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Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, May 13th
Voice Of The Radical Center, for May 13.

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Otherwise no man's. Voice of the radical same thing here on Mother's Day. Broke costing as ever for home. The illustrious Max from the studios in beautiful sunny. Downtown Austin, Texas and basically if you listen for the first time. Make it very clear if you're wondering what the voice the radical center actually is. Yes Susan Rice he likes to look back over the weekend ten weeks I've been doing this lives as opposed to the The Daily Show and ask you think ranked. Democrats or Republicans. Eventually stop fighting amongst themselves long enough. To help you remain as I say about the ten weeks I've been doing this unfortunately typically. The house there is no and I think today's night session we found out. That don't trump wants to make China. Great game will be talking about that actually yeah. As took me a little bit by surprise at Donald Trump wants to make China crate again. We'll wanna talk about it cause people make fun of John McCain we should close in from my perspective is totally despicable. As well as understanding if anybody else being in DC land is actually doing anything. To help the average working man. All woman and let me just make this very clear if you're listening for the first time I am an independent and I know this because my friends on the left. I think a much from supporters and my friends on the right. I think I'm a Communist and not Japan because as you can tell them I hit me Texas accent I do live. Here in sunny Austin, Texas. I am actually news you might expect a surrounded by many of my friends who ST did vote. A for the don't step and because I live. I'm Travis County weighs in on the feast account is that he voted for. Democrats I can claim quite categorically that the friends I have who want Democrats totally believe I am a child support and like usual. You can hear I'm rustling paper for the simple reason. The only want to keep up with anything is going on trumped planes. Is to have mounds and mounds of paper every week. They help me understand exactly what's going on and if anybody out there. Is helping. You and me so this is the back on the topics we may or may not be talking about to take is usually run at a time I don't talk about. Of course John McCain and the despicable things said about him on Fox News to feel the place is not by Fox News people I would like to be very clear. But by some of the people had as guests. Wanna talk about just don't try more and help us Chinese Telecom company he does he turns Newton. A drug prices Donald Trump actually I actually miss miss the other day. Guys he thought he was gonna do something to help drug prices set to help us have lower prescription drug prices but tons alta. Like the war and other things that essentially not gonna happen. I do wanna talk about as well. Via the deficit and the GOP tax plan in which is not helping the average working man. Or woman and everything anything else I can think of now as you can he was my wrestling around and actually joined today had two people with me. I usually am still in the control room you kill fool feel free. To give Dillon a ring of 512643. Life he will make sure. That you get through to speak to me you're lustrous host. Max Miller and also I'm joined by Dan. One in my as a produces. And who also tries to keep me Jonas amassed yet I see think he's. Does believe thank you Dan that I am a basically a Trump's support the hawks to. Kind route. After their merits in my yard I rigorous. As we think maybe you regret to report I am a little bit more or. The left than you are yeah exactly so so maybe who some believe he gets one a mother. Friends on or someone who's actually. As a Donald Trump guy IC which is most of my friends and I do wanna talk about one of them later on who is at the pub with the other day. To actually said to me act of NRC sits may have come matching never as the safety good things. The Donald Trump is doing for example because the three people at a Korea nice and you know gonna give him credit for that I am I can't give me credit for that absolutely. Why not of course he did I mean I think to take my hat off. To him for down my street schori planned it that way but hey sometimes. It's better to be a lucky. Than goods are due on these are things don't talk about today would go back over the week and see if anybody out they in DC land. Republican or Democrat I really don't care so long as things get done one of the examples I won't give is this. And I do like to say it is time for recent a couple of times or didn't say it again if you're caught kids. Inco is he fueled the heart issue the quarterback and you dating they hate cheer leader. And you have that really cool mustang convertible. And everybody thinks she'll the bee's knees that is fantastic now suddenly fifteen years later. Now you find you may be married the cheerleader I could see you both the sudden hate that having a mustang convertible is not gonna work because she have the mother in the home. Maybe you've got to want may be in addition to the Macy's you've got three kids and a Golden Retriever house with a white picket fence and all of a sudden. Canning a mustang convertible no matter how cool it might be is not can help what you really need and in that was a full live a wood on the radio. Is a minivan and that minivan with a with a cup holders and all the rose a cease allows you to get everybody including the doled. And escorted compromise that's a compromise is all about. What I would like to see in DC land is people remembering. That they work. For you and me now fortunately Donald Trump saved. He was gonna drain the swamp now heavily at least two so just stay with me. And if you're try supporter tell me if I'm wrong how ST challenge someone. To tell me from Rome so for example I didn't even though this may be didn't know this but. Yes they trump organize Asian charges the government. So that the Secret Service she's tomorrow a lot of golf carts back that's right I guess they needed to get around I'd been had no idea. Of course as far as home goes anything to score Pruitt does have spoken about him before his bully proof. Conseco was which have yet to find out exactly what truly believe Chris Conseco was actually look like. Let's see what else we don't know what he's doing with dumb Russia that will move find out we go mullah on the open to put that today could we get that does seem to go on. And on and on. Certainly from the very beginning violating the constitutions immoral Lehman's close my Cecil shallow Hal. Otherwise known as Sean Hannity really believe in the constitution I know he does. Because he tells me all the time he does anyway as the American flag and is the penalty just remind us happy treat Baltic. He is so I apparently is not so he doesn't believe in the constitution if it comes to be more women's clothes the First Amendment. And maybe a few other things the only other one I'll have the almost shall list I have with Donald Trump is foreign corporate interest channeling money to trump hotels yes I mean we know he owns property right may DC. And therefore. That money still flows for the Boston because he's not given up. Does the isn't his ownership in those terms in those properties. And if you believe Donald Trump when he says he has I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I would very much. Like to sell Lisa before EST get into the program I just have one other thing. If you can't if you Republican please tell me I am willing. To learn 512643. I 526 was and I really want and now. Either way if you calling in life some of the people did last week that's great just done. Please systems on the right we have to beat the cup the people must win that's fine. Hey listen I'm from the country that invented swearing in the first place trust me I'm very good at any and I have to control myself. And Dylan in the control room there has to make sure that tie him to get beat to every once and it helps but still. What is it the question I have few what is exactly is it that the Republicans are running on just wanna a cut is it the is it the massive. Middle class tax cut that you think you proceed which we've talked about before. Which was set an average of eighty bucks a month now so thousand dollars a year for good or bad right. Except the one teeny meanie minor detail. Only thirteen to 14% of the actual trillion dollars in tax cut as he goes to the average working stiff. Other names give me the rest of the goes to the rich. And corporations and we found out in the last week or so. As a prime example of apple these people back 250 billion dollars Khamenei and fresh apple even for the don't stuff that's serious money. And what are they doing with a they now gonna make iphones in the United States are they investing in Elmore are deep in the United States. Are they doing computers in united stay what are they doing the house there is none of those things are actually going to do Spain's. And this is their figures not mine remember I'm all for whatever works right no ax to grind. They are actually gonna spend 100. Billion dollars which is serious money one billion with a B on tax. Is it me on share buybacks 100 billion dollars on share buybacks who's really helping. The relief ashore helping. Apple should apple shareholders. So before getting into Donald Trump wanting to make China great again and effect the one of the things I agreed with. Looking at drug prices the United States who would one of trying to fix that. I would take a quick break and this is Manx Milla along with Dan and Dylan and I'll be right back. Everybody and welcome back to the Max the the program otherwise known as the voice of the radical center where I'm joined by Dan. My producer and Galen who's our illustrious guy in the control until pretty good marine 512643. Like now. I actually has a save before Matthew recording and broke causing as ever from the Max from the studios in beautiful sunny. Downtown Austin, Texas and damages us to me pounds with a maximum of dole is today because sometimes he will come with me if you're still the maximum adult looks like it yes he gets more fan mail. The idea got to Max Miller adult life Macs or don't like you will see. The match smoothed all the people allows me. When the going yelling at me through email. In all caps I'm talking about you Barry. If so what sort of doled. It's a Max when the dog is and so he is actually a English blockade land almost white bouquet Atlanta and for that everybody believes that those are the best. But I will tell you that land through do you have an amazing temperament is just he's just fantastic and he's conceded to sell because basically he's he gets. To come up to move the time and say is beautiful so he's used to it. As a sit before he gets a little more tension. Attention an idea and I am almost forgot that the damage to his Mother's Day today. And so Dan you wanna say I know anyone know or to anybody Mother's Day anybody special or they wanna sit tight and. Alan and these. Always the happiness it always have his say. Bumped our Rome as the president of this morning no you know much on momentum in of course why them why you my wife. Who's a mother for a ten year old. Yes well unfortunately my mom is no longer with us so I can't say that but hey mom were it would go the issue review might be at this moment looking down on. O'Neal son just to make sure I'm doing. I OK so let's just getting into his happy Mother's Day to everybody. Who's out there are listening to to the cinema voice right now and hopefully your children are making a good fast viewed. So let's get into you have Donald Trump decided this week canes. Tweeting as he did about you know looking happy and you know missing his moment talking about his month. Vocal chords as I think Dan put anatomy a meeting to actually say led to the mother of his samba you know I don't get caught up in those things because that's just. To me that's just noise I do want to about this so don't trump did play each. Today to may two Chinese phone maker. ZTE. Great again and because you won and will happen this happen this morning. So basically easy he was actually. Have a serious problem. Because they will bang into from purchasing. Any US. Technology that going to date the phone equipment that they Ashley well known for making massive acquire a large company they said serious. Ramifications. Four for this company's CTE so what do Donald Trump do well we don't feel like whenever every spoken to last unasked the last shiny object that he has. So we don't from worried about healthcare feet for everybody is Donald Trump worried about the car and truck prices. Not always worried about. Having. You know and making sure that the Chinese company. Is doing better easily Ashley said yes he said today presidency of China and nine. Are working together to give massive via this point out that not exactly China a small company this is his word. Give massive Chinese fund companies GTE a way. To get back into business Fawcett too many and I. This is the amazing passing most people are focusing on. Too many jobs in China a loss that Commerce Department has been instructed to get it down now financially presidency. Giving Donald Trump's track record and saying one thing and nicely in not doing anything I wouldn't worry I wouldn't wait too long. Mr. presidencies rusty anything to get done I don't think I'm quite frankly I don't think is gonna have but the fact that he even. Now offered to do it. Is pretty amazing and indication one who the issue was in April. The Comas depart commas to common pain allies ZT for violence for violating let's not forget violating. I settlements we stayed married they'd agreed to with the US government over illegal shipments. To Iran. And North Korea. Let's not forget that day actually. Had actually those champagne. Which included of course ER US equipment and components in those completed products. To Iran and North Korea. And it was the trump administration the barred US firms for seven years. From exporting cost too easy TE which he's actually the fourth largest Smartphone manufacturer but also. They also make Telecom switching equipment no schools for us and said that he says he way that came from so it was Donald Trump's own Commerce Department so do you believe. The Donald Trump should be helping these people I'd Dan I don't know what do you think do you think he should be helping these guys well. I I guess who are appointed to on a similar point. Did you and I maybe disagree a little bit on the with the I'm pulling out of the Iran agreement. As a resolve two on Boeing is going to lose twenty billion dollars in contracts. And I suspect there's a lot of jobs in this country there are not going to. How are you an idea disagree on that actually Aaron it is it my friends who believe I am a Communist until I should agree in many ways with his simply Iranian thing for the simple reason that I do think they're very bad actor. In the Middle East that they have while they may say they've not violated the terms of all the agreement which have the United States they I think they certainly violated. The the sentiment around if they wanted to become a nation of you know being part of the world community. They they violated those times in my opinion so that says when that comes from. I haven't haven't you been sadness. I actually had the in my hospital and my nominations for the because banks of the week. So sews 'cause bags of the week are. Basically to people that make fun of Kelly Sadler from the it was a Donald Trump's team has never apologized for. And also the guys on Fox News it was a retired air force lieutenant general. Thomas Mack and marry. Who actually said that town torture worked on John McCain that's why they call himself a good job so wisely quite frankly. Because he Ashley said it in public is opposed in a private meeting. My vote goes to Thomas McCrary as being Mac and their excuse me as being discussed bag. Of the week keeping in mind kids who does a down note John McCain remember. Volunteered. To stay behind you refused to be released once the Vietnamese found out that he was the son of an admiral he refused to be released. Because for the simple reason you can only wanted to deny propaganda victory for the for the end Vietnamese and or so he wasn't gonna be released until everybody else. Would that be released alongside with the so that's my that's my nomination to discuss bank of the week actually quite frankly and we remember that John McCain that the moment has green kid that's exactly. Exactly and is home yes why wasn't it whales sides Kelley sadly gradually say it doesn't matter is dying anyway. Yes well what nice people we have. I mean sixty would you want these people representing you annual local authorities local council annual kid's scout group. Are we don't want our excess scout leader because it doesn't matter he's going anyway. I think he bring home locally to people then they realize that it as opposed to 15100 miles away in DC. If EST if you make it local than people actually understand. How stupid these things people sent as the Lindsey Graham who actually I don't have a lot of time for. Because he's the one nasty damage to members this then yes he tweeted that Donald Trump show and amazing and round of golf. It was like all of that alienated an amazing job I couldn't believe issue on eighteen every hole was a hole in ones eating quite say that but that's who was what he meant. I anyway yes he came along and said done Lindsey Graham say with token about the future when we took bets going on Middle East. I'm looking for it their town to talk to sees me to John McCain getting back but I don't think I quite frank is gonna him and today. This ill handling this morning. A Bolton as they came along and say it and praised. I'm praised John McCain. But dame wouldn't actually apologize. For the F for the member of his Baath Party demand but that lady. Kelly you said that he's dying anyway. But he casino with you know why said that you know what he's also was what could apologize I wasn't there I didn't hear it. That that was his Oz well I wasn't there when Stalin was around. But I still I think Stanley who's pretty bad guy so seriously a car the fact. How callously can be game. Why don't I also like to say is a Vietnam veteran yes I know I have a lot of respect for John McCain I didn't vote for my daughter for the other guy the time he rammed. But nonetheless I think John McCain's of her brave has been absolutely I guess is he is yes and we must and he's been very brave as politics in the last couple of years to. He is see as being actually in listen if you cut my parents my parents taught me things like if you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything. So why would you even. Fox Business news now they get to be fair to the interview. All of that Fox Business news so called security analyst and he seek he claims he didn't hear him say it. And said that because he had a pretty he's Johnson was out of the juices speaking in my unity means that we wrapped up into view and often that's. You put out a tweet saying I apologize what was said the other way could really show that is not invite this guy backs Arian is fox said business analyst also. His thing as far as business news having a Security Council as he can only really US is that business news. And north. Let's get into the when are we wanted to talk about. Which is drug prices now Donald Trump actually sit and my kids you know kids is what the man's and I remember I have no ax to grind. Wade the dawn stuck. Upon the fact I think he's you know the people will not quite windy but house but outside of that. East policy is actually agree with trade this three defense investing in infrastructure I sensible immigration reform. I each include the middle class tax cut and of course one of the things you sit in addition to fixing obamacare as opposed to just breaking it. Would be yes he did say early on and go to quote he was to get to and I get back is. Around drug prices so the trouble is none of those things are happening so if you want if you wanna actually hand. Listen to people that he makes you feel good pay go was Sean Hannity listeners Sean Hannity if you actually want. People that are gonna make you think. They need to listen to yours truly otherwise done this Max Miller voiced the radical center we'll be right back to go over dog from a drug. Prices thanks. Okay. Hillary's next mellow welcome. Back into the voice ready percent to a program like I said before where I look at everybody from the left in the rye I can't mess people. And we some of you may believe is sexy another way of saying the four letter word. Or Donald Trump and actually thinking is anyone out there in DC plan doing anything to help. The average working man or woman in the United States before anybody sends me emails was it done in the past. As stated and get accused me of being an elitist about how they know that is the only doesn't make it very clear I come from good. Working class took effect all the way back to the eighteen hundreds. My ancestors apart from my dead. We'll call minus yet they weren't his they were literally down there with a tip colonies. And the canaries. And I guess that actually and then the age of twelve actually I found out that one of my ancestors could you imagine being the age of twelve in like eighteen of five. Down the pits what are what a horrendous lifestyle that must've been anyway. Does get into a do wanna talk about destructing because don't throw himself boarded up so Iran I think he's only appropriate that I bring enough. He is what he saved. Curing. Curing he's. Some splash Rose Garden. Announcements of when he is gonna try and take on the of the drug companies he's what he said everybody involved in the broken system the drug makers insurance companies to issue pieces. Pharmacy benefit managers and many others contribute to the problem will probably go to about right up until that point. Government has also been part of the problem because previously it has turned a blind eye to this incredible of peace. But I'm that this administration we up putting America's patience first night if that was true. Well I mean Donald did say he wanted to allow join the campaign in one of the things he said was I want to allow Americans to import drugs from overseas with a cheap. And so did it help did you know what let's see what did Wall Street. Say so one analyst that guy called Ronny gal all of his name running gals say it is is very very positive to pharma. We have not seen anything about that speech we should concern. Investors wish right they should tell you debt write off the bat dogs from Jessie doing nothing. To help the average working man or woman overcome the cost. Of all these drugs otherwise known as he had his campaign called the is a 44 page group Franco American. Patience. First and has a laundry list of ideas though no timetable as don't forget no timetable. For actually. Into the main seeing any of this we want him very much eliminate the middleman. Donald Trump has said the middleman has become very very rich right who are these middle Maine worth. I love that seriously or get rid of the middleman honestly don't know who they are. But the women they are close to getting very rich. And a lot of people had never even figure it out their rich they want be so rich. Anymore needless to say the drug companies. Quite happy about this because is a city full there's nothing in the speech says he helps. The drug companies. Stop making money now. One of the things we just all ties back to band is Donald Trump's fix. Michael Conley and who received. And this is important for me Suisse had possessed he got me thinking from my Swiss. Health care company. One point two. Million dollars one point two million dollars to Donald Trump's designated porn star silence. Two Lashley help the company. Understand how certain how might approach certain US health care. Policy matters and that may have been caused the time was misrepresenting himself but you know what. They was still paying him and I kid you know accused him and the Donald Trump claimed he would drain the swamp. They was still paying him 100000. Dollars. A months until this broke about the fact there re companion in the first place seriously 100. Thousand dollars a month remember don't trumps and I'm gonna take care of everybody you know beautiful health care. I'd like to point out yes yes the time. There's certain. Secretary of how on HHS. The Health Department. It is so around the former president of the drug giant Eli Lilly. Yeah I mean he has he is taking care of everybody. Yes he is he's that well actually he's taken care of everybody and the fact remains that town. Makes you wonder why Novartis and ask you keep paying him this guy wanted to cells month icy material that might series once they realize yes he knew nothing. At bat and was on the else would the don't say any nasty was nasty being MAD know anything about drug policy the United States. They felt they couldn't stop they couldn't not paying because output remained was situation because then they don't Colin could come back itself. Actually some animals and help you anymore in fact I'm gonna go to the Donald and tell him to help you one bit. If fact they could actually says something like as they actually have a theory they could says something out of thumb that the DS sopranos. They could say that even nice drug prices they'd be a shame if anything happened to them. That was my real quote I like that I wrote that down this woman's us on the claim credit for that. So one of the things which people let's say it's minute had this discussion with friends of mine and don'ts to set himself and other people have said it. Donald from Ashley this this now this. Shows seriously listen if you are a listen and you probably if you listen to me takes a sip as opposed to DC isn't what you are probably. Also are you could be a trying to support but as a said before I'm gonna make you feel good I just wanna make you think that's a lessor limited don't want you to think. And to keep an open mind has sold this is all about and this Republican or Democrat as anyone done anything. Lately TO the average working man woman and unfortunate the city food out who's now on the one of the things adults they can't say it was. The countries like the yet this is brilliant countries by the U Cain Germany should raise their drug prices. Prescription drug prices because. They are actually taking on a Von siege of all the money that is being. Put out there by Americans consumers to fund all this drug. Research. So that made me think so I have a list here. Nolasco when there must stand very quickly Dan. Out of the top ten. Drug companies. In the United States how many of them are American. Would you say. Through the fire out of the chain is ten of the top ten by Iranians about Rick you know low earth sooner we assume the majority. Yes well you are proving you wrong. And so Johnson and Johnson's number one and Joseph vice here online gauging just sickening in and make wrong she is Swiss then number two. Pfizer is American number three Novartis and other Swiss companies numb before pay the French on my god the French have one number five. GlaxoSmithKline British well known people see those GSK adds all the time. Then Merck. Abdi was out of that event in bay of coast which most people have heard of who are are of course. G German. And any of Abbott labs which most people who have settled out of the next ten to the top twenty before we get to Joseph. How many of those do you think are on American this is overseas so we had five of the top ten are overseas. Not American. How many of the next ten you think are not American. Old American what have you and so I'm reluctant to answer. You know that dance letting dance than it VS is a setup beyond series five again. Five of the top next ten so another was ten of the top twenty drug companies. In United States RI the British. Swiss. Why only Israeli owed German and actually asked to guess what in his say unit Japanese one. I Joseph welcome aboard the UMA we still got you hanging in page does it feel there. Yeah I did you enjoy your program action. Oh thank you very much go ahead go ahead says if you got Dan and Dylan and moralism. Carl well I don't have to look just to so I just was dead I think that you don't have valuable perspective. To your listeners. And I like bad news is that they Chinese company that some. Gloating because. It could. To do so badly. And was penalized for it. And they want to continue. President trump well. Yes exactly did I wanna make sure everybody and is Al animation of what he understands Jose thank you fools the thank you for the actual two dozen I did not pay any money to say that it touches and I DAS Ryder maximal adult. Yes so yep you heard about Donald Trump saying that today justice about. Then let the that the Chinese company asks yeah yeah yeah no I I guess and I both learned or sheltered life okay. Do you have done yeah dude. Not now I think this is warning right Dan does he he said he said on the dance between front items from Nvidia Pekingese tiny dank confines but he actually in and anchored if you could find it Reeves has been Dan Ashley did says sorry Donald Trump did basically say that he had a conversation presidency. And because of that we need to protect Chinese. Jill switch. You know what I DA IC's total truck ran on the actually protecting American jails but apparently wants to protect Chinese jumps to. Well I. Can't let out or moved I don't understand Leahy the the Serb negotiating but not Koreans and but it also these people and had a commercial revenue of twenty north Koreans the Chinese. Yeah now icici nasty mean epithet point in my. You have to compliment I don't think that the municipal are wrong. It's the Chinese and that it did not the same president that nuclear program it's it's not cramped that you get the credit that it's. I think he's turned news and I. Hours thinking about that say that one of the persons people they see Danny is the president of South Korea. Because he has the one that went on only in to setup committee get the tweet that Dan a duel between go and read it to us presents the of China and I are working together. Give massive Chinese phone company massive. ZT. Wait to get back in the business best. Too many jobs in China lost Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done well every gadget if I feel about that Joseph. Well. I guess it's probably. It I would you have to. Keep their enemies close in New Orleans went to close in your hand him. Astrid that's Jesse pretty Smart. Are you doing anything special for Mother's Day Joseph. Well I'm Alicia has. I was not invited to the celebration. So I'm kind of who. I didn't and admit that. I wasn't I invited. One of plutonium to face celebration pride. My kids. My ex wives both my kids are celebrating Mother's Day when I got me. Oh hey Joseph I am sorry about that beat least he has Dylan Dan and Max hit two be moral support how does that sound. That's that's great I do enjoy your program. I listen thanks a lot Joseph thanks for calling and keep calling in writing to me am happy to chill with you anytime Joseph Addai. I thought all right my thanks thanks as it Pavano all right. So let's keep moving on here so's we we do have we do have to go for a quick break and and I do wanna gating to. The fact that don't trump is supposed to drain the swamp and still hasn't even in the education. Department so I'll be right back tell them thanks. Everybody and welcome back on this Mother's Day to use the Macs in the front and otherwise known as the voice to radicals sent electricity four. War it's very simple isn't anyone in DC Republican Democrat I had. No ax to grind if someone in DC is doing something being healthy average working man woman get this is the only. Middle class tax cut as opposed to the minus docket for the fun of this right now ways that the rich drive by mid fifties I really don't care. Beginning 13% 14% of tax cut remember. That the trillions of sorrows is adding to the deficit we're getting basically. Thirteen to 15% of forget the exact number. I would be nice if we got a bit more putting nicely veils or imagination for example on infrastructure Donald Trump's head. Two weeks two separate weeks of infrastructure week. I need UST theme with Tennessee one penny spent on improving. Roads rail airports whatever that might be directed from. Washington DC I think again like I said before there's a bridge in Brooklyn I could happily show you I don't have a if so would actually do that. If the Republicans did that tunnel trump negotiated trade as free buffet if he may eat. Beautifully health care which it does his words not mine I'm all for it if he would actually achieve those things. You would actually make any UST convert the Maxtor into a true trumps support of the trouble is unfortunately. I what if you wanna be Pandit to moccasins before listened to shallow Hal. Shallow Hal otherwise known as Sean Hannity is more than happy to tell you what you want to hear I'm going hated it I need to make you think. And trying to understand if I consider a thousand times now as anyone in DC doing anything to help. The average working man. All woman and to that and actually I'm Dan we wanted to very briefly about the reporters dot com we should talk about now and we could we set up. An online newspaper which literally covers. The range. All of muses out days are replacing one as tool and using one place you can go to you can ask people into those things and you have a quick summary of the report does dot com and. Yeah I wanted to give it a plug it took project that we both involve them. And what it really hasn't that's where I get all my news and this has so a water as you set a wide range of sources. And we've even had taken to the point where if you if you do have a perspective that you want to follow. We we've broken some of the news up into those news from the left dishonor in the right. And you can do it's a good place to follow what you believe in but also see who else is out there and what else is going on. In other words you don't have to see gonna have to go to say you knew times Washington postal insane folks news whatever you can actually see is a summary of all the news is out there. I sees remember is that reported Stockholm is still. In beta a little bit Battelle I think English release we will as great among Obama. Again the reporters dot com as I was we start to build up I journalistic presence as well. You I think you'll see damn by the way just wanna I wanna think so. The down the suits the suits in the radio world let's talk thirteen seventy to suits. You know the guys to draw name if they range roses and win the suit and ties to the office. Massey spoke to the Maxtor about expanding the perk and the question is. When should I do it I don't know I don't know what I wanna do it but the fact remains if you think. That there's a potential mentally be doing this for ten weeks. I have to say I'm very pleased with the response and not me because I see thinkers and there's there's an AM. Was it a market but I do think there's a space. That is if you think the suit says thirteen seventy talk. Deserve to give the maximum time please feel free to to contact them because. I actually put on the joking around I truly believe that dared that the radical sand said the average everyday person. Has been ignored. By he'd be that I'd be I would say it'll lead speak of the claim not to be released but the elites on the left. Or on the right you really have no interesting compromise they really don't care. About you and me for example among the peak on the apple Ryan otherwise known as the county line. Paul Ryan very simply if he truly can it. About the United States we used to for the longest time can I remember this that and set about the deficit. Yeah he's blowing up the deficit I remember shallow Hal. Say he believed in the constitution and the deficit it passed both those things that matter anymore. That's what I mean about pandering and that's what I mean MM not doing things that are good for the average American that's my problem I don't see that happening. And I'm not claiming on the left by the way as any bit out of nowhere. Bernie Saunders thinks he's gonna get some of the money from for the things he wants to do it. I don't even know what the Democrats stand for us at this a thousand times I have literally no idea. What it is that the Democrats. Stand forth you're a Democrat person out there hey if someone could explain to may have lost before. I've us ties to democratic friends of mine who lives being now beautiful sunny gas and Austin, Texas and ask people what is it. Other Democrats stand for I had sleep to some extent I know they wanna improve health care access to everybody the one at Joe's very vote all the usual motherhood. And apple pie stuff. The trouble is no one's asked he communicating them very well so I actually have no idea that's what I believe their policies on I see it on the wheel the messages. So before we get into that's gonna get into the next piece for a get into. John Kelly the does it was Jim Kelly can keep the stuff so it was to go Wii is. And Michael kind and everything else if we have them are gonna run at a time quite frankly. I don't get into one thing about what I'm talking about not actually helping the average working man warms to the education. Department is run by this lady. I Betsy table Susie as she education secretary too old Yahoo! Music does grant Haas again it was east said that was the head of the down. We used to be they drug. Eli Lilly knows what was what was so I'll tell her health and human services HHS secretary yes exactly so Donald Trump was gonna drain the swamp. And we've got a guy who is the health and human services secretary. It was the CEO. Of Eli Lilly's that we send this and I'm looking on my list to see way Eli Lilly fits in on the saw Alia that number twelve. On the edge drug companies listing in this said they're not in the top ten but they write about behind down. So are we headed as to exactly cut a British drug company. And T the pharmaceutical and Israeli drug company. And they drug company I want Peter pronounced from Germany and and get this from cool bull ring. Ingle kind. So it's good to know that these female high American drug prices. A subsidizing the British. The friend she Israeli and the German drug companies and even some from more sides could sit out the what paying high drug prices of these guys can help as a lamp twice did you lol he's doing okay do you I don't think therein 27 team. Revenue was 22 billion dollars is that right there. Lee camp all right yeah I mean I that they have become how big is Johnson pharmaceutical. Was a lot. And down yes 76 billion. And then. So GlaxoSmithKline which of course familiar with from the case 42 bit so I don't feel too sorry. To sort through these guys. Senator what is it that is Betsy tables Al looking out for the average working men and woman were what was supposed to be happening is. That there was the Education Department had actually been investigating widespread at peace. By for profit colleges hey guys seem to remember trump university. Trump university was sued and Donald Trump settled for 25 million bucks anyway. For profit colleges. From the Education Department it was supposed to be. Going off to these this sounds is two for abuse that was like I think over charging in on the promising over promising and under delivering a thing as a simple way to set. Other people from that team and ask you been reassigned marginalized or instructed to focus on other. Max's name I began what was the big deal why hasn't even what does that even matter off to the team I mean with a team had been inspect in in. Expanded to include a dozen or so lawyers investigators the song. Well including the fry education group we see we know the front was him on TV all the time. I would help the fact remains that said the investigation into the fried ground to a hoped. Believe you know ground to a halt. Because. Mrs. ms. de Bosnia and from the yet Betty Davis from the Education Department. Named Julie and smoke come from refinancing that smoky the smoky and pronouncing it wrong Soria Julian. A former dean. Add the fry as the team's new supervisor. I kid you not to guide that was actually. Being we investigator his old company was being investigated by this very group. Is now the team's. New supervisor. And again I don't save this week joy I don't say. The Donald Trump should be out there helping every working man or woman. At the same time hoping that he doesn't succeed I want him. To succeed but how could you tell me the Donald Trump is draining the swamp. When he allows his education secretary to tie the very people who were originally being investigated by Hud apartment. Absolutely makes no. Since. My gosh can't listen how much almost speechless Stan I'm like I'm homeless at a loss for words here is a bit like while anybody pay Michael Cullen. You know why would a teensy type Michael Carlin any 600000 dollars and thinking is who woody was some supposed to be helping him out we had those a Telecom expert. I guess he was a Telecom expert before it became a pharmaceutical expert as wake of that money. So before we say good bye just wanna say wanna how much time mode doing that we have that's a couple minutes this one us how much time to enough that it's okay thank you thank you Jim. I just wanna say one extra thing so please. If you like the program the voice radical sent to go to Max Milla. Don't lie you can write to me a Maxwell of the life if you get a match well delighted they will see the masculine build. Does accompany every once in while Dan Kane today as it in the Maxwell dog and I will give him and his credit he's more particular than them. The the match would go to another making you very rude gesture to me right now and none is cute now and honesty is a man's woman though he's at the masculine don't. So nice fellow dog if you wanna see with a mask or dog looks like just go to Mexico on the life out of Mac you can also write to me. There is a form on the maximum adult life where you can ST right to meet the police are cassette before system Ryan O camps. I'm remembers because they just feel like yelling at me is just he just yelling I mean is like yelling at me through the into web. But keeping context it is what it is we tried to we've been doing this role of ten weeks ten weeks we've been doing this. I've been doing the into webpart for about five or six months but the life portion here in Austin as saying at least in Austin and Iran and other places. For ten. Weeks so the idea here is is to understand like this at a thousand times as anyone in DC caring about you and I. And unfortunately Democrat or Republican I had no ax to grind I've come to the conclusion. That they really have no caring they don't care. About you know if they can about you and I for example the Democrats right now if they can about you and I I go to full Pelosi go choose your poison she's someone on and who's not quite as. Maybe divisive because he does someone out there every day will be guy on the Donald about now supposedly helping China may gray again. Helping define the jokes of people talking about health care. The infrastructure with Donald said he wants did that would be fantastic and some from the GOP would be saying the same thing because I thought the Donald ran home. That's what I wanna say I wanna see that happen so as I sign off today and listen if you asked taking imam Al tonight. I take it make you take is someone nice remember how much. He took care of view and make sure that tell you give her a nice on a bouquet of flowers and some. Maybe a nice some jewelry and and that's something nice. And I'll be speaking here very cynicism Maxwell assigning awfully damn golf lets us speak kiss than see you next week but by mail.