Voice of the Radical Center, 2/11

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, February 11th

The Voice of the Radical Center with Max Miller, for February 11.


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Theoretical sense thank you for listening and thank you for joining me today to my physical program that I imagine doing the actual. Radio so welcome aboard. Thank Casey wanting the voice that a radical sensor is this is a program when normal sensible. Independent people and understand which will be going home without gridlock politics if you wanna continue to leaving your happy place take it right they had food for everyone else welcome aboard. I like to believe whereas adult where adults and we recognize that compromise is important service Steve Bannon Faneuil dare I say trampled Bernie Sanders fan also I know good like that you must relate like I say welcome aboard. This is the time of the week bright typically the back of my once a week program as opposed to my Yahoo! regularly show that I do during the week. This this time with a look back to see if Democrats or Republicans and actually stop fighting amongst themselves. Two I seem to turn around them be long enough to help us help each other how good another was have they done anything to help you NI. I'm fully seen that ten weeks I've been doing the weakened version in my program it to the sponsor is would you be thinking of the youngsters that he's no. So I'm broadcasting from the illustrious Max moves you he has. AZ same beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas though today is kind of don't know because BS am broke gusting from the illustrious Max from the studios. But today I'm not accompanied by the Max from the dog girth of my regular listeners usually you might hear that. I am to get me there and I am had the dog in the background either chasing squirrels and asleep for an ability does but none sometimes he joins me anyway but today isn't. You wanna see with a Manx with a dog looks like K go right ahead and get a maximum adult life you'll see in my Dick is Jesse gets more attention tonight it. They may be wondering. If you're a first time listener. Who was this Max Miller guy was he told this way wise you sound so funny. And what does he have to say why should I listen to him well. Is really quite simple first thing you should know that I am an American. Yes I am an American I know I have this funny actually just have take my word for that. A second of all I am an independent. I know this because I succeeded in upsetting both my friends on the right. They think from a Communist acknowledge Jobe in my friends on the left to think and what some supporter so clearly almost two doing my job as an independent. So must be doing something right there. A fan most of my friends did vote for the Donald which is one reason now range from plan but hey they're friends of mine and I do understand what they voted for the Donald because so I have sympathy for all that. The main point eight cases I'd like to vote for who I think is gonna do the right jolt. And Ali Jessica and help you when nine the average working stiff because what I look for is is anyone out there acting and help you and I. On a regular basis Democrat. Or Republican which is why I called this program. The voice of the radical center which is also wise that if you're a tiny sound as supportive or a steep and a supporter of Zion gonna like me when I'm looking for is. Common sense people in government who actually help you and me. And deals are unfortunately we haven't seen too much in Gaza say the ten weeks I've been doing. The week in review and and about five months I've been doing the daily shows so this is why we're here today. I give an example on the essentially is why I think compromises the lead and I may be boring but it's a good it's good a good good thing to have. Think about this year the cool kid in college in May be news that a cool kid in college you know he had the mustang at the mustang convertible. Dated the cheerleader. Then all of a sudden he marries the cheerleader that's what happens. Of those studies go 2.2 kids car seats a Golden Retriever a mortgage and white picket fence. Hey don't foresee that must things no good anymore and it's not practically won't work is not it doesn't wasn't working what he's doing today. So guess what he has to do that's right he asked to by the trade it. Minivans because he needs cup holders and room for the mother in law or in the Golden Retriever and songs. The point is as an adult. You recognize that life is full of compromises you recognize. The EU needs make it changing your life tourists to compromise away you'll today. And exactly this is exactly why studied the voice of radical center. As a say about five months ago I started it because I felt. That our politicians on both the right and the left or ignoring us and they were being driven to extremes. By people on the right in the left and it and the end of the day. It doesn't help you and me. That's why I thought this program to feel free to call me here today and that's all thirteen seventy. The talk show number is 512643. Lies against 5126 force relies. I'd love to hear from you because I did get a lot of emails these days to maximum adult life where people can. Communique we may generally though. If you Shealy got yell at me no camps that's great I can take it but some. Out of that delicate there's a formats for literally element that says hey this is WiMax Miller is wrong and feel free to email me. I am willing to learn I'm willing to understand. If I'm wrong about some things are gonna talk about today as we go through the week to see if anything. Has actually improved for the average working man a woman. And by that I mean if you're a Democrat supported may be this something that they've done is you've really pleased with. I will tell you for example if you are Democrats support that I see wait it's true. All forty pages yes forty pages long. All of their platforms that they have on their website forty pages the base he went into everything CC had to make a cup of coffee. All the way to how they gonna deal with North Korea. Schools amazing about don't from people will dam home what people he felt people needed into full woods. Mad right to make America great again they may or may not agree with that statement some might say is morons a governing America but nonetheless. That's what he pulled it down city until the Democrats can figure out how to get Basilan message out. I think quite frankly they gonna have a hard time so let's talk about today because we stop this weekly show in life. I also want to understand as we go back over the week as anyone has he done anything to help you and me is anyone's spent any time. Help the average working man or woman on the average working man a woman I mean anybody use the go to Korea and a jolt and maybe makes 405080 grand a year. Even if you're making 200 grand a year he can be consider yourself an average working man or woman and you wanna know is anyone giving you better access to health care. As they want improved infrastructure. Has anyone actually helped you I don't know get a better job or pay increase in mean a middle class tax cut the style there. Hopefully some really think about this if anyone and a half trillion. To the deficit wanna trillion dollars to the deficit which I Cecil the GOP at one point I know I know they said this because in the past. I seized when he eleven I think 2012 coal Ryan. Otherwise known to me as the cowardly lion. Paul Ryan actually pound stood up in front of the deficit clock is seated you said. This is really bad we are gonna give our children the deficit for them to pay off. That our grandkids you know I'll crank is it gonna have to suffer for this too but apparently. No more the deficit doesn't matter anymore now according to the GOP. To the point where when they gave a one half trillion dollar tax cut the average working man a woman. Let's not forget this year have we got some money but we got shekels legal dockets tossed at us from the people driving blinded entries decency that's what happens. And what do we get out of that one and half trillion we got about three to 400 billion which sounds like a law. Except in the context of one half billion. No it isn't a she went on our trillion no it isn't. We go three of 400 billion out of it and the rest of it is gone to corporations. Or two people who are better off. And Donald Trump as Ashley said this is a great middle class tax cut to show what a teeny bit of caution it was we look back on the way to Paul Ryan has. Paul Ryan tweak gates and then deleted and email saying this that when a lady on the AP. Associated Press. Deals picked up by a peace or at the basically said hey you know want uncle's sixty dollars extra in my pay packet. How fantastic in the course the county line jump a lot of innocent sixty box. This is why I'm here this is why come to work so this lady can get a sixteen to lose to pay for Costco membership. Of course we should remind each over everybody else here that sixty dollars a year. That this lady got sixty. Bucks a year now that as well probably why he was some kind of embarrassed our priest would benefit little bit and then. Deleted it but nonetheless they deleted his tweet but nonetheless that's how out of touch people like pull Ryan off. So if again if you're listening to me expecting meets to take on the left on the right on not. But I'm gonna do is take on. The the people who are hypocrites the people who used to believe that the deficit managed. The people they used to believe that DM. That that tax cuts for the middle class mattered and we don't get that anymore. So anyway that's the set up for the gonna talk about today I'd love to hear from you again give me coal 5126435483. Again this is Max Miller please join me today as we talk about how the people in DC a letting us down. Thanks let everybody back in imminent. Everybody welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of the radical sensor that's right this is a program where I believe normal sense both independent people and understand what is going on with today's politics. I would have to say it again they could listening for the first time and time an independent I know this has upset both my left and right friends. My right friends think am I coming mystic not killed and my friends on the lifts actually believe that I'm a child support so that tells me. But I'm doing my job as an independent. You should also know yes even though I have this strange accent. That I am actually an American I know I have and I am an American assassin an American possible so they just can't take my. The word for it that's and an American and I am an independent. I wanna look for is a say in today's politics and the reason I started doing this program. Is I'm looking for people in government. It will actually give up some of the partisanship and show true leadership. To help you an idea wind everyday problems and that might be something on the lines of their access to health care. It might be better infrastructure if that I have sympathy for the things that Donald Trump wanted to achieve. He wanted to achieve as Ira Colin Neely said this casesa an innocent multiple times beautiful health care. He wanted to say beautiful infrastructure I know they wanted to be able to beautiful war because he keeps talking about it. And he wanted to aim for reform trade he wanted to make you free but the fan. But at the end of the day and I think he's done unfortunately. Capable of doing anything and always goes so far at a pool Ryan britney's Petri dish called. Of economic experimentation. That's what it is oh in pool Ryan's world's sixty dollars a year for lady is actually something to be celebrated. Which I quite frankly shows that a touch she's I didn't used to believe. In Nam turn them it's always so term limits Plano up. Afflict people and government says if you know they good dead air for reasons. You like to think and they gonna do the best job that they can't they gonna actually be day to represent their people. And actually help Al dia average United States citizen. Since come with conclusion. Maybe you have to. That that they essentially. Term limits are probably a very good idea. I think Paul Ryan says he'd been penis since he was twelfth. As you think it's like 28 but he certainly been there a long time. And I have to believe he's like what is he 4548. He's been there twenty years shows out of touch he is. They could actually command this lady for celebrating the fact she got a massive. Sixty dollars a year not a week norm wants. But a year. So that's what I look for I like to see if I can find anyone out there as I see helping. The average working stiff the average working American man or woman to asked to help our lives. Ebitda and so far in this ten weeks eleven weeks have been done the weekly show. You know I'm fluid look back on the week the answer unfortunately is not really. And if you go to an example out there please tell me I'm beacon right to make the call in today for quite frankly I am the rain really good examples of how. Any parties really helping the average American so let's get into the what really drives me to this program which is a million around the hypocrisy let that's what started me off doing this. If you think about it if it's someone stands up there and say is hey don't do something to bang goes and does it themselves that's clearly what hypocrisy is. So right now of course the GO PN's everything now people is said to me and written to me say Walid Amax it doesn't you know you claim to be an independent. But he stands at sixty to 90% of the time. Ranking on the Republicans well yeah I do. Does he own everything they own it I mean if they do they don't know what am I supposed to do say day is Democrats have responsibility for everything they do not. So while it's true. That the Democrats lead to look to be decided in the day unfortunately. If you are a Democrat and I remember I'm an independent. The fact remains that the GOP owns everything. So this is we look back on the week on this talk about still have a kept the government open and the fact that deficits. Which a onetime Paul Ryan. Truly believed in and we did because he stood by the deficit clock and said this is this with herbal. Apparently not so much anymore now none I mean is he shock. Horror that he doesn't believe anymore but there we go so this if you're listening to me again many are for the first time those they have. You even means a paper because we do leaving trump and and anyway I can keep track of living in trump when is to print things out my deliberate. So I'm probably contributing to Dee Forrest I station for a station that iconic outfit I have to print everything out and try to leverage for the simple reason we live in front Landon every day's. Like you a news cycle east with the weekly something. So let's not forget that the that the decades basically other Republican Party used to believe. And small government behind them is a shock is now I mean I'd forgotten that they used to believe. And small government even waged a war against the great society even the new deal. They god did it was anti constitutional basically to some extent and libertarians as he felt that active government was a threat to our freedom and they did I now. It's amazing to think that this is only like two years ago they used to believe this. So now I see what do we have we actually have the GOP. Over the last. Yeah and as six months blowing the biggest hole in the deficit now. I know this is a shock to you if you're Republican. But the Democrats. Are supposedly the tax and spend. And the Republicans are supposed to lead the fiscal responsibility party yeah I know they know that because. How many times have people told us that they of the fiscally responsible party. But no more none out no more than blowing a hole in the deficit to the tune of one half trillion and even the deal they signed we Chuck Schumer. In the past week added another 500 billion to the deficit so obviously. Obviously this was just Sybase big John had like this is basically something that take advantage of and this McChrystal into the fact that they are going to make a sold balance budgets and so on now I happen to believe. This is less of a big deal. Than perhaps some people are making out because the United States is a sobering. Government. And only is it print money in because that is an interest rates you mustn't forget that the United States Paula. Isn't reserve currency. So essentially it other countries have to buy it if they wanna buy old body until as the sole and even China and other countries so but nonetheless. The fact remains that the GOP ran on. Being the fiscally responsible. A party that's what they rant don't. And they pilloried the Democrats for being the opposite that's what the GOP. Randall. Now I see had done. Dinner with a body money as the ninth pub and he said you know that. A bomber blew up the deficit and it's his. The Denton knows Terrell just awful. You know basically go back to Reagan. Democrat or Republican there was a one party that hasn't and aides to the deficit. Well that apart from Bill Clinton I think in the late nineties may impede balanced the budget but essentially every party Marlins all intents and purposes as and it's. To the day it took and now of course the GOP you Ashley stated that they were going to be the ones who fiscally responsible and well being fiscally responsible. So this is the proxy I'm talking about. Especially when they claim clay mind you that the middle class tax cut was the best thing since sliced bread because they truly do not believe. In. Lowering the deficit. There was a one time as well they believe in smaller government well I guess if you take it away from one hand and giving it the other doesn't matter what you call it is still blowing up the deficit. I eventually down. Got a theory on this and that and you know basically the Democrats of pilloried as the big government and the Republicans are small government. I would when he just wouldn't make more sense just has smaller government. I mean to me they ask well we need is Marta. Government we need someone out there. Who's a leader. They could actually say you know their policy of the government that are really important. And I'm not just token defense Iran talking thinks like CDC. Those sort of things. Where we actually if yet there a sense that we all want clean air route we wanna make sure that we manage disease and that sort of thing does a very important. So wouldn't it be great if we said we want smarter. Government clever government call it what you will. That's what we need and that's what drives me toward the radical sense Presley because I think if you ask he had people. Al day today. He says I recognize as a role for government. As opposed to just arbitrarily saying smaller government a big government what we need is a government that actually. Works for us and Connolly and Connolly these people who are driven. Bipartisanship. And I don't know why what is it about they've copied the money. I mean make a lot of money in government it just has to be the path I mean I can pull Ron has been different as a saved when he is Mick McCall's I think he's been missing is 181990. I mean these guys never relief. You would think that they would ask C after that state of length of time would actually be in a position I see help. The country but as far as I can tell they are not helping the country are helping the average working man or woman who again this is what I kept outside of source for the Russell's paper if like us again and we keep up with the ball movement things going on mr. ranil damp. So. We have we pass this emergency. Or not emergency that we posse extended down budget deal on the two Tuesday Wednesday of last week. And Rand Paul decided to stand up and basically say this is a really this is a really bad idea. And whereas and that would adding to the deficit and more adding to the to the deck and it's just awful and we shouldn't be doing now. This and Rand Paul was the one that was attacked by snake and I think that's awful but this peek clip and clearly the guy. Let's face it he seems to be. Kind of anoint him right and I'm not just saying that because of is a neighbor attacked because I say nothing has clearly very wrong. But even others members of his own party union members of his own part in all of this guy's name channel only gained. Saved. On Friday as a few days ago and this is his was not mine. But he can understand why cents a ram polls neighbor attacked him and was annoyed with him and isn't exact quote you say when Rand Paul pulls a stunt like this. It's easy to understand why is difficult. Charlie dean said the whole delay a filibuster exercise on the budget agreement is obsolete. Pointless twelve. Yeah it was out of it was utterly pointless. But the fact is that he made a point in the same Sophie wasn't gonna stop it but he should be embarrassing to the GOP. To actually say that they hypocrisy on the deficit. Was actually. So large that Eddie I guess in the scheme of things. Brand called decided to get up there annoy everybody including his own his own members of his own party but hey you know what that's trample ranked he's kind of annoying but he had a point. Anyway and I have to drop because so we have to get a break but hey feel freely give me a ring and out of deal feedback 512643. Life of 5126435483. Thanks for listening I'll be back in just a minute. We welcome back this is Max Noel it was kind of the voice theoretical sense that's right this is a place where like the things that normal sensible. Independent people understand what he's trying going on with the gridlock politics. Because I'm like to believe them this someway in DC landing trump brand is someone eyes on the Democrats all the Republicans who actually care. About the average working man now as I said earlier in the ten weeks and having done in the weekly show and Indy five months or so that I have been doing the 2310 we have into the weekend show in the fight Muslim than the weekly show. So far actually got to see a lot of those helping the average working man I OC beautiful health care from the Donald now and then sit IOC beautiful infrastructure phenomenon. A seed from pool run the county line an actual tax cut disaster can help the average working man a woman that may be is sticks around for the will be remembered it runs now. Yet runs out after ten years. If you'll very wealthy though those tax breaks. Do know expire of those tax breaks somehow by some miracle they've you know to keep those guys. Perturbed as any any else happened this week what's been going on I'm gonna think oh yeah that's right in the Donald Trump said he was on the best people. I'm I know we should it because it listen I have to be Donald Trump said it he said I'm I always thought the best people. Well somehow the Donald just can't help himself yet again. Now we have a little problem the people in his White House and just keep Leven it's a and I can't keep track anymore how many people keep leaving the White House. A cause I'm talking about the role Puerto debacle the guy you actually set to ex wife's. Two of them got together went the FBI and say hey this guy a is a wife beater wife abuse a one show black eyes no one was sent here to get a restraining order against him. And Joan Kelly don't even Donald Trump's chief historical caught up in this because. If first when this broke on Wednesday he basically said listen this report a guy it's fantastic he's just the man of integrity. He's also. And all of a sudden they're in the photograph sit and then a slight flash CS stand by what I said before put as it is usually terrible. So now we have all these shenanigans going on in the White House team I say Max. What an does that have to do with helping you and me as you say the radical Santana that SE help you and me. Build a better life get mauled in a matter of saving plan for college. Get our kids through school better health care. It's a massive distraction is what it is that's the problem with is actually doing nothing to help humanize a massive distraction in the White House which means. The nothing else gets done to help the average working man or woman which I like to think I am one of those people which is again why I'm here today. So you think Donald Trump given that he likes to you know really help album take care of everybody on his team and you know it's really had a great guy Jesse hands around the is a true leader. Oh again it really would you want. In May be thing you may think Donald trumps the best thing since last pregnancy won't talk from being the principal of your kids high school I mean he's saying even really. Believe us that question too by the way deals for his network. Is chronicler stunned isn't he doing with the kids at that point oh Donald Trump say you know I'm gonna read this debate them. Eight he's tweeting about it as well I'm gonna go back to Friday. As a set with a break over the reported that don't trump actually stated about this fellow reporter to remember is fading hope hicks. Donald Trump's favorite paid in the White House right now and dating her. And she you being his communications director Ashley helped pull together. The initial response told this bad publicity. Thought a dollar from saying how much piece of paper like assist him wrestling just waking get it right there's a wanna read dissipate and now. Just keep. This is no ax to grind for me like I'm independent I just want things done a moment improve life policy. The Democrats and Republicans come together to help as I say the average working man when there was a Donald Trump's. All right here we gunnery disobeying him because he's kind of in ceases. We wish him well he worked very hard. We found out about this recently and I was surprised by it but we certainly wish him well. And it's a tough time for him he did a very good job when he was in the White House and we hope he has a wonderful Korea. And we have a break any will have a great career ahead of them but it was sad when we heard about it and he's also very he's also very sad now. He also as you probably know says he's innocent. And I think he had remember that. He say very strongly yesterday that is innocent Thea spokesman about that but we absolutely wish him well he did a very good jolt when he was in the White House now this and who might make fun. Oh people with cognitive abilities and disabilities here but I'm not saying this lightly right I'm not this is this I want to Donald trumps that do the best job ever. To help the average working. Man or woman in United States but you know anybody. The best he talks. Like that I mean really seriously do you know anyone asking tool for that now. How many times did he say. We wish him well we wish him well when he worked very hard. He city it is very good joke he did a very good job. We wish him well he did a very good joke how many times they ask you say that I see this kind of reach to me like something out of a children's story. You know like Jack Ngo that's what reminds me off especially this part. But it was very sad when he heard about it and he's still so very said NASA flight check in GO going Jackman checking you've done. Basically saying Jack Waziristan and June was very sad. They're both very said ma'am I mean doesn't matter I mean seriously isn't that what is sounds like I mean it's it's. I mean my goodness me this is the for this is the leader of the free world this is how the man talks. I listen the the other person I have to take on it is is like shooting fish in apparently Sean Hannity Iraq otherwise done a shallow now. You know I really. I get it right if you believe in Donald I sympathy for don't trust policies I really did. I really have sympathy I want to see. Before health care I wanna see trade as free to affair. I wanna see a solid middle class tax cut I mean I really do who wouldn't want to see. Those things. But unfortunately. We have a party right now there's so dysfunctional. None of those things he gained on and if you think by the way that middle class tax cut. Is it could've been best the basic and again it could've been done by anyone not true. Not true little trying to get a thing I get my AM Republican friends telling me hey Max c'mon a Lowe's people get a tax break and even page. Federal income tax they don't even paint well there's an element of truth of that to guess what everybody pays. Payroll tax everybody pays payroll tax if you wanted to get rid of payroll tax. All love payroll tax for a lot of people that would make a huge break everybody pays. Payroll tax on anymore rebel. Character counts I don't anymore about that don't anymore about Serb fiscal responsibility. And our main molded the middle class tax cut is suggesting it because it isn't a meanwhile the president unfortunately. For federal lists. You can't speak correctly and I'm not saying that light I am not making fun. Of Donald Trump from that perspective. I'm making fun of it from the point of view of our home pointing it out and I want things done. The last thing make up lies about it. That's what I want I mean this thing could be thinking outside the box have that I decent college savings plan to send out is the school I mean we know that's he's Propofol Los of people. Would that be great that's the sort of thing I'm looking for here. All right so Donald Trump unfortunately. Can't stop talking. About report. Or about may and being accused now remember that dumps the times there has been accused multiple times when multiple when so many that I lost count. Of how many women and accused Donald Trump of inappropriate. The idea but anyway on Saturday is the earliest that. It was a thing about a dog right at the toy frescoes vice like a week in normal political land right this is what happens. Anyway he said yes the united who read this debate and so no one can accuse me of bias here he said. People's lives of being shattered and destroyed by mere allegation he wrote. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused of life and career gone. Is there no such thing any longer as you process well apparently. According to the Donald dares not there really isn't anything out of the no energy prices does you know let's think about this not once has he mentioned the women. A vital in my pants did. Mike Pence does say accusing South Korea said I believe the women I date this EST said the right thing I mean don't don't trump had to do was say. Human Yost about this because simply said yes I've thought about this is deeply disappointing. And none wrote Puerto for a long time and he seems like a great guy that this is deeply disturbing and I'm sorry that it happened and you know we're gonna move on the next question as Foley had the site right Isolde Donald Trump. Have to set but he couldn't do it he could not do it he just can't help himself. Let's not forget love is a that this is the Dow again while we here today we need to talk about. The voice that radical centimeter talk about the average man or woman. How DC in general Democrats or Republicans Nancy Pelosi Pelosi Joshua she amount touchy rulers guys. Letting us down I don't even know what the Democrats stand for these guys are funny I think as I'd rate crews say you didn't have to forty pages. Forty pages of what their platforms to full. And at the end of the day I was not clear on exactly what they would gonna do. He'll be every working man. There was nothing in that there was yet there was the usual tax cuts for the middle class is that there really wasn't anything that explained it. They actually say it is what we believe. And that part of me was very disappointing but now we have Donald Trump saying hey where is due process and a CG for us as well this golf again on the remind this'll here. Get mine itself I apologize for the rustling of type OK he basically said. Remember when he encouraged down Hillary Clinton followers though of him to say to that Hillary can look corrupt look around. Remember that altered the down. The emails the email scandal broke. And he is Lisa Lisa locker outlook privacy due process then Donald on Hillary Clinton really I don't. Look around blocker out what about that what about the fence but he said done Barack Obama was messy born in the United States. He was born in Kenya. Tennessee Tennessee anything about that due process that don't be just made that up and Ashley defer the I didn't read this this morning because some. I put on about this 1. The central par five this was the people who are accused of attacking a joke during a new Yuki is again. Too much and actually raped her and them grow at a very badly. He actually wants took a full page ad out in the New York papers calling full day execution. Claiming they were as guilty as hell even off they've been exonerated by jury. And let's not forget by DNA evidence. So so for Donald Trump to come out there and say. This is really bad we actually need you process. When it's all about a man being accused by these women and those sympathy for the women and old. And here's Donald Trump himself. Actually saying. Well gosh you know Hillary Clinton look around look her up because what happens doesn't sound like she process to me so you may be saying again. Amax tomorrow. You've been going off about thirty minutes about how bad the GOP is and authorities say you're an independent well I am an independent the trouble is like this at the very beginning. The GOP owns everything they own it. They don't I don't know what else is the Democrats can do it right apart from both to win but I still don't know what they stand for. But again the day. If you think your lousy sixty dollars a year for a middle as the scales as the middle class task up for that lady is a good site is a good thing we should be eaten up by inflation in this golf again it. Health care increases because don't Osama and held that the cost of the health care. Then that's really something that again with a bridge in Brooklyn Foley feeding us really good idea. Storming here anymore lecturing about Donald Trump entry due process plays it's it's just not gonna work for me anymore. So now what is it where's that leave what does that leave now everything else is going on in DC dressy helpless. This week as any is Donald Trump's spending time. Reading intelligence reports is Donald Trump's spending time helping you and I I don't think so I mean we've heard that. You know I have to say you know when they signed just think about the Donald the other day when they signed this sound these spending bill into the into little right. Member of the same pool our Rand Paul stood up there and basing made the point that the even though he's annoying as hell that basically the GOP a bunch hypocrites because they dilute his own party. They used to believe in fiscal responsibility and thinking I know they do because they told us all the time they did. They used to believe the deficits and and budget. This is send the day it was really really bad the end they did I know it's a shock. I nephew landing from miles for the first time in United States need and you wondering what's going on. I'm wondering what's going on then now we know now we know the end of the GOP doesn't believe in any of those things the pool Rand Paul stood up. And called them out for hypocrisy now. I do wanna get believe that take a break I do wanna say I do wanna come back and go through don't trash reaction to this. Uh oh in the middle of the week and how he handled. Having to sign that document so let's just take a break and we'll be right back. Everybody welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of the radical sense of parole costing as ever formula Austria's Max movie studios are beautiful sunny. Downtown Austin, Texas so those are sale is the very beginning is also senator David. Every time my I broke cost typically it is the north today. I just make mounting very clear to get any mail while we were. Door text I should say while we were actually through the Maxwell the system there on the Maxwell adult life website. Yeah I could just make it very plain I am an American I know it's strange. To hear my voice and radio but just again I'm looking in my passport they can just let them I would for a I am an American. And I have voted both left and right in the United States and the reason ninety day is very simple. I'd like to keep them off balance I don't wanna vote for the same people automatically each time I like to vote for who I think. Is gonna do the best joke is that simple now recognized for living here in Austin that and Texas. Most of my friends are voting Republican. There's isn't the beginning they think I'm any liberal loony. But then again I have my friends on the left and it's quite a few of those days 15 central Austin. You actually think MI trumps support aside I can't I can't win for losing but again it means of improving my. Independent bone fights against so when I leave all follows talking about. What Donald Trump's reaction to having to sign. That backed spending bill that Chuck Schumer. And down Mitch McConnell otherwise known to me is the scarecrow so we have the scarecrow. Which is Mitch McConnell and the caddie Ron Paul Ron. I anyways so Mitch McConnell and Schumer has Donnie. The only I think between in the probably being in congress for well over 200 years. They've actually yes finest state they got this bill and then trampled like I say it held it up. Held it up in such a way that sounds some people in his own party were very upset with a knee and then when there's ramps up. But still nonetheless at some point at 1 AM 0:2 AM in the morning. Donald Trump had to sign it because the government shut down. For a couple of house miracle right though let's just get things very crew launching very clear. The United States. Is the only western democracy. Thing goes through these shenanigans just treat to keep the government open. I mean really is insane the third major ally United States. Could be held hostage. By a few looney tunes spike like people like rental. Anyway so now think about this is place that we know the Donald 71 years old I mean let's face it he's not exactly and Giles seven point. Now we do know and this is just this is being reported by more than one source and not just talking foreign fury here and Leo's books you can think of them about the don't. He likes to go to bed early now I get older people do right they liked it. Given the data put the PGA song relax and indicated the Donald it's no secret he lies he's openly lies is McDonald's. I had to sneaky suspicion Eli she's happy meals the ones that come with the hope wheels toy literally playing with this track. In his bedroom and calling up his mates and are asking them hand and I do today probably calling a shallow Hal Sean Hannity. As saying hey and I did and I didn't. And then probably get a date announced a 39 o'clock something. But the trouble is his Rand Paul keeping everything from going in the way don't wanted. Could you imagine I mean basically the don't trump Ashley stay out until 2 AM I mean did did did Donald don't that the signed the document I mean Soviet command ST stay out. 'til 2 o'clock in the morning or. Does someone have to wake him up I can't imagine that and what that person had to do it right you know not that the door. Mr. President in what is it you need to sign this document and and would they console on the radio Kobe came out with almost now to Saddam not. You know Mr. President go to sun is talking him as she signed it the government doesn't open up. So anyway that's all signed and the government you know compared. That's sort of fits the realm does that mean even Donald Trump's own people. That say it's the S on the cool executive time. In the morning which is a part way saying he gets up to six what's his folks to FOX & Friends. Probably has I don't know what to what it was it was McDonald's breakfast these days magma muffin from Ghana something for breakfast. And total soft down to his office eleven million which sort of makes sense because that's pretty much the almost routine. When he was in trump tell me I don't blame him you know the place right but he's running the damned country now. And he's supposed to be out there helping you me again. This is what happens is why the management would dole could sometimes does the country's meat company to the studio bank. He sees me getting animate. But the fact is are still the government was there for UN that's a joke isn't it's isn't that they joke. And the fact the cold Ryan. Annan and even Nancy Pelosi and others seem to forget. That they work for us. The fact that Paul Ryan as he had the audacity to say that the tax cut I'm giving you signs that this 1% of system isn't a social reform. I really didn't. But you don't have a rep to beat them rich you don't understand how holidays and the amount of taxes they pay my god. The top 1% pace 40% of the federal income tax we you know. That's by the way if you're a local the sub that's a cheap show talking point because minor detail the top 1% also on 45%. Of the count of the country's wealth. They own 45% of the country's wealthiest are the key thing is wrong that they would then pay more of the tax. Yet they get most of the income and and AM most of the world's tossing his only fail at the top 1%. Pay something but anyway the Donald. And he made all these promises art and fiscal responsibility. Right that was Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell fiscal responsibility pool line. And that don't respond that was it was beautiful health care a walled infrastructure if trade is free buffets gonna be so beautiful in fact that it's. You fax you gotta be time to winning I seem to remember those he's listed there are many title winning out there Radiohead I'm not China but anyway. It comes to find out also that the Donald does nasty lie to hand written intelligence reports. That relies on verbal. Briefings. Yeah. So basically seven of his previous assists seven so Democrat and Republican have actually taken the time installed. To go through the daily intelligence should cause otherwise known as the president's daily brief. Which essentially a PD PD BP DB yes president's daily brief panel talking about the tablet on the way he went right president's daily brief. And essentially he doesn't want that he just wants to be told. Was going only doesn't wanna spent any time worrying about it just wants to be told what's going on. Now according to people in the White House. This is and this is a quote Donald Trump this is his style of learning. Close quote I didn't know Donald Trump I didn't know talks about a style of learning but apparently the man does have a style of learning. And essentially this shows that trumps impatience. With the exhaustive classified documents so that typically would go to the president. Of the United States she likes everything to be condensed as much as possible I guess it is on the wrapper of happy meal liberally read. But but is a thing to keep in mind. If you're just being told something as opposed to spending the time reading something which has a little detail. All saw you relying on people to tell you what they think you want to hear. But I you relying on people who are actually out there. Listen if until the boss who's who's gonna get really upset and at times it and it's not so then maybe always gonna get really mad and throw a fit and not an entire idea. So the Donald apparently only once in global communications the trouble is if that's available communication. What happens you wind up with a situation where Donald Trump doesn't actually. Get some of do not just the might be buried inside. Does this written documents in his president's daily briefing I mean it's not something they zesty gonna take up by himself. Because he's not spending the time to read it this council don't trump was trying to make America lead. Biggest standing in the world and pulled in the world making this great game but also safer if he's not reading it if he's not understanding the new wants it by the way don't normally listen I know you listen. All someone else what you wants means mate OK really is and those who would you don't you don't use that often aren't. So the other person is easy to take on a par from Sean Hannity he's my favorite got to take on duke kind of makes me but I really. And feeling I don't Cain was humanity thinks because he used to believe as Irish cool. In the constitution I know he believes in the constitution because he was the American flag if he did remind us how page Tony key is in the believes in the constitution because he's telling us. That when Obama was saying Clinton was that if the world is gonna fall apart the the constitution was under threat. Apparently it's OK we shall how they rightly say. The says they you know when Donald Trump attacks in and in the First Amendment and all those sort of things that that's probably the constitution. We don't need that quite as much anyway. The other one is easy to take on because again you see hypocrisy case went off focusing on Democrat Republican. I know you feel this thing union guy and this guy is really really easy just trying to think he's a common missing until we really does sound I'm not. I want results that's what I want only getting results here from people like to the county on port on the thinks I've. The blowing up the deficit right this is this is all the the long term mound. A dead this is exactly what town Paul Ryan has done Rick and again no one else in the stand in front of the deficit clock back into any live in the 2012. I say a bad it was going to be that eight he chose to do that himself. What just for once applied to see American reporters are really really. Armstrong questions and not let people. Off the hook write novels the I didn't grow up he beginning intimate with pro am in America. But I have to take it there reporters in UK would have a field day with some of these guys T do you really think that whole Ryan believes that the deficit was banned. Given what he's doing cosa rosters will gonna ground. Really we're gonna grow by adding trillions into the debt and we're gonna actually come up to now spend more money on interest and just on the dead alone just servicing it Hal's and good for the act. Has asked the help. The average working man. And again that's from coming from kids that's what I care about the average working manager about a 1% as they can take care of themselves right. Until the back everybody else the average working stiff. In the United States and we have to got a minute. But town just decide. That the alarm bells are ringing. On cool Brian's debt the debt that he's promised to rain and and is very simple number you before we drop that basically I'm an optimist I am ultimate that way out this'll looks out. But he 2012 he said. Obama is blowing up the deficit and would gonna have to will we expect to have the deficit if we do in my way Paul Ryan saying this will have the deficit down to. 400 billion by 28 and so it was going out six REE six or 7%. It's going to be close to a trillion dollars over a trillion dollars thanks to him. This year all right and our kids that means our kids will be paying it off or run. So odds are resting resting and again pressed again again a problem now we have the dead. Whether or not we win on the eve believe that the Democrats so the listing him and the GOP is that the that is party of fiscal responsibility. And listen I can't thank you to listen. This is the first I'm I've done the show lives on thirteen seventy on a Sunday. Eight computing to Max Miller adult life waking him a regular shows during the week. And feel free to hate me that's fine. There's a formal Amanda says I hate emotionally he's while you are wrong so feel free to send that out. So I'm gonna say goodbye we gonna stop the music everybody take K go bliss a speech you soon I'll be back next Sunday. Please sir feel free to tell your friends about me game visit Mexico adult life you can reach me there I do respond to email. And I'm willing to low. And if I'm wrong. Again this is Maxwell a signing off take care speeches saying about Bynum.