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Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, April 15th

Voice Of The Radical Center, for April 15.


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I. Always have a radical sensor that's right this is the program. Don't like to think that every day people and understand what is going on. Without the love politics when we look back in CO for the week as anyone has he done anything to actually held. The average working man or woman and I've been doing before we can really you. Program though it version of the program for about eight weeks now. And the daily program for about five months and I continue unfortunately. Unless you delusional. In that timeframe I've yet to find anyone in DC Republican or Democrat who's actually helped. The average working man woman and that's truly what this what this program is about as anyone out there in DC land I don't care who it is is anyone out there actually. Helping the average working stiff. You know the woods you and I everyone that Ashley has to figure had to send their kids to school perhaps. Figure out how to pay for you calm maybe take the wife on a nice vacation something along those lines limitation fancy. But nonetheless that's I'm looking for as a look back. As the voice of the radical cents a now. He may be wondering who was this maximum the guy and he's who was still sounds funny let me just. Startled by saying I am an American 999. You can't we tell that the mine by my heavy Texas Saxon but I am. And Americans second hole I am an independent. And I know an independent because I succeed very clearly in upsetting. My friends on the right to own wish their legion had many of those. And to my friends on the left of ways there are less so because I had to live here in. Beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. But at the end of the day my friends on the left think army trumps support and my friends on the right thing I make Communist not killed so that tells me. I'm doing my job that tells me that I am essentially. Acting now as an independent and not just being essentially. Devil's advocate is that we don't care I have no ax to grind if Donald Trump. And the county line Paul Ryan actually did something to make you a nice lies a little bit better I trust me I would. Acknowledge if the scarecrow. Otherwise known as mr. McConnell. Did something to help the average working man or woman I would let you know if Nancy Pelosi. And may be even Chuck Schumer god forbid did some things I would actually acknowledged that Cuba at the end of the day unfortunately. As a sane about the five months I've been doing a weekly version. And the daily there's I should say and the sort of the one week. The weekly roundup which have been doing live now for about does say seven to eight weeks of rest he lost count proceed from blame this kind of difficult to keep track of everything. The fact is I've yet to see anything anybody's any in DC down to health. You and I so if you're trying to support the hay oats are you know collect some of the things I have to say but let me just make it very clear. If he actually did investment and infrastructure remain with had to a twice now we've had infrastructure week. I he gave the middle class they saw only tax cut as opposed to the tokens and dockets that has thrown just thrown in our direction. As the very wealthy tried by initiative which hadn't at least I would be the first to acknowledge. That that is a good thing I believe me I I'd like to think that my parents raise someone who. I'm like certain people tells the truth to the time all the time the most of the time. This rule human. And I like to think that if you actually invested. And spent time in after an understanding your trade works that we would ask you federal state too. Unfortunately. Unfortunately because the would compromise it seems to me in DC. Is actually do it's he would it's almost like. A full Lynn woods although I do little wood to the day I do I do have a word of the day we shall come to a just dominion quite excited and I seem to learn. A new word from middle English which so he may have had open I guess I hadn't heard of it before but I wanna come back and just a second but. The analogy I have is it around compromised if you're. Married guy you know maybe you with the Hulk quarterback in non in college may be. You had that really cool Camaro convertible and the women would you cheerleaders ruler viewed as suddenly you find out. You know he now 3545. Something and those lines if kids even mortgage they may even have a mother in law. And a half white house with a white picket fence and maybe two or three other children line around somewhat as well as as well as a Golden Retriever. What do you images is that mustang welcome that must annual community had in collegiate high school is actually gonna serve you. Army could try. Made it this thing is the mother and all does that get to fit at the end of the day no no if you wanna take those kids around safely to soccer practice Nast sort of thing. And in the day well he might need can I say it a minivan. Or perhaps a compromise might gain SUV but the point being you recognize as an adult in order to get through life. Do you have to compromise that's the way it is and what I care about. As a voice of radical Santa is someone in DC carrying. Enough to understand. That I and others I think most of us would agree we expect compromise we if we everybody was essentially just. Full on hard core of nothing gets done and to a certain extent. That's where we are today so as we go back to speak epic over the week as usual. You're Lucious Harris has reams of paper I just want to keep track of everything is going on from land. I didn't have time last week I if I have time this week had to wanna talk about breaks it because some. Obviously are no off a native originally for a home. From my Texas but I am as a sit before and American. And not only that I did vote for breaks it which you might find kind of on an unusual because if I don't against Tron youthful that to a sort of similar bit. Now I did vote against I didn't vote for breaks yeah I should say I wanna breaks it to happen I do wanna find some time to about neck is actually went down now to listen here. So I do wanna talk about breaks it I do have to talk about here on Sunday the outcome is book of course the ex FBI directors book is coming out. I have to talk about eyelashes president. Mr. thin skin himself basically you going on about our economy. I helping him sell the book I'm she'll come he's very grateful for that Mr. President I know you listen to me so. And so all right my advice to you is please I'm. Please they if you wanna stop the book being sold. And console him unlike you tried I tried before. I was hardly recommend you stop talking about it yes so about Donald Trump's lawyers office Michael Collins or face and it's Harlem Andy's apartment or being raided and the fact they took his phone. Which is quite significant out of his hand. I also want to go that at some point the county line himself close missed there a pole run the formal soon to be former speaker of the house. Who decided. I having also up anything that he claimed that he believed in. Which was lost to my checks mr. brown was the constitution ninety believing it could you with the American flag. O'Neal lapel so I'm assuming they must mean something to. Our member of the day was not long ago I don't front land this seems forever but it wasn't long ago Paul Ryan. So deficits will really really awful I know we said it's. Because he owned constantly cities he said it all the time you say multiple times. In fact little snippet here before we dove right in when he took congress speak it was using 2015. I think it was two or three years ago. To the day actually and it's sometime between me fifteen. The deficit at that point hundrer Obama being more free spending Obama. Was around the bell. 450. Foreign eighty billion I'm sure someone's gonna write to me. At maxim maxim a little life and there's a form on Maxwell belied by the way feel free to tell me how much you love or hate me trust me. On thing I'm quite go six and I can take if you don't like me. Other Justin writes mean caps a case Steve did recently because as someone writes Mino camps. It it's kind of I feel like yelling at me. And we can't have that Steve we can't have a dialogue when you do that features yell at me right out of the chute. Listen over time a day may be but you know feel free day gala meet and that. In email we never met it trust me I read it our or read it but it just makes it hard work Nestle Nestle have said that as a please feel free. To write to me but the fact remains right down. Right now the deficit. Is headed for a trillion to on the Paul Ryan which actually ended up being somewhere around the battle termed. Who what. Last year we were lesson to truly. Last year it was around about a trillion. I'm now where attorney you are going to be a trillion whereas when he took over is 450 billion aren't you wanna get right and so was left side that take a quick break. And I'll be right back to talk with. Now to Alex Jones I'm kind of worried that Alex I think he's having kind of the milk and we need to help help the poor man. Anyways is Max Miller be back very soon thanks for listening guys. Always theoretical sense of like I said a place where I like to believe the fifty day people can think back. Look back and think and understand hey life is full of compromise and that's not like to see. The people who supposedly look for us in DC. I see them do more of that before getting to looking for Alley. Jones is brain. I did just wanna finish a couple things to go back over the week in review as a topic subject of topics here. I do until that Paul Ryan I just finished a talking about time before Dylan my producer is looking very sheepish right now told me on EM to instruct referred for a a short break in the pays the bills. On the fact remains that when Paul Ryan. Left and we as we are right now are gonna heading for trillion dollars. In deficit hits a man who rails against let's not forget rails against government but is never as had a real children. In his life no one says he had a real job he's been in government as far as I can tell since he was too. And Deb semi meaning congress I think she's 2829. See we are twenty years later. And I did the math this is this is the main is designed to enable but the fact is that he owned by the time he leaves office which he's gonna stick around. Until the very last day which essentially is a January 20 2019. He will have been in now congress literally twenty is. To the day plays well online and he's one of those calculation tools that they as the days we've. And the reason we know we did this is because unlike most of us. At the age of fifty. He can get a very nice pension so long as he's meaning congress for at least twenty years so is sort of have to have two things have to happen monies yet to be with fifty and two. Yet to been in congress for over twenty years and then I think is long do you go on the more money get but the fact remains who have been there for twenty years. And guess what at our expense. Subsidize medical. Very good pension. And living off us for twenty years claiming all that time of course that big government bad. What I do Paul Ryan is good soap. That's another reason I started the voice of radical sense is because I just feel that. These people the heat the utter hypocrisy. Of half these people in DC that we don't care. A value and dying and always give an opinion on this show freely give nearing 512. 643 life we are gonna need your help I I feel all that how we are gonna have to fit of AMBER Alert I think at this I have a theory around. Alex Jones and his meltdown in the last few days Mina Al excellent clearly we need to help him. Find these modes here and help him find his brain is obviously yes something's going on they had to I had that they don't talk about. Any I don't know what he's excuses by the way has said it causes one expert opinion of the day Alex I'm kind of and they you know estimate. I'm a me a couple of times and kind of what today. I yellow wanna close is the Democrats I've I know people always saying. Hey Max I just heard you say. The EU law and independence. Yes some are now for the last final six minutes of the program you've been doing nothing but talk about the Republicans well. The only reason. I took about the Republicans have much is because whenever you from the Democrats. If someone could actually explain to me what is that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer do during the week. I would very much alike and out because on a regular basis. I have literally. No idea the other one I don't understand what they do is something similar educated young called the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC. Which says sounds like coming out of Hunger Games anyway. The deep corner triple C there. That jolt in theory is to get people obviously elected. Into congress and I have yet to figure out. What their messages so someone can explain that to me too dangerous if you're a local Democrat person please explain you what is the the Democrats actually stands for. As opposed to not being Donald Trump because if that's the case. I think we don't like to know what is it the Democrats actually stand for despite the fact Arthel you believe there's some things the don't believe them. I told you believe in trade as free defense. I thought you believed in investment and infrastructure and supporting industries. And that will the magic of the don'ts the right the fact is he figured out how to make those people understand that they've been ignored is absolutely. A 110% correct pop out of Temps and right. The trouble is UST think he's capable of achieving it I mean especially with the county line in Mitch McConnell really does kick honestly I don't. I think. I don't think sister before getting to look into Alex jones' brain. I do want to it is Sunday and of course that means if this Sunday. It must be Fox News FOX & Friends Sunday edition which means. We get tweeted edition Donald Trump's Twitter edition of FOX & Friends. As well so let's start with yesterday where of course he is very upset. About James cone his new book we don't even out yet but he's upset because there's going to be coming up I think on ABC tonight. When depressed United States. Well I is one thing the man has not figured out this coastline. Now we spelt it twice once as to woods. And once as one would so slime ball being actually connected. To a base would too was a satanic verses how we as he spells it today but I guess as a minor detail. It's good to know the Donald Trump has reached out to Webster. To figure out how to spell the word and the phrase line is what he said in case you've forgotten. And just remember that this is some is twelve year old kid. In the playground the middle school this is the president of the United States only knowing now saying. And I quote and I do unlike shallow Hal otherwise known as humanity do like to get. My fax writes his what he said. James commie is a proven leak out and Lionel leaked online caps as you would expect to be like a little fun I honestly can't live Esquire. Alito lie virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be five for the terrible joke he did until he was on for some reason he's got. An apostrophe between get in until and Frankie five he deletes. In fact I fight and he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted lied to congress under oath again or camps he is weak and untruthful slime ball. Who I too was as time has proven a terrible director of the FBI. He's handling of the crooked Hillary Clinton case you've been surrounding it would go tennis who was born choked in history blah blah blah blah basically said is good to know again like I said if listen you may think Donald Trump will toward. And you may think he's the best thing since lunch break as he's not Hillary Clinton and I had friends of mine who told me that. At the end of the day though Q has he think he says he can he can run and deliver what he said he was going to do and that's all I care about. If you delivering a mad trillion dollars in infrastructure investment remember that. Hey hey if you really think the war is the best thing ever best idea remedies think he's really gonna deliver their. The now GI use on this if you have kids. Would you want don't from Luke being the U principle of you kids high school seriously would you want Donald Trump. Being new cub scout leader would seek kids be kids are cut gas would you Boy Scouts would you want Donald Trump. All want to know being know who the driver just to put it would you really want him doing that. And I think truthfully most of us who were adults with say he probably not Macs for a win out. So that was yesterday. Now again every as a paper and I apologize he gave me here rusting like crazy is as simple reason. And I'd keep track of all the don't deserve to. And and add and the effects I've yet to print out too much more the Democrats have to causes a sit before I really have no idea. I honestly I don't know. Nancy chuck what you guys are up to I don't know the guys does that mean DC I just seriously if you could explain to me what it is. That the Democrats Jesse stands for I would be eternally. Grateful OK so today. It's good to know the Donald gets up at 6:42 AM. I had to start tweeting weary said unbelievably. I gains come restates the polls. When cricket Hillary was leading were as a factor. In their handling repeatedly in brackets. All the Clinton email probe in other words who's making decisions based on the fact. But he thought she was gonna win and he wanted an age old. And annual authority eroding had a job was neat was need the FBI director at that point. Anyways slime ball comes up again this time as one would they went on to say another long ago. I never Ross coming for personal loyalty in a capital. We camps and some not how they ever knew the guy really. The only man in like twenty times and went across the room in front of the cameras to make sure we should he's handled okay that's why would it be thing but it. I just another as many lies his memos in quotes are self serving and hike. Well hey it isn't it. What I can say is on the on on the tape on James coming clearly the man's belt is a political neophyte. From the point of view all fudge you're an election where remember. He actually during the election came out and say to daily investigating Barry Clemens O'Donnell's point he's basically saying well. I did at that time because those what if I did off to the fact that it might be gay and actually had damage your presidency. The fact remains at the end of the day he did damage you forty daddy did damage your campaign he did it was like if you wish for the campaign I'm sure remember it. He came at a set I mean so from that perspective. I think change economy. Has a lot to learn and is a political neophyte facts. I have some sympathy for agents come because I think he says he'd been turned into Donald Trump. That's part of the problem yet they changed economy has been turned into Donald Trump so we'll see how that goes out Donald Trump. As the dean of views tonight and then we have a sinful thing yet. Donald Trump actually. Has an approval rating came out today of which he's very proud of I'm very proud of that yeah premise that opposes on the Rasmussen poll which is basically saying these Temps and everybody else. Baht sitting of the day if you take ABC you know the other sensible polls. He was he's a 40%. Which is really quite low back Corey was twelve months ago so we have to ask yourself if he can't he's going so well. If he's going gangbusters don't if we're actually invading tease me sending missiles to Syria which many people support it was truly ST good thing we should do the same thing. As she Greenwood that I want Martin Donald Trump's poll says 70%. Beautiful given the state of the economy. The don't trust approval ratings even owned Rasmus and would be at 7080%. You would have thought they would at least be. To makes up the percentage points in fifty to 60% of them went beyond that we should put on the 707075. Cents something along those lines. So before we gave in to looking for Alex jones' mind. And I just say. It's a pleasure to be on Sunday afternoons. From broke costing form the illustrious Mexico's chelios and beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. And if you have a question feel free to writes me maximize what they'll like give us a ring right what right now 512643. Otherwise just kick back pick up a Scotch. As I like to do and I'm broke costing his anyway keep track of everything. And I'll be right back after this break. Welcome back it's Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of radical center and before getting into looking to Alex jones' brain. I do one makes me very clear. Another reason I take on these people the reason I make fun of humanity and the reason I question whether they're Donald Trump is that you know. On planet earth. Is not because I particularly care. About Tom they're right wing all differing views of every might be it doesn't leak than we care about that. Well I care about is is anyway I see achieving anything. To help you and I and the popular really upsets me is whether or not there out there to be self serving. Obviously for themselves. Whether the message is relevant. And can actually benefit society and you went on as a whole and that would be. Wonderful if I could Ashley said and I don't care MSNBC folks and Asian and I really don't care. What I care about is is someone out there who has seen as a voice in particular. A shallow Hal and in particular people like come as a said she excuse me I'm Mitch McConnell or poor Ron continued his name from an. A pool ride the key thing in a pool line of course is the cabin on. Whack when I when I see those people who claimed to do one thing the wanna do something and then have the opportunity to do it. And then fail miserably. What it is they said they were gonna do in at least if they try aid. You could say they try to the trouble is that failing to help. You and I our main idea records he wasn't long ago that the dolls to say you can have beautiful healthcare. We has limited vocabulary Mino is woods through pretty much revolve around beautiful and great and strong those types of things. But it would be nice if he'd asked he delivered. On improving Obama campaign fine if you wanna repealing it with a great idea. I am willing to listen Donald I am willing. Tiller and right in the middle of this category. I would have to cook unfortunately right here in Austin our own Alex jobs and the reason I take on actions because apparently had a meltdown pump I listened to them. Too much because I try to avoid because he wants to sell sell me horrible tasting milk shakes. I end and survival kits but still. But still the man actually did intimate broke down I think the reason selling a melt pennies because his former BFF. The trumps that has yet to call and then he didn't Colin did not call into say. She'll die. On missiles that Syria should I fights with the British and the French should I do that did not go to the man. Who clearly would understand the geographic ink and inconsistencies. Of what would happen if the United States fired missiles to protect. Innocent women and children he's out yes he says because I do like to get our facts straight I like I say it is actual quote. I haven't had Tron Clooney in six months he said but seriously why why would equal ease keep you said the purpose. He base he went on to say if he does combing. I won't tell trump you really betrayed your family really OK and your name. And everything you stood for would peace force me in particular course he was talking about the firing the missiles and Tom. And it says here are now close. The fact that Donald Trump blown up the deficit the fact that he hasn't built toward the fact that he hasn't fixed. Or replaced obamacare the fact that he said he's gonna have trees trade this three day affair that's apparently irrelevant. To Alex Jones known and unknown and it's irrelevant. Is all about should we avoid foreign entanglements. He went on to say. They have broken trump ashes you'll hear in just a second I think they've broken for Alex and may be out of that maybe we need to go fund to meet. Well something for for health care for allies because clearly the man doesn't have decent healthcare. If you ever call me again. I'm going to ten years. I'm ashamed to be well. You know Alex lost some might shed I don't think the Donald likes to hear bad news. And the fact that you told him that I don't think he'll sell off I don't think he's gonna be cool and I mean if he does. I'm sure you'll be recording it and I'm sure war there will hear about it. But I would Saarland prays pretty much a safe pick Alex that he's not calling name may be wondering and Mac so why you've taken on programs like he doesn't sound like he's had a milk only can't see Bernstein in yes he started to attempt wheat a little bit. Now Amanda this is the guy you Ashley says it's join these divorce proceedings that Teddy armed. Is a Lynette you wanna you know the Fed and his wife I guess was saying gees. I guess she was using his own words against him it's all an act I don't mean it. It's just a way to make mullah just a way to make money. The trouble les would have consequences. Would have meaning now for someone like Alex I guess he doesn't care to someone like Sean Hannity dissident case was Sean Hannity makes his. Twice for many year and as a private jet which he can employ people around it that's okay. So long as they make the money they don't care that they lying to their own view is and their own business he's well Alex went on to say as you study to well. Only to his voice started to break in ruled out teen who cracked up. He said. I just feel like I just had my best go frame break up with Maine. The left for my jokes that this same funnyman will let me just making very clear it is kind of funny hikes and I'm not even left wing OK and I know lord I'm happy about a guy and that's not true. But I I trust me. As he Kenya Obama at a Texas accent I live in Texas. And most of my friends are on the right because as more than than friends on the left for the simple reason I live in Texas this is the way it is. And I have no ax to grind Alex would you personally I'm sure you're very nice person. But at the end of the day you have people who listen to you and this is the carpet totally put out there plus I am worried. I saw on the BBC one's. From the UK. And I you are surely you remember the immediate way basically Liu I don't know why they invited you I think it was sound you were in town protesting about something and they thought in my beat. Articulate you know an informed. There was war is a very famous in if you don't fortune Kos has made mediacom member's name the nasty turn to the camera at one point. And did the crazy logo sign you know with his wife pointing his finger against this for it when you were on this is on the BBC. Alex. Who had no ax to grind with you when was the other they didn't care. But still I am worried about you could he went on to say. He was this about Donald Trump of course he was doing good and that's what makes you need to get Yang you beat me grammar right there Alex but still. He was doing good and that's what makes is so bad. It's if he'd been a lovely language if you had been a piece of crap from the beginning ankles he. A sign crime at this point we'll make so many facts are sacrifices and now he's crapping all over us it makes me sick. Well is just the guy you just remember I guess this is the guy writes he said Newtown was a fake tees so overused phrase. Who now also saying that the Syrian massacre was also. So fake that he didn't really happen that he salute to loonie yen. Made up by and you'll people a war pro war people I should say to make sure that we fire missiles. As Syria so this is what I'm saying if you actually listening to me Alex please. Go get help OK I urge you in need an intervention or something because as far as adding. Sensible discourse to the and ways of the United States of America what I understand freedom of speech men understand right First Amendment. You can say what you want. But stable. He's our with a full if you ask you wanna make things sensible. Doing you way isn't gonna work and I am worried about human well being is I can't help Alex or McCain I guess. You could say a move a muscle content liberal I'm just I'm just. I'm just a bleeding Hollywood who worries about his fellow man Alex I do I highly recommend. It here in Austin. Are highly recommend eagle studio dammit which anyway it is in no way house I highly recommend. The people put bumpers up in the rose to forty runs into walls and that's that but if you think. I'm taking our Ericsson has some fans because what I'm looking for is people to help the average working man or woman. I have quotes here from others. Is Sino I know show car right shall Cora. Amended these rules highly left wing people these are people who really. Do not like to pres United States who they. The one they see Bernie Sanders is is it Nancy Pelosi know who these people that Laurie Ingram and Mike savage and others. Keynote he sang them into web OK Max re to us what is it the Mike savage Laura Ingraham and others. And and Coulter had the sank. You have to believe the course of this is making the Donald police golden locks Alps. As he sits on his golden toilet is what as will Laura Ingram said I tacking a foreign nation that is not a tackle friend America is globally is intervention isn't. This is not America first this is not what we elected to trump what again I always say you know quite frankly Laura like anything is to balance. We cannot put troops on the ground we did not invade you black we deal with Iraq to find weapons that weren't there I would actually look grassy trying to help. And stop a despicable human being. Who looks very western match to a brick in my head. An educated freeze dentistry is a dentist. If you guys you know MA he's a dentist that I know fees sound was sort of dentistry practice is now. But he's a dentist and by trade I guess you go to do something if you were dictator right I guess that's just the way did you go to some kind of trade to fall back on should you be up front. But it's good to know that the the people have daylight Laura Ingram have a thoroughly thought out way. To understand why it's okay to invade Iraq. And the deficit was really really bad not long ago but now. Deficits are okay and I guess what foreign missiles to Syria to protect women and children is not such a good idea. Tucker Carlson. Also credit a otherwise known to me is a boat's arrival endorses a confused look on his face you know disseminated region if you someone who's whom like he can't believe. The someone as this agreement is like total puzzlement and bemusement the someone would actually. Disagree with them by the way you think Tom just taken on Fox News MSNBC c'mon I seriously it was supposed to take things seriously can't you can't keep having. Some of those individuals on the vessel of the program and I don't have enough time heavily go to two days here and even go to rest of the week and even go to the invasion of those don't from a say of Michael Cohen's office. Where they took recordings and I should be fun to be get to hear those. Anyway Mike savage you know that well known calm guy who really cares about this course to make sure world will say safe and going out every ten to make sure that people taking care of the United States went on to say. Sad to war mongers have hijacked the nation. Really sad warmonger is an I had no idea that we were in it that we I'm surprised there's not cruise missiles flying over the head right now I'm like. Alex jones' I said this before. Our repeated again if he's if he had been a piece of crap from the beginning it with a piece of bad we've made so many sacrifices and that was crapping all over us it makes me sick Alex finished. Feel happy to call in whoever intervention writer on the radio. Mike's a lot of it should at least I won't feel bad when he gets impeached. And culture of the well known thoughtful person who's out think things through before she speaks. Trump is a shallow lazy ignoring this and that she's learning from the bolster. That caps on shallow. Lazy and ignoring this well again guys. You know that don't from listens to you and you know. They if it makes it on FOX & Friends in particular. Then he's going to be guy and I can't protect women and children because for heaven's sake Alex Jones is saying you tam was fake it has to be fake Alex Jones is saying. That these poor children who have foaming at the mouse is forward because they had too many eyes changed maybe that's what it is it's good to know that you're listening. To the right people. Now as we move on as a member week in review I've no I have no ax to grind a wish and a disclaimer which is was TV. And I have a disclaimer I'm running I'm running underneath. Everything that I say as a crawled as they say on TV basically saying hey listen to Max he really is an independent. Because I know people have this thing on the right hand so before that's Disco but gonna go into. I've prosecuted game fading as Donald Trump was said Michael Collins. Office and his hotel. Andy's house so we'll be right back with that. Stage in this is Maxwell a voice of radical sense that I'm gonna go and start thinking heavily I'll be right back. Erratic and the growth. Acosta has ever. On the illustrious. Next few years and it was funny downtown Austin, Texas in the mines that don't. Is not with me today sometimes made him in the background if you listen to me because he's basically chasing squirrels and asleep as far as I can tell because you the Maxwell adult looks like. Got to Max Miller adult life fiesta gets more fan mail and I do probably because is incredibly. Good looking dog I just have to say seized his defeated adult person out if your campus and I'm sure it and we we don't care about those but if your cat if you're adult person. Yes I think dogs are pretty sweet and the Maxwell adult. Actually yeah of course as you would expect I think she's so pretty sweet too many to see a picture of him right there. Hillary did it returning emails by the way from try to train to write that he hasn't quite figured that that part out because if he's not quite got that done yet. All right so I was at its sales gonna start at looking at Michael Connelly and don't don't transfixed as being around the don'ts to forever. And he basically. If you actually see in this thing about that no just try to cool things real bright as opposed to living in I don't know fantasy and EST look at the people to the Donald attracts to himself. Including his lawyer is that literally Al all of a B movie. They this is strange is looking people date they just very desire Donald to go on this weekend to say. That tastes trying to buy top Lewis and Ed tell us he's talked about Cummings office in the home and then. Hotel room being it being invaded as he would put it. Basically saying that town attorney client privilege is is there it was not data is it because if if otherwise he wouldn't get it left of the mold. Sometimes because think about this. You you know it is no attorney client privilege if found if there's a crime being involved in involved with the with the actually tiny. So that's just the way it was up I may be for the doll that's a bit too subtle for him to understand. But I'm sure the dolls does freaking out about this in the fact remains of course that that the don't step has no control over this one either. Because even if he's figures at a farm mullah which depending Ito to he's got to go through several steps to do that. The fact remains that the actual count in the investigation is being handled by New York. And I don't think he can be in fine I defy the FBI people in New York called the local prosecutors and you don't just it just to keep you heads up make it like I said. And they list now do wanna get to the what are the day this is quite important to me. As you'll hear in just say because I think he represents what America. Is to yours truly the before I get Tibet and focus I think America's is is clearly Emmy is a fantastic place. I do wanna talk about again the run -- nice talk about sound voice medical center that take on hypocrisy is the hypocrisy. There really upsets me as so one of the things that came out in the past week if I get my paper him. Michael Cohen as he negotiated a settlement of one point six million dollars. For a woman who is having an affair and mingle pregnant. We is that I told Republican. Fun race and now I think actually stormy Daniels finished Unicode on the thirty grand. She truly and this is with the don'ts that. And this is right before the election she should seriously settle two grammys this guy as he paid one point six. Million dollars that's million with a man you would assault a maybe a stormy Daniels would just like sane and in stormy Daniels mainly health do you get to put those two was together. You are thought she could get him anyway this guy's name. Is Iliad Brody and use deputy finance Gemini quip of the Republican National Committee you know lost some points here. The RNC has a policy against law I don't know what. Abortion yes. Abortion they are dead against is the wrong thing to do. Absolutely kids 100% wrong to look at the one point six million go for what was it that she getting paid in in apparently in now installments distill. I'll take it. What is it any did admit to it are given as much he did admit to it. He said I ate abolish had a consensual relationship with a Playboy playmate. And he seems Skype I'm going eBay NM one point six million to pay for this person to sleep with you so that's that if you ask you take a look at him. And whenever that the end of our relationship this woman she handed me she was pregnant. She alone decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and that offered to help financially during this difficult period. So long was apparently he didn't talk about it right a really solid she didn't talk about Eliot. That was okay and the fact that she then went on one hand and abortion on your dime. Pass these to be OK too but it's not OK I would imagine Elliott. For Leno there are close out there somewhere for the RNC to fund and to have people like Planned Parenthood fund abortion now I'm not gonna get into an abortion debate. This is not about that this is a balance. Hypocrisy. So on the one hand we've got people like this guy Elliott who have never heard of until this week I'm sure most of the sudden all seem very wealthy man. Paying a playmate to have an exclusive. Sexual relationship with this individual. And like I said before PC or him you trust me if you're good looking woman you would not want this guy to be with you and if one point six million what it takes that's fine. But any use them she use that money upon I listened to get an abortion. Is the hypocrisy on this I don't I don't like is the hypocrisy did do was I say. Not as I do part of this whole thing. And I know that I'm an equal opportunist. I'm quite happy to cool and the Democrats almost if they would just stop it that Jesse was stopped talking. There's actually down now for example like is that the very beginning I don't get into this. The word as the week. And have to read this carefully because aria I am I hadn't heard of it myself even though is is is for the middle English. And I do have is a great quote because we this was fun getting to this. I was a John Brennan whose CA access CIA director of I had this great tweet which apparently into win win not have a cold. I quote as follows very short. You'll cut this he's made you cut is Cox C and you couldn't say it could stop the city they don't. Is collapsing authorised lamentable Jenny well nobody have to go apartment it was truly trying to get a pronouncing it. Was so what does it mean what does that would mean what turns out. The catalysts. Is Greek for woods. So there folk had to stop Chrissie means government by the worst people so right way to go mr. Brennan you educated. Apparently thousands and thousands of people including yours truly and I've alls Philly well raid. Only new words that came from home the English civil war in 1644. Who knew I didn't. Now the reason I think this is important. Is because the quote that goes with this. Is fantastic. And it's a much Shakespearean so I'd judge it one if we have time much Tonya left in the but I do I do hope they wanna get get through this here. Because this is actually written. By by a guy called Peter goals in the old. And they sermon. In 1644. Like I said. And so are icy that this is great and dosages stay with me I'm gonna trying not to butchery because I did not rehearse this. Beforehand and he's talking about people going against that the other side Jones who. He went on the say it like this we need not make any scruples of praying against such. Against the sanctimonious. In centuries. Who have faced five from heaven. To set their country in combustion. Have pretended released into race to maintain the most wicked rebellion. Against these new heroes who have ripped up the womb of the mother of the band and and wounded to the brass that gave them suck against these cannibals who feed upon the flesh and a drunk with a blood of their own brethren. Against those cats are liens to seek their private ends in the public disturbance. And a set the kingdom 052 rows thrown aches against the tempest of the state. These are restless spirits who can no longer live. Then by sticking and meddling who are stung with perpetual H oh changing and innovating and transforming. Our old Jairo Qaeda or Iraqi excuse me. Into and you presbyterian. And this again into a new ended dependency and how well template monarchy. Into a man to Keane of county stock receipt. Good lord he went on to say what why do regular courses have these may Enron since the rains have -- loose upon them on the phrase. They will never leave chopping and changing plotting and practicing chilling conclusion. They bring all conclusion. To all and Anke or savage a taxi prayer peace Jerusalem and old. Now if you actually take the time to read that quote we choose. Really to me just as so I first read I thought as the Shakespeare I'd written it. It truly is amazing and if I love some of the phrases in New Year's phrases like against these sanctimonious. In centuries. It who does that sound like today remember this was written. Nearly 400 years ago this is written in sixteen. 44 now. I had three and the site was only lost but scale. It just amazing was sanctimonious. Is send a reason that he think finance sounds incredibly. Sanctimonious. Who is backed out there that perhaps I don't know state media. Maybe some politicians who sent incredibly sanctimonious sanctimonious incendiary is. Go it goes on to say that their country into combustion and pretended pretended. Religion. To raise and maintain. And most wicked of Dalian. Just wanna end on that because. Best place so great about this country's and the fact that we can have these the base of Frankel we cannot allow. Other people don't hold me Monday July the First Amendment have a difference. Over opinion. But at the end of the day I think there's a lesson to be learned from this quotes of this lesson to be learned from this. A fellow Paul calls no doesn't say written in 1644. There's a lesson to be learned if you let people. Get away with separating us with dividing us. We too who make has seen the week as he cannot agree on things because they in their own way don't want or agree then not there. To help you and hide their only there. To help themselves and that is wrong and that is why I stuck with a voice that radical center so Phil freight. Feel free to reach out to me maximize an adult life or just go to management alive there are other recordings my with the recordings from there. I am more than willing to learn this at a 1000000 times if I am wrong or if you disagree with me and if you agree we've made. Believe me my ego can take some sucking up right at him or out on the gun take the I think a tape and go and find the next little. Back home taking aim for a walk is a beautiful afternoon herein Austin, Texas. And if you're actually listening. To me elsewhere hope the weather's great way you walk. And daddy pay a speech you next week or just gonna Maxwell adult lives. You can he meets your in the week. I know you love to do that ought everybody take K god bless this is Maxwell assigning our file speeches since I've I am.