That's The Bottom Line

Saturdays, 3pm

This is not your grandfather’s financial radio program.

You work hard at building wealth for your family. You believe in personal responsibility. You love your country. You pay your bills. You keep your word.

When you go to the voting booth you see your vote as a fiduciary duty. You vote for what is just and good. You certainly don’t see your vote as a means to loot your neighbor.

Unfortunately, there are many of your fellow countrymen who do not share your values.

Each week on That's The Bottom Line, we cover the top financial and political news of the week and make it easy to understand. Money is politics. Politics is money.

Hosted by financial professionals Todd Hickman and Gene Vallorani, the show underscores how the "economy of politics" can, and actually does, drive the ups and downs of our American Economy. The show challenges the failures of socialism as practiced by most Democrat politicians favoring instead the strength of opportunity truly available by the great American free enterprise system. The show also promotes the values of faith and family as the true genesis of American freedom and greatness. The show applauds determination, grit and criticizes those individuals and institutions that have abandoned their moral compass. The hosts fearlessly point out probability in both economic, market and political trends in general but never specific stocks or other financial products or institutions.

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