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Sunday, July 8th
This Week with Ron & John, for July 8.

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Good afternoon you're. This week with the rotten job I'm John Griffin and I'm Ron Meyer. Folks today we're gonna pull back the curtain on the cancer of government corruption and tell you what president trump is doing about it. I give you big hit in involves a swap. A big beautiful drain and 30000. Sealed VIP indictments. More on that bombshell at the bottom of the hour. Then we'll talk with Texas rancher John yearwood about the fight to keep his ranch he had a since 1871. And after a federal agency declared it. Endangered spiders habitat folks he's looking at today having it confiscated. When a tragedy. And later this half hour we'll talk to Scott Holman. Scott chairman of the frost foundation a charitable organization and CEO of Eden international group. Scott is a financial advisor to royalty millions of static. Scott will tell us how bad it really wise in 2016. How close we were to becoming the next Venezuela. Ryan it's all yours do we have our first guest. Our first guest today is gonna be mr. John yearwood. This year was a native Texan rancher businessmen and veteran of the Vietnam War were he was a combat helicopter pilot and as a veteran I'd like to take a second to thank you for your service ms. yearwood. Missed yearwood joining. Serving in the army was certainly my otter. Well suppose it's a pleasure to meet share. You know I've been following your story about you know battling the federal government then the over reach Andean pact that it's had on your property that's been your family since the 1871. Kenny Kenny Kenny give us an update and tell us about your battle with US fish and wildlife. And what you think their authority is to effectively seize your plan. Well it that it is over the boat they are. And I don't crave our members. Discovered in 190 yeah. Only to carry that it's that kept the financial long Pittsburgh sense that there humidity. Here every house. Sister real Backstreet Boys. But in New Orleans is now that they discovered it restarted looked in part in in Williamson county alone is 788. So obviously. Really danger. It doesn't sound indeed going to be. This has aids why does it need jury action. Well you can hardly call these things date and crack. Yeah. It would serve for. Condominiums co Q on the bill. The thing to spiders that have you actually seen them on your property or how they discovered. Absolutely not in our marker crawl around while they're solid so you can't get any I don't know how. I mean they're truly just correctional. Right. Slip one authorities he was special wildlife. Claiming to use to. You know tell you can't use 35 acres of your 800 plus acre property. Well it and they read in the bankers species act was. Which would take him out of the commerce clause in the US constitution our caller well basically. Yeah you. You know free trade among nation's pre trade marks quite well there are endangered species but they are and is. Has no economic value. It cannot be transported crossed arms. And and and so so there at that two pronged. It issue here we don't back into the bunker encouragement shall. Is in danger and also live in that species act I think we sent out there. Go to commerce clause would basically. Meant to. It will limit our rush arranged a L to ensure that reads well. You know among states that's right what you mean not all of them and debate species act but many other. Way that. That legislators are big government wanted to find a way to make out there of some law and strength pretty. On the certainly does sound like they're abusing their power plane commerce clause. To this particular situation and I'm sure many others. And it is unconstitutional to take our property. You know a man says. You can't take property without just compensation. And Fourth Amendment to our growth and by being dialed. And fourteenth amendment talks about you know. Equal protection under ball well somebody in the eastern part of the county that haven't yet endangered species or somebody and Oklahoma workshop that picture on the real John Hartley. John this is initiated that is you know Sunday is having to a lot of people I mean you got the bond these before him yet Wally clown. And you know he may not surprise you you've hit the nail on the head with the unconstitutional thing. What's more shocking though is that the EPA in the Bureau of Land Management which fish and wildlife all under OK for for a executive purposes. The bureau management says that quote human beings are a resource. For the purposes of ecosystem. Management and quote that's BL land in 1994. And oh yes it was an armed with. Bill Clinton was president back then and that was his. His philosophy is that human resources are natural resource to be managed. So that's that's why this is a runaway train because it started then. You can only imagine without accountability without someone like trump at White House this is just got worse. Well I suspect this statement on. Report there. Federal judge a couple of times in the end and back a couple of months ago. There were summary judgment. Here and it's gonna take a while yeah that went it will eventually get this circuit river winds there are no will will. Peg today. The revolution herbal plate this spring court I don't know what they'll hear. But I think. If it comes at a good bombing quote I've got a map about the British record just let them off. Tomorrow night around 9 PM their producer reporting. I think it will be someone. I think can be somebody that we all like. What what sort of supported you've been receiving many state federal you know officials organizations in your fight with a US fish and wildlife on their land seizure. Well you know the detection public alt fuels shout out here that public policy for. Both a land rights in the got over reached. Thank thank. Also the Americans are liberty crop writes I have joined him. Williamson county commissioners court shut down and then can impact the attorney general they are great. And up and and that and Ambac got a lot of them referred. All council of national. He'd be him and and newspaper. You know attention to. Yeah. But you really early and we feel very much Fauria you know you're human being an American citizen is the citizen and your land should not have been seized for my spider that apparently is not an endangered species and or we're getting set for break mr. urine but we'd like to have your final thoughts. Yeah well. Basically. Cost or what but it is character great and got him bubbly here. Not only are being made erotic. But go wow like there for the bug. At our. And and we have this cloud over we put. The eldest slam but couldn't give it away except some environmental group that nobody lost their lives overlap the all of the darker. So let's are taken all of certainly taken a poll for you your family and the community because I know he sports community you know financially and just based utilization lines and we are for having me on the show again and we look forward to you know hearing updates on the progress it's. Well thank you very much appreciate what you got there now. Joan Joan thank you sir. Iraq. In order for an interesting John as you know that we deem. Constitution is so important in the Supreme Court nomination is so important. It puts lives like mr. John yearwood and you know in the cross hairs it's really tragic wrong especially since. This is this is really kind of a problem on itself is the fourth branch of government are unelected. We can't really do anything about it and less we have congress removed her forward. Exactly. We'll stay tuned we're gonna take a quick break and then we will be right back would this week with Ron and John. Remember to stay with us folks because we have a few bombshells in the next half hour. We'll tell you about trans breathtaking 30000. Sealed BIP indictments who could they be. In other news what makes CEOs. Members of congress and Hollywood heavyweights resigned in unprecedented numbers. Are they all terminally ill or are they facing trump indictments. You decide. And finally what's the real reason so many high level Democrats are calling for riots. All that and more ahead. But first our next guest he's a CEO. In a financial advisor to heads of state. His family came to Texas with Stephen F Austin and 1821. Making him a gold star Texan. Governor added Megan had ruled the Texas maybe in Portugal made in the night and he's still as humble as ever. Scott Coleman welcome to the show. Job. Well sir you never story did resonate. You've been all around the world your knowledge evoke of the growth of pure finances certainly. Our expert level. I have a couple questions for ia today. About you know not only help trumps doing economically but also about. You know if you what ifs on the first let me get often just get often to start here and say. What if Hillary Clinton had been president what with the consequences be. I think it could post possibly been disastrous. I just wanted to keep the corporate rate at 35% if not higher. She proposed lots of really bad tax ideas when this took a hike to actually what it Nash. 25% national gun gun attacks. She wanted to double that federal excise tax on John you wanna 65%. Death tax. Capital gains tax hike which is the tax rate we used to to entice foreign investor coming in this country right. And use our count country where valuable capital that we need. She can't even Bill Clinton. And President Obama wanna lower the corporate tax rate they realized what a mistake it was to raise. Sunny morning in the nineties recession recovery in history and Obama sees the these high corporate tax rate hike up or gain traction. Are we still had 10% unemployment in whites are 20142015. Yeah I mean we were actually at the top of lay it when you when you look at the stock market yesterday 500 presence. Betrayed and channeling goes up it goes down to it if it advances at retreat is a little bit of bad history crisis that's right we're on an upward trend. In the channel where at the top of the channel major resistance which means we're due for a pull back. At Hillary get elected ethnically or not only hold back reserve brought. Drop broke to the bottom portion that channel which would ruin but a market crash well our creditors are playing now tell them commercially through the resistance it went. Up outside the upper part of the channel. Out of that would most positive economic event around when when trump one reducing regulation during recent actions. Well didn't he set a new stock market record to. Or did he didn't pay people that got our start or it set record autumn Utley base just by showing up someone who's run that successful multibillion dollar companies are creditors went. Old things got. Well true even when even Warren Buffett was gonna vote for Hillary. But when trump one he was ecstatic about the high tax rates and he took the ticket take advantage of them. And the investors were very pleasantly. Pleased what is his performance because of the tax. But only up you know a lot of balance tax policy actually infect I would love to have you tell our listeners. You know about the benefits. Of tax equilibrium isn't there radio which that we can tax peopled its optimal. To maximize revenue risk. In in calculus that would be considered it because the maximum problem a Maxi you wanna maximize one herbal on minimizing another. So you end you wanna maximize economic output while minimizing the tax rate. And so. And you also want to maximize revenues governor Bradley revenues. Get a lesson learned early examples of this in play like countries that have done the wrong thing at the right thing go ahead. Well course demanded well at the wrong thing Cubans at the wrong thing most of socialist countries do the wrong thing. And in the end. It's the leaders of those socialist government regimes are wound up becoming multi billionaires and multimillionaires. At the Castro apparently is where hundreds of millions of western dollars while the rest of the country shoppers there are penniless. There's no assisting his arm around this country and others and daughter Maria she what she's a richest woman and as a well with the network more we're billion dollars. And he was on record saying he hated rich people. Well that's stunning considering that the rest of Venezuela's eating cardboard or each other right now just to survive. On a date that are there glacier right right now is 25000%. So lightly Weimar Germany right now they've they've barter to try to stay alive they can't use currency are there. Well and they won't these dollars to. Well. It's funny thing is that Chavez's daughter is invested mostly American dollar even in America. Well I mean this is this for my daughter grace Mugabe a in and they in Africa over there since Bob where they just Tenet at a recent uprising because in the same kind of behavior. A less food borne out there you've you've mentioned to me before. That the consequences. Of of Hillary winning were such. That we might have experienced. A Venezuelan style implosion. Or coup it looks like we're experiencing better anyway with Maxine Waters saying go out and harass senior Republicans because they're Republican. Mean do you see it do you see any connection there is is this a separate issue ought to. I think anytime you have people that. I don't believe in democracy and and I think when I say that I mean. The greatest asset we have in the democracies of the open X and creeks kind of ideas. If you don't feel free to to have a political point of the year no matter what a bit weather's weather's liberal or conservative. You should not feel threatened by expressing your political point of view. The time for fighting is the ballot box when you cast your vote and in the meantime we should have peaceful means. And what intellectual debates occur because I learned topic liberals just like levels or picture make sure the so went up when I have a debate what that we are shake hands and walk away round and in the past when you. When you wind up yes you should not debate someone who starts name calling and threatening you. And threaten your safety are shooting people on a baseball field or attacking some rather cutting their grass I mean for reeling its long wanted to democracy. A preteen wearing. You know magaw head was detected are water burger in San Antonio. And meet and I don't routine there's like this ever dream knows no bounds and. That's true when you have the political elites and pick the people that are supposed to be our mentors that are running the government encouraging this sort of behavior. It's it's a really really bad sign that's why also frightened if Hillary were to one amino could've gone that way even more. We are you and I both seemed to quote from not one of her transcripts from one of the speeches she gave owners paid speeches out of south American bankers I believe it was in Brazil. And I trump used in the last debate I think it's one of the reasons. He won. But where she says openly says I want open borders a common market she basically said we'll give you the American southwest come on down. You know catcher slice and that's it that's something I would love your reaction army hasn't made to feel. Well what if that that's a hot topic right now but all intercept or personal commercial quarter forced. In Mexico you're across the border legally can't say it just telling you want and an expert prison. So we can't let him go there have been asked for open borders one direction and one direction only. Well then you don't want them all here and ignorant Clinton. Yeah a lot of people were coming you're coming your economic opportunities. You look at in Harlem but they passed between the countries that could requested asylum from one up at our doorstep asking it in this country. So so taxes people up. Isn't that in their common link here Scott I mean shouldn't we just beat competing the way other countries are competing until they're willing to play fair like us. Sure who spoke to compete we're both protect our borders and we're spoke so we we do allow people immigrate this country. And like all country we we are looking to try to get an attractive Brett best and the brightest. Which you can come over here and you or your not one to go on welfare system you're not be a burden our country. Going to be helped our country you have skills we welcome you and we eat you go to the legal process and you walk with open arms but if you're someone. Who is an abject poverty don't want to get well well over our world rolls. And called everyone else is actually to go up to support you re not look at for the kind of people right now we're looking for people that are gonna go out there are better themselves and their country. And try to make changes in their country without bringing up problems occur. On sky and I I would be the first to agree with you that it could that we you know try to. Try to grab the best and the brightest but just play devil's advocate for a second statue of liberty says give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to be pre three. Shouldn't we shouldn't we have a little compassion I mean isn't that the compassionate thing to do to totally bankrupt. Our country to save everyone now. While that's a catch 22 were all compassionate where all try to do the best camp. I give a great deal money to charity every year and I I am I encourage everyone else to do so to. I'm pretty much against port security but I think that we all need to do what general Hartnell we feel like. And not try to help the people that like they say he's. You can give them an efficient patent for a day or you can teach you meant efficient Peter for life. And run so much maturities are well organized around trying to help people better themselves and help help them get them the tools they need to drive on or around. Well and and discover come and appear on a break we're fine now but I just wanted to see would you be wanted to stay with us next segment we'd love to have -- Sure great. We don't go ahead and finish if you would with a fought on. Taxes mean trot the talk about what trump did the tax code and why it's so great for America. Well like this led to some countries like the Cayman Islands have a zero capital gains tax rate and they have billions of dollars invested over there. And countries all over the world where we've been tranche raised there and their taxes up to 80% they saw a huge lot of capital their country. Mahesh and they had to go under merchant meetings kind of reduce that tax cut you put them back. The problem mr. masses are so socialist right now they're wanting to attack try to hide their wanted to punish the rich. But they want the rich to stay there for their economy and they don't work begins what do you can't have both you can't have it both Waite well the paper. We all compete for porn investment capital and all the way to do that just keep our capital gains rate as low as we possibly can't. But why not allow our country our companies and corporations to grow and are more people. If you raise their corporate rate security capital gains rates. They're stuck that they can't grow they can't harm more people write the social and point their finger or fingers and blame the corporations and I are more people. When we eventually run out of other people's money is Margaret Thatcher said Scott's who give us a few final thought you were Korean break. Some of them one word. Oh gosh. It's like if you do it socialism is say is they. Tomorrow it's an upside down economic model that rewards failure and punishes success failure nearly you know that's to me there are no longer do that and that is not going to work. All right stay tuned we'll be right back. All right we're back folks before I turned over to run. Let's give a shout out to them men and women in blue. That's right blue lines. They risk their lives every day folks. To all of our Brothers sisters in law enforcement for every like you save and every scumbag you arrest we thank you. We certainly do John you know I spent. Better part of my career as a senior supervisory special agent for the department of the army's criminal investigation division. I've thought commander task forces that are involved FBI and ATF agents I have worked. Joint investigations with local state federal and international agencies to include the Kuwaiti. Criminal investigators to the criminal pole time to New South Wales state police in Australia. Not once in my entire career I've ever seen anybody go in with ill intent as you would like the left to believe. If we listen to left and let them write the negative narrative without addressing the issue they're gonna make the 1% seem like it's the truth. You don't 99% Orman better of men and women who protect our communities go to work every day. With their best interest in our best interest at heart. You know there just seems to be hatred in the country right now they just cannot control its being fueled by the mainstream media AKA fake news and left. There's like or respect for the government in general in the most visible and vulnerable symbol of the government America's patrolling our streets and mark cars and as we've seen in the news. You know it seems that people are. You know taking out on them there's been an increase in assaults on police to simply because they're the police. One thing on us are doing on a weekly show is to kind of highlight. Positive note about what our law enforcement is doing to protect our communities. And this week I'd like to highlight the Williamson county sheriff's department. I've met the sheriff and I know some of the people out there and are some of the most serving led policing organization that I have ever interacted with. The sheriff have make sure that he is integrated with the community and part of the community. He's out there on social media he personally attends events. He doesn't lead from behind the desk and doesn't leave via email he's leads out front in the community. One person I'd like to recognize her out there are one program I'd like to recognize out there is what deputy Brandon Schafer is doing. For the department. If you Brandon Schafer leaves a program that trains. Kids women and elderly and self defense as well as anti bullying. The program was kind of started after some school shootings. And the civilian response to active shooter a course was created. So just again a positive note for what one of our local agencies are doing well done to Williamson county deputy sheriffs department and or the sheriff's department and deputy Brandon shape or. I'm Scottie still witness. All right Scott will I want to revisit what we were discussing a minute ago. Trot. Taxes. What is gonna happen you gain some numbers earlier you you said Darren here's what happens when you tax this way. Injury and pretext that way give us the rundown. Oh I don't Randall's spreadsheet on let's say you must play its one Saudi Arabia or at least country but I have your tax. You're capital gains you're income tax. Your estate tax. They about 1000 dollars. Well in 25 years of outdoor grows up to 151050. Years is 258000. When you go all the way to 200 years. They've got trillions of a course. What time do you need to at the end come back and made up that thousand dollars and 200 years passing it down to their families. There incompetent is. 6100. Times more money. That we could have. Been out in a person United States would have just been twenty cent tax per year. So why would the left wanna keep up pursuing a tax policy that clearly doesn't work to generate more revenue for the programs they sang they won't. That's a good question about it but I question. No I think it answers itself they clearly are concerned with at the welfare of the people there concerned with the form of control. And net tax is certainly in that. Well I agree epic epic we all do better when the money stays in the private sector. You can look at the the government paid people social security and look at what you're gonna get corporation working and salary. In her no comparison to get way way more private sector always. Well in and create wealth and the government destroyed. Well and folks before on the Obama's got here you should note that test Scott not only gives charity in general but he he gets to the police as well and as he takes good care and Scott thank you for that he has got from a young point about you know Americans being very gracious and generous and are giving. You know in 2020s. There is reported 2017 I'm sorry. Covering the philanthropy for the year 2016. And Americans and donate almost well over 390. Billion dollars a year to charities and that is up 4% from previous years on silent as kind of underscores what you were talking about in the first half of the segment. Well and Scott I mean you you remember Reagan it. He he almost had a flat tax mean trump has done something more radical than Reagan and corporate rays beat you remember. I mean what we had like 60% adjusted for inflation growth and in the revenue than. On though and it just keeping heat up the economy and get and get more revenues coming and you could actually lower right. And in catch me at a lower rate policy deposit that the economy to grow much faster much more about robust. If you'll have a greater income screened attacks you can afford tech's last. It was not worth it both ways helped they helped each other like to be closest you have a lower tax rate you fuel economy would economies fuel or actually. Well there and it sounds like the Al Laffer Curve you know during the president Ford in and it. It just makes sense you know I've got a dollar and you're telling me for every dollar. You know I make you know while the federal government 25 cents I'll continue to earn a dollar but the tell me I gotta give the government eighty cents or ninety cents of that dollar. More and make whats my incentive to do so. On now were you when you look at the a state tax. Wait used to date was they had was still as they have that they have a gender generation skip intact. 225. Years older you are in the first you're leaving it to. You get another state tax on top the estate tax. So it pure Warren Buffett and he ordered an area eighteen year old girl. She would receive 88. Would be complete cop a station it would take everything you leave the pro Lester when your interest. Really death taxes is one of the most despicable things the Democrats have continued to answer years. I'm Scott we don't have much time left for years that this round but we'd love to have you back. A what are few final thoughts you'd like to lemur investors with. No just just. I might might buy every one is state civil in your debates in debate liberal political weight debate conservatives. And let let's have the free exchange of ideas that you were marked each other. All right years folks mutual respect and civility lost art thanks for being on programs got. Great ego are. We'll run looks like it's just you and me. Why don't we talk about trump in these 30000. CU. Indictments. What is at me. Well you know when you see a little indictment. You you you typically don't want. Information immediately step. And or you're trying to protect whoever's being indicted. Which would have been my include the conclusion and if you if you look at the numbers there. It's the highest I believe number in a sealed indictments for president in his first year it you know it's weird in that in their targeting big people are targeting government officials are marketing you know CEOs most Borchardt jumping ship. I yelled the data looks say this is pre entries staying I have a yep. Actually there's a web site and I'll put it on our page after the Sharaud. But early show is side by side. On all of the sealed indictments from the trump Justice Department over the last two years and on and then it shows the course punting resignations. Yet CEO is she adds that the heads of churches. Two means every one there's corruption everywhere this guy's going after. As a research revealed what the what they're being indicted for any topics in particular that's the thing about lending sealed. Is. We don't really know and I think if we did. I he'd probably be looking at ten sympathy riots. Other pro we afraid of I mean let's let's look at this our highest number of congressional peep of members of congress. To not seek re election. That is unprecedented there have been a lot of elected officials not seeking reelection pew forum I mean you saw that survey pew forum says and in the highest ten that's true that's true. And they're not they're there all claiming you know it's time to spend time with the family in the out of their career in the in the peak of their career a lot of these people have you know old. You know positions of power within right congress you know they're sitting on panels and you know have. You know influence over directions of funding in thirty sleeping. Well one thing we can say for sure is trump is not getting enough credit for actually draining the swamp mainly because. A lot of those folks who would do the reporting are also didn't drink. But tad you know brunt establishments runners scared you're sweating like a you know what in church or light or no generals want to drain the swamp. And as we want to continue to do drain the swamp. Right well I mean this is this is encouraging any you have you have 30000 indictments vs. What the less Russian little cream in conspiracy. He had exactly happened to the council trying to figure out what the left messages I mean other than hate. And and more hate I mean this is this is. You know echoing the plate or the phrase you know love trumps hate to and then it was finished off well lest he hate trump which never really make grammatical sense in getting it isn't much you you know for you know the left is the you know let's be. Tolerant only intolerant or you know let's let's respect others but word is not gonna respect you because you don't agree with us. Well I mean in what's amazing to me about these indictments and and we really should focus on this. Is is the fact that these are the kind of people people that are just tell our resigning so we can send a correlation there. Into people that would safely sip no heat goes during Armageddon. Oh they could and and with you know good conscience and that they're running out the door likely had seconds to live in history. They are they are and and you know you got to wonder again what is are true. Rationale for Leno leaving and like you said via the highlight of the career. When they're in positions of you know power and authority and and influence and you know those are people that that can influence. Events within their district. And for the nation. We us and look. You know I know no one likes to say the I'm I'm not gonna talk about that but what I would like to point out is one of the only figures it's public that we do know. From John trumps Justice Department is that since he was elected he is arrested. Over 3000. And a files. Were now facing facing charges that's a wonderful thing at the data I have also says there have been a lot of rescues. Of kids who were being hurt so. Yeah I've been involved with some of that you know President Bush signed national security presidential directive number 22 which basically direct all law enforcement agencies to. You know thwart mitigate. You know intervene on the sex slave trade which includes that of children. You know and then can I guess which state has it. These can bum I might throw out California just as the guests will and it makes perfect sense then when you see actor Peter Fonda. Who has disgraced his last name. Saying it wished kidnapped Barron trump. An eleven year old and thrown an occasion that's and that's the left Korea that's enough warriors of the recession Barmes got to decrease in general quick about the immigration thing before we go to break is that you. You know the left what do you think that there is you know holistic you know nuclear families coming across the border in their. It doesn't take into account that there are people MS thirteen gains drug dealers you know bringing. Kids children and women boys across the border for sex slave shrugs. And you know other nefarious crimes and acts and their plan does not. Mitigate any of that. All right folks you're listening to this week with the rise in job. We'll be right back after these messages. Welcome back folks. This is run and shot. And this is Ron Meyer. Age are now this. This last segment I talked like to talk a little bit about. The senate president trump Supreme Court nomination what who won an epic opportunity is to cement conservatism at the Supreme Court level. And liberals aren't losing their minds they are losing their minds you know they had great opportunities to shape. The Supreme Court. Under president Obama's administration. You know he could've had. Conversations with some of the liberal judges during those eight year percent of politely asked in the retire so he could cement his legacy but he failed a decent on city got lucky with Antonin scalia's death or at least he thought he did he did nets that's a whole different conversation there because we can definitely go off on some talent are still dog whistles to for a that's okay. Let me tell you how important it is to have a in my more conservative justice on the Supreme Court I'm gonna quote. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The problem you see is that the US constitution is a rather old constitution. Says Ginsburg's. And suggested to the Egyptian government that they should look instead to the constitution of South Africa or perhaps the European Convention. On human rights you're I just sacked the Soviet constitution. Exactly exactly. You know this this is a self inflicted type wounds you know remember this is there's the left as the party or Democrats the party that blocked the nomination of the Supreme Court justice because of the nominee's race actually was tea appellate court nominee because of their race. When the Democrats filibuster to block George W Bush's nominee of meg well I'm sorry Miguel Estrada in 2001 for US Court of Appeals why did they kill it. Well according to an internal democratic strategy memo. Liberal interest groups believe Estrada was being groomed by Republicans for higher office AKA the Supreme Court. And aid did not want Republicans. To put the first Latino in the Supreme Court according to this memo. We'll instead they put a typical CC play day you know revolutionary I'll I'll vote however I want is this the person they put their Sotomayor has very. Has very low law literacy in this person. I can barely really. Claimed clerk. Did the way she behaves in the way she reasons she's had to be at corrected multiple times by her colleagues in terms of her approach. Exactly. Remember it was the Democrats who filibustered. Neal core search nomination highly qualified candidate by anyone's standards and left or the right. You know. And there was also the Democrats that implemented the nuclear option. Before the lower acquired it sure did it sure did sordid the Republicans do regarding Neil gore searched nomination. They made the nuclear option available for Supreme Court nomination. It's still not permanent done is still not locked in as the procedure because Mitch McConnell is a weekly. Well that's true and I on might have different opinions about that but I think you're you're you're on target with this particular issue. You know it into what's also interesting is the left continues to attack christianity. I mean already you know won the one of the nominees in the this expected nominee for. That trouble put forth all night at 9 PM they're already tracking hurt. Targeting her Christian faith. And what's up with that Ron it's gotten so virulent to this isn't any longer just say we don't wanna hear your prayers are. Hey please you know take decked out. How then does nativity scene somewhere else I mean this is new being hateful. You know spitz for an kind of stuff mean Michael Morse talking surrounding DC with one million people to stop trucks and. What does this just vicious hate filled you know instead of making it on substance you know for example you know in her present position she. You know made this ruling or you know took some sort of action or had some sort of policy it's just you know what's what's fear monger. Let's attack christianity. As being anti American and anti constitution. And lets you know but they have no message no no matter. Ironically. It's it's really just it's come full circle because Christian values are the reason we have a cultural space. That permits the left. To be so violent. So irrational and so emotionally driven and that's the key right there in the left argues with a motion. The right argues with facts and that's why we're at loggerheads over time it's kind of like a husband wife situation. You know she wants him to understand how she feels and just listen. He wants her to use common sense. Yeah you know it they are anti discrimination laws you know prevent discrimination against religion amends amongst many other things but they certainly do seem to be discriminating against. A well qualified Supreme Court support. Supreme Court nominee. You know a couple other things is is you know their fear mongering also about the overturning groovy way do you know Roe vs. Wade is law of the land whether you agree with that or not. Where are they don't even follow review winter they're OK with 500 billion taxpayer dollars to fund abortion which roe V says. He didn't yeah Amir in pulpits specifically said he cannot use. You know taxpayer you know money for abortions yet here we are so mean and liberals say storage sizes led to decisions stand you know settled precedent. They only care about keeping it settled. As long as it favors to position and the yen Windsor and over her felt on gay marriage that's a one year distance between those two cases. And two of the people should've accuse themselves to the justices because of their. You know that they're they were compromised by their personal and public views on the subject. At solutions. Through. Yeah I mean heaven heaven a Supreme Court to that's little more conservative as skewed for protecting the First Amendment. Because. You know it conservatives trying to exercise our first amendment rights and you know colleges and universities is constantly under attacked. And they they used to justification that well it's a conservative speech is hate speech. You know how many can happen heaven a conservative but the Berkeley rioters you know. Sending their peers on fire that was what it. A love. How I guess it was a lifetime but he and it's all it's all about hate fear mongering it's all about pandering to. The left its base. You know what I find interesting is there's a recent study. By Reuters in a ticket publish an April 30 it was poll in New Hampshire. But it showed that millennial Democrats are leaving the party had a pretty decent rate. Always called walk away or least test acute cash tank that one of them was clever enough to it come up with. But there have been so many ride we're gonna have a couple. A the most significant colonials our show next week that's correct our next week we're gonna talk about them away annuals and politics so that'll be an interesting topic conversation that's right. Well in Iran I'm reminded as we as we look at the news that there're so many issues that we can't have a conversation get excited about because. They're unwilling to see us as a valid. Logical perspective or alternative view outlook global warming we're having an event in Georgetown etc. it's called George Tenet before him. It's going to be yet can be next week July's seventeen. And I really want one play this because it's the only organization 9/11 greater Austin area besides Texas a policy. That has measured. Simple. And balanced. Debates about and a contentious issues when liberals though global warming to practically a religion even when it's cool. Yeah exactly exactly. You know yeah you guys do great job of their Georgetown with those three forms I've attended one or two. I attended one that was topic was abortion affirmative right. And I was I was there very very shocked when the pro abortion. Representative. And I forgot exactly who was there are indications. Manager for the entirety Texas plant there just ended the discussion was you know it was good civil discourse there was disagreement but also very polite and portal. She just abruptly got up and left. I think it was when that guy started quoting Planned Parenthood Dan about you know mammograms being nonexistent and ten. Yeah all kinds of other female health things that it suppose we provide. Access to. It has happened waiter. It it sure it sure did it sure did but that was definitely an interesting. Interesting interaction can you guys do great job up there with trying to bring communities together and talk about contentious issues we appreciate you run. Listen let's get back to two crime crime in the left I mean that's really what this comes down to the left is scared. And they're saying look over their squirrel look over there hoping that the ADD population. Yeah I was just doesn't think about why. The less only message now is great stuff. Kill maim destroy. It in this really because look at the indictments. There in the house and exactly exactly estrogen armour stuff while the lucky become workers John. It is you know and went. Teach at that point I would say trump is like LE madness in the untouchables. He just grabbed two pounds bookkeeper and he's sitting pretty. I mean this is a guy who now knows too if anyone was a part of 9/11 and and who killed JFK he just came down said one of them still lives that we can't really were you know. Can't take Albert action now we're so sorry to wait a little longer to he's dead. I mean this is this is kind of a veiled threat against whoever that is this is a guy who knows. Time is short for leftist bull and he's maximizing. It. Well you know exactly and on I quoted a Reuters poll earlier you know the enthusiasm memorial for the Democratic Party is waning. On an ad that you know epic rates there is that the survey of 1828 her for eighteen to 33 year old. On democratic voters are slipping away into the Republican Party. And I think about 9% over few years' period. All they see is a woman who's clearly insincere he's publicly been caught lying so many times about so many serious. Serious felonies and serious. High crimes and misdemeanors. That they're just kind of at a loss for words mean they had they were cheated out of burning. All right they're just they're they're not so much Republicans at this point they're just not. Hardened Democrats anymore they don't continue to they're not that they don't. Still buy it rod yeah why and and they try to level playing field you know by. You know impeding on the rights freedom of speech you know they can't McEntee doesn't. Let me be back in 86 even a team of something called the Fairness Doctrine because of the because the amount of resurrect talk radio through the music and they sure did. You know under saying that well you know we we need to counteract. The conservative voice so we're gonna we're gonna require by law. That the left it's equal air time. Well I mean Obama took a step further he had a guy he praised Hugo Chavez he was the FCC chairman's Obama appointed praise Hugo Chavez as a model. 44. For the press and even suggested that it was time conservative. Members of the media stepped down from the liberal counterparts. I mean I'm so glad that Trump's new search you. I am to John hand last minute you know I am a veteran and I wanna give a shout out to the military officer association of America. Them Samoa as the nation's largest most influential association military officers as an independent nonprofit politically nonpartisan organization of the great stuff. The central champ Texas chapter of the military officer association is having a golf scholarship tournament on September 24. Even get more information on Centex Malone got word. All right folks. Well as always you've been listening to this week with Ron and John we'd love to have you come back check this out on FaceBook and Twitter we'll have our side at San. Enjoy the rest your Sunday. Is John Griffin and Ron Meyer.