Voice Of The Radical Center, 6/17

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, June 17th
Voice of the Radical Center, for June 17.

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Welcome aboard this is Max Miller. As the voice of the radical censor anything listening to meet for the first time only make it very very clear. I am an independent. I am an American as you can tell when my heavy Texas Texan. And no more importantly. He's on the right things on the Communist if not killed and people on the left think from the Tron suppose that tells me. As an independent and all I care about all I really want to see happen in DC land. Is the C would not oh no no no no not this she would the would compromise I would love to see that happen. As we do the week in review as we look back over the past week I'm always looking at this from the point of view walls. Has anyone in DC Republican or Democrat. He's really done anything for. The average working American and unfortunately it neo twelve weeks I believe I've been doing that we can review. Chasing my producer will probably Toomey is twelve weeks the onset is. The net no one has done anything. To help the average working man or woman and is getting worse and I'm gonna explain changes to mean I just wanna make it very clear. I am an optimist as well yes I am an optimist on the glass is half full. Kind of guy so pay the economy's humming along has pretty duty three point 8% unemployment that's fantastic nothing wrong with an annual. And you know I credit where credit issue if we have a strong economy hey you know what I was taking command who. Is giving it to me so let's face it this just goes through a little bit. So what is the voice of the radical sentence if you listen to me for the first time. This is a program I'm just making clear that aren't so anything much until he was they were trying to say you. A retirement plans and what I'm trying to do is make you think. I could be an easy easy as chilled on the planet I was just talking to Casey about this is the easiest killed. On the planet to be so called conservative talk show host is pretty simple yet fun the six talking points. Oh government banned. The First Amendment well may because Donald Trump thanks mostly good Second Amendment really good. Deficits Wilson and really all full and Dino song and so forth that's seen a government spending is out of control. It does talking points to be a conservative talk show host of the easiest things on the planet and require as far as I'm aware and no real brainpower. Whatsoever. But as far as I'm concerned when I look at what's going on in DC I want to realize that most people. I'm sure you as well you're into that he's human being otherwise you would be listening to me. A recognizes like I said that life is for the compromise is occasionally as an adult because we I'm not twelve years old. We recognize we are gonna get what we want it just doesn't work. That way sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we have to accept. That you know won't Winokur and get everything we could possibly want that's the way. Life is an Ascot I'd like to see our so called friends in DC the people the world for us. Do to make our lives better coming Donald Trump amusing his words a day promises beautiful health care means you needed. If I want to explain to me that's what can now I don't like to Clancy that he did promises twice. 282 weeks to several weeks mind you of infrastructure investment a trillion dollars of infrastructure investment. And guess with a number one and number two things that Americans care about right yeah yeah any any it is believed in all it's a health care and they would like to see some form of investment. And infrastructure now we just heard. A shallow Hal otherwise known to me Sean Hannity coming owners saying it replacing the tax cut oil. And not Schoen and what's more. Shallow Hal I'm knows that shows just the way it is if you wanna give me a ring 512. 643 lies 512643. Love I am willing to be educated. If you could kill me. That the press really is the enemy of the people who said that was he came Jones and was it Vladimir Putin who has generally sixty Q did you know show up in prisons. In Moscow which had been to violate a fantastic city for anybody is wondering it is it is an amazing city. But no that was opera's the United States also went on wrinkled and says. The people the top of the FB IR scum so I don't want to talk about that little bit wanna talk about how if any of this. Is helping the average working man a woman I like to think of myself as a breath. A fresh air on he would make you think if you think I'm wrong. Call me on it if you have proof to back it up I am will lean. To learn and unlike Donald Trump himself I'm not I don't have low self esteem. You can correct me and if I am wrong guess fall on and it even I will admit it. I had someone writes me recently I've been accused many times has said before being a Communist I've been accused of being Trump's supportive. I've never been accused of being status. But now apparently on the status that look that up. I am est is because I think the government has a function in actually solving some problems that system way I am I think a cassette before. There is a compromise for most things in life and I believe that the for people in DC particularly. Basically how much we say otherwise known to mean as the scarecrow I wish it causes Mitch McConnell. Hopeful Ryan otherwise known to me is the county line. They have yet to do anything for the average working man or woman anything that massive middle class tax cut is Muslim middle class task Eddie you're absolutely right. And let's not forget it expires after blowing up the deficit did expire as they just spent every one of us. In 20/20 five unless of course you reached a fuel rich guy doesn't expire you know your income tax mania government put the brakes that you get from being wealthy. You know actually expire so if again if someone can explain that one to me I'm all is and I'm willing. To learn Kazaa as I said before I have medical don't memorial really focusing on here is common sense. Us with a few topics today I wanna go back to Donald Trump attacking the press and he did he didn't. I guess we ask can John and Andy I want to about that. Also talk about tariffs and China came out of just very the other day actually senate Danes say it will. Very rude things about the Donald on a movie shocked and amazed that says don't hasn't responded. To that yet and for the M. For the past some of you out there who have. An education to go weave them only enlightenment I'm just gonna give a couple of quotes here. A later on I think there appropriate from Shakespeare and Samuel Johnson nine no that's not very young Sean Hannity a mate. Close from Shakespeare assembly Johnson but I just feel they were appropriate. Someone pointed announce me and I just thought they were without any quote I know from Samuel Johnson was previously if you tide of London you talk of life but. Apparently the man has quite a few say if you're Rachael Ray if you're an expert on people like Shakespeare as Sammy Johns and listen up because I just in quotes wanna get to him now. You while listening to the sound of rustling of type how does this work if you're listening for that reason as rustling of papers is the only way. The yours truly otherwise known as maximum looking key come wave. What's going on in trump remains is to actually write everything down and literally probably kilo for a few dozen trees for printing it out. Making sure I have my facts straight because I truly do want to make sure I got my facts straight so when you see me quoting 2 AME quoting. People or. Using using statistics. Is pretty much because I'd like to keep my facts right and I don't believe in La La land. I really I do I'm sure you don't either right if you eat this and is fun to fantasize about being very wealthy. But at the end of the day if you got to play them all these living in La La land's the Dow fantasizing about being a million now sitting in case the collision am I gonna pay for it. Hey guess what that doesn't come from living a fantasy and Jesse have to be and re real world. And understand that may be every once in awhile that once in awhile the minivan and which I really didn't want is actually a good idea. Because I guess what's. I had kids and adult and a mother in law and the wife and we need about 25 cup holders to get everybody around so. That's what compromises. And I would as much as you may hate the mini van. Every once in awhile is what people have to have one so before we take a break. As a sit before. The focus will be talking about a dual quarterback can enjoy and in my dorm talk about the press has so depressed be handing Donald Trump seriously what is this thing wrong that they. Falling into the trapped only about tariffs because he's definitely affecting the average working man or woman and guess what. So is inflation. And before you say to me and I get these emails every once in while you from bright to me it Max a maximum adult life eking got a maximum adult life. Where I am typically. Recording him broke constant from the illustrious. Maximum issue dealing beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas you'll see the national dog. The maximum Adobe decided not to join me today and I did point out get a date at this and it's thousand dollars in vet bills and come of people wrote to me. There are concerned about the Max Blumenthal precise yup it was very nice open. The match for adults to have fun and he's gonna be OK but my American Express bill is now thousand dollars heavier because I. The whole idea owning a dog. It was so expensive and I'm sure if your dog lover out there appropriate cat lover any kind of animal loving you know that when he's a bit. He can get expensive pretty quickly and next time I think him and if you grad into. They joins all right so we'll be right back and this is Max Miller Freel free to tell me if I'm wrong I can take it 512643. Life. Welcome back to the Max from the program otherwise known as the voice of the radical center I want to think I'm a breath of fresh air I'm making you think you'll want you to understand. Because as we all recognize as grown ups and every once in a wild guess what compromise is the magic would. And I would like to see more of that in DC plan to make sure. Thank you and I our kids and everybody else around us have improved lives and they on squandered by people on the left. Or on the right I can't pay her money equal opportunity you know what if I don't care of people on the left all the right if they come out with a good idea. Hey I'm all for it. If someone tells me is a great idea for example to have will come people Michael socialized medicine and improving hey I'm all for it. Is someone can say is a great idea making this up to the privatized police force I'm all for what ever works. Yes dumb bees focused on dogma let's not focus on now let's focus on the result first and will Packwood's. To see what the best ways to get that that's put out like you did the trouble legion member of the people in DC man. Particularly people of accounting Ron Paul Ryan. We don't care. I don't I know he doesn't get wolf postal firm he Lilly will faces is middle class tax cut was a complete bust the average middle class tax cut tax Huskies who is eighty dole is he may say Max. You sound like an elitist that's terrible eighty bucks is a thousand dollars a year this better than nothing well yeah that's true. Except imagine how much he could've been if they hadn't given massive task goes to the well off. And actually put some full behind it out and the other one the other talking point oh is he gets to my shoes and understand the rich pay disproportionate amount of income tax. Well possibly true. Except for ones minor detail of the rich don't pay disproportionate amount of tax. Because last time I checked everybody including the less well off pay payroll tax and if you wanted to rise to be creative mr. Ryan I don't know. Listen to me in DC you could have actually decided. To give a solid middle class task comp I read by reducing the payroll tax tape you know what that requires imagination thought and creativity. And we know Paul Ryan did do by the way. He did decide to do one creative things. And in the public warning point IMAX what is going into this thing and you listening in now. He can really close to the speaker one visit the poor indeed that was actually created because that made. This observation team Downey before is like a second rate college professor was at the DS because some thought behind. Yes his own retirement. In hand. I know you for me one or Hannity yes he did it well he's only four I think that was gonna tell me I'm wrong but he's about 48 of 49 years old. And you know he's resigning or retiring from being in congress of the January 2019. How many he is really being an officer at that point Maxwell absolutely twenty is EMC would have been a twin he's. What does that qualify for of being torn knee is I think Marino the Johnson. Yes that's right kids a very nice pension thank you very much and I had no idea about this last one but I'm sure. Access frees him and his family to some kind of subsidized healthcare no I don't know. To be fair after twenty years in congress if he can Nazi tank. That's full pension immediately or if he has to wait till he's 59 powerful some magic number like that. But nonetheless nonetheless yes Paul Ryan has decided to. By some miracle I'm sure it's just amazing coincidence the pool Ryan decided to retire at. I own nothing is generally the nineteenth. 2019. The man wielding qualify for his pension I'm sure I was also the fact that he realized it just went oh my goodness yeah. Yes that's how much thought and kid and he put into taking care of himself. But not worrying about the fact that he's going up the deficit. And now the people who told me his command she'd understand we can get trillions of dollars next to lots of money. In revenue while lifted gap between mobile taking in a mall was spending keeps growing. It doesn't matter how much you taking in front all right so let's give guy wanted to get through the week in review to see if anyone in DC is doing anything. Give the average working man woman and as a sit in about the twelve weeks that I been doing this yards typically is that it is what now. Unless you can prove me otherwise I am willing. To learn but now gas is now and the amount of energy the people in DC a scrambling so called patriots Monday. Two parts to protect other protecting the constitution. Early protecting the little time in the really. Protecting Donald Trump yes that's the one so Donald Trump decided to as is you want on the Friday morning. You have an imprint Q a press conference on the white castle because he's BFS yes they would they would down there. The otherwise known around the hard hitting reporting type you know the really the ones and get to the bottom of the story from FOX & Friends. Ron White House also Donald Trump on the spur of the moment decided to wonder damped. And get marked up by Steve Doocy get down there and they explain his view on everything and I in trump and they just a few of just put a few things here any interest of full disclosure like assess our print things elsewhere I have a clear Leah laid out. He basically said hey he says it's falsely that the new report from the young Justice Department actually totally exonerate him for anything that he did. With a so cooled down. Twice now so being mean to feed we've does he mean the election being interfered with by Russia inclusion in the radicals who did not no such thing. He also said I wanna come back to this that he really wants his people to treat him well that's his words treat him as well. As a north Koreans treat. Came Joan and I'm just glad I can say Kim Jones and the law because we have in this so much about stormy Daniels lately in quite frankly it's kind of fun so he can jump and mind you if I said that Wayne North Korea. There's no question I would mean to do lag along with three generations of my family just remind everybody about what happens. He also called James come meet the leader all of the Dennis leads. It's trying to Dennis phases great. You also said they should be locked up should he be locked up he said to let someone make that determination I think I'm surprised he didn't say is at the full back line is. Everybody thinks oh loss of people thinks there was no actual proof that they system so when whenever a lot from those lines will say. I also say the most amazingly. He's very popular amongst the FBI knew he did. I don't how will these go proof of this the supposedly the FBI. Love him I have by the way he said I have the FBI you go into the FBI and take a poll of the real FBI. All the scum on the tall no I don't know coming in that group of people that are totals these nuts so. Apparently someone in the FBI I guess in some blame some wind some of fantasyland is asking donate. A poll of pages and others in the FBI and that palace in the tunnels the bee's knees but they Donald. I know morning DC if you could please explain to me exactly what it is. They even raid on that front mind you this is the same man who told us that he stayed up for 25 hour straight. While it was in Singapore. He is seriously even if you're nineteen years old staying up 125 ashtray is a problem. You also say it there's no trade war with China because they started it OK trying to find that I'm totally OK with that. And the final one before getting into that mode DT I remember all of this kids is coming from the point of view I don't care Republican or Democrat is anyone in DC. Doing anything for the average working man or woman says my final quote. I feel a lot lately about the down separation of the kids on the border that this unfortunate situation separating children out of fooled by the way. That it doesn't make any difference to the cost if our food is cheaper. To keep the kids with their parents of a Donald Trump doesn't seem to agree to any of this he says I hate that children being taken away. The Democrats have to change fooled us they handled this in the exact quote enough is not an assault even a little. The chilled out children can be taking care of quickly beautifully Lee. And immediately. On the Democrats should force that law upon on nation I hate okay well don't you depressed if you don't truly believe that you president. Change is you'll make it beautiful immediately I'm all for Donald. Someone please explain to him by the way there's other any of the woods. A for the wood beautiful so what else indeed if he goes through just quickly here. Remember kids who did he talk about us. Did he say look on the statue of liberty the eighty say that you know and ask not what your country can do feed us we you can do feel country. Did he say like church you will find them on the beaches will never surrender did he have any woods and rhetoric. The make us proud to be Americans and 999 noticed people have been wondering if I am an American. Because of my head he takes excess and I'll say it again yes kids I am an American. And I'm not an elitist I could say this that much my grandfather's all the way back to end and system all the way back for the AT and as well coal miners. And my father hey happy father's thing bone. Was the first one in our family. To go to college and actually get a degree but everybody else we'll call minus eight from the age of twelve. I looked it up on the census so I can imagine being down the coal mines in the early eighteen hundreds with a tip unassuming. The age of twelve when Darth all right. What else that he says he said about so often record son James Connie being down and arrested. For a while as we say in the interfering with an active investigation. He said the match was done nothing nothing to do with our campaign feel badly about it the Olympic trophy as you know pull manna for well for me for a very short period of time. He worked for Ronald Reagan he didn't okay probably. You vote for Bob Dole but he only works for me for 49 days. Or something a very short period of time analysis of before you can believe in Donald Trump's son. Policies you could believe the man walks on water as far as delivering to the United States we think kidneys are all for infrastructure investment kids Mol portrayed this free buffets and a I'm all for believe it or not. And real solid a middle class tax cut. Middle class task up but. Yeah if don't trust meth is anything to go by an opening Geddes for example stated that the stock market is up 40%. Lost someone check someone do the math. 20000 to 25000 in all 40% double but he also say it's the poor man full at work for him for 49 days not true. Not true 144. Days of which 92 days of that was ST Chan and all of his campaign via okay. So we'll be right back to finish that off I do ST wanna get into. Donald Trump can Jones and indeed the more importantly. How these tariffs. I'm beginning to affect. The average working man or woman this is Max Miller voiced the radical sense there'll be right back. Editorial welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of all the radical Santana Massa gonna change things up a bit I was gonna jump into very quickly. Came Jonathan and daddy in the Korean summit in November because I wanted to if he's in close to the front through save. But before we do that I feel as one other topic that really kind of found bugs me a little bit so I decided to bring you foresee him shuffling papers around this because in real time. Life here at the left trees Max movie studios are beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas the the Max thing here is trying to keep up with everything you trembling and let's face it is don't be dissing and who will but I did want to talk about this one thing. I was out with a buddy of mine. We Shula who shall remain thank nameless his name is Rudy. And hi Lou talking about two we as good guy for a month. We're pub and a couple like PA's we're talking about that Donald. And naturally of course most of my friends here in Texas voted for the don't that's fine. But for some reason I still like me I guess they can handle it. As a sit before they grown ups and the fact is that he basically thought somewhat to my amazement Hillary Clinton was more corrupt than the pounced. And unlike unlike stunned and amazed that so I just wanted to get into this. That the trump Family Foundation a K the trump Family Foundation fearful of this. A veil being sued. By AM Barbara Underwood from the New York attorney general's office in New York City obviously. Basically saying. Videos little more than a checkbook for payments to not for profits for mr. trump and what does that mean exactly what did they do. Well they actually took money from donations. From the people had given you may remember on one occasion. Donald Trump decided to skip. A of debate a presidential debate. And instead decided that they would raise money for veterans which it is a very commendable thing I have nothing wrong with that alarm or criticizing don't for doing that. But what he's saying is that what the will the new Oak Hill office is saying is that that's what happened to the money. 101000 dollars for example when my trump painting know what's hanging out in one of his golf courses BC news. Donald Trump went on to say said band sleazy New York Democrats she's blaming everybody listen it took in 181000800. Branding gate down nineteen million and change. As he ninety million Curacao mrs. Donald Trump's own wood's case so let me get this straight. Even according to the Donald. It took in slightly less of 400 grand more than it spent and take some women. A FaceBook feed billionaire don't clean he'll sign nearly contributed 400 grand. To this whole thing. The lawsuit also alleges that they dealt with the at least find itself dealing transactions who run all four unlawful because they benefited mr. trump or his business. These include. 100000 dollar payment to settle legal claims again mr. Trump's mar local resort 158000. Dollars to settle legal claims against trumps national golf course and 101000 dollars to purchase a Pena. He's the mayor is my favorite Paul. All of this whole thing the absolutely favorite part. All of this they'd actually is a foundation but the board of directors. Had met. In nineteen years. And the official treasurer wasn't even aware it was on the border direct on the boards is my goodness me could you imagine. As a bit like chasing my producers suddenly finding out he runs this company and no one ever told him. I don't know maybe things he does on and I'm looking enemy does YouTube on the cut he does actually run the station to think about it but seriously. Would could you imagine. That if a viewer on the you don't even know you're the true official treasurer of the trump foundation. And not only that the money that they took in not only did he go to pay for things such as some political. Donations another source. It's in my I'm one of my favorites is so many and just got a couple here. They made an illegal 25000. Dollar routing and token you know make a 25000. Dollar contribution. To a political group connected to Florida attorney general general Pam Ponte who just happened amazingly at that moment in time win. To be investigating fraud at trump university. Which of course she then dropped fantastic panel. Why am I leading up to this. Because I'm tired of people telling me that they are patriots and at the end of the day they end up supporting this sort of behavior. Color read a quote which I did on the tube a during the week actually when reading game because authorities really really good from a veteran. All right this is from a veteran and I'm not gonna name impetus that is really excellence and is gonna read it. Verbatim. Sean Hannity and they listen to mean you get someone to explain she both the beta means is what he says. I really really hope you paid attention to the two point eight million dollar fraud. He pulled on generous Americans who are reaching out to help vets. Through lies and self serving angry indictment she ashore and I can't look that I too. How low can a person go to. I may vets 64 to 68. And I find this man a complete stain on old it is honorable. And good night goes on as a bit more than that I just I wanted to I've said that quote SE three times is who is the third someone reading it. Because I think is vitally important that we don't forget Kia. That have patriotism accord he also I animation at the beginning of the show that I was gonna talk quotes here from various people. That sounds Samuel Johnson said patriotism. Is the last refuge of a scoundrel absolutely. And again I'm going to make you feel good all the time guys I'm here to make you think. Patriotism is the last refuge. Of a scoundrel in other words what he's saying is. That game of the day if the only thing that goes and offers his patriotism there's something wrong think about couldn't. In Russia. Right think about Gooden who has his own members of his own population bottled up or shots. Or executed or poisons. In the UK no less because they don't agree to them. All we can offer is Nuba patriotism look at me on the one who defends mother Russia no one else can do that as much as me. Yet meanwhile in Russia let's not forget. Life expectancy is now ten years is mind you came years below. The typical western countries including the United States and let's also not forget president zine China. Decided to but as geeks make himself president for life and locks people up for defeated if they disagree within. So I just wanna make it very clear. The so I totally agree with this quote patriotism in -- afraid she refugee accounts of the scoundrel and definitely agree with that such and 101 name who is a veteran obviously I mentioned 64 to 68. Served in the in Vietnam. So all man fronts on their front remember looking at this from through that prism. As anybody done anything to help the average working man a woman. They answers. This book about Kim Jones and missed get to this point obviously the dolls to really seized up. Like the Donald now he did Donna sees me relies Kim Jong-Il and he did for those ever seen at the BBC got it out. He did just salute. Any Russian excuse me a North Korean general mammals thing it is the wrong thing to do you wanna make friends. With people like totally get it. But as C hypocrisy that sends me over the edge to win national hell annoys them to me Sean Hannity. Criticized. It's Obama in 2009 for ballet into the emperor of Japan. A shipping to Japan been to the emperor's palace that the tennis it's something else. That's a whole other story look at today and just a minute. While some other show a goats I actually believe that Donald Trump recession India's. Kim Jong enemy seriously though why not a mean he actually. He's gone from saying the rocket man calling Kim John un rock Amanda saying he's got a great personality and a very very Smart guy. And the biggest enemy is not Kim Jong-un. It's actually fake news which is so easily propagated by force I honestly think Donald Trump wrote that we. Seriously do you think yes he said prom negated by force I don't know I. May be someone gave the dictionary. But they because you can say beautiful and then oh great but up from the data by fools I also save my kids you know kids that came Jonathan is funny. And that tech president the president of the Philippines is and doing an unbelievable job on the drug problem in a strike. Shooting people. That's this brilliant the way to do if you get if you hate which is gonna shoot people arbitrarily not gonna worry about it and caused the favorite quote of the week. As I've Russell might pay for him from Kim Jong-un. Is tell when he speaks his people sit up. And attention I want people my people do the sign up to get out of jail card for all this you policing is I was in his case he said. I was kidding you don't understand sarcasm they Jesse was to video that's also do anything to bluntly to the plucky was joking at that time. His favorite get out of jail card is. He was joking or I was joking really OK now Steve Doocy this is what I wanna get into what I mean about what. Maybe a different definition of what patriotism is. But if you are a patriot I would have thought that the definition of patriotism to simple. That you put country first that's it right so if you have a pretty United States and you BofA SS OC Steve Doocy ceased to be in Nancy say is. Things like the next thing you should call him on it off the rule. Gripped by it did Jesse day that bred parents he went on stage. I pointed out to Donald Trump he's clearly executing people what do Donald Trump say well when you take over a country as tough country tough people. You take it over from your father and you do that it 27 years old I mean that's wanting 101000 the good deed in assisting. In member. This is the president of the United States until the sensitivity. And the bill of rights and all those good things meant a lot which is why are these people wanna comment. But still according to the don't ska. None that's not good enough and and if you rashly Steve DC and given the responsibility given the opportunity response the president. All of the United States some tough questions. You fail to do it. Then how would he be remembered. Now I'm Kenny you seen the to get into the movie I think is cool mix and a cram into the movie with. Basically David Frost. Interviewing President Nixon as say a big deal of time where Donald true basically where David Frost. Basically court. Hard hitting interview court date and Richard Nixon and really made in sweat. Live on camera and a feast was the film I think is is cool Nixon a pattern and a the back story David Frost was just as nervous ankle even more so knows because he knew it was gonna do. More nervous then turned out to be Richard Nixon but as a turning point. In the Richard Nixon presidency. So if you wanna be remembered as Steve Doocy. You do remember does that guy to basically went along to get along with the Prez United States even though you given access to the most important man. Most powerful man on the planet. Will he be remembered as the guy US he called him on something which one would you rather go down in history as mr. DC. Would you rather go down in history is the guide has said Mr. President. Is sounds like you'll. Have a lot of sympathy for the tactics of a ruthless killer who kills children and listening to banks at the age of eight. And also this is someone makes a mistake three generations of a fan me put away put away. Is that something that you do agree with. That would've been the responsibility all of the thoughts of not just eight responsible journalist. But as someone I CK is deeply that his country because you wanna expose and understand exactly what's going on. In the president's mind now I also criticized new times it was an opportunity for a New York Times report to do the same thing tomorrow log out. Chinese also wind will question why didn't onset or else questions Donald from just let him a stream of consciousness is also was when I just went into get on with it. That's not how it worked guys works if you'll given the opportunity to interview the pres United States. That's an opportunity to learn and Brussels to learn that's how it that's how we should be no matter who by the way the politician is that's exactly what you responsibilities. Because he averaged mode. Like you and I don't ask to have the opportunity just want to interview the president. All of the United States and be very nice if we pushed them on a few of these things when I come back from the break. I do morning getting to have these tariffs a starting to affect the average working man. All woman here in the United States this is Max. LL be right back. Hey everybody welcome back to the last part of the Max Miller program on the otherwise known as the voice of the radical sensor again programmer like to believe average everyday people can understand it every once in awhile someone on the left may have a good idea. Or someone on the right shock horror. May have a good idea I didn't want to get into this tariffs saying nasty and also from the minds of semi Texas who wait a minute what is this other quote from Shakespeare I'm just curious and because. Al season very high food and kind of fellow but I hope may be an atomic thing just a minute. A but the trade war the so called trade what was going from cassette is not a trade war the impact is being felt. Immediately because ST driving up cost. For certain products that if you live in Wisconsin. Then that's for sure that's what we Josh hadn't realized this until the other day oh Wisconsin has the highest. Per capita Huskies we second how has the capital of manufacturing jobs so in addition to Harley-Davidson's. Uh oh say they have a lot of found people manufacturing things I had no idea to make boats. In Wisconsin in the all these other places. Apparently a second to Wisconsin many of these things I was really surprised. Of a game of the day though they are which and I guess they choose in Wisconsin that tackling. China or any EU pokey please tell tariffs on blue these things because they won't affect Paul Ryan's. I'm neighborhood but if you think that this is gonna make is better off he need to understand a bit of history right history's proved in the trade wars are costly. And when not only that I guess worst they can escalate the risk. Ruled out of hostilities I mean think about that this is a true enemy feud if you believe your neighbor is an enemy just because of trade and they can automatically become a neighbor. There's an enemy for other reasons as well. So let's just go through what is China which kind of thing is day to day you know don't Dino don't trust B a fifth for the presidency. You know the one who we congratulate you for being president for life and maybe we should try this at home some but I just joke and I didn't mean it. I was just joking I'm just saying maybe we should try some day. Is that he will the People's Daily does said which is essentially their official mouthpiece of course our friends in China everything you official mouthpiece of the Chinese Government. FaceBook they said this sort of in the thank from time for the time of his first trade provocations until now capricious behavior has become the new home from America. It only way as a way squanders a country's reputation but it also allows China to see more clearly to face. Of the trunk administration one that is rude and unreasonable selfish. And had strongly he might be sane. I'm can Max savings stealing for us for a long time and that by the way there's an element truth that I am a common in men for this to me before. And I've been to China Lisa and nine times and you wouldn't believe. The knockoffs out their old Weston cause I mean is that is just it loses does and actually not call for. I believe that the Chevy spark Canada's one and complete knockoff of the range road revoke. For example. This so yes it is absent an element of truth the causes knockoff who's who. What she's Rolex is most those things which you can buy for twenty bucks to see you know didn't last very long just in case you wondered. But still. Plays unusual I would've thought for China to actually say this last part rude unreasonable selfish. And headstrong sort of took on those gonna give us you know people don't respect us more you startled with a look of respect does that we were told. People are finally respond yeah they're gonna think that's gonna happen. Plus we know China in an elevation console that face so well you know basically soaps so prospective. We have a caller the last many Alabama's gonna jump off and go straight to you may tell you today Allan happy Father's Day you are dead. They say happy Father's Day eighty kids give you any thing. That phone call well. It may oh thanks I already gave me oh okay so what I do fully. Well I'm glad you I think we have boot editor and I had a lie and chipped. Including the San Francisco bay aquarium and the San Francisco based Christian Red Cross street on. Talk Anderson OK we'll dilemma should make you feel good book what he cooling about today. Well I'd like to get your opinion and loving and the Democrats are not that I grew it is good to have him. There. Immigration impediment to southern border. Area that Mexico is simply brought him to do. Definitely it cooperation in Mexico. To stem the flow of Latin. Immigrants in January America. Well let me just say may surprise because I know you may think come Communists he Nigel I'm not. Is no question that we need sensible border controls right I mean a clearly. I'm not here from here originally but to I came here. Legally and I am American and he's asserted I would for. But the but I do agree ramming it under any use mission restaurant from a growth seen from the UK originally. And just send them a shock and amaze a lot of people as well I see voted for breaks it. And I didn't vote for breaks it just so you know because of immigration that wasn't a problem for me. In the UK because sound I'm from London originally and that is a very cosmopolitan cities just the way it is. But I already but I recognized the other people found that a problem ranked. I voted for brakes if a totally different reasons I was as tired of people in Brussels telling us what to do that was pretty much what it was. So it's out so in this case so I see greedy I think there needs to be Sweeney has so I think the walls ridiculous but I think we do need to have some kind of sensible. Controlled would you do you think we should take kids away from their parents are eating has a good idea. We don't know him. That I don't Obama did two. It's a complicated situation where I think. A lot of us immigration traffic is being stirred up by American organizations. You know better it's. The from my heart attack or churches will be a lot of organizations. But you have. Page one Philippine news coming into his self serving they Catholic Church alone there are no. Push. Significant. Out I get Lee guy but he is the thing they're right and I think this was I think this wasn't an Obama thing I think what the what the reason this happened is because of found. Danica which was people felt they think kids can get over here than a.'s case become US citizens and but again. I mean I thought I would try to do that myself as good as the. Absolutely how many is totally understand OI is what I tell people is what I tell people think about this. How many people are trying to fight their way into Russia. How many people initially from North Korea trying to fight their way into China there are very few countries on the planet. Where people truly want to get to right I mean and then and that and this is its fans stay out. The United States and Canada to. Yeah Australia yeah that is very few countries anyone of these countries having common. These countries all have one thing in common they have the rule of law. We are especially if it's Australia Canada based on the English common law right United States they're the rule of law no one can take you property away just arbitrarily. And they had their democracy so yeah. This is what these countries having common and I think that's the reason what what I mean they've only been fighting to come from Guatemala to go to Mexico they wanna fight from Guam. I standard I didn't do that tonight there's. But they want you to pin and I think yeah that's true but they want the opportunity they want your opportunity ramming dance well. OK so nobody gonna blow. You know some of them. Let them put I very very immigrant to them Mexico's what they don't speak English settlers there. You know it's it doesn't look good candidate jab and then their future. In an attempt to do amateur about. Yeah two years. I think you can just sign up and go on the dole but I I say I do think down. Common language is very important obviously and you gonna go to look at Belgium where they lead based is fine the most rewarding thing that you look at the of the French speaking side. You have a people speaking of those throw things treaty for languages nicely in Belgium but says it is a thank you for Colin I had to cut you off thank you so much hey happy Father's Day. I really enjoy your kids so thank you for listening thanks a lot a pace so I take care of yourself all right so let's just I just wanna finish this piece if I can. How much time I go lift I got three minutes I think I don't make this point right. That in you're gonna go mansion just picking holes in a mall mall picking else's this email kids ceemea. A four workers in production and non supervisory positions essentially came from the federal government buying kind of fades we can't believe anything they said. The average paycheck. For people in production on production a non supervisory positions excuse me has declined. In the last year. And what does that mean is declined because they may have gone up believe it or not is that increased two point 8% in my goodness freaking fantastic two point 8% Max has great 3%. Well guess how much inflation went up via an amount. So I seem slightly more so is the fact he's giving inflation and you've got to these people which by the way represent. Full faiths. All the working population in United States is I'm talking about the average working man a woman. Is not any better off on the trumpet that you might think they are especially when he think about healthcare cost going up so anyway. That's when my pet decent health clinical situation is the most insane. Situation on the planet. The people want even changed jobs because they're worried about health care I mean really if they Dicey restricts how you might leave and thought I know your own job. Price this year famine NASA thing you see is if he someone could tell me. The best way to help the healthcare situation United States I have no dog running at the someone's is explains maybe isn't what we have. Today all right well I'm running out of runway I wanna thank you for listening. This is Max Miller otherwise known menace. The voice of the radical center where I truly belief that the average working man or woman is actually getting shafted. In DC if you really believe the poll Ryan I was on county line. Mitch McConnell the scarecrow and Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and any of those guys really kid. About you and our. Then we have serious serious problems at eight on TV my favorite take cruised EST think he cares about you not think he can't even stand up freeze wife. He can't even stand up for is dead. He takes his wife to lunch with walked in and win the White House and he writes a puff piece on Donald Trump despite the fact he criticized he's on decked. They got it takes courage k.'s political courage if you wanna be Winston Churchill you have to take the rough with the smooth and guess what every once in awhile people won't like Q. OK so based Macs really feel free. To write to me at Max of maximum adult life he can love me I mean I contention. You could not go to Mexico adult life and that is a form that we can tell me how much you love me namely that works to. And listen to me on sound clown someone YouTube on getting to be everywhere we're building a mini empire. Thank you so much everybody SP two single bless take every cells.