Voice Of The Radical Center, 6/10

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, June 10th
Voice Of The Radical Center, for June 10.

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Otherwise known as the voice. Of the radical center this is the week in review this ride like the look back and see if anyone has actually done anything. Healthy average working man or woman you know anyone in DC Republican Democrat I really don't care. I keep me gathered by my heavy. Texas ex and I am. An independent I am broke costing as in the foam the illustrious maximum studios. He came beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas and today with Maine. I do have the maximum adults the Maxwell would dole decided to join me. For the simple reason that as some of you listened to during the week or earlier on in the program. The other week he was sick and ended with a thousand dollar bill. And have no idea to owning the dog. It was so expensive so do wanna. Talk about that just a little bit if you are listening for the first time and make it very clear Iran says this they're ready I am an independent. I know an independent because my friends only a right to think I'm a Communist. And my friends on the left. As they think are much from supporters that tells me I'm doing my job in the radical center where what does that. I like the famed average everyday people. Even if you are say leaning right leaning left understands. And agree on 95 to saint. A what we need to do to get to work to make the country better and to make our lives improve allies and so on and so forth they may mean we have a different ways of achieving. I may mean the magic C would no no no no not this he would fancy would the would compromise. That's he would actually wish actually to some extent I suppose. Is almost gets a bad rappers as much as the other one does. So that's what I'm all about I'm here to Wesley believes that we are adult and the we recognize that compromise. In life is important issues is just the way it is and if you ever tried. To go through life and maybe when you were a kid you probably did so only when your teenage he tried to go through life. Believing that the life the life would you living that everybody should agree with you. And guess threatens well as we will find out at some point it doesn't work that way. So the week in review have been doing this now for about twelve weeks. Some on the three month mark I suppose were I look back. For as opposed to the daily program might do a look back concede. As a sit before as anyone in DC grand doing anything for the average working man or woman unfortunately. Typically and once again. Leon series in a negative in fact. I if you feel this almost always only for the average working man or woman that. You'll host Max Miller is missing eight. Feel free to tell me. I'm life day to day can call may have the usually number 512643. Life you can tell me I can take you actually lead. Have no problem we're being told I'm wrong so long as you can back it up. With banks if this is the feeling if this is the warm Fuzzy. They have that's great I'm happy for you but I would like to have facts. Tobacco what you Tony as I try to do as well so if you feel old. That's a fact the fact that Donald Trump he's fantastic he's the best thing since sliced bread the man walks on water was not delusional has no idea. Any fact is the fact that I think he has no idea what he's doing he's completely wrong page I am willing to loan. So they can write to me a Max of maximum delighted get a maximum of delighted to see the national adult actually gets more fan mail and ID. And you can tell me I am wrong or you can just cool wind today because as I said before. I am willing. To a Nazi SS and broke costing as ever from. The illustrious maximum studios in beautiful sight aunts and Austin takes not to have. Reams of paper if you've ever heard me before. It seems to me that somehow in currently in DC Lance as we lift today the indeed as the same if you must have been doing this program. The reams of paper that I have to used to print town right on them and is a single big. I feel kind of bad about because I do like to recycle but somehow the countywide keep track of everything is going on in DC land is who is she printed out. Right hello Brit and to see if anybody's out there like I said before helping. Are you an idea I think I should point out. Good to get this quite a bit clearly I'm hitting Texas accent I am an American you just gonna take my word for it. A convoluted background. An anti Vista today clear too much more important things to worry about but yes I am an American and I have voted. Democrat and Republican. As I see fit just basically to keep them off balance and because sometimes it happens agreed Republicans and sometimes. I happen to agree we Democrats I know. It's a shock horror thing from my friends to pretty much here in Texas many of them. Are in fact Republicans personnel they still like you still there the public. We still hanging out. But they generally I think the sort of maybe they pity me a little bit. Because as I said before they still think I'm a Communist. When I to try to explain to them I actually agree with many of the things that don't trump wants to try and do I'm all for trade. This three defend. I'm more for his words beautiful health care. I'm all for investment in infrastructure but if you believe Theo Guinea any of those things where. I don't know on the I would tell would infect them. May be start conveniently would be good advice there so I do have a few topics to go through today would get over here to talk about G-7. When the wild things are we talk about that. I do wanna focus on our Russia's objective what is it the Putin wants well I think it's pretty clear. But it will go through that as well our objectives are wanna talk about that. Obviously young candidate is now the enemy did you we wanna I wanna focus on what pearl Canada's done as a says the Oswego the other day. I journal weekly program you know it takes a lot to upset a Canadian seriously if you Canadian out there. A listening to me I mean I've been to Canada quite a few times and I could hit him just fantastic people big cold because for me but still nonetheless. It means it takes a law to two upset OK he's been like upsetting someone from Belgium. You just to see some was impossible. So was impossible to do door till about draining the swamp and there is someone. You'll be pleased to know out there in DC and in my opinion who is actively. Helping to drain the swamp as we speak and that's a good thing and oh clearly. You might believe is don't trump weave and feel free he did tell me since. But I have a different opinion on that one and I can I am willing. To learn if you belief that I am wrong I actually have a strong enough feat of that I can take if someone disagrees with me unlike it would seem that the that the trumps that I guess mostly upset. If someone disagrees with him on anything even if this so long term Allah so what is it let's just before young to get into the real meat and potatoes of the whole thing that's just talk about. As anyone been in things to help assess the whole point and as anyone in DC Atlanta done anything for and he went on for help you and all right. This week that's the edge general modus operandi of this program and I know. Sean Hannity otherwise known as shallow Hal this is to mine programs so shorn. Please get someone to explain to you will modus operandi means because I know for a fact that time. Welcome. UB generally look at these days Mae and so please feel free to get someone to explain to exactly. What Demi so what is what is sounds flat couldn't what does it was should we think he wants to think he he wants to bring the west together. Do you think he's happy that the Ukraine at one point was even negotiating to join the European Union. A do you think he wants the the the you to remain strong. And and supportive of the United States do you maybe that's what he wants may be he really wants to see. The expansion of team democratic. Protocols and Democrat on democratic values. Two to expand east with maybe maybe that's what he wants because I made a Disco in Rome. This entire time now I don't think. That's what it is do you mean if you tell me I'm willing to learn if you think is objectives of the same as United States. That's fantastic now I know that Donald Trump. One seeds or suggested that Russia join the G-7. But before I forget I just wanted to say one thing and many view out there I'm sure. Understand economics. How many do you have their regimes. Can tell me what is is continuity Annapolis just the GDP of Russia. Is it huge she is the key months does trumps them I sent. Is it just out to lunch show off the reservation larger than China and the United States combined no it isn't. Just to make it very clear Russia's GDP. Is actually less and Italy we've done twice the population so why would is from a point of view that economic. Strength. And democratic values. It does seem to fit with the G-7. With canceled so therefore Russia's objective. Is not the same as America's objective Russia's objectives is to create globally expand group global greatness is keeping. At the expense. Of the United States and of course divide Europe by a weakening NATO let's not forget they don't they and as a negative. And essentially. I believe Putin has a zero sum calculus which essentially means. If you nice if United States and Russia. Yes they should you or this tease me on doing well then automatically. Been automatically the the the European Union. Is down and Russia for example is up so before we we gonna take a break. We'll be right back into talking about exactly what happened in June 7. And to see if that any of that helped. You may let's stop right there I'll be right back. That's what the program runs like completely. It's everyday person misses the radicals since its need these days and is ignored. By the loud voices on the left. And also on the rise to number woods and we recognize this at the very beginning that life is seamless life is a compromise and what we recognize. Is that occasionally every once in awhile to the benefit of everybody. It'll be very good if our own friends there in DC is supposed to work for us. Actually decided to be grown ups. For once and decided to do something this is the benefit of the average working man or woman and in that context as we look back over the week. And we have the reams of paper as Emma. Here in the management is you get is anyone doing anything to help the average working man a woman obviously. Canada is not very happy. Right now by these steel. Tariffs and the aluminum tariffs if he may say Panamanian then I just besides that the it giant anyways still aluminum tasks. Which have absolutely am. Upset mr. Trudeau the prime minister. All of a candidate who actually went on to say from the G-7 summit. I highlighted directly to the president the Canadians did not take it lightly that the United States is move forward. With significant tariffs on our steel. And aluminium or aluminum industries and basically it was insulting that that the United States that actually think. The it was a national security issue to justify the tariffs. The United States is now put on Canada that's essentially what it is. An intruder went on to say and there's a reason I'm reading this pop Canadians to apply it will reasonable. But we also will not be a push to ram that's very much will be sick and that sounds to me. What upset the Donald has going to doubts that the don't know because and I'm glad he's tweeting and could recall things this is. As you know they do want it but he went only started off his tweet early today to yesterday's kidney by saying. PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild to curing our G-7 meetings only to give a news conference. Our front left saying that the US carriers were kind of insulting and we will not be pushed around. Well let me just ought to put the first part act is so many Kamal you know I think that crystal beach front speak for Tom how about on polite and respectful. That's probably walked town. To know is there anything polite and respectful to the present United States as he should be. By the way. And don't come in like the fact that our afterwards he turned down. The someone that seed in the green and now they have this really upset that don't stay to the point. Where he's Dane refused an apparent to sort of way to sign the G-7. Declaration was essentially is just disbanded down protocol of what we all agree we love each other and life will go one. Unfortunately that don't didn't like that so he refused even to sign even though he'd agreed to sign it. I get a chance to see. The picture though fun basically don't trample on the in the least bit. Surrounded by the other G-7 leaders. Including Angela Merkel particularly she's front and circuses released by the department. From my from Germany I had I'd going to take a look it's now I've no idea what those people with thinking it's very inscrutable nonetheless. But still. It's good to know. The Donald Trump responds to. To someone who is basically pushing back and saying what kind of funny insulting to say see we four walls to get a and this is how you treating us which I think is I think it's on a reasonable thing to say a vote. To be fan. Oh to be outfitted Trudeau he push it is said that as the face to face that's probably. Would have been more to the realm of what do may need believing in Dayton mall but still he didn't say that. Then on the and then Donald Trump went onto say based on each Justin's false statements and false statements that could. At his news conference in the fact that Canada is charging Marist massive tariffs on US on this. We will now. Take a look at seeing what farmers terrorists we can put on frosts I say as you go on to say we'll look at tariffs and ornament yeah. Canada though that Canada the well known. That well known car exports a massive car exporter old son. Of I wanna anyone name a Canadian brand so I can't I can't think of one. And we have a cool I don't know who it is said Dillon who is I can't see the name into we have someone cornyn please go right ahead this is Max Milla. A Mac uses this. I just Italian thanks for calling man. I'd like to woo bad teams particularly you know I'm. The Canadian to us and Canadian automobile production. All right I'm willing to learn I've said that before go right ahead. I don't doubt you can Google which it was made in Canada with. So. There are different attitude. Is dependent of course that it's it's the name badges. And we've placed side slam that I ever glam band now. It is to be it. It's not a part of the my. Dad gave. Yeah so your idea is that really what it took. I. Each other. CNN EA EA you referring to NAFTA writes you're talking about the I think that's what don't trust referring to as well because I know for a fact Toyota makes causing Canada under the Lexus brand. And then of course I United States makes caused United States that are exported to Canada or Mexico that's like that you point. I guess we'll put it. American manufacturers have plants and end to end of the produce cars. And back to the United States and I presume they don't have to pay much of it can. Well it's free trade and I'm planning terror strike best NAFTA they would they wouldn't pay any terrorist any more than its eight. That's the whole thing right if you exploit a car from the United States into Canada you campaign tariff for Mac it is under NAFTA and vice for is so that's but that's what NAFTA is right. K well that's good that's good that's the players so there. Than what master has incursion a lot of American. Manufacturers look to locate plants in Mexico. And Canada. And of course they have to blow over in Mexico and note to and I don't know that the people who are a candidate has. Yeah ask the question is not cheap labor I'm sure. No they're labor I would expect labor to be is saying. And Canada as it is and Nenad. I think what upset the don't generate about this Joseph was that third the Canadians for some kind of dairy tariffs. How bad the really upset the upset the dairy farmers. It's. Like to earn 53 a percent. Yet but I have to Libya to look at the big picture there right I mean United States protects his farmers just as much as every country does because. This food production surely is a strategic imperative for any. Any country try to win the race United States Canada you need European Union whatever it every country wants to protect its farmers. I don't think that they you account you classify Canada's an enemy that would you would you have spoken to Canada the way down from there I don't. It's good to lose. Quote control is kind of very. Anti capitalist. He's a socialist. Really matches. Yeah socialist I don't know that I had died alms to I listen I don't know if he's a socialist or did any Canadians whose union. Nice to see you sir diplomat. As saying I have. There and emotional. That's the problem that's their that's their that's their problem remained and UST think Canada Mexico and the EU a danger to national security I mean that's what. That's all. I would endanger the United States over the last forty years I think you're out to the generous. Did Mexico too generous to Canada to Janice Dean moves. Did you go to Japan to a general to. Trying to independent warriors. And we didn't hurt actually Arab policy permits. We can't move around this country. Well and hey wait but down the play devil's advocate for them each city just before a dispute you phone number one won't. So I just thought he Gaza these questions for which is the most powerful country on the planet right now do you think. Well it's because of the time equipment. I don't know I'm not talking he can on the Tokyo and which he's the most economically powerful country on the planet right now do you think. There remember I used to. The issue as to what exactly those incessant it's trying to. Yes or number one as United States' rights that the United States is the most powerful economic country. As he'd probably the world has ever known. And knows you don't have to type in terms of gross domestic problems. Soaking in terms of reach I'm talking in terms of naval parent talking overall the United States is by far the most powerful country. Very large deficit that's. There really any of that to where I'm. And it's only just blew that out by the way he just did that he has got to get a 28 trillion because of the GOP and I thought the deaths it was a really bad thing I remember shorthanded Lisa and. Is in its army. You have to pay taxes that are hidden. Cleansing and so good mood and Iowa earlier and they decide Beers and now you know as soon as usual. I'd do. More sad thing do you think you think Joseph before we don't we take a break do you think the town. Trumps invite should invite we should add trust of Putin to the G-7 do you think we should even though they invaded Ukraine even. He has a disease and yes. There will Israel that the Kremlin is part of our pleasure for a long time. Until we need crime though they tacky crane remember the still there. According. They protected the Ukraine wasn't. It was Obama and Israel. So yeah maybe about a Castro Russia and Europe and just to condition them to look trident hotel and yet no permit. Those things seal saying it was right for prudent to attack the Ukraine. I'm saying the united oops look no no under the gun and NATO underwritten Obama administration and and he threw it as well as the blues to you they're good I mean I have to Russia. I had I'm sorry Joseph Addai Dillon though runs a tight she appeared. Is keeping me on track is so sorry make a we can't take a quick break but this is Max Smith thanks for calling a bicycle and says if take care to sell 512643. Lives. I give me a green may feel like Jose if you think come wrong I'll be right back. The maximum program otherwise known as the voice of the radical center I just make it very clear. I I am well. And if you could prove to meet them when I'm saying is actually drivel I can take it. Unlike some politicians out there Republican Democrat if someone disagrees with me you know what if they can back it up with facts. I am more than willing to change. In my opinion or two changed my view on how life works on OK with damp because as an adult. That's how life works I recognize that I don't know everything and unlike solo politicians out there. I don't claim to know everything I guess he should be very alarming very clear bound the voice theoretical sense and you lustrous has maximum amount from the city remaining. I know I'm not gonna say anything NN to subscribe to anything you bush truly. Is absolutely free there is no actual OPEC nation to buy anything. So much I so you anything. My objective is actually to try. And helps you think and that may mean that being uncomfortable the end that may mean that someone out there. Making me is making you think about things you didn't want to hear about before casino what if you live in a media bubble. And unfortunately there are lots of those outlets that he just choose the one you want. If you live I anyone who lives in a media bubble I can't really healthy. I remember I was talking to. Friends of mine of the day notice that most of them are I think chemical and he's not kill. Not because I am but because some independents and therefore I disagree with him quite a few things I pointed out. The unfortunately this is a hard facts and you and it's not to say. That's hi down completely happy about this but. In the mortality and child mortality maternal mortality. And life expectancy in the United States. Is typically less pain how western allies not fuel looking at results. You wanna start from there. And we'll backwards though there response I got that it's almost like talking points and then don't like them in the same. Room with me at the same time my different friends so that it was because. Vehicles spew from Mexico and they don't get registers and it's like wait a minute that's absolutely not true case and again I'm gonna get into that only get sidetracked potentially you know. That seriously. To make you think. Access to health care and United States needs to be improved. Because if you can if you pro life. And I'm sure many view on many my friends own. Meaning antiabortion. An issue really that's great that's your choice of I'm knock yourself out. A friend of mine who is otherwise knife that image in before the colonel heavily involved in charities to help in those situations and good for him. But nonetheless if you believe in pro life I always thought Ashlee being soft you born. That's pro life too isn't it I mean seriously I mean he's now pro life thing to make sure. The once fresh the on this planet. On this the we wanna take care of those people just sanctions that might think of it he knows just the Maxtor sounding off just a bit okay. So was so let's move on thank you just for the call by the way sir we had to cut you'll make we're at a time as a people Dylan. My long suffering produced runs its hardship OK so let's talk about the these countries do we just trying to talk about. The make up the G-7 Britain Canada France Germany Italy and Japan and of course United States and won't be landing komen. Well they pretty well pretty strong. Economic power steering most of them are here and what else. Yeah I think as a fundamental want they will believe in live Petit and the freedom of movement and deadlines tomorrow Czech democracy. Yep that's pretty much for the founding. Attribute to all of these countries Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan and United States is that all these countries believe. In the freedom of expression the freedom and the freedom of movement. Of individuals and the freedom. Two Dane travel and do what you want that's pretty much what those countries believing. So when we invite. Russia. Two to the table may be politically it makes sense some might say. Does Russia believe in any of those things of any of you out there have been to Russia fill me in I have been. The Russia as a set before if you listen to me for some time I've received about the privilege of being to going to 4445. Different countries and bicycles camp. Living in Moscow. It's actually a fabulous city is freaking fantastic. But last time I checked to doesn't like dissent in fact. From from around the country from my own country yet did iams. Trying to have people. Basically poisons. In in the UK he did he did so do you think those are the sort of values. That it should actually be invited to to participate in the G-7 or G-7 plus one. I would say no. That's what the NATO's fooled she's the United Nations that's what the Security Council is for that's where Russia is on the go to permanent seat on the Security Council out of Philip. That would be the right place for I don't quite understand Donald Trump. Fred don't trust fascination with found within Russia. And for those if you who also write to me just until no caps OK this is me headache I will try to respond even if you write to Max. A maximum of the life you know camps. But Tenet does give me and it like this it just people are just be nice to each other are we all Americans the matter where we're from. Oh the thought that that was a slew of values we don't want we don't want those sort of values to be associated necessarily. With United States those are the values that we would have to I was full Sean Hannity spend up 4 PM liberty yet anyway the American flag might the constitution. It means something doesn't it it must do they keep telling me it does. Every time merely telling us how fantastic the constitution is how much you believe in the constitution how much you believe. Freedom of expression and how much you believe for example of this is really bad yet still nonetheless when he turns out that the president you'll be FF. Police say 99 to every night basically when he attacks that note. You don't actually say would one. I actually I thought true friends. Who are true friends do is nets fans continue if you Rome is that more true Princeton I mean I know listen. Are they friends for decades and I know they they're quite happy there's nothing prevents them from telling me when they think I'm being immediate. Which apparently lately seems to be quite a lot. But if you think. Effective the town Donald Trump's nimby always like to say of the Americas being respected again. Well with a bridge in Brooklyn that you should that you should go and I can tell you because seriously. If you honestly think the French the Germans just to pick two. Respect Donald Trump. I may be OK maybe that's OK maybe a kid but as Donald Trump seems to Casey's to kill the pep this sort of thing. And remember all I'm looking at is. Is anyone in DC doing anything for the average working man a woman this thing could be any G. This gone into this thing that the energy that goes into defending trust behavior every day. As opposed to helping you like better and my life that in fact. Just before we close on the subject Larry Kudlow. Saved this morning. That the president's combative woods were meant to predict the strength. Project strength is he's in advance of the historic summit in Singapore does his. Exact was I teach you not. Larry Kudlow said that the president's words have to against Trudeau will Maine to project strength in its bonds will be historic summit. In Singapore seriously. I mean yeah great. It found this and if you could tell me how that project insulting. The Canadians say she think that actually helps this project strength and a cynical under the bridge program facility when you carry assembly. Thank John McCain. Has come out and said he of the brain cancer situation or an asset to our allies bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro free trade. Pro globalization and supportive of alliances based on seventy years of shared values yes why didn't get to that we Joseph that. You know as a said who is says most powerful country on the planet right now I didn't mean just just militarily remain economically everything is United States. So they can't tell me that the last seven years is not being good thing for the United States does show only I agree. There are areas where we can do better. Absolutely isn't that war negotiation is a LaBelle and isn't that walks sensible politicians. I would like to think or all of the before we dropped. All of this subject I should say I do what says some closely. From the Donald and I kids you know kids these days it quotes. From the donors startled by saying we've concluded aid really tremendously successful decent. As you think Donald Trump flew to to did he said and some because he saw the G-7 was some carnage yet. You know this private jets that people had 56 that he would every may be filled as you most of the G-7 but anyway. Mean don't quite as big as Air Force One distill I had the impression maybe that's what he thought it was when he had when he was making a speech right Dan. As if to emphasize that no one knows who the hell he's talking about. I Nino these gentlemen up here are the legendary Larry Kudlow and the legendary John Bolton I guarantee most people outside of maybe a few people in the United States have no idea. These individuals thought this is my favorite quote that is my favorite quote. I've made a lot of statements. Having to do with clarity. Again we guess he said that I made a lot of statements statements having to do with clarity I just hate Donald. This to make anything you can do to clean things up I'm all for it. I know one we will watch over and will protect and we'll do a lot of things is good to know that when Donald negotiating. That stays in good shape mentally. Yeah is good to know they awards show little will protect and would do a lot of things eight I'm very happy for it it's on we're gonna do a lot of things. Let's see what else and just take a couple more we like the piggybacked that piggy bank that everybody's Robin what this is the big one right this is what can Joseph was that we MM. Well what type people taken advantage of a swept. Then not if you wanna be taken advantage of so Ford Motor Co. to make because the United States that was telling him to make him in Europe. Right don't forget Ford Motor Co. General Motors are the only two remaining car companies that the American on this last time I check fraud if Chrysler is owned by fiat. And that was his Italian. Go for a bit and they aren't thank down met they choose to manufacture because in China and they choose to manufacture cause in Europe. Al Mexico now wants telling them they have to do if they wanted to make cars in the United States they they quite happy to do it I'm sure they'd be very happy to do it. If you make economic sense. I know what else it up are my last quote he did these talking about the Hispanic unemployment rate. But he says Hispanic doing the best Hispanic from home for rural world. Listen if you are thought I don't make fun of the dolls mental capabilities lightly but on the DV ninety reviews before because it seems appropriate after the G-7 summit. Maybe have a great parents may be a great dad or grandparent just eleven to death. And at some point this or mean about making people think this is nothing do with politics right if you have a parent. Who loves to drive like you was truly the Max I love to draw but I'm one of those people that if someone says would you mind front and on the one for us to grab the keys. But I know it's going to be a sad day when someone says to mean oh man she can't drive anymore. It just incapable of driving the vast what adults do is that you recognize. Does someone has a problem and the unique take care of it before may be a day dear old dad goes and accidentally at a kills himself a god forbid. Kill someone else because that's what adults. Didn't dashed what we do so when you read or listen to how dole speaks. You can't tell me is normal kids you cannot tell me it's normal you might think he's a fantastic president. But you cannot tell me there's a normal mode. Of speech anyway so from the G-7. Donald Trump this site elves he's gone off to Singapore we just had that piece on the news. I think you know what I will say when I was wrong. I told the friends of mine that I didn't think that says the Donald would ever have the meeting with can John and I just listening to what can John and until until about bank just a minute who's gonna take a quick break and I'll be right back we're gonna talk about from the North Korea. And finally see if anybody out there in DC lands please tell me is doing anything for the average American I am willing. Hello and I'll be right back. Want to be very nice if the people who are supposed to look for us in DC. Did something to actually make your life better and my life better now let's just go I do wanna get down into the county line otherwise known as. Pool Ryanair decathlete line. Speaker of the house is actually decided to quit and the other week I actually go on the weekly program actually complemented him Presley saying something. Well you know sort of goes against me calling in the county line and it was like well maybe he's going through puberty is finally growing after they may be used. Getting hit and resolves a mean Amanda is finally turning into a man maybe that's what it is because siesta key mountain saint. He agreed. We trade gallery that there was no evidence to support. By Donald Trump's cockamamie. Spy gate theory you know this is the idea that someone in the fades puts. A spy. Inside. The trump campaign and let's not forget it don't they both say they weren't maybe they will if that it happened they were probably let the keystone cops because that's lost someone checked Hillary lost and Donald one. But still I was quite impressed a totally impressed us suppose that sound Paul Ryan that's become and say it. That. Age may be this that would not maybe there was nothing here and so I moved on the house that looks really good. A close it only happens it seems to me when people are retiring. As in the Gabby and Poole lamb meat I did point to sell on the set again now. It's and it makes it did during the week Paul Ryan and an amazing coincidence I'm going to be shocked and amazed listen to me a bit. The Paul Ryan's last day of work so to speak. I think it is January 20 sometime I think generally 194 somewhere around 2019. And why he says so important that yeah guillotine in Neil being in congress for twenty years. What does that mean was it shock and amazement. Each having done the math. It means he qualifies for a full pension no I don't know when he gets it may have to wait at least some sixty or 65 this skill. It's good to know that so while corporations out there cutting pensions are reporting the pull Ryan off to twenty years in DC because his penis and he was twelfth. Essentially will qualify for a full pension. Rebel sometimes we're too into January. 2019 I'm not sure the same when he can actually start receiving it. But nonetheless you qualify for it because to get the full pension you have to beanie congress for twenty years. I've no idea if he gets a at this kind of health care what do you think would you make a bet that they don't get this kind of healthcare they do. Get discounted healthy Elian with you on that when so there's a good example is good to know the Paul Ryan and a step by an amazing coincidence is planned to leave congress. On the anniversary of his when he was when he is insisting congress which the land to receive. A full page inside a way to go Paul I'm listen dreading this warm mate get bail out of them I'm happy that you're doing it. The beautiful therefore as a sit before that now that he's leaving you to say a bit more spying stuffy nice to stand up and show we can walk or command. No he didn't I guess. That took a lot out of him yeah saying that there was closest thing despite gates'. Because so well are. Are we couldn't really help that he had to go back to run. To the pro trump talking points not anyone Austin. But he had to go back to the pro trump talking points by saying. In all of this in any of this has been no evidence that there's been any collusion between the trump campaign. And president trump and Russia and in case it wasn't clear enough. The Kelly line went on to say let's just make that really clear. There's no evidence of collusion this is about Russia what they did to make sure they don't what we need to be doing is to make sure it does it again well. This is I can't even begin to say how wrong that is. In case you've forgotten is include the constitution and has shown you very proud of it. And appalled by now you win the American flag too so you must believe it's something. Other constitution in the rules say you cannot take. Money or if any or information from a foreign power friendly or hostile so in other words are though calls. Right now put into Donald from Canada source style but. If Canada offered. The Clinton Campaign just to pick one. Just because I know my friends just get very upset by me saying that would Clinton I've the Clinton Campaign it Ashley said. Over received information from Canada. That was actually against trump or actively gone out soliciting information that was against front from Canada from people in Canadian non. They've been office in Canada that is a big none of that is against the lord let alone doing it from Russia so Paul Ryan. Is wrong on so many fronts on the have to get about. Whether or not there was collusion they may be clear that was collision they were trying to make that's what I hope for a gain meeting. In trump tower woes. That's what it was they've even now admitting it's. They've even now. Admitted it because Donald Trump's own attorneys say. That that letter that says it was all about the Russian kids look up children the children just about the kids you don't understand. Turned out. Even according to Trump's own lawyer is in a letter to mullah. You know the one is actually draining swamps. Saint. Yes that that's what it was about then and guess what dog from essentially had a lot to do with dictating it will good to pay. Very good to know where Paul Ryan that you seriously you living up to my nickname for you the county line up the scarecrow. Otherwise known entity too many view but I couldn't escape crew Mitch McConnell. Mainly because he looks like one maybe that's a bit unfair they dislike escape scrutiny. He actually says nothing. So I I don't know as well as Paul Ryan Wesley. Tries to say one thing can't get a foot out of his mouth and then back tracks Opel or Mitch McConnell who says well from the way it absolutely zero. I only one other thing clear the person drain the swamp the most clearly is is Obama how many people have been indicted or plead guilty. What do you think. Five. Six no twenty. Twenty people have been indicted or played guilty. Two charges raise Beimel yeah twice I don't think I think the one draining the swamp the one we should be thankful for. Is of course. Bob Maloney may say so fake you may say it's a little witch hunt you may say that he doesn't mean I think fine let it finishes course and we'll go home because of the other day hey this is not what the rule of lore. He's all about last time I checked that's what is who have them. Now the other thing I did want to mention before we figure and run at a time because like I said that don't runs a tight ship in the produces books. I said to the very beginning is anyone doing anything out there in DC claimed to have you and that's all like Canada I don't care. If his Republican I don't care if his trumps that is not even the Republican I don't care if it sounds any sound as though everything I really don't care. I've no ax to grind just long ones someone out there cares about UN nine is doing something to make our lives. Option and it lives so this that little teeny weeny weeny bit Dana. Well now it turns out now you tell me please why does it make any sense one of the big attributes of obamacare. Which I thought was one of the best things and I don't think anyone else they would disagree with its. Is if you have preexisting conditions. You cannot be turned down for insurance and the other one was your kids to stay on your maturity 26 I have to make of this financially viable. To make you work everybody has to have health insurance but we can get into presided get the night with my mate. At the pub who disagree with me if they don't want health insurance shouldn't have done a good reminder to get into that and enough time left but but. I think most people would agree that you should not be turned down if you preexisting conditions. Recommend what happens if you out of a job health insurance falls away free year. You develop a horrible cancer or he's posted any night can get a job we can get it back and they say no. Does that sound morally. Acceptable to you that's one of the key ingredients of obamacare. Well now it turns out as this is the lol by the way that the the Republicans. Led White House. Is not the only force that rule. He did not gonna force if you have if you live in the states where they think that he's wrong. And then ultimately forced it the White House is not gonna then make. Wolf enforce that law in their remember that this is a lol. It is to lure of the land you may not like it's but it was not overturned you may disagree a 110%. With a Obama can you may think is the worst thing. Since Hillary Clinton. Decided to run for president you may think is the worst things is Bill Clinton you may think he may go back to Jimmy Carter I don't care. But nonetheless they you believe you should believe in rules. And the rules of law. Lost my check this is what America stands for is why as a beacon. For many people around the world this is what so many people wanna come is so these so the United States president. This White House has decided not to enforce a little that was Keeley cost. By other by another administration they are not actively trying to overturn it man not actively coming out with a argument about why some bad thing. They the same way I'm not going force. The rule of law that's does it should magic just to just appalled viewed and the other thing here is. How does that taking the right to get health care insurance if you pre existing condition. How does that help the average working man or woman it makes no sense whatsoever. If that doesn't make you blood boil I don't know what does. And before I drop because we are alma and I must Communists just think it's imperfect tennis. The fact is the toughest moment I think they. Used to when he had children then you always were a better those kids hang out with our shall you do right if you have kids you care about who their choice in friends up. I just wanna make an observation here the Donald Trump went on. A show the Alex Jones show Alex Jones is here in Austin. And Alex Jones is the one to say 9/11 was an inside joke. Alex Jones is the one who sit for you know this keeps the rule killed in new tablet Mosul fake nothing happened it was wasn't real. So you choose carefully friends I read this guy said that. What does Donald Trump did. He goes on his radio program and says you're amazing I'm not gonna let you down so how wonderful to right there. If you have children and the one of your friends friends when you kids' friends came up to you. It's said something appalling you would be going why am I live lead and letting little ski eagle DB. Hang out with that kid isn't that what good parents did they make sure. That the friends that they keep hanging out with that are good influence. Donald Trump actively hangs out with these people that should be enough feed understand. All I can rebel is anybody doing happen for the average working man or woman that's really it's. Now feel free. To write to me at Max a maximum adult life you can tell me. As many my friends do for pain they love the Max is still the still trying to find that they have. Tell me if I'm wrong I can take it right to maximize no adult life got a maximum adult life you can see the Max when the dole. Who is does it say come to meet today in full in the sleep in the studio. So feel free to write to me is at play here. To do this program I love doing it on a thank you for the content that is keeping coming it is a privilege. We live in a great city. I love being the United States thank you so much for inviting me here. This is Maxwell a signing off god bless and I'll speak next time but I am.