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Suzette Blackburn, Managing Partner of CapStar Financial, has 20 years of estate planning experience and an extensive financial planning background. Ms. Blackburn started her retirement planning career in 1989 with a firm that researched and developed long-term care insurance. While working as a Senior Manager for the organization, Blackburn discovered that many of the seniors whom she cared so much about had never fully planned for their retirement years. Realizing that she had both the caring demeanor and the expertise to help them, she turned her attention toward a broader career in financial and estate planning.

As an independent investment and insurance firm, CapStar Financial LLC merges solutions which bridge the investment and insurance worlds. We help you make sure safety, liquidity, protection from disasters and estate planning are all addressed in one custom, non-proprietary plan to maximize your wealth. Ms. Blackburn quickly aligned herself with America's top experts in estate planning including Ed Slott and Richard Duff, among others. Through their methods, Blackburn has successfully helped hundreds of families in the Central Texas area reach their goal of stress-free retirement. After all, success is not an accident - it must be planned.

Ms. Blackburn has continued to take courses and pass specialized exams to stay on top of the ever-changing world of financial planning. Today, she maintains a very personalized approach, treating each client as they are – both special and unique. She strives to keep her clients informed on changes in tax laws as well as investment options that will allow their savings to outlive them and also their loved ones to experience a virtually seamless transfer of estate.

Particularly skilled in the areas of avoiding unnecessary taxes and the delays and pitfalls of probate, Ms. Blackburn has developed options to help clients pay for long-term care insurance without monthly premiums. To add to her portfolio of expertise, she has studied to become an IRA specialist and estate planner with special attention paid to asset protection.

As an independent insurance and investment advisor, Ms. Blackburn is able to offer what very few advisors can: independent investment decisions. This independence is a benefit to her clients whose portfolios are not stifled by big-box Wall street corporations directing her decisions on what to buy, sell or offer her clients. With this freedom, she is able to offer only the best products available on the market.

Ms. Blackburn is an Investment Advisor Representative/Financial Planner and holds a Texas Department of Insurance Agency license in the lines of Life, Accident, Health, and HMO (1992/LIN #1052665) insurance. She has been awarded the prestigeous Texas Monthly Wealth Management Award in both 2010 & 2011.

For more information, call Suzette and Capstar Financial at (512) 215-9030 or visit

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