Voice Of The Radical Center, 7/15

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, July 15th
Voice of the Radical Center, for July 15.

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This is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of the radical center and as he was surely find out if you haven't heard me before. I am a breath of fresh air because let's face it being a conservative talk show host easy easiest kill on the planet I think they just riff. Off each other they get a script that comes down from some way and basically everybody from show him otherwise known Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. They say they just rift the same material all day in day out. And if anything new comes along it's amazing how quickly they'll pick up on the same thing I have to tell you. The easy listening to me for the first time I am an independent mind nine knowing no one else Cunningham. Typically what happens when I do they shows and I do it on the Wii in a weekly basis as well and I get emails idling capsule people yelling at me they accused me being a Communist. I am not a Communist I am an independent and I know I'm an independent as my friends on the left. Think gamut from supportive of my friends on the right as he think I am essentially as is that a Communist. But knowing how many independent because I know me and I know exactly what I'm trying to do so being an independent is actually the hardest thing. It is because EST requires you wants. It requires thinking outside the box and as what I and he did did. Now they say my name is Max Miller and then he can tell by my heavy Texas accent. I am broke costing as ever from the illustrious maximum studios in beautiful sunny. Downtown Austin, Texas and the reason I do this program on the weekends. When I cook it doesn't announced may be fishing. It may be a bit of gulf. I want to angle from I think I'm reasonably good at it but the main thing is it's just to look back on the week. To see if anybody anywhere at Republican or Democrat I really don't mind we don't care. Republican or Democrat has done anything for. The average working man or woman now. The other topics I do tend to talk about any heaney rusting paper simply because the only widen keep up brilliant in his going only trump plan right now. Is have reams of paper a filler deforested half of fun and that we're in with a group trees that certainly have deforested. Probably could chunk of Maine's though to am green I do try to recycle probably just like you do as well. Budget talk about it as well mommy close trust visit to. To politely to the UK. It's about the World Cup we have to talk about and NATO what else to try and do this week is just hard to keep up the Democrats before people yell at Maine. And say that 90% of my talk is usually. A roundup how band that the Donald is is mainly because I had no idea within crested I don't know what Nancy Pelosi does if we don't. I just to get up at ten maybe has he may be she has executive time allowed to constantly keep you know shows up the work about eleven. Goes gates he's happy meals around about three in the afternoon and has will be very nicest repeat shake them to go with his in the don't. Happy meal. But so I don't know what I'd and a woman's death seriously if if this was any other country I would be as shocked and amazed that they she was still there. As a leader as they would say a lead over the loyal. Opposition but she's still there Chuck Schumer he's still on TV this week. Of moaning and as he normally does about things but again. I don't know what it is they do some could explain to me you're a Democrat Al then. As you're abate a supporter please tell me I am willing. So learn what is the Democrats temple you can tell me I am all is. 512. 643 by five went too successful for life I am willing to and we can discuss the maximum adult life. And as a format. And you can just tell me how wrong I am about everything and people by the way. You be surprised a me too many people actually taken the out. On that offer aside do wanna talk about selflessly trumping Europe. The ego is Lang indeed as I phrased it over the weekend in my head that left them little snippet that I do when the bold. Tesla as I thought to that test was like us an email from Tesla people. I don't know why why do or won't wise it when I say very simply open a piece about Tesla has made in the bing is great. As some people seem to think they are immediately. The knives around for the Mac so I miss and a McConnell and I Jim Walton was a cause underprivileged in essence. I just don't get the test the magic kids and so I don't want to have to bring that up. Only because our minds today for ten seconds. And demy mail box filled up with people telling me. How wrong I am in my view of Tesla so I don't do wanna bring that up just because so many people reached out to mean told me I was immediate. Again you can do that on the Maxwell the last site not a problem. And how that it's about games fronts at some point as well if we get to that as we look back on the week in review and and of course and of course we do have to look. Add tariffs because say you know what he would even notice a dry subject. Is supposed to make the average working man better off. No luck so let's those are the sort of the topics did you good. That I have now Cher show how the was gonna Sean Hannity just listen to me. Indy in New York river reached out and around in his private jet any but he doesn't like me. So what I he's come pre gonna tell me I'm totally wrong on this next bits. Before we have jumped into the some of the topics but I don't talk about this. Dust finally able to find. The data and it did take a bit of time because finally able to find and these were found that you know on the government website so enough is true on the truth sonic on the website but a on the taken as gospel for the moment unless someone can tell me yet again. But I'm wrong and trust me there are funny people out there willing to tell me and I'm wrong but I can take it so the main thing I want to Obey is at the start with is the massive. Middle class tax cut the it was unbelievable right coming we just got thousands and thousands of extra dockets. In our paychecks and we no we didn't we didn't. For the very simple math that I'm about to work go through their pool Ryan. Who were believes that we got a massive middle class tax cut and is actually retiring. As I've explained beef for a by some miracle at the end of this year or beginning of next year at the next. After the next election guess what is retiring after twenty years. As seeing is use only like ten years old when he actually went into government. And you still be a fairly young man and why is that significant because guess what after twenty using government yes right kids you qualify for a full government but I pension. Hot and I know I know a full. Government pension for poor line on on the line I'm very I'm shore. Obviously demands really bad at math because he was seized told us how wonderful it is that time this middle class tax cut to it is a good job. Under the money's going up the deficit the when he came to his own personal finances. When he came to his own family. When he came to making sure that he retired to the day. 20s20. Years mind you in government. He was first elected in 91999. Soon to be finishing in 2019 January 2019. The Paul Ryan will actually be retiring only full. Of financial benefit at a pace at our expense I don't know about the medical. Have to believe is pretty good with you have to believe it will run isn't gonna do it for the government. As bode pretty good now I don't know if he can claim is tension at the age of 49 or fifty which is what I believe UB. But he's there ready foreign when he retires. Probably is probably a 59 or sixty fine if I had no idea but the point being he is now qualified. For that for that retirement benefit and good good on and hey you know what the government bad apparently Amylin shoot pool Ryan. A my producers this spring in my ear and even got to autos gonna talk about on taxes but we'll get there in just a minute with a Tibet terrorist testers and it's been a whole mix of things will cup. So this is Max Miller I'll be right bank voice of radicals since they give me a bell 512643. Lines you can I can take it you can tell me I'm wrong. Out Presley can only help my ego and make my mom can come good thome and right as he does listen this is Max Miller I'll be right back. Everybody and welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice. Of the radical center because I'd like to believe in DC that people should be using the C would more not only know get your mind and of the got to know that he would. The would compromise it just seems to be off the table for some of these people. A Republican or Democrat I am an equal opportunity really I don't give a damn about these people they just need to make sure. That they get the deal done for us and with that in mind before we get into the hole. I don't know pocket of things I wanna talk about in my. Few minutes and I have would you guys today I don't talk about this massive middle class task at that was well the middle class tax cut whatsoever and I he's saying already that Max. That is not true what Indiana say it's not true because we know that the rich pay more in taxes than anyone else. It's just not true because I Soria on Sean Hannity so it must be true. Well. Usually talk about is the rich pay more in income tax as a percentage of income tax belongs to my check if you make fifty grand a year. You still pay income tax but don't you pay payroll tax I think you do what is that next down 9% until some of consuming and leaving them. But it's about nonsense. And he paid by fuel you but yet to try to work keep Korea to buy ties you have to eat. I may be months and Lonny go out somewhere I mean maybe you have to pay the ban a mortgage to pay property tax. So you be shocked and amazed to learn as I reached you very quickly here that the actual man money that the average working stiff. Hey he's in old taxis is walks remarkably the same. As a very rich person to send to send and I am and I know you gonna be stunned and amazed. When I read history so let me just give you some rough numbers here. Before an oft. The the basically the county line Paul Ryan before and after he is so cool massive middle class. Tax cut so basically if you are making. 57 a grand a year which still is a solid middle class income right acquittal in middle class people here. Before before these tax cut before the taxes. Which we now gives to corporations and very rich people the average. Tax rate for everybody. In other words such as saint state local fatal you name it everything he piling too when you live. Is around about thirty point 6% on estimating a third that everybody pays about 30%. All of their incoming taxes as a sit before property tax income tanks payroll tax fuel tank you name it. Whatever it is you'll paying around about 30% of your income in taxes. Which sort of makes sense right did you go to live I mean you may be paying a little less in actual income tax but you still got to leave so when you buying things. Guess what you pay taxes this is the way to easily she wanna leave in not enough of panicky all right so that's that listening most people agree that that's with. So what it the go top 1% pay in the top five to this this is the top fives and really because I think it's been more distinct. The top five to saint basically free poll winds massive middle class tax cut. So the average stiff paying 30%. The average well off person basically someone making over 337000. Posey and yet that's we have to make of being the top 5%. As an individual this is not family numbers you actually would pay about 32%. 32% of your income. In taxes now yes they pay a few percentage points in income tax the surprise surprise surprise they don't actually pay as much as their incomes. Is state and local taxes why. Because you can only consume so much you can only buy so many private yet so many penalties and somebody pays huge so that's why. Now that was the numbers before the pool run massive middle class task that remember 30% for the average working stiff. 32% for the top 5% much closer than maybe you may realize right. So what happened. Often this massive middle class task we'd expect us to drop down to 25 points may be 25% of our upcoming shows that you would expect. Given though we've been told that the massive amounts of money now flowing into the middle class would be humongous would be huge even though blowing up the deficit. You would expect us to benefit so tremendously. That is gonna come down Max is gonna come down from slightly with 30% which is going to be. Well 29%. Yeah so one percentage point kids when you add it all up. The actual income tax breaks that we all got if you are an average middle class the and I need pay payroll tax deal we didn't change your sales tax didn't change your property tax for we will not. Guess what yes foot when he eighteen the average working class middle class stiff. Pays between 26 and 29%. Of their income in taxes 29% or if you're an average middle class working for us and when he announced it. So. 29 points now remember. The well for paying at the said before between 32 point two of 32 point 8% to less to say the same 32% in comprise the wanted to go dancing. Who. Well. I don't know this should be embarrassing for poor Ron if you're in the top 4%. Guess what you actually pay less. You actually pay less than the average middle class working class stiff. Yes is now 29%. Has gone down from 32%. To 29 cents a essentially this may it would be round numbers in those three percentage points it's come down three percentage points. Which are so much interest campus and ninth tenth and overall they aren't Paul Ryan I know he ought to be actually a pretty good at math but coming down 10% for 32 is Iran about 29 and he can. So Tony not stepped. And if you of the well the simple well often by the way top 1% in tissue wondering what to painful the top 1% have to learn. One point eight million media to be in the top 1%. Yeah UST pay 30% of all your income in taxes you know consumer tanks is payroll tax would have enough the woods kids in another woods. If you're in the top. 4%. You'll payroll tax because GM paid off to a 12030 Grand Central someone's gonna tell me that the exact number but nonetheless. Because that number basic answer is a big tax break when she get over that magic flute eight lift over then number. Your actual income tax payroll tax everything you pay property tax is 29%. And if you're a working class stiff. Making between fifty and eighty grand a year and I think that I should probably say well what do you think samples solid middle class may be. Guess what you're paying 29%. To metal woods your attic your income you'll paying exactly the same as a very well off person and you remember they get a charmed more of the income this admittedly and I states needed. So another woods finally anymore that the working class and the middle class. Pay. A whole lot less in taxes do you feel if you're out there making fifty grand you eat and pay tax. If you making 75 grand you may be still living middle class income key young people who don't pay much Lou but the people that you don't learn anything. And lost them like shipped people wanna earn something they wanna make a living they wanna send accused school. So really. I don't want it anymore. From shallow Hal and decathlete on otherwise known as Paul Ryan O Mitch McConnell the scarecrow and I'd like he might Olympic road announced has gone. I see Dina calling shower how Sean Hannity to tin man just like really keep all three but as part of my yellow brick road and county but. I sort of lined Callahan for the simple reason an eighty's and be it's the same initials so we can understand it SH. But still nonetheless. Via so I don't anymore about taxes please the middle class not paying their fair share of taxes. When in fact if you arresting the top 4% yes he paid less. As a percentage you're right so wanna move on from that but I doubt was not bring that up is because I was excited FM that I must be living a boring life if I was excited when intimidated this week. I think again if you could tell me if you making fifty to eighty grand a year and goofy and if you make it and you ask you feel a lot better off. I'm talking off for inflation and talking after the increases in health camp token amount of sending kids to school with soreness or pay. Knock yourself am pleased only because I am willing to be told. I am wrong. Now if they don't of the talk about very quickly because say I somehow I struck a nerve. When nine mentioned tasteless. Nanos and on that politics but I you know they just came up because the emails that came flooding in oft retain second snippet. And not paid piece I did about hey I've ridden in lots of cause I'm very privileged and I driven lots of really great cause. And I've driven and sat in Tesla model S and Tesla model X not asking haven't. Driven the mobile sad animals three elbow I have seen a few of them on the road in Austin good excellent. I she will say as a disclaimer affront I think what Tesla has done to basically popularized electric cars great. Let me just make this clear. If you are spending mimic these tests has cost 80000 dollars so if you compare and the Tesla model as the thing goes up 230 and the model X those. It fueled buying a car for a hundred grand eighty to a hundred grains. You don't just think compare it as far as he's one electric and one isn't you should be comparing it was a fit and finish like does it feel any goodies to quiet. And more I run into trouble with people. Opera wrote about this and Hussein ten seconds to be on the radio mentioned it is I just a finite period. I'm sorry I mean SN and the back of a model S a lot of times. Some people are now on them and I have to take some uncomfortable. Of course is quieter. Is a lot quieter than AM than a regular car as far as ancient as the UB shock and amaze how much road noise series. Really he's just not that comfortable. And the fit and finish. Guys come on this I am just talking about comparing an 80000 dollar car to another 80000. It just doesn't feel like an 80000 dollar economy Hamas is from the and it's now. Well sure be a principled. Or on the audible on the radio. But I just sort of make that point if if US seeks sit down and eight to 80000 dollar. And until trump he's Mercedes and BP set down an 80000 dollar Mercedes Porsche. Penn America or something along those lines are big get rain drove them is to some fuel packed cafeteria just. May be. I don't and I'm a car enthusiast maybe give the buy these cars on car enthusiasts and I goes fast in a straight set only goes fast in a straight line that. Are dragging on about Tesla is only reason I bring up is for the simple reason. That hey I had people writing to me saying what are you doing in American success story he is I'm not looking what he's done on dissent. Why he's selling their latest. Census does say and not only that I get a tax break for me it get a tax break from the middle class people. Yes you get a solid middle class tech yes to get him more of a tax break when you buy the car than the average cursing go from Paul Ryan. I'm eases some income down that does that does that sound quite right to you all right. I'm getting to hold on my poor produces yet again that we're running and a common ending go to any legal to pull landing and go to the don'ts of meeting the queen. Yes he met the quaint and you believe it's. He walked in front of the queen now I'm gonna say. I don't think this is a big deal and don't troubled him for a quick. Except because I mean he's like it's like she's family I mean she she she's like you great grandmother coming maybe that's what it was. But the pot island gays. You would have full. That Donald Trump president of the United States that he is. Would understand certain protocol laden in Amy says a small thing that he will confront the queen when inspecting on a god he may say it's no big deal. But if it comes to the fact that meant she cared about details. And I know he's a very stable genius because he's told his multiple times that he actually told the queen I hate. Stable Kenya cement estimate equaled Italy's. But still. Nonetheless idea will confront the queen and we and even go to the sneak did the good parts about the fact that Donald Trump's correcting is on his own self saying you didn't happen. With the sun newspaper owned by Murdoch you know that that left wing Communist George Soros type. And are we have to take a break I'm being told so we'll be right back is is Max Miller voiced that a radical center. Yes I am an independent. And I am a breath of fresh air be right back. Welcome back I am the voice that radical center and yes in case you're wondering and an American. I came home solid. Working class stole content issue because she cares about that emissions if. Oh my am that some research I knew my grandfather was a coal miner. And fact I didn't notice that at one point they ran a boarding house. The product that the entire generation. Of the Max Miller family was down the pits. They were and I am is amazingly can look up now thanks to these town thanks to these recent sites. And I found out that an excuse me and I found out that. Right up until likes Lee I think 1806. Senses have to get exactly what it was. The my predecessors to Ole of them apart from some bills. Understandably so wood down the pits. Issuing cold as they called it back and then we'll cull Hugh is at the age of twelve could you imagine. That the age of twelve. Being down the pits back in the early eighteen hundreds or Connie mentioned. I can't imagine. Will must've been like and what their life expectancy was I guess I didn't have the hot to look at the long. Some alliances is live but still at the dawn of being just a revolution. Yes true story. My ancestors would dammit coal mines. Huey Nicole as they called it. For the landlord you know for the boss to lord of the manor when anyone of the colon all right so. Donald Trump walls in polite he this past week how could you missed it. He was in his in the UK and aim at the queen should admit the queen that meant medal is. And that. She went OK I mean I mean I'm not making a big deal fact that those some people said he broke protocol by walking in front of and so on but I'm sure she's seamless. No debate as to make a big news to me was the talk from sports. The fake news. The fake news mantra to well behind move on parliamentary democracy gig it. He basically called upon it meaning K she had a interview because she forgot move this away because Isabella. I had an at an interview with the sun newspaper and occasionally with the sun newspaper is. As that well known that liberal now we know is that well known conservative newspaper tabloid. As they call it. We Jesse has paid three goals yet page three girls you know pills without you know. Wearing meaning. And who runs it yes the man who runs the Murdoch empire mr. Murdoch himself you know mr. family values downs it. And does so I shall that's why Donald Trump I did the interview. The now infamous interview where he basically told to the sun newspaper. That what in the world misty may threesome made the prime minister was done little wrong. Was all wrong any should really listens she really should of listened to his BofA Boris Johnson and who he likes a lot because he says nice things about him. So that was essentially what Donald Trump said and then Donald Trump came oft was that that's not true that's what I said it. Did say these things is it that much slower record these things but you understand is fake news and it. Could it possibly die says something bad against my own host. And I am land in Scotland I am land on the same. British Isles this like how could I possibly say anything bad about two recent money stack at the said he wasn't me we have recordings to prove. It was a main you also said NBC had dishonest reporting. And he also said that. The New York Times or go to this is my favorite those of petty thing. The kneeled to names times he did like the New York Times because they had a photograph of him. The mating like get a double chin. Arnold. Kind of a big what you. I mean may be responded losing a few pounds may may be on and don't stop with the happy meals KS subpoena that will be a good place to stop. I was told anyway Donald Trump did say. With a press conference we Teresa main. That he did not actually say what he said any of recordings to say that he didn't say. And he's got a release those recordings now are you shocked and amazed that he didn't release has recorded 'cause they're exactly the same recordings. As the sun newspaper has a look at that and just the second he also decor on CNN. And basically find not only on CNN he said I'm not gonna call on CNN because it's fake news. I don't take questions from fake user then went to John Roberts from fox and say John Roberts is from folks. Let's go to a real network now. John Roberts has some advice because I know you guys listen to me in Washington he though you people be still there and the only way to Cingular an a but I would of sorts. I would have thought the classy thing to have done the mister Roberts. What is being to a said. With all due respect. CNN is it real. Network and out of the I think before anyone else. Offs you lost any money also questioned that he missed costing you should actually get tomorrow I'll ask you questions that did you imagine. If someone as he had the guts to do that almost at a very rude little Maria could you imagine if someone had the custody that. Who are you honest no one pushes this guy no one. You want you wanna seem react in public that's what you go to do that would be news would be that would be protecting the First Amendment 99 known shall I have this month the First Amendment anymore. Now he doesn't because seen anything basically for news and will be edited. Is Donald Trump went on to say I didn't criticize the prime minister are to have willingly after having criticized the prime minister. He denied he said something that he said on the tape that everybody goods. Now if you think this guy is delusional listen I know people climbing entertaining and I know they don't think sometimes I'm being serious when I say. And of people farming detaining case because if he's who wants to want to get people saying to any could kill. But still nonetheless it would be nice if someone as he stood up to the guy instead you know hey this isn't quite right. And I don't say this with a big smile on my face I don't I don't sit there and go. Always just let the crazy uncle in the attic it comes down for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Because he's the president of the United States at you know paid attention I am not saying that don't trumped it went. He won okay. Some of don't want anybody telling me down just upset that the front one you want anyone legitimately because I live in a democracy guess that works and don't like it changed the rules OK that's that works. And Democrats you know like it change the rules right that's just the ways that. As far as his actual shall we say mental wellbeing how could you tell me with a straight face. Republican or Democrat this guy having just say it. I didn't say it's and we have a recording. And then goes on to say I am a very stable genius said it again while it's in the UK. Denying something he said that. That he said on the tape that everybody else's goods does that make sense why should you believe this guy when he tells you gonna get people health care. He just wanna be told the same thing over and over again that life is fantastic and really think it's. I know it looks like it's raining outside but it really isn't sky's blue believe they. Believe male McDonald. So demand that this is to an interview to the to the Murdoch empire and to the sun newspaper. Which is on my cassette by Murdoch yes he went on to say in the real news in how audio release by the sun. Saved our hash he told Teresa may had to be breaks it but she didn't do it and she didn't listen to me. I would say she asked you went the opposite way but it's too bad was going on. I think the European Union DO she's striking is not the right one the people voted on and is gonna make it much more difficult to deal with. And it's not the deal that was in the referendum. And chelios who went on the say you'll also definitely affect trade with the United States unfortunately. In a negative way. So they easily answer recordings that are released by the sun and don't subsidize there. Don't proselytize not me that's an import I didn't I did not say anything to criticize. Teresa may and there are only releasing the back even if I did that aren't releasing the bad stuff in the first place. Come on guys get with the program. A year knobs and mortified that this guy is. Forget politics this is all I care about. Every middle class people seriously UN nine. Middle class assistant do you honestly think you better off under the dome I know people are gonna say what yet I am the that the economy's going gangbusters. As the ultimate team and I agree not knocking them out blowing up the deficit and all the things until the GOP really cared about. So much is it. All right. Thought from backing may ask the remind us not forget ourselves say it fake news he's working overtime. Said just reported that despite the tremendous success for him with the economy. 91% of that would news about me is negative now what you think days. Obviously is it because when that we don't we don't lead in La La land going to maybe that's what is. So Donald Trump city as it could eat this and I told someone else if Donald Simpson is a very stable genius again if you actually met someone I guess he met someone for the first time. And they sit you Brian my producer my produce about five many for the first time and I said to him I am a very stable fab Brian I am the best. Talk show host you've ever met before he actually heard me. Brian would actually release size me would you bribe me he's like yeah I think in my eyes that may be it would make you that late after being nice to all right so. Nonetheless that's what would happen. Now the seals who went on to NATO of course there's not treated as fairly Wallace's once the UK that was to increase their I'm. Share all defense spending from well meaning school romance espouse politically for Germany to. 4% he said I'm on 4% of first it was kid. And then it was full because Donald Trump just cannot take yes. For nonsense that DD basically the only if you cut I believe the UK and that for sure France. I know not Germany but you came frosted me pay. 2% more than 2% of their own. GDP in two in two words defense spending. I believe Jim is about one point seven and I think most people would agree they should be spending more Donald Trump came up to sit 4%. Lou will the United States does needn't spend 4%. Is she spends a lot more than 4%. One Russia yes. Russia speak at said this before in case you wondered Russia why would make system because of Russian dressing up their path will be you know the ash actual GDP. For Russia per person is the same as Mexico. I am shocked and amazed that Donald Trump as a figure that out. That the fact is that Russia's GDP per person is and that they total GDP the same as Italy and they GDP per person. Is the same as Mexico. You know the people descend this'll those bad people. Yes basically the same as makes him pain health nine gram per person. So therefore the only way they can be strong militarily is to take money from the war in their own country. As they spend close to social someone's gonna Courtney on the fifteenth because stand over there in of their GDP closed I think it's twelve to 15% of those in double figures. Goes on spending now on GDP is still they GDP goes to be spent on them on the military spending gasoline when they can do it. Why we give these guys that time and respect that we do. When really all they do is have a GDP the same as Italy a GDP per person the same as Mexico. And the only way they can have a reasonable military backup is to Spain 15% of they GDP on military spending while actually even worry. About those guys seriously Donald why do you care what I think we know. Is that the town is in multi tape. From a from from Russia is that what is the world is made peace and will be taped with those prostitute I shouldn't have said that don't I know it's embarrassing. And show a house gonna send me hate mail as soon as this program is over I'm sure was gonna ticks me and tell me how dare I bring that up. Because the steel dossier is all fake. The other thing I want to get to in a minute before oft the next break as it was bringing money. Is student debt and those very dull but I do want to about that and our talk about the World Cup because Salomon and analyze enough or it's about the World Cup France won today in Iowa. Deservedly so I will say that. As someone clearly wanted to England's win I was say I think France was the better team and deservedly so wanna France and England in the final but it didn't happen. Hi this is Max Miller voiced the radical center I will be right back. Anyway this is Max now I am back and as usual somehow we've let Michael infecting. Life into the illustrious Max from the studios in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. They will be coming on off to me. Hey Michael if they had terrible good afternoon I had done Austin, Texas a laughing with him kind of I just wanna before round I will give you the moment to say exactly what easier to go back and tell me I'm wrong on everything. Which is hugely how to sing this truth hurts and the truth does I do want to about something close to my heart actually. You have one I do I know Oklahoma liberal court. I guess soccer soccer we yeah how I'll focus of that effort so. Woke up. I have to tea. I was really hoping is they said you know they the media is saying that the couples coming home they called it alone because you know for that I shell shocked and amazed of a couple of friends and when did notice so crews of British people. They didn't know there are you can't caucus like. What planet are you want realizing what you may not know look at it this is it is totally wrong get us off topic but did you know that. I'm still summing these persons in the fundamental mentally wrong but. So who started beat back people playing between villages is and this this this the goalposts will literally miles apart. I'm and the game went on the day is Augusta and and you could asking Maine people. Nichols died. Nice my kids Ali you love you and you guys come to think about him Michael you're nasty like that I would love that gap April sort of a cross between rug what is now rugby in Soka that he could do and villages basically played against each other nothing like watching people die exactly pretty much has that worked so. And why yes says that toss again I was upset that. In the didn't insulin that was I'd bet those that was that was that was painful I had I would I drank heavily off to a street listening to him in the loop before and now now. I was I was drinking lots of gin and tonics. Don't want one. Now please this is the US fully meaning it. Well yes they are wanted the US to dean that's why we will watch 99. You even watch it you only when the US is it. Really go America America home yeah I'll listen I'm American and I did I try to explain this to people in America I don't sound Americana now but I Matta Texan so what something similar next best thing yes exactly as a demo at the slave embassy here again. Yes thank you very much all right all right so I just want to let us briefly this comes up well. Guilty and -- college age kids and you Don you and you're not acknowledges but you know much DM much. You know the debt. For college guide to college in United States now is a big topic I think most people forget this. The average. You manage day now loathed. In insisted in college fees is one point four trillion dollars one point four trillion dollar cynic is a school. And Arafat was unleashes these guys innocently could constitute that their vote a pitcher CC this Cha the talk of a parent debt. For college kids is are now above student day you know why because it's so expensive. That the kid can't pay for it by himself anymore without violence so the parents have to jump in and help Al move. And raise it is crazy and in fact if you look at inflation rate for everything. In that I was shocked about this this is kind that he apologized the cost of that physique just give you want examples come down in the law in real terms in the last ten years. Because of natural gas from the left and the actual cost of sending your kid to school. Is the highest increase in real terms above inflation is astronomically expensive. It is unbelievably expensive may think about it for a middle class families send their kids to UT would cost them a hundred grain. Yeah that's why college is not for everyone as it did you can afford it now now it's not that's way he sees it often a month on the border ACC. And amends in the prize I mean. Even though it may be expensive. Yeah the what's your learning has not. Really significant. Well now look at me adding go to college if green does does so I sat in a car I didn't go to college I Clinton at 1973. Fold LTD countries. We can tell that by year politics exactly Iceland. Hey unless I. I'm a self made man and I said. So Donald Trump I just want to about this Donald Trump saying that the TV this morning he said Donald Trump will be European Union a fellow who. He did say that notre. Well excuse me it's the European Union is an off. It is it's not why do you think look so why do you think in what way because our president says I exactly as a by the lemon to tell you this is gonna tip you off. He does say things like our president my president my senator ideas. That it is the hole now only is he my prison because your president. You hold these guys seem to highness stain. Images explaining in the UK no one would ever say that my prime minister Mike hi Wayne my queen they wouldn't send my anonymity. Ma now they wouldn't because just got saved equally because we know there'll scum backs so the queen. All right let's the click on our meeting the queen had a talk politics Tim token politicians right that generals comebacks. So you do not hold them any of them in high sting you do none of the yeah you do I can say officials that we have respect for enough. Now UConn I have respect for these people there now there is some respect but as months as today right right right that they have no respect for you have to respect the office. Yet that's different. Respect in the office is okay but saying you respect that he said it today when he was ten crews AZ senator why. He's the does the junior senator for the state it's I think OK yes you know more than I could you can't. And there are senators say they go off into my senate to save OK my thing is yes I was saying you can't say that many given way. When you do that they don't need you anymore you've got to keep. And I'll ask him why can't stand up for his own family who. I told you that when his dad's stands a great. Is dad's greets people are yet to take crews that that that don't front said may be making what was involved in the assassination of JFK. It could take cruise is dead. That's what vessel Donald Trump saved about take cruises that means that he did I don't know anything about that hopefully hopefully. All all my god you heard it but yeah I was born before you bullet and in the general election don't trump says about take cruises day it. That take cruise is dead so don't trump speaks to who don't trump impressions of the inning sacks and maybe maybe not perhaps perhaps not open possibly it's kind of curious that Donald trumps that seem to take cruises they take Christine you know what what it is name is. Was hanging around handing him Communist state. Or up forget what they yanked Panthers will in 1962. With the same people the guy that supposedly show that if the ethical and yes there. Tom watt. Now I have to clip and outlook live right at all find it I'll find you in the net break at stake in news yet it's not quite as. And I knew who actually know Donald Trump would say thank you just like you fit the sun was a fake recording. NM and he's pica. We have a day do you wanna go to cola you know it was a moment. Ago those my producer all right Robert. We've lost from the mind yeah I'm Robert how are you welcome aboard the other room for the people who don't agree on anything how you doing today. Man. Great I agree with not being accused. Probably around in my pickup truck in America intact today but that we like the Robert we love. There are. Went to go agreed on a college that I tell young guys they go to our business segment. Do not go to college launch YouTube and just start working the competitive biggest. Waste of money that could slant maybe and and let you going engineering may be possible teacher are sure nurse or doctor by anybody else and take that when he grant forty granting go. Put out and then just start working as the number. And why aren't they say here it I think mark and mr. LaMont congressman is a good. I've elected them with another group of people and so they are they belong you know mile wide we made Detroit a contract to get married so I say it like that. What I don't live by the way Robin thank you for listening but I thought it really I would say it is really Smart people listen to my. Oh yeah. That I said that ideally I'd in the media all unarmed and on skis Robert so why do you agree with me what what pounced on you agree with men on the I am. I am willing to beat hope I'm wrong which pondering you agree with. Well I did it when you hammer like for me. Trial in Obama aren't that well chalk it just the bolder version of Obama when I thought Obama admiral what you know. It would lack Obama take LP and Mandela's. Funeral date it burned me up when he went Albert left hand and I'll Google logo drain. I mean the thing you know it's it's all WW eat. If you look response process WW cop for twenty dollars seventy and Donald Trump no doubt. And we're all going to be involved in Turkey but I'll say Obama was saying the liar cheater or whatever as trot Al Micah Roberts. Robert you're a more bolder version. Of Obama left that ought not to bother. So I no actually I was is going to be defend myself I'm surrounded by no point in Inman and and they enemy in the in the Max Miller studio today it decided to get a crash may harm no robbery you don't get half a so. So as you can tell I'm a lot of fun with this but I just the would be very clear. The only reason I bring up mind is in my back is because clearly I'm not from Texas. But in the UK. We would never say that we never give those people that benefit of the doubt I don't wanna give Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt that we give Obama the benefit the double trouble when he let him off the leash. You get crazy people. What's the name of the guy that this was a gift Jordan was named big yeah you get crazy. People and they don't do any good the UN I actually rove I really don't think they do and get I will say this though I'm sure he'll why Robert appreciate you saying. Putting her in the same my president my wife. And that's I thought I think we should send their recording of that right now isn't it and listen. I don't get out. Hey Robert you're you're an alpha dog and charged and counsel I'll god almighty please clearly got a couple fumbles the ball down like a gate rather going to be go to sign off dramatically over the negate the las would she go ahead. I appreciate though that we get this dialogue which were struggling with in the country it's getting better but you know our fate might. In her term whatever. That means I try to man Leo and boat. It's super power for much we say how that's worked. I mean an acute that it semantics I cannot say much temperature goes out and vote him out now of course they are gonna get. Sent packing and get invited into the woodshed worsened. Now I guess do you aren't Robert. I'm all right guess what Robert I see Hannity robo calling for robredo Rafa and for cases and the sacred as some do and Basel I can see what it's like. They wrote a man listen we have to go to Kelly friends about my tank that take Kerry said OK but right now but there are this is Max Miller I'm trying to take control of the studio. Which is being taken over by these very unsavory people for the world to him and got invited. I don't know how much shut Tommy have left thirty seconds all right so it was as Maxwell feel free to get a Max Miller adult life. You can see the national adult he's actually better looking than me the Max the dog is a little is on the website even beautiful beautiful land. Biggest small family and IGT and you'll be surprised and that's the president will okay arises Max Miller everybody take K go bless us speech he is saying thank you.