Voice Of The Radical Center, 7/8

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, July 8th
Voice of the Radical Center for July 8.

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Otherwise known. Voice of the radical center and if you listen to me before you know instinctively. That I am in fact a breath of fresh and you can have a listen to me before and make it very very clear. I am an independent. I am actually an American as you content Obama hit the Texas action. And I am broke costing has ever from the illustrious maximum studios in beautiful site into an Austin, Texas and I will also make it very very clear. Unlike other people I'm trying to sell you anything I'm not Alex Jones the unexpected to buy milk shake that's OK you don't have to buy anything from me might jolt as an independent. Is to make you think the easiest job on the planet right now. Is to be conservative talk show host it's really all the same his homeland. And you really don't have to do any thinking and all in that case because that basically saying the same thing over and over and over again. I'm what is that what we know what it is they're ripping off each other polls that say of course you know in conservative and anymore. If they would conservatives are beautiful they've been upset in a shallow Hal. Otherwise known to the rest of us as Sean Hannity would be really upset about the deficit the county line and you know that guy known as coal rock and do I haven't figured out if he's actually got remanded because he got Weickel in the counting on and honey nut he's a man. Amazing he could father children. I used to complain tremendously. About the deficit he's children's children what going to be based sibling and Charles Dickens. And keeping the yellow brick road analogy going of course Mitch McConnell otherwise known to me is the scarecrow that simply because well I say this but it reminds me. Of one so what is the voice the radical sense or will the voice the radical Santa is well I'd like to believe. Average everyday people under stained the the C word is important in life no not fancy words and no goodness Japan and if you had. I am talking about. The word compromise yes the look compromised as ever. In Max Miller land. I have brings that type as I do my week in review to look back and see if anyone in DC and I have the likes to grind I'm pretty empty. A Republican or Democrat has done anything worthwhile. For the average working man or woman that's all I care about. And before I did get these emails and people can write to me. At Mac's Mac's mobile life or Disco the management alike because Simi you can see the masculine build. Who's actually a very good looking man threw dog in gets more fan mail and I did. Of an actual adult life as a form they can write to me and tell me I'm wrong it's okay. I can take it distant Ryan camps and Justin Ryan a bull in fact was doubled to know right in a capsule boulder at the same time because literally. Gives me headache and I feel you'll yelling at me. Down the Internet now feel free to call me today 5126 will feel I 512643. Life. I am willing to be convinced. That Donald Trump is a conservative. Seriously if someone else they can tell me that Donald Trump is even a Republican. I am willing to look in fact if you can convince me. The Donald Trump isn't brain damaged or perhaps a host has gone rogue from west world I am willing to be taught a lesson. All that want to in fact I'm open to suggestions for the simple reason as an independent I am not fall waited. To be formatted by dogma I am willing to report that sometimes every once in awhile I'm wrong. Which is what I'd like to see the people on the left to learn from the right and the people on the right essentially sometimes occasionally if it once why don't. There's a good idea that comes in on the left now as I set my reams of paper here. And the only reason I am reams of paper is simply because I want to think I'm a reasonably intelligent person and I know you ought to do. Otherwise you wouldn't be listening to make for a simple reason that you like to believe. If you're once in awhile amazing as it may seen the would like the people in DC is supposedly work for you and me. As I record a supposed to work for us not the other way around. The fact remains have it was a lot like entity something positive. For us and you know up. If I haven't seen it so what are we gonna talk about this week what is it says what kind of back home and that in the I think come. Students that produces yeah I think I don't think Dylan is that we can review for a panel fourteen weeks I think among week. Fourteen which in my math. Is basically three with three months and that two weeks nine Donald Trump math that would probably be twenty months because he's told us he stayed away for a 25000 he's a very stable genius and the only that the stock markets a 40% so pay but in my math in my real world. Or I like to leave. Trying to leave anyway as mr. Leo can as human beings most of the time. As basically just over three months and in that timeframe and I think the on going over the has anyone done any forests recently format. The also unfortunately. Is not I haven't found anything recently anyone's done anything sensible to help the average working man or woman or even proposed anything sensible. For the average working man a woman for up by the from the Republicans or Democrats I really you know. If you don't care. Songs as someone. Out there standing up for the average working individual and I know you gonna tell me some of you Lori tell me and my friends tell me they had deleted Austin, Texas a doctoral. That time thank Communist. Because I dare question the fact it was great that the stock market is up. Is great unemployment is that down as at whom and argued with they sinks nothing wrong with that. And all I'm all for those things because I guess what means people are gainfully employed any if you invested in the stock market means you don't grow well hopefully. Political thinking and the stock market do wanted to with W was it will be Republican. Who I think he was a Republican I could be wrong. May be as a socialist in his article the stock market and the team went which way to go went down terribly. I had to go under Obama owned oh yeah 140% now of course in front master might mean is up like 300% is still. It was up about a 140%. Under Obama. Which means if you invested in the stock market or 41 K hopefully did very well and that that's excellent. Of course the trouble is 52% to PP nine states working age people. Do not own anything in the stock market I'm known it's a shock because don't trump wants to talk about the stock market all the time at least when it was going up a 52% of people in the United States working aged Americans. I own nothing in the stock market I'm talking even through retirement programs 401K. Or anything else like that so as before we take a quick break. And MI reuse the type what is it gonna be talking about today were clearly clearly we have to the bat tariffs. Because well you might think that it's a great thing you might think the causing the price of steel to go up 35%. In the United States is excellent for the steelworkers and have to study it probably is I have about the guy that makes snails. Now have to put him in the past and it's about tariffs have been more than. We talked about even the oval things we've told about Lopes is how tariffs are affecting most does. I who'd a thunk it losses and nails but gonna another example of that. Elton at stoke calls about Scott Pruitt. A who's finally lift that yes the chiefs want drag himself has finally jump ship. I mean seriously all he had to do was keep quiet keep his head and and don't front and creaky praising the king Donald Trump. But what happens he couldn't do it just could not help himself I had to vet had to invest in a and how this even works until about this before haven't evening this may show US UV has believe proves he covers honey now networks. And I do want to read Jim Jordan. Not because uptick we want to talk about Jim Jordan because quite frankly he's not particularly nice human being as far as I'm concerned that we do need to talk about him. And they accusations against him and the economic decline when will the other about his accusations when he was a wrestling coach. Then I'll be right back feel free to give me rain they bring this is Max Miller yes I am an American I am broke costing formed illustrious maximum studios. And night and an independent all right I'll be right back. It's Max hello welcome back before. We jumped into what I wanted to talk about this week in that we can review to see if anyone in DC Republican or Democrat than anything to help. The average working man a woman I just wanna say hey I hope you had a great July the fourth idea does invited to a friend's house. Where we has at lake house here in Austin and it was very nice nice I trust you had a good time to. A though it is a insisting to me I'm Ashley the world will cook about you but I'm a terrible cook. I can Boylan make Fryer at fry an egg and basically approaching it and possibly every once in awhile scramble and make. That's the extent of my skills which is why ou beats is probably the best thing ever for me personally. But so when it comes to cooking and grilling I'm not the best of my friend decided. God bless him to let you know two to show me out to show me how to cook birdies. And any and it was this animal embarrass him by naming him but I have to say. Raids. Is the appropriate color when you bit bawdy and big entity and his mrs. Ashley did say hey. You know what even even the wipes it you know. I think you need he tees up but it always she did but having said that is the thought the camps. And the B was very good and the company was fantastic so I hope you had an equally good. July the fourth as I did. Now get a feel wanna get into a quickly here because before you entered oval thinks tariffs. And the negative effects actually happening on the small companies seen coming who'd a thunk it with a school that I'm making nails. Would be upset that the rule price of these Steele has gone up by 2530%. You know I mean seriously you just beat. Absolving it right though it's of of that before the little lessening else I'm sure Laura. Is gonna upset most of my conservative friends and I mean in the conservative way I mean in a common sense sway the other C with a compromise way so to speak. And I got a tweet it was some of you may have heard about I came out early in the week from my some some lady in New York. And she basically explained is this where she was on the annual subway which have been on quite a few times sons and the situation she said she was on the Orange Line. A woman's leg got stuck in the gap between the train in the platform it was it was true twisty embodies king came off it was pretty nasty. Apparently she's in agony and weakening however. As this lady says he says just as upsetting is she big no one call an ambulance is 3000 dollars I can't afford them. There's still what is loan. With this country. If I woman feels she can I'm going give it adequate care for her leg and who knows how bad it was or if it was actually down. Broken or there's gonna get infected which it will be actually even worse. Because she says she cannot afford to and it's right there is something wrong with this picture. When that happens this is not about dogma I don't wanna hear about dogma. This is not about fact being the facts being down against people who believe in the private enterprise and private ambulances and whatever it is nothing. To do with that this is all about. Common sense and making sure that we take care of our case take care of ourselves take care of Retief let's not forget that one. And making sure that we have preventive ways to make sure that we don't get sick or something happens like this poor woman I don't know what happened to. That she says the field as she's open gave it to pay 3000 goals for an ambulance right and I was gonna hand. I would contain people that say may Max. This is what you want you want socialized medicine is not socialized medicine is common sense okay it is common sense. And the phrase which I am focusing on the first two pick up. Is Medicare Furl and becomes a point wasteful or gov. How much of my paying anyway out of my health care can tell you exactly how much people pay. Even if you will for a large corporation and I'm surely you can you can listening to me any mention those imposed he would you rather noisy when they listen. The average person with a couple of kids. Even if they getting subsidized health care through their effect through their run corporation is a thousand bucks a month. 121000. Dollars a year and I think about this that 121000 dollars a year. That you pay for the health care through your free your arms through your employer. Doesn't have that rim restricts freedom of movement. Other Wagner in the joke is got to make sure affirmative cross country ever equal health insurance or for wanna start my own business and I'm not twelve. I need to make sure that so I have coverage who can afford on my own. So another woods not having access to sensible health care coverage as affordable. Ashley limits. The growth of the United States. Now I don't K you can tell me you can call it socialized healthcare Medicare for I really don't care what equal. But they need to be a way to make sure the people everybody everywhere has adequate to affordable health care. And it doesn't keep that that to be like Canada. Maybe don't want to be that the UK could be a mix of everything right in Germany. Or Switzerland that the get which to give me I'm sure someone will write to me tell me. I he'd get says health care through private insurance mine whose shock and amazement shock and amazement that those people have to get healthcare through private insurance. But what happens. The fact is they have to be covered and the fact is there are limits to what they can be charged in the fact is everybody gets coveted in the back deck isn't that how we should be. The say at the end of the day this poll lady. Own example he would could not. Even though she was trapped in a subway in the in the New York subway between a train in the platform felt that she could not go on get health care. Coverage for the simple reason she owes what to pay paying 3000 dollars Rambis. Is that mean that something something somewhere is fundamentally wrong. Now I know people are gonna tell me effort this from my friends who say well it is her responsibility she wants healthcare she knows to go and get it. Evans is just OK I don't know a story write whatever you she's got kids. Whenever she's she's trying to make cooking food on the table when he could first health insurance to use of food on the table fee kids. I'm just making the point. Regardless of the political stripe the common sense dictates. They need to be a reexamination. Of healthcare system in United States I'm not talking about the quality of the K guys I'm talking about access. To the quality of the king all right we're having got that off my chest as he wasn't even on my list of things to do today. Because of the very simple reason that it won't Tabasco Pruitt Jim Jordan and of course Donald Trump's tariffs. But we have to start with tasks for the for a simple reason. That don't trump has say it's if you don't and so we don't forget because he says a lot. That tariffs and trade wars used his phrase actually trade wars. Aren't easy wins so essentially Donald has decided to go to war. Which China. The European Union Mexico and Canada on his left. Mick I am assuming Venezuela. Is off the list. Right now may be down Nigeria maybe Darrell to listed. Australia. There's not many left right of of any sort of wait perhaps Australia that we have met again I'm sure that's gonna ams in a district. That Donald Trump actually hasn't declared. Trade war on and I got a great quote here which I think. Is actually fantastic canal I want a delicate and just the second but I think it really summarizes. How these trade wars could work out so is he Donald Trump is buoyed by strong economy would grow up I'm not saying that we not jump growth was strong. We had 200000 new jobs added recently and only that the even though the unemployment went up is because more people are looking. For job so nothing wrong with that. And all and adding 34 billion dollars worth of tariffs. She Chinese goods. Is tiny I mean he's really nothing right 34 billion in the scheme of things in a twenty trillion dollar US economy. Ashley doesn't seem like a lot and less. Unless you're the guy is affected. I don't know the guy who I told about last time he's producing Lopes does he may have to lay off 50% of him of his employees. I would Dana say for those people who laid off is affecting them 100. The saints or the guy who was making males are spoke my name before any minor taleo 50% of his employees please. I guess what I think that's a 100% of them were laid off the going to be affected so in the scheme of things I would say within X extremely. Negative as a great quote him from the senate gentlemen Adam poston who's from the Peterson institute and it and these people it's a great quote. He's an institute institute excuse me miss the person who say it. He's launching a trade war will prove how waiver to be his economic Afghanistan. Costly. Open ended and fruitless. Absolutely. Free gain brilliant what an excellent quote think I say it again. Dark from launching of a trade war is his equivalent all of an economic war on Afghanistan and costly. Open ended and fruitless I just thought that was amazing exactly what is it can go on forever. It's costly. And the other day no good is gonna come out of it for the simple reason that you think China's gonna roll over and play dead have you been to China. As anyone on this radio program apart from me being a child clearly isn't anyone in the studio apartment mobile right now yes. I am of someone has been to China I've been to China multiple multiple times and I continue. That they are in effect. Well SI wrinkled face in Fino faces it basically means pride. Understandably so and you cannot embarrass them in other words you do not. Do you bet you do not embarrass people. In China and civilization countries it's a big no no and is something that they will not stand for and if you think president Z from China. Is gonna stand up and say yes I'm allowing you to put tariffs on my goods on the can retaliate. You've got another think coming out and give an example for example. As I repeat my Woodson. You have a situation with China has to slow it finally going to be shocked and amazed. Lower the tariffs on Collins which is a big one for the normal from 25% to 15% and they did they did 25% to 15%. Is it now cause a problem don't trans Tara second of course China's then raise tariffs on American made products. Oh and no wonder we export to to China yes believe it or not BMW and Mercedes the Germans pajamas that needs to Donald Trump can't stand because they just export. So many Mercedes Porsche BMW to the United States even set it. At a rally. When re asking mentioned BMW's in a state where they build BMW's how insane. Is that any Weis and now these cars that are made by Americans. In America. And had a 15% tariff only an analyst sunny five cents or not. They gonna have a 40% tariff keeps a 40%. Tariff and if you think Wendell decides to add more task China's gonna packed them who. I think Anna thinks Imus is this is not pinning him. And the fact remains of those gentlemen. Who have another Fella he is actually using steel for his proxy actually produced is a very sophisticated down products. Saying that he's been and I get him in just the second he's saying he's gonna lose out these kind of icy ground machines as you'll hear in the second part of this program. Without lights as anyway can cigarette without losing customers that he's going to be able to afford to keep running his senate keep running his factories. As so I don't know you gotta think what's gonna happen is he going to be good it is going to be good for us. No it's not going to be good because they're not even talking kids they and not. Even talking Nickels Donald Trump the city wants to put tariffs on nearly everything China exports to the United States would move. No planned. Whatsoever no plan whatsoever so I when we get back from the break I do want Lou I'm Joseph were doing in a minute I do want to talk about town. What else is going on in tariffs to from nails to believe it or not like this it Lopes does. And highly sophisticated equipment. That is made United States from a guy that's the by age US steel. Yes US steel he's been buying US steel and that we suffer in this is Max Miller I'll be right back. It's nice mellow welcome back I just want to finish up on a couple of people's livelihoods who seem to be affected very negatively find these. Harris. And you may say when Max is this a small price to pay cable as I said before. If you oppose is losing his life he would then. I don't I think NYSE disagree with you. Soybeans who'd a thunk it soybeans are something where the tariffs are really gonna fix the Chinese tariffs are gonna affect individuals here. And why is that we'll simple reason they've raised the price of that soybeans in fact by blocking them by 25 cent going into China. And he is exactly what's being said by mr. From Arkansas who basically said that the taxes the taxes he's meeting on May areas soybeans which now being heavily taxed by China. It is is too is it to love what trade deficits with other countries like China or is it to protect. American industries he goes on to say prequel people's livelihoods affected immediately up people's livelihoods. Are on the the line exactly these at this it would kidding around at the people this is people's jobs. We talking about as another sign a fellow says his name is John highs too often he says he's from Iowa. My son who farms with Maine is gonna spend the rest of his lifetime trying to get that back meaning the a market for soybeans. The they're losing now in China and my yes sun is gonna spend the rest of his lifetime trying to get that back. And that scares. The hell out of me and these are people who voted for the don't so it's great that people say it's terrible that China taxes. There's a tariff on causes 25% and we were only at two. Or the European Union does a tariff on cars that campus and I'm really put it it too well that's great kids except the one CBC teeny weeny tiny detail. And that is the average tariff across all products into the European Union is war. All has to be really high right Temps into right to know it's one point 6% to one point 6%. I want is the average tariff and United States to console products one point 61%. Of course their allies I totally get it and causes want to guess well. Like trucks you know those big suvs that we'd like to buy here in Texas marbled. And pick up trucks the tariff on the I 25%. Something tells me before. General Motors is not to be too happy is suddenly China. In stock exporting heavy OP pickup trucks to the United States and a two and a half percent tasking I don't thing. I think it would be too happy with that okay would Jozy keeping very patient. Was going on with the today may was going on with the Joseph Kennedy for you. Well you know our person but I am addicted to a very hear your existing show. Still trying to classify you is this that in that I didn't mind and in blood pressure herbs. That it overnight Asia at the time you're critical. Trumpet. And Warren above outcomes that initiated the complementary. And about budget now of course Obama had eight years to create those jobs and every. The thing and I'm so that not as an adolescent years. Yeah like that you point but I think that I totally agree you Obama had more time but he is also dealing with an economy that was in the toilet you'd agree with that Rodgers is. DT LU. Greece does that the economy wasn't in good shape when Obama to cut right. And that is that's correct yeah there's. So many. Something happened that I would lose a bank in let. But yes you're correct. How Hillary or Obama from winning the most times in the economy as adamant. He wants government jobs have been working for the government that's it is. It is. I just stimulus package it's what do you don't working for the government. Government jobs there is definitely had jobs at the local level associated. The federal level. That's the Obama. But I think he thought our big guy does it let me ask you do you think that Donald Trump should be picking Wimbledon roles do you think bee colony do you think that. The government still is to pick winners and loses in the marketplace and you think that that's what Obama was doing picking winners and loses. I can't go to Israel and the problems winner and there it is but he hit it you don't have to enlist in the private sector. Growth and jobs and prosperity. People did not. Depend I look at them as much. I tell them how to marry early and I agree with you does it but the fact remains. There's definitely some white people in this county. Boy I'm particularly dependent on the government. I don't know about happy but I think the fact remains that that try yeah. Well developed protected but not the number of people and contingent will look closely at. Well I think I think why do you think the number of people on food stamps increased when you think that is. Because under tight spot and money. Encouraging. And and people took and it pushes. It to anybody in television programs that program there's this program. And and other words. Slope the recruiting. Post and new problems. Very complete and shouldn't. About it but it never had a job that I was a and that combination and those didn't have an attempt. And I knew that. I won't know about you won't even though I was because you know how to pay. Or so estimated. They introduced meet someone is making 70000 dollars on welfare I'm more than willing to let go into. You sort of instant win a lot of stuff I'll let 2000 because it. It gets out of there and depend on who's. They get better at Leo there's going to be subsidized. Care subsidized. Transportation and subsidize. Been awesome my questions as of I can tell you why people on food stamps went on Internet time is because people we using food stands because they needed it. That's why that's why they will at this and now want. Oh thank you very much I appreciate the head. I think we can cut this guy off now thank you very much well as good enough that we can have an intelligent conversation with people that's a fact he does if for that any you don't believe me by the way prove me wrong you can write to me at maxim maximum though a lot of on it that made its air but that was very interesting thank you very much of that is if you make my day. All right hey listen I am willing to learn but I'm not willing to be yelled it says some can actually. Explain to me why people more people went on food stamps I am willing to be told it's because they were taking advantage of the system for us is they actually. Needed it all right so let's go on a bit further here. Right now to expose them have been told to do that on the radius is the first time for everything. All right let's talk about how to lose a trade war we know trade was a good is a great idea quoted Donald Trump oh said this that peace in our time and we were told that. Prosperity is just around the corner we were told that by Herbert Hoover. Yes they believe all these things and we just point out one thing. Some of these tariffs ask you can affect the Dutch people that voted for trump the most. Yes farmers those people and I'm not making that up to someone can tell me that solely being tariffs in China last he can help people. In the farming states pay. I am willing to be told that go my factual and yet again or I can go to some place like Joseph is told whatever works I'm more than willing to do that. The other I get to this point nobody wanted to let the small company. Generated apple actually Swiss at a California and it's in California. Has to be socialist it's in California. A just jump and I was the company said we are being heard because of the cost increase what's keeping them with keeping hope because of the price of peace deal. I need to the coastal event he's running his machines in a lights out operation because what he's basically doing news. He has his machines running with the he's just small company ten people 1010 employees. And again the day they put these machines on the automatic running slow with the lights off so in order for him to lower costs but keep his production going to some extent. Now his tariffs the tariffs on the steel raschke caused his. Costs to toss a visual materials to go up by 50% to 50%. But he's determined not to lose his customers and determined to deliveries products. On time which is made an excellent thank you mark Simone maxis is simple we should not be buying steel. From China or from god forbid those stand Canadians. Or even perhaps from the European Union and she not know those people are NATO with a says enemies over there. He should not be buying foreign steel well guess what kids he was never buying foreign steel that was it he was never ever buying. Foreign steel he was always find domestic steel troubling is the price of his steel. Has gone up by 25%. If that is hot it's again it because there's less there's more demand for American make stealing and I think that's great Max has not the whole point. It is if you don't that the people like him at a business to employ ten people. Oh the lost the guy who employs fifty people. All the mail guy who employees have two 500 people it's great until that happens right in his trade offs and I don't think that's a good idea. And then of course we have the fact that the FA is now saying to trade war is actually gonna have. Perhaps. A negative effect on on GDP. GDP you know Donald GDP look at what am I know. Shallow Hal you listen to me in. In new York and and they rights meek is you don't line because equally Shanahan. Sean Hannity everybody else but please please please explain to don't know what actually GDP. Actually means all right though before we move on to the next part of the program I do wanna talk about the situation. With this fellow coach Jim Jordan you may have heard over who's the Ohio State represented. Who is so supposedly. Caught up in hey I'm quoting him this is not me man I don't wanna be accused of making things up. I says pull all deviancy SF pollute the UC this is the time wind kicked in Jordan excuse me. Was at their highest states university in he was in fact an assistant wrestling coach. And you may be wondering where you go into this next we'll discuss that dude was just gonna do with helping the average working man woman. Well it's not about with a team Jordan knew about these so cooled. Sexual issues going on with the wrestling people you can look at a formal explain what it is. But he was the assistant coach and the coach himself was the one who has yet to move people out of well. Observing wrestler as I suppose. And Jim Jordan was his assistant yen and it was a main tool. The Jim Jordan a gentleman say I knew nothing and is like Shaw's and shall I knew nothing nothing I didn't know anything knew nothing about it. It's not on the claiming that the guys the line although I have to tell you he's done well as we say stories of beef in. Given that you worked for this university for quite a few years and you with the assistant coach and you told. In fact people are saying I don't blame him but I bet you see him yelling at some of these people. You know why I'll say yeah I was there and it it best I could that would have been a good Johnson so that's not what I'm talking about what I'm talking about anyone bringing this up is. People the same. So called this is a deep state thing in in people assign this is that the state thing. And in fact he's totally innocent totally nothing to do with the world G envoy. Because of the simple reason that hit nothing to do with this and it's all made up and the state I never mind that 99. Wrestlers have come forward nine. And none of which have accused him of appropriate inappropriate behavior and none of them of the accused him. All of of the thing doing anything wrong now if extremists that they liked the guy. Is the fact that people aren't willing to give this guy time to prove himself innocent or guilty the fact that people are saying is the state. She'd be really upsetting we should let this play out all right I'll be right back after the break. And this is Max Miller voiced the radical sense that the case of kids of Iraq back to talk about what can you then we'll Korea. Yeah. They would take him be right back. The latest Macs now welcome back up. Unfortunately my Helio has been nebulous is Max from the studios being crashed by a couple of freeloaders otherwise known as. And street as I say it again had been having Michael's exact history that he's JFK may decide now why they decided to show the league bit. They just decided to gate crashed on decided I'm gonna Spain fifteen minutes afterwards. He loved John McCain. Now boy I'll while John McCain's awesome guy blow the Joseph that guided his quote told me to get a handle yet it EE he was the same individual as the that John McCain would hurry up and wanna live John McCain I. And I live John McCain exactly exact got analysts say images enemy feel pretty jumped in Michael as a racial as a sure we will I just wanted to gallows gonna talk about can you own them. Reopening some factories making research on on the nuclear armaments and missiles and you want to ask Oprah. Because I have a question few guys okay you know Scott Pruitt. Who's not exactly is our we're cool with swamp rat right yes officials crew without the truth that's right sometimes truth us. Scott Pruitt. Speaking out yet if you let me say this CST decided to a great news he wanted these the end GMC publicists Tahoe wasn't big enough for him right we have we have a suburban but he that's but to my founded upon is part the whole thing. You believe precede comes. And I tried to figure out your gun guy. Was a bulletproof cica. Yet many hi does anyone know what to believe proceed covering fascinated me. Yeah I don't like hasn't even work you do windows you did two years in but it what happens if they shoot from the front. I mean if it's in the back may be org Landmine I guess he wants to lay down on the floor the vehicle and cover himself with the -- it as I mean I have is a true story that how could you make data crisis that is the funniest story all right so he's gone easily. Yeah Ali's. How the DP yes he's he's operating getting shot from that vaccine at als the point does that Imus say didn't like to fly coach because too many the damn proletariat. Wanted to give my time so we have to fight for us as severe old CD yes I was CD now I think it's his code of good opinion. Of yourself cause he did want the wife to get a a franchise for excellent. You know that you know that. Yeah they wanted to franchise it's excellent for his anyway he's gone he's gone I. I would have fool it's quite frankly. The easiest job which is to be to do that job in keeping it to me that would've been it's about as many as corporate fans out there up I'm sure there aren't any except Donald Trump. I call you Donald Trump go trump adelphia please Donald Trump's and my god no Joseph sang in a 90% of the time you to have him on their own room and make America great oh boy. All right. I said I've accepted the resignation is corporate blah blah blah he did and expand the outstanding joke and I will be thankful for him. I have no doubt and it does to the Kyra placing in will be great and lasting EPA agenda and that our we have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very product. I mean what that means. Assuming the future of the EPA is very bright hasn't even work well I mean I think and what he meant to say so anyway he's gone thank goodness for that. What are you gonna to value program for a forget we're gonna talk that crowd funding in Indian Wells done dynamics of that argument that. All the gonna find out how can I stick around for ten minutes apps. Daisy gay crashed my program guys that it does though there's no I did sad detailed the guys before me. You know better not do that what they thought was really good idea of mine. The start and go find me defined Alex Jones is bright. Loom and then and then if we don't why you don't Alex Jones excuse me is great guy L please yes yeah I view actually made him. Okay wanna be a great of his ease a different mind we're greet friends odds. You know those guys on the forming with his name run and one of them did you know one of them does a great impression of Alex Jones really yes that I got a feeling you haven't been talking to the real Alex Johnson and and talking to him could he ask you get a really good job so this chief audacity to. Really again get a lingering impression of being the guy that doesn't believe that the kids were killed in in Newton Massachusetts so that's the really good guy okay. It didn't articulate restaurant. He did what one man my office OK so I'd just like to keep you off balance justice which is an hollowed by. It's Oprah came under fire for the listing aides to obtain special favors a him and his family says she's reaching out to the chief executive a cheap and to make this stuff. Chief executive chick fil a with the help of finding his wife. A franchise. In this is the guy that my favorite story about him. Was he wanted a you know what I'm gonna say he he wanted a used mattress. From the one of the trump hotels. With I guess because the at the front load on something on Andy's match people did all timely Air Force One they wanna take you know different trinkets you know on the mattress from a hotel whatever it is it's just yet this is not exactly something you could sneak out and you briefcases in maybe it's one that he was in that room and I ask. And that's what I was thinking at that time may be the IP mattress on the radio a dose of you know John McCain low live. Yeah I don't think Joseph would agree with the right now effect does it a damn cool again male OK we can do it all right. Okay. Now the other thing has come ID wanna took a wise thing. Any inning you can geocities and it leaping on the radio right. He's easiest is going to be dying to be of the call back in east screaming and screaming at the radio right now. Donald Trump I have to and as this this is a gift that keeps on giving them as she says he does that is what you know this quote worry said who writes this by. He said is enough that this is just funny funny isn't. Line moved a little bit now that you guys get off to having ridden many bestselling books and somewhat Friday myself and my ability to right. Okay that goes possibly Arizona's on should be noted that the fake news capitol and kept a careful and constantly likes to pour it on my tweets looking for a mistake. With the famous thing is he's now report. PO you'll. I mean that this that's a that is the funny that I mean seriously this is the guy he's he's walking and texting we all do that now he's on his golden toilet. And he's and he's senior am seriously guys are keepers that I don't want to paycheck quite frankly I though feed off him I think what Michael if you walked into tweet. He probably would. Yeah I am on a picture of him until all of the gold on it looking it is found Politico is non secure phone in my dad will we went on egos in the morning because that's when he says tweets access points that's executive. Someone else saying well saying thank you got a history there's nothing bad about that that's the only way you know on the ride Swede on the loose. I have by the way as a I totally agree I watched a game with front when I'm on the while I'm on Netflix to go to decent deal Alfred I did a psychic. That is the gift that keeps on given. But that JK around and responded did you know that yes he can write you know. He basically to Teresa essentially nothing to ha ha ha. And they she explained to him how to spell pour law properly in this case PO Rory. And voted on that eighty say I'm wrong. The beast DD DD admit defeat you never know he deleted it. He's the president of the United States deleted the tweet and then put it out just making the point he's a leader of the free are and just make. I am just well all the health all mighty I am just making the point Michael made America great again the replace. Even Luke Skywalker called amount to get a camel bitty what do these I don't know that you misspelled notes ghost written. Did he also pour all. I get it now I guess gagged pitiful pride for opponent's youth actually. That's. No not an Iraq that's what we're saying it all goes well you'll think in the Donald Trump you review. The voice you kids. I think that happens a law. By the way that's why as my children okay. The that was pretty funny. Put. An essay on the radio to a mosque in the produce they getting really upset all right and guys aren't. So the other thing the other thing about town. I just wanna get back to school approach could see what is a gift that keeps on given as well eight in a secret calendar. Nice yes he did he get it here at three different calendars Smart Macedonian holding up four fingers but he would freak out if it's from the EF three on three calendars. One with scrubs. 'cause apparently only had one meeting in like a month me yet because you know the top secret I might what was called pro people like him why do we. Just key hit that if he even if I disagree with the policies. Wanted to shut up and just do it why he had to go through secret things like baton down. As a say leprosy comes he's doing God's work actually I know people bleed us we'll go from BC does know what he's doing is just the vessel. Yes he is the vessel for the for the goats that he says that. A pat Robinson says. Cause he's like 98 years old. So you know the thinking as what day of the week is half the time and I know is gonna am gonna game now from pat roll with 780 films economically it's obviously exactly exactly like eyes and say that I watched. At does that that's exactly like nineteen years old so AP probably doesn't have tunnel it's a Mac. It hopefully gone through puberty at this point aren't. Found I think I finished with a my nose hair cut done about it to a house that's it Italy and talk about a hundred dollar program ever gonna talk about that the and also to exit. In addition the exit off my sky I know that the United States olina powerfully and say what off millions of I don't try to know that to exit -- I I knew what they've made but I thought in the context of Donald of on Donald Trump saying that they should get rid of more fake accounts on them. Way to. Well nation what meaning the knee in his case in New York Times and when he was told you that you are Brecht said I did for breast added a dimension on the radio as they should Texas leave the United States still up do you think he should he think we should we're gonna find out. I ask a question really put things actually now you know why we have to get a low one money from the government that we put backing them as you want you taxis to get what Michael gets into a little their mind now on the but I they I did vote for breaks it you want our vote why. I mainly because I couldn't for the roses committee for those that none of the young is the head of the European Union and he's drunk all the time you as a little dot. What is up there's always know the things that I voted by what it is just the drunk and old white drunk guy. Telling me what to do. They piecemeal crossing on the in animals dying now than Americans fell and the seventh out of allies after a low blow man idea if I I did say at the beginning that July the fourth was great that it went to a friend's house. On the lake. Israeli is Michael I'm sorry I went to the lake we had we had both sweet and does. Really bad hamburgers and I did tell him that he needs to learn to cook. It was kind of sad here he's making fun of me because account cook. I'd I'd buy into his hands and knees like. Bright Rayed and I feel like I was accountable asked you like that now I'm Erica Erica I'm not always an inherited this ways wife didn't think so. Yeah I didn't put him back on. You are really not the boss. Now we'll see as we get those people against any company goes toward Baghdad and in the annual net and in the white says she can't Alley they need to be pink. Made all right so when running out of time I'm atomic go left. I'm going to be sitting home on Michael's or threat of heavy on me switch seats are lost my producer. Lazy gone I always gone Austin all right if we've lost in a crisis this is Max Miller voiced the radical center thank you so much for listening. You can get a maximum adult life you can write me hate mail a lead on Kahne. And just and dueling camps feel pretty good Michael and Zach out Tom in just a minute. And remember I am a breath of fresh I'll be right back. I see no one Michael.