Where To Keep Your Returns Between Deals & The 6 Reasons Real Estate Outperforms Other Investments, 8/6

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Monday, August 6th
If you’re making the kind of money through real estate investing that can retire you in five years or less, then odds are you’re also looking for a place to park your liquid cash so it can wait for that next incredible deal in order to jump on it fast. Del’s got you covered. Then, for those looking to start investing right, Del discusses the six reasons why your money will find no better investment vehicle than real estate.

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Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. We make you smarter. Hopefully all sold make you some money stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. The information and opinions you hear on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the hosts don't want sleep his guests and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product security. OK until the until one sleep radio show don't. Tell challenges the status quo. Questions everything and it empowers you to return to your core belief still make your life better. You can already tell you the truth casual member of the lifestyle you really want them next hour will change your life. And now your host a self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year. CEO and founder of lifestyles that limited Dell wants money. We'll go to del Walters radio show with a high parents and help begin thunderbolt still want to lead. And is always working on your financial freedom today we will work on your financial intelligence. Yes some information necessary. And I always give a lot of just straight up information and immigrant and go with the information act of radio show because I think something happened in the data really sort of sparked me into what do you do when he's which I don't do that often. Again we're gonna call this the information educational. Type radio show what happened that would lead the other day at. Should call about some topic. Air and muscles got beat her drinking and to ourselves. And myself and her and most look at it without. And dumb. We were discussing. Really happy topic this is what I call world happy feet topic we who just want to talk about. She had just sold rules peace real state or for big investment and she hid made millions of dollar jumps to be jacked about the she had this very large amount of cash. That you just received from closing this deal. And what she wanted to know was where should she keep it. All while she waited to get into the next deal in order to deal which of machines could do and dumb. If we we start to talk we we came open we went to this conversation that many people that they've got some sort of things. Few months back we witnessed in conversation where what do you do when you sell property go very large chunk of money leftover. And you know that you know you can redeploy it right we know that that was what you wives like that but we have a very large shock when he what do you do. And its peak it purchased a distance to get it seems. And let it sit there which is what I did for years upon okay that's just the logical thing to do because. You don't wanna tie that would seat in this conversation with current course and the many of the people. As you know was to concede because one of the most incredible deal in the world shall open doorstep tomorrow morning. And do you have to have the money within thirty days suit Tuesday to close at the it could result some kind of a deal where you're locked up. Then you have potential missing deal or more important. Minutes. Secondly. Something to worry about this would have courting his money money market council. Our financial advisor whose work with a there's market. And put money money market account and then boom it. Needed to date but banks shut down. And they would not know the money market account is called deltic we're freezing these. It's hookers got stock. In a real estate deal where he was about to close the deal. They're all his funds were frozen means we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in disposable. So. We got about that that's not a problem I can go with the money did you organ. You know the history and Wales forty part a couple of 9000. Units billion dollars rules they. So that deal worked well but the point was. Is that the reason I could bail him out because I was more liquid than you'll lose my money was sitting savings account. And not in a money market account nod in his CD where they give free money. Am. What happened here what do what should get to them with his late explain this to we don't want your money CDs we don't want your money money market just. Could be disastrous for you you can't. Be liquid enough to make a move. And so. She's well I've looked received counts and she'd found seems council went up to. What mostly in California by the way are paying about point 6%. That's six tenths of a percent. Energies says you know I talk to my. Some financial person that she knows the but he was and it's a big computer eight point 11 point 8% return. And she says compared assistant that pretty good. But we've got other considerations look at it there's a very large amount of money. Are you gonna put all that one bank account. Remember at the I savings you know federal government's insurance at the pictures at the IC insurance is only good aptitude for 2000. Per person. And 200000 per personal loans. On the account so the first thing that I I explained that she didn't understand yet. But she went back to financial planner through this most is that if you have more than one person on a significant. Which could be you your spouse. You can even put your kids. You can have up to 250 dials go with the insurance per person who we get the money out of that account if you would die so in other words if you. Defined them as beneficiaries of the count. Each person that would be beneficiary of that account. We have the government insuring up to 250000 all of that account. So it's of with a large chunk of money you have a minute to give you about five different accounts that one's okay one point 85 and I gave her some. Over 2% money I gave her two pursuit money I gave one point nine positive or one point nine that you're one point 85 char re at one point eight. That's a union despite this money out of these different council that you get yet the C insurance. Eric you spread it out Bard right. You can have that interest because you and butchered your yourself your opinion kids what are Buick but other than pictures and get insurance. And so we forget that a lot of the but the what was it she was after them always turns around to say for sake of our characters. Chorus and everybody ever ought to in that is that money in that bank is not hurting you anything even if it's 2% interest which is. Three times. What ports sixes right. It's over three times it's at 300% increase from work. Normal people sick to count. Even with that three times earnings power. It's nothing cured compared to a piece of realistic. So to it would only do go to look at what does rules to do real state make you so much money. So much more money than traditional investments. Also ordered to bunker milk. And admit it is the stock market outperform real state. This is admit it's created only by people who completely ignorant trying to sell you stuff like the stock market does not outperform rules. I've never met anybody. That got rich by owning stocks. Are no rich people who own stocks. But I've never met anybody who got rich by owning stocks. Are no people who have gotten rich by a real state. And I also know rich people who put their money back into rules so it's an auction brought a lot to say they would all I know people that are ritual goal. But I've never met anybody tells me that they got rich by owning gold. Gold stock market these types of things are place holders for a place to put your money because you don't know what to do with it. Where should your money via. If it's not a real estate guys it should be in your own personal business businesses. Make large amounts of money for people who own them. The richest people in the world let's talk about all Bill Gates yes. Most of it was Zuckerman. Close to what Warren Buffett. These guys to make the money in the stock market the other hold stock. They went public they made their money by owning the companies that went out and benefiting from the rise in the stock when they owned. Already. Billions of dollars. Or hundreds of millions of small. But people don't get that they seem to think that they got rich children stocks no. The stock market. Is a place to raise capital to make our north rich so. Whenever I'm not buying real estate. I'm starting companies. That got many different companies and it started many many countries over the years some of them did making such a let him go some of whom worked out really well kept them going. You know but companies make money. Real state makes money. Stocks bonds. CD's. Savings accounts. They're just pleased to harbor your. Story. And hope that there is some inquiries. The reality is increase my and I didn't keep up with inflation. Now sometimes is really good run out of stocks that deckers. Is no doubt about that but there's also times when there's one down. There. I guess if you were Smart enough to stay in the stock market would crash. Enough illusion cookies over. You probably could be okay be just stuck it out because of long haul stock market like rules and values to open up and down. But. Most people get freaked out when. Because it might not be at the right time in the life. But her real estate. Because it's always good time to get the red in the mail. Intimate cash flow what you're short break we're right back don't want to radio show. It's. You. It. The. You're listening to their job loss would radio show del we'll be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand and teaching them how to investing realistic improvement. 28 years our students have been so successful it pretty well passing and company of one of local state and national investor the year awards. Twelve of the last twelve years it's easy to see why the real Teen Magazine named us the best in the US if you're ready to amnesty portfolio due to lifestyles unlimited boston.com. To exercise free by training events schedule. Duff says the things you just can't say to your friends box kids' financial planner spouse even the cap medium to deliver the message for you. Don't worry Dell's past show archives are just a mouse click away. 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Call 866971. 8970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to us that you. The man on a mission to retire at road America one person at a time to hope once. Quarterback who don't want. Radio show today I'm going to share with you six reasons that rules state all performed other investments. Any one of the six could be as good as some other investment but the fact that this had all six of them at the same time. Makes it undeniably. The most profitable investment you could possibly make so we're gonna cover this through to show you what follow start with. The first thing that most investments can do and that is called captured equity. What does that mean that means I go out there and because the market is so. In perfect. Is the term I'd like to use. It's very easy five situations where you can buy something below what its values simply bought it below what its value is. So you've got a guy and gal out here the wanna sell their home. Holds out real good shapes that you would all like preparing meatloaf. And let's say that the homes were. 200000 dollars. But there's 101000 dealt with the repairs need to be made before and me it would lead on the home. So you think you buy the house for 190 but that's just not out. What happens as we go out there we buy the house for a 15060000. Dollars. And so we. Capture 40000 dollars of equity. We call this captured equity. Now think about what that would mean. Let's say you go to the stock market celebre IBM's stock he would abide Microsoft. And you say OK. I would have by 200000 over the Microsoft stock what do you get a papers. You're gonna pay 200000. So go to your stockbroker and and I know what I wanna do it all up by 200000 dollars for the by buoyant stock and Olympia 160000. Dollars for. In stock books and would you like your NC. You're out of your mind it can it be done. Because ticket. In any other investment to get traded and opened trading market. That can't be done. Now you can do this if you buy used cars you do what they're by the cards were 101000 the guy that'll to doesn't know that or. He needs money so bad it would sell cheaper 3000. Because maybe you need some repairs indeed an ability to do the repairs that would be the same story of the house may be. You know even though the repairs boycott and dolls or maybe they don't have 101000 that's why they're settling they're forced to sell and are forced to sell below what it's truly worth. Net net net all of the repairs necessary to do so we're able to apply this captured Equity One can returns can you make a caption that's what we've blow for a month. Would say for instance that we glad you would buy a house. And 2200000. Dollar house. Was 200000 real round numbers for regular season go by a 100000 dollar house. And we buy it for let's say 60000 dollars. Well we have lenders. Dole led this up to 80% up after repaired out. So at the house is worth. 100000 after repair do you compels local repairs and we can buy for sixty. They will lend us up to 80000 dollars but they won't lend us up to eighty in less it's actually going to have that much in it. So if we bought for 6210 repairs they would only lead to seventy. Just about the Biden do prepare so we got no money in the deal so what is that captured. Game which is 30000 dollars. That's at. Infinity number two put a dollar OC we invested dollar into the deal we've now got a 30000%. Return. Right it just unbelievable now I would say that we had to 20000 Rea. And we break even again. Now we have. Went for 8012100. We may 20000. May 20000 on zero industrials put the dollar and now we have a 20000%. Return. You have seen anything like that goes dot particular I wanna buy stock. And have you led me all the money to buy another there are margin. There is such a thing. But I think that they only lend up to 75%. Is what we do but the point is it's 75%. And you have to put the other 25% down you have to put that money it now let's talk but the house would see differences it's more. Of a less aggressive deal pretty. Lower profit deal was said it would buy that a although house for eighty. And we'll put an intimate with ninety. It's worth a hundred after repaired values and that would make 101000 box. 101000 dollars on one. Well if we put 10% down which would be 101000 dollars at a 100% return. Nothing about making a 100% return. The moment your body the peace Super Tuesday. Now we had to put 20% down that it would be a 50% richer. So would you go to your stock market news. Guys that you find it went out and buy something today. That I can bond. For 80000 dollars. It's worth a 100000 miles of personally doesn't have that. But let's say he could and should put that I don't wanna put. Anything down. We can't do that so let's save up to put the 20000. So okay I'm willing to put down 10% 20% foot 20000 dollars down to make a 20000 dollar instant game. That's captured equity. That's a 100% return looked like she got to think about so how does anybody any investment compete with a 100% return the date you bought. That's got to think you do skip. It's the difference between the kind of money we make it real estate investors. And become a money that you don't. As not being. And nobody even understood it that they don't even keep it. It's not even brought up you never hear your financial planner askew. As we get into some deals today would you like some instant games. Right. Totally to capture some instant gains today. There's no such thing that I tell you that he appointed but let's be listening on the radio they come cuckoo for cocoa puffs. And then go to occupied and to planner ask him to do for you what I'm telling you we do. On a regular basis. And see the guy can't even understand you're talking about. If he knew we can make a 100% return. He'd be out there making it. But he doesn't believe it because he doesn't understand it and he can't do it. That's a difference. Tombstone in America don't amusement you know too little note to self 100%. Return. Captured at. But the only 50%. It's still pretty cool what is owed 25%. So cool what if it's infinity. That's unbelievable right that infinity. Now start to compare that to stop you've got stock market goes up attempts and you're 12% a year. That's a year for 10% this is instantly it's 100%. Certain courses. I didn't close. So as we look at the situation. We are beating everything that you're gonna do for the rest of your life. Within the personal opportunity. You pro choice to buy it into stock market. And it goes for. Up by 10% a year for ten years that's a 100% return. You put your money peace rules state. You make as much return but did you buy the real state. As you had made by having your money in the stock market for ten good. Years not to mention. The bad ones just ten good years ago but that would come back I got five more reasons that rules state veterans. We'll be right back with a don't want to read. I. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show. Don't we'll be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly. Field bullpen passive income should never worry about working until you drop losing your job or tiger even par for. Over 48 years ago to a Wall Street founded lifestyles on the net. 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Ask your question passed passed passed down our belief that good future of this bill says he wouldn't repeat. Through multiple levels of words that are completely different one and how to comment for Don. We know you're out there. Hiding in plain sight reading a life of quiet desperation wondering if you're going to keep your money to the great there's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time to live the life you deserve you can only do that by creating passive income. Let me show you out. It's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was right in front of the TV. Go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin die. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays from five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. 01 slowing. We'll go back to go on to radio show. Today I'm talking about six different reasons. Why rules date. Outperformed the stock market for earnings and or any other that that I know personally. We talked in the rule which is equity capital hill so unbelievable number to raise cash flow. Now that. In interest because I've. That I've never understood that many people like don't have any expectation for cash flow from herb. And ask you this. He apparently or how much is it pay you per month. Put that you know the privilege of having all your pay that was equity there's nothing. We'll look forward Kate what does it pay per month for the privilege at W money equity in the answers about the an artery what is the page and now to its stock. Most docs and no distributions. Somehow what repeat it would. So if you got like we're the best dividend stocks out there which most people don't want a melting commute. Part news but you're one of the best dividend stock doctor you might earn 4%. Right that's pretty Gupta number considering upping it the average so. If you look at that in the and you look at CDs. Right now CD's you can earn up to three and a half percent CD. Seems Kouchner and up to 2% of those savings count right now. And by the way we you'll see deeper through cap you're going to five years to get their picture. On the team so you've got these Weezer income to commute in real state all or worse do you the ones that you know we consider our. Bread and butter you just gonna give you get a deal. Is going to. Prove out to be somewhere between contractual basis between. Five to 15%. And on good deals and it's to be anywhere from ten and 20%. Now in some rare occasions when you're buying single family houses. You can get even higher than 20% and 2425. In the old days we get 304050%. But the fuel phases not today's marketplace. And you know remember these are the deals that are just the exceptional deals. Are they still out there yes they are you still find him yet we do. But can I say that we can give you one every single day in the editor's note these are the exceptions but you can go out there all day long that's when golf club. And come back with its single family cash flow. Up 10%. 15% that's easy to do. Apartment complexes. You can burn. You know anywhere from seven to 10% per year. As you all of them you get them in better shape you increased the income controllers fences. Seeing those careful scope from 78910. Outs and some would go to 1215%. Some deals. That are rehab deals obscene and jump up into the twenties. Percent mid twenties. Type of deal so. What does that really mean what means he promoted sending it seems like as I spoke with the sleaze of most. Was due to money consultants say that you won't lose your monies yet at the icy injured we'll get it up to 2%. One point 91 point 951 point 85. That's something to do it safe and turning moment money it's something to do. But just as soon as you can get their money back into an 8% return think about that is if you're earning two. Right after earning two. And you went to for you would have it under 100% increase in the greater terror. In purity to and you can get six that's a 200%. Reed returned an increase in rent return if you get to eight. NT 300%. Increase in greater return. And think about that. That's a massive increase in rate of return. 300% better but. As you're seeing it. 5%. Yes it's 5% higher return but percentage returner. Increase. Is 300%. Would you like to increase. Your profitability by 300%. Speakers at funerals. Here we've molds of investments that you're an because rules state pays those kinds of dividends. Now. Appetite with this something that is really the sixth benefit but. A wanna make it clear that this six benefits spread out multiple different ways across these different benefits. Across different games and ideas. Actual. If you earn money from these CD or money market account or savings account or stocks. That dividend is taxable as ordinary income. So let's say you may. Two personas. You lose 30% of that value down to one point two 601 point 4%. Right let's say you make 4%. In stock dividends Niger third set off of that. And third set at four. And it is it's gonna take you down to two point 12 point 2%. That's that's what happens with with taxation. And so when you look at that. The spread in return is even larger. Because the taxable consequence. All the way real state gets taxed compared to other income in the way they get text so you just eke out a CNET to understand what it's all about so. I since all the time. I was an investment that there isn't care. I was their investment if it is that care. About that. How was an investment that the reason care. There. Think about this also. If you own peace rules. And you'll and some stocks and the stocks go down. You haven't lost anything. But revenue gained and if your piece real state the market shifts in the market value goes to goes down if you don't sell you have laws and but you're still. Earning the distributions. So it's completely different. If you value of your stock goes down. The about a do distributions goes down. But in the real stick world. If the world crashes and real estate values go down people stop buying houses. And they start renting that's what happened 20089. And it's continuing to happen bred to gone up every single years that have ever been real state. I don't see rent decreases. I'm sure there are somewhere I mean but yes situation for example in Michigan Detroit. We in all the businesses went out of business you know auto cues. Auto manufacture weapons. People left the city. People leave the city there's houses everywhere. Will vigna rents are gonna go down. And some others can't be rented. But that's an anomaly he got to keep that a law that anomaly it's not an anomaly in the stock market. On any day week month or year for that sucker to go down. I just hope we can do. So cash flow but oil jets is question how are you retired literally cashed. The answer you don't. Number three. Appreciation. We all look at real state against the stock market and the only number they count is appreciation. So their concept is he's a real state appreciate it like six or 7% a year over. The last hundred years and the stock market is appreciated by 12%. Per year over the last hundred years about making up both of those numbers but it. It's the kind of hogwash they tell you. And so humble people when they buy real state that they had this theory location location location they want to buy real student a good neighborhood Tuesday think it's gonna go up appreciate faster. To some bad neighbors don't appreciate also appreciate 123%. Really good neighborhood might appreciate 678%. And some super hot areas of the country might or subdivisions or. Cities or whatever so and so market might appreciate much as 15% which should be just add to what type of appreciation. So when they compare and they say to you that the stock market has always outperform roasting. Music only that one type of return which is appreciation. Now something we can do that you can't do which is number four is something called forced depreciation. Forced depreciation is where. You take something. And you improve it. And you force it to go up and down. So we like what their buy apartment complex for a million dollars. Renovated 400000 dollars. And because of the renovations it's now worth two million. And great that we put 45% down on a million dollar deal putting 250 delta output of adultery 300000. But we just made to go up in value. To two million. We've got a 1000001 minute I mean it would just made 900000 dollars and 350000. Dollar boat. That's a little shy of 300%. I don't see any appreciation like that type of appreciation going on anything. But realistic. We too short break here you'd like to call it. In an erupt this conversation we have two more weeks to make money rules state our numbers 877711. 5211 people like comment otherwise when we come back. We've got two more reasons that real state outperformed all the boom right back to don't want to me. The you. There. Yeah. You're listening to the Joseph wants would radio show Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes it's. 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Dot com and breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not to like knowing things joined the right choice club at top thirteen 780 dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen 72 right. Chile's. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to us that you. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time so once. What about the don't want to radio circuit they were discussing six different reasons why real state. Investing or the investment in real state is more profitable than any other types of investments other than maybe owning your own business all of Bill Gates. Zuckerberg or anybody Warren Buffett who owns Berkshire halfway. Those types of businesses or any business for that matter run quickly who's going to have a high rate of return. Out their real state is one of those things right there with it the next two we've done one through four so far personal capital act that was captured equities and what was cash flow. Third was appreciation Portland was forced appreciation. And number five capital gains on. When you look at a piece of real. You have something called capital gains. It is. Not cash flow and it's not ordinary and am. When you pull this money out he gets taxed at a lower tax rate. Or it doesn't get taxed at all. Now we can take it and force. Appreciation or force a capital gain. Through real state where you my stock there's nothing you can do to force a capital gains we can't force that capital gain. By improving the quality of property or just improving the management of proper. Win his capital gain recorders what's different for all us. Is that we don't have to sell the property to capture the capital gains. We can refunding and the money in the morning becomes out in terror free so I'll give you an example. We buy property. Four million dollars from 2000 dolls doubt that it had helped blow. And we go in there and increase the income by just 10%. So the income was 300000 year. Minus 200 expenses which gave us a hundred dolls Dalton and operating income that net operating income amount of money we earned. If we owned property free and clear. And after all expenses so make under grand a year. Now we take it up by 10% 230000. By increasing the sales from 300 to 330. Top to bottom line 330000 dollar 130000 income now makes the property worth one point three million dollars. We now go back to back to silicon new 80% loan and they give Stallone for. 1000050. Which is 80% of that. One point three and then we feel fuel won't be 100000 dollars wooden walkway with a 250000 dollars tax free. I remember we had to pay. 50000 called because to do the first raised actually picked it 2002 the second trip to attract and left. But it all of all what he's become doctors about a 100% gain. How would it take to make that game well. In some cases it's proper small we can get that all the up on the he's done to turn around within six months larger poverty quite peculiar. Really large property might take two years wants whenever it was eighteen month. Iron in eighteen months. We made the property to law. To be audited. 8000 or we put four in order for twelve we sold for 35. Seoul. From. Fifteen to 3520000. Altidore. After game. That's a lot of money. Special doesn't like 320 uses it so there's there is a massive gains again just rumbles numbers popular at that specific actual numbers to. Conceive of talking. But the very simple fact is now it's in this case we could sell people before we salute we do replace and we pulled out that equity. Factory. There with scorn for the last one here because we'll get a few seconds left here humans that some things. And that's tax benefit. What you can do with real state is you could prolong paying taxes for the rest to be like you can duper duper duper and then get out into action buy dot. So we'll talk. All this time of deferring all the attacks on the count full by using depreciation culprit. People understand this go back to what mother podcaster come to the seminar and teach w.'s depreciation. Pay no taxes under cashed. You can do that for the rescue like you can do it 1031 exchange to sell the property by another one without incurring any capital gains huge role in what are tax. Why do you have into the next property and you could do that property after property after property in TU dot. Now when you stop. You're apparently is gonna inherit that will stay in stepped up basis meaning almost. All the difference between what you paid for it. And what it's worth. Would be a capital gains that all go all the paid down mortgage. All the depreciation taken to allow you are most castles for. They all disappear. Completely disappear noticed that you look forward Q you've been. For them to get to that money they would have to pay the taxes on the forward today to get it out but your family could inherit this rules state. Virtually tax freedom but what we're not talking about inheritance tax. We're talking operating income taxes on the income that'd been earned by you that you never pay taxes. You've never pay taxes on the cash flow you've never pay tax on the capital gains and you're given it to them and they're not gonna pay either. Now understand parts if you're headed to forward case. And the stocks go up. Use it or even if they're not for what can you give them stocks the difference between the basis of what you bought them for what their work. It's gonna be taxed. Now had to forward Qaeda dividends would not have been taxed at they would also beat. He could not at a instead of forward to it and each year would you got the dividend you to protect them. Cute talking about earning. Six different ways or sick by different ways and not paying taxes. We're talking about rates of return that you could say total up to a 1000% return you could say average. A 100% return if you put them altogether divided by the number of years you owned real state. It's easily. Easily. 4510 times better than any other investment. That references to discussion I had with this lady as we sat there and eight Gator. And he threw it like. Worrying about where to put. A couple million dollars if you don't do what a problem. Remember always look this isn't about the money. About the last have a wonderful day we'll see tomorrow. Radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Access Castro broadcasts and enjoy. Okay. It. 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