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CBS News' Face The Nation, 5/19

Sunday, May 19th
From abortion, to immigration -- a number of hot button issues were at the forefront of conversations this past week. We'll have an analysis of some of the...

CBS News' Face The Nation, 5/5

Sunday, May 5th
Earlier this week, Attorney General appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss the Mueller Report -- leaving Democrats wanting more. North Korea...

CBS News' Face The Nation, 4/28

Sunday, April 28th
One person is dead and three others are injured after another shooting at a house of worship. Former Vice President Joe Biden has officially entered the race...

CBS News' Face The Nation, 4/21

Sunday, April 21st
Multiple blasts in Sri Lanka kill hundreds this Easter Sunday. Elizabeth Palmer reports. Earlier this week, the highly anticipated Mueller report was finally...

CBS News' Weekend Roundup, 4/19

Friday, April 19th
The redacted version of Robert Mueller's report is finally released. While President Trump claims complete victory with the report's findings, Democrats...

CBS News' Face The Nation, 4/7

Sunday, April 7th
President Trump has backtracked on his vows to shut down the border and immediately overhaul healthcare. Meanwhile, Congress is still split over the future...