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This Week with Ron & John
Sunday, August 5th
This Week With Ron & John for August 5.

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This week was running John. I'm John writhing in Ron will be with a shortly. Today's episode of this week with Ron and John is brought to you by Laura and Randy Grimes of Williamson county thanks so much folks and Taylor auto credit. They finance the cars they sales since 1990 in Georgetown and Taylor they say yes when others say no. Well you know the economy has been doing some amazing things in the last two weeks thanks to Donald. 1%. Annual growth now's the latest estimate the latest projection. That's faster than it was every year of the Obama administration and several years of the Clinton administration folks. That's just that's truly unbelievable thank you Donald Trump for some sensible policies. And we have we have some some outrageous more outrageous behavior from liberals to discuss today we have the mayor in Portland. Essentially decide that he was going to do clay here anarchy legal. So that's the mayor of Portland he's decided that citizens who support law enforcement and immigration customs enforcement. On our free game for people that one hurts them or want to commit crimes against their property he's also declared open season on ice itself to good folks at ice to. Keep us safe they run much to tell us a little bit about a little bit about what's going on view. Well just following up on your. Topic you were just discussing. You know the mayor Wheeler auto club Portland pledged not to intervene when I SaaS for help in fact. He whitewash flawless this behavior earns. In his Cody says I joined those outraged by ice actions separating parents from their children and support peaceful protest to your voice to our collective moral conscience and of course it's not peaceful at all in fact Iran you had a background with the FBI mean what would be the normal protocol the wind a local community especially duke players lawlessness. The law. Well hey if I think you know that the one term that we can use to be insurrection. Who you know institution might sound a little extreme but look let me let me digress here you know and I think any any Sanctuary Cities that outwardly. Protests place directs there'll law enforcement personnel not to support ice. Could possibly be. And guilty of insurrection a especially when they're passively allowing attacks on actual. Ice officials and and people who were just down the streets saying hey we sport law enforcement. If you allow violence isn't the same thing legally is this. Well exactly you know you know insurrection or rebellion is actually a codified in eighteen US crude which is the criminal code of the United States and talks about whoever in slight sets foot assist or engages in any rebellion and or insurrection against the US authority of the United States. AK nice. Affecting you know enforcing the laws or gives aid and comfort there to show they're too shall be finder imprisoned. And so if I were crazy liberal McCain and I are talking about on my liberal friends that I sit down and have lunch with a talking about the folks here in Portland you're throwing. On bonds and yelling in turn hurt each other. If our lives and I didn't want a trump military dictatorship and I thought that was a bad idea would you say they're going about the wrong way dealing with these issues with. Is this pushing pushing this closer to this the largest opium future that lives here. Well it is and that's the in the left some worrisome for you know leftist ideology. There rat hole. Radicalization of left you know insofar. Anti government anti trump a movement. Bentley I mean and look what what what his truck really done to deserve this you you're telling me recently that although the that the results of his economic policies and just how wonderful the economy's doing march talk a little bit about that mr. Let's just talk a little bit about our US economy at a glance and you know this isn't what I've you know read another news media and kind of go to the source kind of guy so you know that. Data that draws from. The bureau beckoned on economic analysis which is part of the US Department of Commerce official numbers official numbers yet. You know in the second quarter of 2018 GDP was up four point 1% which is unprecedented. I mean when Obama left office young GDP was around. One point 31 point four rent and that was considered the new norm almost that was fed driven inflation is well exactly but limited missile look let's look at other numbers. And June of this year personal income continues to grow by point 4%. Wait you mean the middle class actually has income growth and Iran the middle class has income growth of more discretionary income and that's why you're seeing. You know unprecedented. And you know amount of jobs being created you proudly lists historically low. Our unemployment and including historically low minority unemployment. What for the first for the lowest in sixty years the lowest in sixty years. You know international trade is still good new foreign direct investment is still good despite. You know all of our trade notes for more right now as we re negotiate our trade agreements which was a long long long overdue not a lot of turmoil there either I mean you knew you just tell the French president to do what you want need who mean well -- when. You know an and looking at that grossed a medic prop domestic product by state these are states and there are industries that contribute to the overall. On national gross domestic product you know Texas. Is benefiting greatly affect 48 states including the District of Columbia have increased their gross domestic product. My I think almost three point 6%. On what that really translates into for for the regular folks at home. That's a term that refers to our overall. Well. Creation correct so that means more companies are producing more hiring people that are spending more money in means we're doodle all around a lot better let's break this down even further their breaks down to a personal personal income and her personal income is up on an average four point 3% with Texas benefiting. Greater between five point four and seven point 4% increase in personal income. Don't see when we hear figures like that makes me wonder if any of these folks that are out the streets protesting burning things. If thing actually ever look at numbers everything actually ever look at anything other than. How they feel. I I don't think they do by you know along with the increase in personal income is personal consumption expenditures. And on average people are spending 4% more. On stuff and things I mean where are you mean 60% of the economy's consumption that's wonderful news well exactly what little you know couple of my senior California's four point 9% increase. In consumption expenditures. As we break it down by state texas' 4% or greater. But even the people Republican California is benefiting much you'll never hear them talk about it certainly well. That we one million for the break I'd like to talk about what's coming up next we're gonna hand the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas where this season studio folks say hi James. Good afternoon it's closer to bear the we can't wait to talk with you. James has presided over and revolution really in her own party here in Texas in a revolution of common sense I'll say. No more of this you know and not establishment driven. Non cooperation that we saw it hurts Republican Party and some of our last cycle few cycles. Now we've we have strong. Strong Republican candidate stepping toward a lot of wins all over the state. We do we just kitten getting tired of winning you know me too much not yet. If I hit that. Was a lot of work to do or one Ron what do you have forced to break. After the break we have sheriff Robert showed he he's the Williamson county sheriff is gonna pollen (%expletive) but this philosophy about policing. And a community interactions and a few other issues and then we'll talk a little bit about it. We'll talk a little bit more about maybe the trump Russia or Russia dossier and a more about the fake media. All right fantastic will stick for this folks you're listening to this week with Ron and job. And and. All right folks we're back this is this week we've run a giant. We have chairman of the Republican Party of Texas in studio where this his name is James Dickey. And you know James just survived a contentious leadership election with the old guard of the Texas Republican Party and came out on top. Proving that the same forces that put trump and office are alive and well. People want authenticity they want us and genuine and ethical. And they want consistency in their leaders want to be heard James watched tells what you do in the Republican Party. While the secret weapon for the Republican Party at Texas is the tens of thousands of amazing dedicated folks we have at the RP take. People want the Republican party's succeed want our elected officials say a CC. And want to do whatever they can do to help make it happen I know that's what got me involves all those years ago. That's why midi you know slowly became my precinct chairmen accounting chair now say chair was really just to do what I can do to help make it better. And we have tens of thousands of those people out there aren't as high as free market guy is and his folks are off on the Republican side who know what value comes the more input you have the more though that the batter the result is. I'm does secret weapon we've been doing is just unleashing those people on making the difference they've always wanted to make himself in during this special session when. We've found that there was a wonderful match between some of our platform and some cause on the call we just unleash our members on fighting for those things and sure enough we got. Half of those. And then it's at the convention and even then. And on fear we have thousands of delegates and alternates from all of us say. And they put a tunnel work and it together into developing a platform than ever yet vote one on one on. And we sent people complained it was too big and we'll be but then that's the street did you issue let everyone genuinely have a voice I know is that a lot of folks. Had authentic debates on the floor that would work stopped in the work prevented because we have someone there who is running things and actually believes in. The Tennessee Republican Party. One that's a thing of when not if we are not afraid at least we should never be afraid of open debate being challenged and certainly within our own party. To challenge what the best way is to fight for freedom and the best way is fight for opportunity in the best way is to fight for justice. I don't his arm dangerous and they are not and self and yes there are a lot of people go wow you know 300 planks that's a whole lot of planks. But. Most people don't realize that there were 6000 bills filed last legislature. And one thing we're doing is we're fighting for clarity and so we say. In the legislature we will all we will support and a lonely and if our platform addresses it. She is a platform doesn't are so we'll just leave them alone let the represented as making you know which they are representatives and we we are Republicans who believe in Republican representation. And if our platform doesn't address that we can leave it up to them to make call. I'd rather have a clearly defined platform no matter how long it is that if you you're you're able to accomplish top ten or twelve brother quickly you can you've got to Los list to keep moving through exactly when the reality is government even in Texas where we try to be as small as possible only try to follow that principle. Government touches a lot of things and some of those things make my top five lists or your top five list. But when we put tens of thousands of us together and there's undoubtedly a hundred or 200 people who feel very passionately about something that I would have never involved in. Being able to get all those people in the room and coalesce around some big ideas and things that are bigger than than those those single issue exactly. That's the challenge and we haven't had leadership in recent years I'm not knocking your predecessors really and who knows. That wouldn't be class she didn't do you wouldn't you know but I'm gonna do for him is gonna say that previous leadership has not exhibited qualities that have allowed. Single issues to be adequately represented and yet also. Everybody together in the day. We still had a lot of division. In the recent past I don't see that going forward that I see nothing but but but I hope so. Let me ask you on that basis alone on what are you doing with with the engagement. You know the track you're you're really moving forward. Why and then talking to arrive at me on some staff though was it that predates my tenure. And they said you know for for the couple years before me that was their pets they would go to donors since they were going to hire someone to go after. And increasing our exposure in the black community we're gonna hire some way to increase our exposure in the Hispanic community. And I know personally what a big job it is sort the state. And I was just convinced that having trying to have one person represented the Republican Marty fort -- ten million Texans is. Is it is not setting them up for success has not setting us up for success of the first thing we did lies. We just made sure that all of our voter identification active activation efforts involved. People talking to all neighborhoods and all communities and all voters and one thing's he done is on purpose talked to. As the party we can afford to go talk a year before the election shoes to voters who vote in the general but never wrote in a primary. So the weekend talks on and say. Do you share concerns with us about increasing taxes as we bring lawmakers those are a lot of from voters and show art from movie don't them primaries but they they did come out to vote. And pretend a lot of people who said look I was never a Republican before but yes I care about jobs from my neighborhood and yes I care about jobs for my kids yes. I have seen the devastation of the other policies and I seen the success in Texas a Republican policies. I'm I'm with you on criminal justice reform I'm with you on lower taxes lower regulation and not increasing and affordability which is exactly what we're seeing in the city mosque you know there's not a fear. You know with your leadership style and in minority communities he's an end it's just having conversation. With people is being able to talk with people not at them. And I notice we've gotten away from London for bees went let's target this community target that. Now there's volatility of that relationship building a relationship building around shared principles and that's. That they you know at the end of the day a wide as a party exists all the parties this to advance our principles and we work. We were founded to fight for freedom for the slaves. In Texas we were founded to fight for the right to vote for the freed men. I am happy we forget the Republican Party passions of war architect he's probably the we knew where the party and we were the party that does suffer jets all the hundreds more right we we have a long history. Shared principles for the inclusion of inclusion of saying. We care more that we both want better for all then whether you and I happen to currently be in the same collect. And and it is so important that we make that message and it all comes down relationships which we are doing with we've trained 12100 volunteers across the state. Who know how to go out of there their voters and their neighbors and and work those. And now the DS RC's fired back up and we got them voted. We will have an engagement committee. They'll charge much working groups will we will have working groups all over the state house and it won't just be ready subtlety on you know younger voters and non hi Susan matters to a lot of voters mean people my age in the in that overlap between millennial and gen X or. We don't care about race we care about ideas while about issues he gets a factor and thanks 3040 years of the press drumming it and it's not a factor we can take lightly and solid back there we can pretend doesn't matter. It's it's one thing we need to work on not the key thing we need to work on. And at the end of the day is what always matters has relationships and we have the secret weapon we have great people all over the state. Who care know their neighbors and cracks in other neighbors matter want to help fight together for a matter on what. They realized you know working campaign trail as you know when your when you get out there and quote unquote gripping grin with people and talk to people here to break down those barriers and shall you know I've met a lot of minorities have a member of the Texas Asian Republican assembly. You know all true conservative as I was having friends with a a having breakfast with a has banner print my cup we Skelly says Ron don't believe whatever you hear in the news. Most of us are conservative. Because we are the party of inclusion we do provide economic prosperity we do. Implement policies reduced regulations etc. that make minority unemployment the lowest possible where I want NFL live. Just never came due and our PT convention and looked at what we were doing there I mean they they will get away from these conspiracies about the vast right wing is they would get away they're really fast is all really doing is talking to each other. And having conversations about issues. Absolutely and as such as somebody challenged me and so we went and looked it up we had hundreds. Of Hispanic delegates that are statements and there but you can see that some of the pictures and none of the local. You know and media. At an end so I mean it's. When I was Travis County chair in 2016. A majority of the Republican candidates for office in Travis County were Hispanic. You can hear about that and we'd certainly didn't set out on you know let's go do a quota thing on it we just welcomed every candidate who want to come forward and that's who won our primaries. On that's what trumps talk about when he talked about fake news it's inherent bias and partisanship that is in the media whether it's local state or national news. That's right and people just want that they're in their leaders they want people to this point history that are consistent. And then or who they say they are and lived them out in and that's something they didn't see and a lot of establishment cans that's why we've had social suite. From from established Republicans to. Two fresh faces in people are still voting are. But a little but they're voting for you face as we saw in 1994 we're seeing again and that's why. And I had S all time my counting parties shall what do we do to grow the party more. On this that the first most important step in it's it's not easy but it is very simple we need to be welcoming. Anyone who helps us we need to encourage them and give them a debt and that's why I'm so excited about these working groups. We're gonna have all over the state you don't have to me and SRC member you don't have recounting chair you just have to be someone who wants Republican Party to do better. Line yourself up with the thing that it is a path matters she is that we need to work on and we will set she loosened. And that's a great tools and I'm so excited and don't give this give a second and we had to bring Kerry got don't know many. Give this your thoughts on the future what is the big take away for folks so that the most critical thing right now no question is election in November week. We can't fight throw in unified foreign January if we don't ever get speaker of the house of we don't have good majorities in in both chambers. That presidential level you know will will have big difficulties if we lose the house. You know they'll they'll turn around impeach him first week. And so. The absolute most important thing our voters cannot be apathetic otherwise we will face an exact reversal of the 22010 Tea Party wave. We cannot afford that so turn out and turn out your neighbors. All right James thanks so much for being with where this folks after the break we're gonna talk about Russia in about why we're sure we've been talking about Russia. I'm Brian what are you what are you tell Ford normally happen with fruit from the poisonous tree real quick quick and we still be investigating stuff. Now we wouldn't infect any any evidence. You know any evidence that was obtained from quote unquote fruit of the poisonous tree which means. Evidence that was obtained illegally or without proper authorization to simply would not be admissible in court. Period. You know and and you know be because of that we're gonna talk about the young Mueller investigation a little bit and weren't talked about maybe some of the the evidence that was fruit of the poisonous tree talked about the the Russian dossier. And then our top spots mother issues but we're gonna welcome chair truly are all right we'll stay with us folks will be you right back after this you listen this we. When I mention. Crimes have against. I do and joining us at right now will be sheriff Robert choate he sure showed he has the chief law enforcement officer for Williamson county welcome to the show sure trinity. Or they are doing very well I just of full disclosure I did vote for share your odious support share of Jody and I have also given him a point of excellence and I think he's just do money. Fantastic job but. And so make sure everybody knows that. But anyway share charity. Or you're welcome you're welcome I I truly think you've just done a fantastic job in and motivating. The deputies. Whether there on the road or in the jail. You know seven following the sheriff's departments whose 2013. And I'd like it'd just talk a little bit about some your philosophy about policing Anderson leadership there and and some of the the changes you've may need. And turning the department around. Well it's incredibly simple to to some degree when I mean it won't talk about last the you know under immediate. Technicians that leadership honesty what people you know I think at the mixtures but specifically this. The servant leadership in. We have degree and I take servant leadership were and I gravitate towards I empower others. And then let them do what they do in other words. You know we have many great that he's not a certainly that period so there is we had a special passion. Or the big job in mall or you're on course related and we found their it. And if you great example we have a panic that we do and whatever words you bet. Had a headache if project job title job UT and we used that we pushed it out into the public advocate and as passion or. So that then and educating the community it's just taking all that many great respect. Almost every. Cracked that he went into this year's school me. Dirty it and get their war to enlighten and this is educating people young. Politico apparently crippling messages. When we got the current elderly Gupta has really been one of Chris Simon. Who will leading the way I expect there that you have won it. And we've reached over 1000 people are some things and he never available before so I wanted to. Well well well well which could duplicate leadership last week's empowered and armed police to do what they do that. One in on it and you know it is empowering your employees do their best identifying specific skill sets that can benefit the community as you know one of the other things that have noticed. You certainly engage the community through social media. I mean I've seen new you know post pet that your gonna be at a specific copy shop come have popular sheriff showed he. And it again and it probably ties into server led policing her serve let leadership but just talk about your approach on how how you integrate with community how you like your deputies to integrate community. And building those strong bonds with community. And the people that live in Williamson county. We'll meet her practice about even with the social media aspect of it that's something new homes and maybe a new course I'm agencies. Certainly people in nature so as it was in it certainly welcome to wide open arms at first set by everybody. You still to this day at a ball the employees have embraced it and embrace it well you're really here jumped on the training nah. Our driving the train back. Exactly and you know what it just and I like the tweets just hey there's an accident on this road you know avoid the area to. Just letting people know hey there's an investigation going on in this area. Just avoid the area for now I think that's awesome. As soon ended up behind it is going to be transparent. Actually is to inform virtually dead anything and actually that may be expected that. Somebody's following an associated can't say. They can be aware of the video ordinary because that's also take you expect from public safety it's simply avoiding intersection because of a collision that market. That's one less car let's assume that can injure one remark that he's the same time. Well less traffic so we're trying to do it in buying you know translating. And also will try to get that. Person whose own merits of that are really there that mention that in year. Mark and the traffic in the city to work on as well we're trying to do that she's only two. Let me he's been overwhelmingly. Supported it better yet very encouraged by hitting. Any respect you you think you messages. And so a lot positive out of that we bossy and I run you know I actually find it. People are kids that will miss seeing. We used to notify people that would let. After. You know certain events you know eastern with a proactive part of we see that we. Haven't been known to people in the past as proactive as we are now so a lot of our commitment and here's. He shares sheer charity this is John Grisham story today. Very a good hey thanks for being on the show I've got a question actually. I'm happy how is your new policy affected there you give me some examples of truck enforcement actions on route twenty in what is it typically look. And we actually approached by Ian some of the homeowner's situation all that lit up when your accusers say. And rising commercial truck vehicles that due to the population growth in that area and make sense in that in person so. So in fact we hadn't. Couple weeks ago where electrical traffic unit out there and we orchestrate replied that enforcing speed limits are going to. In any others the commercial vehicle struck. I can make sure that they're you know they're loads of property. Wait in there you know due to see you beat nick Marshall vehicles. I don't have enough that it would perk we're trying to. Let this. Crock Crocker knowing that there are these all the records if we want them there we've yet here's where a Red Hat technique and an equal greater partner. We are going to be pulling people in here that an area when you live in those they're not that we're not your track all all on the 29 the very ignorant. And. Others some in congress already are. There's so many trucks with so many you know. Asphalt plants and gravel plants and and stumbled transmitter so many trucks on road you can't cure on 35 when he nine. And 195 he can't would trucks and we we appreciate your earlier. Little room for error. Well there is and and Brooklyn question following up on that what Howard the businesses like the you know the stone quarries. You know. How are they receptive towards us hopefully they've been pretty supportive I mean discipline with the driver but you know they're the ones loading the truck is stuff. He typically expectations to become the driver goes to deterrent we haven't heard any response from the businesses that Mercosur yet. As commercial motor vehicles that I'm aware of at this point. Typically don't lesser. It's something that they're having a problem with which restaurant and in this case we have been burdened and. The pain again I get one final question and then you know as Austin's growing you know we see round rock growing we see. Georgetown growing AK Williamson counties grown all at the Cheryl it shows growth growth growth proof proof that we're seeing more people move in all the time. One of my concerns as you know how our power using however your car able to overcome the challenges of growing your apartment with personnel. Reducing overtime an increasing your budget and working with the county commissioners quarter on and getting the resources. And funding that you need. To keep us safe. Well I think it challenges he didn't understand you know. And then. There's court as well there's sentient citizens. Label you know he made a major requests this year in Britain says that seeing you and on the budget. Means when people label it when they are this management you know let it and others are just. It is not. Make really affecting understandable or unit share for people noted that permit. The national in the article you quote we're talking about by two with a lot of hours it's something as simple. And eventually it is something we're responsible or accountable and in response ready crackers. So called our situation or the hole that includes within the city so you cannot be on the past two months we techno or 300. Well call service just read the well I think the audience around throughout Georgetown those agencies are calling our deputies to help out with. Those are the cost. You when you have that the burden on resources in your at it port officials that is equal question which at my question Richard the need to understand what they also need to look at. It didn't look at the budget hole from departments all across it and look at the percentage increases over the years purses. The law enforcement aspect panic tale aspect. Avoid religious lag is currently behind most of the other departments. Yet we seem to 2% see you know it's 2% increases in that record it but it but you know there's been. 70% or 20% increased HR 43% are in order parts. In the shared its one point 6%. Sure how he get. I'm all for me it's 8% that increased. I'm not eight and 20182018. There's an inconsistency there and and I can that your ramat it or. If you haven't met them neatly each year but at what they share our view that orders thirty positions gourmet. Permit time period two I do our. Portion of those. Our request where Greg is so this has not been muted on Matt you brought those positions. Department source port so I it's it's what our. Aggravating at her lack of better work that this is to protect and educate community and what we need this sort. Cautious court and some would ever reached out and equal hopeful it resolution assuming it will be. Well I hope so too and we're definitely gonna have you on the show again or animal we're gonna wind down here before the our upcoming break but we'd love to have you back and it shows some other times so hopefully you'll be open receptive where's that. Absolutely thank you for having have a great rest that we. Thank Chris Jerricho you have a great weekend to thank you to be safe there. Well Iran. Reich why talk with which you've got some really important for the break. And then is Russia and the FBI and he and a great story background law enforcement man and you know I think anybody looking wedge from selling Helsinki objectively would agree and he said quote. You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the DNC's server why haven't they taken the server and quote. Well the nerve of trop to demand the FBI examine evidence before drawing a conclusion what's going on. And that is going to be an issue for me for for for ever. And you know and we talked about on the way down a talked about before on the show. There's no way you could have made a determination. On what Gator did not happen without any type of preliminary analysis on that server and period no questions asked. You know it and we talked a little bit before about you know what's a specific intent crime and what's not you know justice. This specific intent crime is you have to prove somebody intended to be something. While the allegations levied about I guess Hillary Clinton and using. A classified information on our deep personal server in her bathroom or wherever what is and every second serve which he did not have to prove intent. She just merely had to do it and we're the only to say that there's nothing to move forward on who wishes them billions of. There's not call pointed to require this guy to apologize. In in just I've never seen trump so. You know I've manipulate I mean the guy is giving this discount rose apology in the Oval Office saying and so Soria said these are objectively true things. And I mean Ron that's that's kind of scary to me when he has represented Adam -- saying we admit we have no evidence but quote it's simply does not matter quote. Mean US code they chapter eighteen couldn't arrest some of these people was getting a win absolutely absolutely and everybody likes to think collusion is a crime. All right and is not a crime it is not a crime of folks stick Willis will be right back after these messages. All right folks were bad this is this week LeBron and John. Before the break we were talking about why Russia is still even if thing I mean we had fruit from the poisonous tree Rhonda whole initial investigation is based on. The steel dossier which was paid for not only by Hillary Clinton but also by elements within the FBI. And we have people out there from the former officials do brownish ration. Saying that trump should be thrown out the military too because it is Russia staff that he should be. Some are even getting really close to at all I'm advocating assassination right on the line. I mean run a chapter eighteen US code 235 advocating overthrow government your FBI error retired. She shouldn't we just go ahead and arrest some of these folks. With the yeah we certainly could mean there's it would be un none I certainly unprecedented. But it was certainly be an extreme. Use of power. Not retired FBI hammer retired federal agent though might very well know hours and hours but on some very well aware of you know criminal codes and rules long criminal procedures. Yet it yet in fact they're the its direction long of I think was eighteen O seven and actually gave the president some limited powers to employ a military to put down insurrections and rebellions which. Who would mean really just a leverage somewhat constitution says which gives the president power to what we hadn't actually created. On machinery for that that law accomplish that purpose. But we also posse come at times too which says no decent in the poultry and miss spears limited to these instances in with the approval State's current selling it. In extreme situation that would be used to be used for very limited purposes to be used for single scope. And then once mitigated turned back over the state local economy but you know military has been used to. To respond to natural disasters sure hurricane Harvey hurricanes in Florida those of involve minorities in Chicago they have. Well just look at Chicago I mean you know Chicago right now they're demonstrating. Against rob Emanuel. So liberals are demonstrating isn't a little old YE Yang is not right an and their demonstrating because he is placing priority. Over. Illegal citizens. Creating a Sanctuary City. And not taking care of the American cities that I'm semi silly music hero award doesn't work I think what 30% unemployment in some places. I think so you know and it is and the left chasing here this especially the gun control fanatics but. You know Chicago's got some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and yet this week and wasn't just another shooting murderous Rampage. Yeah I mean why don't we Hanson citizen while while they listen to assist themselves living in DC for a short time I did work of Tucker Carlson I gotta tell you. I felt I felt exposed. The entire time because I didn't I wasn't able to exercise our right to carry. Well exactly items pulled up as of two hours ago. As of Sunday morning this is just this morning. 31 people shot and two killed in multiple incidences early Sunday alone. You know ashe's absolutely crazy absolutely crazy racist. Or run we lost in force today well Connell fallen following now won my favorite topics about how the left has lost their ever loving mind. You know again the left continues to attack place. But they don't know what they're talking about. In fact Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono. A Democrat who was questioning the ice executive associate director for reinforcement. On removal operations yet you can mean. Not exactly. It but here's what she said that these individuals. Have broken laws talking about ice OK so she says that they have broken a law only as deemed so by president trump. So here's a democratic senator. Accusing our use of enforcing laws that trump created. Which. Creating laws fascination you know I think congress. I think she let shack T exactly or on rounds and then there's this is a quote from her I'm confused. Wasn't what else is knew he had had any ice official had to explain to Democrat senator Mazie Hirono that legal immigrants are in fact breaking the laws that congress passed. Yes I'm sorry that the Supreme Court confuse this with Cheryl decisions in the sixties but. It's a felony. To even into the US and Lee is an. It is it is now all of their might be some per you know procedures internal policies and regulations about how prosecutorial discretion assure us English and Russian region OK but the reality is is that ice is just enforcing the laws of this land so when I hear the left talking about abolishing I east. On here about attorney general candidates in New York talk about prosecuting a case these are federal agent's sworn agents. That are swore to uphold and defend the constitution and laws of this United States. There is initial quality. Change the wall she's fully as I hold people at the top of the democratic pile way more responsible for these types of insane outbreaks of lawlessness. Amongst their base than the base database. Can be the head of the base can be turned so easily now around him. Then it's almost it's almost that kind of funny to watch if it weren't affecting our communities so more structurally. Well exactly and and you know the the let's embrace of just outright socialism they're not even coloring it anything other than what it is they can put Democrat from we'll socialism yeah. But in fact though that the DNC chair in the DNC chair dugout and a good guy. Said that. The young socialist candidate out of New York running for running for. Congress. Plus Kerio Cortes was her. Alexandra Cahill a fighter and always has been and a republic surname I have no idea but anyway. He said that she is the future of their party. G tacitly endorsing socialism has a policy. And approach to use their Democratic Party well to borrow to borrow some words from Karl Marx from each according to either to their ability to each record. Do you need maybe he doesn't need to be chairman anymore. Well here's here's is here's a promise socialism that they don't wanna tell you about is the is socialism believes in commanding the resources and people. OK so so who were talking about directing people and resources on what to do which would infringe on individual liberties empowers a production exactly they want control all natural resources which includes my farm field. Because it is a natural resource and if you're you know if you're not gonna happen and I've played in that keep the the right stuff communism we're talking about his toughness socialism it's shifting between you know is just barring a little bit of that. Of what works with socialism in and no apply here well socialism is probably the on par with communism or maybe second to communism for you know just killing people in it and not killing people through war. And defending democracy ending killing people through deprivation right dude and resources necessary to sustain life flight and is well it doesn't stay there either assists and they're correct and it's midway between Kaiser capitals as kind of being bisexual military advice seriously seriously we say you're bisexual. You negate your straight. They're in there's there's no mid way that lasts for longer than if you meant well they never explained that in and I talked about those two weeks ago where. They all say well you know socialism any of those other countries failed to simply because they got it wrong and we can do it right there is no bright socialism okay well maybe that's a clue that we shouldn't try to begin with if they've never gotten it right yet maybe we shouldn't try to. While you know and if your Bill Clinton and a socialist you know control all natural resources includes control all humans. But you know just let's let's break down capitalism and socialism and they're both not perfect you know there are some problems with capitalism but the market tends to correct itself. Or you know we're government regulation but and here's here's the Tenet that bothers me most ownership. Under capitalism. Assets are owned by a private individuals or firms and okay where we're sorry my property. Where under socialism assets are owned by the government or co ops. Right so you don't have private property remarks you said that you you accuse us of intending to do away with your property precisely so that is just what we intend quote current. You know what comes we quality income as determined by market forces which is what we're seeing today we're seeing unprecedented growth in discretionary income and increasing in income. And increase the disorder and spend our are moving up we have higher income mobility in pensions HR well exactly but under socialism that want redistribution of income but under socialism what's the incentive. They revise equally miserable miserable exactly as quality that it applies equally miserable instead of you know 80% being you know happy maybe 20% being less than happy and having a chance to be 100% miserable across the board right exactly what it's not sustain. As is Margaret Thatcher famously said that potentially be run out of other people's mind. Well exactly nailed it taxes and capitalism limited. Taxes and limited government spending when as we all know Democrats love big government the low high progressive taxes. And high spending unsure what we talked about he shot. And we the issue here but he actually win this we talked about how progressive tax systems even Russia they've gotten written it. And you have more revenues and when you have lower marginal taxes on income well exactly and I've never known the government to implement anything. Anything well efficiently that didn't. You know. Abuse of power abuse of tax revenue. Or be highly efficient. And I just don't I just don't see that as being well I mean I have reason obamacare fails it's kind of like went when I heard of obamacare for the first time I got this nightmarish image of the DMV doing organs transplant I don't I. There you go. A real quick get in the last minute just talked about the other Robert Mueller investigation and and has oversight and their will have a discussion later on whether he's a principal or not I'll explain that later button on every day I'm reading the actual hole letter by rob rose assign appointing him. And this is work gets a little little Fuzzy heat in Mueller is is. Chartered to investigate any link or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with president Donald Trump's campaign. Any matters that arise or may arise directly from the investigation. And here's the rub any other matter within the scope of Tony of code of federal regulation and that's where we run into a problem where. It's not limited in scope it's too wide open and okay investigate anything anywhere and like this and that's last week playing and we need to find a crime in heard of to investigate crime and what exactly it's you know we're just gonna logic Indian and digging and digging and that's the problem or Adam Schiff even even tell us that we don't have evidence will never know for sure if Russia did this but for our purposes quote unquote it doesn't matter he says. So that's that's an enough is enough. While improving a state actor and it is doing this is challenging at best community you know. It's they're able to employ certain technologies weather's a VPN or or something else to make it look like somebody else's actually. You know targeting a network. No markup but real quick our our election system across this nation is so disparate it would take a state actor in a coordinated effort to really affect the elections what was Obama doing all Marlins trying to federalized. Elections and DHS in fact they were the only ones that that pact states servers was VHS and remember President Obama and Susan Rice told their cyber security people to stand down when they had allegations that Russian was meddling in our election right. Okay folks will be back captured this year listening this week was planning job.