Voice Of The Radical Center, 9/9

Voice Of The Radical Center
Sunday, September 9th
Voice of the Radical Center for September 9.

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Everybody this is Max Miller and USC we have let me before you were shortly find out it is old truth. That I and the voice of medical center and I am a breath of fresh air now as you can probably tell. Five I hit it takes attacks and unmasking brought costing from the illustrious Max from the studios in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas except today. It is not beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas is rather damp and he reminds me of the Playskool. And London actually come to think about it and I usual. But those of either write to me at all camps which somebody tend to do could you don't agree with me. Are you could write to me maximize my adult life but as usual. Please don't write to me you know camps it it just gives me headache I can't take it if I feel like yelling at me. Over the Internet and if you haven't let me before anyone in what the voice of radical center it is really simple. I'm an independent I just can't have them as anyone in DC Republican or Democrat. I don't know someone out there was supposed to work for us done anything. For the average working American and I know I may not sound. Like and the Texans like I said but I yet they know what for an American I do vote in this country. And I take the oath just like the people in DC is supposed to where I took the oath to you know to the United States and you know what. I'm beginning to wonder if the county line otherwise known as Paul Ryan. Ms. McConnell the scarecrow and you lost me want to call him the scarecrow is pretty obvious why Paul Ryan's account parliament's McConnell the scarecrow is simple it looks like one. And he sort of allows me to keep the analogy going. Along the lines of the Olympic road I don't know why that happened that probably woke up between the more innocent and looks like a scarecrow. So today. As opposed to my daily show we liked the look back conceit is anyone in DC and Republican or Democrat done anything at all. For the average working man a woman I mean is truly simple I don't can he could be it Democrat you could be an independent you can be Republican or like Canada is. Has anyone in DC than anything for the average working American you may actually say to me how to we even though you're an independent. I know I'm an independent because my friends on the right. I think I'm a Communist. None my friends on the left. I think I'm a Tron support old true. By the way I have basically what happens is my friends on the right especially if the rope a fifty. Get very upset stop buying in the hands typically on the bar. And give very mammy and my friends on the left won't attempt to lower lip starts to quiver and it's another woods I can't win. Either way no I usual. I have masses amounts of paper. Some calamity and have to tweet out there the amount of paperwork and it out of the last six months that I've been doing The Daily Show and the loss I think four weeks for months DC madame de in the weekly roundup. That. Matt Painter that I used just trying to keep up with what's going on in Donald Trump land. Now I do you think that anyone in DC it doesn't seem for the average working man or woman I am more than willing to be told I am not a very stable Cheney's. I am more than willing to be told. That I'm wrong you can write to me is a sad Macs have Max we're delighted we can give us a ring right now 512. Six foot three like night and he Amy rusting type. Now Guam arresting paperwork is like a sip before anyone can keep up with anything. That's going on in DC land now for example we have to talk about today it took about the open it some people like is some people don't added the claiming New York Times is don't council took it. This is we don't front would say it was yet about Alex Jones is clearly niece is stopping his mates. Because. And what the boy's gonna do but easier in Austin. And I know you listen to mean DC Sean Hannity and in New York's pay some writing to me I know Leo like me it's okay. That's about Trump's tweets from today. We talk about the fact that sound the book came out via. Will be asking Cologne. In Tuesday from Bob Woodward. I got another would beginning with F the might be good title for a book. And then we have eight RC thing don't trump is totally predictable if we have time we'll get to that. And I do wanna talk back in a minute we're gonna start with plants should Boyd who became in infamous or if I suppose famous. Internet mean by basically. Making faces behind the front which Ashley I thought was the funniest. I think it has to be fully get going and all that has some people in the studio. Today you probably heard them laughing which is very good Ashley I'm hoping in many many of them to be laughing with me today -- are named in the studio ahead Joan Griffin. Who is cell phone I hadn't had to realize is yes he worked for little bow tie boy yeah guitars Carl's house approximately a little boat type or. From Ron and John. I royals have wrong wrong wrong I'm sorry I forgot to write down. That is OK Max go ahead what was what he's what we shall claim to fame and I aren't you already I swear and I shot on the continent I shopped him by showing him that I was. With a gun all right so these guys that would mean a day and they can keep me honest as best they can the gonna has some fun. And even though Juan John used to work for both tied boy I do not hold that. Against him so we'll see we'll see how bad guys and later on we gonna have a psychiatrist join us and I think we will meet debt is named them Michael big Mike DeVine will be told him later on. As well so I did want to actually just gets in you guys can jump in any point. Because I I do try to keep this topic. Current and unlike. Basically I'm Sean Hannity shallow hell and bow tie bully I do try to get my facts race I'm just gonna read this debate and from this morning to this a do like to do this in real time. And that is. Trump has set because this is a tweet from the don't stuff. So it must be true it is from the don't these probably tweeting on his Blackberry while he's on his gold toilet this morning. Trump has say economic growth on fine this is Donald talking of course like Queen Victoria talking in the third person. I'd during his time in office the economy has itchy feet most tech won't. Feats on the under the nice feet GDP is growing at 3% to remember that happens on the Obama column. The employment rate is if fifty is fifty year low this is my favorite one. I'm not very good at math. Because I'm dyslexic and ADD per lost someone chicks. The stock market gone from 20000 to 26000 is not 50%. Which he's walked the front and center court math puts that in around forty exactly exactly so 50% is my favorite one amazing this is your voice area. He also said this is morning. I have to believe that people the feeding this to him now the Jones looking at me like what UNICEF I think US sells a car. Into China there's a tax attorney five cent the first of kids that is not treat. It China sells a car into the US as attacks have tapes and is SE two and helped him but he's counting. Does anybody think that's Faye FA IR in capital F. AIR and the days of the US being ripped off by other nations. Is over that is not true it was explained Hugh. With the French president did exactly what trump wanted desist yeah hard AM yeah they did now that the disk because then they tax rate on a car coming in United States. It's from China excuse me in this up again from the US into China. Is 40%. Is 40% who actually they've raised it from tiff from 25. To forty I had her China the route they're re exports account for around sixty pursue yeah of their trade at the United States there are only shooting themselves and for that Abbott but the BMW in the so we have to take a break I think Dan my long suffering producer is telling the audience take a break here from the illustrious Max was cute is that right Dan we take the break Islam in the middle of the flow and this is what happens when chaos reigns producers yes he's dam produces managers get in the way. All right go ahead dad go ahead run those damn commercials for us they're pleased and and this is Max Miller voiced the radical sense that we Ron and John I will be right back. And everybody welcome back this is Max Miller yes I am the voice of radical center now John I know you're pulling in just hold on for 12 because. According to Danny does get things wrong quite a lot you're liberally and supported trumpet pay an announcer just hang image and be right we've yet. First caller of the day I did wanna finish is the wanna make struggled my facts straight because Donald Trump to tweet. The US sells a kinds of China there's a tax attorney for ups and not true. If China sells a conned the US has attacks of 2% will give the benefit the down man as about two and a half but here's the point. As seen Donald Trump's raise tariffs on China and instead of the price of a car going into China. Being taxed at 25 it actually went down to 15%. Exit because of transactions now people like being W Mercedes to make foolish continent America most of my checked. Now has full belly is 40% it's 40% so I don't think we can say honestly that Donald Trump has helped. But the fact remains you contrast is on tweets. We don't Max I mean there are no one's again argue that trumped is Twitter happy but I would like to point out some numbers on Chinese trade and tries US trade number one. On re exports and intra firm exports from US multinationals account for 9% of US trade with China. In 71% of Chinese exports to America re exported or is that ultimately there's not going to be a trade were like the eastern I don't trump says that apple should make iphones in United States as ridiculous as say that because he could make you could assemble them here but the components was still comfortable right they're listening BMW. Again like you mentioned re. They get they essentially gave new life to the Rust Belt. I mean the Rust Belt I did was dead dollar prompts her I think that right now in out by raising taxes. On the Chinese imports. I do wanna get to plant (%expletive) god I do wanna get to him because I have Cuba. I do have to do that but I do wanna get to John first because he's been very patient John Muir liberal in supported from party then mate. Yeah they're matter who's the Tokyo. Letitia thank you thank. I'm. Autos and a screeners that on the micro level. I'm on the big liberal out of the way I do not live normally I operate. Very liberal I idealistic. You know but then I have three kids. And so when I sit around and I think about it. These kind of long scale all series armed try. To be quite honest the Republicans. Go for. Compared to what the Democrats do where it's like hey you're ten year old utility transgender we got to do something to base sort. Some compare and strike me completely different where I'm a grown. And I'm going out not working every day and I'm living my life. Then. I'm told that in order my kids to succeed. To have those kind of things that I want to light now. I have to be better. And I think that's kind of where that. Good bit of mine been drawn in order where the liberals like when you are here to serve as a way over here and reality and that. Yeah but don't you get mad then that these people can't agree I mean they are supposed to work for us some thing. I mean this is they GO yeah this is a joke sunny out here and how podium until I mean how he kids and they get teenage easily got. I have a three year old all I've heard over a thirteen year old and I'm forty year. Oh my god man just wait for another orderly fists that's decisive you know a twenty year old uncle H you have made your most teenagers in the house is going to be pandemonium you know that right you ready for that. Oh yeah. On the disabled veteran not an all around the world observes. Yeah thank you though that overseas during years I've seen a lot in the world. Where they are like Beatles are awesome they're so great I don't. But when I looked at this future and it looked to the way people want and still things to say oh it's OK to go and do it reckless. I thought oh hang out nobody desert. That's my choice and I'm all beat him you know might paying them. You know it. I don't know I. It seems like it. Nobody can kind of middle and say listen reality is everybody liberal when it comes to what the monetary currently monitors this so they wanted to bet. Yeah I see you any Lal mosque or we have some in common name would be so looking at DePaul thing which is. I wrote uncle Joseph Rogan of the he's the kind of guy that I am in his life he's a personal level. But he and his also his personal life conservative. He likes. Republicans who likes what trumped him he likes what would you ask this person because you do you think he's he's now you know I'm not a terrorist personality uploading from my children are voting for my picture there are imploding certainly consider. Different then what I want a day in my own personal decision. Yeah and then I think John has a question god we you know John as junger thing here. I just had an observation I think what you're describing. Is is social liberalism and we we most of us would say were socially liberal but. There's another issue I'm there's another divide in that is the liberal policies. That affects families on an economic level. Are not really policies dear demagoguery when you punish the rich you punish job creation you punish. Average families so that's why people gravitated. Towards tribe in many cases it was a vote. For. You know for common sense it wasn't a vote for truck that was a vote against the same old stab. You know do you agree. I do agree and in the Marines that I agree is. And this little personal history it is about a year ago I would have then to do BA sir re. Because I became such a personal level that I only care Obama so. And I don't here's our experiences with the team and good and cheerleaders. Well it to be honest and save my life. I didn't know where I was drinking over that the day sometimes two sources that. And RT did not want to meet my mom posthumously. But I didn't want to I didn't want to. And you ought luckily I call it crisis client that is why Democrats are sort including a suicide or you know eight. Speaking about some stupid. And how important thinking about it that would have let our children so slowly and I think that the ghost that the government. And as does Iran you know and veteran did when he you're gonna cite I understand and I appreciate you could shrink to do what you're doing. I keep telling us which historians while he memories well. It's just more about this fact wasn't I didn't realize how messed up by the Los I was using alcohol as. My liberal they get away and not mention any other insults prescribing. Wind and got at all. I found out that was slightly. Depressed and nominating Goldman but it welcoming and couldn't over yes the east that I didn't do what tomorrow. Now I wish I had the excuse that I drink heavily without your excuse is I have to say and we should show. It just goes to show I don't need to resist goes to show afloat humidity you don't want to clone a human being you'll tokens he's on seriously I NN. Yeah I'd doesn't take much to meet I took these I do I do like if he didn't you meet during the week or do you like to it was so about the economy and I'm forcing delighted that the communities or constitute equaled a drink but yeah I think I didn't mention it and Dan my long suffered produce stansted edited out. So John we'll listen mate thank you so much for colon and thank you thank you for the same like the show I I'm trying to be. I'm hoping I'm not I am trying not to be down. Facetious either they shall Hannity show or Haggis and want to explain to you facetious means. I do if I I I seriously mean like I came from solid working class spoke my parents. My dad was the first one not to be down the pits and then went back all the way to the eighteen hundreds could imagine being twelve years old and the minds next. And I remember even from everything and I voted for facts here at the time you have as my first vote. So I do. So I do seriously I I truly believe that the people in DC are doing all of this. A disservice and I know but I know get a good job. I just lone woman reporter and it is clear cut off yeah. I notice that I appreciate you guys are you doing and what you're saying and I'm on that but. I also want to make sure that people. Understand the difference between them and micro and macro lifestyle that experience and the central and general re a are Republicans macro. And micro. Which is where you want to live you want than an Austrian wanna live in LA and California are ordered and for all these different place for you wanna go out Kansas City leaders. Wherever. Individualism that's yes fundamentally important to mind as they get him individualism. You know just like plaid chip away. I'm total peptide typically pay John listen thank you again AF K don't like us thank you John take care of itself okay main. You are great there are well yeah I think he's take care of yourself now Bubba are crisis we're gonna hit the half that pretty soon and I wanted to talk about plaid Tripoli. Who is actually the it was beefy guys so that's not easy to be everywhere it's Minnesota. He's only teenagers on the kidney seventeen. And he was asked to leave because he was actually down. What was only so much making faces he was just sort of agreeing or disagreeing we will the trumps the saint but the behind the cause behind the bushes Olson. I didn't wanna Wear magaw hat. More on the governing America heck if you wanna win that. But people loved him on the into whips and he is the pop wanted to go to which is I thought was absolutely brilliant. I got mine. On my paper here and if you guys had this right. He said Donald Trump said we've picked up by lots of support. And they know the kid behind it says have you. I just saw that you know by now have the ice is so that was his look is priceless as a lot of the do absolutely absolutely brilliant Annan Annan was my best pop. Until I had read these two guys before we came on it doesn't really for nobody else Donald Trump said this. Bartlett in Arafat they compact depravity company now synonymous. And the fact that the fact that DOC has called Mitsubishi's I say this if you guys heard me say this I say that with a smile on my. Adams say that to make fun of a fellow human being ice as is if you had a parent. You dead yeah do you use any hear me say this guys if try to parent who loved dearly my dad was great right. In all of a sudden it about 7580. Whatever it might be. You suddenly realize dear old dads lose in there and d.'s then take the car keys. That's what responsible adults. Think it will Ryder we're. Ours are fresh really complaining. Speaking abilities we have non management because Obama had a 10% or 8% unemployment rate most of his administration. And trump. Can't talk. As well as Obama was pushing into trump is now down to Clinton Era. And I think you're levels three point 8% unemployment 4% that was the last record. Tourists there so so list implying a deficit had to go get that I'm okay. So this I just wanna get this we'll bank cuts is off on. Donald Trump said popular vote you go to say anybody tell me you guys can translate this may be guys treat you guys ready and there are struggling you guys speak from. Even I sort of got literally no big trump OK we got popular vote you go to 34 states then boom boom boom. Is like a hundred yard dash for us is the mile you've practiced differently in the teach you behind it was kind while. Yeah I mean thank nice to have you its units. Well of course that's what he should be doing and playing with the game ball right at Maine has pretty much all right we'll be right back this is Max Mara thank you very much the list. Hey it's Max Noel welcome back to the voice to radicals and I didn't want to get to want two things just before we get to the good thing in my might find appealing just economics plane. What young Michael doesn't have the last time we came in the boys here in this year but I just want to get to this. The fact he's here in Texas to cruise who national forget jumping in commodity calling John. You should remember cities is Ali orange man before trump the other orange code I don't know no did Nicole and equally we never announced devil in the flesh. That's what we we just tried to double the devil in the flesh as well take cruises cold by John Boehner. And day that John says it chops now that you know take crews could lose. And I hear me say this on the say for the benefit for those for you guys here hopefully somebody on many say is to force I don't mean to be repeating myself. But if if Donald Trump had attacked. You'll wife. For being ugly. Mr. Donald Trump as imply the you'll Fonda was somehow posting may be. In involved in the assassination today at JFK just part of doing business would you would you then it's taking your wife to have dinner with demand has said that and then written they're. Piece in time for time magazine about a great back guys you do you mean he will have first I'd ask I'd ask if further comment on his wife was justified in being mr. Goldman Sachs and miss George W bush administration and I think it might as well I was a little better looks though it was a little wish rush front who has already looks. On how they went to the White House memo looks OK so now they went to dinner at the White House I love you babe I have set up via I loved but hey. I'll tell you gotta jet defiant snow yeah my my I'm sorry I love you but he got to come to have general tolerance that I got two daughters and zero tolerance for exactly exactly but then he said his dad was it possibly involved in the assassination of JFK and then wrote a piece about me right Donald Trump is real I read their hand they you know weighs slightly backwards president then a hard peer shrewd how much. You can get it get your hands off power for. I think Donald Trump can you say slightly backwards I think we're talking. Oh OK oh a lot backward boy out of the boy and he runs the country now doing their heritage I can't get Mike and Mike give I any of them Michael. Because there hey Michael how are you someone explain to you or exit of lost my crib notes of money you can only do it because. I had already got this up professionally on the Maxwell this year today whenever it rains it throws me off completely and I have I do have my nose like lifting with. In a lot you know what eight if I grew up driving in the rain when they're America's got to learn how to drive in the bloody rain about. Seriously ill and easily anyway I wish we gonna try and the list anyway and it when he went of people in this country in Ireland at a drive letter is complaining about it would no rain over the summertime with the drought and and a starter re not I'm glad we started complaining that I love Brian all right Michael anyway quick welcome aboard what and you just very quickly explained what you do and then we'll jump right into a few things here. Turkmen Michael DeVine and a licensed professional counselor and Ohio and Texas. Actually thought I dropped cheaper I think John and done wrong on nearly. They can and need your assistance to me very well the country's ten and usually at Yankee sorry sorry sorry my cookies got you got. Yeah if there aren't out yet in private practice a lot of families adolescents some of the July up with a business consulting do a lot family business advising an executive coaching and author of the book dealer to launch. That's right he wrote the book this is what caught my attention knows we're told Kenny he wrote a book called failure to launch is basically is. How they have to get kids at the house his advice is going to get how you want that too bad that actually the subset that we could've should've let me write the title forty of them Michael. Because it says that's what I would have called how to get the kids epidemic how's the shortened number and rate for men's register for the remote imparting to attack today yeah. One page. So soon anyway so some Michael are the books of Michael outspoken. I wanna things went there to lead today we are gonna save the day but I managed do you boys early which is that. That is why things Michael does he counsels sound parents and kids in college. Can write incredible which. It's I think is probably a big topics I wanna say that. For another day bearing in mind I want to point this now though you're Lucious has maximum. I did not go to college ICI don't have a degree most successful people I didn't know I used to sleep in a cock. Seriously he's asleep and hasn't wants none alleys and over immunity plays decently and Annika. I 90% in 1973. Fooled LTD country squad does anybody remember they remember those I think those at they had a full sixty VA and I remember those and it it that we announced at a station wagon version it's also what has not yet emirates broke his right rear jump seats were full yes anyway it costs 700 bucks found in a field. Work to go I was using it to live in newspapers look at least it was in the Ugoh. And now when I was a Sarkozy obviously finicky and I we've moved the finale -- use senator books and travel around America and we're sorry Michael I'm getting sidetracked here. So. And voice of Michael that's about getting kids to college and failure to launch I suppose. Is one of his big ones but all the talk today about Tom. Mike's view on what is going on. About salute tribal politics. I understand and what he says he's in his how it relates to his view is so professional. Are noisy and they got the cop compartmentalizing. Of America down get it might give give wanna just jumped him for a few minutes. As I don't and it's and it's an act that we start talking. You know about like art like why I even wanted to get more involved on the radio and what are the big thing bastards in my practice and our price Serbia and about four you know four years ago hurting really bad and you know about like a six years ago when. We look at how people form their view of reality. Are constructed them everything we basically know about the world is basically well taken but all our centers will we pick up on. Well when this whole political tribal and started. Point listening to box more and analysts and shining. Hannity and I know I think that's what Jones suffers from. I don't you actually I saw him from common sense you know you as a healthy actually helping him right now Michaels he can make it a bit and try to help every candidate candidate. Recent and a post modern yeah they got a key guy keep it. And I who are looking at just. However once forming their view of reality. And you start noticing it with the news where is surging more and more one sided. And then everyone started believing that one sided thing and then he gave it gives them. Between people in this country and that. It would limit people being on the play. Technocrat that's on the lake like Lonrho words and Gatwick tablet that CIA operations moments and he used psychological warfare to turn people against the agency. Exactly when in his players I gotta blame us for another day. Yeah yeah layman's terms like hell perspective distortion but I think we're talking the same thing. Yeah it is not exactly and I think it it will look back that help people get ratings help people get elected ha ha. The problem is Edgar Jones apparently can entrances basically the way I look at it. I'm basically seeing that people are talking to me about what's really bothering them and and and in its would you start seeing people being scared. People being angry people that aren't in ones the ones that are. Yeah that's the new 18 especially like like the other day we saw a guy called boxing glove think your enemy of the state government threat like. All the attacks on newspaper people and you guys almost any physical tools. Get into that thing is that it's like you're driving a car. And when you drive the car wages at the church shaking and she mean these are all not me that's what you would have. Happening that we post it like Machiavelli and hey. And just what that means but what I'm seeing an explanation is that. Well you know brigade of the Nazi the end justified the means went for pushing people that normally were on the very edge I don't relief to the difference between. You know conjecture or hyperbole. And gender and their started hate actions or we see people as being I mean it's the call it that trumped arrangement disorder I think when the product that is. I mean my good cast your question yet. Do you think this has at his bay as root do you think this has something to do we have our cultures move away. From the concept of absolut well kotsay facts not trees trees to religious. Absolute things that we can no improvement document to something that we want to be true. And we continue to reinforce is that the fundamental problem here is something else. He's got and he. I think that part of it I think it's also about what technically is true or a version of the truth or. The fact that going to meet him that your formally get what you want part that your not let you talk about anything else. That's what I see is rarely. What happened because it's easy you feel like well you see it on the news every single Avery you people talking about the. My idol I have to say I I can't walk she should the Wheaties cultural thing on American news channels is to have like eight people. Talking on the morning she knows. Icons I I can't I can't take is too much in the sun are the core I do a serious question for you that you and Michael. So who wrote the op Ed piece them. In the new times you think that was a disgruntled ex employee I think my political and I see that's now I if you have a theory I know who did it. It was about they could be in Butler is that it's regrettable you have Butler did it not so it is it I'm just curious to some psychological perspective here. Michael G hit you actually think. He knew rated pilot for a people on the spot if you read. I'm pretty decent amount yeah I felt like anti for that and and obviously I. Do like four wave of relief looking at because your look interesting when you look at the 25 amendment and you look at the process. I mean didn't he eat you look at it's not just speak upon what other people are saying. What were also talking about it if the Catholic high interest and in the apologists you're gonna meet. There's going to be a war on its psychological work and it's not as easy as just a hole in the guy thing really odd thing is what we heard it. Now either that you got to be interviewed by all these different people are all got to come to that scene can. Nice Mike can I can I ask you something and then share the same thing. Do you think that when Obama. Essentially released all the high risk Guantanamo prisoners. Before trump and advocated giving Osama bin Laden trial. Do you think that's the kind of behavior. That should qualify. For for this discussion or is is troll trumps being unlikable worse. Our paper reading up about. Really what does it take for somebody to be basically it completely incompetent. And evil we look at it clinicians were looking at your spot patterns. Do you have the ability of making the right decisions for the right reasons are we hearing voice is having hallucinations. We haven't put wild mood swings towards nuclear erratic on that aspect it's. You may add that sound defense and cycle I don't know I think that does sound like from Dutch and how it is socio path now president AE AOL is definitely does yeah it. Yeah I read some research shows idea. But he might get an amateur. A good note you're you're brings something up again about the truth and opinions and stuff and I was reading a rant research the other day and they talked about truth decay. In on as Americans we keep we simply cannot uglier walks to the K you can read very well apparently today who knows. Like you know we just blur the line between opinion and facts and I think that's one of the problems I still remembered. That the Nixon. Were when Nixon did the original TV. A move to addressed. A corruption accusation he's he's sitting there with this. His dog checkers and he's talking about how his white checker players without crying but or what ordinary after what we have the Max Miller dog. In the CES. On the minds my right yes I was actually had to take a break him Michael can you hold on one minute. Yeah around about him OK Michael we'll be right back sacks Psycho analyzing Joan because clearly needs all the help he can get a right. I think we'll be right back thanks everybody this is Max Miller voice of the radical sense any haven't figured it out I am a breath of fresh yeah. Everybody is. Smack smell yes I am the voice their medical center which means essentially that amazingly fast they believe the people in DC should nasty world for us yes that includes Republicans and Democrat graphics that granting rampart chuck Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi dad he worked for us that includes people like take crews. That includes a new by the way have you figured what he's done one thing for Texas and apart from do nothing I suppose of these claim to fame. If live missing to me in DC or new York and now he Nancy Cruz is. And then of course on the on the Republican side we have the county line Paul Ryan who actually believe I firmly firmly believe this. Beak he's honest he's a real man as he can't stand up to anybody and ask you one of his testicles with Wiedmeier president Paul Ryan I catch our eye as. As CDC is he wondered if that boys gone through puberty he's almost on this McConnell beat the job I turtle eggs I'm Scott turtle beach and I seriously don't get what is about Corey set to get it out one thing. On line that obamacare Qaeda I used to get that one thing poor Ryan he's figured out one thing. Which is when he retires in January 2019. So we sit now he would generally turning ninety. Teaching the US equal for Kazaa to twenty years of being congress because he's the only twelve when he started. Actually. You actually it's still a twelve you actually qualify for a full pension. A under federal under the federally assignment retirement system so as some downed tools for those Americans enthusiast and don't tell me that he didn't know that their weight he's retiring due on January. I don't know the benefits are if he gets full medical illness or Clinton mostly has to wait at least sixty to get it he has political dislike dislike any other shall server return media phone service immediately know Tony forty know them. They got guys that's why set on the as I still think he's taken testosterone shots but that's just me not. I'm not asking me yeah hourly UV and yes that's generally a man and here is they don't sweeper of the house he's worse than that we provide money exactly is on even though if none seriously have we need to do paternity test on his children because I seriously doubt that data is capable of having or senate when I was DNA tests that's our affiliate in Kansas supermajority you can't pass bills I don't think I dozens of women and he swore an oath to protect the constitution tomorrow and he's not doing all right let's get we have mind I easily Michael. Sure I'm Erica saw wanna finish this thing about. The Butler riding the the Butler did it riding this. Op Ed piece with on the about the notre the other theory courses that Jared Kushner wrote it. Jerry country I don't know Pentax and I'm disturbed that someone who's at distinctly related to trump. By marriage has Benton title he's definitely Marilyn Donald Trump asteroid Jericho is married to the mauled her rise so we can't go anywhere why Syrian Iranian goes into witness but I've seen a soprano is yes exactly but yeah eighties so that's a quick question most drastic into my gut I. Yeah. Stuff started eating is jerking you check the info wars that have gone on since he can make you swear and dance gonna have to push the damn button. Is failures over and over right now because let's get a shadow than now he's got us out of the woods are over it right emphasis that the would testicle on the radio and like and well vessels of apple line that's or I'm British you might imagine just restaurants we have exactly exactly why can't get. Up again at. So so Michael what got you for a few moment is who we got a kick you out. So give any final thoughts on this because I do want the next week you outspoken await the next week I do definitely won't talk about cause it was one of the hardest things that I have a say in policy on the radio. Which was how you pay few cues to go to college in the stress. That it puts on parents. And their advocates. To go to college in this country is just unbelievable. No one in DC Republican and Democrats doing anything about it's I do want to let it next week but any final thoughts before we kick you out about what you've observed this week and I a professionals perspective. Yet you know what's interesting is that we're looking at the situation like from the outside you know it's like well look it's like holding a box we have no idea what's inside that we can't open it. All we can go off just a random things that we can hear inside that. And I think when you look at the op Ed what's what's most noble batters that when you look at what it really takes to get someone else did they're 25 amendment. You sit or go to the wind it eat it really true these people know how hard it is to get it occurred. What is it debt or DC that would make them almost debate whether or not we should do this and then to the fact that what it cost benefit and now this seat of the businesses a lot but a teacher or the business well. If we announced this were trying to Al than its share price is gonna go down let's see we can control. That and that of the condition that warrants that their online when they release being dumped. My all of this assumes of course that some nebulous editorial published by publication that has been falling. In terms of its integrity as a journalistic establishment. Since try was elected I. Honestly I thought this is a net that I only living in different we are we living on this that is a an army and I sort of hot unproven editorial just like visas is while Pope publishes all the time on the source says. You know we're we're tired that gives him to give us some concrete wedeman planet people throw deep throat was thirty years I can't use that word without chuckling I don't know design and that's what. You're noted that the makes sense that I mean I'm looking at this going wall. It has struggled they've not gonna get CA operation why would you and now you're the government that you infiltrated. That yours there and it looked like. It because it's because its effect there's a lot of fan it's not a fan let me. Images and hang on am I content they run out tonic Yukio and I just wanted to DV. My thoughts on this right. I actually my view is it to mold custody this simple Ryan would have I have bribery and as he wrote it like a bonus and may meaningful Ryan wrote it. Include but are on the opening Michelson nights here. The guy in Orlando woman wrote there are good things that front administration is doing is is is deregulation tax reform. And robust military and Sony says a few things in the basically is it basically sounds like a how shall we shall I mean I think these guys in the room about to freak out when I'm about to sake let's not say they gonna say my surprise it is a misnomer. We don't have trump during and that is not valiant it's their nasty conservative snowflakes. No was they whine all the time on mentally and these people and I'm used asked trying to snow would smoke flight back in their face to easily do is whine all the time. But from the perspective what this guy did. I ask you think he's better than not doing it that's my take Mike what do you think. We'll look into whether or not legitimate or not. And the part of the Olmert met a young going way up reservation are being distraught. The delay axis and Mel Allen at Arnott line actually you know he's not capable of he's not capable of writing big woods potency was his own publicist now he was is on publicist seagate Colin. Badly noted that they would say mr. trump we know achieve. It's not me. How. Are you okay that about it amid a pulpit that's for all the stuff. It's gonna be able there's a deep state thing that's going after being close is it that the narrative of it things really start closing and it around and looked like literally I have people start lashing out eat him on the line item is lashing out or laterally. It abuses completely rile moderate people note that you as it was candidate you do something like this this. Well actually as sales and that's that's a great point for a GQ off because this is IC's Lamar my nose tonight I'm not joking when people in the San reams of paper to average a paper you have free use of violence in America so our end and that is and that is that. Donald Trump is not unpredictable. He's totally predict predict and no less old can't figure out nobody could do is to leave it just poke him. You gonna get their reaction he keeps poke in the media making phone and if you any if you if you say how great he is like king John and you see anything and it's gonna it's gonna say great. Hey Michael on the key cue off make but I will gonna talk next week we shore about com. What it with the ramifications in the stress accused go through getting into college right that would add that. And dead the dead we'll talk about that earlier in the studio the debt that of these kids take on to going to college is just ridiculous it is insane it is is that there isn't. Yeah I'm fur around for those of you with kids in college who's listening right now you know exactly what I'm talking about hey Michael DeVine thank you so much indeed you wanna just promote your book quickly go ahead. Actually yes the earlier alliances on in the bond. Speculate that I wrote for clinician but I wrote for everybody I'm a great look at your parent and you're trying to figure out how to get your kid. Motivated on how to get them occurred at that spot on the outs not going to college substance abuse. Asperger's. And even just too great book go watch it step by. Actually actually everything you just say I think it hit seven of those ten I got out and out and stuck on the couch and playing video games watching TVS house by the time. Probably better salesman and then when their parents have kicked it NAFTA Farsi comes in Texas don't have basements I thought I see our home. I'm die why he hasn't even with my the best group Hanson I aim Michael thank you so much helping leisure time I think a romantic and I was speaking again next week okay about the same time with the winner and absolutely got has been a pleasure aren't all right thanks hello Michael take care of yourself all right now before it by Kate thanks Michael before we draw. I didn't wanna talk a bit about the or paid on Latino identical from Rhode. Why is because it just adds up to so many people who because to articulate is to articulate and also so many people think he's immediate Amanda name calling is. Seriously and name calling. In Yemen as song from the long ago. Cold it wasn't me. Remember that song witnessed guys talk is that it's at these people something he's basically just has an explains why shows how on hit on him. But his way this sound kid in his talking about she finds is is go from Friday's fighting their club with the not to go. And he finds him in bed and another go and every Todd Yasser noises he wasn't me very he's based he can't believe your own eyes it wasn't me. That's what I think in this case is wary of what he's arguing it wasn't me the united ride it boasted it was not in anger issues and also lose it wasn't all that other stuff yeah it wasn't me. And it wasn't they actually think. But the pop that really got my attention on though you guys can threw for just to show because I am. I do believe in open like we used to going to thank you is. Is. What is clear though all trump isn't running anything. Hit it I don't think the management DC well I was trying to. Are real simple answer this. And it's not conspiratorial and that none are not the favorite editorial not only let me just say that. He has the only administration to have instill the largest number. Of agency staffed with holdovers from the previous president. And that is because as you Schumer is even admit it they are obstructing. A Taiwanese low level staff positions even stuff that's normal rcn uses that no president should get mad as they even put a ambassador met ambassador to South Korea yeah. An actual example Saudi router yet out of 600 appointments they've only. Unconfirmed I Andre not only 200 but so silly G DOJ staff 9% Obama hold or set the. Here is trolls are in charge at all about what about you. When you think you've been out on patrol. They control everything else they control both sides have been housed there as the days you don't recall other around Ariel yeah let them they Eliot they should be they should be knocked out there so I don't think she's. I don't think he's beat controlling much as his it's a state stuff like that don't in the show but. I know I just wanna say thanks to Ron and John for joining Max Miller in the maximum the studio it's our pleasure to Sheila she's Max Galicia and a very rainy yes it has an Austin, Texas. They will be back and you come right to me maxim Max Miller adult lives go right ahead get a maximum of the lobby could see me. With a Scotch in my hand and the Macs and the Mallory dogs and the national adult. Everybody take K go bliss is as Max Miller and yes I am a breath of fresh share of finance.