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Sunday, August 5th
Voice of the Radical Center for August 5.

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Everybody welcome to the Max. The program yesterday he was surely find out if you haven't listened to me before. It is true I am a breath of fresh air and the more you listen the more we understand hopefully that I am an independent. As you can tell. By my Haiti takes a Saxon I am an American and I am broke costing from home. The analyst Jason actually she hears in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas the my long suffering produced. Dan has decided I think today to stop drinking heavily and mainly because I keep him off balance all the time he doesn't quite know what I'm gonna say because. Today being Sunday is a case in point quite simply I you'll illustrious host maximum I would think this come populated I am. As you can tell by this bank of things that I have to talk about today the reason mama did it this could mean big days come populated is simple. And Donald Trump some real problems this morning B did I east's tweets just through the Max defer I just had no idea. Well the boy was gonna say and many just goes and says something and I have to what I was gonna talk about today just goes out the window. And I have to basically start again Iraqi for the program because this anyway I can keep track of everything. Is to essentially print out everything. Right on it and a sense yes I suppose helped keep office depo realism of the people who supply paper keep them in business. As a print everything right on it. Gonna make it very clear if you just listening to me for the first time Mississippi for an independent. And I am an independent because my friends on the left. I think a much run support and my friends on the writing them Communist but she's still it is a continent thing I seem to do is. All say. Seems to Ashley and make them believe otherwise it's it's basically I end up arguing that everybody. I ask you think if you're an independent and go play issue if you if you own independent SSD lonely life. The bailout being attended. Unattended. And a dyslexic he tried that and if you left handed. It's kind of a lonely life at times everybody beauty can't find the right desk to sit it sometimes they have that writing pad on one side of the desk. It basically if you left handed you know the world is in Iraq and places true. As well if you're an independent if you're an independent people look at you that thinks it's strangely I want you an independent how dare you. Nor have convictions what are you wish unpatriotic at C I think and I said this before. True patriotism is keeping them off balance I don't want and I don't want someone who I'd vote for periodically to believe the matter what they do. Children may be no sleeping with a good I don't care what they do. I don't think they should be automatically assume that I'm gonna vote for them this is the way it is I don't want them to believe. For one minute. The nothing that they do is gonna put me off from voting for them and then Democrat or Republican is just the way should be if we do is that. And all of a suddenly start to pay attention to us the poor humble voter occasion point. A case in point is. It'll take cruised to cruised all the suddenly thinks she has a finalist and homeless Sutton. He sort of paying attention to Texans actually want as opposed to. Don't know writing little snippets for the dolls to have Grady is often having being insulted. And in tied bases for us or concealed in time take Cruz family the wife. The dance maybe he had thing to do with the assassination of JFK. But I still go awry as really signaling little piece about how wonderful Donald Trump is I don't know is that the sort of guy you want. To represent us perhaps not he can't even stand up for his own family that's my casing point. If they are really that shallow. I don't care Republican or Democrat do we want then. Representing us or give you another one who I called granny and grandpa. That's spanning grandpa my nickname for a Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi yes steps human granny and grandpa they have been around since or flaws like until 1901. And if you ask me today what is that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is doing to help the Democrats win. I if you believe you know the opposite effect. As an independent I am willing fees to tell me 512643. Like we're doing is like today is a sip from the last its maximum studious. If you feel like giving me a ring and telling me exactly what he's thinking is that the Democrats are doing to make is one of the vote for them. As opposed to them not being Donald Trump I am willing to be convinced. But right now on the short on lead on the I think I did before getting to the week in review which is typically what this program is about. Oh Billick sees anyone in DC. A Republican or Democrat has done anything. For the average working American. I did on the bench have you idea to focus it would be unfair but I women get a robo call him one of those things we've got to take cruises campaign. Obeyed his campaign. Anyplace leaks then there or rather sit there with your computer and you phone and you basically dial in cool people. Who actually then said you think gonna vote for take crews alphabet of for example. And I have to tell you I did this for two or three analysts and do I have to say you're listening to me take Crist campaign a beta campaign. Cafeteria. It's exhausting and I don't know how you compulsive belief one nano second it is to good use of someone's time. Because out of the fool fifty to eighty colds I perhaps made into a tree now is. Yes I go through to some people who apply some people that when nice most of them didn't wanna talk to me. It just seems like a total waste of time this year of political. Will corrupt if you're an aficionado of why you think that's a good idea for Republicans or Democrats to make robo calls to people who these days so jaded. A bouncing the phone for people they don't know me and target in a conversation with who they gonna vote for I really like to be convinced because as far as I can tell right now. That was a terrible we use. The maxis time no it was there's a lot of other things are probably could have been doing. If you just pointed me in the right direction this is the research it wasn't for a particular apotheosis curious to see what it was like. I will be gone back to do more of them because I'm curious on cruises this is a good use of someone's time to be standing and it can be sitting at a computer calling people. Saying it's who they gonna vote for it in the council is no it wasn't. Not in my opinion anyways is system is so let's go back. Over the week that was what is it gonna talk about as I have my reams of paper here. On Sunday wasn't until we have about tariffs. And trump keeps it this morning. As a said before Donald Trump for me for a loop because as a bit this combo of related and it takes a lot. Mainly just come populated that don't trust mrs. Basically handled go to hubby in public silicone to bet that. I don't talk about Alex Jones again which still looking for his brain with thinking about having to go funding for that. I I sort of touched on granny and grandpa Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi little bit Donald Trump and the press would not told about that. On the sit anybody out there in DC land is doing anything that every American if you can tell me if they have. And that's all I care about this is I have no ax to grind with Republicans or Democrats if they're doing something to give us better access to healthcare affordable health care. If they're doing something that Donald Trump twice said he was gonna did infrastructure week investing in infrastructure I'm all for it. If you can believe that we're gonna have done. Low unemployment still kinda counts come on unpaid ethical thing to. If you think we're gonna have trade the 3 the fan I am welcoming back conversation. But at the end of the day. If you are not going to be able to help me get my pants get my kids through college if you're not gonna help me may be possibly have affordable health care. If you're not gonna help me perhaps one of them get to work on time because the roads on crumbling I dance greats. And tell me Republican or Democrat. I get a do and I think as I said many times we need to keep these people of bounds is quite frankly. If you speak to politicians. We could hold their feet to the fine because as far as I contend that we don't care. About US ally. So when we get back our wanna talk about I do remind people of the oath of office that these people in congress is supposed to take I want also wanna talk about something that some don't trumps it. Did I agree with. Could you believe it I actually agree. With something that Donald Trump saved them that was back in 2014 day. I am willing to dig deep all right so with that. We're gonna take a quick break this is Max Miller voice of the radical center Arnold will be right back. They thought they welcome back this is Max Miller otherwise known as the voice of radical sense of because I'd like to believe the people in DC the people who supposedly is supposed to work for us. Should understand there is a woods which they actually should learn and that's the sea would no it's not that C would know the compromise would. I asked Tom like chick if you go through life believing that life goes you're leaving and that everybody she give you everything you want when you want to. Doesn't woods does it because she on the twelve you're an adult and you understand if you wanna get things to life sometimes every once in while possibly may be. You have to compromise because that's just how life is if you wanna get things done. He wanted to achieve something all saw just blustering through everything isn't gonna work in oriented. Is turn people often the reason I'm a breath of fresh air apart from the fact I'm an independent. Hey you know I'm Thomas said he meeting he had the body thing I'm free you don't have to subscribe to a newsletter you don't even have to go and scope to one of my seminars you've been doing. I am he would have a conversation and hopefully if you're an intelligent person. We shall see one of the ways you would be listening to me. You'll understand. Though like care about is is this before is anyone in DC land republic or Democrat. Can't doing anything for. The average working man and a woman now let me stop and as we go over the week. Those as a on this now for I think about four months are supposed to filling you this in the four months and I've been doing the we can reviewed in about six months I've been doing the daily version of the program but certainly in the four months. That having done this version of the show I guess what as anyone in DC done anything for the average working man or woman any else unfortunately is now. I had never being able to find anything where I can point to something and say hey Democrat X did this or Republican why. It Danny is a case in point here is. I casing point and no we doesn't represent us for the Marco Rubio used as it was Donald Trump would Conan clinical Newmark of so Marco was lost is doing this week is the muffins they actually was almost. If he thought. The town all these attacks by the president United States our president does not forget. On attorney Jeffrey sessions about actually perhaps maybe possibly on Clinton to Clinton front. Shutting down the Russian investigation because he's a reads witch hunt. Would Marco Rubio believe. That that's an obstruction of justice now. You might say before I read if this is Ashley like eight lines long arm don't worry I'm not gonna read the whole thing because it is well it's kind of nauseating actually. But if you actually Oscar politician a straightforward question. It would be nice. If get a straightforward answer now what I've asked people before multiple times. Is when you see people interviewed on television. Need to eat is funny and knowing. That the people interviewing them really down cushion they come out with these announces Nico OK that's great now also the question properly so he's a prime example. All why people don't trust politicians and in this case it'll Marco LaMarcus he was off basically. Most Donald Trump obstructing justice Honda's going to be the first section of an as a reason. One bringing this up you'll seat and just a second here's what he say sizzle I don't know what the legal definition of that would be would be goes to tweet. I don't think there's ever been litigated well. That's for sure to view their Marcos excellent. I'm gonna spend my time here in the US senate waking up every morning and responding to some tweet every day. And I know you guys meaning the press paid to do that and that's fine that's very good but that wasn't the question you off actually this great do you believe he shouldn't be responding to tweak U Austin for a specific question. Is the president on estates authority could've said no and back it up with fax would have been good I am willing to be convinced Marco. I am willing to become in his what he went on to set. My view of the more investigations a clear I think he should be allowed to finish as well that's great that way again that wasn't the question. You off he went on to say this is the favorite pot and trust me to save our own sanity here on leaving a lot of this out. I'm gonna spend my time in the US senate fighting against the efforts of the Chinese. Men account. To overtake us in the geopolitical stage who. Kind of getting a bit late for them Marco I'm gonna spend my time fighting for the people of Florida at. On the issues are important such as paid. And the elites that's great. So telling us than market is that when you eat you got some much going on in your life whether it paid and they leave the people of Florida. And anything else you could possibly think wolf that even have time to worry about if the present United States when you are asked to clear cut question which could have been positive note. I don't think he's obstructing justice. To complicate our Costco so much just even how busy in my life is on him. It's just it's just on it on too seriously I'm just I don't know what's going on it's amazing. The mean they'll Marco Rubio can get up in the morning with my platform shoes because I'm just so. Exhausted by doing all the work but I have to do. For the Mac people of Florida that I read in that time a walk and talk with the same time I can't think of two things. At the same time. And I just bring this up because at least me to another point which is the oath of office. The people in congress take. Because you would think that we would be in the point of view at this time perhaps may be possibly gain token but don't that may be once in awhile someone else they would remember. What they actually stand Forsett and we just reminds you because she forgotten. What it is that these people took an oath of office two as opposed to saying. It's not my job to worry about these things you use is to cope in just can't take it. He raised his actual quote we says is yes he what they're supposed to do. When they affirm that they are gonna uphold the constitution of the United States the both begins. I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support all defend the constitution. Of the United States. Against all enemies foreign and domestic I had no idea. By the way. When Marco Rubio and other politicians took that oath that buried deep within it was the oath of silence I did not know. That the oath that people take them when they become a member of congress Republican Democrat. I had no idea upon it was now she'll mostly a damn thing. I had no idea I did not know him and his phrase it one more time so it sinks in this is what. Every member of congress as Arlington for the United States has not forget. I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign. And domestic again if you belief. As a Republican perhaps politician take it possibly. And that many don't summit in Rome the pollsters might be FF insulted my wife. They still might be if you soda my dad publicity but he still. Might be FF I wrote a piece on time magazine foreign you know and you know great Donald is. Because he's might be a fifth if you truly believe that I possibly maybe perhaps that's great. If on the other hand when he took an oath to uphold chronicled the constitution matter to these people I know it does. Had only known intense as it was with the American flag on the lapel and they do. They telling me how patriotic these people so therefore I have to believe that faced county when they say they believe that will be feigned. The constitution or warn them of the First Amendment passed a good one freedom of the press freedom the set of the individual to say what he wants I am a total believer in that I stand up and say I think guys. It will be really nice as opposed to what Donald Trump is making people that rubio say essentially that he's pointing to what eight. 24/7. Toll awake 24/7. To work in his case for the people of Florida and of course the same is true. The Teddy Cruz who's who's really just so busy he can't stand up for the constitution is just I I swore an oath. And I know I said I would defend the average working man or woman that he's seriously guys don't disease typically occur. Now. I know this combo bladed it earlier on. And I wanted to tell you why is this the book related post is Kumble played it because I ask you found a quote from Donald Trump that I agreed with. Fine I know China that is a for those of you that right to me. And is now at least one of Vietnam tokenism quite a few he writes me on a regular basis at Max the Max Miller don't lie he can write to me any time the maximum that the like. If fact you can go to Max motherland is a full home. You don't have to feet and even have to would go on your email not discuss it as a former Maxwell adult life where you are free to tell me off. All I am asking is is please possibly that the scandal in camps in bold. Is AJ he's yelling at me over the intuit and this and there was some slightly tipsy at the time I did it goes over my it's a really please. If you had a right to me at least be civil could then we can have a pleasant you know conversation may not agree. And you may not lead me anything in you will but it game of the day we might actually have an agreement that we disagree or something along those lines. And in this case. I'm gonna show up a few people that wrote me last week and point out that ST don't trump did say something and how did this come up. Someone asked me. One one person wrote mean said his name I forget I wrote mean said hey you never agree with anything that Donald Trump sits. And I'm like move but. Yeah. Possibly. So I found something. OK we got this is a quote because unlike shallow hill. Otherwise known as Sean Hannity I do want to get my facts straight I do actually like to back it up. We've with the truth so to speak with backs. You know carries through a bad thing though Donald Trump has a great but not too and an imminent. He is what actually he tweeted he did. Trying to please if you sitting if you standing up I advise you to sit down because you're going to be shocked and amazed this is welcomed them tweeting he said. Patriotism. Is supporting your country all the time. Annual government when it deserves it again let me say that more time patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it is obviously. For those of you over a literate Valentino that that was actually quote from Mark Twain. But Donald Trump actually reach IC tweeted that he did Donald Trump tweet it. Back I had to go all the way back to January 2014 but that's how dedicated I am. The finding out the truth to find something that I can say Donald Trump saved or three tweeted that I can agree with. He said. Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves he treated them back into as a Mark Twain. And he treated that backed 29 of January in 2014. Donald chalk army shall I have really good and you listen to me to write to me telling you any pain that's. In non it's good to know back in turning out in 2014 that don't from my seat tweeting something now. Don't you pulled it and it was present at the time it was and you. Know it was Obama. Obama so you're basically saying. Backing 2014. Where we had Obama that the useful was born in Kenya. That have patriotism is supporting your country all the time and you government when it is as yet now. Now if someone asks has the audacity. The and the coach alms to basically say hey. This is wrong. To Wesley criticize. The don't step then by golly it is fake news and guess what else an enemy of the people. An enemy of the people. And two else's comments it smoked for par from Donald Trump's. Daughter of course although she's so he sort of setting off the cuff was supposed. The misses in the misses does like the way don't front attacking the fake press if he can man says something Malulani within two but I fear time. Mr. Mandel like characterize anyone doing anything for the average working man or woman so give me a ring if you feel like a 512643. Liven gonna take a short break. Well we listen to more fake news from CBS I'm sure the Donald Trump doesn't like. And feel free to write to me Amex Amex with a lot anyways Max Miller voiced the radical sense all right we'll be right back. Do we welcome back to the Max for a program I am an independent and Diane. Basically you understand how a breath of fresh air because just looking at is is anyone in DC Republican or Democrat doing anything for the average working man or woman. I don't know who can who is this do something for us. The average show on the street so let's just go through. This week with forty wasted thirty minutes of time just didn't even go to is anybody gonna think properly yet let's say. Well Donald Trump this why again doesn't it is can both say this morning astronaut by Donald Trump's tweets. Now I have to read and debate and because I said before Donald Trump's tweets are fresh he said this will forever since I've been doing the radio show. Is that they all the window and don't console they are they out the window into the man's brain. They out the window into his psyche there is no subtlety there what you see. Is what you get snapped tariffs which lets not forget our taxis. Only average working man or woman. Blow trumps that there are good there when you win and that's why he came out today he and said all they are working. Become what they certainly working the world I weep if they're working in the way that you want them to work. Move we talk about this multiple times the guy who has lobsters is it good shipping them to Chinese business is down 50% of the guy that makes snails. After people dooming males in this country would American made steel. I may actually a park is worth forces to pick too because guess what these American made steel is gone up 3040%. Says he cheaper for someone twin port completely nails mail. Than his fame to actually manufactured in many employs 500 people don't just take into and now I know I read that image WSJ. The world socialist general otherwise known as the yeah. Wall Street Journal because you know which is its system is to lift wing rag. How could we possibly believe. Anything to the Wall Street Journal has disable it don't Trump's latest won't. He said Tara still looking big time every country on earth wants to take wealth at the United States always to our detriment I say as they com. Taxable. Pace is finally admitted these attacks are. If they don't wanna be tax let them make a bill to put at the United States in either event it means great jobs in great wealth. The case wants the guys in May BMW's. In united states of both welcomes a war vote or Mercedes and so they don't. Let's see that make it mean that is based on who they are actually manufacturing these German cars in United States. And to. And weld China at the peak tariffs on these American made Jim and Carlos. How much wipes in May be no much snow 40%. Donald 40% so if you think. Mercedes and BMW and these others are gonna keep investing. In United States when they gonna end up having a 40% tariff one of the biggest markets in this case a China. Why is it going to be a place safe and see what happens is when we didn't. These things take time but if you think those tariffs if they stick around for a long time he's in gonna invest food and I don't mean China which means less jobs. For Americans I didn't realize that we were trying to make come in China great gain or Brazil had presumed them I presume Reagan because. As well as with soybeans come from and one just as soybean farmer once he's lost the market how second play out and also Donald Trump went on to site. In Israel tweet storm this morning because of task would be to stop paying down large amounts of the 21 trillion dollars in debt. That has been accumulated not buying the Obama administration. Howell keying. What can argue that point because we does not true. What the same time reducing taxes for our people at minimum we will make a much better trade deals for our country well Donald. I'm willing to learn mate if you couldn't convince me get showing how to give me a ring Shannon. If you can convince me that this usually can help but so far the now is not gonna help is it because we just making things more expensive for the average working man or woman. While at the same time. Putting potential willow people out of work now someone did write to me. And at least it wasn't all in camps and all involved and I appreciate that. Disabled Maxine understand tariffs take time. It's a sacrifice. That the country should make because long term we're gonna be better off. Less easy fi use if you all want to say fuel the one losing the job. If fueled and listen this is to squander loves the guy that loves to Diana Maine who. And somehow miraculously was he's got a 100 1000000 deliver I am on loan losses and is that a half a million bucks and losses is a lot. And as China increases its wealth where they want but they won't what a pretty rich country wants loves this. Mean the one hopes the right. And all of a sudden there was a lot of taxes they'll Terrence what are you gonna call it from China on this guy's lost his. So. He can do that he has to lay off even one person or to guide to makes mails to the pick and lays off two people. Last time I checked that will be a 100%. Of those three people a 100% of their livelihood is gone. 100% it's gone Steele saying the willingness we gonna take that hill and I may have to sacrifice a few good men to get their but the in order to take that hill. It's worth it that's great is that. Good two good feet and you'll the generals sitting behind having a cup of tea as greats is good it's good to know the depths could you are not affected as best a very. Very down magnanimous of you and by the way show Alex pointed to on the what magnanimous means pleased with the I Donald Trump any tweaks the smallness yeah I think our whole series of things to talk about the Donald Trump with all the tweets on this one. We know why he's doing it is to be sitting on his son go to an open is doing this for nothing else to do think it's is one and only unsecure phone. In my head. Started tweeting he went on to say this morning at 735. Million he says fake news. Reporting a complete fabrication though I am concerned about the meeting with my wonderful son Donald had in front town a peso is admitting. Other Thorpe Tom Kenney was there this was a meeting. To get information on and opponents. I thought it was a meeting about orphans diesel to do with Russian wasn't able to do with Russian none. Russian orphans don't boot the terrible situation that Americans can't adopt Russian South Africa phentermine did. And in my adopted a go from Russia thing is a fantastic thing and they shut it off. So how come you BF and mr. Putin has and that's the open that channel of adoption once more I mean he's a fantastic thing to be able to do. That's what you said it was what Air Force One used to it. My son did not have a meeting about anything to do with anything other note helpfully to have post in May be to do with Russian orphans that's what it was it out. So this morning Donald Trump says it has to meeting to get information on an opponent. Well that was not about Russian orphans off to a Donald. Totally legal and done all the time in politics and it went nowhere. An old and I did not know that it will. OK we loosened financial enough for some people don't wanna get to jail for perjury. I think lost someone chick and I know quite a few judges should count when things are upset some remote tremendously is being lied to. No judge to my knowledge likes being like to forget Paula to get with the U defendant or the prosecution they do not wanna be like to. So dot front I sang I did not know about it and even if I didn't know that it's not illegal anyway because even if my some was there which he's now saying he was. And it was information gathering on an opponent which I presume he means Hillary is totally legal and Donald O'Connor in politics will actually Donald. It's not legal cases get a few things straight is legal to strategize of course about how I'm gonna take out my opponent on in politics totally legal. Keep an eight Marcum who Marco Rubio shall we does it. But did you actually do it within a member of a young. How to say the State's talent and essentially an unfriendly state in this case. Russia. Then I know Donald is asking not legal is actually very much illegal. Despite the fact you're contradicting your initial statement of course regardless of that you know weighs about orphans regardless of that it is illegal. To actually get information from someone else. Who's a member of all Avaya a foreign government to rescue possibly may be helped you that Donald take and this case Hillary clintons thought farm it farm robo mullah. I'm just going to obviously get to keep from getting any. If that is the boy just keeps on good news is this else again it didn't the boys just an out. I I talk about the show in the week in the weekly version of the show want to McCain is so much about Russia just with under the remind everybody about this. I couldn't as being elevated by the don't stood just like he's on everybody can you open a dislike. Sank in the would condone and the phrase can join honestly I have not been as they stormy Daniels and a sort of miss out on saint stormy Daniels but. But still nonetheless couldn't don't put it has been elevated to the say dealer she's highs of the Donald who has. And you Michael that's trillion with rusher is a world power there a simple pat has only two in the entire planet and Marlins America among them is Russia. And now ask not true. Russia. And I said this before on city ink is I think is important Russia's GDP. As gonna give it Wonka ish between intelligent people have been so and they can follow me. Sean Hannity and I'm a switch or for a man. Should the the GDP. Russia which has a population of over a 140 million. And I shall some Russian with thome whose district. Just right to mean to do it massacre the the GDP of Russia is the same as. Purpose in Mexico yes are you shocked and amazed the GDP. All of Russia. Is the same as in Mexico you those people descend this the worst people ever and you know those rapists and MS thirteen yes. Apparently the GDP of Russia is Iran abound shall some economists who writes me as well you wouldn't believe who writes me. Is. Ran about eight off Randy so another was Humana. Could produce a GDP per person in Mexico is Iran about the science is around at the same and is Russia Spain operas. And effect the GDP of Russia. Is lesson Italy. Yet I don't how many don't warning about Italy and or or Spain for that matter. It'll Russia Russia Russia and it's you know I guess it's the Brady Bunch of good the Marcia Marcia Marcia mean Donald Trump is is fixated. I don't know why because by rights. We shouldn't care. Anymore about Russia in Donald Trump's world anyway and perhaps he would care about Italy as they GDP is less. Then Italy. And the fact that they spend 15% of the GDP and armaments that's the only reason they know in the out of the woods. They are taking money out of the males of their own people so them couldn't connect he had big guns as pretty much what is big guns and say. Mother Russia is doing great when he fact life expectancy in Russia is ten years younger than the United States. Immortality. And all those. Could the indicators are actually much worse than most western countries and including United States. And daddy what if if that makes couldn't feel good Donald Trump feel good that's great petition member kids. I don't know why we care about Russia just from an economic perspective because let's face it in no way Nia. The actual. Wealth of the United States the reason Darren sang it is humans known this Donald Trump you know what I know he's eating he just can't wait to banners and so he's he's he's itching to get rid of those things. Anyway. Before we take a quick break I do wanna get on to Donald Trump perhaps possibly maybe putting his own son now in legal jeopardy is good to know when he got a dead. Like the Donald as saying well it wasn't raising about orphans but that's about them getting bill on the opposition in this case Hillary and yes don't front you knew was there. It's good to know. But before I have would you take a break when we come back I don't have my list yeah I do want to pay out that task we get back. Yet to go back Terrence a cool you talk about tariffs because last time I checked they are affecting the average working man. Oh woman all right this is Max mellow voice of the radical cents and yes and a breath of fresh air and I will be right. Back. Back to the last part of the Max. A program whereas I said before and I hope you realize finding out listening to meet for the first time. I am a breath of fresh in a more importantly I am an independent and the opposite and kick someone out there has got a great idea. Republican or Democrat and as he helps the average working man a woman humble foreign don't trumpets and not the times that taxes are anything unique tariffs. Arnie you win no that would flow just gonna put taxes on things that people buying or make end. It's a sacrifice worth having and don't complain because particularly when the long run. Then okay all right so let's talk about tariffs of one minute because every day something else comes out this seems to say well. Quotes an easy wins in mind afloat is it. To love the fact Wilbur rocks. Who is actually the commerce secretary. And let's not forget a billionaire him billionaire Wilbur Ross. Lose will come out multiple times recently said it didn't cause insider trading I didn't know I was a conflict I just didn't know. Nobody thinks so anyway about draining the swamp when not. Wilbur Ross. Has say that these tariffs were dashed to going to. Anything that went up in price was really gonna be minimal and no one was certainly not your average billion and I was gonna notice. He actually said and I go to Korea because I do like I said before the Max that does like to keep the facts on the table. Says it's on imported when they put tariffs on and washing machine solar panels. And the metals of course you're going to make these post machines and so on and so forth if you will cool. For example he stated that anybody complaining about this was fake news and I think people are being altogether. She is hysterical. And this is Lee's wife should upset you about politicians. They don't care. About you and me and I'm talking Democrat or Republican right if they truly candid about the average working man or woman I'm not talking 1% of here. I'm talking about the guys making fifty to eighty grand a year each may be homeless. Then you would like to think that these people would actually be on the lookout with the average working Joseph I mean it would get health care gets more expensive with gonna help fix it. You wanna syndicate the college paid we've got a plan you wanna get the roads fixed we're gonna take care of that to meddle with the planet doesn't mean it will agree lip. But that's what the magic C word compromise. Is all about and what mr. Ross. Went on to say to open people complaining about these tariffs said that the notion that the levees that would destroy jobs and raise prices. I was wrong message quote actually the wood wrong in quotes that will cook the color is saying what would connect to raise the price. All old bomb all him all the soft drinks because of the aluminium prices aluminum prices. Excuse me after it ran some of the time. But more importantly it's affecting out awful people look at the vote for the constant uniforms. After the lettuce before a whirlpool as well because they they'd love the fact that they were tariffs. On the washing machines and stand beside it I mean they said those Samsung's analogies primarily. Being manufactured in China or Vietnam and therefore they were being on the cutting asked by many hundreds of dollars per unit. And so these tariffs are a good thing what if you recognize equal to the comfortable and happy with that. Now yes you wanna put the add tariffs on the raw materials the wool pulled and we used to make American. Washing machines and try as you know steel to pick one so the price of domestic steel. Has gone up as a said before 30% and how's that affecting willful are they happy I am now. Then no I fact this sale of washing machines sales of washing me dressing dropped. Drops no less kids dropped because they've had to raise the price so much that the price of washing machines is gone up. Even if they're manufactured in United States because the cost of their raw materials. Has gone up now for some reason I don't know why news. But these farmers who have being affected by down. Tariffs. Taxes on the school what they'll. Our own. In the big business I mean soybeans is seen to be dramatically affected is all the things namely with food that hopes to solicit before but never find out. And the WSJ otherwise known as the world socialist you know a Wall Street Journal I'm sure that is not right wing enough even for the Donald. Has saved even though kidney beans oval things he might say Max com on. Yes great paying the bottom of the barrel you'll scoring eighteen just to make a point well I'm scrapping because the Wall Street Journal. Had a whole article on the south affecting farmers. Now the we've had tariffs on American non products shipped out United States. Because of the European union of course retaliatory tariffs on and China's retaliatory tariffs on our own farmers. As one lady here and of course is Sydney Bram. Who hatched these running out of room. To store or her kidney things I know the front it meant who'd a thunk it. They are actually use and Max went to Romania 5000 bucks with a kidney beans. May be maybe a million let's be generous. A million ducks with a kidney beans are being affected. A small price to pay for don't try to make a point. And now we're talking of 25. Million dollars. With the kidney beans which you otherwise would have sent to Europe. As to use a quote from my Sydney brown saying we just sitting on our hands they don't know what to do in fact he's running out of room. To store. These kidney being so again as a price to pay you might say is what that Macs you don't understand. Well if she's employing people that's him with a lot of cool to get to the point where she sang how many people she employed but certainly I imagines more than. How do you ask Steve and take care of those people when they got to win them out of work. Right it is is pretty simple and Donald Trump disabled American steel. Is opening up seven new furnaces I'm no Dana what is the tribute and get these facts for home. The steel corporation's United States Donald Trump said he and opened at seven. New furnaces either refurbish. The ones they've closed or open a new ones for a total of seven and jas is non. Zero zilch in front when he said his father was from Germany. But he steadfastly born in Queens I'm only getting into it because I and our team with a friend ammonia the week. At the pub who tried to explain to me when Donald Trump said and I quote. He's from German. First of it didn't get the syntax right but then it was like well. You know he made the same actually meant to say his father's friend Jimmy and I might be yet to explain to me wanna manmade. Device but you like that you'd be cool in the wagon. The guys in the white suits. Deadly raid together all it'll. And that's the forget is that money come from Germany or is he would say from German note his father's from what could insulin. Is to be close to the Gemini and Texas that maybe that's what he had in mind the Donald Trump because it wants to ramp up tariffs on Chinese goods. Did each unit 25% on the remaining 200 billion. He has a bit tariffs on. And that China has written a comeback is that we're we're gonna put tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of stuff could be done. Since the import as much as they do you assess Phelps is the problem that. They come matched dollar for dollar but I guarantee was in effect with a capital on this man forearm. You know Paul Ryan passes feet. What is the main do we know what he does that we file from them blowing up the deficit he figured out how to retire on a full pension. He did he may dubbed may have got the math wrong on the deficit. May go the math wrong on tax cuts for the average working man a woman this is only something like eighty bucks a month. But he shall figured out how to make sure it is Stanley is taking care of anymore because I'm Max explain explain please tell us yes it's quite simple. He will actually be retiring as you may have heard next January you know we're seeking reelection. And do what does that coincide with yes. Twenty years in the jolt twenty years in congress and if you are twenty years in congress is some miracle. I'm sure this is an amazing coincidence pool is just a fantastic coincidence that after twenty years of being congress Jesse can retire before penchant. And then if you can claim it at the age of 49 which is what you being fairly young in other words we have to wait she's 6065 but nonetheless. He will qualify for a full pension. On time. I'm shored that he'll have for normal health care that is as good if pulled Riley's can't figure out. How to make sure that he balances the budget which I seem to remember he ran home. How to make sure that we reduce the deficit which I appreciate around that two. I had to stand up for the constitution I nearly Belize and because he was inactive all the time that we must believe in it. They sure they'll figure out how to make sure takes care of his fan good to know they Ryan mister mister Ryan. That otherwise known to me is the county line is good to know so that you have figured out. How to take care of your family and retire at the age of 49. Mind you 49 on a full. Pension which has has said before I've looked into it I'm sure comes with pretty good. Health care benefits to I'm sure I'm sure is just an amazing coincidence the deaths of maximum Austin says that some should ask the man. Hey is it just a coincidence after twenty years of being ready at the forward Tomas is it is too did you rescue plan it. I'm sure is gonna such an amazing coincidence I had no idea than to take care of my family. He says he could win was good to. The before we sign off today because I did get emails. And people writing to me telling me that and you always take on the Donald well it's easy pickings. Mobil one that ran on infrastructure investment among the ran the ran all the middle class tax cut among the one that ran on beautiful okay aided. The list of about the Democrats won them. That granny and grandpa otherwise known as meant to me is Nancy it's humanize Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer your granny and grandpa. They like 89 years old each I think on I mean they're pretty old wrong with that brightness seem to have their faculties and I'm short sharp takes it. Takes a nap in the afternoon with the sport chocolate and then Nancy have no idea. But what is it I don't see them and what is it that doing. Someone Ashley said to Nancy Pelosi are you going to retire she's what do you want from me I'm a woman and a progressive that's it's. That the qualification Nancy you're a woman. And Europe progressives that it's no. Trying to move on it's a strange time we'll save them for the Democrats to icy hand and identity. Crisis mean we have socialists running up and you just. We have people saying the man seen chuck a need to move. It's it's it's strange to me what it is that I'd I'd love to know some could explain to me at some point what is that Democrats. Are actually gonna Ronald I don't know. Are they gonna run I said this before they should take. Donald Trump's woods'. Beautiful health care fix obamacare which by the way most people want to happen again improve it done get rid of it. Infrastructure investment is what that's number two on the list of things that people wanna see down. A number three I traced as I greatness make sure as we go for. LB too easy for Nancy because I don't know what she's doing enough time. As a sit before chuck and Nancy thank Graham poem if if you're a Democrat and you think it's time for them to move on please write Timmy. Anyway I better run this is Max Miller god bless please write to me it maxim Maxwell adult life and I'll speak you next time. Always a given hopefully that you still understand I am the voice of the radicals and.