is a Republican a Democrat I'm all for it this talk about it I've seen anything. Let's go trouble is we don't want. Don't trusting his has he's kind of leads blown blocks gold locks have been caught up in a frenzy. About this new book. This coming out from the sky cool Michael Wolf. Which has book was prematurely has recently published. Access to published by British newspaper when I'm British newspaper called the guardian. God knows how they got ahold of it because apparently they go to this of British newspaper go to all the book. Which is from a New England bookshop saw how that happens. I had no idea but only as but the fact remains since Wednesday. When exodus came out. From the book especially what steep and sit and steep and it's not denied it except to say Donald trumps a great man and wouldn't be Pia tested in life is good and we at the same agenda. Except. Nothing's happened there actually Steve defies we could believe you can and the support those things appeal for allies have sympathy for the things that you wanted to. But anyway don't trust in court up in this frenzy. To the point where he's threatened to suit is it by the way suspended down. MO for the Donald threatening to suit. The though does seep down. Saying she never cease and desist on talking with a bit late on that one of the closer out there and according to. This fellow Michael Wolf has types like a set. And now threatening to sued the publisher it is to stop the book. Being released in the first place and it comes out on Tuesday and I just I would never normally buy a book like this is saying now but I'm so caught up in it. I've actually gone on to Amazon onto my Amazon prime account. And it's. Pull the book which supposedly will ship on Tuesday as the number one book for very good reason I'm sure people are just curious like kind of that what's in the book. And a lot of is salacious it's lawless not is not an index of facts that explains. On this state this happened so he can take some of it what you will but even if you only believe 2030% of it's still according to the nexus switch around there pretty chilling stuff which is why the Donald he's in these. Good as as we she was smiling saying Nikkei is knickers in a twist. That's basically what it is he's he's he it would Americans say pennies in a war Grammy that's basically what it is is what the Donald. Same thing so the Donald hands going on right now. And he's not happy boy he's not have people I mean the first thing you did was dictate with her picks is little bill friend and he's communications director and responses keep them basically calling him. A loser of course and that he faced he lost his mind and hate going you know that Donald Trump said that he is the proper for the Donald. When you say things like that Donald and you listen in response. To the quotes in the book from people saying you like a child and you need help and yet no attention span and so on. And you have to filter the news to you and and when whatever and yet three TVs in your bedroom and so on things like that. Then it only reinforces. That perspective other woods. It's more believe the ball what's in the book because of your public utterances of the last twelve months. You'll tweets and then even right up to this past week where you go off to Steve Bannon in a very hum presidential wait all you're actually doing. Is reinforcing the message is in the book. So is sort of makes it more believable a game come from my perspective. Toward anything is gonna happen to help you and on the truck was that's gonna get lost. He's well something's gonna happen there are police questioning him more more. Don't trumps mental stability now and is in great quotes and you know between just a second again take it for what it's worth right but you see anymore in action so you have. As a sit before. If you love your pants. And you dad's always treatment and he's a great guy you really love him and then one day just recognize you can eat in the long delayed at the keys to the car. This is gonna kill himself for worst may be even kill someone else. You gonna go I'm gonna take the keys away from that he can't drive anymore which is is it seat because that's what adults do right that's what. Sensible adult people did. Instead of which. Donald Trump is propped up by state media. Sick offense like Sean Hannity and Rupert Murdoch. And other there's a great quote. About supposedly Rupert moto calling him as something idiots. And of course people like I saw Paul Ryan who seized with the American flags are as he thought. On his lapel icicle. Pool running your belief in the constitution the US these do something to protect America at some point if this goes wildly wrong. We're gonna have to hold these people to account for not actually doing they had to UT to the united states of the was poking putting. Country before prop before tried so the let's say is what was at this school don't also so cool about what is it that he's doing this. Let's dig deeply kids and see what's going on this week in and off to this IC DS. Don't have a cocktail. Gin and tonic when it was you fancy I PA drinking heavily because. I thank god it's the weekend as incidents like this it all right he is these goodies Lewis going off to this fellow Michael Wolff and his publisher is basically saying. That the is outright defamatory statements about Tron mr. trump his family members and the company by the company I'm assuming he means Trump Organization so puffed his lawyer. Charles taught right. Well you could stretch and we want the world. But eat this book still gonna get published make. But is there an irony here when you read this outright discriminatory. State defamatory sticky me defamatory statements that. Women who else doesn't. I'm trying to think who does that all the time about people and that was it seem mean or individuals or. How I don't know people who John McCain or. The parents of gold stall soldiers who were killed and Afghans all of course tumbled trumps exactly the same thing. So. He is the point we should probably tell Donald Trump and his loyal to go see the post in that new movie by Stevens to open because of the simple reason. That. Don't know state secrets are involved to this is not a battle state secrets this is all about your hut personal feelings she can't stop a book. About you a public figure that just because she don't like it. It's not gonna happen there is no way in a mini news. That this book will not be published on Tuesday and hopefully I'll get it I guess what two day shipping on getting on Thursday night there's no way that's not command. There's no state secrets in this book is all about you Donald annual white house on what's going on in the White House what people think if you personally. That happens all the time today. In newspapers and the wash you know what is the Washington Post new ties even Wall Street Journal that's where he shows up. Right that's worry shows up eighty shows up on Fox News when they're trying to debunk it. So you comps is not gonna happen that's when we live in a democracy. That's why we have. The First Amendment which Donald Trump doesn't to me like that right this is why we have this now again I'm coming at this from the perspective of housing need is gonna help you make it's not because Donald Trump's caught up in a span of indexes now. The problem is when you add them up when everything's going on in this it from from the book as a sit before it fits. Donald Trump's personality it's it's just sort of fits it's not like. Multiple people in the book as saying he's fantastic he's still fully reads everything he's educated he's he's articulate he's pay pays attention. Whatever ranked. It continued to guy in the world that's great that make me feel better about it now it fits what we see what we read from his own hands. It's nothing day is not on the took it from reporters I'm not talking filtered through folks need if we just watched the man speak. And see what he writes on Twitter if fits that mode that's the problem. For the Donald and again it's a problem I think unfortunately. Feel that says a great quotes. In this book I just wanna wanna focus on. The general accusation of course one of the things about the book is Donald Trump's cognitive. Shortcomings though I said. Months ago. Fat ass a year ago. Most of my friends. And they know who they are the colonels the software mogul the sales people the sales executive and others or Mike good friends. The gulf probe they all voted for Donald Trump. Friday vote and I understand right I mean I live in Texas I they voted for the Dalai. I get why I'm not gonna go into that if this into my archives on the stand by I understand what they did have sympathy for that. My argument all along was he's not qualified to president had you heard him speak TC how we acts he's not fit for office. Unfortunately. It's got worse Fran and I am not say this lightly if you listen to me before on the subject I do not. Say that lightly about any human being I do not want that to be the case. As I said a 100 times I am an American justice just to be clear I am annoyed this. Accident but I am America. So this is this just. One quote from him right. Everybody was painfully aware of the increasing pace of his repetitions of mosquito truck. It used to be instead of thirty minutes to repeat wood four wood and and expression for expression this saying three stories. Now it was within ten minutes indeed. Many of these tweets with the product called all of these repetitions. He just couldn't stop. Saying something right. And we seem that. How many times has he gone back to cricket Hillary how many times is he said the crowd sizes will be how many times has he come back has said he had the big key you know there was voter fraud and so on. If you ask you look at people with cognitive disabilities this is part of how they managed to stay focused right. Is to go back to familiar territory makes him feel good on the on a psychiatrist a motorcycle just. But I do look as any human being with now if you knew your dad. Have cognitive problems as a sit before you would take the copies you don't need to be. A psychiatrist. Or trained psychologist. Or or specialist in the brain to now at some point. The you have to take the car keys away from dead because quite frankly he's he's a danger to the people right I mean that's. Mostly anything. Politically incorrect in that sense vessels sensible people would do. So when multiple people now saying this about the Donald might be saying it privately. And even on the into whips his support costs on it about four months ago and and periodically hear on the radio as well. Because I don't like talking about someone like that's it they it makes me feel uncomfortable but. We have to recognize this is what's going on and look at those things going on in the trunk White House how many people. Let's say I mean he can't vehicle really mad. Does and it's. Rex Tillerson. Says secretary of state Rex Tillerson called him a moron. They folded Donald Trump was gonna farm at that point. Right there how many times when you read through this book with a we have and to see exits right now people basically calling Donald Trump's stupid. But no intellectual curiosity whatsoever. And yet eight is a great quote our raid last time. I don't have in front of me from the into the in a New York Times replace the free based in front of the report I was mad at the report from the pushing back. We just can't be transcribed as New York Times for don't trust would see you have to question in the icy when he said. I'm better than any C I'm paraphrasing to thank you mean abandoning any sepia. On understanding tax bills and taxes and a man I'm back I'm better qualified and any sepia I mean come on really towel. That's a question mister president could explain why do you think you daddy taken a CPA course I'm not aware of who's in it doesn't show opinion bio. So now we have that type of situation where it was quoted verbatim. Eagle these other quotes from on people that supposedly inside the White House. Eagles Steve Bannon. On tape few others on tight because the reporters saying this is generally that's the authors say have gone on tape as well as was like I just expect you know read from on. From this also Michael Wolf about the about Donald Trump's a cognitive abilities it makes you wonder. It makes you want them out again and I say that with any sensibility. Right he's at and keep in mind Donald Trump's on family. What really upset I'm sure made Donald Trump into complete frenzy was Steve Bannon attacking. Donald Trump's son in little and is Poulter and Donald Trump junior but basically saying follow the money is is all about money laundering. Again you could seat could you know CC banner has not denied any of that saying any of that. Do you know where this is gonna go and think about this. And Stephen many skin and Reese preakness cool immunity Gary Gary Cohen. Said he was is Dahmer's some full that it would peaking this indeed NT. Eight summit mosques according adult. Was Donald Trump gonna define everybody in the White House who still there I'll see reached predispose a gun. Anybody else in the White House that that is now. Cold in basically stupid in an idiot behind his back I mean. He was paranoid enough before can you imagine what's gonna happen now I do wonder though what was the bad I think it. I mean he is a guy who on paper wanted to essentially a working man's revolution which to a point. To a point if he was more sophisticated. And had to try to push down Roy Moore and all that and and the people candidates like him would make. Saints as the sit before tax cuts for the middle class racing tax cuts on the rich to mean he was all for that. Trade name vetoed accusing China of them Britain has softened and dumping products here are they get as we you'll note there's an element of truth to some of that. But they're selling com potential electric assays were my friends. Mike the problem the pro golfer. He wanted those seems to have the metropolis has so incompetent they can't do anything that's the problem and they allow people like Ryan. The county line a mother named for him to failed college. Jessica's that's what I think he likes to present himself as is the coal is very intellectual. When now he's picked TDs of experimentation on trickle down economics articles blowing up the deficit which. I'm still at one point people like Sean Hannity and folks who is overall and especially people like Paul Ryan believed in fiscal discipline but now they basically took advantage. Of a guy. Please well on the cusp it would same so why did Steve Bannon. Actually go off the don't trust them think hey he's arrogant. Right clearly very arrogant men have Donald Trump's very arrogant man. But that's OK I think if you press United States to be fifth. I'll given that you know that's the arrogant because the United States that's OK Steve Bannon isn't present in the states he dies at ease a bit like come. Newt Gingrich Liza think they're very similar. Very I think missile smartest guys ever and everybody to just pay attention when they walk in the Mike Huckabee is another one like that. But so why steep and it was he just Malkin off. Just I think I see done that he was just not enough I think he he's frustrated and he clearly does not like. Any Trump's kids well and I say the ones in the white does not like any Trotsky it's really cannot stand him. And is Donald Trump said always trying to do is burn down everything what I thought that's what cultural one of these two. You know we would not be can win no longer be ignored but apparently was still off peak in the world. He also. Basically could be trying to distance itself ranting about rush he's amid a many Russians I don't know anything about Russia. And done that and have a lawyer an item I don't have any planning the future higher lower about as good idea to believe most gonna talk to at some point if he hasn't already. So why is dependant Mike got out of all those is simply because he he wanted to ego damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. Essentially it. And not who you know who knows what's gonna him but the fact that Roy Moore lost and Steve Bannon was in in to him a 150% and then go knows what else. You know guarantee Steve does a particularly sophisticated individual I mean main item to be Limas McCall. But he's Iran I've been around forever and he certainly knows his way in about how to handle politics so will this look at books no idea I'm hoping I don't think so. I should say no idea on the ninth century won't be unless you wanna go live in Putin's Russia. So now I'm short in Donald Trump slammed in Donald Trump. White House can match in the can you mention the paranoia mean this if this in the book. That sort of mystical inconsequential but at the same time make you think the fact that we know why I make fun of Donald Trump eating. McDonald's hamburgers all the time. Happy meals and hand because I personally like. McDonald's hamburgers or Rudy did. But it turns out according to the book and you can take this for what you want he is the reason like why Donald Trump license him because he's afraid those McDonald's ones. He's afraid of being poisons. And the reason he likes with dolls Hamdan is in particular is that they have cremate. So aching going get those who have does the the ball to him and not worry about someone poisoning him because they're pre made at that time the poison it. Then you read about he has three TVs in the White House and it is seeming ease bedroom kid there was one already Padilla to more installed and so on. To me a little idiosyncrasies I mean I don't care about that I mean those snippets in the book and in distinct but then not the they're not the appeal in the to me to deal and handle is what I read the other day about Donald Trump's ability to actually speak in complete sentence which actually shows is limited skills. And actually comes the pleasantly wants to say. And of course woody is excuse me the sense you can help the average working man is good to not do. That they decided the priority. What did down get rid of net neutrality. I know that's common that he. But let me explain it to base he meant that the people there on the pipe in you house couldn't limit. A particular website now they can come in and say oh you want a social media stream. What would give you that these this price so these sites like FaceBook and others then I'll they're not gonna slow down. These doubles will slow down you won a video stream. High quality strain you on Netflix or Amazon who live. That's great that's going to be this team that's chemical system on money. That's good to know that that Donald Trump and his crew are out there thinking about the average working man and yes a bicycle we're gonna now has paid more for Prodi. Freddie twenty cable bills and in the Internet is good to know that they are doing that I really appreciate that guys so. Listen it's feet it's the end of the show I do wanna thank you for listening ankle bless you for listening but I again at that do wanna be into an optimistic but it is the weekend. Please I urge you gotta go and drink. Have sign on with your family doesn't do anything stupid. You relax. Going have a gin and tonic that's what I'm an accountant whatever it takes defense you know I PA with pizza. That seems to be the hawk thing died away here in Austin has flaws that have gone. Great piece through and fifty gazillion types of fear I think maybe that's what I'm gonna film did and I do need to war. The maximum adult anyway everybody thank you for listening others that people go bless this is Max Miller signing off policy just saying keep the cards and letters coming. To maxim Maxwell adult lives or visit. Max Miller thought like take everybody thought I am.