Voice of the Radical Center, 2/18

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, February 18th

The Voice of the Radical Center with Max Miller, for February 18.


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I'm cool cause any future. On the illustrious next few years it. Funny downtown Austin, Texas a relatively good thing that I suppose today. It's kind of a constant dull but I'm so used to saying that we have so much sun and often anyway thank you for joining me. This is the week where that we can we look back from seasonal nicely done anything to help the average working man or woman. Over the past week he had this is the time when we look back to see if Democrats. All Republican. And lastly stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to help you remain. A force clean around eleven weeks I've been doing this program the ons unfortunately typically is you forty guessed it knows. So what is a voice their medical center because of I mean during a few months. Well this is the program I like to think when normal sensible independent people could understand and look about concedes anybody in DC is doing anything. To us he helped us so otherwise just fight amongst themselves with the gridlocked politics. As Charlie V happy place terror and hatred for Wales welcome aboard. Yeah I like to believe as adults who recognize it compromises important patient ST ban on Faneuil Dara says frontal bunny satisfying all designed not gonna like me too much. I may be feel like watching shallow Hal the ways and Sean Hannity you know kind of like me either but. I am an independent I just and make them very clear I know I'm an independent because facing my friends. On the left and the right. Ali Singh come thus most of the time and that's because they're my friends on the right. I'm as all of the Mir in Texas I think I actually am a yet Communist it not Joba and my friends on the left. Naturally think on the front support us so that tells me I'm mostly doing something right but he gets him I would for a I am an independent and what I look for is anyone actually done anything. To help you and me guessing if you listing for the first time. Because I have been on down. On the into web for quite some time to quite a few business and now thank you very much. The other thing to keep in mind is I am an American I know I have this strange accent you just gonna have to take my word for it. I am an American I am an American passport to to prove it so. Hey the fact that I succeed in round upsetting my friends on the left and on the right proves to me down too much Jill hold. That I actually am an independent and what I look for added DC or anyone in politics is a safe anybody's Ashlee held pain. You and me. And as a city area of the council unfortunately is numbing if you think that middle class tax cut is the best thing ever. Then I got a bridge in Brooklyn not like to say yes I mean really if that's what you think is say that token the dockets that place wrongness. As they tried buying their Bentley is if you think that's really what we should be working for. Indy season hey that's great but doesn't that. Welcome aboard I'm gonna look back over the week like I said and this is anybody's actually helped us. Which unfortunately. Has this doesn't seem to have happened on TV now IG. That I like to use because as adults. As a safe you've been big panic people like Sean Hannity and those other places where they're always writes and has no room for compromise. Then perhaps you want like me but let me just make it very clear on up like this analogy I think is sets it up quite well so. You're the host Katie and costly strike has their mustang convertible with a big wheels in the layouts stereo. And suddenly you adulthood hit. Yeah I have bills to pay wasn't that he had kids my god kids. He had them may be a mild renal. Yet had ABC's car seats booster seats yet the wife get the mortgage may be no white picket fence in the Golden Retriever. Does that mean you can suddenly keep your mustang. The one you had no we can't because she recognized that life is a compromise you recognize the you have to do things. To go through life to compromise. That's what I'd like to see our friends is supposed to work for us by the way Alexio friends in DC. Did help you and me. Actually understand that life is a compromise that you really can't have the mustang when Eagles free kids the wife the Golden Retriever the Muslim law. And a mortgage oh in the dock let's not forget the talk Frankie is just not gonna work. That's what compromises. If you went through life you know compromise eased to the back on. If yes he went through life like Sean Hannity. And Mike savage well those guys you think you have any friends EST think anybody if you like speech. Spoke like that every day in real life do you think they have any friends of course you wouldn't you had no friends it'll you drive me crazy can't be right all the time. This doesn't look. And I want people in DC to work that way the trouble is we don't hold them accountable the trouble is we actually do not. Request. And hold their feet to the five to make sure they get things done and now fortunately this week. As we look back is a prime example we're gonna talk about old seat a horrible horrible situation. In sort of way of those seventeen. Kate mostly kids to a shelter I want to talk about that house we have talked about comes by C a little bit. I do wanna talk about town. Donald Trump saying oh Bernie she's me hit Sarah Huckabee sound the same to the media this is unbelievable using Ashley endangering the United States. I was at the about the NRA and money and so for that will make it very clear them you know I I live in Texas and a friend the mind the colonel. Irishman named Minnesota once the West Point grad yeah he has a five day off fifties he hasn't nailed fifteen if anybody. Cute actually handle can handle mail fifteen is my friend. The kernel which makes sense right because he's trained as he would say in a hand to hand the weapon he's trained. In how to use it had a take care of and to keep it safe that's the type of individual. If anybody needs a nail fifteen beneath even when you agree with that on the opposition as he has something like a nail fifteen. Top 10% of West Point colonel fought in Iraq that's sort of guy you want right I mean if anybody knows that a take care of the gun not some eighteen nines year old kid. It was too I'm too young to we've been actually drink legally. And actually was too young even to buy hang down in Florida yet to be 21 to buy hang on but could go in. And by an AR fifteen M makes no sense. Whatsoever and we know the 95% of Americans a global stripes believe they should be improved background checks why not right. Absolutely should be improv background checks. 75% of Americans believe that these guns like F fifteen should be outlawed. Right that it this so this is not about politics amazes common sense the question whether or not you believe. That those guys should be allowed and not the fact remains that no one in DC Jessie doing anything to compromise on that and that would make sense to me all right. Guess financial about right this week gains. Is Donald Trump. Is he actually going off to Russia for. Attacking the integrity of the United States. Elections. Are only. I could think and I know no we know is he's not attacking anybody. In from Russia he's actually attacking everybody else has happened last time this morning I do wanna talk about that. Sister spoke about his tweets let's talk about is he doing anything else to help lessen. As I say this is not about politics kids this is about as anybody helping the average working man or woman. In United States Democrat or Republican and that's why I thought the show and a friend of mine came up with my my producers came up with the name but radical center. Because I think that's when most people we other radical center week we of the ones that are being no common saints. Is being ignored by all the money in DC and that's that that really upsets me initiatives that YouTube era before the join the conversation. Fill critical 512643. Ly 512643. You can either that or you can send and if you get a Max Miller adult life you'll find a down a format the says Max is wrong. And his wife feel free to write to me. A salmon adult I don't get offended if people can prove to me I'm wrong I'm totally okay that I'm I can handle it and I'm sure most of those painted. If Jimmy rustling paper. Is simply because of the fact there's so much in front planes in fact this week. The hero that. This week. Has been a wrinkled as far as a matter print outs and writing some things that they just keep track of the Donald and is anybody has the helping you and me. Act and the ouster terribly guess is that unfortunately is now. Let's face it where war. To some extent would Russia. We don't have a commander in chief. We really don't feel that a horrible situation in Florida and Donald Trump embassies not his strong should throw strong suit is coming he just can't do it. And I also we don't actually have say down. Negotiator in chief but really don't we don't have a negotiating g.s are actually spokesman bet. Will going to be title winning a woman I want then negotiate in chief receipt of abdicated. A lot of these things anyway when we come back from the break out the guys who that please stay with me. Feel free to join the conversation on the net. Feel free to sending him emails on maximum adult life and legend Max Miller I'll be right back voice that radical center speeches and. I. Everybody would back this Max and I just went through the list of things are gonna talk about today as we wonder if anybody out there in DC. He's done many things requesting help the average working man or woman in the United States and in the past week and unfortunately. I am willing to line is some nasty count me out there in radio land only two wins if anybody's actually done anything to help the average working man or woman the most worrying about the 1% to spyware and I've anybody's asking done anything to help you or me I feel free to drop me a note or give me a ring because I am fascinated to know Fannie if you improve point oh man I'm willing to. I am willing. To learn OK so what's happened in the past a few weeks was I say this is my weekly show when we do in these about. Bustling around three months been on the radio I knew my regulars to about five months but the weekly the weekly review as I go back concedes anybody done anything that. Unfortunately. When I stalled peace typically kind of going back is that they are too because so much has happened. In Donald complained that have we ask you don't get to the beginning of the week usually but I did try your illustrious host is gonna try. This week anyway so what happened this will be at the Russian indictments he's a thirteen. Individuals who probably never see trials who supposedly. Or well I say supposedly based basically the FBI saying yes they did. Trying to hack the election and to try to influence the election and whether or not they're seeing the result will -- now but we do know for a fact they invented. And insofar as placing ads in money. And giving money to people who basically duped and as far as Donald Trump concern that's a good thing because it means. That they no one was colluding. To use his words but just be clear on this ride this indictment says so doesn't say there was collusion doesn't say there wasn't collision and the exact phrase was. This indictment. That's it doesn't mean there's some more indictments not coming I think so don't I was very happy apparently when that first came out on Friday. That he actually was nice static and can say see proof no collusion than collision bugs. But of course I may be used to wander on him since then since he's been down in morrow Longo at our expense. I. In his own property at our expense. That he's actually I may be stormed on him. And now he's actually watched even FOX & Friends or there I say CNN. That. He's actually figured out that none of it doesn't say any of those things in fact. It makes it more likely to something happens that's pretty much what we getting so. So what do you do DD DD not do anything if he can play golf we put eating out. I have the quote here what have you actually initiated and at tweet storm. Against everybody apart from home Russia yet this front apart from Russia let's just be very clear. The Justice Department's special counsel. Announced the indictment Friday of a notorious Russian troll farm which is charging thirteen individuals with an old they should scheme. To criminally interfere with a 2016. A presidential election and this was road Rosen Steen who say it. They're called the charges are reminded that people are not always who they appear to be only Internet well yeah locating my. The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote social discord in United States and undermine public confidence in. Democracy no woods. The United States and maybe Brett sit right of some women who took about breaks it because sound I had apart the plane that a long time ago. I mean when this is make this very clear. There is no hoax according to according to the around now the Justice Department is now hoax on and the FBI. Basic Trump's insistence that the rush investigation is about nothing. It's only day two in out. Say hey you know what I'm clean enough and do it so really now we're Donald Trump as he be able to fire anybody like Rosa state. Globally and I think sent. This this is the pottery wanna get to go to remembrances theme of this program in does anyone in DC doing anything he'll be an especially Saddam. Well let's face it the president's been a total failure in taking action to protect the united State's election system now first off he's saying it. This is all fake news he said he said it 44 times. 44 times he said that Russia there was no Russian interference and I also Putin announced in three times and treat type cease if you think happened. Well now. Ice on Justice Department and FBI of course sue well yes something did happen so Donald Trump com letting go of that because now he looks like he goes and she was talking about. And now he actually has to say well now this is nothing to do with Maine nothing no one nothing actually costing helped me win. And it's all everybody else's fault which were all beyond all the tweets were so. Yet to ask yourself is he doing anything. To bring help help you may amino CDs with these so called on which team fig is. Who actually. Which Jessie Rosen steam pointed out whereas he duped into doing things we don't know from that. Indictment at all if there any of these unwitting figures were part of Trump's son. Campaign in north and you were winning because they don't. So now he does scratching the surface was here what happens on this and I'm not claim one way or the other to have a crystal ball on any of this. But what I'm really focusing on like a city's SE Donald Trump doing anything to protect. The United States is a say he's not really helping to negotiate. He's not really helping us. When negotiating right trade freely free affair is only helping this particular Stacey has empathy I think he's lacking empathy gene. In the same way the home lacking the sports team I have to say I'm not a on the big sports guy and and I could really get Super Bowl and having friends over to sit down what Super Bowl is great and maybe some of the NBA finals but. For some reason I think I am missing the spores teenage just doesn't. I just doesn't work for me may be for the Donald I'm not blaming each is not just doesn't do the empathy thing too well. So I like now these press this has got to put pressure on the phone right because some more than do you. Tron possess that has dismissed all this is fake news and hope and a hoax he's accused the FBI. And the special counsel of conducting a witch hunt yep said that many many times. Based he's also said that term when he Wheaton was a candidate that encourage Russians. To hack Clinton's loss State Department emails. And I said this before. When a minute you may not like during. He may think that she's. Lying right whatever but nonetheless she's an American citizen Donald she is an American citizen. People who are Democrats are American citizens your job. Is to protect the United States of America whether or not you agree with their politics is irrelevant your job is to protect. All American citizens and I think I think he's doing a particularly good job of that. So what happened which trumps tweets in the past 24 to 36 as as good as so his reaction to Friday initially was. Russia's thought of anti US campaigning 2014 long before I announced our run for president. It's what between the results of the election. We're not impacted the trump campaign did nothing wrong. No collusion despite the fact of course the FBI and seize on the intelligence services who worked for him. And he can get details. Why has to go out to FOX & Friends rather seek Italy truly. Cole out these young guys and say Khamese may Tenet was going on I wanna understands. That he you wonder he's egos not gonna help I'm gonna get it gets in the way. As we will see as Lucy did this one a with his two recent songs social. Again I'm just looking out for anybody's gonna think they'll be and they think that the energy I think the energy that the GOP and even the Democrats have wasted. Dealing will this Russian stuff whether you agree within and I think that the NHT if you think it's fake. I think could be any G the amount of resource. That people like Denny newness and others that fit into this as Fox News have put into this. When they actually could be spending time NF worrying about now I thought I was gonna make health care a great make it beautiful I thought I was gonna build infrastructure. For those that are actually. Make trade freed the fan with I mean I'm all for that Donald as what you said it may. Go right ahead I am willing to say you did a good job on those things I'm waiting. I'm more to do it. Please. Unfortunately. Because with cooler episode Donald's. As we sang two little tendency is nothing. Is getting done. All right so now we know where we are we studies what happened with the Donald and his fragile egos so what eighty do. Hannity Saturday handle this well as I said first off he started off. By saying on Friday this no collusion in this between I just read this is great. I Torre and I'm clean and nothing him like I said I think. As of last time this morning when he wasn't playing golf. He spent a lot of time from the telly and these things to me that he spent a lot of time wondering. Why don't people saying hey he's safe don't over dry. Lets you Laura Ingraham something that goes with it doesn't mean immediately but he says. He basically there instead or dental Scion unclean then I'll sing anything and also and we'll move on just wasn't there. So I. What did he do at Tennessee we went off resound national security chief SH on the monster. Went off to the FBI some help whether they had to do the do it has put up Hillary Clinton Barack Obama the Democrats. And even CNN. But at this is alchemy really this is what the guys spending his time doing apart from meeting I guess sound happy meals and some of them anyway. He's also with the main point here cause he's resisted calls to decry Russia remembers there what congress policy may remember this last year. Basically unanimously. That we should impose more sanctions on Russia that was it. That was it they basically it says it's a week and upon us. We should pass more sanctions on Russia and any other week what do Donald did so I need to sign it. That I need to we don't need anymore we dated they've got the message I looked include design he told me. The data point to fear I don't need to do anything. And you can do diddly. So. Now we know it's not a Russian hoax because he's come because even Donald is saying is gonna hugs anymore. He sang I never said Russia did not middle. Members said 44 times he said they did not they they didn't Madeline it was fake. Bally sang I never said Russia did not meddle I said it may be Russia or China or any other country and may be a 400 pound genius sitting in his bed playing with his computer. That's basically what he said. And he also said that it was I navigated and that's the way it is and the fact that the term campaign Clinton would Russia is also. Thank about thirty minutes later this is the tweets in the last twenty browse to say it. If it was the goal of Russia to Craig discord disrupting chaos within the US win Wimbledon committee hearings blah blah blah blah blah investigate his party hatred. They are laughing their oss is often in Moscow get Smart America I mean really. One classy to me up again I don't care if you listen to me guy who on earth is his Max Miller guy claims to being independent. And all he's done is rank on the Donald well because I'm looking for results guys I'm looking for. I'm looking for I'm looking for results that's what I want I come back join me let's see was anybody's done anything to help you in ninety average working stiff. This week thanks for listening everybody take can't be back in a minute. Okay. Everybody welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the what's the theoretical sense and that's what is the program I like to think for. Grown ups. We recognize that everybody has an opinion and then if you wanna get through life we end up having to compromise I would like to see. Offerings in DC the people who actually work for us actually compromise to get things done. And I just was just listening to that you say when you probably had it too many kids around their basically saying hey adult you need to make sure that there is a compromise on some kind of a recognition that we need to do more about getting guns at a at the hands in particular people not qualified. They have them that's a prime example to me of sensible solutions which lets not forget. Between 75%. And 95% of Americans in my gun toting friends I do live in Texas. I agree with and I think anything wrong with that and the fact that we go to town this the man of dysfunction. And I zesty quite scary so again I'm just looking at this from the simple prospective role as anyone done anything. They help you and me improve our lives or lives of our kids. In the past week and the onset unfortunately is now and we're not gonna get anything it would seem. From the Donald is where we left off flaws. Was he doing anything drastic cool out Russia. For meddling which now we know it was confirmed whether or not it had the results. That people have said I mean we sort of beyond Iran. It Gatorade didn't we'll never know but nonetheless we know they defeat to date anybody. From trump playing IE the White House SE comment and say. This is wrong well yes but monster did H on the monster Donald Trump's own guy and get the quality came out said that this is wrong. Basing sleet and Donald Trump decided. To attack him. By saying general let monster for adults say that the results of the twice just in 2016 election went on impacted or changed by the Russians. And the only collision was between Russia and crew did Jerry DNC probable. Normal normal normal everything we sort of know about what the normal mice and I was pre nup. The campaign. Great don't got it. This deal saying it didn't actually you'll saying goes on collision okay and you're saying Mayo did never impact on the election we'll find held as soon enough I'm worried about that. So we gonna do a better in the future. That isn't that what a commander in chief should I thought that's what a commander in chief should be doing instead of which he's being these really classy guys saying the brushing the Russians are laughing all sizzle off in Moscow yet that's a direct quote from a commander in chief from the kinda has sound sets an example for our children NASA guy we have in the White House. Right now. And eighty ST say anything easy tweet it. More about the horrible situation woods in Florida as he sent anything to actually. Do more to say we're gonna take care of these kids. All move he didn't. He pays between seventeen times about him and once about the kids and basically is what he said. Very sad that the FBI missed all the many signals sent out by the Florida school shoot this is not acceptable well I don't. Probably right about that. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russia collusion with the trump campaign there is no pollution get back to the breaks this basics and make all of us. Crown now can. The guessing game for a minute he's the commander in chief of the United States. The guy that whether we voted from the hole is supposed to represent. Everybody in United States weak he is certainly is best interest need to take is the interest the United States these be taken into account. Well Ronald they voted for him instead of which the Donald is roaring about rushing collision. And basically saying the FBI screwed up because they didn't let it be implying. They didn't put enough resources into. This situation is like this in Florida because of spending way too much time worrying about what I deed or did not do. I'll just remember a couple of things in number one these things are totally separate. Mullah and his team have nothing to do nothing to do. With the FBI. I mean they're not they're totally separate set of funding it is that this is nothing to do with little data. Oh she dual mode did or didn't do with the FBI did or didn't have nothing totally separate but Nicholson Donald. Can't forget about him so we asked he has to bring up the fact that Tom. Now you know what it the FBI should spend more time looking at them not wearing them down. Neat. OK so finally as a sit on the subject H on the monster bank ought to slap on the wrist a public slap on the wrist for saying when he was overseas. That the Russians did middle as is unacceptable and Winokur let it happen again. So fall in all those lists of people that I spoke about the FBI Hillary HR McMaster and others the Donald. Has not once not once mind you criticize Russia not once. These are the people who is now acknowledging at least tried to influence the election whether or not you agree that he and in results or whatever nonetheless. He's acknowledging you can't ignore anymore but it happens. But he's not saying that they gates and he's not really admitting that he needs to do something about it for the future. He calls he did close by saying I want but wasn't I great candidate. Way to go Donald at a boy. How well has great two million then health care the average working man dance bits and they don't. While you're playing golf tomorrow a lot of passing out playing golf I guess watching TV in tweet. Apologize and you listen I know you listen I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply you play golf. Go for did I say all right. Sally on and a leader Wright does say don't trust and actually. Doing anything to help. This is an anti Russian campaign we should probably have in place to make sure it doesn't happen again because he didn't ask his buddy could do. Did they put ads lead did you actually do anything now. I didn't with my lie do you Donald I guess that was good enough. He is he amazing thing is a little story that I picked up which I was really. Rather stunned about actually. Which is that town Donald Trump's top US officials. Are telling the rest of the world just ignore. Anything the Donald Trump says in his tweets. Mean really could you imagine. It doing met Amanda is stunning. So basically he's seen the end anybody I see any diplomat or anyone from the US Republicans. Who actually deal with people overseas. Are actually saying. Just ignore and there's there's don't worry about it says he is is Donald being Donald don't worry about it and we just gonna move on from it. And just ignore it does that mean that is that. It should not be stunning TN I don't care if they're trying to support that even his own party is telling people overseas just ignore. Donald Trump's tweets at age should be as this out if doc as a said before Donald Trump was getting results for UN may. The average working man a woman I am all for it Donald knock yourself out. Improved access to health care I'd say I'm with you improved infrastructure go right ahead trade as free. The fair knock yourself out. I'm all for it may I'm. Listen I would maybe even both Croatia as he did debt. I'm totally onboard but do you honestly think honestly think we're gonna get that announced that it which he got them tax cut that gives tokens and dockets T you and me. And as trillions to the deficit because he would assign anything the pool Ron putting found him basically all right. They didn't criticize Russia hasn't criticize anybody that might have actually done anything. And even governor Jon Casey I know my you know the guys he Michael Ryan Obie can't tell me that don't trumps the Republicans really. I think is an absurd statement. Said John Kasay compelled Donald Trump's tweets. Because let's forget that they eat at that point is going up to general on the most all right. We just to touch a little bit on this sound. Situation this horrible situation in Florida because I still buy this before that this is represents. A piece of Howell the United States unfortunately arcades down. And our men are living in Austin I live in Texas. Many my friends are and they see these are friends of mine he's a good friends in my. I'm pro life has some of pro choice I have a whole mix I don't as I can even after this note. Ideological check the Max Miller looks for in friendship by just look for anybody price someone's a good friend that although for client I'll go for a ninety day. I'll share gin and tonic I am not worried about the ideological back cancel on this you know let them ram it down my throat what it reminded him okay. But one of the things we tuition about of course is how. You know abortion bad. Pro life is being a pro life is so good that's sort of been sitting here in Austin nom Mo gonna get into your pro life or pro choice today what I want to that is results. So we know. The guns are a big part of American life again like I said I find it's. AL fifteen tell them what I wanna see the need for it mean you can't eat just facing conduct hunting it. You guys on told. That a if someone wants to go hunting that's fine that you Congo's mountain with a it's not a good defense guns inside done in your house so I'm told right that's that's I'm gonna go with the experts ever phentermine. Probably has like 25 different handguns any keys to more on the safe FISA responsible adult. And hey if that's his choice on again mocking with debt what's so great here the F fifteens or Al assault rifle type weapons. As my colonel friend with side is not a gun Max is a weapon I'm gonna think that. All right. But we've become an ally the United States has become an outline and a in taking care of our kids and I'm talking nineteen or under nineteen years of age right. Because the United States has actually. Done in the last twenty is a worse job of protecting our key is only from guns. But also car accidents. And infant mortality. A child mortality now spoke at this in the past I mean I don't care if you're pro life pro choice that's fine. But if fuel pro life than pro I shouldn't end once the babies born. Right that's if the babies born. We need to take care of that baby is simple right that's and that's what decent society is. Do. Now the fact is unfortunately. The united and I actually had friends of mine as one appoint a senate friends of mine. From the right didn't believe these numbers prize on the economic gonna get away continued that says they they didn't believe. When I said the United States. Has a infant mortality and a child mortality goes fifty to 60%. Higher. The most industrialized countries now I'm not talking small little country is that like Norway a Singapore that we know we've got a very. Similar population in the way you've got less immigration and you've got time. A you know again just a small city state like Singapore and only eight million people until about major industrialized countries like. The UK Germany France and those sort of places. Countries he recognizes western civilization or western countries right for it pretty basic. Compared to. Compared to most of these countries clearly the United States is way out there on gun deaths for kids on the sixteenth in the and the ninety. This is done debate right you can argue all day long. But they've already figured it out if you look discount that's to states like new York New York State Connecticut and others. When they banned or these weapons their actual crime that actual gun rate down desperation he's made his is dropped. A lot. But he Jesse being compared to other countries clearly there's no comparison between. The UK France Germany United States down not again claiming that for 12 that we should talk about. Taking away handguns are things I'm talking about these assault weapons right but nonetheless the cut in the space which vest he banned them Connecticut's one of them they seen a huge drop. So we are failing our children. From that perspective in the cage you just heard on that I news snippet. Was clearly saying is that you adults do something. Because we kids we expect you to do something and this is where leadership comes into play as. I'd I took place once before and it was last week or whenever that. I really I I took me a bit lower house of wind to use what as Donald Trump used these phrases. When Mike Huckabee compares Donald Trump to Churchill yes he did he he I kid you not Mike Huckabee compares Donald Trump. To Winston Churchill basically in the thirties when Donald Trump was. Ostracized by not only the opposition party but by but by people from his from his own party. For basic war you know going on this Rampage is wrong wrong phrase the guy on that warnings about. Adolf Hitler and nazism. And essentially. He was because no wanted another war right but of course we know is right. Would it be great if you don't from my seats at the time in a fanatic the prime protect us from Russia. The wage should chill wanted to protect the west from not what he would cool nazism. Anyway we'll come back I do wanna talk about sound a bit more about what these kids are two renowned. In the Florida and how we're actually letting our own. Kids dancing noises Max Miller voiced the radical center feel free to call and 5126. Forced relies so I'm just getting used to the fund amplified when to fix for us the tools relies speak descend on our. But everybody this is Max Noah back for the last segment of the program thank you for joining me I am the voice of radical sense just to be very clear this is where I expect. Our friends in DC the people ask you look for us to actually take care of you and me to make sure. The UN I have better access to health care may be dead roadside. Listen whatever works right if his pod private public partnership I'm OK but I wanna see results is to take a couple there. Unfortunately. Unfortunately has a say in ten weeks I've been doing the weekly show. On the into web and here own until thirteen seventy and other stations I am forced they have not seen anything that's anybody's done. Anything have you not the average working man or woman if you wanna point is that to me I am willing to lend. Anyway where we left gulf. Women liftoff with my masses of paper here was the fact that. I understand you know people can be pro life they can be pro choice whatever works until then came the their opinions. I just look at results while I just wanna look at results whatever gets done what those that make life better for everybody. So one of the big ones that came up the cause was as does the same before the break was so we've god. A very high mortality rate compared to other industrialized countries for kids. Under the age in nineteen in guns this is just the way it is. And we'd and that's why you know those kids protesting on the news break and why I would expect. Although unfortunately. What do you think the odds are he's gonna Hammond. But you would expect. People in DC. To show true leadership doesn't rose just talk about Huckabee Mike Huckabee comparing Donald Trump to Churchill right. A true lead mr. Huckabee. Goes out to do some thing. Or make a statement this against their own personal self interest that's what courage is right so Churchill had nothing to gain personally. For example in the thirties which you referenced. When he was ostracized by the conservatives and by any of the party at Sina in United Kingdom. He had nothing to gain. By politically personally. Bike by saying that we need the United Kingdom needed to worry about nazism all the world need to worry about Nazis and that's what. Courage is right there was no personal. Gains for him it was all about in his mind doing what was the right thing. As opposed to people who is simply bad to say what am they think the audience all they have found a vote is. Want to hear as opposed to playing it straight. Right so in this case in this case went down we talk about kids on them with these horrible situation in Florida. With kids under the age of nineteen need so we know for a fact United States has a much trying to. Has to say. Kids being shot by other kids or bite. By the family members that are in my big. Compared to other industrialized countries just the way it is and as a city the other week. This they are fifteen this keyboard. Was purchased legally keep people discount legally the age of eighteen was old enough not to bold enough to buy nail fifteen an old enough to drink. And not old enough to two by Hank writes assuming makes no sense so will say. If anybody actually tries even moderately in DC to fix it. And they if there's an eight mr. Huckabee references. You prefaced in Churchill. Let's see if there's any courage and their amongst the political types that would be nice wouldn't it. OK guess and keep in mind about the kids in this country is done. Just to put in perspective right so we have more vehicle deaths now. Because we haven't been enforcing laws to crack down on buzzed driving. Or encouraging people to Wear seatbelts as much as we shouldn't have toughest thing you might say when asked the nanny state song once stood. Not Wear a seatbelt that's that they look up but the fact is our kids are the ones losing out on that. And the other one is more complex which have referenced before. Is infant mortality and child mortality and I think this is the one. That when you add it up with all these. The numbers he had a pulled the and the nineteen year old kids that are dying from some formerly United States. We're actually plugged we ask you compared to Germany for example. The number of kids that die as a percentage of the population. Just get this straight as a percentage of the population. One million kids is the key is twice as high almost twice as high as Germany. And Ford synod in the UK right so that's a Lotta kids pass a lot of kids is tens of thousands rank every year. If we could checks and balances in place like other wealthy. Industrialized countries is not about politics Amanda. If we could checks and balances in place we would be able to protect the people that need protecting and unfortunately. The US for whatever reason isn't doing as CI I think have a reason why some of these things on happening apart from. Of course. All the money going into politics from mom corporations or from the NRA and others. Which again I don't get the NRA if you're in a price of 43 gonna tell me and Roma. If you if you the NRA YE supporting. Com severe background check out this photo of my common sense to me why. Why is that not common sense are more of this and most think take away the guns I'm not saying even they we should examine assault rifles booked at the end of the day. There is they want with Mac common sense. Which again as well as programs abound trying to understand. What it is that aid people in DC a doing to help. You may well the trouble is a course in. In DC right now in trumpet they are enabled. By on the left and the right to buy. News outlets that really to some extent. Don't care. I am I'm picky poison right you made MSNBC CNN whatever folks as you may pick you poison on who do you think he's doing. Not doing a good job on actually calling out politicians are holding their feet to defy. But the trouble is it seems to me whether we like it or not the way that people. Basically coming down sank. That when. Fox News Ashley had they can't have peace on. Shut up and dribble came from Laura Ingram rational folks you see if you do stay on Russia SP percent ownership. The town when. LeBron James is almost with Kevin Durant about what he thinks that politics right now. He said the climate has talked to mrs. James he said. And he said the current climate filling that is as the number one job in America is someone who doesn't understand the people many used a four letter words. And they really don't give us you know what about the people. Well obviously Laura Ingraham was very upset that the that unknown political entity an NBA guys Sheikh Hamad said. Must they mouth there Ramel soft like this I'm forcing a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. And he's always unwise. To seek public particular excuse me political advice from someone who gets paid hundreds of millions of Rosie defensible really. So just because he's a basketball player making hundred million dollars a year is seen on American. You know allowed to have an opinion or. I mean you ask you then on to say he was no one voted him on the one pose to you. But Mike again I was numbering in the south is not. To criticize necessarily. What he says it's all support what he said. I'm here to make the point that none of the things that she sang or shallow Hal say is people like Sean Hannity is asking helping. The people that actually watched or listened to their programs. What they should be saying is Donald Trump promised a solid middle class tax cut where is it. Donald Trump promised. Beautiful health care his words not mine and we know we stuck on the fewest since the political coverage so beautiful is the woods as you for Donald sometimes. Did you Donald and they listen calls one of you people in the white colonial was what did you and he's okay. But the wood did you. For Donald is beautiful we will promised beautiful healthcare Donald where it is. Beautiful healthcare I don't say it. I sit and that middle class tax cut. Is going to be eaten up by the fact that Donald Trump and his guys are trying to damage these so called exchanges and other parts of of healthcare right that's pretty much it. So every healthcare will go up in price. For the people that voted for the dome so again if I don't care if he left folks who aren't everything lowering grooms the best thing ever I don't care about that. What I would care about is she's now sharing without us. What it is that Donald Trump said he was gonna do. That has failed miserably in doing. Infrastructure all making America great game remember and respect from people around the world that was a big one. Respect from people around the world meanwhile members of Donald Trump's own party. The GOP. Are actually telling people overseas ignored Donald Trump's tweets so how is that helping us. Make a better America it isn't I'll look again I'm all for it if Donald Trump will make life better if you meet. I made about a forum I mean really I don't think he's mentally it and still many Tiki get it done. That's great. Fantastic. Guild Gil June. Roads build better health care that whatever bill bed interest at whatever it might be build a better will hold another was on the on all four X. But the trouble is there is nothing out there and no one anyway as done anything to help you know me nothing so that's the problem and I'd like to say that fixed. Okay I'm gaining what doctor walker NASA. So is Donald Trump protecting us now is an app out if you could tell Maine feel free to write to me listen maxim maximum adult life would discuss a national adult life. It is a form as it Max is wrong Philly and tell me what I'm wrong ultimate way Donald Trump has done I think they'll be on the if you'll platitudes. I can tell you what get at these laws of people his TV platitudes ranked troubling is. They cheap and they guess what they're meaningless. Like a puff of wind right it doesn't cost anything and is gone he's gone like the will of the wisp. It's gone all right so now we're gonna find out. This week he's gonna variance in Italy Sunday is only some day. And we've only had and I've even got through the big inning of the week I knew I wasn't gonna make in the few in the lesson and now I have here. At 1213 seventy we deal in my producers here today. I mean I really couldn't get through everything. So listen I want to thank you for listening. It's been great fun I get I'm just starting out on doing these life with tools that he said they hope you enjoy it. If you didn't I can take that to infiltrate a right to Max Max militant allies visit maximum little libel or same day as he has a phone number they're told renowned Ethan Coen leave a voicemail on the side Max. I'm candy and and get what you're saying naming those fans or if you want to agree with me on I can take that to doubt improve my ego just like the Donald. So anyway I wanna say goodbye and thank you very much go bless speeches saying speeches soon. And you know what let's that is made this a regular event thank you for listening. And I'm gonna go walk and it's a maximum of gold because the Max Cordoba initiative would be today Jonas you the next move though looks like. Just go to Mexico the lie begets more fan mail and I did possess he really good looking dog anyway thank you so much. Speak to sing take take up less is Max Miller assigning often does seek you next week but I am.