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Sunday, July 15th
This Week with Ron & John, for July 15.

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You're just really good this week Ryan's job. I'm Jan writhing and I'm Ron Meyer. Folks the world is on fire and freedom is under siege today we're we're gonna talk about last week's Briggs at the trail. And is implications for democracy worldwide. They Arenas even Robert Schultz he's the president of rouge group a pro regs or think tank founded by the Iron Lady herself Margaret Thatcher. Without Robert regs it may still be a conversation at the dinner table. After that we're gonna tell you why some top energy CEOs. Say the American Petroleum Institute is a bigger threat to the oil industry. Then Obama or the carbon tax ever work. API trade association. Or giant monopoly and pay to play scam. Moron then at the bottom of the hour run what do you have for us in the next half hour. It John the next half hour we're gonna talk about the Democrats propose legislation to abolish place. And how that would actually can should be eaten skyrocketed in human trafficking specifically child trafficking as sex slaves and forced labor. One time permitting we'll talk about the supreme court's newest member. And that process and we'll talk about the hearings with the FBI agent Peter stroke. Who's been reported to be part of the criminal conspiracy to illegally overthrew trump. Q John. Sounds fascinating run. Okay folks let's welcome our guest he's brags that expert Robert olds president of Bruce group in London. Robert welcome to the program. Beyond thanks. Pleasure to have you listened a lot has happened in the last two weeks with brags it. It looks like prime ministers is gonna totally ignored the will to people what he had to say about that. Well what's happened is that the British prime minister trees and my. It means basically signing up to everything you. We have had a votes to leave the opinion that took place now over two years ago we have since had. All. An election win most MPs take independently committed to taking it out of the European Union. And actually the use customs union and single market which are basically two. Policy framework of the European Union that would accept policy to control. The economic policies and other members states that trend tonight. Will actually be keeping it essentially in the U it'll nine recording its. Lot of breaks it in all but nine breakthrough in name only. In fact that what is happening is proposals. All of his greeting to give you billions of pounds around forty billion pounds might actually be more. And accept the European Union making rules for the you've kite. Taking a trade policy that the aggregate likely policy and environmental policy actually understand that all of you name it. I will be making bought. Will officially be outside of the UP rupiah actual state of the year gone by Parcells even though we no longer in the opinion. It's an obsolete but try to. Is I mean is really do your constitutional definition of treason in their several statutes that do that but. And it's kind of like and these chance to meet Robert pardon pardon me your bit like an STD it's very easy to get one. Very hard to get rid of it. What what are they. What do you think the historical parallels are here and look. Neville Chamberlain is the obvious reach for Americans because that's the last time they paid attention to British politics in most cases but. What else can we and is this like cancer Conor O'Neill says. When Edward Heath took Hamburg and the common market rescind its. Swallow with holes while it now mean is this the approach mace taken here. That is very good power levels and course Neville Chamberlain in 1938. He'd. I don't Hitler something blog that was such a buy time but they according to eat remained true leader the happiest she's signing up everything. European Union is demanding. An XP and obsolete she mediation. Eighties. Similar in many ways to a person joining the European Union where we accepted a whole host of policies and how often little. I increase in rule but are equal to a great deal of damage to the UK that's the common change should be policy to be involved in talks. And economic dissolves to affect coastal community. Down payment way over hundreds of thousands of tons of fish in in the ocean just wasting finish correct. Are curious. Most of the use Britain's membership of the unit had a policy of these scallops where all change would be our own group or if shouldn't political. Finished more than it allocated quote. It created the road right. He's been absolutely the result of the European Union is institutionally. Crew blocked it in the hands. Primarily a big gentleman. Financial and corporate interest that set the rules and while reach competitiveness. Average people who are trying to set. Ordinarily make a leaping Hayes led to a situation where the least little in this country have been home on immigration. Holm on the European Union states which we cannot control because remembers the eight year. Another aspect retreat at night he surrendered a mediator aptly she mediation for a country like that you played one of the leading members. Of Nate so one they. Pardon weak countries in the United Nations. We've under the seat on the permanent council of the UN. Country which is being this physical six logistical as late in the world to beat. Also around on the year is an absolute embarrassment and it's time. Especially. Especially since you are the European Union and without that without Britain's money without its influence and without it's bad rock. Rule of law and stable market. The EU would have go on the way the todo long ago it's amazing you inner European and European common market the sick man of Europe. And then now you're the best man in Europe and in which Lee. Here's here's the thing that gets sent me Robert I want you comment on this here we've got it got about two minutes for the break. A what does this mean for representative democracy world I mean what. This mean for wider western civilization. When the mother of parliamentary democracies. Tells voters style. The British people have been tried everybody on every angry beast so we're on the streets of London yesterday. Where there was. Protests about the imprisonment and some uncle Tommy Roberts and it actually true. President trump. Demonstration as well supporting you know welcome and one of the unified attract as many of these people. Although they are concerned and feel betrayed than the typical Little League in this country is ignoring them and that is certainly happening and these. Actions we took supported by George solvents. Who'd been funding the pro EU. I think in the united Canucks even if he doesn't leave in the UK and tight pack in the UK it's about as its acting but it. Individually showing this individual who has a conviction for insider trading. Has been bonding. The well look remains in a huge campaign in the U kite and dated in the lead. Operating at a level that doesn't. Camps in the interest of ordinary working people I did actually. These policies than in many many cases and take away their rights to govern themselves reformed to take back. Formed an opinion which is what we have these referenda in the first place and they are. Many people who are very very angry because we had to sort of referendum that was polished or parliament. Robert I've got to I've got to inactive when we wanna keep he had the breaks we finish your thoughts at he had time to stay with us humans. I'll thank you very much sir. Well to just. Just tie this up folks mother parliamentary democracy not so democratic right now. Stay with us this is Ryan's job and we'll be right that after the break. Do. All right folks we're effects this week with running giant. Where you were in our guest breaks it expert Robert fields president of the rouge group in London. Roberts I believe when we left we were discussing. How much of the day yet travesty this was for democracy and for really democracy worldwide and in the will to people's been totally ignore hereby name. Where we go from here. Well. We've tweeted my braking a promises of fortune which seeks in better shape of the year to surrender it he. What goes to show that people voting. And so cute they. My crew David the last election the voters who turned out to vote. Oh wasting their time what happened in the opinion polls is that we have seen. A big change recently scenes announcements and an unveiling. A plan which it kept secret from our own members of the government who actually. Meant to be negotiating picture we've seen X support this shift away from the conservative politics and go to you kick which is formerly led by. Not to launch their menu here at least as will mark. UK the United Kingdom Independence Party was essentially a dead typical politics it's sort of peace to function in any sort of meaningful way. Out to you that you could never would have existed I mean you're you're intellectual prowess laid the ground work for mr. Briggs it who I bought a Scotch for. And our president I duration. And India. He blow the hated about some some people we both don't like but in any case you can have laid the ground work and props to you for that but please continue to point. It would believability in central work but many people humble political party but lost now happened is that. You can have being resurrected and they have creating a great deal of support now because they seem to eat tonight. There's let. The votes and is down broke and our own policies and giving us a bevy savvy patent deal with the UK knew it goes to issue that. They these and at least half of that which he's put Ting. They have an interest of all that our own policies and made that selection. And what the public actually you are four. And if you actually very very dangerous is people. Who think that they cattle make a difference by coming to the ballot box and if they cannot trust the mainstream political parties. People will look elsewhere. To make change. We can win some problems and it was mine to extremist parties for instance kinds or indeed taking direct action themselves. Vigilantes and independence. It's happening here Robert Gates in mean it's you look at. Where we're Brittany is right now they're on the precipice America has always been a more violent culture. But I mean it's unprecedented overseen here that meet people saying that they're willing to. Initiate coups in encouraging violence in this is NASA do wanna see on either side of the Atlantic. But we really hope that you guys get this under control Iran's unique questions for Robert. Dave Roberts as Iran you know I think there's a lot of interest over here about what's happening with breaks it you know we have. Initiatives in Texas and California too you know separate from the United States I think he you know number of people watching what's going on over there. You know as you highlighted. You know negotiations aren't going well unless you're the EU. And there's a lot of press over here that president trump told PM threesome may. To see the EU and I was just wondering what you thought might be about that. Will treat him by actually mocked what president trump. Said you should treat united respondents interviewed. Today on the BBC program. And excuse she was all about this by the present our dream our very. Let swing. And until you can spoke about it in a mocking why the receipt on the cheap treaty agreed. We should be between a guy back in correction. But actually. He's illegal country who won the European Union he's eating he's actually against its own rules. Based content can be taken to the European court of justice and the restrictions it seeking to place on what some. Actually called for being. Although. Agreement they've actually signed up to so what president called for the out during the year is actually. Occurred like he actually has the legal by Indy actually possible. Of course treat him they would never got down Paula because she will agree to edit the European Union won't. Uncle there are other options do we need an approach which is more bump off. And the lengths. In the negotiation. Emblem anyone would not from the ought to deal that's neat. That you pay strongly. The British government hasn't it to vote. And allowed it coming to be tickled by the opinion and getting out seeing nothing in return and at least you're going to be giving them money. And taking more migrants from the year in Munich and taking them what was adding such a consulting people are angry and I've really do hope. That people will. That won't try and speak to continue to change things for the better via normal democratic means pot issue. People who try to then some people will unfortunately go to extremes. And followed a route that is less than well that and democratic and if you know what we want it. Many that politicians stop trying to whom woods should actually start and linking commitment to that on the is keeping their promises and dealing with the public and. It's easy to donate ground and it it's very it's it's very hard to keep promises that's what people need to see me throw the bums out does not anymore and meaning that he used to win both parties both major political pars in the UK. Are one shade of of treachery or another. I mean do you think he got pal was right when he said I see the river October foaming with much blood. Yeah and under different context equity was talking about much advice relations in the UK that that I agree bay. They won't change uses revisit loudspeaker that the kind of gave actually create change I was 191960. I. Than thirty years later in 1971. There was immigration act which controlled immigration again and that each year I didn't settle down and political. Tony Blair opened the floodgates again and the loud. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Britain. Each year. Immigration seems cool yeah she did it again and create in the region where they're needn't be one. And that could create if I could change cities being bad mean. Difficult as some way to handle pressure on social it we share in the country cannot. Or and of course. Great to hear this situation where return to built new arms on Greenbelt because it is kind of. Trust is probably isn't very social so I'll be in stresses legal systems and you know nobody was prepared for that man to seize the approach. And I would wait he's for the least well particularly in and the ones who the top YouTube every ball because they're getting cheap labor of what we feel. Eight you can bet you by the European Union and forces beat party Cushing the open door immigration policy. Is of course is cheap labor economy. Low productivity. Where people. Artists being explored it well and they don't really take some sort of the working at normal working people. Are desperate search engine people spoke to. In America. The Donald Trump or because I've read a quote working class people in the United States were desperate for change because they didn't want the same call now to the Clinton did. Running this headline that particular what to do and keeping them on low wages and low too straight too which kind of bow to. Donald Trump in the U kite is we have two political pop it. Conservatives and Blake out there that just waded into the same old. I don't European Union policies and people on being giving an adequate choice and not so consultant they would look elsewhere and that's what China's. But I was able to share the same crowd immigration witches one thing we're gonna talk button next half hour in everything set. You know immigrants that are coming in power. You know you know 100% you know part of a nuclear family trying to ski you know terrible environment and many are but what. The left doesn't considers the fact that. Some of these immigrants are brought the brought her legal force sex slave trade. Human trafficking drug operations. Counterfeit the counterfeit narcotics and Lewis goes on and on and on. And with open border as a profligate. 18% of women and illegal immigrants and children United States. Illegal immigrants will be subject to. Exploitation and sexually abuse on the way. To the US side and other countries that Guatemala Mexico. All all wet under a legal of people on the next. In the United States to keep it very good thing Atmel child legally there but that is not a cooking crew they will be exploited in the used to the abuse on the white. But of course they are in many of these people who. Tends to be on the elect I think her hold on her. Interest that's what more more cheap labor which you've got actually bad for the economy because I think tomorrow is likely is it create a situation where. Companies don't have to invest in new technology and mutually because they consist you lost in the later immigration and the current pizza weight he's not. And that one of the racket behind with the European Union to open to all of it right now but also able to extinguish our existing coax it when talking about hope and how we saw that. Take a more migrants in the Middle East and North Africa and it. There's always carried to the weather and there's no injury or whether we're supposed to accommodate but. And Robert the last few minutes someone that I wanted to change things up a little bit I know you're military historian right. You are you took about death military historian and you're always are getting interviewed on brazen insurance in as one nastier European herb you know talk about field Marshal Montgomery for a little bit you know I know he was a outstanding professional. You know single might kind of guy he had a lot of high quality leadership attributes that you know motivated his troops and I think his last assignment was as. The deputy supreme allied commander as we call now and NATO. So does give you a few ministers talk about. Your passion for field Marshal Montgomery. Yeah Serbs so Marshal Montgomery was caught saying that well known from the second well walk way victory. The second battle that other nights he was in charge of the land foresee you and that the day. Operations in ninety studies. Beyond the date of the Normandy campaign gone into one particular. Aspects of his create an inter war years but he repeating we have a reason. And insurgency counter terrorists and counter insurgency commander in the first and Second World War. So our own we have just one minute left but go ahead make your few final thoughts about field Marshal Montgomery. Basically he wants he dealt retirees and could he took a tough line and we need to take a tough line now you have it and particularly Islamic terrorism. Region Islamic insurgency. Which is actually one of the big east side recite. They get mental my flags flying in London I mean it's insane I. You'd have many people to take topic of self portrait that is the wrong approach. Well Montgomery or in Palestine Bolton now an outpost please dial in the 1930s in the beer beat Islamic insurgents and because he took. But how lucky guy could Fred chloride but he made it clear. This guy Robert not fought against the local port Roberts thanks so much for being with us we're gonna have you back okay. He'll be our pleasure to be back at all right folks that was Robert olds. Rouge group in London the regs are expert. All right folks stay tuned after the break we're gonna have some juicy juicy stuff for yet this is this week with the run and job. Hey folks we're back this is this we put Ron and John. We're bound to discuss and not some of the news this week we have. We have Peter Chirac's. Notorious. Attacks now the subject of the major congressional inquiry hearing. How last week he was grilled by yet. On by syrup like Trey Galilee and there as senior Republicans. How we also the new addition to the Supreme Court we're gonna let Ron tell us what that means and what's that what that's all about. And then we're going to look at American petroleum institute's contribution. Two. To some problems with the energy industry do you think that Obama's EPA was the worst nightmare but it looks like. This trade association the oil the oil industry trade association is actually called seems significant problems. So then after that we're gonna let Iran take us through. Take us through segment on on child trafficking. Some of the some of the struggles. That we're facing on immigration have a lot to do with that. Oh right I'm gonna go and turn things over do you what do you enforce. John now let's talk about the appearance of Peter sharply towards the congress today it was it was quite interesting and if you watched it was a very fire were fiery debate discussion I'm not sure anything really came out of it. I was very. Very disappointed in how some of it was handled by that as we know some of these open congressional hearings are really just for show anyway but. You know Peter sharp came across as just being varying very angry and very. Very arrogant in his testimony. He really didn't say much. What he did say though kind of kind of it took me away in when he was talking about all of his tax but he sent to his FBI girlfriend. He said none of that played a role in how he conducted or supervise the investigation. And I are talking I just find that hard to believe I really did. You. You know and some some pretty big cajon used to it to look right in this the eyes of trade Galley who is quite intimidating. Person can't end and say that with a straight face that you were ever influenced by by your personal politics when most excited to. And that's and and that's just not how it happens to me for you know just based off personal experience you know I've had agents worked for me. And you know they've. Definitely. Displayed clear bias and some of their investigations only out of passion. Because of things that have happened to them. You know maybe they were abused as a child and maybe they they were get a little more emotionally involved and a child murder investigation they're working on. And you know some of that came through clearly in their reporting some of that came through clearly in their. You know questions and answers witnesses and subjects and some and some of their in a report summaries. You know maybe an agent was sexually assaulted. You know in college or in their younger years and now the working age sex assault investigation and they become a little more passionate I mean I've seen it. It's eased through mean bias we don't have bias but when we openly violate the FBI's code of ethics. This is what happens in what should happen in your experience dealing with the FBI or the years mean what typically happens case. But you know I just just blew me back up the you know talked assuming FBI friends were so keep in contact with them and they're just completely embarrassed about the. Whole corniche. Agent stroke you know FBI investigation. Yes Hillary Clinton. The Soviet Union. Election meddling and they're they're just ready to retire they just really really necessarily black guy on. On the agency is a hole. But it's like it's like any other organization and you know most people go to work every day with the you know. With they're the right thing in mind to do and they aid they give their best effort but Peter stroke in home we have certainly damage the FBI almost beyond repair it'll take a long time. Don't let those. I think Clinton crime family issued its contaminated all these great agency with great people working in the well and that's exactly it snowing and stroke it just showed Connecticut and I still can't believe he still works for the FBI collect a paycheck but. You know many agencies there's there's layers of supervision you know I talked about my experience with you know bias in the investigative process but I do skull perspective distortion. A lot of that those cock through the supervisory process. Are you an example one example about how biased can influence an investigation let's say I am reviewing you know hundred page document or I'm reviewing ten page confession that somebody gaping most investigative agencies have to do some type of brief summary. They're present to a district attorney the US attorneys so it's how I shape that one. Paragraph summary of this large document in the words that I use and how I shape it is worth of bias comes through. A lot of a lot of agencies don't have you know the time to read hundred page documents they rely on and the investigator of the agents responsibility to. Summarize it and unbiased manner. Well it you know eight PRI can really speak speaking of the highest. There's another kind of bias and it comes through in audits and if you look at you and natural gas industry leaders and there's not only government regulatory. Standard to get to comply with there's also. This massive trade association. And American Petroleum Institute API. They're also the biggest lobbying group in the country in the offices few blocks down from the president and on the guy well one of I think the guy who runs deep in Iraq was an API plant so. API is. It was at one point he's organization that now it's the only standard driving by the entire oil natural gas industry yeah I was the professional organization and those posts are written and all all trades like any other tree root and grow worse and the solution hoosiers know exactly but it's morphed it's become this regarding natural monopoly that. Is killing business killing jobs hurting. The profitability of oil companies and which were present 10% of our economy. With fees and with audits with three audits when he mentioned audits how how beyond its impact is the individual trades. That that are part of the API. Welcome lost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business because these companies are allowed to stay open or even operate. And in less they comply with peace and these audits. And auditors have been caught intentionally doing re audits okay. A simple guy some and put this in simple words so you're telling me is we have a trade association that has. Empowered themselves in his ability to shut down. An organization that's part of their trade yes Paris I'm that he assures some federal government agencies have the ability to do that unless it's related to national security or. Like 36 right so why is a nonprofit get to tell 10% of our economy. Yet. Function and tell millions of jobs to go walk. Win the greedy auditors. You know simply want to increase their fees that. Mean it's now for member as a member of API. In almost small small business oil. Company and and I belong to the CPI which I don't even know what their buy in is how much they charge. Well as the average per companies around 30000 wish to oil companies sounds like drop in the bucket what that doesn't show. Is all of the re audits I wish they do every year and whenever there's a finding. A finding results and punitive fines it also results in. Closing down of that company. So I am period cyber Imus guild small oil company out not only got federal agencies that allow for me the EPA in that you know whoever else and state agencies breathing down my neck. Now I've got a trade association who's supposed to represent me and help that you're paying more for membership and so John let's say that. API you know sends me some summary report my investigation. Is. You know as her way to appeal that so. You know they charge you for that that's the best in the grade the charges thousand dollars this nonrefundable. And that's only were funded. If they decide that you're correct in these telling the truth about one of their auditors that they sent. With a conflict of interest it. What what's more likely run and either seven point five findings punitive findings on oil companies by API now every single time they do an audit. What's more likely that the biggest oil companies in the world never can actually comply with standards. Or is that there's a profit motive for auditors and API. To fudge the numbers on their audit reports but he thing. AME mark my personal opinion is there's there's certainly. I certainly would not highlight the number of findings. That I have on average because that just seems to be you know wall gloating gloating for profit for expressing when he got to pay a thousand dollars mean. You know we used to do in my previous job you know high level threat assessments whether it was on computers with a resigned contracts when there was on whatever we had what's called crime conducive conditions. But I never colluded on how many crying conducive conditions we had on average because that it's me that just doesn't make. Sandy is transparently sales trimmed mean they they view this as a number of the need to get out they're APR 20/20 vision document. Our strategy docs as they want more audit says increase audio frequency. Reyes and out so now I'm now on part of API. You know and I'm making gazillion dollars a year workers every every organization has a minus 30000 dollars. I've now set a standard of seven and a half findings per report. And now I'm I'm in charge of quality control and metrics from my organization and am reviewing all of my auditors. You know it and I bring an auditor in and say hey you're only finding you are finding on average only two and a half findings where and averaged we find seven and a half findings right why are you performing so low and what sort of pressure does that put on the auditor will we can imagine. This quiet quite a bit of pressure but. I'm scanning yet again folks direct quote from a source error an article on this last week called death by a thousand audits it's that he ride dot com folks. And that we talk to senior API former senior API director. On and he's also the CEO of the major oil company in Houston he said direct quote it's a cartel. He referred to as a cartel folks quote Al Capone is in hell laughingly says wishing he had this. I am a voting member of API quote unquote yet it's okay. And I'm looking at that just an interview alone in thinking. This man is a fortune 500. CEO. He didn't wanna give his name for the article because of how much how corrupted is run. And I mean look at that that's just not right I mean if if we gallery of Obama and the pin carbon tax why in the heck do we still have to do this. Well exactly Emmy and a fine paying if I'm required to pay. To peel find that that can almost beat the shoes bribery. You know in and couldn't look at if you look at. If you look at the scope of things. You know this was any other organizations there's this almost appears sounds like racketeering. Well you know it when we're not gonna get into what it is or isn't but it certainly needs to be looked at now I'd recommend an independent investigation outside API. By and by members of the industry run tell us tell us a bit more about what she gonna talk about after the break. After the break her and talk modems proposal to abolish ice and talk a little bit about human trafficking and then you what's going on immigration and the DNA and the child trafficking are asking to breach and that last week. Well there seems they're they seem to have some success in and. Carrying children with their. Biological parents and that's been one of the problems is. Not everybody coming across the border with a child has a biological child or even a familiar or relationship with that child. Some of these children might be traffic for. You know human trafficking whether it's for sex slave forced first child labor whether it's for you know anything else and that's one thing that the left and the Democrats just are not addressing. And it's absolutely ludicrous that the Democrats serve. Propose legislation to abolished the immigration and customs enforcement may not but it's outrageous try I frankly think it's all. All reviews and because the Democrats have a lot to do with the with the sex trafficking and other Durbin more Democrats caught up in that nasty Republicans take that. Well let me be that. But certainly the democrats' proposal. To abolish eyes have open borders welcome everybody would certainly opened the floodgates. To this level of of human trafficking you're on you're probably right run more on that we get back. Folks this is this week with the running jobs stated. And John Griffin is working in the studio. Hey John do you hear about the democrats' proposal to abolish the immigration. And customs enforcement. Yeah you know I don't think anyone could miss it I mean that it's it's kind of crazy nick. When you here's here's the latest discussion the the Democrats who proposed legislation to abolish eyes are now home. Now complaining and accusing speaker Paul Ryan of quote unquote. Political opportunism. And actually wanted to take their vote to the floor so here we have Democrats. Who have proposed legislation to abolish ice and the Republican led congress has opted to bring it to the floor. And now the Democrats are recusing accusing the Republicans. Of of of playing games. Will. I mean isn't that the have pot calling the kettle black. I mean playing games this as the party that says let's get rid of the agency. That's basic duty is to defend America. From invasion by OK. Here comes to mind what what we are hearing aims to. You know lately here's the the the Democrats that these are the following are the Democrats have proposed to slash ration rep pol can out of Washington representative Jay Paul from pronouncement right out of Washington. And representative this Eilat I believe his talent and name is pronounced. And they are now accusing the GOP leaders of exploiting the legislation for political gain. All you know who was in a political point gain by proposing in pandering to the base to abolish the immigration and customs enforcement. Well I mean think about all that means I mean we mentioned child trafficking for the break we did this is not just about people coming across the border who wanna get jobs and then as being mean to those people. This is about. People's lives and it's not the humane thing to do. To let people bring. Children that are basically pre prisoners okay current. Adults claim to be your parents. That's got right meat but wow what does this do was a crisis that's a real thing they actually do it it was a dude stop that. To me it's all grandstanding in your pandering to your base and trying to get reelected I mean ice plays a critical role in combating. A smuggling and trafficking which includes. Humans. The you know they have a very well stated victim senator approach. They work very well law enforcement partners and and thank the state of Texas has their own human trafficking interdiction task force. They were globally to dismantle criminal infrastructures engage in human trafficking. The they have agents overseas they collaborated they were with foreign partners to attack networks when you you actually get aligning yourself to where she told me earlier today events and operations should be involved with yet told a story when I was in in a foreign country working some issues we we did some. Back then eight Nicholas national security presidential directive number 22 investigations which was signed by President Bush making. Making human trafficking the number one priority for all federal agencies work. Democrats here are trying to make it the number number zero priority human trafficking which seems we're enemies mean it just seems offensive what does he know and in a lot of people just listen to to the news without actually doing any research and you know for example you know ice when ice and ball gets engaged in fines people or suspects that their. Victims of human trafficking to have a very victim senator approach. They place value on the identification and rescue victims and who and they prosecute the traffickers. They have more than 350. Collateral. Oh victims witness coordinators that do nothing but work with these victims they were with nongovernmental organizations. And they provide victims services and provide short term immigration relief. To those that truly need help. Well and Iran. I mean that's why the supreme court's newest addition is so important because the the legal methodology. Behind. Suppressing and ignoring. On child trafficking is really been something that has come through the courts mean the legislatures has always passed. Passed law has done done things to try to mitigate trafficking courts however have been used to sort of soften. On those don't those types of issues talk about camp and I mean is this a good thing would be excited. That we should be excited we should be excited. Because it is is it mitigates. Let's. Passion for establishing legislation which is the responsibility of congress. Through the court system I mean just look at some of the rulings at the ninth circuit has had this past year. Regarding trumpeted they were legislating through the bench as opposed to applying the rule of law to individual cases wouldn't even disguised in the news or latent and and any attacks on Cavanaugh I mean he has anemic testified before congress. Any he's already being chided for having a a I forgot the term but. A name that shows that he's a fraternity type boy how ridiculous is that. Oh gosh especially since almost every one of the people that probably saying that are members of treaties or worse. What's interesting is the for him to get to the appellate court you know he had to go through confirmation and Ford Democrats voted for him. So for Democrats. Found him. Of of such high quality standard go to the appellate court but now before he even testifies before congress. On his nomination to the Supreme Court. He is being brutally. Chastised in the news in the media by politicians and mainstream media. Well speaking of being chastised. What did you think it appears rock hearings I mean I delights in trade county written two and a guy that if he's he'd frankly isn't yet a stain on the FBI. He is and we talked a little bit about this earlier you know I paid I think it was more grandstanding for him. He he he didn't really answer any questions. He didn't provide any information and other than two to corroborate or where he knew that he was and you know arrogant. Meant that he did in fact let his personal opinions although he stated he didn't. Influence the investigation well Enron. There's a misunderstanding to about pleading the fifth mean people who watch too many movies about in McCarthy era. If this idea that there's no consequence. For pleading the fifth and a congressional hearing like this. Tell watched our Lister what. There the reality is because you and I both know the thing to find. In the past perfectly legitimate for not answering Congress's questions. It and they can be held in contempt. But what I find interesting is in the in the open. Open hearings it was a very fiery debate. Stroke didn't really do you know same much. And been grilling the the American people did not. Come out of the hearings with much information except maybe to solidify their already preconceived ideas. However when his girlfriend testified behind closed doors. Those meetings were characterized as being very fruitful. Good information in good exchanges and and it only took five hours where the drama that unfolded and open session lasted ten hours and yielded. Really not much. Well it's just to shame when this kind of Stephanie to waste of time it truly is it truly is at they was a waste of taxpayer money I think it was a waste of of three sources and it was all just grandstanding. It actually provided him with a platform to defend himself. And the questions that were being asked. Some very passionately and by some that actually quite surprised me. And you know again didn't didn't didn't answer many of the questions that we needed. Well when that the couple CEOs emailed. API and ask for their ethics confirmation and they're they're code of ethics. They refused to send their code of ethics to these guys of these forty afternoon urged CEOs. And he seems to be just rip this ripple effect throughout. Western society got she reason may ignoring the will of the people in Britain saying to hell with the voters. You've got Democrats over here saying let's get rid of trump we don't care how. I'm even if he is legitimate president we don't care in the you've got than just struck and you've got this whole thing. I mean what what do you think's going on here on the tied up. Well you know it I talked to some friends about this from both sides the island it's it's always a very passionate debate but I know as as a country as a whole. You know there's a few values that we just don't seem to instill. In the younger generation anymore and and and probably the primary ones are simply respect. No we don't teach. I only think we teach civics and more likely they used to and I was a kid I don't think we don't try to compete like we used to as a kid when we don't teach how. How to. You know agree to disagree on issues. I mean you think about it teen teenagers in the safe spaces because they've been emotionally traumatized by another person's opinion and crying rooms I mean irony no worries that when I joined the army in 1985 my crying room was a NBC training chamber where they anywhere you had to. Take your mask off and CS gas. Crying did you cry for sure and it's it's certainly did but yet it's you know it's this every one in the can achieve it everything accommodate everyone for everything all the time crying room. You know society. And we we just don't teach people that you know. We work hard. You know it you know respect in every respect your neighbors respect your elders a respect others and I think respect is just something that's missing. Blew us it's it's even if we personally and internally disrespect someone else's opinion OK maybe because we think they're in a theater we thought how they got there was silly. The fact is there a fellow citizen their fellow human being. And we're regulating the the external we should be looking inward at ourselves we we we've gotten to a point where we can't control ourselves. Therefore we try to control every one else. Well yeah and I camino went home to visit some family and friends and you know worry trump president pat. And some more friends are very liberal you know and I respect them. But they they actually asked me not to Wear the hat. If if we had lunch you know. You know or or one out did something and I just I just could not fathom. Asking them not to Wear an Obama hat or not to Wear a black lives matter hat or not aware anything had the spouse their political opinions because I respect them that much. Unfortunately the leftists so filled with hate to. And discussed. That I couldn't be afforded the same. We'll speak you Payton discussed our law enforcement are getting a bad rap and and it looks like we're we're about to have to warned appear but I'm going didn't give us a real quick overview we're gonna talk about long between. Yeah organ talked about law enforcement and some of the programs that are in the Cedar Park area that are very very helpful but you know Amaral big proponent a small businesses and I just wanna give shout out to eagle office products and printing which is locally owned and Texas great service since 1988. You can reach them at eagle OP dot com because customer service at the big bucks horses just not the same as customer services in small businesses. All right that's fantastic oh folks we always enjoy having you win this on next week we're gonna do another salute to law enforcement. And we're gonna go more in depth on on some of what roms discussing today. It's important that we tackle issues like child trafficking it's important that we tackle issues like transparency whether it's government or private business. I'm we really appreciate you folks this is the end this week with Ron and John I'm John Griffin and I'm Ron Meyer thank you for listening we'll see you next week.