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CBS World News Roundup, 8/23

Friday, August 23rd
Hanging up on robocalls. Dozens hurt in California derailment. Record wildfires in the Amazon. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News...

CBS World News Roundup, 8/22

Thursday, August 22nd
Police on both coasts thwart mass shooting threats. Another dropout for the Democratic Presidential nomination. The Titanic wreckage is vanishing. CBS News...

CBS World News Roundup, 8/21

Wednesday, August 21st
President Trump's stand on background checks. The President criticizes Jews who vote for Democrats. Foiling attack plots. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan...

CBS World News Roundup, 8/20

Tuesday, August 20th
New lawsuits against Jeffrey Epstein's estate as a new will emerges. Planned Parenthood shuns federal funds. A major airport bans the sale of plastic water...

CBS World News Roundup, 8/19

Monday, August 19th
President Trump touts the economy. Violent weather from the Midwest to the East. Ohio arrest after threats surface. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has...

CBS World News Roundup, 8/16

Friday, August 16th
Israel allows ONE Muslim Congresswoman into the country. NASCAR legend OK after plane crash. Instagram tool to fight fake news. CBS News Correspondent Steve...