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For over seven years Jim Dutton has been bringing his 32 years of construction experience to the Texas airwaves with helpful advice on how to protect the number one investment we all have: "Our Homes."

Now, you can hear him LIVE on Talk 1370 every Saturday from 2-3pm! Call him with your questions!

Most people only consider the cost of the home on the date of purchase with absolutely no idea about the cost to maintain it. Jim truly believes that if we properly maintain our homes, most of the problems homeowners face today would not exist. The same is true for new construction, a common theme throughout the show is, "You can't be the cheapest and the best." It seems that many contractors are in the race to be the cheapest few actually strive to be the best. It's been our mission since this show began to only work with the best.

Education: Phd. from Texas School of Hard Knocks: Noted as one of the most "humble" home improvement radio hosts, Jim brings over 32 years of experience as a contractor to the airwaves in five major Texas markets. It's one thing to read books on how to fix things and another to learn from the experience you gain from actually doing the job.

For example: Jim's first class on drywall installation consisted of his dad showing him to a room of a house providing him with a stack of sheetrock, nails, mud and tape attached with simple instructions. "Git 'R done" and don't leave until you do. 48 hours later class dismissed.

Some things are just hard to demonstrate on the radio.

THI University: Jim doesn't just do a radio show - he actually conducts hands on seminars called THI University throughout the state of Texas. To this day thousands of people have benefited from the hands on illustrations and demonstrations that Jim brings to Texas.

Make sure you tune in every Saturday right here on Talk 1370! Call in with your questions! To learn more about Jim and the show, check out the Texas Home Improvement Show website at www.thipro.com.