Voice Of The Radical Center, 8/19

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, August 19th
Voice of The Radical Center for August 19.

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The voice of the radical sense enough to write to me all the time. And they say how come actually claimed to be an independent but you always seem to be attacking the dawns. We never really have you going off to how well I don't know the democrats' flashy they do in case you've forgotten. A block to them all the time particularly granny and grandpa otherwise known TU as Nancy Pelosi instruction I do. I welcome aboard this is Max mill liberal costing as ever for a home. The illustrious Maxwell misusing beautiful sunny cancer in Austin, Texas yes it's yours truly and my long suffering producer Dane who basically is getting older. By the minute as he hangs that would be trying to figure out how to keep me on track and basically you know in the token circles and essentially trying to make sure the whatever is on and talk about. We keep going and we keep the conversation moving anyways so. Thank patient and let me before may make it very clear it is absolutely true. I am an independent how to wind them independent will my friends on the right. Think from a Communist thanks I know this cassette accuse me of this my friends on the left think a much front supporter and and if they not crying with the Lara the lip of that point as we get into arguments then years is true. I have figured out of being an independent possession of the hardest things to be having said that also one of the hardest and the bees being in a same independents. Talk show host on the radio. Because when I do the weekly version of the program which is 26 minutes and fifty seconds long I get emails all the time from people accusing me. Often that 26 minutes and 56 and lies in doing anything guys can help. For example say or don't trump is dumb I'm gonna try today to rectify that I am gonna try because. You know want. I am like the Dunston a very stable genius and I stayed up for 25 hours. Putting a list together because. Quite frankly I'd like to try and get my facts straight line Rudy. I Rudy Giuliani today I just wanted to get my facts straight so what is it. I will be talking about today Casey noise. In the background is just me rustling paper because the only way I can keep track of everything. As we do this life on a Sunday afternoon before it goes out to various locations around the United States. What as I try to keep track of everything is going don't be so simple I kept. The only way. I can keep track everything is to print and now. And then Ryan all over in my raw this cruelty. Left handedness is justices. Are Sam attended dyslexic and totally. Messed up in the brain from that perspective so. I CME rustling papers only because I can only keep up with what's going on in DC the lions are literally probably over the last few months we've been doing the yen weakened reviewed. Probably took 101000 trees so just a private and everything's going keep track of it. I hope getting a great. Sunday afternoon. I'd like me maybe got a nice cup of coffee have a nice cup of coffee here with Maine. On the net Amare prices start drinking heavily upon that really helps a lot. I feel free to give me a range of 512643. Lives. Or write to me if I'm right I just don't write in all caps. Please don't do that just downright mean all caps I can handle if you have plight. Are right to me Max Max Milla. Don't life and or discuss the national goal line to see the national adult. And as a form actually the Max Miller though allowed website awaken STB and ignited by the with an email. Feel free to fill out the form and tell me what you think. And if I am wrong I said this before my stats are wrong replied get my facts wrong I am more than willing to correct it. On the radio so what are we gonna talk about today but let's say how could we not talk about the former mayor will be United States Rudy Giuliani. What is it with old white guys once a solo CD lights at any one Sydney to musical went to decay and I think it now. What's going on with old Rudy did you gonna do that Rudy and truth which seeking to get confused a little bit about today. Are to talk about of course that Alex Jones here in Austin is Nancy Wilson in Austin I've often come on the radio few times and he has refused I'm more than willing to help him. Understand his medication just to make sure award that is made there okay. I have to let Donald Trump's tweet this morning cause you know what when he's a bad news to Mindy was told us he wasn't gonna play much golf news. He was not gonna place anywhere near as much golf as Kenyan born. Obama he was not gonna do that instead of which he's played I think at least 34 times more goal from them. Obama did we don't talk about Jeffrey sessions at and I have MS stays in his job as yet no pride and of course. Marissa cameras so it turns out according to the AP. That's Associated Press a Sean Hannity and you listen to Hubert meet I was eight the AP is saying. That eight only does she have more recordings. She has documents of those and on how legal that might be bushels as video. And I and L network's how she go via but I ate Marissa please go right ahead be my guest I'm very sad to see. What is I'm also took that don't Trump's use of the woods like dogs and rats which seems to be something that he is the focus on. And if I have time because the purpose of this program is to see if anyone in DC has done anything for. The average working man when we have to talk about tariffs. I Mano get to it because every time of the on this program this is the sixteenth version of the week Andrew and review the weekly review. The weekly roundup cool what you will I've never been able to make it back at the beginning of the week because it's quite simply. Too much going on and I and I quite understandably I never make it quite that far so. I would dance held trying to keep me on track I'm more than willing to go through everything deliciously. All right so lets you as happened this week. And it. Can we economies at a pretty rough week right seriously I mean he's called a woman adult. He came out today and accuse someone of accusing one of his voice to be a rat. Look excellent ride the almost good to know that the president of the United States no sense of lift up the country. And actually be a beacon of light and truth that every child he knows she's good and that's there. And he's willing to do what it takes to make sure the discourse in the United States is that warehouse was empty all levels maybe dare I say it. A BBC. Levels now will point this out. Stormy Daniels on just getting site practice will be at the stormy Daniels was going to be on. The British version of celebrity Big Brother but they turned a that's not going to be the case now are brought that out bring that up because I'm a row so we took him and just a minute. I was on the US version will be provided notice because I've never watched. Big Brother but she did actually say there are Marissa when she was talking about Big Brother. Curing now when she was all right she said the bad tweets happened. Between foreign 6 in the morning. And name that nobody up there is equipment NB a tip them alone yeah I don't think the lines of that with the Donald for 6 in the morning now and another. Mind you she did say. She did say that he shall Donald Trump beating out eating paper. Now that's in the book which I have to admit I refuse to buy. Simply because I did my headache I think I've been connected at the take. Reading her book but but if she actually said a UST believe or not disbelief to see what would you view taking bets on Donald Trump eating paper in the Oval Office. When she will team would you say that's 5050. When he 42 when he eighty or more like 8020 the I'm I'm sort of with you. On that one is. Well that but you know it's a Donald Trump to securities that's really what is he wanna get back today and just the second is it all leads up to the tweets today. Dennis tell me hey I'm slow and I had to take a brakes are going to be right back talking about as anyone in DC done anything for the average working man. A woman and quite frankly. I'm I'm still disappointed a full list on my this is Max Miller voiced the radical center and I will be right back. Anyway welcome back to Mac's mail otherwise known as the voice that radical center I am an independent and it's you can count on when he Texas thanks in. I am an American and before people accuse me which has happened to me I like this did offend me. I was accused of being elitist I'd not quite sure what that meant but says someone did write and email to mis a few weeks ago and forgot to mention it. Some guy named Danish and let's not Denmark produces when it sent cease it cause it could have been Dan may be upset and sang essentially those leaders in Italy is not thought I am laws a sit before. I come from isolated working class background fact they're right back for the eighteen hundreds. My father's side they roll call minus could you imagine it imagine being an eighteen O two. Going to and the pace of eight to twelve. With the economy so I mean it just must that must have actually been. Be horrible I mean I can't imagine what it was like anyway right up until. My granddad isolated rural they were coal mine and so like opus that all right so. Oh let's move right along I do want to talk about Rudy I have to talk that really because he uses it doesn't mean should he can't help it. He's the gift that keeps on giving and in case you have you been living in a cave. The last few weeks he's out there pretty much every weekend doing cover. For the also basically saying hey so what we meant a cool and yes he's got they don't trump says he wants to actually. If care for animal but can't do it because she might be tricked into lying. Cats that's a good one. If you pay if you just tell the truth Donald on the floor under oath make. That's pretty much gonna Covey because of molasses factually wrong and you tell the truth how wonderful that would have come out. Anyway this Mormon. Dear old Rudy was actually on TV of course. He was on the he was on what chuck told who once unthinkable from like Timothy tweeted about him. Anyways on meet the press and then he was almost. By down as Rudy Giuliani actually yeah actually cities accuse me. When you tell me that you know he should testify because she's gonna tell the truth and he shouldn't worry. Well that's so silly because his somebody's version of the truth not the seed UK north. That you feel you leaving in like 1984. With truth is you know appeased analyst is right the oaks and can't sleep together whatever it might be. Anyway told to announce it will not truth his truth Giuliani. You know mr. articulate said no it isn't. Truth isn't truth the president of the United States state says. He was interrupted by. Told again that truth isn't truth. And Giuliani since he stated no no no him and told said you know this is gonna become a bad me no I don't think. And I think that Judy Giuliani did you think Donald understands what that means that I mean there's been but it's a truth is on the truth any idea who buys of the beholder I guess that's warts. Giuliani was trying to say cause that's not. The first time he said this. I last week on scene and he said facts are not in the eye of the beholder according to. Chris commas as such in the Faxon and yards to the Holdren I was saying hey you know what facts are facts. And Giuliani said yes they are. Nowadays they are all right well. Hey you know what if you even need a lawyer out there anybody is a politician or anybody for that matter mine vice used. Don't look for Rudy because clearly the way has does it before cognitive. Cognitive issues you also told the Washington Post in back in May. Truth. Is relative. Hey you know what. I think any judge if you know any judges have their night and I don't if you always judges I don't think they're gonna be too happy. If you stood opposite Tirana truth is relative. Up is down and seriously IT IE you know truth it's just woody appears to be any on the ball that. I don't think that judge would take that as a defense if you do know judge like that pay please feel free. Bat to let you know. Now actually do have some of the slogans now because we know that Rudy is going to be mean to death as a sit before Sean Hannity and Aaron because you know you listen to me it. Please explain even you know what that means. Please explain to Rudy what I mean is I also went on to say you could have said excuse me a war is peace. Possible you can't. Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Those of from a particular book and if I probably pretty non non non essential that sound well. Rudy didn't actually noticed look at that when he if he'd read them maybe did a long time ago he's probably. The go on about it so that's great base that I'm adding I'm helping out Rudy made on helping you out the truth isn't truth. Add to it plays war is peace freedom is slavery in ignorance is strength because I am sure. That says some point. As lies depending what they are on the line to I have to behold I'm showing a prima it's gonna tell me that those of the sort of things. You should say no way did this come from. What this cocaine from this morning is the constant it was up indictments that little house that he has that they you know on the golf course. I'd deciding. That hey now he's got to the point. And there's an irony here if you know history. And you're listening to me and intelligent person and it's very it's absolutely have no doubt an intelligent person. That and that's why don't listen to make this is a very same routine use. Seriously if you if you know your history when Donald Trump decided to tweak this this morning he might get the irony here's what he said. If I I get I quote exactly because I don't want people telling me I'm taking things out of context because eight. Do believe in being fresh air base a breath of fresh and I do believe in trying to get my facts straight. Here's what he said. Via. As a 7 o'clock this morning and so I get you know old people they get up really early get a bit like 6 in the evening so our guess Frontline. The failing New York Times wrote a story that made it seem like the White House counsel had turned oh capsule turned violent. On the president when he fact is just jokes and the two fake reporters knew this is his wife fake news media's become any of the people so bad for medical the fake news reporters that was surprised nominated. And Pulitzer Prize winning reported that just reminded detailed basically nothing to see hear any cell or truly don't trump said I have nothing to hide. Excellent on all this good he went on the site is keeping the Donald let one tweet now he said. Some members of the media are very angry angry in capital with a cap pay at the fake story in the new times they've actually called to complain and apologized a big step for well. The Ronald. You know he said he had recordings of Obama. You said that down. You've got recordings of company. Yi said lots of times that you have proves Obama was actually born in Kenya so now you're saying that people have cooled from the media. Apologize for these Pulitzer Prize winning Pulte is is it lying through their teeth. Who all night that would be great if you could just explain who they are now again. I already can hear the yells down into web wreck Dodi people Tammy. He sees the economic impact he just picking on the poor road constant it will be out because. What I'm looking at looking for accuses anyone in DC Republican or Democrat doing anything for the average working man or woman at. Now. The NEG the amount of any Jeter Donald Trump's Spain's. On trying to defend his own reputation in the GOP basically going in radio silent on defendant radiate to present a United States. How much of that is helping you and I. If someone could explain that once in the pocket seriously you can tell me I am willing. To let you don't say from the day I announced at times is being fake news and with that disgusting new board member it will only. It was city's one decided to become a copy. Study delayed Joseph McCarthy because we and we are now in appeared with Mohler and his gang than they Joseph McCauley looked like a baby. Read which well it's great except for those are wasn't born and chewy when neither Quinn McCarthy was around but think about this. McCarthy at Seattle opened hearings basically also decided to run. Black list actress yeah that all happened and don't wanna go from one of the most of black was the news media. He also went on to describe McCarthyism is something those dimpled women who was Ronald one of them. McCarthyism bonds via a guy cold Roy Cohen and general economy and the him. And who was one of Trump's main tools in the sense to Alter ego who's asking McCarthy's right and then. Was shot caller raw it was nasty Rotella and seriously cute they the irony of ironies there. Them dog Donald Trump is tweeting about McCarthyism yet his by the main tour when he was younger guys. That was Roy Cohen who is Ashley the right hand man. Two McCarthy well. I Donald you look at it I guess you learn that the neat. A one of the best out there that you define these things go ahead and tweet about McCarthyism. And the irony is not been lost on the Macs that I continued at that much right. Began. I'm more than willing to be told them roam if you think this is good for the country and I'm more than willing to be told if you think this is helping average working man or woman. On those are helping and people get access to healthy. Isn't helping us get low cost of living is helping us would trade this free the fan and investments in infrastructure all the things by the way. Was official people who voted for the don't stress to kids about and who they did because he's come a multiple times in surveys are right. Movie all the Republicans of course while oh I'm we've been talking about that was been going on this week he cold I'm Rosa. Adult he did he called for a dog and I guess he wrote an article about this that they were ruled. Though Nana Alex Jones stayed after he was taken off of I prime it platform was on the scene to whip. That there were relaxed showers now well you could argue therefore actually Alex were told now because we should. Which you basically stand up for the fact that Donald Trump is tanking. A member of the media and this case Amoroso for writing a book that he doesn't like. Now. Look at other people say the Republicans did they come and say that was wrong that they command says fundamentally Rome. O'Donnell tropical anybody adult especially. A black lady known known him. Joan Joan called in his ST from tech here in Texas John Corbin said. I got more important things on my mind. To every donut to comment. I really don't have to comment about that you also went on to say I think most important thing is to pay attention to what the president does. Which I think is being good for the country. So I guess that's just economics and is it does nothing to do with Karen Tyson and the character counts are a member of friends of mine. Getting really upset with yours truly because they say it's the Bill Clinton had backtracked him because he basically had an affair in the Oval Office and lied about it. I don't anymore back character kids I don't anymore back character. Being sanctimonious from sanctimonious Republicans I don't anymore. I don't care if I Donald Trump had. And fairness to two immunities misses anything and then candidate Clinton had an affair best opinion as mrs. and K. But I don't wanna hear criticism of bill and having an affair. We are criticized Donald Trump for doing exactly the same thing probably. Twenty times over and twenty times would try to own it anymore about character counting because clearly in the eyes old. Several people in the GOP this does not does matter correct. Which latest to come complicity the embassy would complicity when is it the UST gonna stand up and do you believe is right. For the United States I really would like to know that it would be very important to meet rising and the stand. The people out there doing something for the average working. A man wounded. Just an economist finest thing in. Especially as he's cool when people rats and dogs in that topic all right. Today and it's enemy we have to go we've taken on the break our will be right back they see jewels truly Max Miller otherwise known as. The voice that radical sent an issue are correct I am a breath. But fresh. Hey thanks hello welcome back to the voice of radical sense again make it very clear from listening to me for the first time I am an American. And I am an independent no I can't hear about is is anyone in DC land Republican or Democrat. Doing anything for the average working man or woman and and the sixteen weeks and I've been doing this version of the show as opposed to the wanna do daily. And I look back this season among them anything. Now unfortunately the ounces in the negative if someone could explain to me for example the Democrats stand for I am more than willing to be convinced. Though I know what they stand for once you explain to me because I've gone on Luke and really attitude is very difficult. And as someone could explain to me to GOP is down for the average working man or woman I am more than willing. To learn that too and to admit I have to listen if you can tell me I'm Rome as a set a hundred times on this program. I have no ax to grind when we're the other I just wanna see everybody's lice improved and allow us to get access to health care which is ridiculous we even have that conversation. Maybe find a way to help kids pay for college simple stuff like yeah. Basic. Human rights stuff as opposed to getting dragged into whether Donald Trump is tweeting from these gold toilet and that means that if it's that to me. It's more important than that though we get dragged into it because there's just so much noise and image taken this tape this morning which is said CBS news thank you very much CBS for keeping me. A minor accent way which it calls dom again the White House counsel now Obama asking him. Was actually apparently he's been talking to mullah from a thirty analysts during various. Conversations. Where essentially open die off of everything he knows about Donald Trump and what's been going on from his. Perspective in other ways he was hopefully telling the truth I can't imagine. That he would not be doing that now corn to the don'ts the doors to tweeted that hey I let him do it this is what it's all about I have nothing to hide. But according to Nino effect New York Times. Those pull a surprise people you know that really just fake people. I don't crash didn't realize what this guy was gonna did. Instead of going in as a personal lawyer in mind defending he's clients in a dome again when ended basically tell the truth so he himself. He himself didn't end up in legal jeopardy and I don't blame him. Not a bad idea Nichols dome again is still there because he's shepherding the next Supreme Court guy threw around. Through congress but will say. We'll see what happens now early on this week as well and it's believe it or not it's only going back to meet week. Donald Trump decided after Amoroso which we do have to get to we do have to get it because I like a more by the minute. I'm a roses it's basically releasing recordings and saying diet more on the don't study she'd instead like a pointed out that hate. I walked into the Oval Office and Donald Trump was an eating paper. Now I am not saying I believe it I'm just telling you what she said but he get a choice between with the UST full for example Bill Clinton. George Bush Brack Obama annual in the oval is losing paper or it was the Donald. Which one would you Wesley sand of those four you would give more votes to yes exactly all right. I know if I believe or not but it why guild the Lily she sees there's so much including. Video. Documents and of course oh audio recordings anyway so early on this week don't trump I decided. Two really the revoked the ex CIA directors John brand security clearance and in a whole bunch of expires command said. This is absolutely terrible that you don't have now the best big musicals but the bigger news to me. The big news to me is not that he revoked and Brennan says security test. Which makes no sense right because he's a seriously got some political lot of get to the man and a lot of experience if you wanna bring him in on something you'd be in my wanna be added telling things they can get his advice. But outside of that choosing not revoked. I don't know Mike Flint for one when Mike Flynn. I'm Mike Flynn isn't security guy Mike Flynn who is that what what happened to him Willie is indicted by mullah. He and his son no lists were indicted by Mona. What full won't allow him for wanting to perjury. And it turned out for perhaps post B may be easily Donald Trump speaks. They were accused dole for a flu getting fifteen potentially getting fifteen million bucks. From the Turkish government kidnapped. And opposition leader from duke who's asking United States and many can't make this stuff up so Donald Trump's not revoked Mike leans. Security clearance I guess that's okay I guess my Flint you know he's is that trust would be. Kinda guy closest is great things about the Donald so that's that's good enough for the Donald who else is he not revoked when we saw a little. I zone some imploring members of his own silo. Who actually had two goes for the rest he mixed by the way with Russians. To get don't Hillary and also met with a sanction Russian bank and then have to make numerous changes to his own security clearance paperwork. To our C then this fess up around down more around foreign contacts that he said that's great disease to have his. Security cards and what closely does the and the final one a rise he still has a security clearances the the one who's asking dating hope kicks the one that was accused of beating these wives. Well I you know Donald. Listen clearly you have the security of the United States. And the well being of the United States at the back of your mind now. My favorite character of the week is ST someone less heat than around us that they revoked my security clearance to. Mr. President this is that guy Krugman raven who is actually retired naval admiral who actually come who was what what was he was in nobody. Was he had just a trump. Never trumpet from the get go. Sure it was just. Just as some guy with a chip on his shoulder just going out to show us that sound. Don't trump was right all alone now he was commander of the US joint special operations from twenty led to 2014 which oversaw war. The 2011 navy seal raid they killed Osama bin Laden yeah. At that guy that big guy that was basically in charge of that operation. He came out wrote a letter. I notice in the fake news I know it was in the Washington Post with his own body you know if pesos from Amazon yeah I enjoyed clearly. Is so biased but this guy can say it essentially. Mr. President. Please revoke my security. Clearance to. I do think Donald Trump would do it not on you not know the Wayne Hale the trams got him and I'm taking. Now there is noise is Condit because he's going to be seen responding to something that you wanna do in the first place. Mostly just to amorous sucked with the exact opposite of this other stuff they exact boxes of a fellow she'd learnt. How to handle the Dawson at the dawn sneak. He learned basically all too well. Had a handle. The Donald now she has a book out called unhinged which is listed before. I really have no intention of Reading per say because it is she Spacey she's gone and said. Everything in quotes in that book is real and I have a proof. Well now it turns out that the same quantity AP now like to keep my facts straight like I said. She sang Amara and they're saying he's mediate. Slick secretly recorded video. As well as audio alone. We documents and she has over 200 tapes. Of information 200 tasted information. From her time. In the White House initially came down Friday swimming about never making it back to begin in the week he says this is an impossible with the news. This coming up at the Associated Press said. Citing a source with direct knowledge about the recordings on Friday. The Amoroso has is planning on releasing selectively releasing I should say some of these videos. Emails. And text. And that she has up to 200 tapes with information on the president's president and people. In his inner circle wept it was an amorous cigarette it cinemedia. Please senator Max Miller I am more than willing to listen to on an outcome take. How old decide for you if you if I think there are more I listen I'm an independent I'm going to decline. I can organize people of god I'm tired and I got to them is an independent but he gets him would for a I am an independent she's saying the multiple tapes exist. For him of with her in the Donald and of course and other members of Donald Trump's team as well as. Proof that talks from perhaps he's the and wouldn't game. And that he had that one would you be surprised if he did any old and using paper. He walked in and according meeting paper I mean why decided. The books and outrageous enough as he is now I absolutely admit that I love this part because of the big gain irony I love the army able this. So she has tapes and show she selectively releasing the what I love is the fact that he's trolling. People in the White House so remember early on in the week. The beginning of the week and I only seems like yes it seems like it was months and months ago because so much is happening. I really don't in the week she simply essentially I think we can get that he she troll. Members a trust Wales by saying that she had conversations. Without a campaign officials from Donald Trump's team back in 2016 about the possible release. I'll have handled Donald Trump's use of the inlet. And what should they do bad and she named the two women that she was on she had a conversation with both these women on Monday came and said. On Monday can message that's not true why even release a state now want went on Fox News. And said there is no way the camera system and the truth we did not have a conversation about out. Donald Trump's use of the N wood and had a handle it should ever come up in public. See no issues trolling the it was absolutely priceless because on Tuesday. He released the tape. Saying exactly read with a recording of exactly what it was the as she ages set on Sunday that that a conversation about now. That is absolutely freaking crisis if they hadn't responded. It probably not at attention for we never read the release the tape that she was strolling in Q as a way eighteen. For a response which is absolutely free game brilliant just fantastic. Because the bass response that can come up without the that was and I I just love this we were humor Nina. Yes well yeah we did have a conversation Austral of the was contradicts what they say Tony Brazilian up. We didn't mean it. It was just huge issue because she can't leading us down that pop you it was just an amazing coincidence. And you know this is any at all hey if you are in the White House right now. Tony at. Pay anymore I've AM upstanding human being the citizen than than some of these other people which he's working. But you have to admit she's learned from the monster about half who had handled the stuff. So what are the proof do we have one of the proof do we have to keep it this Max what else did she do well. He then on Tuesday. Or Wednesday again I'll lose track sometimes because it's as a serious things sort of so compressed in from and his heart sank. He came out and say it. That says she was offered a jolt paying about a 180 grand a year to keep quiet he says he is a jolt. Where she would go around meg minus speeches to you know make mine a duck it's going out making speeches about how great Donald Trump is. So lonely she signed an Indian way of meeting constantly that Donald Trump is fantastic and who walk on water. What was the amazing response from that. No one says anything the most and anything except. It turns out Donald trumps the will from the yeah. Except don't from the rose had never ham ham Vietnam and what happens seem Amoroso then releases tapes. The next day saying exactly it did happen. It happens any is there recording. All of it from 2017. Trays which when he eighteen when I was five he's a recording on a we're gonna to let that in just a minute when I get back. This is Manx Milla otherwise known as the voice of radical sensor and yes you are correct I am a breath of fresh yeah. Privacy Max Noel welcome back to the voice of radical things that program run let's go over the past week is anyone in DC Republican or Democrat than anything. But the average working Americans fear delays to an average Americans usually makes Miller. I'll pay down I was just talking about this we found out that the air conditioning. Indie studios not looking. So I I noticed like now if you know to have a conditioning working its something's gone wrong and death I have to tell you. Is skating hall and he and if you think you will cut the sweat as between Dan if you think you woke up a sweat. Getting all fired up on the radio that is not true you absolutely do and trust me an easy compared to my ancestors did Mississippi Fuld and the coal pits at the age of twelve. But I have to say that looking to make inducing initiated with a lease equipment is it gets hot so well managed. We'll manage because I'd like to think that I can work tool is to make sure we see if anyone in the past week. Republican or Democrat has done anything for the average working man or woman Nampa. I do I know you gonna be stunned and amazed I do wanna get on to Nancy Pelosi if the European construction granny and grandpa I do. Because I feel. That says people just always say to me even when have a eight and what the pub. With friends of mine that. You don't stumble. Will yeah 'cause the GOP and everything that's pretty much there I look at it. But I do wanna get on to Nancy. And just say my daughter finishes piece of Al. Amoroso an older recordings as a safe that the AP reporting ever. 200 often takes video and all sorts of things. I want if anybody else is gonna fall for debate. When she says something and then die down mcinnis say that if they're Smart they gonna clam up because you know the next day she's gonna command with a recording. Or video and voice as she was offered a job she said 151000 dollars. A month which is essentially the joked that she had today as Pena is paying out any bad after she got fired. From the White House amid little from six is terrible person I know none of fifteen years of how to multiple causes it to people fall and no one like that and that. It's amazing and I kinda just being generous. But anyway it turned out that Laura trump who is Donald Trump stored for an all. I had a phone call he shocked and amazed that am I Morris I hit a recording it. Hey you know what when he hang around with these kinds of people on all this is how they work. I don't amorous to had a recording. All of this because they should know Putin and keep it for Joseph to keep quiet. I donated. I Marissa says in this recording released the recording I should say. From mr. trump from his trump saved all the money that we raise and the pay salaries is directly from done a small donors. For the most part swine know you you're making a 179 I think that's the money. And the White House I think we can was something out where we keep you ride alone. Those lines though was they were offering to jolt the pacer about the same as she has today ahead in the White House. And if he'd they have to sign is really excruciating in BA and you have seen it don't trust praises. All the time I recorded a geek I suppose officially have to do if you can get it. And close blah trump was very upset about this county she was cool me how dish yes he do this is just she's not with the yen exact quote from her was. I hope they saw what that few cameras that because some things you just can't put a price well hey. I was my parents would say from your home after goal of these if they terrorists. Doesn't come up this week is test of an easy win we know that from Donald he's toast multiple times. But the farmers astonished to squeeze in the fonts on the feel squeezed. Because we've they will promised twelve billion box. By the Donald. And I said it before well that's great but yet again it when he and get it and how much any just minor details if you're planning on planting. Especially if you're in some of the crow businesses being affected by European. And Chinese task for the Wall Street Journal I'm going WSJ socialists is a socialist journalists is does this you know can't believe it would they say. That is in bribe awful news happened we possibly believe it. As a quote from a gentleman pharma Grassley said. We certainly appreciate it took about twelve billion but we done now is going to be determined. Exactly. How do you plan. To grow crops if you don't know what you gonna get paid for and how I get approved the EMB had been able to sell it. How you gonna do it and this faces the task alone against the United States a thirteen billion dollars thirteen billion this is twelve billion. Something tells me it is to open is gonna go away pretty quickly and then what happens you gonna get more is that what's gonna him. Or don't from hopefully by some miracle through osmosis. In negotiate a fantastic trade deal possibly perhaps I don't know we'll see what happens. I nevertheless I did promise out have a go to Nancy have a good as you. Understand exactly what is that. Nancy Pelosi stands what I don't know what Nancy Pelosi stands who seriously and the due to claim to fame for being area. The leader of the Democrats one of the main leaders of the Democrats is I'm a woman and I'm a progressive. That that was an exact quote. From Nancy Pelosi and you know Nancy it sits before your finest Oprah book honestly. You being in baloney being leader for twelve years fifteen news on bridges and has a long time. How is that would help. I mean seriously if you're a Democrat it's sort of not also went right in instruction much as the guys. Is time for some fresh blood. Sometimes you know all kicks everything. You may say that I can do everything that needs to be done and I'm a progressive and I'm a woman and that's good enough. No I think the time has come the newest I'm Margaret Thatcher. That's who was sound forced out Byron party. Even though she'd won and was impact for eleven years even though she have won the last election. As she was forced out by yeah Harriman members of aren't Conservative Party and leader of the conservatives. As some point we made it may not agree with that but at some point optics become. Very very. Importance so our game and you might say aspect of positive with a friend of mine not only got. And I asked him we know why didn't like the Democrats so you know why is so pro trump at that point. And is also was well. Nancy Pelosi. So it isn't again. That I did some digging meaning that's why I'm auntie auntie. You know Democrats is cost and Nancy she's still want easy game this packing time just look at the history. Let's see if any bode forma he's being. Previously. In that same position as Nancy Pelosi and they did. Just just be clear and lets this go back and see shall we what duke great Greenwich mean Newt Gingrich was because the health conscious he was member new. Did Gingrich what he did well that's a Newt Gingrich I shut down the government he did. And a failed attempt to license to get duke went to cut down Medicare via shut down the government and that will camp in new. A close this done quite well from so for America's the mrs. is now the again ambassador to the Vatican. Yen and so I think this pretty will map looked up pretty well for little muted basically saying I'm great Donald Trump is. What else was it though that term. Newt Gingrich did. Means god you must he must of just in Nancy Pelosi so terrible what Ailes did what else did dumb looking Brees did yes he had an affair. With someone while I was accusing of one in the Bill Clinton of having an affair. And they told he's more high fees misses at the time while she was in hospital no less that he wanted a divorce. Character and you go based great to see it then it. Who else was in the same position and we had Dennis Hester yes without that without Dennis Hester. When he needed character counts cement old turned out that day was having him. How she was saying. Molesting teenage boys similarly I can describe it was kicked out for that. So they remember these people are supposed to be I don't know better than Nancy Pelosi when she done as she can accuse any of these things so far. No this key moment that ought to be accused of doing anything wrong yet. John Boehner you know we are missing like John Boehner about John Boehner was yes it is safe to take Cruz community Texas. That was a deadly in the flesh into thinking of Macy's was not mine I'm not gonna criticized Thain for saying it. It did at eight that would jump and it it. Well he seriously did nothing. John Boehner who actually opposed everything that put Obama proposed. Including let's not forget. Dealing with the off tomorrow of the financial crisis I went up in a band at the banks are gonna pay imagine remote asthma and Elaine. Possessions government into fitness is not odd job. To pick winners. And loses not absolutely not until the big winners and losers and this of course is that. Donald Trump criticizing Indian motors and Harley-Davidson and all these people who might have viewed the capacity to move jobs. Overseas Nichols act brings us to pull Ryan medical warranted. Well to pull line do well he actually stood up and said deficits and really terrible the debt is just awful and spending is just at a control. Which is why you need to vote for the Republicans because we hear it's may Shui rain. All day and how is that working out how did how was the deficit go. How's the debt to win. Under it on the pool right I tell you one thing that Paul Ryan did bright. And it's you know off drool he's right up there with them. Nude gained region. And it's faster and jumping and what dvd right he figured out how to take care his own family is to get. He gauge admitted before I think is quite appropriate that he actually was into DH in the age of twelve. He's been in office he has no of the GOP doesn't anything out of them being working in the government with China's peaceful. Was a few bad thing but nonetheless working for the US taxpayer. To be realistic cease age of 29. A he's retiring. At the age of 49 age retiring at the age of 49. And that he's bit sleeping in office for twenty she's twenty he's been in office and working congress who has an elected official. Now why is that so important will because if you retire. After twenty years. India in congress would he get a full pension so congratulations. There good to know mr. Ryan. They even though you math. On the deficit. And the dad and tax cuts and spending. It was totally off the charts which tonight and apparently so much he did have time to figure out. How to retire. Our full pension and item about this pup I'm sure pretty good subsidized healthcare. The expense of the US taxpayers are listen I don't let me may if that's the sort of geeky can get. More power. To you I could just say congratulations so when people now compared those four. The Nancy Pelosi really. I she'd been accused of anything. If you should have an affair in DC to a husband she wanted to divorce while he was in hospital. Was she accused of molesting teen eighteen cents I seriously you should love the deficit. More than don't fronted now she did not. All right listen Dan is whispering in my idea. The world almost at a time please write to me at Max of Maxwell adult life you can go to Max Miller of the line there is a form. Wait can actually tell me I'm right arm wrong I'm more than willing to have my ego stroked you can do that just like you might the Donald and Toomey a wonderful land. I can also see the maximum of dole act Maxwell adult life he's there he is is said before was a very good looking doled. Yes he gets more fan mail than I do that and that's fine I can take that might ego can handle it. And let's face it or I'm looking for is anyone in DC doing anything for the average working man and woman anyway this is Max Miller. I am signing off god bless everybody take care of cells and hopefully he figured out I am. A breath of fresh in a speech in this week of right now.