Voice Of The Radical Center, 3/11

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, March 11th

Voice Of The Radical Center, for March 11.


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This Macs know otherwise known as the voice of the radical sense that this is why I like to look back at the weekend review. And this did anybody anywhere is done anything to actually help the average working man or woman in the United States I'm talking about Democrats. Or Republicans who hopefully might actually find the time to stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to help you and me. I'll force clean about the five weeks subbing doing these sort of week in review and around the balcony along the lines of the for five months I've been doing the actual daily program the onset typically has been. No and you may disagree with me and that's fine too because as an independent. Now I am willing to learn from either side of the aisle for someone to tell me if I'm wrong so as you listen to make you wanna give me a cold 512643. Live Democrat Republican. Aren't really willing to learn if you believe anybody anywhere. In DC has done anything to help. Unite the average working stiffs so what is the voice that radical sensible very quickly images go through that. To believe this is a program when normal sensible independent people and understand what is really going on with the gridlock politics. Now the was still we gaining anything done. In DC that actually gives us more. The only token tax cut for the middle class the woods. While they give me I cigar into a debate would do essentially the other day who is sound. Someone on my the program and through emails he followed up basically saying I was totally wrong that he was happy with his. Middle class tax cut and has great that's great but just imagine if it had been done properly if we dads he had a payroll tax cut imagine if they've been planes prestige helped. Improve access to health care if everybody wasn't an act of being a good idea and that's the type of thing. I'm talking about anyway I as a San Max Miller I amber broke crossing as usual from. The illustrious maximum studios in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas and I should say today. It's not crisis financially to maximum of dole could. Often accompanies me to the Maxwell the studio decided he can be bothered to do that so he's not with me. But it is SXSW decided I know is they try to get from. Were religious indebted to set aside to almost in downtown to see downtown Austin it was actually quite difficult and I suddenly realize why is because a we people visiting for SXSW which is. Absolutely fantastic so we're glad to hear welcome aboard the weather's not so great today there's hope upon. This opening cruises it'll be just feels great. It was win from ninety degrees I think and now has gone and a sixty and and how that's possible that they got summing it sometimes that happens I suppose. It like this it for the first time army wondering too why am. And why don't I have this strange accent Hawaii should be listening to me. If I don't sound like a typical Texan well let me just make it very clear I am an American. I'm an American because I have an American possible to prove and I have voted. Democrat or Republican depending on who I think. As got to do the best job for us it was pretty much it I like to see there's someone out there is gonna do the best and may be that might be someone on the right. Maybe it's a good idea to have. Reform all of a trade I don't know yet item we have a seamless command but maybe that's not a bad idea or may be on the left it's improving of obamacare I'm willing to learn I am willing to let what I look for here. If anyone in DC. Are Republican or Democrat I see doing anything. Two I see appear to me is a sit down my friends on the right so now things I do leave here in. It's a beautifully danced in Austin, Texas it sound. Well let's just say they seem come a Communist it until bush tells me. Until we do my job as an independent Chris my friends on the left. I think I'm trying to support so I guess. Because of that I'm doing I'm doing things right I feel I am an independent I don't normally looking for is. Who can hit anybody out they can help you in nine. Do better than we pastor today which is Graham both for and if that means. Donald Trump so be it unfortunately. As we get into the week in review which is what this program is about. That's a little example was just yesterday. Way Donald Trump had a rally. In Pennsylvania and basically turned the round into himself knows all about him and I mean. I am shocked and stunned. But Donald Trump would turn a rally. About getting a member of the GOP party elected verses turning into himself a somehow we managed it so go until about that. We gonna talk about not draining the swamp I recognize I have a friend of mine. Who way the pro golfer who worked on some programs we've actually during the week X pro actually who I'm. The first to if he voted for trumpet nasty civil duty argument to me off a few months. Was what trumps immediate but he's armed. He's as the gander MB of refreshing change and I'm I hate whatever he's saying mate would maybe think is is gonna tell you about but as it turns out. I think might pro golfer friend to receive this in Florida he thinks it turns more of an idiot than anything else which is. OK if you still think he's gonna get some things done that helps you may unfortunately. That isn't it and not drain the swamp I know we're gonna talk about that. A tax reform yet the bill was supposed to get mated to focus on illnesses people drove by in a chauffeur driven Bentley is the we didn't get that I that. I do I remember our tax a cuts in thing and makes fun continues and they didn't. Of course I hope news from only the Thursday and Friday of last week was an attempt came Joan no. And the trumps to have decided to have a little chat via print we have recovered TO cognac or something and know that Tom. Kim Jong-un has a very expensive palette so he's probably you know calls on his underlings out there looking right now for some very good down Napoleon cognac for the Donald to drink a though. I think quite frankly the tall raw they have through the milk shake from opponents. Chemicals it took about tariffs and finally finally. How come we know we have to talk about stormy Daniels just because a likes and a nine stormy Daniels I mean really I mean it's Yemeni ties. Bursting into a wide grin. Daddy give me rustling reams of paper is because in front plane into the only way I can keep track. And anything is to literally print out everything right all leverage and then trump claimed. That is literally reams and reams of paper sees my laser printer at the office is gone through multiple cartridges since have been doing the program. For the simple reason I like to keep track of the most of Donald's two is is to print out everything in the right delivery and read it. So there are Middle East moderately informed and if you therefore if you called me and tell me I am wrong. And conclude it's me I'm wrong I won't truly admitting I can't see or should reach out to me. At maxim maximum adult life or just go to Max mobilize our C Forman. Way people are happy in the pawns in all caps on my dad. Told me I am wrong. And that was jets and new discussions. Back and forth every once in awhile and that's OK it is. Because if if I think that as I said before as a true independent. If I think that someone on the right all the left has an idea that's gonna work and improve is working I am. Willing to admit. When I'm wrong as opposed to. And I was so and other people are shallow Hal otherwise turn Sean Hannity and others I'm more than willing to to admit if if if I'm wrong or something else is. Improving the life of people that I had recognized I'm totally OK with that. So I before we get into that we get ticket breaking just second. I do wanna save that town thank you very much for those of you who have reached out to me and I just told me I suck which is okay. I can take it. Or B is that sound more American and they hate Macs and all see that guys say they think Compton recently scheduled for the last group views. Hey thank you very much at that I do appreciate that. ID get into his discussion recently with some rest he felt that town. Is basically told told me Haiti trumping us I don't I don't I trump I don't and the NEG paid the man had a better things to do. That's the hate someone mandate that I can do that I'm just looking for someone somewhere to rest to get things done for you wouldn't mean possess to gonna make a lot has been unfortunately. Is not a trumps them where do you like it or not he can be delusional about it. Is not going to be him and a prime example of course was his Riley just had. In Pennsylvania we're essentially Donald Trump a surprise surprise surprise endorsed. Himself yes he endorsed himself which was paid the Donald. It's I know is Tony you left in the White House so I guess is he running everything so that's OK too but anyway don't trump was in them noon it township Pennsylvania. Lorie bicycle the business out of the way very quickly over in Dover endorsing this guy AM Rick. So Tony. Basically saying that it was a great guy and we shoot everybody up they should vote for him. Letting go around to congratulating himself. The done a great joke. Basically saying how wonderfully so. Get into the detail map. Pro freely give nearing 512643. Lives otherwise we'll keep wading through the week in review thank you for listening. They're very this is Max Noel otherwise known as the voice of the radical sentiment would take place where I like to believe normal sensible independently. And understand. What is really dying without with the politics well I like to look at life in the form of the car. Tomorrow is another woods if you of the heart kidding college he had the white mustang convertible eulogized you are just the stud. On campus then suddenly yes you did marry this decades she lead but now you find you've got the I don't know three K is a dole good mother and lord. How some bogeys in a white picket fence. I. Note to get things done that they made a mustang maybe with three rows of seats and a 25 cup holders and then for the Muslim rule. Now be great but unfortunately they don't so you have to look at life slightly differently as you get responsibility you get older and that's what I'd like to see. Our friends in DC did you know I mean just give back to the trounced his son go to Korea. Quote this. And I would not only say this on the other end in a sec is the prisoners in the United States as they said that he did say. At one point that he's very presidential as he was actually criticizing. Other washing general. Tiny showed how presidential he was vice basically standing straight up artificially straight and essentially mocking. How I guess trickle of people look at X Rayed the politicians excuse me I should say and that's great right I mean that's okay because they think he's one of assets that was one on the responses son. That he got these says don't forget this is a world go to selected. Said. If I came in like a stay if you guys were in the comment tonight right especially. What he says however he did go on to cool NBC host chuck told some of the bitch he did say that and I asked the president. All of the United States saying that that pres the United States calling out NBC for whatever reason. Calling chuck told and I don't get the context of why he couldn some of the bitch but he did. And let's just get this is get a few things do you maintain that Donald Trump. And it what is supposed to stand for is the best thing since sliced bread. Allow anyone telling me that he's a good example. For your kids of how to behave. In public because the question allows people typically is to breastfeed. Still sort of like trumpet awards suggests that he's doing cajole but though I haven't quite figured out exactly what a good job is in a moment. Would you want Donald Trump running UK it's high school and the EPS to get it to that personal reckless. I don't know anyone anywhere that I've had that conversation with even if there. From supporters is that they would want to own front money McIntire school because this two person race to the one of those would you want him. Running the US government now they are stressed heads with good friends and Monty for the voted for trump on this was. Is a different. Stories of different conversation Max is not the same. As saying that you would want you principle of your high school. Running the United States government I'm Obama focusing on. The skills of others say as administrator I'm focusing on the temperament of the individual that's why I'm looking ahead so when the present a United States. Spends time and effort. The cool LA. I would say a moderately moderate reporter from NBC. And to basically call women names that show you see the man of the change in Spain the way Donald Trump focus is in other words he doesn't really care. About unique if he did. The man of any messy man advantage that you would reporting to make sure we got a good middle class tax cut. I mean imagine. If we actually had proper payroll tax deductions to. As my Republican friends also like to tell me all the time actually have to match you know understand a lot of people money and pay federal income tax and has partly true bank. But you can't say they don't pay any taxable everybody pays payroll tax and if you make a lot of money. I guess what things about a 12025. Grand this year remember exactly. You no longer pay payroll tax so proportionally Jesse better off. From that perspective so again this is the president not mistakes I am not for 12 suggesting. That I don't agree with some of his policies. What I am saying is none of what he's doing is actually helping you know I'm not what he's doing is SE helping the discourse of getting things done. In the United States. And he's out there according. Depend members of the press and this is not people folks in the state media calls for calling members of the press. Crude names and this is what our president. Does and I think I don't care if he think trump is great. You cannot tell me that's acceptable that is unacceptable behavior Fenn a man is supposed to be deleting not just by his policies that also leading. By example ninety going to say of course. Is anything more fun than the trump probably will like this and if you've gone to try and rally. I think he's pretty safe to say you you'd be going for some of the entertainment. Entertainment value but we'll see there's a big vote coming up in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. We'll see if Donald Trump's on recent steel tariffs which of course the GOP hates. And the county line poor Ryan does does the best we can get out of Paul Ryan is well. I hope Donald doesn't do too much. As opposed to saying this is wrong could could you imagine did you Justine mansion. The out to be the outpouring of vitriol by the way Donald and you listen to this and calls when you underlings were vitriol means okay. But seriously could you imagine. Did you imagine. The vitriol the would have happened if Obama decided to put tariffs. On that steel for example could you just there's no business they wouldn't be they would be. They'll be apoplectic they could neither they'll be beside themselves. So does this is why I mean about hypocrisy in DC nor helping helping you NI. One little bit so we'll see guessing the Donald did. Yeah because you know I've criticized him before I get people signed with a minute this Macs that I just started off by saying he's an independent. Not least on his rank on the don't well yeah because right now that the GOP owns everything. I out today and I'll get it straight out I'm kind of sick to death of Nancy Pelosi. I think it's time that the Democrats had knew that new leadership. Obviously she's down. She's sort of I would say sort of stands in the way now of around perhaps a win for them in some respects because she's become a target and that's that's it I think she understands that that's acceptable in. In DC and get to be a politician the first that your generation I think she's like Sydney Sydney is old. And and did not understand the what happens with slings and arrows guessing out of this and this is not a political statement at all I think. Who was a good eating out I don't think most people would agree but we need term limits. Poll Ryan otherwise known to me is the candidate Ron Paul Ryan. Has been business it was twelve if that he's probably born into the into the senate. Because he's basically being this is forever right. He's I think yes he truly is being as is his 28 and Paul Ryan is now war late forties so he's been at least. Twenty years the man is never ahead a real jeweled. In his life not one. Not Imus I'd look him up that someone could explain to me he's at a real joke I'm Jason please tell me but Desi. Has yes he had a deserving any comprehension of what it means have a real job I think he does. And I love how he criticizes the government. This is I told someone else on the way to is that he's everything his family heads. Weather is good health care. Whether it's the the good patient and he's gonna get wet and the cozying committee has all comes out of you and eyes pocket comes out of you when we pay for it. So he's he basically criticizes the government but he's at ease as the member of the government and he's being there for twenty years. Again SE a proxy disorder since nearly selfish reason Pavia like I say so what else happened what goes to the Donald talk about. When he is up there in Pennsylvania well yeah I basically took wanted to take a page out of Singapore. Or the Philippines where essentially if you are drug dealer. You get shot more or less you get executed this basically said he's going for the execution to death penalty to use his phrase good drug dealers. Of cousy got this idea apparently talking to the prime minister all found Singapore. He's what he said. What's on my blue ribbon whose only blue ribbon committees is the only way to solve the drug problem is who toughness he wanna catch a drug daily go to put him away. For a long time so. No worries about due process and don't write is just. We just gonna basically follow the Philippines UBS schools is something that you may think I'm exaggerating. But we do know the Donald loves. Tough tough to lead isn't tough to assess wade likes that would tougher all the time alongside beautiful and great those of his is his famous woods I think you like to use. So yeah I still foot cracking down on drug dealers and so on. Was to believe we. OK so we did RC they had to exact quote he did put the wood sleeping in for winning that phrase that he called them chuckled at that anyway. All right so we'll still see what he says what the Donald says about town more about drugs and everything else he says we have we have to build a wall he said. Four people for gangs for drugs the drugs have never been a problem like we have. Right now you know this is the thing about people at the tunnel that was wanna make you be afraid of everything. You're afraid to go out at night you're afraid to walk in the dark you're afraid to do anything because the people scared the living daylights out of you for the simple reason that he since their purpose. To do that. Again I'm OK with the Donald saying we going to be tougher on drugs OK let's be sensible about it Donald. But the say arbitrarily. Yeah the president of the United States we have a core system would rules and regulations danced well this is about. And I'd love to see I truly would love to see. Pull Ryan otherwise known as the capital and maybe for heaven's sake Chuck Schumer. And Nancy Pelosi from the democratic side Ashley standup moral forcefully and say. Some things that Donald is doing is wrong it is morally wrong to attack judges is morally wrong to attack the First Amendment is wrong. And I'd like to say poor Ron did Abbott. And I think he's quite capable of who the big news from the big news we have to get too close is his. Sort of announced and then sort of casually say fluffy he may be not gonna happen meeting. We've Kim Jong-un. Will that happen on nicely in my sleep eating eating for begin to Vegas and get a bit hormonal spray is. But I get radicalization the other day with someone. I was listening in on the into web so basically said that well not Iran makes this the you're just embarrassed that doll drums gone randomness. And that there will be meeting amend the dog from a recently said it's going to be. By Manny. So will so what are yours he thinks. Fifty to 101 is gonna mad that meeting my main Brad little this year. Anyway I'll be off getting a cup of coffee right now why listen to some news. This is Max Miller voiced the radical sense of be right back. They've always Max Miller otherwise known. What sporadic sent to thank you for joining me on this rather dreary Sunday afternoon. Now he's he what I would only say beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. They said today unfortunately is also a beautiful thing away if you were visiting from. Anyone else for that matter to SXSW. Thank you for joining us here in the great CD. Although Austin and again if you listen for the first time just making very clear and the independent and I am an American I know I sound like in assuming them. I know I sound like I'm from. From Texas Phyllis does talk quickly about town this meeting which may or may not happen with can Joan no. And the times that well the other said before the break do we honestly think the Donald. Is gonna happier to have Tammy no I just tell you feared the news. There's that says they're now saying they were asking for demanding essentially that said Donald Trump does he really can John and would actually find them more missiles and soreness of which is great. Excellence that's a good idea will on who wouldn't want that. But the fact remains they fuels so I would not agree with it says he'd love my talking points is. Can John honesty guessing how little that is run out of the chute. He's elevated to the same level of importance. Supposedly the most powerful man in the world the president of the United States. And if we think for one minute he's gonna give up the nukes that's not gonna happen because the only thing that gets respect. For North Korea is not just be honest totally honest here we're girlfriend Federalist and is not. It came Johnson's wonderful personality is not. They trade to the comes at a North Korea and it's not be fantastic products that they produced in the rest of the world wants no. Is their nukes so if you can John and why in a million years. Would you give that up so essentially what Donald Trump has offered him is exactly what he wants he's given him the respect we she can use a Harlem. And of course three of four worldwide has welcomed it Mason's seem more important and he really is and and he had had to give up anything apart form sang I will not far any missiles anyway so possibly he might ought to be done in the first place so. As far as that goes I don't see anything coming from that now I again I'm not saying you shouldn't happen. Although something should happen who wouldn't want to have some kind of demilitarized station in the Korean Peninsula I mean any sensible person. Would want them did you honestly think the trounced as a rookie teased continuously and if you try supporter jeetz if you honestly think Donald Trump to sit down with enjoyment. And thrash out a deal I mean my I've got a bridge in Brooklyn fully if that's the case may think about this win numb. Henry Kissinger who wins or win them Richard Nixon went to. To China in 1972. Indications you don't have been doing months and months of back channel work to make sure we got done. The make sure they already had a rough idea what it was a there was talk about. I think necessity going to be hell will freeze over control Donald Trump TV for apple can John in the voluntary surrenders a capability that is father's not forget that his father and grandfather. Believed it was Idec and aid. Read unite the north and south peninsula as early on all book or from north from north and South Korea or beef would guarantee. Their survival their family survival so they spanned decades. And huge sacrifices. That came Joan in and other and his father and grandfather building up these. Missiles in the nuclear. Now did like listening to. The trump god image insane day since he well is that it's the sanctions yet may have helped demand cobra most remember in the nineties. Came Jones dead. Basically the presided over a massive famine in which millions died millions died. And they still stuck around. So I don't know the ousted I'm not I'm not suggesting this is say that I know what the the Magic Johnson is what I do know is he shouldn't be any impulsive. Yeah I'm gonna get on the Air Force One fly over and seen them with fashion a deal. I do know that for sure. As good as opposed to basically giving him everything he wants which is this as a sip before this credibility that he's so badly craves because cities is new X. The demand respect is not Kim Jong-un himself. The demands respect. And they want security guarantees and also think he's he wouldn't be any given that you think lieutenant I thought the whole idea was to try and get rid of the regime as well mall just down. Not just get rid of the nukes that the guy has. So anyway I couldn't eat comfortably understand why sceptical sceptical of the people are skeptical. I'm forty going emails from people telling me that now. That it cells taken by surprise in the trump is gonna do this and that we should did Musharraf. And I'm like well OK first of the ultimate SE happening I was saying now are less than they were Iran. Thursday or Friday whenever trump had this impose a cigarette and a because essentially said I wanna have a meeting and I'll get over there in the and so and so forth. It wasn't less than 24 hours later I received less than twelve I Slater actually. That sounds Sarah Huckabee Saunders was out there saying that today would have to meet tough conditions before this meeting actually took place. He Ashley said Woolley coup while we accept the invitation to meet with king Jonah and the price place in time to be a determined. They're actually saying that now looking for not only the it's proved breed the suspension of any missile and nuclear testing in the meantime. The rules sustain it looking for a commitment. To achieve. Permanent denuclearization. That's essentially what they're looking for Pete's game DT singles that they might MI sang it. But I wouldn't trust these guys. One dates that's for sure. And finally also it just on this twisted get to a coal the fact is that Tom the president and I had the meeting this is a quote from sucks on does the president will not have the meaning. Without seeing concrete steps in concrete actions taken place finals queen really eating his command and I do believe Casey we have a corner on Dan Danny there. Yes her hey Dan thanks for joining me how you doing today. And AM I'm good thanks and thanks for taking colts you're fired. I've been little people who can legitimately. Cloture sometimes that number of them are even looking to work short. Almost your parent that I can come out of an important. Oh well thank you very much a phony ID get them the maximum adult gets moron criminal and victim. I think I think they're probably gets into whips. These are good that I. I am wondering you know where one place where you disagree are and that's one of beauty in center. And out news and obviously you trump. Or personal trump. It gone the right now and certainly Purdue won't talk about Democrats ought to. But I hear you say. That from what I have either side done poor the working man. Wall I think I would look at Cornell Cooper Oakland conferred on Roosevelt or what if any. All of those legislation that help the working man that all called from the Democrats. We didn't look out of. YC. I see that's a great point I think that the a modest I am going to be a true true student of history of the ruse that was they forced into that position now in some ways I mean. I eat in a way I agree but looking back on it wasn't around in his sixties right to care but looking back on it wasn't. Some of the trade deals and DI human rights wasn't that joint. Thing between don't. Franzen are Republicans that. No I'm not talking are treated children who writes I'm talking about all that. Fueled a proactive approach the country back from the approach and splashing things yeah see where we're at and there was work and I think that's what you sort at all. Clash he make a great point to that why do you think trump was elected. Then why do you think he was aware given given that. I think I did it again I'm gonna this conversation your day with does someone else is well basically was saying well look how the stock market is done and lessons. From him on board possible. The outlook how much he's grown since 2008. Where was it when bush left. So what what. So why do you think. What do you think and the Ted trumpet elected. I kinky little collected and well a lot of people who were unhappy with the status quo. And I think he was elected by the same people and I and I we are not really. A liberal I'm very little Republicans are loads in Vietnam. My variety in Italy and you know I don't you are you're right. Quote you know most urgent. But I think he was elected by 00 love people weren't happy with what they were getting in there and I think you'll burger. Tomb of the Obama years I mean I think there was. I hate to say but I think he'll revert Teresa and then also has. It being elected I mean he certainly has been it seems like he's really good friend. To those who are on the news couldn't go in that direction after what happened in Charlottesville what it says that there were good not lives on the Nazis were quick people. What is funny is there you know leaf is funny though is now asleep and that town the only times that the county line Paul Ryan broke Quaid found. With with Donald Trump wasn't about show us feel it wasn't anything about attacking the free press it wasn't a doubt. Attacking a judge's it was only when Donald Trump said he might portray terrorists in place that was the first time they came out. But I get ya get your point though an icy I think that the recent trump got elected he struck a note I think the Democrats have lost the plot to some extent. I think the Democrats who lost. What it mean well you stay healthy average working American I truly believe it. I don't totally agree because that we I mean because because Bernie Sanders was speaking the same thing. He yeah I don't think it's as much as anything else we've heard some 00 a poll of firms send people to believe voted for chrome. Good he spoke to the same thing Hillary didn't do a great job in tradition didn't do a good job. In campaigning the issue abandoned the of the Bernie Sanders people. Yang as she you're right she did that but good he wasn't even a bloody Democrat. An article further social yeah Khamenei what I'd and it was even a member of the I don't remember was even a member of the Democratic Party I don't remember a bit. No he's not he yeah he they can pick call a deep votes with Democrats yeah Aslan caucus and I figured for sure who caucuses with them that. What it is hesitant said he's the so. Before we have to get into what he said do you have what you'll see Europe that which is great thank if you serve well let. Didn't do many if you'll always euros certain generation do mania as you'll what you'll. Friends and neighbors and fellow veterans what are they telling you right 'cause you to repay short bench what are they telling. Well I don't think you know look I don't think very neat. They do they're not a lot of bodies. It dates are fair they're probably going around with all Lebanese government will probably not likely. Go to the incorporated home. But. Are you aren't I know there are you. We're all right live are part of an awful lot of people and affiliates there it's the best maturity. Well let me give bubble but I upon them off or people who are unhappy with those purple. Well then. There are bigger almost Ehrlich who ought to the coldest and Impreza. Yeah if you guys that intangible. Or children I can oil eventually bothers me is just. The more abdication that the GOP it especially the year in Beirut including shell locals. For continuing this war discuss this country of about two or those who owns a concrete. And he just happens to be president. Was that pod that par is one reason I thought the voice of radicals and brotherly dam was because of the fact that attempt. They hit the utter hypocrisy. Out there. I mean it was built built our men though when they GOP they. They stood for character counts and they stood for the constitution they stood for these things because they always told assays to for these things and they stood for. Well mostly and that's what maybe that's all they're my pitchers is opposed. And they didn't really believe it themselves. It could be right so deep before we drops a do you DT saint come Donald anything Donald Trump's gonna do do you think he's. Oh and he's an American dollar and I would it. We are now using is gonna meet with Kim Jong-un being asked and I. Yes I leave with a group of students seem to Gergen likelihood given. The meeting will overtake Clinton I think Kim Jong Hoon. Or Korea. Possibly his formal or have a reputation or it's setting up these firm plant and then back off quickly. Yeah yeah yeah exactly we'll listen dance thank you so much and again thank you for going and I do appreciate it and again thank you for them. Obviously Larry you approach you must but many fury in Vietnam you you must be appear of the Donald and write you about the same makes up resemble close them out our scheme. None of late a late Mount Pleasant death but a couple years a cup a couple of years ago maybe OK all right all right I'm sure I'm sure you're showing just shocked. RCN N go hand anyway frank. I don't whip. Good bit don't suppose they got a name W a. They menu and I listen I listen Dan thank you so much to go to take a break thank you for calling in you and I thank Stan. Okay awake I'm looking in my producer we gonna take a break now OK I was gonna take a break all hang on we'll be right back. This is Max Noel welcome back that number to call me and it's 51 news. 643 by 512643. Lives and no balls but I knew he'd lost you made so if you wanna pullback came give us a ring 5126 which we live up to what do you say. I do I see wanna continue as we atonement and had a lot of continue just going over what Tom. What what this meaning might mean with king Joan but none like send them by the way can Johnston and does Donald Trump. As those same B fold for dangled in it's to me this is. This is actually a good thing if he had the right person that is doing it with the right preparation doing it. The right prep going into going into every enemy I have nothing and nothing against it from their perspective. Right now though always doing is legitimizing can join them and for not full supposedly nothing in return now the fact that since Friday morning. The fact that since Friday morning. Basically they've put an ass directs at the end of the wood meeting with fine print underneath it saying well this may or may not happen depending on. In other words your mileage may vary is what's gonna lose what they gonna say you mice may vary. And they're fully in this meeting may or may not happen I think. I think the Paula Zahn has sang before big games for doing what I'm saying that. I think what we're gonna see is this meeting unfortunately we depending on your point of view not happen. Anymore the Malia beautiful health care any more than we go towards. And emails a week or trade this free defense anymore than we go to infrastructure investments that lost in my chair we've had to infrastructure weeks. And nothing to show for it so I put as they say quite frankly that he could panache tricks. On the with a disclaimer a massive disclaimer from the legal team. Whether or not this mean he's gonna take care take place and so while the couple things wanted to get to could go before rent time. Is seven of them were prompted Saturday night is is down I was Tamara IADB is gonna drain the swamp. I think is part of what Don and what dams and right is that he wanted to. If people felt being ignored. Which is totally true and by the way I can totally be there. But you're gonna drain the swamp and will going to be tired of winning and we wouldn't have the best people. I do remember that concern and sent multiple multiple times instead of which we've got people paying on all nickel. The fly first class. Because they were worried about getting verbally assaulted and refining coach. We've had people playing 31000 dollars for a dining sick and 5000 dollars alone for a Chia. So we are surrounded by the best people and when not drain the swamp and now we come to find out. That the Donald Trump's does so family and the cushion is us we ended up again we've never seen Donald's tax return. For those who say there's nothing going wrong with Russia and that could be true. I know words though collude agencies that would did you have. That's that's great maybe there isn't eating Donald Trump to help clean it out very quickly by showing these tax returns I'm backstage. I just mean food the year before the election they have now. You know 2016. Through food. Another quality continues 2006. Wouldn't wouldn't that be a good way to help clear up anything to do that Russia Donald I mean I know you listen and I don't like me. Others seriously if you just simply east does say down. On the give ten years of taxes and it was gonna look at it. And they can make your own mind up in your seat is likely to need it as you clean it up. I see another friend I'm on the PGA pros talking about I actually down with a token though maybe 56 months ago. When he soundly thrashed me gulf on my aunt that town one reason we think Donald doesn't wanna show was tax returns easy got a he's not his riches he says he is. That says talk that's my theory any easy he's a mostly as a nineteen either Russia and a what I am saying is though he's not his riches he claims to be. So glad that think as part of it. But again if you wanted to clean up the down if you wanted to clean of any collusion with Russia so called influence to Russia whatever. Money being borrowed from Russia of people blind condos from a Donald Trump Organization so it was a form of found any money at a Russia. Then any lower they could be claimed that with the is tax returns and we mustn't forget that he's never ever shown them to us meanwhile though is good to know. The Jared Kushner his family's company. He's meeting and building a spill a development in Jersey Shore. Which actually has strong backing from local officials. Obviously so good to know that they are working with the Trump Organization. To IC have a trump hotel managed to buy the Trump Organization that's this week. And ease that's that's totally normal White House business as usual is not mean that is that the sign Lauren does son. Basically deciding that they Gannon have a business opportunity in in New Jersey yeah I totally acceptable and totally normal. And I think we should just on the stand that when we have princes. And princesses in the White House now that this is the sort of thing we should just be acceptable I think with the little Debbie for around. Put rats how much you want again and that goes in my reams of paper and I apologize because how else is that people can keep track of the Donald. Almost going on. Stormy Daniels we mustn't forget about good old stormy. For the simple reason it's partly I just says that the very beginning passing laws saying the would Stoops was named stormy Daniels this is this something about it that is. And I just. Trips off the tongue there. Anyway she. She's LC sued McDonald's Seigel paid is not a day that knows no debate she got paid on Anthony grandmother don't. Which was sold on the dolls half supposedly but by his lawyer today and suppose he did not get reimbursed by the Donald. Who then did not a Donald Trump did not even sign the agreement the NBA that was opened from discussing anything right before the election. And therefore even though it relates to the Donald. Is and they succeed makes it Null and void and also if he was related to the campaign. To make sure there's an embarrassment and I says he becomes payment in kind essentially two to help keep someone quiet twice to help Donald Trump win. The election could win the election. So I used to say this lady's not credible chance he will spend some time reading. What she says she made him say on Lake Tahoe golf tournament in December 2006 now remember food food and guys in the religious guy Tony Perkins says it Donald Trump deserves a Mulligan he did. Donald Trump deserves a month and for his behavior. That in 2006 right often Donald Trump's son was born. No less. That. I give the team decided to have this affair was stormy Daniels and has Erik Cole that woman who's so the young. Beauty queen. Anyway she went to his son. Hotel room and essentially Cali he came out wearing pajamas so additional go announcing Donald would have been our response. Hey I guess so much for Dinah Dana. Anyway. So it was a casual night according to an apparently but the main thing here is that Donald is now trying to silence from that agreement by the woods because he he yes he did not sign. The agreement her lawyers as saying this is Null and void and therefore she gets to talk about it at the latest news this morning. You may have heard that Donald that stormy Daniels it was gonna have OS he did do AM an interview with sixty minutes. So now. The I don't know what was saying oh how they would get perhaps get around the year this will be NDA that she's trying to which is not being made Null and void yet. But again the day they had a they had any unity and may be is a bit like she's done in the past which is sort of dances around the facts that was not to fall outside. The agreement at this stage but anyway sixty mr. dean of the and now come to find out as of this morning because we're doing this slide in real time. The Donald's a legal team yeah. That Thomas shut it down they Thomas threatened sixty minutes little source of nasty legal shenanigans a bit like they threatens. Michael Wolf the farm fury guide the bow his book if he had Babbitt came down remember the lawyers saying that book comes out. Hell hath no fury basically as well don't trust legal team said and like so many things in the don't did that happen. I know it didn't. So now we financed sixty minutes is under threat from Donald Trump's legal team that she should not even be interviewed. Not even being reviewed now. And about you but I I shall we live in America RC thought we'd live in the country with freedom of speeches is to be I'm celebrated. If there isn't one of these favorite. Expressions. In America. That's I mean notably Italy have to say both led to fame to write to the death fetus it I think more or less those words. Are around are pretty much written into most American psyche including mine. In my head again if you think among Americans is habitat I would for I am yes in C including written into line. But apparently not in the Donald's not he he wants to have. Sixty minutes shut it down basically shut it down. So we'll see what else was stormy Daniels now remember that she's just one of multiple women who have come forward and said the Donald Trump I don't know she's not singing by the way thank badly. Towards that. He's just saying that vanished he's the same benefit as nineteen other women out there of comfort that we know often come forward and say it's. The Donald Trump behave badly tools and and so on and so they had an affair and so on and so. So again do you really think that this is a good way for the leader of the free world. To accept and that always leads back to Michael one point here. I look for things we run out of time I looked as well as money producer Casey's as you might mean you're running at times. The fact is. That we have. A great opportunity in the United States we live in a phenomenal country I'm very proud to live in Texas is fantastic. The trouble is he's still have to live by rules and we expect of the people to play by those rules and we also expect. Our leaders. To lead by example even if that means doing something. This game does against perhaps. Their own personal self interest and MI mean like I say the county line Paul Ryan. If he believes chilly in the constitution and freedom of speech he should be the one criticizing Donald Trump is should not be about I'm just gonna spend another twenty years in office. It should not be these so called evangelical leaders who claim. Two won't moral superiority. To claim. To believe they carry two counts and then do nothing about it when he's they guy doing it. All right tool I need to come down there anyway listen thank you sent a thank you so much for joining me this is Max Miller voiced the radicals and they could find me on national adult lives. Feel free to reach out to me kill me I'm wrong tell me I'm right tell me I'm great whatever I can take it is I'm an adult. Thank you for this thing now see against it reported a fine.